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“I’m not much of a pack animal.” 

Theo and Cody fans have anticipated this moment ever since they got a glimpse of Theo Raeken in the opening scene of episode 6x12: Theo is back. And it was even more than that. More than just a simple return. 

Theo felt like a main character. He was present in various scenes throughout the episode and Cody Christian certainly was at his very best. It felt like he had only been slumbering, waiting in the dark just to make his grand return. 

The chimera was held captive with two other werewolves, tortured by constant electroshocks. Despite the agonizing pain, Theo kept his wittiness, remaining sassy and certainly was not holding back in terms of his smug comments. That’s exactly the Theo we love. It was through his own cleverness that he managed to free himself as well as the other two.

Theo said he wasn’t so much of a pack animal. That we know. What he didn’t say however, was how lonely he actually was. When Theo joined forces once again with Scott’s pack, one could see some kind of transformation. He fought with them, in spite of his apparent reluctance. We remember: Yeah, Theo just wants to stay alive. He is free to leave Beacon Hills, but chooses not to.

Theo Raeken has a heart. We can be certain of it. Cody Christian manages to give us an insight into what is going on in Theo’s mind.

“Cody Christian shows us what’s underneath. He shows us that Theo just wants to be loved.” - Jeff Davis about Cody

 He may have done cruel things in the past, killed people. Willing to do anything to gain power. Yet, there’s another side of him we yet need to figure out. This side is slowly coming to the surface. 

Theo: “Your dead friends are dead. And they’re gonna stay dead no matter what you d–”

[Liam punches Theo in the face; Theo drops to the floor.]

Liam: “By the way, I’m still working on my anger.”

Theo: “…Good to know.”

Moreover, I’m amazed at how much chemistry Dylan Sprayberry and Cody Christian have when they are together on screen. Liam Dunbar and Theo Raeken get along one moment, but lose temper and fight in another. They still didn’t give each other that fist bump, though. If they work together, they’ll be lethal. 

Let’s hope that Theo will remain bulletproof for the remainder of season 6. There are only 5 episodes left now, time’s obviously running faster than we want it to. Soon, we will have to say goodbye to Theo Raeken and all the other characters we’ve learnt to adore. Will Theo actually have something close to a happy ending? We will find out soon…

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BTS Scenario | them confessing to you | maknae line

here’s the maknae line. find the link to the hyung line here.


You blink away the sleep that hung heavy on your eyelids and blindly groped around for your phone, the ringtone a sudden contrast to the quiet of the night. Having found it, you sleepily answer the call and bring your phone to your ear.


“I couldn’t sleep.”

Jimin. “No reason to keep me awake.”

He sighed, and you hear a little rustling over the phone, like he was turning over in bed. “You’re right. Go back to sleep, _____.”

“No! Jimin, I was just kidding.”

Silence. You sit up, realising there was more to it than what seemed. “What’s wrong?”

“You don’t need to be alarmed, I’m not hurt or– Well, I hope you won’t be alarmed after I’ve said what I need to say.”

You relax against the headboards. “Okay. I promise not be alarmed.”

He breathed out slowly, as if mustering up courage. “You know that feeling you get when you wake up on a weekend morning sometimes? When you don’t know what’s going to happen that day but you just feel great and excited?”

Jimin’s voice was soft in your ears, his words soft enough to be a bedtime story. “Yeah.”

“And you know that feeling you get when you’re walking in a park and you see two kids holding hands and just enjoying each other’s company? Like you don’t know whether they’ll end up together or stay best friends but you just hope they do?”

You wonder if you’re dreaming, if his musical voice was only a voice that murmured in your head in that state between being asleep and awake. “Yeah.”

“And you know that feeling when you go somewhere far away and see someplace nice and you think ’maybe just one day I might move here’? ”

His dreamy words made thoughts of far away cottages and clear blue skies float through your head. Your eyelids drooped just a little bit, your heart singing in the very same vein of the emotion Jimin described.

“Well, that’s the way I feel about you.”

And suddenly you were wide awake.

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You shoved your hands into your pockets and huddled closer to yourself, trying to fight the slight chill in the air.

It was nice autumn evening, the sound of children screaming as they took full advantage of the various swings and slides filled the air in the little park. You shook your head and wrapped your fingers around your phone, still warm from the last time you checked the time.

Tae had asked you to meet him here. But where was he?

You stretched your spine, sighing in relief when you feel a few joints crack. At least the weather was nice.

“Excuse me.” A singsong voice floated up from the general height of your knee. You look down in surprise to find a little boy, barely in the fourth grade, tugging at your jacket in an attempt to gain your attention.

You look around for a parent, but on not spotting one, you crouch so the boy can talk to you comfortably. “Hey. How can I help you?”

