still have to figure out posters

Made a poster for the CFF screening that happens a the end of  year for Concordia students!

I still have to figure out if I’m going to post the animation after the festival, cause I want to try and submit it to a festival but some festivals don’t accept films that are posted online, so if thats the case, then it won’t be posted.  sorry for the wait if that has to be the case!

let me tell you about the story I’m not writing...

Some background to start, because of course the pairing is so far off the beaten path that there are *zero* stories with it on ao3.

First, there’s Paul Sevier, from Midnight Special. He’s an analyst for the NSA. And has apparently stolen Will Graham’s wardrobe.

Isn’t he lovely?  Why is nobody shoehorning him into things? He’s only tagged on three fics on ao3.

The other half of the pairing isn’t quite as rare in general. Caleb Smith, programmer.

This is not any kind of Kylux AU I have in mind for this story I’m not writing. Nope. Paul and Caleb are both geeks, and I think they would get along swimmingly.

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So. It’s head canon time again.

I have not seen nearly enough Johnny Weir content in this fandom and I intend to rectify that. Cause you better BELIEVE young, queer baby, figure skater Eric Richard Bittle would have lost his shit over Johnny Weir. Johnny Weir came out in 2011 when Bitty would have been about 15 and like. You know that boy cried. Especially after all the shit Weir put up with in regards to speculation about his gender and sexuality.  He has a framed, signed Johnny Weir poster still hanging up in his childhood bedroom and loudly tells the story of how he came into possession of that poster to anyone who will listen— mostly when he’s drunk. It isn’t a very interesting story. He won it in a fan contest.

Now fast forward to after Jack has publicly come out and imagine that he and Bitty are on a date somewhere, maybe at a bar or a restaurant, and Johnny Weir walks in the door. So, of course, Bitty loses his goddamn mind like:

“Holy shit. Holy shit. Jack, Jaaaaaaaack.”

“What? What’s wrong?”

“Good lord, pinch me, I’m pretty damn sure that’s Johnny Weir who just walked in!”

“… Ehh, who?”

To be fair, Jack had a lot going on during Weir’s rise to fame (what with juniors and then the OD and then the getting-his-life-back-together stuff) and he never really followed figure skating all that closely (or at all). But Jack is pretty sure he just broke Bitty because he is giving Jack this wide-eyed, rattled sort of stare and he just—

Who is Johnny Weir? You don’t know how Johnny Weir is?”

“No???” This is the wrong answer.

“Jack. Johnny Weir is THE pop culture icon – the Beyoncé, if you will – of men’s figure skating, and you know I don’t make that kind of comparison lightly. You not knowing who Johnny Weir is…That’s like if Sidney Crosby walked in right now and I went ‘Hey, Jack. Who’s that guy over there who stole your ass?’ That’s like – that’s like if –“

“Like if your boyfriend’s dad was Bob Zimmermann and you had to google him when you found out?”

“Shut up! That was different!

“How was that different, Bittle?”

“Well… well… you don’t say ‘pecan’ right!

“We are not having this discussion again.”

Because all of Jack and Bitty’s arguments somehow work their way back to the pronunciation of ‘pecan.’

And when Johnny Weir starts walking over, Bitty maybe hyperventilates just a little because I mean, it’s his childhood idol and he’s sitting here with his queer NHL star boyfriend and HOW did his life BECOME like this? Johnny says hi and introduces himself (Bittle is trying so hard to keep it together) and mentions how happy he was for Jack when he came out. Maybe they have a short chat about that kind of thing, how even in this day and age it’s hard to be a publicly queer athlete. Jack carefully avoids having to know anything about Weir’s career, to Bitty’s gratitude, and casually mentions that his boyfriend (he still relishes in getting to use the term) Eric here used to skate in the juniors.

Bitty actually gets to have a conversation with Johnny Weir about figure skating and manages to stay moderately cool under pressure and truly his entire existence is a surreal simulation. Eventually Weir leaves to go re-join his own party and throughout the rest of the night Bitty will just periodically stop in his tracks and turn to Jack and whisper:

We just met Johnny Weir.

