still i feel bad for hikari

Taichi/Hikari incest rumors

I know I’m a little late for the party, but I do need to adress this.

THERE IS NO INCEST IN DIGIMON ADVENTURE… What happened with that interview (which seems to be legit) was not Mamoru Hosoda saying Taichi and Hikari had a love relationship. He was being colorful with his answers, those are friggin’ metaphors… Episode 21 is about a little girl who idolizes his brother and loves him in a way that may seem to be romantic, however a strong admiration or love does not have to mean a first grader is love with his fifth grader brother… Or having sexual thoughts about him.

I mean yes, of course she is jealous of Koromon (in a way a wife would be of a mistress) since Taichi has always had this “prioritize Hikari” quality, which has given the girl comfort. She has a person in her life that she knows is always going​ to look out for her, she is safe. Koromon wasn’t exactly a threath to her but in a way yes, he was.

I cannot understand​ how people took the interview literally, when it clearly​ was a colorful way to say: “This girl is dependent on her brother, the sibling love they share is something she cannot live without”

The bathroom scene… (“When I wet my bed..” etc.) Still to me (maybe I’m a kid) means: “He was always there when something bad happened”

This is a post for another day, but their dad is an alcoholic and their mother is a trooper, but although their mom is a great mom doesn’t mean you go to her over any little problem. She has problems of her own and she has to deal with them alone… Even a kid realizes this, which is why I think Taichi took the role of Mommy Yagami 2.0 and that is why Hikari is so attached to him and why he feels like the perfect man to her… He is the man.