still hyped as hell

Okay So

First RWBY overtakes Red Vs. Blue as RT’s signature show

Then RWBY gains a fanbase so big there’s a fan made game, fan made animation and even a fan made visual novel/

Then RWBY gets a massive fanbase in Japan.

Then RWBY gets to be the first American made anime (Yeah, I know anima means “Japanese animation” but Monty called it an anime so suck it) to get a JAPANESE DUB.

Then RWBY gets a manga in Japan which gets a major release.

Then RWBY actually AIRS on Japanese Tv.

And now RWBY is not only in a crossover fighting game but the people making the game are so confident in the show they actually made it one of the focuses of the ANNOUNCEMENT TRAILER (sharing the spotlight along with legends like Blazblue and Persona.)

… Monty, you really didn’t know what you started.

A little piece to celebrate beautiful Elektra #1!

I fell in love as soon as I saw the comic. I highly recommend– it’s absolutely stunning. :) <3


so i just came back from watching blade runner and….y’all lied? that movie is far from being a masterpiece, it barely grazes piece, i’m so mad rn…holy shit i thought that movie would never end, when the intermission rolled around me and my friend stared at each other with equal looks of shock because a) we we’re pretty sure that theatre didn’t do intermissions anymore, and b) we we’re pretty sure the movie should be about to end, not in the fucking middle 

somewhere in there is a good movie, maybe even a great one, but holy shit it’s like the light from the editor’s booth didn’t even touch it, was it edited at all? It was the first time in my life i sat in my chair going “useless”, “this entire scene is pointless”, “this scene should be half as long”, “why is this shot so damn long”, in my head. I’m really not that much of a film hoe, i don’t waste my time contemplating how editing and cutting could improve movies…but holy shit blade runner is in need of some serious editing, because half of it is useless filler, it doesn’t advance the plot nor does it help developing characters.

for instance - that fight scene between deckard and k was teeth grinding pointless, the audience knows k won’t kill deckard and that deckard sure as shit won’t kill k, not before the fucking finale at least, so there are no stakes, for a fight with no stakes, it drags on fucking endlessly, it does jackshit to flesh out deckard’s character, since that’s been done before with the treasure island quote, and after when he spills whiskey on the floor for his dog to lick - so that’s five minutes of pointlessness, and this movie does it all the fucking time

another thing that annoyed me: joi and k’s relationship, in the end it amounted to jack shit, she might as well not be there. I commented with my friend during the intermission, that i wasn’t sure the movie had done enough to establish joi as more than a mass-produced companion AI, because that was the only way i could justify the screen-time the relationship was getting - it turns out i was wrong - joi really was just another mass-produced AI, who exists only to remind the audience how sad and bereft K’s life was (because we are all morons who thought it was neat that his job was to kill his own kind for the crime of refusing to be slaves) 

and what the fuck is wrong with the sound design? holy shit, it was so unpleasant and immersion breaking, when k plays that one key in deckard’s piano, i commented to my friend “ooh look the key that makes up the entire soundtrack” and the people next to us laughed, because the sound design really is just one note recycled over and over, synthesised into oblivion, stretched beyond what’s comfortable to the human ear - i say that as someone who usually loves hans zimmer’s soundtracks, it’s like all the cutting went into the soundtrack and none into the movie 

Fairy Tail 544

The penultimate chapter! Mashima, as usual, handles all of his plot points with the grace and attentive care we’ve come to expect from him, closing off this arc with one hell of a bang! Seriously, guys, I’m still hyped. I’m so satisfied by this. There’s absolutely no problems with any of this. I loved it.

I loved that every second word out of Acnologia’s mouth was “destruction” or “destroy”! Who needs depth to their characterisation, right??? And you know what, It was fucking awesome that Meredy showed up out of nowhere to maguilty ex machina Lucy into jacking the magic of everyone on the continent for Fairy Sphere! It’s just so fucking neat she can jack everyone’s magic like that, so fucking cool and not scary or anything! I wonder how many civilians got hurt or killed with that move? :)

And god, wasn’t it great how Lucy apparently dropped to her knees at terminal fucking velocity so her breasts flew up to whack her in the chin? I love the way Mashima draws women! And man, talk about masterful storytelling - Acnologia flashing back to Igneel, a guy he barely knows, had no meaningful dialogue with, and only sort of fought for awhile, while Natsu’s using magic to beat him up even though he’s immune to magic? Genius! I think it’s so awesome we still don’t know what Acnologia can even do in combat by the by, way to keep things suspenseful ‘til the end!

Acnologia passing on the title of Dragon King to a guy that had the amazing insight of “Dragons are a nuanced, complicated species” and “I have friends!”, even though that was probably common knowledge to anyone with a functioning brain and he only beat Acnologia by having his friends’ power given to him instead of fighting alongside them? Nice! Natsu saying he doesn’t need to be the King of an extinct species? He’s so selfless that I shed a tear :’)

And, that ending where Natsu and the others fell through time directly over the others even though without Acnologia’s intervention the Timelapse probably should have swallowed them whole? Heartwarming and totally makes sense. And that ending, when after giving Acnologia a speech about how he won because he has friends, Natsu didn’t even acknowledge anyone except his love interest? So deep, man.

Good chapter. Good. Fucking. Shit.

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i was watching an episode of spongebob today, the one with the thermostat discourse, and i was like oh hey i remember when this came out! cause like i think it was during a week were they had a new episode everyday or something so i was super hyped about it. and i was like, when did this come out i cant be that long ago right? freaking, 2007 it came out in 2007 and i remember when it was a new episode i felt so freaking old and have no concept of time.

