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oh wow look at those two go

I just watched the first episode of s4 skam and I’m just crying silently. 

I see the hastag #relatable so often on the internet and I dont think I’ve truly understood it until now. 

Its the most transcendent experience to see your identity expressed and represented in a way that is so familiar. It feels like home. 

In Islam we have this concept called ummah. its a bit like the french revolutionary principle of fraternite, brotherhood. Its not like the Christian idea that we’re all God’s children. Instead we share the human father Adam A.S. Ummah means every single person within the Muslim community is your brother or sister. You protect them and love for them what you love for yourself. I instantly have that connection to Sana simply through this, regardless of how practicing or not she is.

The difference is she is. I can say completely I have never seen a practicing devout Muslim depicted positively in any media platform. When we do have Muslim representation it tends to occupy two spaces. One of the terrorist, violent, radicalized, angry man. In the feminine world its of a suppressed silenced woman. If there is positive representation on rare cases the Muslim is shown without being visibly Muslim, they cant practice, and they have to mock their weird ways and fit in and assimilate with the Western world. 

Sana is neither. She is a visible representation of a woman. She has a voice. She has opinions. Her eyes speak. Which is the only thing that shows when a Muslim women wears a niqab (veil). Even if she is not wearing one, she is standing up for them. Her physical hijab and her metaphorical hijab is in practise. 

Hijab means modesty, its not just the cloth, its behavior, its a whole way of being. The way she didnt touch that man as she walked past him is such a familiar struggle to me on the tube in London. The way she isolated herself from the crowd on the subway was just so achingly recognizable. 

More than anything what moved me was the Salah (prayer). I have a similar reminder on my phone to pray Maghrib. Maghrib is our prayer that occurs when the sun sets. The way the music stopped when she entered the bathroom was when I started crying, and I havent stopped since. In my practice of Islam, music itself is frowned upon, as a distraction. That might be strange for you. But the melody of the Quran, and the soothing nature of Allah’s words is enough for us. 

I’m going to glaze over the fact that the editing of the wudhu (ablution) meant she did it wrong and it happened in the wrong order haha. The fact that they showed our ritual wash was beautiful. Islam is a religion of cleanliness and purity. The idea is that it cleanses your sins away, so you can perform prayer before your Lord.

Then they actually showed the Salah! I was so impressed. Usually films exoticise the adhaan (the call to prayer) but ignore the physical act. They actually let her recite the most important bit, and correctly. I’m guessing the actress is Muslim, which is even more wonderful. Surah Al-Fatihah is recited every day, 5 times a day at the beginning of Salah and calls for Allah to guide us to the straight path. 

Islam is not a medieval religion. We all have compasses installed in out phone, utilizing modern technologies to practice Islam. She was finding the right direction for prayer towards the Ka’ba. Every single Muslim all around the world is facing the same direction to pray. Think about how powerful that is. 

I don’t know anything about the main character, or any of the stories so I apologize if I’m misreading it. 

It’s just the girls seem like a unit,a family structure. Her “Norwegian” friends. I know this may sound insulting but in university I do the same thing: I have my English friends, my white friends, and then my isoc (islamic society) friends as separate worlds. I love them both but I interact with them differently, not that I’m fake, I just trace two different worlds precariously, and my sense of self shifts in interaction with them. 

It was just the most moving minutes of television I’ve ever watched. I’m still crying as I write this. To see somebody just like you in art is the most moving experience. I feel so empowered.

i sure love voltone lasagney defendants and its main characters, Lace McClaimed, Kieth KO-ed, Pigde Holdmyson aka Catchme Hold, Honk Garment and Takeme Shrongane 

not to mentio Altura of Oatmeal and her advisor slash uncle Corn

they have so many amazing adventures, like fighting against Jello Empire with emperor Corckzone, commander Sendpics and this weird ass witch Hanger, or saving Balsame where Honk met Shoe, or that one episode when the whole team was fooled by Nyoom and Rolling, just sick

it can also get so seriosu and just make you cry at times? like pigde who searches for her brother and dad, Mitten and Notwell Hold, or Altura who lost not only her entire planet but also her dad, King Allsnore, it just.. gets to me so hard? or that one episode when tiny robot, Robert had to sacrifise itself, like, im still so sad???????

Idk, if you havent watched it yet i strongly recommend, its amazing

in which ren defends tony stark:

[this post does not contain spoilers] 

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ok so I’m not tony stark’s biggest fan but I can appreciate that despite having a lot of money and lavish parties, despite having the funds to create new “toys” aka suits, despite it all tony stark is still painfully human. he still breaks when he’s hurting and if his childhood taught him anything it’s that loss will always find you, you cannot fight it off. you’ll lose someone who you cautiously let into your heart and care about and there will be nothing you can do about it.

all of the armor and bright smiles in the world won’t fix what can’t be put back together but tony is trying. he knows ultron was his baby, his chaos born out of genius, he knows what weapons can do when they’re left unchecked. he is trying to clear the red off of his own ledger and knows that damage is damage and the earth it wounded from their unregulated battles, knows that he is just as shattered  and if someone were to call him a weapon, he wouldn’t disagree with them.

from his POV bucky barnes is someone who sculpted his life in the worst of ways, who left him with nothing but memories and a lifetime of pain. he knows pain, has memorized the ache in his chest from a heart that carries too much, knows that a flame burns when touched, knows the exact amount of smiles to fake. and so it hurts to see that a person he has came to love is the very match that will set him ablaze.

tony stark should understand more than anyone just how deeply the knife cuts when you lose someone, should know that when the person you love more than you have ever loved anyone is in danger you’ll destroy everything in your path to protect them. he almost lost pepper, he wouldn’t survive if she lost every blessed memory they’d created together, wouldn’t survive if the world was chasing her with pitchforks and demanding she be caged like an animal, no. he wouldn’t rest until blood stained the pavement. if he could only understand that love makes you reckless and grief makes a pillar of rage out of you; maybe then he’d see where steve is coming from. you can only lose the one you love so many times before you finally snap.

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tl;dr: anthony stark is a human being and he is releasing over twenty years of pain, he is allowing himself to grieve in a very violent manner. try to keep in mind all of the trauma he has lived through. he is not the enemy, there are no enemies in this movie. there is only pain against pain, time against memories, love vs love in its rawest form. it’s truly a war of hearts. (also I’m team cap but I still have mad love for tony)