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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! guuuuyzzzzz!!! I did it! I actually DID it!

I went on vacation today, packed myself, arrived, went out to hav fun, AND STILL MANAGED TO MAKE ART TODAY!!! I’m freaking sonic!

Also, art may not appear so often for a few dayz, since ykno… vacation and stuff XD, but since i’m on try hard mode i don’t think you’ll feel the difference ;))

integrity by @camilaart

Play Dates: Part Two. [smut]

A;N: So Chloe @writing-obrien wrote the first part of this collab and she killed it! I’m hoping I did the same! Huge thanks to the lovely @wydobrien for proof reading and making sure it didn’t suck too hard. I love ya’ll and Enjoy! xoxo

Pairing: DaveHodgmanxReader

Author: thelittlestkitsune

Warnings: Smut.

Word count: 5,387

Listen to me.            Read Chloe’s bomb ass part here! 

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modern-day hamlet sitting in a massive room at claudius’ mansion alone in the dark with the curtains drawn so that the sun just barely shines through on the floor listening to pink floyd on vinyl with a skull-shaped lamp on the table next to him. dostoevsky (or poe, or maybe both) open on his lap. dressed all in black (hot topic bags still shoved under the cushions or scattered on the floor) with a single cigarette dangling from his fingers. staring at the ceiling or the wall and whining in low tones about how shitty his life is. horatio (in a rather put upon voice) asks “what’s wrong, hamlet” as he knows he’s supposed to and hamlet sighs a deep tragic noise, kicks his legs out onto the table, drapes his arm over his face, and whispers “oh, nothing” 

Gone Wolf - The Third Floor - (Jongin, Pt. 1) [CHRONICLES OF THE WOLF SERIES]

Well well well, look what the cat dragged in…

Enjoy, babies! ♥


[ Jongin | Gone Wolf ]

  \ Confusion


The loud burst of his materializing disoriented Jongin even more, and he cursed under his breath in confusion.

Why was it so dark?

He blinked, trying to figure out what was happening. To orient himself again. The last thing he remembered was seeing someone freeing Sehun, who was almost delirious with pain. Chanyeol got shot. Kyungsoo got shot. And Minseok… he was passed out. Jongin managed to help him, but he sensed a threat from another wolf - someone who wasn’t part of the pack.


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Pynchweek 1: Something old, something new, something borrowed

Ronan marries Adam in early September. Surrounded by friends and what remains of Ronan’s family. It’s one of those autumn days when light stays really low and golden and shatters through the forest as pillars.

The lawn at the back of the main house is big enough to accommodate the few dozen of them. Good food and lanterns and fireflies for the night. Adam had voted down a show wrestling, but they had agreed to pizza. Just them and the people they love. Nothing big, nothing showy, no fuzz, no nerves. Ronan had been so highly strung in the morning that he vomited between shower and putting his suit on.

Traditions were trivial to them, in a monumental way. There was very little room for we-should-do’s and it’s-always-been-this-way’s in their relationship when everything about them was new and untried. Someone else would have called Ronan and Adam adrift and rootless, but they had more history in each other than most people spanned in their entire lifetimes. Too much magic to hide away to pay attention to long-established conventions. No extensive families to appease, not people left to judge them. Their whole life together had been a ritual. Reconfiguring it to please others would have been a forced mock-up - and Ronan Lynch did not lie nor did Adam Parrish yield to the will of others.

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heir!jimin being a total a-hole to you when you first meet, building a love-hate relationship until you learn he is totally crushing on you and leaves you speechless when he kisses your cheek

Blame It On My Confidence

Summary: the heir of Bangtan Enterprises is a major pain in your ass, and yet, as much as you try to fight it, you can still feel the inevitable happening (heir!au)

“So that’s the guy who’s going to inherit the company when his dad kicks the bucket,” Taehyung says, craning his neck to peer through the blinds of the staff break room to get a glimpse of the man who’s just walked into the office in a suit that could probably be bought with three of your monthly paychecks.

“Yeah. What an asshole,” you say, not looking up from the book in your hands. Beside you, Jungkook lets out a strangled noise, almost spitting out his mouthful of food.

“Oh my god, noona. What if he hears you?” he says, fixing his glasses where they’ve slid down the bridge of his nose as he puts his chopsticks down.

“He’s all the way over there, Jungkook. How’s he gonna hear me?”

“I-I dunno. What if he decides to check out the security camera footage today while he’s checking out the building? He’s gonna fire your ass.”

“Doubt it,” you scoff. “They’d never find another secretary willing to deal with his ungrateful ass. And his dad’s demands on top of that.”

“What’re we all talking about?” Seokjin says as he walks into the break room, dropping himself into the seat beside Taehyung.

“_____ just called Park Jimin an asshole,” Taehyung answers; Seokjin’s eyes grow wide.

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The King Who Cried Wolf (2)

Pairing: Werewolf!Reader x Crowley

Word Count:  ~1,800

Warnings: A SHORT SMUT AS SOON AS THE CHAPTER STARTS and some mentioning of eating animals. (Werewolf reader after all)

Author’s Note: Seriously thank you to everyone who has taken interest in this story. I’m so happy with the positive feeback I have gotten just from the first chapter, it’s amazing. This is my first time publishing smut, that is why it’s pretty short. Future chapters will possibly contain more smut. 

(I am also taking requests and prompts <3)

Chapter 1   Chapter 3

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Eager (Drabble Challenge)

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40. “Am I your husband or your taxi service?” + Yixing

As the seasons changed, so did your mood. The temperatures rose, but your patience fell.

This afternoon was no different as the sun beat down on the house, the temperature felt unbearable.

You laid dramatically on the floor in front of the fan that was running on its highest setting, blowing cool air over your skin. It felt like it was doing nothing in the midst of all the humidity, and internally, you came up with several nefarious insults for the useless device.

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This Drabble is for my darling @drarrysgirl who I adore beyond words. Happy Birthday!!!!! 💖💖💖

(Au in which Ron and Hermione still get married and have Rose but Harry never married Ginny.)

Draco leans against the kitchen doorframe gently, cradling his tea between his chilled hands and watching the scene before him with a fond smile which he tries to hide as he takes another sip of his tea even though it’s still a bit hot.

There are toys scattered across the floor everywhere, pillows and a throw from the couch lay discarded by the sill crackling fireplace, and there is a cup of spilt juice on his favorite rug. And yet Draco has never felt more calm or pleased, not like he does now, as he watches Harry rolling around on the floor playing with Rose.

She is giggling loudly, her chubby little fingers fisted in Harry’s unruly hair as she plants her mouth firmly over his chin and bites down hard.

“Ow! Watch it, Rosie. Only uncle Draco is allowed to bite me you know,” Harry says a bit breathlessly, laughing as he reaches back and easily lifts her up, flipping her around gently in the air and setting her down on top of his chest.

Rose seems perfectly content, excitedly grabbing at Harry’s glasses until he’s forced to remove them and set them on the floor off to the side.

