still im confused


small hispanic quasi-gendered flower nerd with cat who has no idea what a gender is and will never care as long as she is cuddled (she/her)


Fixed my blue today also got some new clothes and im on my way to get my first binder ☆♡~ My name is Jheman and im going to be 19 years old this friday (april 3) (He/They/Them I like She too but try to avoid it if you are not close to me) Yesterday was the International Transgender Day of Visibility, i know that im not really into a big transition, im still a little confused about how this work but this is who i am… also i want to support my trans friends! Im feeling amazing since i finally look myself in the mirror a couple of days ago and liked what i was seeing , i used to be really uncomfortable with everythimg about my body and i never changed how i expresed my gender or feelings because i was scared about what people could say… now im abble to accept myself and my body. Im doing some changes to be how i want, i just have to say that exploring your own body and gender or genders is amazing. Now im on my way to be a NB. Im happy being a she,but also being a he… but why not a mix of both?

wears a binder and doesnt put on makeup on days i dress more feminine

wears a bra and puts on makeup on days i dress more masculine

……………………what exactly am i trying to accomplish here

im so confused i read the thingy on Amazon about the next GoC book and um
Nightlight turns into Jack Frost???
But i thought in an interview William Joyce said the movie was meant to be about 500 years after book events thus making them the same universe. If that was true then how???? would Nightlight turn into Jack Frost when Jack Frost was a boy who died saving his sister from falling through the ice?
and im still so confused that Jack didn’t know how to swim like dude he fell in the water and just immediate death attack mebbe he hit his head? idk ignore this part

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hey do ou know where i can find any more information on autochorissexualism? that definitely seems to be something i can relate do doing, i can never masterbate ect without imagining i am someone else otherwise i feel somewhat disgusted. would you say that this is something that could go alongside being asexual/grey-asexual or would it identify better with something else. im still pretty confused as to what i am/best identify with but finding out more is helping me feel more 'normal'. thanks

Many asexuals and asexual spectrum folk experience autochorissexualism. It’s a paraphilia that’s common here, though not limited to aces, and doesn’t impact your identity at all. Your sexuality is all about who, if anyone, you feel sexual attraction to - not your fantasies. 

Look into getting Anthony Bogaert’s book, where he coined the term. 



tbh im still confused af about this whole gender thing bc i feel like i should be a male, calling myself a boy feels so RIGHT but then sometimes i think about it and then saying im transgender doesnt sound right for me… im starting to think demiboy will suit me well but i honestly dont know rn, hopefully i can figure myself out in the future uwu but i‘ve been feeling so confident with myself lately, especially with these new glasses and im so happy that i can look at my selfies and call myself cute ;v

i rambled lmao gomen but rlly

idk what i am other than cute af

happy tdov!


My transition from female to male/agender. I think my age in the pre transition picture was around 10 or 11? The picture on the right is present, (just taken two days ago!) Im 13 now. I’m not very open about being trans, and only tell close friends, because I’m afraid of people seeing me as a girl. Im still kind of confused about my gender, but I know I’m not cis. My pronouns are he/him or they/them. Happy trans visibility day! Well, not technically anymore but oh well…


didnt know if i was gonna post anything, im still insecure but happy trans day of visibility!! 

still figuring out a lot about gender identities, still very confused but im just relieved to be out discovering more and more than what i thought was assigned for me. 

tom hiddleston doesn’t let the cookie monster eat the cookie but he makes him smell it and hovers it into his mouth, now we see his true colors he is a cruel man toying with us and we are all cookie monsters


Men who adhere a sense of justice, the children who’ve had their loved ones taken away from them, and those who fought to protect someone. Why should they have to lay down their lives? I’ll change it, I’m going to change this wrong world of ours!