still having art block and no motivation for anything

It’s certainly has been a month... (year even)

I won’t need to tell you folks that Monster’s Garden still hasn’t updated.

At least as of this writing I am all settled in my new apartment and acclimating to my new ship. Admittedly I haven’t done much of anything in the way of Monster’s Garden as earlier in the month I was struggling with a massive art block, which was emotionally demoralizing on top of other things. In an effort to combat it, I’ve (begrudgingly at first) let myself work on other things, to see if that gets me motivated, and good news, I have been productive. 

Bad news, it hasn’t been Monster’s Garden related. But as I tell myself, going on a detour will only make MG stronger down the line as I bring whatever I learned into the story. But understandably, you guys aren’t here for my artistic wanderings, you’re here for a webcomic, and for that I don’t blame you in being disappointed in the lack of updates, especially at the point the comic left off on.

2017 will hopefully be a better year for the webcomic despite the fact I will definitely be on deployment. In fact, there’s still the unannounced thing on the horizon that admittedly may be why I’m wanting to hold on to updates. So worry not, gentlereaders, the comic is far from dead. It’s just…sleeping. 

Thank you for everything, everyone.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any suggestions for people who suffer sever art block? I haven't really drawn much for the past 3 years and I keep trying to doodle, but I just get really discouraged because I am so rusty and I am not at the skill level I feel I should be. Which is silly, I know, as I haven't drawn much in years and there is no set bar for skills. I know it takes practice but I just wish I could be more patient with myself and get out of this drawing funk :(

From what you say I dont need to repeat that yeah indeed there it no set bar for skills like it’s all up to you… sounds to me like it sounds more like you’re getting demotivated because your art is not at the quality you want it to be yet you’re unable to fournish the time and effort dealing with it to improve. I think this is a very common problem but it’s a question on whether you’re going to ignore that feeling and push through or let it take over and stop you @ if you’re going to improve/get out of that kind of block. IM GONNA SPLIT THIS POST IN TWO - first on dealing with this specific type of art block, and then one on artblocks in general. Under cut - WARNING REAL LONG POST-

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day 47: movie night gone wrong for inaya, who requested mckirk cuddles but who i unfortunately am about to disappoint because this thing happened instead. sorry, i got the hang of karl’s face, but i still can’t figure out chris pine’s face so kirk looks really generic here OTL colors tomorrow because i need to hamlet essay now