“Fine I’ll take them off. You win again, Rosie. You always get your way just like your mother did. Afraid your Dad won’t stand a chance with you two now.”

Draco snorts at that, finally taking the last few steps into the living room and sitting down on the couch nearest them. “Weasley didn’t stand a chance the second he married her.”

“Oi be nice,” Harry chastises but he already has his left arm thrown back to stroke Draco’s ankle underneath his trousers and the smile on his face is all too clear.

“I’m never nice, I’m honest. Besides you and I both know Hermione is always right. And now Rose will be too.”

Rose looks up at her name, giving Draco a toothy smile and crinkling her eyes up in a way that makes Draco’s chest feel tight.

“When are they coming to pick her up anyway?”

“Ron owled me this morning while you were showering and said the conference went well and that they should be here just before tea time to collect her. I’m gonna miss her though. I love when we get to keep her overnight.”

Draco bites his lip, watching as Rose plays with Harry’s fingers, mesmerized by the way Harry watches her back.

“I’ve been thinking,” Draco starts quietly, rubbing his thumb over the intricate design on the side of his tea cup, “perhaps we ought to have our own.”

“Our own what?” Harry asks a bit distractedly, beginning to bounce Rose up and down on his stomach.

“A baby.”

Harry stops bouncing Rose immediately, lifting her up and setting her on the rug next to him. She whines for a second before she notices her favorite stuffed Dragon on the floor and snatches it up, gnawing on its head.

“Baby? Us? Our own baby?”

“Yes, Harry, I-” but before Draco can finish his sentence Harry is scrambling onto the couch and launching himself at Draco.

“Yes!” He yells, hands on the side of Draco’s face as he kisses him in a way that makes Draco’s heart ache and his stomach flip.


“Yes,” Harry answers back, swiping at his eyes and laughing.

And for the first time Draco realizes he is no longer afraid to bring a child into this world, afraid of the father he might be, because he sees the way Harry loves him and the way he loves Harry back and he knows it will be ok, that they can do this.

And he finally understands that perhaps them having a baby isn’t about saying they have it all figured out, but that they want to try, and that finally feels like enough.

Drabble 4/5

A/N: Yeah, Edward’s and Haytham’s are slightly NSFW. Just beware of the Kenways.

31. (Ah Tabai)

The sight was quite comical, your teeth sinking into your bottom lip to contain your laugh. The normally intellectual and too-wise-for-his-own-good Mayan man was staring down at your gun like it had just grown a head. Granted, it was the newest model available and even you hadn’t gotten the hang of it, but he looked entirely lost. His hands were all over the silver metal, pausing once it reached the trigger.

“Careful there.” You chuckled, attempting to convey some kind of warning in your statement but failing miserably. “I don’t really feel like dying today.” 

He only glared up at you for a moment, a blazing fire beneath his eyes as he looked back down at the offending object. Truthfully, you’d never seen him carry a gun. It was strange and unnatural, the way he held it telling you that he wasn’t very familiar with the item, especially this model. 

“Do you even know how that works?” You asked, a smirk tugging at your lips and arms crossed over your chest. Ah Tabai was always confident in his work, but not to the point of cockiness. He knew his abilities and his limits, but for the life of you, you’d never seen him look so unsure.

“Of course I know how this works!” He replied back, clearly offended at your insinuation.

“Whatever you say, O’ Great One.” You winked, snatching your gun back from him. Oddly enough, he looked almost flustered.

32. (Arno Dorian)

You’d been stuck with him all day and it was only getting worse. It wasn’t that you didn’t like Arno, in fact it was quite the opposite, but he just seemed so different towards you. You had seriously thought that there was something between the two of you at one point, but then it just stopped. It might’ve been the smarter move to ask him what was wrong, but you honestly thought it best to give him space. If he wanted to talk, he’d talk. Only he didn’t; he only got more and more silent, even going as far as avoiding you outright most days. 

So as you sat here, squished shoulder to shoulder in a small closet, each second ticked by ever slowly, the silence absolutely maddening. Finally, fed up with his behavior recently and completely sick of the deafening quiet, you sighed.

“Let’s just take them.” You muttered impatiently, moving to go. Arno snaked a hand around your arm, pulling your body flush against him.

“You are not going out there.” He replied rather harshly, keeping you tight in his grasp. It was infuriating, frustrating, and, you shuddered, absolutely divine.

“Chances are, we will most definitely be able to escape.” You argued, nodding a head in the direction of the door.

“And what if you’re wrong?” He questioned. “What if you are killed because you left it to chance?” Your brows furrowed, curious eyes attempting to look into his in the darkness. Unfortunately, the shadows covered the both of you, masking each other from the other.

“What the hell are you going on about, Arno?”

“Despite what you may think, I’m actually quite fond of you and I’d prefer it if you didn’t die.” He hissed, both arms moving up further to encompass you wholly. Honestly, you weren’t entirely sure what was wrong with him, but you really couldn’t mind too much when his sweet scent was overflooding your senses and his warm arms were forcing your head to rest against his chest.

33. (Shaun Hastings)

“You are honestly the biggest asshole I’ve ever met.” You deadpanned, looking back to Desmond to make sure he was okay. He seemed pretty drained from his last session in the Animus and Shaun wasn’t making things any better by keeping up a constant stream of complaints and sarcastic remarks.

“We have things to do,” Shaun crossed his arms over his chest, staring at you like you were a small child that needed berating.

“Shut it, Shaun,” you huffed, sending a reassuring smile to Desmond. He smiled back to you, rolling his eyes at the British man.

“I’m just being realistic here.” He defended himself. You scowled, marching past Shaun and dragging him by the collar with you. He was spouting off insults every inch of the way, turning on you with a glare when you finally stopped outside of the loft.

“Seriously, what the hell is wrong with you?” You ground out, hands on hips and eyes drilling holes into his head.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” He sniffed, pushing his glasses further up on his nose.

“Shaun?” You asked, voice much softer.

“I haven’t got you to myself in weeks.” He grumbled, a soft hand resting on your hip. “It’s more than a little frustrating.” A genuine smile bloomed on your face, your eyes softening.

“You could’ve just said that.” You rolled your eyes, wrapping your arms around his neck. His other hand came up to press your lower back closer, eyes shining brilliantly under the bright lights.

“Oh, but where’s the fun in that?”

34. (Edward Kenway)

Okay, you could admit that it was funny in the beginning. You’d laughed along with everybody else when he stumbled onto the table or when he began yelling senselessly to the others in the tavern. But now that he’s barely on his feet, practically being dragged by you, you were definitely not laughing.

“You’ve had way too much alcohol.” You muttered, taking another large step as you attempted to pull the bulky man. It didn’t work out as you planned, your back smacking into his chest.

“There’s no such thing as too much alcohol.” He slurred, warm breath ghosting along the back of your neck. You shivered, much to your chagrin. The captain was attractive and he knew it. You always tried to act nonchalant about it, but it was getting harder and harder. Little moments like these were most definitely not helping your case any. “Ah, love, why must you wound me so?”