The little boy turned red, slowing bringing his hands out from behind his back. He held a card nearly as big as him in his hands and precariously clutched a single long-stemmed flower you did not recognise. “He told me to give these to the person who looked as pretty as this flower.” He dropped them into your hands like hot coal. “You’re very pretty.”

Eyebrows raised, you settle the flower between your fingers and unfold the card. The card was very pretty in itself, with a dainty border of white lilies delicately winding itself along the sides of the pastel pink card, but the words scribbled on it caught your attention better.

I saw this in a movie once, and thought life should imitate art today. Everybody likes kids, right? Our very own little Cupid. Only if– you know…you like like me back as much as I like like you. And if you don’t, then blink twice, and I’ll walk away.

There was no name, no indication towards who had written such an asinine love letter, but you knew all the same.

You grinned and looked up. “Would you show me who ga-”

But there was no trace of the supposed Cupid to your love story. In place of an awkward fourth grader’s adoring eyes stood a pair of gorgeous legs that belonged to the very man you wanted to see at that moment.

Tae grinned down at you. “I had to pay the kid five bucks. You’re still pretty, though. And you didn’t blink. No turning back now.”

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To say that it had been a tiring day was an understatement.

You dropped your keys on top of the shoe rack and wearily slipped off your shoes. Your roommate had long left for her shift, you would have been back home hours ago only if you hadn’t offered to help with ‘just a little bit’ of paperwork.

You let your bag drop to the floor and trudge to the living room, hoping for a spot of TV before turning in for the night.

But no. The room was in shambles. Cushions were strewn about on the floor, newspaper shredded and discarded in what seemed like the most violent (and one-sided) knife fight ever. And was that…was that dog food on the rug? Of course, the only culprits you could begin to imagine was the reason behind this mess was the cute dog and the even cuter boy on your living room floor, both equally dead to the world.

“Jeon Jungkook, you wake your ass up or I swear you’ll never touch another gaming console again!”

Jungkook sprung upright as if he was shocked awake (which, in a way, he was). “______!” He looked around him, as if he was just realising he’d slept through the end of the world. “I– ”He swore and looked down at the dog draped across his lap, quite peacefully unaware of the situation. “Ah, shit.”

“That’s right.”

He groaned and leaned back on his hands, screwing his eyes shut. “He was supposed to be a surprise!”

You sigh and pick up an abandoned pillow. “You surprised me alright.”

He winced and opened an eye. “Are you mad?” Cringing at his own question he let his head fall back again. “Of course you’re mad.”

You click your tongue and settle down beside him, still clutching the pillow. “No, I’m not mad, I just– ” You reach out with a few fingers, letting them run through the silky fur of the puppy. “I just don’t understand.”

Jungkook ducked his head, the red already spreading across the bridge of his nose. “Your roommate let me in. I thought you’d be back home earlier, but I guess I dropped off waiting for you. Then…” He sent an adoring frown in the direction of the seemingly innocent little thing, quite comfortable in his lap. “I guess he got to work.”

You crack a smile at how strikingly similar the boy and puppy in front of you seemed to you. You rub the dog’s silky ears between your fingers. “At least he’s cute.” You melt as the dog whines in its sleep when you rub its neck. “Very cute. But why bring him here?”

This time Jungkook blushes fiercely, sparing no inch of skin. “Because…” He swallowed. “I’m in puppy love with you?”

You freeze. “You destroyed my living room…for a pun?”

Jungkook groaned for the second time that evening and hid his face against your shoulder. “I’m never listening to Jin-hyung again.”

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scenario where reader has a crush on toshinori and doesn't know he's all might, and accidentally admits to all might she has a crush on him?


It all had happened so fast; one minute you’re as happy as can be, grocery bags full of ingredients on your arms, and the next you’re thrown roughly to the ground and are suddenly looking up into the eyes of a very pissed off villain. They towered over you, their shadow engulfing you and leaving you feeling like an ant compared to their size. There wasn’t much of an everlasting shape, it’s body a mass of black color morphing and rolling over itself. Three eyes poked up from the top of it, and those eyes were staring right down at you.

You couldn’t even move, finding it hard with the blinding sun to meet the villain’s gaze directly. Around you, you could hear gasping and varying shouts from other pedestrians trying to leave the scene, some pushing through the crowds to come closer and watch the events unfold. 

A vague shape of a limb slid out from the villain’s glob-like body, fingers protruding from the makeshift fist. You turned your face, body tensing while you waited for impact. 

Instead of a life ending blow you felt an arm wrap around your waist, heaving you up off the group and tossing you effortlessly over a broad shoulder. Once again the speed of the event was head spinning and you barely grasped being moved a few yards away until suddenly your feet were planted steadily on the ground and you were looking up at the one, and only, All Might. 

