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Promptis headcanons

ok first can we talk about how much the boys must love water (Prompto always photographing Noct in front of the water ingame and ofc Noct x fishing)

  • imagine both of them going camping while in highschool and Prompto’s delighted because it’s the first time he really goes out of the city apart from school excursions and this is a huge deal for Noctis too because his father actually agreed to let him go?? On his own?! (PEACEFUL TIMES)
  • So they choose to go camping near a river, so that Noctis can fish and Prompto will take so many pics of the scenery, Noct will get mad at him bc the fishes are going away because of him but really he’s just so happy he’s out there with his bestfriend
  • Prompto splashing water at a napping Noct. Yes this ends up in a terrible waterfight
  • Prompto staying still in the water and suddenly he feels ?? Small things pecking at his skin ?? And in 30 secs this turns into 20 small fishes eating his dead skin
  • “Noctis do you think they’re gonna eat my freckles too ??”
  • Noctis suddenly being very aware of all the freckles that cover his friend’s body
  • Noctis blushing 
  • “O-of course not”
  • MIDNIGHT BATH and there are fireflies all around them
  • Regretting sleeping under the sky next to the river the following day bc they didnt plan to get THAT MANY bites from mosquitoes (you can bet your ass next time they’ll bring some anti mosquitoes products)
  • For the time being they’ll sleep in the tent
  • hiking up the mountain by following the river stream and Prompto litterally c r y i n g when he sees the view from the top and Noctis just hugging him from behind without saying a word
  • Watching the shooting stars from atop of the mountain while chatting about very personnal stuff
  • Prompto loving being massaged (unlike Noctis -throwback to Galdin Quay-) so at night in the tent Noctis will give Prompto massages after their long day’s walk and if you dont think Prompto moans and Noctis is hella flustered and stops everything then you’re very wrong
  • both boys trying to be subtle when they try to close the gap between their sleeping bags at night
  • ends up with both of them being milimeters apart but not doing the last move
  • You can bet in the morning they’re snuggled together
  • Prompto waking up first but being prisoner of the royal arm around his chest and yes he tries to break free (#nohomo) but he’s just ?? HELD EVEN CLOSER ?
  • And obviously he can’t win bc it turns out all those trainings with Gladio really did good for Noct’s muscles
  • So you have a sleepy Noctis and an overthinking (and hungry, maybe also wanting to pee) Prompto also very bothered by how cute Noctis is with his bed hair
  • the astrals shipping the fuck outta those two rn
  • Eventually Noct wakes up and is face to face to a Prompto who may or may not have been trying to get a taste of Noct’s lips bc anyways Noct was asleep ?? But he woke up just before it happened
  • They can feel each other’s morning breath on their own lips (which, let’s be honest, smell bad) and woooooo INTENSE STARING
  • Noct just kinda presses the hand he already had on Prompto’s back and Prompto can feel his heart beating even faster than it already did bc now Noct’s closing his eyes and oh my oH MY IS HE GONNA ???
  • fall back asleep
  • That Royal asshole
  • can you hear this sound yes it’s Prompto’s heart breaking in two
  • (that’s what you get for trying to take advantage of a sleeping prince, blondie)
  • Prompto finally goes outside the tent and is met by rain and yeah his day couldn’t have started in a worse way
  • But the weather’s still very warm so he takes off his clothes except for his briefs and wristband and stands outside
  • How long he stands there he doesn’t know
  • He suddenly has a lot on his mind and he’s angry at himself because this week end was supposed to be a special time with his bestfriend why did he have to let his feelings in the way
  • But next thing he knows Noct’s there too ??
  • “Couldn’t sleep with the rain. Let’s go”
  • Prompto doesn’t ask questions and just follows him a bit farther into the woods
  • That’s when he notices Noctis is also only in his t-shirt and briefs so he offers a silent prayer to Shiva to thank her for his view on the royal ass
  • And they finally reach a small waterfall with a large pond. It’s very humid and you cant see clearly the other end but Prompto has a feeling there might be more to it. He can hear frogs croaking 
  • Noct just offers him his hand, and although Prompto is intrigued and still a bit sulking, he lets him lead him into the water
  • When they’re midwaist and Prompto still doesn’t know where this is all leading to, Noctis tells him, a slightly bit anxious “ok, on three we go underwater. Keep your eyes open. Three…”
  • “but Noct you know that with my eyes-
  • Doesn’t matter here. Two… ONE !”
  • Noctis drags him underwater by force with his hand. Prompto, taken aback, forces himself to open his eyes, trusting his bestfriend. And then he sees.
  • Everything is light. The fishes are luminescent, shiny frogs are passing by him, and he feels safe in this water, almost at… Home. Noctis points him to rarestones that are emetting their own light. He’s never been more amazed. And flowers are growing from the bottom. Actually, they’re growing everywhere they can. Soon missing air, the boys quickly come back to the surface. Back to the dull and misty pond, assaulted by rain.
  • “Dude what was that ?!!
  • -Ok, you know the legend of that florist who died at the hand of the bringer of destruction?
  • -Yes it’s a classic
  • -So you know her true love left her dead body in a pond. Well now the legend has it that, when it rains, it means people are still mourning her death, and if you come to a pond pure enough with the person you love  then under those circonstances you can enter the realm of wonders her spirit built. Iris showed me the pond”
  • The last part had been said way more quickly than everything else. Prompto slowly processed the information
  • “Oh. I hope you and her will be happy…”
  • Prompto thought he had seen what was underwater only because he was with Noctis. Not because his feelings were reciprocated.
  • Noctis, eyes wide and suddenly very unsure, added “but Iris didn’t see what was underwater ! Only I did. Because I was the one she loved. It works only one way. I didn’t tell her I saw it, though. … But you saw the flowers, right ?”
  • “Yeah… I did !”
  • Noctis looked at him and couldn’t hide his smile any longer. “So did I.”
  • Before he let his tears slip out, Prompto jumped at Noctis’ neck and brought him underwater. There, they exchanged a look that meant more than any word could say about their mutual affection, and it was as if the water brought them closer for a kiss only the flowers witnessed.

