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About Omegaverse


·Alphas are the dominant or “masculine” ones in omegaverse

·They are generally large and at least slightly intimidating in appearance

·They possess what is commonly referred to as an “Alpha Voice” which is basically a very commanding tone that Omegas, and sometimes Betas, feel compelled to obey

·Alphas also have a “Croon” which is like a deep rumbling sound (basically a purr) that helps to calm or comfort their Omega or their pups

·"Ruts" are a biological thing that Alphas go through and during a rut they will be easily agitated and extremely horny because their body wants them to knot and breed

·A “Knot” is kind of like a bulb type thing in an Alpha’s penis that swells when they are aroused and keeps them locked inside their Omega during sex to increase chances of getting the Omega pregnant, this is called “Knotting”

·All Alphas are able to impregnate people, but only a female Alpha can get pregnant because male Alphas don’t have a womb

·Female Alphas are often described as having both a penis and a vagina or having a clitoris that extends into one when they are aroused so they can impregnate people


·Omegas are the submissive or “feminine” ones of the dynamics

·They are generally small, maybe delicate, and feminine in appearance

·Omegas can use their pheromones to effect others, whether it be by calming their child or arousing their Alpha

·"Heats" are a biological thing that Omegas go through and during a heat an Omega will self lubricate (usually referred to as “Slick”) in order to prepare to take an Alphas knot

·Omegas are most fertile during heats and they crave an Alpha’s knot because their body is demanding for them to breed

·When an Omega is in heat is usually the best time for an Alpha to “Bond” with them

·"Bonding" is achieved by biting into a scent gland hard enough to draw blood and eventually scar, it ties two people together mentally, physically, and emotionally. Like, a really extreme marriage

·During heats, pregnancies or any other stressful times, an Omega will “Nest”

·"Nesting" is a process in which an Omega craves warmth and comfort so they will choose a small space, like a closet, and gather blankets, pillows, clothing, anything soft really and especially anything with their Alpha’s scent on it and build a nest to cuddle up in

·"Scenting" is the process of someone spreading their own unique scent onto things or people in an act of comfort or possession

·People in omegaverse usually have four “Scent Glands” two on the neck and one on each wrist. When the glands are stimulated their scent becomes more potent and sticks to whatever or whoever is closest

·Both male and female Omegas can get pregnant and while it is possible for a male Omega to get a female Omega pregnant, a female Omega can’t impregnate anyone

·"Mpreg" male pregnancy, the only males that can pregnant in omegaverse though are Omegas


·Betas are basically like normal humans, in omegaverse they are below Alphas but still above Omegas

·Betas can have any kind of appearance, there isn’t really a set expectation for them

·They don’t go through ruts or heats but they can still bond

·They tend to mate with other Betas

·Betas usually have a better sense of smell than the other dynamics

·Like normal humans, male Betas cannot get pregnant and female Betas cannot impregnate anyone