“Yes, Bitty.”

Johnny Weir knows who my boyfriend is. Johnny Weir knows my name.

“Yes, I know Bitty. I was there.”

Jack – Johnny Weir.”

“I’m gonna start reading pecan pie recipes off my phone if you don’t cut it out.”

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Ok. So, to find out when the game itself takes place, you've gotta know when the studio was open. At first, I assumed that Bendy was a rubberhose toon from the height of that style of cartoons. That would put their timeline between 1925 and 1935. Since Sammy recognized Henry but Henry didn't know about the studio extensions in the basement, Henry would have had to leave the studio sometime around 1928. However, Henry also wasn't around for the instillation of the ink machine,… (Mo 1)

(2) which Sammy said was build “over their heads”. So Sammy was either: 1.) downstairs when the ink machine was built, or 2.) the tape recorder was moved downstairs. We also know from Wally’s recordings that Joey had “everyone” donate something from their workstations, so the employees at that time were pretty few. Each item can probably be associated with a specific person; the book is Joey’s the record Sammy’s, and I imagine the doll belinged to the guy who did toys. (Mo)

(3) But based on how small the company was at the time (and modelling it off Disney’s early years) I can’t imagine Henry wasn’t working there at that time; in fact, the inkwell could be his. So where’s the overlap, and how did Joey publish a book if the company was that small? Demonic hijinks definitely accounts for some of it, but the timing is weird. If (basing this assumption off Wally’s first recording) the ink machine was put up very soon after the pedestals, … (Mo)

(4) then it’s possible Henry left between the pedestals and the ink machine. That still doesn’t leave a lot of time for Henry knowing and being super close to all his coworkers, but it works. UNTIL I saw someone notice the “Buy Bonds” mark I hadn’t seen before on one of the episode posters. When I researched, I couldn’t find any examples of cartoon propaganda in WWI. WWII, however, is well known for it. Now we’d have to rework what we already figured out for a new timeperiod. (Mo)

(5) First off, why would this studio still be using rubberhose-style animation long after it had gone out of style? They probably started the studio right before rubberhose went out, and wouldn’t or couldn’t update it. That puts them starting the studio in the 1934-1935 range. That’s good, because it gives plenty of time between the founding to when it went mad. Wally said that the animations weren’t being finished on time anymore, which means they had a time schedule. (Mo)

(6?) A time schedule like that would probably be imposed by a distributer. At this time, probably the studio was doing a lot of work for the government and military and being funded by them (hence “Buy Bonds”). This is probably about the time that Joey really stopped caring about the actual animations. The extensions probably also happened around then. So when did Henry leave the studio? Probably right before the studio was doing animations for the military. (Mo)

(7) At that time, Joey was probably already starting to slip. There were probably already plans for an extension to the studio, and rudimentary plans for the ink machine. This would’ve been about 1940-1941. Henry would have been really familiar with everyone there, maybe to the point of leaving behind a keepsake that could later be used for the pedestals. The extensions are built, the ink machine installed, more employees hired, and the studio went under probably late 40’s. (Mo)

(8; last one, promise!) Whether the studio went under because of money or demonic issues is up for interpretation. So, assuming that demonic stuff means that Henry went back exactly 30 years after he left the studio, the game may take place in 1970 or 1971. All of that is, of course, a guess. I’ve found it fun to try to connect the game to the actuall history of animation. I guess only time and new chapters will reveal what really happened! Thanks for letting me do this. -Mo💚

Dang when you said it was the length of a novel you weren’t kidding.

Anyways, let’s try and go through this one thing at a time.

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[zarya and mei reading a book together while cuddling]

Finally finished that zarmei WIP.

I have this headcanon of them reading to each other works of lit that are written in their native languages, based on their ingame quotes. So like, if the work is in Russian, Zarya reads it to Mei and translates while she does so, that sort of thing.

TBH I should have figured out the BG beforehand, but I figured some random posters should do the trick and convey what I want.

Anyway, I like this coloring method, pretty fast.

