still im confused

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Yousef can be one of the virgins Mutta meets in heaven... jk... No but I felt that the dad's comment about how the gutta boys are all together now was foreshadowing and with Yousef being the odd one out it's just strange how it all came true? But I think Noora thinks Yousef wants to see her to start dating (the good news) but then Yousef actually just wants to turn her down in person on friendly terms. But then how did Adam and Mikael know??? How did they know???

hmmm yeah you’re right ! yousef being in white while all the other boys were in black was definitely foreshadowing. 

also im still SO confused as to why mikael and adam knew where yousef was but elias didn’t ??? its all so weird


more magician reigen bc its so much fun

and also ritsu bc definitely super fun

  • 3rd hokage: i let orochimaru escape because i felt emotional attachment to him. i deeply regretted this action and it ended up in the exploitation, torture and murder of children and deaths of many others, myself included. i can only hope the inheritors of my will can stop this monster
  • orochimaru: im not going to stop doing any of that stuff but i guess i dont want the world to end so ill give you a small amount of help
  • naruto: oh, well, carry on with your experiments and torture then!

I’m scrolling through tumblr and my fiancé is sleeping next to me, it’s 3:20AM and suddenly he whispers “there’s… too much meat”

I ask him wtf are you talking about and he just continues mumbling about “too much meat”. I’m like are you even awake??? He just answers yea and smiles. It’s quiet for a while and i already thought he had fallen asleep again or whatever, but then i hear a small laugh and “…not enough salad”