okay but

when rowan finally gets to aelin, and she’s probably locked inside the coffin without any hope of ever getting out, so completely battered and broken physically but content because she knows she did everything possible to give her people, her court, her family a chance, 
and then suddenly she hears some kind of inhuman roar through the iron box that muffles almost all noise, but somehow this sound is loud enough to still hurt her ears even through the box,
and screeching as someone physically rips open the box, and she can smell copious amounts of blood in the air and the entire cadre is there, summoned by Rowan for the break in a day earlier and using all of their strength to save the queen they want to serve from the one they deplore,
and they shakily lift her out of the coffin but she can’t even be grateful because Rowan’s not  t h e r e, and if he’s not with them he must be hurt and oh  g o d s what if he’s dead, and she’s starting to lose it because she can handle whippings and beatings and torture but she can’t handle her mate being gone, not having been able to save him–
and then there’s a shriek nearby and suddenly he’s there, her mate is there, in the same room as her, cut and bruised and limping but alive, and with him is Maeve, but something is different and–oh gods, her neck is broken, her mate killed the woman who has starred in every one of her nightmares for the last year, the ones that didn’t end when she woke up, when the pain from the bone deep injuries pulled her out of brief unconsciousness, her magic unable to heal so many extensive injuries, and not in an iron box, iron shavings sprinkled onto her tattered skin after her session every day before she could be returned to the coffin, Maeve is DEAD she’s finally gone, and aelin lets out the smallest sound of relief,
and then rowan is next to her, snatching her out of his brothers’ arms quickly, but so carefully, tears building up in his eyes at the sight of her in so much pain, shaking with rage at quite how much blood and muscle is visible,
and her mouth starts to move, and she wants to apologize for not telling him about the mating bond and for sacrificing herself and not telling him, but he can see it in her face and cocks his head in the way she knows means don’t you dare apologize, Fireheart and gods she has missed this effortless communication, and Rowan, everything about Rowan, her husband and consort and mate,
and they’re both grasping each other tightly to assure that they’re real, because Rowan has seen his mate’s face day in and day out in battle strategy discussions next to Aedion and in the nightmares that never seem to end, and Aelin never thought this suffering would end but he’s here, he came for her even though they both knew he shouldn’t have, and she can’t stop looking at him, at that face she loves, and then he turns to face her directly and for a moment she thinks she’s seeing double–but no, there’s that scar above his left eyebrow, so the only thing that makes sense is–
“You got a new tattoo.” her voice is quiet and hoarse, but still so unequivocally Aelin, and he wants to both laugh and sob into her because of course, of course that’s the first thing she notices, the first thing she says to him, the first thing his mate says to him after being apart for a year, so he nods and clears his throat,
“I–our story needed to be represented there too. I mentioned the idea to Fenrys the morning you–the morning after our ceremony. And then you were gone, and…” his throat felt swollen shut, but he continued speaking. “and then it seemed only right that you had a place next to Lyria’s, even though I hadn’t learned my lesson and…” he trails off, but she can read the “failed you, failed you both but here again Maeve went right by me and I failed you
“Buzzard,” she says, and she could tell him all the same with her eyes and her face but after so long of nothing escaping her mouth but screams, it feels so good to talk, “I can’t have you taking credit for my abduction when we both know I’m simply too clever of a mastermind for you to have realized what was happening. And you’re here now, and that…I could never have asked it of anyone. You came.”
“Of course I came,” he can’t stop looking at her, hands still wrapped gingerly around her emaciated frame, and if he hadn’t already rutting killed Maeve and Carn he would lose it right now at feeling her ribs poking at skin where there used to be layers of muscle. “I’m not just anyone.” his voice cracks, and he so so hates displays of emotion and mushiness but he needs her to hear it, to know. “I love you, Fireheart. You’re going to have to get used to the idea that I’m never going to let you go if we’re going to be mated for the rest of both of our fae lifespans.”
and she’s laughing and crying, because of course she is, and this arrogant, territorial male is hers for all of that time, and she wants to ask after Aedion and Lysandra and Elide and Dorian and Chaol and Nesryn and the thirteen, but she knows he wouldn’t leave them defenseless for anything, and her mate is here and he knows he’s her mate and gods is she so glad to have the ridiculous buzzard in her life.
He gets her out of the dungeon, out of the palace and she can feel him tense when they get into the sunlight and the iron in her wounds is visible, and he starts to growl but restrains himself when the sound makes her cower the tiniest bit, and he presses his lips to her temple but she can feel the wind delicately removing the tiny metal bits from her back, and her magic slowly, slowly starts to knit the skin back together, cell by cell, and then she’s in a featherbed sleeping finally because she knows there’s no way in hell he will take his eyes off of her for the next century, and a few hours later she opens her eyes because something thumps onto the deck of the ship, and she startles and clenches her fists because they must have found her, but then her door is thrown open and Lysandra is there, running to her with tremendous sobs, and she can smell the cadre in the hallway, and Chaol runs in too, but they’re both thrown out of the way by a volatile Aedion, and she knows something must be wrong because Dorian and Manon and Elide aren’t there, oh gods not Dorian, and she knows well enough that war comes with sacrifices, but it was supposed to be her, not her book loving best friend, and of her a moment they’re all crying together before Lysandra pulls a sealed envelope from her pocket, addressed to her in that regal script, and she bursts out laughing because of course he left her a note, of course he’s going to tell her he chose this, it’s so very Dorian, 
and she spends days like this, crying and laughing and healing and trying not to flinch at every noise and voice, wrapped in Rowan’s arms and catching up on hundreds of hours of sleep deprivation, until one morning he’s shaking her and she groans in opposition, but he pulls her to her feet and helps her to the deck, and her breath catches because she can smell it already–pine and snow and love and happiness and oh gods, they’re finally–
“Home,” Rowan breathes in her ear. “We’re home, Fireheart.”