Going up on my devart too.

And still haven’t played Overwatch.

Tuck Everlasting Characters on the Internet
  • Winnie Foster: Aesthetic instagrammer
  • Jesse Tuck: Has a tumblr and he's totally a meme loving fuck/shit poster
  • Miles Tuck: Salty af redditor
  • Mae Tuck: Intense Pinterest user
  • Angus Tuck: In his 200+ years, still hasn't 100% figured out the Internet. His email is The one modern thing he has managed to figure out is Netflix and he binge watches EVERYTHING
  • Hugo Jackson: Writes legendary x-files fan fiction.
  • Betsy Foster: Facebook user but she doesn't have a profile picture or anything on her profile at all. She just uses Facebook to follow the other people in her town and keep track of church bake sales
  • Constable Joe: LinkedIn
  • The Man in the Yellow Suit: Runs the company that makes click bait
  • Bonus: Winnie makes an Instagram account for her toad and Jesse makes one for his cat. They always reply @ each other

i still dont know what to do about my research paper due friday even though ive read so many articles about the topic i picked. like i cant figure out what to argue that i could then have enough evidence to support for 10 pages…. i wanted to talk about “iron girl”/“iron woman” propaganda posters and the like. evolution in the way they portray the female body. but that like isnt even an argument.

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I want you thoughts on a production of Mother Courage that just went up at my school: it was a very realist production with period appropriate set, costumes, cart and very cast member was perfectly cast EXCEPT the title role was played by a 20-year old boy. The piece was done straight, and no comment was made in the production about the casting. Everyone just accepted that this was Mother Courage.

well obviously I didn’t see the production, but it could work in having the audience view mother courage more as a symbol or a figure than a character, and so be more inclined to scrutinise her actions (Brecht apparently disliked how much audiences sympathised with courage).

I’m not sure though. On the other hand it seems a bit obvious, or gimmicky, like something that would seem interesting on a poster, but still has to be carried on through 3 hours of run time. It depends how it pans out though, but I wonder if just on the level of enjoying the play, does it take from the character of mother courage? And I don’t think any sort of esoteric theatre theory should come before making the show work like.

Another thing is that as someone who’s familiar with what Brecht’s about, I can read that and see what they were going for, but an audience member who was unfamiliar might just be confused by that, or worse might read it at first as a kind of pantomime/vaudeville bawdiness that’s at odds with the tone of the play.

Like, with Brecht the text should come before any director’s ideas. Like, well, well before it. I think any approach to a production that draws more attention to the director than the text is misguided, and that’s the sort of thing where you see it and think of the director.

But I mean I’m a blogger typing this in bed in a tiny country, and also I haven’t seen the production, so I REALLY can’t say.

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Purple: 10 facts about my room

  1. I love colours so my room used to be extremely colourful, and it still is, but I used to have the walls entirely covered in postcards from places abroad.
  2. There is a long chain of paperclips that spans the length of my room from which I hang little ornaments and charms.
  3. I have three large posters, a Return of the King poster, a Spock’s Emotions poster, and a Captain Phasma poster.
  4. I have little to no table space in my room, every shelf/etc is covered in some tiny thing that I collect, like small dolls, turtle bobble heads, figurines and porcelain figures.
  5. The walls are a very light blue.
  6. It’s pretty cluttered despite the fact that I cleared it out (shoved a bunch of stuff into my closet) and I still have to throw away half my stuff because I’m moving soon.
  7. I have 14 mini plants by one of my windows. 11 cacti and 2 succulents
  8. My bed is twin sized and pretty high off the ground.
  9. I have A LOT of boxes filled with things stacked in my room. That spongebob secret box episode changed me as a person, ever since then I’ve really liked hiding my stuff in boxes.
  10. I have a rainbow pride flag on the wall. :-)

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who tf still uses fat ass as an insult in this day and age?? also that one anon and the reposter both use term 'poster' for the bromides so you can already tell who it is. god some people are just so terrible, im so sorry you have to go through this.