“What are you talking about?” You ground out, muscles groaning in protest as you took another step.

“I want you in my bed.” He said lowly, causing you to pause. “I want you beneath me as I fuck you senseless, my name on your lips.” Your eyes widened, a swallow working its way down your throat. Arousal pooled low in your stomach, his husky voice doing nothing to tamp it down. He laughed. “But you stubbornly refuse.” His shoulders attempted to shrug, sloppily accomplishing their task. Bloody rum, you cursed internally, glaring at Edward’s back as he walked away, his steps uncoordinated.

35. (Jacob Frye)

“Do I even want to know why there’s a dead body on my floor?” Jacob asked dryly, an arched eyebrow barely visible beneath the shadow of his top hat.

“Probably not,” you shrugged, taking another swig of your pint as you leaned back against the headboard of his bed, watching the man on the floor with a carefully placed mask. His blood was shining on the floor, the remnants on your blade still hot. It hadn’t been a particularly gruesome battle, but it wasn’t entirely enjoyable. Although, you mused, he definitely did deserve it. The man had been terrorizing London for far too long.

“What did he do?” Jacob asked, careful steps bringing him closer to you. He snatched the drink from your hands, sipping from it with a wink to you.

“Oh, you know, this and that.” You waved it off, glaring at your drink like it had betrayed you for allowing Jacob to drink from it.

“Real informative,” he drawled, setting the pint onto the nearby stand with a clank. “We’re going down to the pub while I have some Rooks clean this mess up.” His accent was thicker than normal, telling you that he’d definitely already been to the pub. Even if you couldn’t tell by his accent, the smell of alcohol was heavy in the air around him.


36. (Malik Al-Sayf)

In all honesty, you were exceedingly excellent at eliminating your targets. But you really hadn’t expected another mission so soon and you were definitely not in any condition to begin one again. So when you stumbled into the Assassin’s Bureau of Jerusalem, it wasn’t exactly surprising that you were bloodied and beaten. Malik cast a questioning eye in your direction, gesturing towards you with his good hand.

“Might I inquire what happened?” He asked, his tone laced with sarcasm.

“Very funny, Malik.” He had been well aware that you weren’t suited for this job but you were determined. It was very possible that your determination wasn’t the brightest idea at the moment, but you couldn’t care less. “Here.” You threw the feather at him, sighing when it floated gracefully down to the floor not two inches in front of you. You glared at the object, looking up to Malik and pleading silently for him to pick it up. He had an eyebrow raised at you, his gaze moving from the feather soaked in the blood of your target back to you.

“It’s not my job to retrieve it.” He stated. “And your mission isn’t complete until you hand me the feather.”

“I hate you.” You muttered, eyes still trained on the feather.

“That is a job for a-”

“If you finish that sentence I’m cutting out your tongue.” You threatened, a scowl forming on your lips.

“Novice.” He laughed, eyes shining mischievously.

“I hate you, Malik.” You groaned, dropping down onto your knees painfully.

“Sometimes I really question if you know what we’re doing.” His voice was the very definition of playfulness, the normal affection he’d always had towards you present.

“I do too, Malik, I do too.” You whispered, eyes closing. You didn’t need to open them to know he had shuffled over and picked up the feather. And you definitely didn’t need to open them to know he had smiled softly at you when he did so.

37. (Jacob Frye)

The day had been filled with a never ending line of annoyances, ushering themselves in one by one. Simply put, it was exhausting. And out of all the infuriating things to happen that day, none was worse than your current predicament. You glared down at the offending material, the stuffy layers causing you to shuffle in place as you clenched your jaw, your grip on Jacob tightening to the point of pain.

“If you just relax, you might find that you even enjoy it.” He laughed between his smile, somehow still appearing grandiose. At least he didn’t have to wear a flipping dress, you fumed, pulling at the coarse material, the corset digging painfully into your abdomen.

“Have you ever been in a corset?” You hissed.

“I can’t say I have.” His smirk widened as the both of you bowed respectively to whatever pompous asshole approached you next.

“Well, let me tell you, it’s not fun.” Your words were dripping with venom, wishing for nothing more than to drop down in your comfy bed and forget about the world for a few hours.

“I don’t think they’re supposed to be fun, love.” He whispered, lips against your ear.

“Obviously not.” You scowled, a hand smoothing out the vibrant colors. You hated it, felt entirely helpless in it. It made you feel stripped of your armor, of everything that made you an Assassin. With these layers of clothing, you might as well be another clueless woman looking for a man to marry.

“Besides, you look quite good in them.” He winked, eyes purposely raking down your body in a show of theatrics. Oh, you were so ripping these clothes off. And, you smirked, you were so ripping Jacob’s clothes off too.

38. (Haytham Kenway)

You’d never seen him like this; eye blown wide, chest puffed out, lips parted, and teeth shining. The room had long since been abandoned, the two of you the only occupants save for a rickety old desk, barely in commision. It was frightening, the absolute feral look in his eye, but at the same time, it was intoxicating. 

The smell of old spices and fresh mint swirled in the air around you as he took a confident step forward, the hat on his head moving slightly as he breathed you in. You were too enraptured to do anything but stare, arousal stabbing you like a dagger to your gut. He didn’t even have to touch you, sparks already flying at the electricity in his stare. But when he did touch you, you couldn’t help but moan, smooth skin moving along smooth skin. He wasn’t gentle as he shoved you back, parting your legs with a rough shove to your knees. 

Both of his hands were hooked behind your legs, pulling you against the very evident bulge in his trousers.

“Haytham,” you breathed, a hand trailing down the hard planes of his chest. You could feel the heavy thrum of his heart beneath, the beat speeding up at your touch.

“You look absolutely delicious.” He growled, lips centimeters from yours. He was purposefully teasing you, moving away whenever you pushed forward to connect your mouths. It was torturous and sinful, your body burning with an animalistic need for him. “What do you want?” His breath caressed your ear as he spoke, hands jerking you even tighter against him. You couldn’t help but squirm, attempting to sate the need for friction.

“You,” you whispered roughly, “I want all of you.” He only smiled in return, teeth glinting dangerously.

39. (Ezio Auditore)

Messing with Ezio was way more fun than it should be. You were quite sure that you’d annoyed the Master Assassin to no end but you couldn’t help it. His expression when he got mad! He’d try to be all intimidating, but he never was in your eyes. Hell, he only made it worse when he tried to act all angry. But, you looked to him with wide eyes, each heavy breath causing your chest to brush against his, you may have taken it just a teensy bit too far.

“Ezio?” You cursed your tone, wishing that you sounded more confident and less nervous. He was looking to you like he was a minute away from devouring you or strangling you, and you honestly didn’t want to find out. It was supposed to be a harmless prank; flirt a little, wink a little, lure him into the bedroom, then bang, leave him there, running off to go finish your mission. Only, you shuddered, Ezio definitely didn’t look like he’d be letting you run off into the night like you planned. In fact, you weren’t entirely sure if you’d survive this night.

“You’re not leaving, bella.” His voice was pure sin, each syllable rolling immaculately off of his tongue like he held the world.