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Can you update the knotting tag? Thanks


Oh Mr. Hale! by KrAuEd (1/1 | 1,562 | R)

After a long day at work Derek gives his boyfriend punishment.

No More Lights by Anonymous (1/1 | 3,627 | NC17)

Derek claims his mate during the Werewolf Revolution.

mouthy, mouthy by colferstilinski (1/1 | 13,213 | NC17)

Derek raggedly ruts up, still chasing. Still coming. Eyes that have been clamped shut blinks blearily as he tries to finally look down at the swollen gland, and yep.

That’s a knot.

Definitely his knot.

Or, A series of first time knotting situations.

Sinful Touch by XOXOBlockMania_21 (2/2 | 4,742 | NC17)

Stiles was cursed with, you guessed it, girl parts by a fuckin’ Witch!

And the only way for him to turn back is to get laid…

By Derek fuckin’ Hale

What You Need by dragon_temeraire (1/1 | 6,230 | NC17)

Derek is an alpha with unusual desires.

Altered by GameCake (8/8 | 29,887 | NC17)

“Maybe I can help. My door gets stuck like that all the time, I am a pro.” Stiles offered, but didn’t wait for any kind of reply before he bent down and took Derek’s keys. He placed the key in the lock and turned it slowly, yet firmly, to the right. Derek could swear he saw Stiles tattoos shifting at the motion but he ignored it thinking that it was probably due to the dim light. Then, the door opened easily with an audible click.

Erica whistled. “How did you do that?”

“I’m magic.” Stiles said simply and then disappeared in his apartment.

The group stayed motionless in stunned silence for mere minutes and then Erica let a happy squeal. “I told you!” she whisper-shouted.

The One With the Supermoon Sex by mikkimouse (1/1 | 834 | NC17)

“Holy fucking shit, dude, do you have a knot?”

CYOSTODA- Choose your own adventure- Part 6

Characters: Dean, Leah, Sam and Reader

Location: Motel room, Crappsville, USA.

Word Count: 1800

Summary: The three of you celebrate the 1 year anniversary of you joining the Winchesters, and not dying, with fun and games. This is the end of this strand- check out the master list to get on it from the beginning!

A/N: Shout out to the amazing @littlegreenplasticsoldier for putting this together. She also trusted me to write her fantasy ending, and I couldn’t love her more.


Part 1 by @littlegreenplasticsoldier

Part 2 by @gemini75eeyore

Part 3 by @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog

Part 4 by @notnaturalanahi

Part 5 by @sammit-janet

“Dare,” Leah says, a clear challenge in her voice. She’s ready for action.

You all are.

It crackles in the air as you all wait for Dean, wait for him to do or say the thing that pushes all of this into a big mess of hands and lips and clothes being torn off.

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13 & 17 smut with bobby :) thanks!

Originally posted by ikonis

13. “Kids are here!” & 17. ”Ouch! Be careful!”


Jiwon lets out a groan from behind you and fastens his pace. His hips snap into yours carelessly, the sound reverberating throughout the quiet room. You moan and grip at his hip to slow him down a bit. He doesn’t catch the clue though and reaches his hand upward to roughly grab at your breast.

“Ouch! Be careful!” You whisper harshly.

“Shit, I’m sorry babe it’s just… been a while.” He smiles sheepishly. He loosens his grip on your breast and slows is pace just a bit.

You understand his need to rush. Your daughter just turned three and has a hard time sleeping through the night for some odd reason. She has a bad habit of waking up her five-year-old brother as well. The two of them end up sleeping in your room at night instead f their own. You haven’t had time to yourselves in almost two months and there is no telling when your sleeping princess will wake up.

You nod in understanding and rest your head back against his shoulder. A squeal leaves your lips as his cock brushes against your g-spot.

“You like that?” Jiwon smiles and pushes his hips faster with new found fervor.

“Fuck…” You moan in pure bliss.

From the small space underneath your door, you see the hallway light turn on.

