still improvements to come!

Both sketches were made in the December of their respective years. And I think I spent about the same amount of time on each (3hrs or so). I wanted to also make a more dynamic pose since I’ve been practicing those recently. I still have a lot to improve when it comes to faces and detailing everything, as well as colouring things in a more consistent and interesting manner. Maybe next year I will draw this again, and it will be completely different, who knows!


Left: September 2013, 15 yrs old

Right: Janurary 2016, 17 yrs old

Proof that i was a fkn Larrie

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I can't explain the love i have for CP. I'm so glad to see I'm not the only one, I'm in good company with u guys :-) I know how hard it is for her to go to places like Paley but she overcame her shyness and acted like a pro. When she posted the pic where she was ready 2 go bed I wanted to hug her & tell her that she did a good job & I was so proud of her. I'm crying writing this right now. I know she doesn't know me but i feel so connected to her. Never in my life i felt that way for an actress


Candice is truly the first actress I’ve stanned THIS much. Sometimes I legit get emotional thinking about how far we’ve come. There’s still room for improvement of course but !!!!! If we hadn’t fought for her from the beginning we wouldn’t be here and I just :’) She deserves all of it and more. 


Today I spent sometime re-doing some art and re-writing some code. You can see the latest ‘You Died’ sequence above. I tweaked the death animation and added shadows however it still needs some work.

I have noticeably improved when it comes to pixelart and art in general thanks to this project. However, the downside to this is that now I feel like I should revisit every little thing just to make it perfect! I made a little before and after pic of the skull for the death sequence so you know what I’m talking about.


I will literally shove this jyp audition vid down the throat of any person who dares to say minseok can’t sing 

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can you show us your art throughout the years? :D

This is gonna include some of my super old and embarrassing ones;;; but okay… here it is— *hides*





2010 (watercolour days)

2011 (the start of my digital art)


2013 (major artblock so less art and improvement D:)


What a ride… _(____)_

Remember, don’t give up. Keep drawing and you’ll definitely get there. ^^

Sometimes, it makes me happy to remember that Vlad Tepes (aka Dracula) had a younger brother called Radu the Handsome, who was the boyfriend of Sultan Mehmet of Turkey.

Their relationship didn’t start as smoothly as Mehmet hoped. He was too forward, and Radu shanked him in the leg, bolted and hid up a tree until he knew it was safe to come down. Still, seems to have improved after that.


A few pictures of my Alois Trancy cosplay. ^_^ I wore it to connichi <3 and I’ll wear it again at frankfurt bookfair. I’ll also take a photoshooting then, hopefully. :) I still have to improve on the wig. >_< Come meet me at FBM? :D (sorry for my nose piercing and the mess in my room >_<)

it’s been a while since I last drew something for @ichigomaniac ‘s beautiful youkai au! Kenma is my guilty pleasure in the au so…here, have some Kenma with sakuras in the background ♡✧( ु•⌄• )


“The courses of most of his pitches today were far from weak, and yet, he still maintained enough speed and edge in his pitching. But the biggest gain is that he finally throw to the inside in an actual match.”


Jesé’s post match interview | July 27, 2015

“I feel good. I feel better as time goes by and by playing getting playing time. I’m working hard and we’re all doing well as a group”.

Freedom in attack:
“We have much variety in the side and I feel this makes things easier for the coach. That way we can change things around and we all get to play. That’s how I see things working out this season”.

“What I always have in mind: help the team and fight for the white shirt and give my all”.

Improving physically:
“Yes. But one can tell it’s still pre-season. Coming back mid-way through last season as I had to do and not play, then play was far more complicated. I feel better. The injury is well behind me and I feel great”.

Staying at Madrid:
“I never wanted to leave. This club has given me so much and I now have the confidence of the new coach. We’ll fight on”.

Playing as a number nine under Benítez:
“I don’t mind where i play. I like all attacking positions so I can adapt easily”.

“So far so good. He likes to work hard and is worried about every detail. We have no doubts that he is a great coach. He‘s showing this now through his daily training regime with tactical chats and his training sessions. The squad is highly motivated and we aim to do well”.

“Ramos is a Real Madrid player. I’m sure he’ll continue to be too in the future”.

Full confession: “As much as I love seeing the Divas get more time to perform, the whole Divas Revolution thing is starting to seem pretty lame. Yes the matches are improving, but the entire angle is still coming down to “Watch these catty women go at each other.” There’s no emotion, no stakes, no real characterization of any particular Diva. NXT has worked so hard to establish these women as actual people, on the main roster they’re just members of groups that were only formed because Stephanie told them to with not even a title shot being put up for grabs. Team BAD and Team Bella are both heel groups, so who do we cheer for if it’s Sasha vs Nikki? Why is Sasha sticking with team BAD when Team PCB is clearly the more dominant faction? Has she bonded with Naomi and Tamina or is she just looking to prove herself? I don’t blame all the fans yelling for Blue Pants on Raw, this shit is becoming real bland real fast.“