“I didn’t mean to-” Whatever you were planning on saying flew out the window, along with your resolve, when his hand began a slow descent, leaving desire in its wake.

“Trust me, we won’t be leaving this room for a very long time.” The lust clouding his beautiful orbs scared you, his touch moving ever lower.

“Why,” you cleared your throat, hoping to bring it back to its normal level. “Why’s that?” You feigned innocence, the smirk on his face being absolutely illegal.

“You know why,” he spoke against your send, each word being felt more than heard. Oh, you were in so much trouble. But with his skilled touch, you couldn’t be too upset about it.

40. (Adéwalé)

Annoyance was evident on his gruff features as you poked him once again, hoping to get his attention. He steadfastly ignored you, eyes watching Edward across the pub. You poked once again, harder this time, smiling when he looked towards you. His lips were straight across the dark skin of his face, the candlelight reflecting brilliantly off each one of his features.

“I’d ask you not to do that, but we both know you’d just do it even more.” He stated dryly, eyes beating down on you.

“Nice to know you listen.” You grumbled, crossing your arms over your chest. “I have been speaking to you this whole time.”

“I know,” he replied, the faintest trace of a smile tugging at his lips. You gasped in a mocking manner, a hand on your chest.

“What’s this, Adéwalé is actually smiling for me?” Your tone was dripping with sarcasm, a wry smile on your face.

“You’re not as funny as you think.” He huffed, mirroring your stance.

“I think you’ll find that I’m very funny.” You sent a pointed look in Edward’s direction, the blonde captain nearly tripping over his feet. “If you spent a little time worrying about blondie over there, you might notice.”

“He is the captain.” Adéwalé said, his tone sounding almost final.

“And you’re the quartermaster, good for the both of you.” Both hands flew up, gesturing wildly. “But I’d like to speak to you, Adé, and you make that exceedingly hard when you don’t take your attention off of Mr. Captain.”

“Why?” He asked simply, surprising you somewhat. A smile bloomed on your face, this one much softer than before.

“Because I enjoy talking to you.” He seemed at a loss for words, watching you with guarded eyes. “Problem?”

“No.” He shook his head, a small smile returning. You always did love it when he smiled.

You Can’t Fix What Ain’t Broke part 2

A/N: Holy crap you guys!!! I did not expect that much love from any one (i barely expected 10 ppl to read this thing) Thank you sososososososoooooo much. I’m sorry this part took so long to publish…my laptop decided to die and I am without a personal computer. I almost lost the whole thing. T^T Without further ado, here’s part two! I hope you like it~

You Can’t Fix What Ain’t Broke part 2

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 2,264

Warnings: a lil smidge of angst. fluff. sad bucky, angry bucky, frustrated bucky. 

Part 1

Originally posted by imagine-that-marvel

**“Mission report.” Longing. “No please stop…” Rusted. *screams* Seventeen. “Bucky no!!” Daybreak. “Sargent Barnes” Furnace. “the process has already started” Nine. “You are to be the new fist…” Benign. “I’m with you…” Homecoming. “til the end of the line.” One. “of HYDRA”**


Bucky shot up in his bed, drenched in sweat..his chest heaving. He looked over to the clock 2:32 am. Another nightmare. Another sleepless night. The faces of all those he’d ever tortured, murdered…burned into his memories forever. Coming back in his sleep to remind him of all the death that he was responsible for.

“Damnit…” he whispered as he dragged his hand down his face. Swinging his legs off the bed, he got up and walked to his bathroom. He switched on the light and turned on the cold water to splash onto his face. As he looked up he caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror. A broken soul. Missing pieces. Impossible to put back together.  There was no question that Bucky was relieved to no longer under the control of Hydra. But it was more of a question of did he deserve to even exist anymore.

You shouldn’t be here.

It was going to be a long day.

“Let’s go Buck come on,” Steve encouraged “just one more set.”

Since coming to the Avenger’s base, it was Steve’s mission to help Bucky get back into the swing of things. It was Sam’s mission to keep Bucky on his toes.

“Come on man, my grandmother can bench press more than this!”

“You know, for a guy who’s life I saved from a teenage spider, you sure do talk a lot of smack.” Bucky spat back as he pushed the bar from his chest.

“Less talk more lift dinosaur.”  laughed Sam.

As much as they bickered and teased each other, Steve knew that his two closest friends were getting along. He was so grateful to have met Sam, and even more so to have Bucky back in his life.

After heavy lifting and a 10k run (one which they gave Sam a 30 minute head start…and he still finished last), Steve and Bucky took it to the ring to practice sparring.

“I’m not going easy on you, Punk.”

“I never needed you to, Jerk.”

Bucky and Steve were equals in the ring so this fight was bound to last forever. 5 minutes…10 minutes…15 minutes…Sam was getting bored. He looked over and nodded to Steve when an idea popped into his head.

“Hey Barnes, you better step up your game if you ever want Y/N to notice you!” Sam cried out.

“What?” Bucky looked over to Sam who had a wicked smile on his face. Distracted, Steve landed a punch to Bucky’s stomach.

“Yeahhhh I see the way you looking at her. All coy and shit.”

“Stop distracting me Wilson!” Bucky dodged Steve’s right cross and pushed Steve back to the ropes. He knew that Sam was only messing with him, but it was working. 

“I’m just saying man, a girl like Y/N isn’t gonna stay single for long. You know she used to fix motorcycles before she got here? Woo wheee~”

Steve howled with laughter and pushed Bucky to the ropes, “it’s true Buck, you gotta make a move sometime. Or else Sam might beat you to it” Sam over exaggerated a wink to Bucky who exhaled deeply.. 

Bucky reached his hand between his body and Steve’s face and put him in a choke hold. “I hate you guys….”   

After what felt like forever, Steve was able to get Bucky in a grappling hold with his metal arm behind his back. On instinct, Bucky flipped Steve over and slammed him onto the floor. With Steve on his back, Bucky pinned him to ground with his knee, putting all of his body weight onto Steve’s chest. The two exhausted, Steve decided to throw in the towel.

“That’s you going easy?”

“Well I figured two septuagenarians shouldn’t risk dislocating a hip.” Bucky chuckled.

“What the hell is this bromance?” called out Sam.

The three laughed. Bucky got up and held out his left hand to help pull up Steve. As Steve reached out to get it, Bucky’s arm started spazzing. “WOAH! What the hell…AH!” His arm jerked and slammed the ground next to Steve’s head. Two inches over, and Captain America would’ve had his teeth broke in.

Steve rolled over to the opposite side and sat up “Woah Buck! you okay?”

“I don’t know what’s going on…” Bucky struggled to keep his arm from moving. It swung nearly missing Sam’s face.

“Watch the merchandise!”

Bucky grabbed onto the ropes to steady himself. He stared at his metal hand. Broken. He gritted his teeth, trying to control himself. “Buck?” Missing pieces. “Hey cyborg you alright there?” Impossible to put back together. He screamed.