“Shit, Jiwon.” You say but it comes out as a moan.

“I know it feels so good baby.”

“No, Jiwon stop! The kids are coming! The kids are here!” You whisper

“Shit…” He curses and immediately stills deep inside you, and shuts his eyes tight to pretend he;s sleeping. Just as he does your bedroom door opens.

“Mommy… Daddy.” Your son says from the door.

You yawn, “What is it, honey?” Your faux tired voice questions.

“We can’t get back to sleep.” He answers.

“Oh… that’s okay hun. Go wait in your room and we’ll come lay down with you?”

“Why can’t we sleep in here like we do for normal?” Your daughter questions.

“Mommy and Daddy’s bed is really dirty right now honey. Go… I’ll be there as soon as I wake up your dad.”

They both shrug and walk back t their rooms.

“Are they gone?” Jiwon asks.


He ruts his hips forward twice only to still again, his cum spilling deep inside you.

“Did you really just…”

“You have no idea how good you felt. I really needed to cum.”

Hope you enjoyed hun :)

- AJ

Nah bro, don’t do that. Don’t be with her for the sake of being with her. I don’t care if you still feel that cold spot on the bed from where your last girl left you. If this girl is looking into your eyes like you’re her future but your mind won’t even give her the time of day? Let her go. Let her go and quit playing with her life. That is somebody’s future wife and you’re wasting her time because you feel lonely. Stop trying to be somebody’s and choose to become somebody, leave her out of this.
—  Excerpt #141
2 in the Afternoon-Auston Matthews

Anonymous: Oh my god can you do another Auston Matthews smut?? Maybe where his gf is from Toronto and comes to visit him in Arizona over the summer after being apart for like a month or something?? 

Here you go! Hopefully you like it, I enjoyed writing it. I’ve been watching the Penguins game while editing it, so I’m sorry if there’s any mistakes. 

Requested: Yes | No

Word Count: 2790

Warnings: Smut, Swearing, mentioned start of phone sex, slight dirty talk if you squint.


“It’s about who you miss at 2 in the afternoon when you’re busy, not at 2 in the morning when you’re lonely.”

Growing up a hockey fan in Toronto was hard. My dad constantly cursing out the tv when there was a bad play or when the Leafs lost. It was like the city was losing hope and going into a downward spiral. Seats were empty, the team was tired.

It wasn’t until 2016 when the Leafs won the first draft spot in the lottery, with the idea that we would finally have found hope in the top draft prospect, Auston Matthews. After having drafted Mitchell Marner in 2015 and William Nylander in 2014, two other hockey hopefuls, we’d finally be getting a third, creating the ideal trifecta young players. Sure there was still great players currently, but we’ve been stuck in such a rut, and these guys are our hope.

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I was just wondering, after YCPfE do you have any other fics planned? Also I think I saw this in your previous asks somewhere (not sure though) but you mentioned writing a fic about Victor's rut? Are you still planning that and will it be a part of YCPfE?


Yes, I’m planning on having a couple ‘side stories’. I’m going to start working on Victor’s POV soon. But I also have had some requests for related one-shots. 

I’m still debating on whether Victor’s rut is going to be separate, or part of YCPfE. It depends how far I take the fic. (Would you guys like to see his rut as part of YCPfE, or a side story?)

Other Fics:

Yes and no? I have several (7) other fics mostly- or half-written just chilling out in my google drive. I really want to post them at some point. I hope you guys will want to read them too. 

Pain and Pleasure

This is the much requested prequel to Black and Blue, you should read that first, it’s very short!  Or not, if you want to get straight into the smut.

This is 2000 words of pure sin.  Very explicit.  And verging on (very consensual) bdsm.  You have been warned.

They’re getting to that point in their relationship where the sex feels more familiar but less exciting.  They’ve definitely settled into a routine foreplay and position-wise, because they know what works now, and everybody gets to orgasm, and it’s fun and hot and satisfying.


Betty has known, from the very beginning, that she has never been a straight up, boring, missionary kind of girl.  

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Night Changes

Pairings: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Warnings: Alcohol consumption, unwanted sexual advances (It’s mild but it still might be graphic guys, read with caution) forced kissing, mentioned violence, angst 

Word Count: 1660

Summary: You see Sebastian out a bar months after you broke up and make a decision that goes horribly wrong. 