“Don’t worry,” he said to you, hands on your shoulders to keep you upright. “I’m here.” With his size he blocked the sun, the glow cascading around him like a solar eclipse, and then he was gone again. 

You were on the opposite side of the street and in a flash he was back at the monster, yelling his famous move, and then blasting the villain into literal pieces that stuck to the ground and walls of the surrounding buildings. Thankfully, none of the substance landed on you, but it did land on a pedestrian who made a quick effort to wipe the goop off. 

All Might lingered for a moment or two and you watched in awe as he went from tearing a villain to picking up the things that had scattered all around the cement from your grocery bags. Before you knew it he was right in front of you again, that sun making him seem like an angel, holding your grocery bags out in front of him.

“Here you are, Miss!” He said cheerfully. You took them from his large hands, face burning abashedly. 

“Y-You didn’t have to do that,” You said nervously. “You already saved my life.”

He gave you a massive thumbs up, his usual bright smile on display. “It’s no problem! Please, if you’d allow me, Miss, let me see to it that you get home safely!”

You blinked up at him. “Th-Thank you so much!” It was like a dream, you were to be escorted to your home by All Might. A few people around you chatted with one another, one child in particular shouting out All Might’s name and cheering when the Hero gave him a thumbs up as well. 

Before you could even start to lead the way you felt All Might’s large arm once again pick you up off the ground while he carried you. “Off we go!” He shouted before pushing off his legs, sending the two of you flying into the air. You clung to him and all your grocery bags, eyes squeezed shut as to avoid looking down and seeing how high up you were. The wind blowing in your ears and the fear of falling was enough to distract you from a crucial thought- How did he know where you lived?

“Fear not! I won’t drop you!” All Might said though it barely reached your ears. You just nodded, eyes shut even tighter. 

He didn’t drop you, either. It was mere seconds before you were right at your familiar front door, and All Might had set you back down.

“Here we are!” 

You set your groceries on the floor and bowed, glad to have your feet touching something again. “Thank you so much, All Might!” 

He gave you a thumbs up and placed his hands on his hips, chest puffing out. “It’s a Hero’s duty! By the way Miss, I must ask, you’re carrying an awfully large amount of food! What are you planning on doing with it all?”

It didn’t stick out to you why he even cared in the first place but since he was All Might, he could ask you anything and you’d answer with starry eyes. You did, however, blink a few moments to process his question before jumping, a smile forming on your face as remembering just what you had been bringing home. 

“I-I’m actually preparing on making a nice dinner tonight for the guy I’m interested in,” You said, not caring even if you sounded like some schoolgirl in love. Toshinori was an excellent man and you couldn’t not allow yourself to gush a little. “I think I’m going to confess to him tonight.”

You didn’t see how All Might seemed taken aback by this news, too focused on imagining a sweet dinner with Toshinori. “I see,” All Might said, his cheerful voice having just a hint of disappointment. “Well, I must be going now! Good luck on your date tonight!”

When he lept off and sent himself hurdling feet into the air you watched him in awe at just how talented he was, then brought yourself back down to earth, picking up your groceries up bringing them inside. 

Now in his smaller form Toshinori sat at his office, sitting on the couch and relaxing from his earlier transaction with a villain and one pedestrian who was particularly special to him. He shouldn’t even have been out when he was, his power already dangerously close to weakening and reverting him, and even taking the time to make sure you were home safely was risky, but he would have been upset with himself if something had happened to you. 

Leaning back against the couch and feeling even worse than he had when he first left, he sighed at the ceiling. You were having someone over tonight. He felt happy for you, he did, especially at seeing how happy this person obviously made you. However something was eating at him and left a pretty bad taste in his mouth- he actually had a thing for you, and had for quite some time. All the nights out together, all the time spent together, he had really begun to grow on you. You had no knowledge of his Hero form, however, and seeing you look at him less of a person and more of an Idol felt… Weird. He’d rescued you and you had no knowledge it was even him, and it was likely he’d hear about your rescue the next time you two saw each other.

Toshinori vaguely wondered who it was you would be confessing to. You hadn’t brought up any crushes to him, though perhaps maybe that was a little personal. Still, if you were serious about someone, he should have known about it. He truly hoped this person was good hearted, and would take care of you in the ways he’d love to.

His phone lit up beside him and he eyed it, picking it up when your name came into view. Another troubled sigh left his lip as he prepared to see a text of you telling him your awesome encounter with All Might, but that was not what he was met with. No, instead it was something that made his heart feel like it was fluttering. 

“Hey, do you want to come over for dinner tonight? I’m making your favorite!″

For a moment he almost choked on air, re-reading your message over and over again. The dinner, the groceries you’d been hauling, those were for him? Along with the dinner, and the confession?