IKR OMG DUDE. I feel so damn old because I can recall every time there was a new episode cause I was HYPE AS HELL every time. I still am lol can’t wait till Feb. 20th!!



Who wanted it? No one! Am I still hyped to upload it? HELL YEAH

Struggled over this for days Threw a simple little mesh edit together for my main boy Dmitri with the beanie, and loved it so much I had to share it. Could you tell I have an obsession with straightening all the hairs?

  • Will probably need Cool Kitchen Stuff for this to work, since that’s where the original mesh came from
  • May have some slight clipping around the ears
  • God damn what a sexy hairdo

This is probably the most complete thing I’ve made so far. Hope you like it!

Download (Simfileshare)

My highlights and comments from SMTM4 Ep.7

I didn’t have as much fun watching this episode to be all the way honest.

1) Black Nut’s diss to San E and Verbal Jint was better than Mino’s. Black Nut actually came at BOTH of them. Not just San E.

2)Zico said “If they were thinking of changing their decision they should have contacted us that day” (or something very closely along those lines) then everybody else on the ZiPal team reiterated that like 18,000 times. (This is kinda what I said on my ep.6 post and then someone unsuccessfully tried to “drag” me for it.)

3) Mino spent a LONG ass time on his Hanhae diss and I respect that. I also want to hear it now.

4) AndUp’s face doesn’t move when he talk. He kinda has no facial expression whatsoever. He just moves his lips. Haha. It’s kinda funny.

5) Mino said “If he mentions my family, I won’t be calm”. Good thing Black Nut didn’t mention his family. Or maybe that’s not a good thing since we actually wanted to see someone fight.

6) Black Nut is always throwing his phone on the ground. What are you thinking? What is this about? Is it a tradition in his family? Is he trying to get a replacement from his phone company? lol I don’t know.

7) Zico knows he needs to stop. This is not a war and not one of these boys are “war ready” calm down son. hahaha

8) I’m personally inducting Microdot into the “Gummy Bears Club”. He in there with Innovator. They are both big, adorable, gummy bears.

9) Jucy was in the crowd during the diss battle for all of you EVOL fans who are reading this.

10) David Kim was in the crowd too. *smirks*

11) AndUp has a little fighter in him. He bumped Microdot with his chest when he got too close. Basically saying “Back the fuck up”.

12) Tablo & Jinusean were singing along to Team ZiPal’s song when they started the intro. lol

13) AndUp & Microdot are so evenly matched. 

14) This boy Basick really dressed up like Ja Mezz. I’m dead XD

15) Mino didn’t even touch Verbal Jint? I know they’re probably cool. They worked on “Born Hater” together. But still you can’t really take all your frustrations out on San E. Well, you can. It’s your life but it doesn’t make that much sense.

16) Mino also barely said anything noteworthy to Black Nut. “The JK hyung is looking for you line” was like the only thing that was actually directed towards Black Nut that hit.

17) Overall like I said before, Black Nut threw rocks a Mino while Mino threw cotton balls back. Kinda disappointed with Black Nut vs Mino.

18) Who cares about manners? Some people are actually trying to win this competition. Stealing Mino’s spotlight was a good move. Plus was he stealing Mino’s spotlight as he was spitting a good verse or was Mino’s verse just not hitting with the crowd like Team ZiPal thought it would and so the crowd chose to pay attention to Black Nut instead?

19) LOL it’s not cheating. There’s no rules against making fun of the other team and trying to distract them during their rap. Other rappers did it (not as obviously as Black Nut) and Team Brand New even practiced with distractions because they anticipated that others would be doing things to throw each other off their A- game. 

20) I saw Ja Mezz elimination from a mile away.

21) Zico’s excuse for people voting based on the props and…visualness? was BS. AOMG’s performance was the best and most impactful visually. They were climbing fences and hyping the hell out of the crowd and yet STILL lost because the crowd felt they were the lesser of the two teams in terms of rapping during the diss battle.

22) I thought GeeGooin was going until Super B basically said “Nobody gives a fuck about Sik-K on this team” LOL (He said “Nobody regards him” but yeah…that’s saying nobody gives a fuck/nobody sees him as a threat etc.)

23) Nobody wants that fucking car dude like seriously.

24) Zico and tablo throw the most shade out of everyone on this show. They beat Super B AND AndUp in throwing shade. Like how?

25) If they pick Lil Boi over GeGooin, then GeeGooin might as well go home even if there WASN’T an elimination cause there’s no chance AOMG will give him a fair shot in regards to Lil Boi.

26) And then they picked Lil Boi over GeGooin which solidifies my above statement. Also there was an elimination so GeeGooin was going home anyway.

27) Lil Boi is DAMN good though. I see why he’s what Giriboy was to Tablo for Jay. LOL

28) Shut up ZiPal…Y’all are gonna pick Mino anyway. So I don’t even understand why they are showing us this ZiPal rehearsal part lmao.

29) At least AndUp gets an outfit styled by Zico…right before he sends him home. hahaha

30) Lil Boi’s performance was better. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if Mino still won.

31) Why do they keep doing that dramatic shit where they don’t just show the whole part of who got eliminated? The story lining of this show is kinda off since they have bits in pieces of the previous episode in the next episode, yet it doesn’t have much of an effect on what happens in the rest of that episode. But I digress (Just more behind the scenes speak don’t mind me).

white ppl sure do understand representation when it’s about them. it’s an easy concept for u in US History when ur talking about the revolutionary war and the slogan “No Taxation Without Representation” comes up. It’s simple.

the colonist were mad because despite not being represented in parliament, they were getting taxed like hell. People know that and people still get hype about that. but when it extends past white people’s grief, yall don’t get it. you get mad bout shit that happened 300 years ago, but dont  talk about shit happening today.