Children, that’s who

I sort of figured it was the same person across both platforms, if only because I’d like to believe there are fewer assholes in the world and the few that exist just like to be really obnoxious and act out on behalf of 10 people.

Captain's Log: Still unsure of date

Well. I just learned the citizens of this planet do not accept Gallons as currency. Most likely due to the abundance of water here. Will have to figure something out. Their currency looks similar to some of the artifacts back home.

The citizens look weird. They seem… squishy is the best word for it. Familiar though.

Oh, I also saw posters for a band today. The same band that happened to be at every bar during my travels. Will investigate further. Maybe they can help.

100% Serious Analysis of V3's Promo Art

The Game Cover:

Toujou is about to probe Kiibo. Angie caught on fire and Gonta is trying to put her out with his net. Hoshi is about to hit Maki upside the head with his tennis racket, but she doesn’t seem to care. Kaito is smoking weed. Ouma is watching all the chaos with a shit-eating grin on his face.

Poster 1:

Amami, Saihara, Kiibo, and Kaito try burying the rest of the male cast alive so they can have more screentime. However, they fail to notice that they can still breathe because of the window-like holes in the ground. Only Gonta seems to be mad about what they did, though.

Poster 2:

The female cast try to figure out how the hell they ended up in a comic strip. Angie and Tenko like it there, Iruma and Toujou are pissed, Tsumigi is flipping out, Himiko and Maki don’t give a shit, and Kaede is getting a headache from looking at the poster for too long.

Poster 3:

Montaro just farted in front of Tenko, Hoshi, and Maki. While Tenko and Hoshi are visibly disgusted by this, Maki doesn’t seem to notice, possibly due to changing diapers on a regular basis.

Poster 4:

Himiko has taken over the Monokuma Theater, turning Angie and Kaito into paper cutouts so they’ll have to preform in her twisted show for the rest of their miserable lives.

Poster 5:

Ouma, Amami, Kiibo, and Hoshi’s attempt at a conga line go horribly wrong after Kiibo tries to kill Hoshi. Instead of helping the tennis gremlin, however, Ouma and Amami happily sit back and watch, probably because they were jealous that he got to be voiced by Akio Otsuka instead of them.

Poster 6:

In an attempt to make Kiibo fit in, Monokuma built mini versions of him. However, Kiibo is pissed about this, since the other robots have circled him and haven’t shut up since they’ve been created. Monokuma is perfectly okay with this, though, since it’s causing Kiibo despair.

Poster 7:

Ouma and Amami are gay and in love. They attempt to adopt a child together, but after Hoshi refuses to be adopted by the two because he’s the same age as them, they settle with adopting Monosuke instead.

Poster 8:

After using up all of his energy creating an exciting poster displaying all the female sprites, Monokuma said “screw it!” and placed the male character’s sprites on top of some text, calling it a day.

I FINALLY figured out how to import custom models, pose them, and render a poster in SFM. I have spent months trying to follow tutorials on how to use SFM and have not been able to figure it out. Was beginning to feel like a monkey banging on a keyboard with a rock. I still have a lot to learn, but for a first attempt, this isn’t too shabby. The Rhys model is by lowrider. The Sasha model is by yrhite. I added the Rhysha logo in Photoshop


This is my collection of all my Devil May Cry merchandise. After putting everything together, I never knew I had this much shit.

Includes :

Devil May Cry novels and manga volumes 1-2

Devil May Cry comic books volumes 1-3

DmC Devil May Cry: A Divine Comedy

DMC 4 Nero shirt

DmC Combichirst: No Redemption Dante shirt

DmC Rebellion Hoddie

DmC Son of Sparda Robe

DMC 3 Dante’s guns Ebony and Ivory

DmC Dante’s sword Rebellion

DmC Kat’s Stencil Tube

DmC Kat’s hoodie and spray can

DMC 3 Dante’s coat

DmC Dante’s coat

DMC 3 Dante and Vergil’s Amulets

DmC box

DmC Dante’s Amulet

DmC Kat’s necklace

DMC 3 Dante and Vergil figures

DMC 4 Dante and Nero figures

Devil May Cry Anime Complete DVD Collection

DmC Soundtrack

DmC Wristband

DmC lanyard

DmC bag

Devil May Cry games 1-4 and HD Collection and DmC

DMC 3 and DmC strategy guides

DmC Calendar - ripped out pages and put them on my wall

DMC 3 Dante wallscroll

DMC 4 nero wallscroll

DmC signed Dante poster

And a SHiTLOAD of DMC artwork

Yours, Mine, Ours

For day 1 of Ciscoshipweek- Barry/Cisco (read on AO3)

