still im confused

So i made a post before I changed my tumblr url?? And I think someone took that old url and it shows that they posted it? When I click the name it sends me to someone’s art blog.. I know I posted it cause’ I edited it, and it’s got my writing on it and I get the notifications and stuff. Is this like a glitch or does this usually happen? : P

anonymous asked:

wait did something actually happen with sheith or are you just shitposting i am confused

okay so far volpod confirmed earlier that the paladins were all 18+ and shiro is “slightly” older
we all celebrated bc the antis could leave us alone but then a convo screenshot of tim hendrick came out and he confirmed the ages from that one video im on mobile so i cant link;;;; but yeah;;;; a lot of stuff is happening with the age discourse again???? and im generally still confused???? volpod is saying stuff, hendrick is saying other things???? and im just gonna ignore it and just enjoy whatever bc im tired and i dont wanna deal w the discourse tonight

so yeah;;;


Nations and Their Capitals

Magyarország - Budapest

România - Bucharest

Republica Moldova - Chișinău

Rzeczpospolita Polska - Warsaw