still im confused

a HUGE change of my theory

the girl represents jimin, so when jimin gets injured when he’s dancing alone, the girl who was dancing with hoseok also gets injured bc they re connected and shit

she could even represent his personality of how he pretends to be bc remember in this video the boys pretend to be all happy and show a good reflection of themself to the rest of the world, because they don’t want to show their true self

so these girls actually dont exist

that also explains why jungkooks girl disappeared when he got better and accepted what happened.

and why we couldnt see who yoongi was trying to shove away when he got mad bc at some points he was alone and at some point you could see him with his girl and trying to get her out of his way.

and thats why the actresses match so well with the boys, bc they represent the boys’ personalities

and thats maybe why everyone stans them bc they remind us of bts lmao


more magician reigen bc its so much fun

and also ritsu bc definitely super fun

u guys ask & i deliver and UHH i realize this might not help much since i didn’t explain the guidelines but the rundown is:

  1. circle + vertical line. the bottom of the line is where the chin goes
  2. im sure youve seen guidelines like this b4. the 1st line touches the top of the ear, 2nd goes thru the middle, 3rd touches the bottom, and how i do it usually is: the area between line 1 & 2 is for the eyes, between line 2 & 3 is the nose, and the mouth is um. somewhere underneath
  3. yea u draw it all on! and imagine how the head goes
  4. draw on the hair and etc and ur set!

the pink lines are guidelines that i dont usually draw but only visualize in my head. black lines are the ones i actually draw on……..pls note that this is only how i do things, u 10/10 can do ur own thing too!

thats all, really, i hope its helpful! at least for ¾ view faces