still have to figure out posters

So. It’s head canon time again.

I have not seen nearly enough Johnny Weir content in this fandom and I intend to rectify that. Cause you better BELIEVE young, queer baby, figure skater Eric Richard Bittle would have lost his shit over Johnny Weir. Johnny Weir came out in 2011 when Bitty would have been about 15 and like. You know that boy cried. Especially after all the shit Weir put up with in regards to speculation about his gender and sexuality.  He has a framed, signed Johnny Weir poster still hanging up in his childhood bedroom and loudly tells the story of how he came into possession of that poster to anyone who will listen— mostly when he’s drunk. It isn’t a very interesting story. He won it in a fan contest.

Now fast forward to after Jack has publicly come out and imagine that he and Bitty are on a date somewhere, maybe at a bar or a restaurant, and Johnny Weir walks in the door. So, of course, Bitty loses his goddamn mind like:

“Holy shit. Holy shit. Jack, Jaaaaaaaack.”

“What? What’s wrong?”

“Good lord, pinch me, I’m pretty damn sure that’s Johnny Weir who just walked in!”

“… Ehh, who?”

To be fair, Jack had a lot going on during Weir’s rise to fame (what with juniors and then the OD and then the getting-his-life-back-together stuff) and he never really followed figure skating all that closely (or at all). But Jack is pretty sure he just broke Bitty because he is giving Jack this wide-eyed, rattled sort of stare and he just—

Who is Johnny Weir? You don’t know how Johnny Weir is?”

“No???” This is the wrong answer.

“Jack. Johnny Weir is THE pop culture icon – the Beyoncé, if you will – of men’s figure skating, and you know I don’t make that kind of comparison lightly. You not knowing who Johnny Weir is…That’s like if Sidney Crosby walked in right now and I went ‘Hey, Jack. Who’s that guy over there who stole your ass?’ That’s like – that’s like if –“

“Like if your boyfriend’s dad was Bob Zimmermann and you had to google him when you found out?”

“Shut up! That was different!

“How was that different, Bittle?”

“Well… well… you don’t say ‘pecan’ right!

“We are not having this discussion again.”

Because all of Jack and Bitty’s arguments somehow work their way back to the pronunciation of ‘pecan.’

And when Johnny Weir starts walking over, Bitty maybe hyperventilates just a little because I mean, it’s his childhood idol and he’s sitting here with his queer NHL star boyfriend and HOW did his life BECOME like this? Johnny says hi and introduces himself (Bittle is trying so hard to keep it together) and mentions how happy he was for Jack when he came out. Maybe they have a short chat about that kind of thing, how even in this day and age it’s hard to be a publicly queer athlete. Jack carefully avoids having to know anything about Weir’s career, to Bitty’s gratitude, and casually mentions that his boyfriend (he still relishes in getting to use the term) Eric here used to skate in the juniors.

Bitty actually gets to have a conversation with Johnny Weir about figure skating and manages to stay moderately cool under pressure and truly his entire existence is a surreal simulation. Eventually Weir leaves to go re-join his own party and throughout the rest of the night Bitty will just periodically stop in his tracks and turn to Jack and whisper:

We just met Johnny Weir.

“Yes, Bitty.”

Johnny Weir knows who my boyfriend is. Johnny Weir knows my name.

“Yes, I know Bitty. I was there.”

Jack – Johnny Weir.”

“I’m gonna start reading pecan pie recipes off my phone if you don’t cut it out.”

Tuck Everlasting Characters on the Internet
  • Winnie Foster: Aesthetic instagrammer
  • Jesse Tuck: Has a tumblr and he's totally a meme loving fuck/shit poster
  • Miles Tuck: Salty af redditor
  • Mae Tuck: Intense Pinterest user
  • Angus Tuck: In his 200+ years, still hasn't 100% figured out the Internet. His email is The one modern thing he has managed to figure out is Netflix and he binge watches EVERYTHING
  • Hugo Jackson: Writes legendary x-files fan fiction.
  • Betsy Foster: Facebook user but she doesn't have a profile picture or anything on her profile at all. She just uses Facebook to follow the other people in her town and keep track of church bake sales
  • Constable Joe: LinkedIn
  • The Man in the Yellow Suit: Runs the company that makes click bait
  • Bonus: Winnie makes an Instagram account for her toad and Jesse makes one for his cat. They always reply @ each other

I just really really really like Blake. I could draw a ten page comic of him just getting ready in the morning. Five of those pages would be him trying to figure out which hideous tie he is going to wear that day.

oh man

i have actually organized my living room

now i just need to get my sofa in here and assembled (which should be happening tomorrow evening) and to get an hdtv (which i will be doing later this week) and connect up all my gaming systems and i am good to go

oh yeah, and put up posters and stuff, but that can happen pretty much any time

I FINALLY figured out how to import custom models, pose them, and render a poster in SFM. I have spent months trying to follow tutorials on how to use SFM and have not been able to figure it out. Was beginning to feel like a monkey banging on a keyboard with a rock. I still have a lot to learn, but for a first attempt, this isn’t too shabby. The Rhys model is by lowrider. The Sasha model is by yrhite. I added the Rhysha logo in Photoshop

I was reminded of some background advice I gave a million years ago so I thought I’d muse on it a bit for a moment

It is more interesting and more fun to draw backgrounds that have a life of their own.