Bucky came into the lab accompanied Steve and Sam. You turned to smile at them, when you saw Bucky holding his arm in place. His face irritated, angry…nothing like the man you saw the week before. He avoided any eye contact with you.  You looked to Steve, who’s face was full of concern for Bucky. “What happened?” you asked worriedly.

“We were in the middle of training when it started going crazy! He damn near punched a hole through Steve’s face. ” Sam exclaimed, earning a stern look from Steve. “I think it’s short circuiting; he’s having a hard time keeping control of it.” Steve explained. You walked over with your tool tray and picked up the handheld scanner. After examining his arm, you noticed a few wires out of place that was the source of the short circuit. Bucky looked more on edge than usual, his jaw clenched. His body so tense trying to keep the synthetic limb in control. You could see the two exposed wires that were sparking off.  “Think you can fix it Y/N?” Steve asked. You walked over to the tool kit, “Shouldn’t be a problem…Bucky?” your voice shy and quiet. He looked at you before returning his gaze to the floor.  He was shaking. “I’m going to need to remove a panel to get to the wires okay?” Bucky sighed deeply and nodded silently. You applied an electric disk to disable the arm. You began to remove the panel, working slowly, when Bucky’s arm suddenly whirred and smashed into the table, putting a dent into the metal surface. You jumped back from Bucky who was visibly shaken. He looked at you with a fear in his eyes and then back at his metal appendage.

“Watch it!” yelled Sam.

“No no it’s okay, it was an accident Sam. I’m okay” you assured him.

Bucky however was definitely not okay. He let out a frustrated growl and buried his face in his flesh hand. Steve moved closer to his friend. “Bucky you alright?”

“Here, let me try that again” you said. Bucky looked at you from behind the strands of hair that was now covering his face. “I’m going to add another disk to help keep it in place okay?” He didn’t respond, only stared at you as you place the second disk on him. “It’s okay Bucky, it’ll be a quick fix. I promise” You moved faster this time, removing the panel from his arm. Bucky was struggling to control his breathing. You took out your soldering iron and quickly mended the two wires back together. With the procedure done in less than 5 minutes, you exhaled in relief and was about to replace the panel when all of a sudden, Bucky yelled out. “Y/N move!!!” You barely had any time to get out of the way before Bucky’s metal arm swung out. You fell backwards onto the floor. He knocked over your tool tray before Steve and Sam rushed over to hold Bucky down.

“Woah! Get it together man! You almost knocked the living day lights out of Y/N!” Sam scolded.

Bucky was hyperventilating when he saw to you. Your tools were all over the floor surrounding you, your scanner broken. Then he saw you holding your hand in pain, his eyes widened in terror. You inhaled sharply through your teeth and revealed that the soldering wand had burned you. You looked at it on the floor, “must’ve still been hot when it grazed me.” You stood up and Steve walked over to you. “Are you alright Y/N?” “Yeah, I’m okay. Damn it. Stings like a bitch though.” You tried to laugh it off, but no one was fooled by your smile. Steve smiled sadly at you as he observed the burn. You cleared your throat, “Tis but a flesh wound, I’ll be alright.” You moved to pick the panel back up. “Let me put this back on for you” you said to Bucky.

“No” he said sternly.

“Bucky” you chuckled “it was an accident. I’m okay. I burn myself on the stove all the time. I’m a quick healer.”

“Get away from me Y/N” He couldn’t even look at you.

“I’m only trying to help…” your voice getting quiet.

His head shot up and he glared “Well it’s not helping. So do me a favor, and just leave me alone.” You put down the panel onto the table. Steve tried to calm his friend down. “She was just trying to help put it back Buck.”  “Help? Steve look at me! Do you think that I’m something that can be fixed with a couple of nuts and bolts?!” Steve looked down.  “Hey man, chill out” Sam shot back. Bucky screamed at the top of his lungs, “Chill out? Chill out?! I spent more than half my life in a glass tube chilling out. And THAT didn’t fix me either. So forgive me if I don’t exactly want to chill out.” He got up from the table, irritable. He was mumbling to himself when he picked panel and replaced it himself, his back towards the three of you.

You looked at Bucky in shock, but then something inside snapped. Your shock turned into disbelief.  He might be the Winter Soldier, but that was no reason to treat his friends that way.

“Hey, don’t take it out on them.”


“You heard me. Now take it back.”

Bucky turned around and walked up to you. He towered above you but you stood tall and tough. Steve and Sam watched you unsure if they needed to step in to save you or to save Bucky. If working at biker shop taught you anything, it was how to hold your own.

“Now I don’t care if you’re the Winter Soldier or not. You don’t intimidate me. And I said, take it back.”

Bucky looked down at you, his stature proud but his eyes sad. He was at a loss for words. He’d never seen you angry before.  

“Steve, Sam, even Tony, all of us brought you here for one reason. And that was to help you get better. Because we thought that it’d be better for you to heal here, amongst friends rather than leaving you amongst scientists.”

“Stop Y/N.” Bucky said through his teeth.

“Bucky, I can only imagine what you’ve been through. But i’m here aren’t I? Sam’s here, Steve’s here, we’re all here because we WANT to help you. We WANT to understand. And you think we’re just gonna let you push us away?”

“You should really stop talking Y/N.”

“Or what? You’re gonna push me away too?” you choked.

He paused. You were the last person he wanted to push away. Your breathing became heavy and your heart full of anger and frustration. Bucky bit his lip choosing his words carefully.

“You don’t know anything about me Y/N.”

“Well I WOULD if you would just trust me and open up once in awhile” your voice on the verge of cracking. You hated being this heated, you could barely keep the tears at bay. But you knew he could see how your eyes watered up. You weren’t afraid to cry, but you weren’t about to let him see how strongly you felt for him.

“And why…would I…ever…open up…to you? How could you…even begin…to understand me?” he said slowly, as if he was forcing the words to come out of his mouth. He didn’t mean it, he knew that. But if he had to lie to keep you safe out of harm’s way…his way…then so be it. He couldn’t risk hurting you.

You searched him for a sign, any sort of sign that he cared. That everything he was saying was out of frustration. That he didn’t mean any of it. You thought you saw the briefest glimmer of regret in his eyes when he looked to the floor and away from you. You had to get out of there, before you lost it.

“Forget this.” you took off your lab coat and shoved it at his chest. “Let me know when you’re ready to stop being the Winter Soldier and start being a damn human being.”

You knew that hurt. And for a second you couldn’t believe those words came out of your mouth. But you were angry. And you wanted to hurt him the way you hurt. You shoved past him, and stomped out of the lab, grabbing your leather jacket from the coat rack. You couldn’t let him, or the other guys, see you lose your shit. As you turned to get into the elevator you saw Bucky holding your lab coat and slightly turn his head to watch you walk away. You kept your eyes on his, the elevator doors closing just as you lost hold of your tears.

“Damn.” Sam broke the silence.

Bucky exhaled deeply.

“What the hell Bucky?” scolded Steve

“Shut up Steve.”