“I’d be comfortable calling it our suit,” Cisco said, and Barry felt his chest jolt at that second-to-last word. Not just Barry’s, the one who wore it and dirtied it up; not just Cisco’s, the one who fixed it, whether that meant a soldering iron or a sewing needle. Our suit.

It sounded more important than if probably should, but part and parcel with this whole strange, new life was the way certain words had new meanings, like whenever someone commented, “Wow, that was fast.” So this was just one of those things, except it made him feel warm instead of nervous and vaguely smug. Barry resolved to hear it again.

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Day 1: Roses

“Ugh, what a mess.”

May snapped her head up upon hearing the gripe; Drew was leaning against the doorframe to her childhood bedroom, his judgmental gaze evaluating the stacks of CDs and assortment of old books and piles of clothes strewn about the floor near where May sat. She glowered at him.

“It doesn’t usually look like this,” May huffed, folding her arms. “It just looks bad now because I’m putting everything into boxes.”

“Uh-huh, sure,” Drew said doubtfully, strolling inside. He paused to observe her collection of ribbons and small trophies from contests and tournaments she had won over the years. It was an admittedly impressive collection. “You’re not bringing all of this with you to the new apartment, are you?”

“What if I was?” May tested him. “Not so hot on the idea of moving in together now, huh?”

She had him there.

“I guess I’d have to make room for it, then,” Drew conceded with a defeated, though still playful smile. May was satisfied with this response, but she paused to drop some art supplies–markers, glue, glitter–into the box in front of her. Drew made a mental note to throw away the glitter before it ever made it into the apartment, lest she use it and the new floors subsequently sparkle rainbow for years to come.

“I am getting rid of stuff,” she insisted.

“Like what?”

May pursed her lips and looked around. Drew figured she did intend to throw out some old things, but hadn’t actually figured out what those things would be. If she had, she didn’t have the heart to actually set them aside.

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Currently, there are a ton of possible theories about the mysterious masked figure in the latest episode of RWBY.  I’ve been thinking about it and decided to try and go through each one.

The first one—lots of people want to believe it is Adam, either for fun or seriously.  It is not Adam.  Their outfits are completely different styles, their weapons (well, semi katana styles, but still different….yeah.  Not Adam.  That was easy :)

Next Up–Big Bad-ass leader of the White Fang.  There is some merit to this one.  So far, we have seen the various types of mask.  The new recruits, who have half masks with no sides.  The goons, who have half masks with fang-like sides.  Neither of these have embellishments.  Then there is the half mask with designs—so far, we have only seen Adam wear this and there is a slight indication that he may have started this trend.  then there are full masks with designs, indicating top positions of some kind.  And then we have the new mysterious figure, who is basically all out in Grimm Wear to the point where you think she is part Grimm.

But there is some conflict in this.  Why would she protect Yang like that?    They were trying to stop the train and the operation, so it should have been right to eliminate them.  Also, back in Episode 16 of Volume 1, we were shown the silhouettes of the so-called Leaders of White Fang…she certainly doesn’t match with any of those….  

Blake’s Mom– this is a common one springing up and kind of connects to the White Fang theory.  If she is White Fang, she is Faunus and thus must be Blake’s mom.  And really, that is the only justification they have.  Anyone who is Faunus and female with seemingly dark hair must be her mom.  Outside of the 1+1=4 reasoning, she protected Yang, not Blake.  So I think this theory is kind of dead on its feet.

