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Your friendly neighbourhood medic and security chief would like to remind you to stay safe this festive season!! Happy Lunar New Year again everyone!


You looked at your watch, 5pm on the dot like every other week. You quietly snuck over the walls and out of Alexandria. He was easy to spot through the brush of trees, as usual, all dressed in black. He hadn’t seen you yet, his back turned to you, standing casually and examining Lucille in his calloused hands.

“You’re gonna get heat stroke one day if you keep wearing leather jackets in 100 degree weather.” You said walking up quietly behind him, he didn’t seem fazed by your sudden arrival. He turned smiling to you, immediately enveloping you you in his arms. The embrace was short but when he pulled away, his mouth was automatically attached to yours in a heated kiss. 

“I missed you.” He growled once he’d pulled away from your mouth. You chuckled at his neediness, his hands roamed your body almost desperately. Like if he didn’t touch you, he’d spontaneously combust.

“I can tell.” His mouth found your neck, trailing down leaving sloppy kisses and marks as he reached your collar bone. 

“Why don’t you just come to the sanctuary with me baby? Then you could have me all the fuckin’ time.” He constantly brought this up, always wondering why you stuck around.

“The people here, they’re my family. You know that.” His mouth grew more persistent. He pushed you against the nearest tree, rubbing himself against you, you could feel his arousal on your thigh, even through the thick material of his pants, it made you smirk knowing you could affect him like this. 

“You’ll change your mind one day, I know it.” 

Imagine Jack needing to leave for the week, but being reluctant to go until Geoff says, “I got this covered. Don’t worry about anything.” And she’s still iffy, but she’s needed elsewhere, so she goes. Only to return to find the penthouse in shambles, Geoff tied to the table, Ryan declaring himself king of FAHC, and the lads all locked in the bathroom.

I think she’d sigh, turn around, and leave the penthouse again


@coredesignixandnekonee I am so sorry that it took me an actual month. I have re-drawn this 4 times because it didn’t look good. And to be honest, I am still a bit iffy about this. I’ve never done a “comic” (can this be even considered a comic?) so I’m sorry if the overall flow is weird, the dialog is off, etc. By the way, they are in the Watchtower, I couldn’t think of a background so I just did galaxy. 

It’s not done yet though! I will continue this because 1.) I am sorry for taking so long and 2.) This is a good, angsty headcanon and I think it deserves some more attention. I hope you like it so far!

NEXT (if I don’t post part 2 in a month spam me)

Special thanks to @sohotthateveryonedied for the awesome joke.^^

to keep me happy i made a list of good things in KC

• mare and cal’s reunion! the ACTUAL reunion after the whole mind-control situation
• mare’s dad can now walk!! i almost cried tbh
• the guard has made tons of progress with the new bloods (called “ardents”) and made allies (even if i’m a little iffy about some of them still)
• mare and cal have sex????? and like it’s so random which makes it so real imo
• and then they do it a lot
• A L O T (waking up together and mare talking about cal’s nakedness and “heat” and “exertion” lol ok mare we all know what that means)
• baby clara ♡♡♡
• meeting the other people with mare’s power and i loved the whole matching-hair-colour-to-lightning-colour thing
• (even if they did kind of baby her)
• training scenes
• the fight and mare and cal both being stubborn and not giving in it was actually super intense i loved it

add your own as well!!

also i’ll be posting my reaction notes from chapter 23 till the epilogue later, and those were more in-the-moment. keep an eye out!


Left: September 2013, 15 yrs old

Right: Janurary 2016, 17 yrs old

Proof that i was a fkn Larrie

i made so many playlists while i was finishing my finals, here’s one of them

Grand Love

  1. Out Of Line - Gesaffelstein
  2. Grandloves (feat. Young Magic) - Purity Ring
  3. Chick Lit (Danger TV Remix) - We Are Scientists 
  4. Entertainment - Phoenix
  5. Hear the Bells (feat. Imaginary Cities) - Porter Robinson 
  6. Innocence (feat. Aquilo) - Madeon
  7. Left Alone (feat. Chet Faker) - Flume 
  8. Masterpiece (ft. Jordan Rakei) - Disclosure
  9. Krystal - SUNSET
  10. Doin’ It Right (Feat. Panda Bear) - Daft Punk