…. So yeah, Promptis and water are important to me.

Tony Meet & Greet Recap

So here is my summary of the meet and greet today. Nothing too crazy, but it was fun and a nice experience. I have a couple videos of the group dance lesson Tony taught, as well as some of the ballroom exhibitions, plus the intro with Tony that I will try to post later.

So I got to the mall about 11:30/11:45 this morning. Wristbands for the meet and greet weren’t available until 1, but I wanted to be early in case there was a line. I saw NO ONE in line, so I took that as interesting. There was a few tables with merchandise from Dance District (a dancewear and shoe store) so I asked the girls there about the wristbands. They said it was first come first serve and at 1:00. I went to the Starbucks right next to the rotunda and got some coffee and people watched. I then saw one of the highlights of my day: some lady freaking out over the picture of Tony, saying he was “her favorite” and she swore she would most likely cry if she met him. I talked to her more in Starbucks and well, this lady really loves Tony! She also talked about Derek (she made no mention of his romance with the props department..LOL). 

So for the next hour and a half, I hung out, people watched, and had Mandi, Kristen, Amy, Emma, Johanna and Kristina entertain me on chat ;). Finally I got in line for my wristband…success!!

There were a few ballroom exhibitions by a local dance company- rumba and cha cha. Then they finally introduced Tony; they took some questions from the audience, but nothing too crazy: he is coming back for season 20, yes he is close with the C Brothers (he mentioned specifically that he and Maks have been friends forever), and that his favorite partner he had for the show was Leah Remini, and their families were still close. Tony then asked whoever wanted to come up for the dance lesson to do it- he changed the dance from Cha Cha to Salsa. I also recorded some of this (when I wasn’t doing it :)- it was great, and Tony kept the right amount of humor in it.

After that, everyone who had wristbands got in line for the M & G. When I finally got up there, his first comment to me was “Whoa, how tall are you?” (I’m 5'10"). He said that his wife was 5'8", but always wanted to be taller. I laughed, and told him its not always what it’s cracked up to be. I told him then that I had been watching the show since season 5, and that he, Maks, and Val were my favorites. He gave me the sweetest look, and called me a sweetheart, and said “that’s funny, because we’re all very close” (OK- I get it- I could’ve expanded here and asked more about Maks- however, I didn’t- deal with it :P). He then brought up Sway, and I asked him if it was going on tour- he didn’t really indicated if there FOR SURE wouldn’t be one, he just indicated maybe not at this time because of the traveling involved for alot of the dancers (he mentioned no one specific ;). He did say that Sway 3.0 would be back in June in Manhatten, and that I should take a vaca over there to see it. I said I would definitely keep that in mind! We took a pic, he signed a pic and my bag, and it was over.

I hung out a little bit more to watch more dancing, then left. It was so cool to meet him and he was such a sweetheart! Watching him with all the fans, you could tell he absolutely loves what he does.

With all this in mind, I can’t wait for Sway 3.0!