Connection to Neo–now this is interesting, and I would have missed it if not for someone on the FB group.  The woman and Neo are wearing the same necklaces.  This could have a number of reasons—from the mysterious woman being the head of the same organization as Neo is in, to them being related by blood.  I am more willing to go with the first than the latter.  The mysterious woman was aiming to kill—who would do that with their child, even if they were protecting another child?  And we can not be sure that Neo even recognized her.  Neo seems to be the type of character that analyzes a situation, then only attacks when she knows she could win.  It doesn’t take much analysis to realize that she would have had to be very lucky to get within range to land any kick on the woman with a sword that big.  But still, the necklaces are a strong indicator that there is *some* link between these two.  We do not know who Neo is or where she came from, but wherever it is, this lady was there as well.

The Mom–and this is where things get difficult.  It is a contest between being either Yang’s mom, or Ruby’s mom (blood I mean).  The first thing everyone sees is her color pattern and “hair” and say that this is Summer Rose…..
But….something very important is missing.  The white cloak.  We have gotten a glimpse of Summer Rose already,  it was a disembodied floating cloak before the grave—but I think that cloak is very important.  Unless my long-ago theory about the cloak being the only thing recovered and given to Ruby is true, then this person can not be Summer Rose.  A lot of people made the same mistake about Cinder just because Cinder wore a red dress.  We have already found that color scheme doesn’t automatically equal relations.  That being said, there is a lot to say about eyes and clothing style.
In this, we seem to come to a strong possibility that this person is Yang’s mother.  Her outfit is extremely similar—right down to the feather hip flap with feathers that are opposite colors to Yang.  There are obvious deviations—the Japanese style top (that is not a Yukata, by the way folks.)  It is very Samurai/Ninja style that has been somewhat adopted in the Gothic Lolita fashions.  Not only is the fashion style very similar, but the lady has blazing red eyes.  We already know she is pissed and attacking to defend Yang, so we can see why she is angry.

People are mistakenly thinking that the black spiked hair is her own.  It isn’t.  As I said earlier, it is fake hair attached the mask.  You can see that pretty clearly in the picture here.  The underside also shows black, but that could as easily be a flap to cover her hair and secure the mask in place.  The front of the mask would be heavier and would need such a strap to keep things from falling off.  This simply means that her hair color is a mystery.  It could be anything from pink to green, blond or brown, and we can’t tell until she removes the mask.

The one problem with this theory is that…how would Yang know what her Blood mother dressed like?  She never met nor saw her—well, maybe there was the one photo shoe saw in the flash back….

Another point for connecting her to Yang is the soft, sad music that plays while she looks down at the unconscious girl.  Music cues are extremely important hints, and I think that was the grand-daddy of them all! ^_^  

Transient Princess– Others and myself have pointed out the similarities to the Transient Princess used in the Yellow trailer.  We still can not be sure that this image is Yang’s mother or someone who knows something about her mother.  In any case, the design of the mysterious figure can sort of match up with many elements.  The fact that her hair is hidden, though, makes it difficult to make a definitive match.

The Black Orb– This is one I would have missed for a while if not for another poster.  Yes, the black orb seen in both openings match pretty well with the coloration and behavior of the Portal the woman opened.  What this could mean is hard to say.

Connections with each RWBY member–  So here is something interesting.  You can find some kind of connection to each of the girls.  The revolving dust chambers in her sheath would be a mimic of Weiss’ chambers on the hilt of her sword.  The color scheme would match with Ruby.  The style and eyes would match with Yang.  And the Grimm mask (denoting possible affiliation with White Fang) could be Blake.

A final, interesting theory.  We have all pretty much accepted that Ozpin is pulling the strings for a lot of things, but now I am not so sure.  In the beginning opening credits, the Girls seemed to be protecting the orb that matches the portal.  I am just saying, what if she is the Red Queen?  And no, i am not mixing up my games.  Red was the official color of the opposing side in Chess long ago.  White is only a recent thing.

Anyways, this is all we can do until we get more information in the next volume.  Or two….they still haven’t brought Adam back yet :P