Request: Hello! Could I request prompt #8 ‘can you hold me?’ With Sebastian Stan? Like they broke up a while ago and one day she is drunk and it’s raining and they run into each other at the bar and he drives her home and fluff perhaps?

A/N: Thanks for the request Sweetheart, hope this is what you were looking for ! I deviated away from the prompt a little, and it’s way more angsty but this was just the idea that came to me. 

Admittedly, it should never have gotten to the point that it did. 

I should have had control over myself, over my emotions. I shouldn’t have drunk as much as I did and I certainly shouldn’t have been dancing as provocatively as I was with a man I didn’t know, letting him think that this was heading somewhere it wasn’t. I could still feel the way his fingers had dug into my hips as he rutted up against my ass and it made me feel sick. His breath had been stale with beer and I could still taste it no matter how many times I washed my mouth out. It was like he was lingering on me, reminding me of everything that had happened.

The night had started out harmlessly enough, a few drinks with the girls after work at the bar just down the road from our office. It had only just opened up and there was no better opportunity to try it out than Friday afternoon after a hard, gruelling week. We were having fun, teasing Sarah over her crush on our boss while we worked our way through our second round of cocktails.

It was only when I offered to get the next round that I saw him, the breath catching in my throat as he laughed, tilting his head back to finish off the beer in his hand while clapping the other onto his friends back. I stood there, in the same spot I’d frozen, just staring. It had been months since I’d seen him, since we’d called things off and honestly, it still hurt just as much as it had back then. Our lives had been in different places, his job taking him away for months at a time while mine continued here in New York.

We had the long distance relationship down pat, phone calls, texts and skype, we managed. But it was when he came home that the problems arose, each of us having to learn how to be together again. It was inevitable that our relationship was going to end.

A knock to my shoulder brought me back from my thoughts, my tongue licking over my lips as I continued on my way to the bar, my heart hammering inside of my chest. He looked happy, at ease and it only made me feel worse.

I took a deep breath as I rested my hands on top of the bar, my fingers drumming on the hard mahogany surface.
“What can I get for you?”
“Vodka,” I answered. “Straight, in a shot.”
The bartender quirked an eyebrow but said nothing as he grabbed the bottle from the shelf behind him, pouring out the shot and placing it in front of me. I threw it back quickly, wincing as the alcohol burned down the back of my throat, the tears stinging at the corner of my eyes at the strong taste. When it was all the way down, I raised my hand for another.

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And that kills me every single day. 

please don’t remove the caption, thank you! slowly getting back into the jazz of designing! tbh i feel like i’ve lost touch but i think i just need a bit more practice and inspiration to get out of this horrible rut!! still, i’m enjoying myself hahah here’s to more designing shenanigans and adventures to come! (◍˃̵͈̑ᴗ˂̵͈̑)

find me on instagram here!

A Lesson On Imprinting (Taehyung/Seokjin/Jungkook)

Originally posted by melanielovesgaysempai

Prompt: Jin werewolf AU where TaeKook are his betas and hes gonna teach them about imprinting (smut or not ur choice) I just need some Papa Jin teaching his baby wolves.

Genre: Smut - ABO Dynamics!AU, Werewolf!AU

Words: 5.5K+  too damn many

Author: Admin Kaycie

Summary: When you’re young you think you know it all. You believe that you are invincible, that nothing in this world can stop you. You think that you contain the answers to every question in the world in your head, your brain never possessing the ability of being incorrect.

Tags: Werewolf!AU, Threesome, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Rimming ass eating, Face Sitting, Face Riding, etc. this is such a mess oh my god why did i write this

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In most cases ruts can also trigger heats, will this be the case for YCPfE? :D (you dont have to spoil) Also, looking forward to their next bond!!!

Hmmmm, sometimes, yes. But it’s pretty rare. In this case, it’s not going to happen in YCPfE. 

(ALTHOUGH, there’s still the side stories that everyone wanted, and Victor’s rut is one of those…. 😏)

I’m also super excited for their next bond. I can’t wait to write it for you. I think it’s going to end up being quite ‘interesting’. 