“Man you shut up.” shot Sam “Be mad at me, be mad at Steve. But that was no reason to talk to Y/N like that. She’s only ever helped you.”

Bucky placed your lab coat down on the table. He caught sight of his reflection in the screen of the computer, the image of a man who even he didn’t recognize. He wasn’t proud of his outburst. But all he could think about is how he was unable to control his arm…how it controlled him instead. How for all these years, he was unable to control himself. His decisions never his, control. He flashed back to the past, the faces of people he “sacrificed for the greater good”, the history that he helped shape. He looked at his reflection and saw the Winter Soldier staring back at him.

The lab doors opened, Tony walked in staring at his phone. “Hey Y/N, I had some ideas for….what the hell happened here?”

Steve and Sam looked at each other. Bucky walked past Tony out of the lab. Tony watched as he walked past him, “You know what…never mind I don’t want to know. Where is Y/N?”

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mweerden  asked:

You're probably gonna hate me for bringing this up but is there any chance we'll see some more of hoe prince this summer? Or of that soulmates with the markings AU?

You 100% sent me a hoe prince ask a month ago.
I closed Gilded, so I guess Hoe Prince?

This is out of the timeline order

She gazed out the window of the hotel room, the calm red light on the ceiling casting its hazy reflection onto the glass. Her arms were folded over her chest, her eyes focused on the blue and magenta hues sneaking up from the city below. Eyes drooping, she wasn’t looking forward to sleep—the hotel had been booked full and she wasn’t in her own suite, instead stuck in his with one bed.

They were visiting Coruscant for a conference that would last half a week. The Queen was upstairs in a different suite, her husband was off-world with his own project, and Kylo was here as a formality. So Rey had come along as a necessity.

“You look exhausted.” He startled her, creeping up in his stocking feet.

“I feel it, too.” She glanced back at him, eyes lingering on the bare strip of neck where the collar of his robes split. “I have to stay up, though.”

“You don’t have to; you’re not my only guard.”

“Right, but I’m the chief one.”

“This is about the bed situation, isn’t it?”

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Need Some Extra Lovin’

You weren’t a clingy girlfriend. In fact you were the complete opposite, you were an independent college student who worked her ass off to help pay half of the utilities, internet, and electricity each month. You knew it wasn’t much considering you lived with Harry in Primrose Hill.Your biggest goal in life was to be able to provide for yourself seeing as Harry was 22 and could provide for himself and probably half of the world You wanted to be a strong independent woman, so that’s exactly what you were going to do. Somedays, being that woman was difficult. Being in Nursing school is absolutely no joke. 

When H got home from doing the weekly grocery shopping you followed him into the kitchen where you sat on top of the counter and watched him put everything away.

“Petal, is everything okay?” he inquires

“No. It’s been a week from hell.” you reply

“I’m sorry its been so crap, what can I do to make it better?” Harry asks

“I’m not sure, maybe we could watch a film.” 

“Do ya want me to bake you something? I used to be a baker!” Harry exclaims

“H, I just really wanna cuddle and have a cry,” you mumble

“No no no, don’t cry love bug,” he says rubbing your back

It takes just that to push you over the edge. The tears well up and curl into his arms.

“H, uni is so hard. I never ever thought it would be this hard. I just wanna be a good nurse. I wanna make you proud, I wanna make your mum proud, I wanna make Gemma and Robin proud. I want my family to be proud, I just feel like I dug myself a huge hole joining nursing school. I couldn’t get the IV in properly and I really bruised my classmate.” you ramble 

“Hey hey hey, none of that. We’re all proud of you! I remember how hard school was and I only finished year 10. I can’t imagine what you’re going through right now, but I want you to know that we’re all rooting for you! And just think of it this way, you have bruises on your hand from friends trying to start their IV’s on you. You’re all learning and that’s what is most important.”

“I don’t want your family to think I’m mooching off of you. I’ve slowed down my shifts because school is getting harder. I don’t wanna feel like I’m using you. I wanna be independent.” you continue

“You are independent. You’re not using me. I know that, my family knows that. We all love you.” he explains

“Promise your family doesn’t think I’m using you?” you ask 

“Pinky promise,” he says sticking his pinky out to yours

you latch your pinkies.

The two of you put Elf on and snuggle up closely on the couch. You laugh in unison during the funny scenes and pout together during the sad ones.

When Elf finishes, you realize you’re famished and need something to eat.

“H, babe, are you hungry?” you inquire as you retreat to the kitchen

“A bit, what were you thinking of making?” he asks

“I kinda want to make up a veggie stir fry or enchiladas.” you call as you dig out the veggies 

“Stir fry sounds lovely!” Harry replies

You decide to break out the peppers, onions, mushrooms, and cabbage along with brown rice, liquid aminos, and some other mandatory spices.

You get out your Wok and begin softening the vegetables. 

About 35 minutes later, you have two very full plates along with glasses of red wine.

“Harry Edward, the food is ready. Come and get it while its still hot.” you call

His feet patter against the cherry stained hardwood floors and he enters the kitchen to see you in an apron and sitting at one end of the table. Harry sits across from you and you two begin eating.

“Petal, this is lovely. Thank you so much for cooking, even if you were a bit upset.”

“That’s alright, I figured I needed to do something I enjoyed!” you explain before taking a sip of your wine.

“I think that was a good choice after the awful week you had, shall we have a bit of a cuddle after dinner?” he inquires

“I’d absolutely love nothing more!” you say with a wide smile.

The two of you do dishes together singing Christmas tunes. As you dry the last dish you let out a sigh of relief. The chores are done for the evening so it leaves the two of you to enjoy each other’s company.

“H, thats it! Chores are done for the evening,” you say softly

“Perfect. Lets go put pajamas on and have a cuddle in bed!” he replies

You grin widely before jumping on his back and tapping his butt

“Off you go my trusty steed. To the bedroom!” you chuckle

He follows demand and walks down the hall to the large master suite.

He plops you down on the bed and pulls out one of his oversized t shirts and a pair of leggings for you to put on knowing that you’re not in the mood to navigate through your clothes to find pajamas

“Thanks H!”

“Not a problem, petal!” he says as he strips into his boxers and puts on a pair of comfy pajama pants and a long sleeve henley.

“Aren’t you the cutest!” you say bopping his nose with two fingers

“I wouldn’t agree, but I’ll take the compliment!” he replies

“I love you, H! Always have, always will!” you say crawling into bed.

“I love you too, darlin!’ he replies wrapping his arms around you.

Imagine (22) - How To Get Away With Murder

Anonymous said to imagine-unicornys:Would you do another Connor Walsh one shot

Anonymous said to imagine-unicornys:Can I get an imagine where Connor is straight, and the reader is Frank’s sister and started working for Annalise the same time as Frank, and like Frank’s girl, there’s the Readers Boy and that’s who Connor is

My exams aren’t finished yet, but hey, a student’s gotta take a break!

Connor Walsh

“Listen, I was thinking- maybe you could uh, drop by my place tonight,” whispered Connor in your ear. He had gone straight to you as soon as you had entered Annalise’s residence.

