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Still not over Amara's reaction/facial expression when Dean pretty much yells Cas' name when Lucifer is incapacitated (is that the right word? Idk, but I think you know what I mean)

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Yep and then she proceeds to use Cas to get to Dean and it works.

Then she only contacts Dean through touching Cas’ heart and when Dean hears the word “Angels”.

Dean goes and puts himself in harms way with Amara to save Cas.

Dean reconciles Amara and Chuck through distinguishing familial and romantic love and what she actually wants.

Amara tells Dean that something is stopping him from having it all, what he wants and that she will give him what he needs.

Then she resurrects Mary, enabling Dean to follow his path to self acceptance and starting to believe that he deserves good things, that he is allowed to have what he wants and coincidentally starts giving Cas mixtapes, telling him he is devastatingly handsome, worrying about him unashamedly and outloud for 6 consecutive episodes and acting like hunting husbands then worried husbands all season.

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Can I get Kazuichi getting really flustered when reader gives him chocolate for Valentine's Day? uwu

O SHIT ~ Mod Eri

Kazuichi Souda did not expect much for Valentines Day; the man was unlucky with dating despite being so cute. He was rumored to have been married to his talent - he definitely tried making love to one of his cars once, one idiot said - and ultimately was… not successful. He tried not to let it bother him much, that the only love given to him came in the form of a tip; somehow the cars he fixed were much more worthwhile than he was. The teenager would fall in love so easily, pour his heart for someone who abused it as quick as it took for him to warm up to them, and pieces of his heart would crack as the days would pass… still single.

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 >> [a few beats of silence, before he suddenly speaks up.]
   “ okay, but. i still CANNOT believe preston and also /DAVID/ didn’t realize me and malaka were twins/that we were different people. like, holy SHIT ??– “
   “ –we’ve been at this camp together for /weeks/, people !! and– “
   “ –and david has even LESS of an excuse !? “ 



What sucks is to watch yourself slowly fall back into old habits that you’ve tried a million times to break. It’s like every time I find myself climbing out of this deep hole, I slip right back in. Why am I such a failure?