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Hey you wonderful people!! I was wondering if you update the boypussy tag or if you can find any fics where Stiles becomes a sugarbaby. Thank you!!

we have a sugarbaby!stiles tag. now onto your other request:

mouthy, mouthy by colferstilinski (1/1 | 13,215 | NC17)

Derek raggedly ruts up, still chasing. Still coming. Eyes that have been clamped shut blinks blearily as he tries to finally look down at the swollen gland, and yep.

That’s a knot.

Definitely his knot.

Or, A series of first time knotting situations.

Sinful Touch by XOXOBlockMania_21 (1/1 | 5,223 | NC17)

Stiles was cursed with, you guessed it, girl parts by a fuckin’ Witch!

And the only way for him to turn back is to get laid…

By Derek fuckin’ Hale…

Faux Pas and Fumbles (Love You Anyways) by Stereksale7 (1/1 | 19,444 | NC17)

But, even if Derek grew some balls and finally made a move, and him and Stiles actually got together, Derek wouldn’t be fucking Stiles up the ass.

He means he could if Stiles really wanted him to, but Derek doubts it would be all that pleasurable for him.

Because Stiles might be a boy from the torso up.

But downwards he’s female.


Also known as the friends to lovers high school au that features Stiles magically having female reproductive organs due to Spark Magic, yet still being a guy

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You're killing me with book quotes. In a good way ☺ Do you have one in particular that has stuck with you?

Yes - Dragonfly in Amber chapter 17, “Possession” - the first Outlander excerpt I ever read. And in my mind, the most honest conversation Jamie and Claire have ever had:

“Claire. To feel the small bones of your neck beneath my hands, and that fine, thin skin on your breasts and your arms… Lord, you are my wife, whom I cherish and I love wi’ all my life, and still I want to kiss ye hard enough to bruise your tender lips, and see the marks of my fingers on your skin.”

He dropped the towel. He raised his hands and held them trembling in the air before his face, then very slowly brought them down to rest on my head as though in benediction.

“I want to hold you like a kitten in my shirt, mo duinne , and still I want to spread your thighs and plow ye like a rutting bull.” His fingers tightened in my hair. “I dinna understand myself!”

I pulled my head back, freeing myself, and took a half-step backward. The blood seemed all to be on the surface of my skin, and a chill ran down my body at the brief separation.

“Do you think it’s different for me? Do you think I don’t feel the same?” I demanded. “That I don’t sometimes want to bite you hard enough to taste blood, or claw you ‘til you cry out?”

I reached out slowly to touch him. The skin of his breast was damp and warm. Only the nail of my forefinger touched him, just below the nipple. Lightly, barely touching, I drew the nail upward, downward, circling round, watching the tiny nub rise hard amid the curling ruddy hairs.

The nail pressed slightly harder, sliding down, leaving a faint red streak on the fair skin of his chest. I was trembling all over by this time, but did not turn away.
“Sometimes I want to ride you like a wild horse, and bring you to the taming—did you know that? I can do it, you know I can. Drag you over the edge and drain you to a gasping husk. I can drive you to the edge of collapse and sometimes
I delight in it, Jamie, I do! And yet so often I want"—my voice broke suddenly and I had to swallow hard before continuing—"I want… to hold your head against my breast and cradle you like a child and comfort you to sleep.”

My eyes were so full of tears that I couldn’t see his face clearly; couldn’t see if he wept as well. His arms went tight around me and the damp heat of him engulfed me like the breath of a monsoon.

"Claire, ye do kill me, knife or no,” he whispered, face buried in my hair. He bent and picked me up, carrying me to the bed. He sank to his knees, laying me amid the rumpled quilts.

“You’ll lie wi’ me now,” he said quietly. “And I shall use ye as I must. And if you’ll have your revenge for it, then take it and welcome, for my soul is yours, in all the black corners of it.”

The skin of his shoulders was warm with the heat of the bath, but he shivered as with cold as my hands traveled up to his neck, and I pulled him down to me.
And when I had at length taken my last revenge of him, I did cradle him, stroking back the roughened, half-dry locks.

“And sometimes,” I whispered to him, “I wish it could be you inside me. That I could take you into me and keep you safe always.”

His hand, large and warm, lifted slowly from the bed and cupped the small round swell of my belly, sheltering and caressing.

“You do, my own,” he said. “You do.”