You took a step closer towards him, so close that he could almost feel your breath.

“I’m sorry, you must have me confused with my brother,” you whispered.

“You see, unlike him I don’t actually go around sleeping with people,” You added, only this time you said it loudly and rolled your eyes, making sure that everyone in the house could hear you despite being in another room.

“I don’t understand why-” Connor shrugged but you cut him off.

“What you don’t understand is none of my concern Connor Walsh,” you exclaimed as you walked through the corridor, into the living room where the others were. 

“As for the rest of you, new client’s coming in 5,” you instructed the others, not failing to notice how hard they were trying to contain their laughter. 

When you walked to your table, Frank was already crossing his arms and shaking his head, looking right at you.

“What?” You asked. 

“Play hard to get with Hair Gel for all you want, but do you have to drag me into this?” Frank creased his eyebrows.

“It’s the truth though,” you smirked at him and took a quick glance at Laurel before preparing the relevant files about the new client.


“He didn’t drink on the weekdays, said it made him slow,”

“ Being a cop, he couldn’t afford to be slow. Otherwise, he’d make a mistake, or people would suffer. I mean, the fact he was a cop just made it impossible to get help. And calling them was only gonna make him come down harder on her later.” The new client, Ryan, was explaining his motive. He was a teen being charged for the murder of his father. That poor boy.

“And the night your father was killed?” Annalise asked.

“It was normal. He started yelling as soon as mom walked in, and I don’t know, I guess I just couldn’t do nothing anymore. So I walked into his bedroom got his gun and the next thing I remember is the gun in my hand it was still hot and dad on the floor. He wasn’t yelling anymore. I was so relieved.But things are better now that he’s dead,”

“Ryan, please don’t say-” 

“I’m glad I shot him,” Ryan said firmly, cutting his mother off.

With that, The Keating Five’s expressions hardened as they had no idea what could help Ryan win his case. They didn’t need to know, because they had Annalise, and Annalise never loses.

After Ryan and his mother had left, Annalise had called for a meeting, with Frank and I spectating from a distance.

“We’re not just fighting a murder charge. We’re fighting the police. They’ve used politics and the media to fuel public outrage and turn Ryan, a boy who spent his entire life witnessing his mother’s abuse, into a sociopath who hated his father-” Annalise explained before suddenly sighing.

She looked towards the direction where Frank and I was standing at, before turning back to look at The Keating Five again.

“Mr. Walsh, glance at Y/N while I’m talking again and you’re out of my team,” Annalise raised her voice.

Walsh remained silent and regained his focus and Asher couldn’t help but to let out a soft chuckle

“He’s definitely onto you, isn’t he?” remarked Frank as he flashed an easy smile at you.

“Oh shut up you,” you snapped and smacked him on his shoulder before heading back to your desk to start on Ryan’s case.


“I have no choice but to accept the prosecution’s motion and block any testimony of abuse, either oral or written, from the defendant or his mother,” the gavel banged court was adjourned. 

The first trial hadn’t went well. The prosecution had filed a motion to exclude testimony of the alleged abuse of Sharon Remini, which basically meant that Ryan’s journal could not be used as evidence as Sharon’s abuse.

“Want to grab lunch before heading back? I know a great bistro place down the street. Their Italian food? Heaven,” suggested Connor when he’d approached you.

“No thanks,” you declined.

“Hey, do you have a problem with me?” Connor blurted out. 

“What?” You asked, confused.

“I mean, aside from me wanting to get into your skirt - which I still do by the way, you’ve been treating me like I’m basically non-existent outside of work,” Connor expressed his honest opinions and shrugged.  

“I don’t treat you like you’re non-existent,” you retorted.

“Really?” Connor raised a brow.

“Ok,” you let out a soft laugh.

“Maybe a little bit,” you admitted.

“Look, I just don’t want you to get the wrong idea that I’m fine with your consistent attempts to get me on bed. I mean it, Connor. Unlike girls who sees sex and love as two separate issues, I see them as the same,” You explained.

Connor took a moment to digest your words. Never in his entire life had he been so persistent in someone and now she’s telling him she’s into love?

“Are you sure you and Frank are biological siblings?” remarked Connor.

“I’m doubtful too,” you joked.

“Hey, my lunch offer still stands,” Connor 

“Okay, fine. I’m craving for Pasta anyway,” you said.


"In cases where emotion is currency, we have to cater our defense to the jury,” Bonnie explained while handling out the jury’s information to the Interns.

“Which means knowing the jury, learning to read reactions, body language. We’re assigning each of you your own pet jurors to watch,” you explained as they read their files.

“Lumberjack? I don’t- I don’t want this guy,” Asher complained.

“Then take the two hairy guys,” You said.

“On second thought, Lumberjack’s fine,” Asher hurriedly shook his head and knew better to keep quiet.

“Can we can track them outside of court, too?” Connor’s eyes lit up. 

“Wait a minute, why does he get to have sexy bartender and I get to have Lumberjack?” Asher grunted and knew better to keep quiet when Bonnie gave him the death glare.

“Yes, but absolutely no contact, jury tampering is illegal. Don’t get us thrown in jail.” Bonnie explained

“Which translates to ‘No Connor, you can’t have sex with her,’” You added, and Connor immediately plopped himself on the couch.

“Let’s get to work,” Bonnie said. 


“I always liked Sharon. It’s just that it’s hard for me to believe what she’s claiming about Anthony. I worked by his side for eight years and that’s just not the guy I knew,” the witness said in the second trial.

“Are you seriously looking for sex right now?” You said, annoyed when you saw Connor using Grindr, a matchmaking app. Or rather, an ‘invitation for sex’ app. 

“I can’t have it with you. I might as well have it with other people right?” Connor replied.

“Once you’re ready to be in a serious relationship, of course you can,” You remarked, not knowing how wrong it sounded.

Apparently, it made Connor stopped typing. 

“Is that you telling me that you like me?” Connor joked, yet he was feeling a mix of emotions. Fear, stressed, and a new emotion he had never felt before, flustered.

“No, that’s me telling you to focus on our client,” you shook your head and denied.

The trial had no progress. It was obviously a case of the Law versus Our Humanity. To complicate things further, Ryan’s dad was a police cop. The judge obviously thought the same and called for a time out.

“Does anyone else think that the hairy guy’s a gay? I mean, he’s been staring at Lumberjack’s crotch the whole time,” Asher remarked, earning a side eye from you.

“Can we all focus, please?” Laurel said out your exact thoughts. You just knew that there was something about that made you okay with her screwing your brother.

"Yea honestly, I’ve got like six girls on my phone, so I kind of need to focus,” Connor mumbled.

“You’re sexting six girls right now? I need to download that app,” exclaimed Asher as his eyes brightened, feeling hope for his love life. 

“Are you like, addicted to all kinds of sex or something?” you asked. when The Keating Five had dispersed. Each trying hard to save Ryan.

“Last time I checked, you didn’t seem to care,” replied Connor as he continued staring at his phone.