Think of environments as their own characters with their own stories.

What sort of environment is it? Natural or man made?

If it’s manmade is it a professional environment (offices factories), entertainment (IE restaurant or other sort of places people just kind of hang out in), or is it a home?

Even boring offices have their own stories. Weird stains from incidents. Someone’s desk clutter. Plants. “Inspirational” posters. Crap people leave in break rooms. passive aggressive notes about the crap in break rooms. Clutter!

Clutter doesn’t have to be messy at all. If you’re a neat freak look around your own home. You still have clutter. Photos, framed pictures, plants, nicknacks (give a character a weird porcelain figure collection for an easy unspoken joke!) The environments we inhabit say so much about our personalities without a single word spoken or typed and that is so important in art where there are often page constraints.

Not just homes, but the places your characters choose to visit say a lot about them.

If you’re doing period art or comics and stories (you know stuff set in certain time periods not like… you know… :|) then look up what would be appropriate for that time! You’ll find a lot of sweet stuff to make reference to that will please the heck out of history nerds and make your stories that much richer in the process.

For practice try drawing your own bedroom making sure to include every horrible detail. Or go outside and draw some other environment and try to imagine what led to the details of what you’re looking at (doesn’t work in a cookie cutter ~wacky 90s eatery~ like a chilis or whatever, though, that in itself is its own unique environment, heh

I mean street signs? indoors? ha ha, whatever!

but yeah just pay attention to your surroundings as a general rule. Make note of interesting things you see. Use them.

So here’s a little story - one time me and my bfffffffff went to the speak now tour. We waited outside the arena ALL DAY. We made shirts and posters and made sure we had a lot of bright sparkly lights. We even made tay a cookbook that a dancer said would bring in to her, but I doubt she ever got it. It was full of delicious cheesecake recipes and muffins and cookies and so many good things. Anyways - we never got to meet tay even though we tried soooo hard. BUT WE STILL HAD THE BEST NIGHT EVER. 2 years later me and said bfffffffff went to the red tour. We walked around soldier field looking for our good friend tay. Again, we didn’t get to meet her BUT HAD ANOTHER BEST NIGHT EVER. In 89 days me and this bfffffffff will be going to the 1989 concert too. We are already trying to figure out what to wear and what posters to make and how to get down to the city early. We have been DYING to meet tay ever since we were 14/15 when her music first came out. I just turned 23 and she will in June, so if ANYONE can help get this out to Tay, it would be our dream to meet her on the 1989 tour. Even if it doesn’t happen, or never happens, I will forever be thankful for Taylor and what she’s done for me. Her concerts are the highlights of my life and I can’t wait to see what she has in store for this one. SEE YA IN CHICAGO THE 18 and 19 OF JULY TAY!!!!!!!


Day#25 What’s in your squid kid bedroom

This one took me so much time! Okay so, unlike when I’m drawing a background from the game (where I can actually take a screenshot of the view I want) I had to create this one. And thinking about how does Jill’s bedroom looks like was a bit hard for me… mostly because I hate drawing indoors… And I still have to figure out some things about her.
Also I’m not very happy of the result in my sketchbook so, have the ref I’ve done on photoshop! I think there’s some pictures/posters/stickers around. And someone should recall about this squid bean bag *winkwink* @missdiancie.

I have stared at this poster for about half an hour, trying to figure out what the hell is going on. Specifically, trying to figure out what the hell is about to happen. I still have no idea. Is Dale Ellis going to use that basketball to kill that man holding a newspaper with Ellis’ own name on it? I’ve even tried closing my eyes to imagine myself in Ellis’ position to figure out what I would do if I were a super tall guy in a trench coat and sweats with fingerless gloves requesting silence as I plot nefarious deeds against a man whose testicles are about to drop out of his shorts. I Quantum Leapt myself into the universe of this poster, and all I did was yell, “Hey asshole!” and then attempt to hit the guy with the ball, but forgot to open the window, so the ball smashed through the glass and landed about eight feet away from ball shorts, and I ran away in shame.

I still don’t know what the hell is happening in this poster.

A Brief Look At The Batsh!t Insanity Of 1980s Sports Posters

Persona 3 was the first game that got me started on the SMT train. When it was almost out I saw the OP and the trailer of the characters summoning their personas and I was sold hahaha. The modern setting, characters, atmosphere, and dat OST really got to me. I thought how hilarious it was to be able to waste an in-game day playing an MMO. Too real. Also later recognizing all the P2 refs was really cool.

I’ve always meant to do a poster for it but I made it hard for myself to figure out a good composition for it.


I wouldn’t dare to pretend to be your biggest fan. I don’t have all your posters, nor do I ever have your beautiful face as wallpaper on the background of my iPhone. I don’t even know that I can figure out all the lyrics to some of the songs on the Aaliyah album, but just in that same respect, I cannot say you had no impact on my life. One of the first songs I ever danced to was “Are You That Somebody?” and I have loved you and your work since. I still listen to all your music and am so inspired by your beauty and humility. You were not only gone too soon, you are missed enormously.