“I-I just want you to concentrate on Ryan’s case instead of placing your focus on which day you’re gonna screw who,” you answered.

“Yeap, okay, sure,” Connor uttered, still concentrating on his phone.

You knew it. You knew Connor would have shook you off the minute you told him you were looking for a serious relationship instead of a casual relationship. Perhaps it was really really really foolish of you to secretly hope that Connor’s perseverance would move you. But nope, looks like Mr Hair Gel still’s Mr Hair Gel.

“Oh, my God,” Connor suddenly gasped.

“What?” You asked.

“Sexy Teacher just messaged me,” Connor explained, feeling satisfied.

“That’s what you’ve been doing on your sex app?” You said. No wonder he looked so drawn into that app.

“Yeah. I’ve been stalking her on Grindr, waiting for her to out herself and she finally bit,” Connor explained, giving you a smirk. 

“What’d she say?” You asked.

"All cop killers deserve to fry, especially little bitches who don’t know how to respect their daddy,” 

"Did you write that message to a gentleman called "Eightisgreat” on this dating app?” Judge Lee asked ‘Sexy Teacher’

“What’s your screen name mean?” You asked as you sat beside him.

“I can show you,” Connor gave you a dirty smile and wiggled his brows at you, causing you to uncontrollably let out a soft chuckle instead of a grunt.

Connor definitely looked surprised and diverted his attention back to court.

A minute ago you thought that Connor had brushed you off just like what he would always do to any others, but apparently not yet.

“Even after I specifically forbid any talk about the case outside this court?” Judge Lee asked after the jury had nodded.

“Yes,” she replied.

“Very well. You have proven bias against the defendant. You are dismissed, facing possible penalties. Alternate juror number one, you are called upon to fill the vacancy.

“See? Sexting pays off,” Connor commented as he whispered into your ear again.

“We wouldn’t have gotten him off the jury if everyone regarded any form of sex as ‘an action of love’” Connor added.

“Haters gonna hate,” you replied in a mocking tone, refusing to back down.

“What’s your scorecard say?” Wes asked.

"Uh, at best, we have half of them, so maybe there’s a rat’s ass of a chance we pull this off,” Laurel said anxiously.


And we did. Technically, someone anonymous pulled it off for us. 

“We received an anonymous tip that someone informed the jury as to how nullification works,” Judge Lee informed the court.

“Clearly, it was a member of the defense team,” the prosecution accused, getting worked up.

“Based on what evidence, Your Honor?” Annalise retorted, refusing to let prosecution trample all over her. 

“We all know who benefits from this act,” the prosecution remarked.

"Stop. Bring in the jury,” Judge Lee instructed.

“Has anyone spoken with or contacted any of you about this case in any way, including a discussion of the concept of jury nullification? Lying is a criminal act for which I can hold you in contempt.”

There was a moment of silence, until someone decided to confess.

“It was me, Your Honor. I found information that we have the legal right to vote our hearts. I shared it with the rest of the jury,” she said, causing the judge to sigh.

“In the case K7439080, I have no choice but to declare a mistrial,” she announced, jury is discharged,” the gavel banged.

“What? I sexted ‘Sexy Teacher’ to see a mistrial?”

“Oh save it, it’s not like you didn’t enjoy it,” you replied. 

“Uh-oh yeah, I do, I definitely did,” Connor smiled. But what you didn’t know was that was a fake smile.

“Well, it seems we’ve done irreparable harm to the public opinion of Ryan.
Due to the abuse defense, the D.A. , no longer thinks he’s a sociopath.
Therefore, they’ve bumped the charge to juvenile court. You’re looking at probation, community service, and counseling,” Annalise told the great piece of news to the clients before they started breaking down in tears of joy. 

“Thank god they’re fine,” you heaved a sigh of relief.

“Yeah,” Connor smiled, his heart warmed upon witnessing the scene occurring in front of him.

“You did great, though the methods were a lil bit extreme,” You praised Connor, lowering your volume when you mentioned about his ‘methods’.

“Y/N,” He suddenly called out your name.

“What?” You replied.

“Date night on Friday night?” Connor asked, causing you to sigh again. He’ll never learn, won’t he?

“Connor, I’ve said it so many times before, but-”

“I know. Look. I get that I seem like someone who’s all into sex and not love. And I am,” Connor admitted.

“You don’t seem like, you are,” you corrected.

“Yeah, that makes sense too,” Connor said.

“But somehow I’m feeling things that I’m not supposed to feel when I’m beside you. Fluster, increased heart rate, not enjoying myself while I’m having fun with the other girls,” 

“What are you trying to say Connor?” You furrowed your brows.

“I’m saying that I’m taking a huge step backwards and asking you out on an actual dinner date, instead of inviting you to my house for fun time with Connor Walsh,” 


“So I’m trying to the guy you want me to be!” Connor exclaimed.

“What do you mean?”

“Do you really not get it?”

“I really don’t,” you said. You really didn’t.

“I’m willing to pursue a serious relationship with you and get rid of my old habits,” Connor bit his lip.

You could tell that he was serious.

“Why?” You asked, wondering what had made him changed his mind.

“Because, I think I like you,” he admitted, and you were quite taken aback from Connor’s words.

It took you quite some time to think about your course of actions before you replied Connor.

"Alright, see you Friday,” you smiled.

Hey, if a guy’s willing to change his spots for you, he’s a keeper.

Ardor [Jin]

{{ noun // great warmth of feeling ; intense enthusiasm, zeal ; burning heat }}

Add two cups of flour, half a cup of sugar, and a whole lot of hidden feelings.

Fluff. College AU. 3,319 words.

Joie De Vivre Series: a holiday collab with @dreamscript​ and @zephyoongist

Seokjin / Yoongi + Hoseok / Namjoon / Jimin / Taehyung / Jungkook

!! CO-WRITTEN BY @dreamscript​​ AND @zephyoongist​​  !!


“Girl, I’m all for dressing for comfort but I’m ninety-nine percent sure you won’t make it past the bouncer in those.” Your suitemate, Kara, raises her perfectly trimmed brow, not bothering to hide the silent judging as she stares at your sweatshirt and pajama pants as though they’re something entirely alien compared to her skin tight glittering red dress.

“Yeah, uh, I’m not going. I forgot I had a project to work on… It’s due three days from now.” The last part, thankfully, manages to convince her as you wave your phone in the air as indication that you’ve just found out from your friend; the open chat says it all.

Or at least you hope. Because the blue bubbles of the message sent to you definitely do not mention any pending project or anything close to college matters. The only guarantee you get of her not seeing the text is her state of half-blind as she refuses to wear glasses outside of lectures, that, and one of the contacts are missing. She hasn’t gotten around to visiting the optometrist yet.

“Hm, I’m sure.” Krystal grins knowingly as she walks out of her room, having heard your earlier statement. “Ken texted me saying Jin had something come up too.”

Kara lets out a not so subtle, ooh, that turns into an aww, followed by a teasing, “When’s the wedding?”

So much for trying to keep it a secret.

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