Suddenly he felt guilty, like he’d ruined the surprise you’d been setting up for him. He knew it was a nosey question but he couldn’t help it seeing how much food you were carrying- your cooking was lovely, and at the time he could only imagine the magic you’d create with that many ingredients. But, they were specially for him. 

For the first time in a long time he felt his face heat up, fingers shaking as he frantically typed out a very, very enthusiastic ‘yes’.

Lifeline (2/?)

Jamie & Claire | AU | Claire doesn’t have a husband to return to. Jamie doesn’t have a price on his head. Seems like smooth sailing … right? (AO3)

I’d almost forgotten about this story … sorry !! But since there was no new episode yesterday, I decided to get my shit together and give you chapter two (yes, I know this is a poor substitute for THE reunion episode, but this is all I have!) Also thank you all so much for the lovely comments on chapter one!

Aaand a special shoutout to @bonnie-wee-swordsman who helped me with this chapter, she’s a lifesaver !! (or, at least a ficsaver) (It took some restraint though not to add “cue jaws theme” in the fic based on Bonnie’s comments …)

Also tagging @mibasiamille 😘

I. An Escape

II. The First Misstep

There can be danger in the lack of a purpose. When you no longer have something to give your life meaning, it’s awfully easy to throw caution to the wind and embark on a dangerous—and often foolish—journey.

Some people thrive in danger; they are hardwired to seek it out. For those people, the real danger is being idle, for boredom eats away at their very soul. They need a purpose like they need air to breathe, or food to eat.

Frank had said once he feared I loved my patients more than I loved him. He had said it half-jokingly, but he had been right.

I had always had a drive, though I had not always known towards what. But I kept moving forward, knowing I could never be content standing still. I had the tendency to seek out those dangerous environments other people would rather avoid, but I liked to think I didn’t have the fatal foolishness that some did. If I did, I would quite possibly find out soon.

On our way to Castle Leoch, Jamie regaled me with stories. He had told me about his uncles and Clan MacKenzie, after I’d shown quite a bit of enthusiasm for learning more about the place and its inhabitants. In truth, I had been to the castle once before—or would come there once more?—but at that time, it had been merely a ruin, inhabited by no one.

Foolish or not for putting myself in this situation, here I was, and I did think trying to learn something of the place to which I was headed was a good idea. Information would allow me to prepare, and preparation I definitely needed in order to lie effectively about my origin, for no one could know where I truly came from. Such was life for one with the misfortune of being cursed with a face of glass.

Jamie’s tales provided more than information, though. They were entertainment. He certainly had a gift for storytelling, and I enjoyed listening to him. Though his tales had initially unsettled me a bit, they were further confirmation that I truly was in the past—the eighteenth century—something I had realised when I happened upon Captain Randall, but still naïvely hoped to be a dream.

I hadn’t realised it then, but when Jamie asked me to come with him, I had made a decision to stay—for now, at least—in this time. There was little left for me where I came from, save that perilous boredom.

“I have to ask, Sassenach,” Jamie said, suddenly. “Why is it ye were lost in the forest in the first place? It seems unsafe for a lady such as yourself to travel alone, you could easily be—well, you know what could happen.”

I did. My unfortunate encounter with Captain Randall was not one I’d soon forget. It was only luck that had allowed me to get away unscathed. Luck in the form of a dashing rescuer, Jamie Fraser.

I tried to come up with a good explanation as to why I had wandered astray in the forest, but I had none. How could I tell him how I’d ended up here when I barely understood it myself?

I twirled the golden ring on my finger. I had told him I was widowed, mostly because I suspected the term divorced would be frowned upon, considering the times—even in my time, it wasn’t exactly something women would boast about.

I knew I had to tell Jamie something, even if I didn’t think he would force me to reveal something I didn’t wish to. He seemed to be a kind man, a gentle man, maybe even a loving man. He hadn’t talked extensively about his home, but he had mentioned a sister and of her, he’d talked very fondly. Family, it seemed, he valued greatly.

I took a deep breath.

“It’s a long story,” I began slowly, mentally berating myself for the, at best, clichéd opener; at worst, seeming attempt to stall or avoid answering altogether. “I’m afraid I can’t tell you why, but … I ran away.” That was partly true. With an ever-revealing face like mine, it was always better to stick closer to the truth than to outright lie.

That’s what I thought, at least, until Jamie, genuinely worried, said, “Are ye in danger? Are ye being chased by someone who wishes to do ye harm?”

His worry both warmed my heart and troubled me. Had he cared less, he would’ve asked fewer questions. It was unlikely that he’d be satisfied until he knew I wasn’t in any danger.

“No,” I said, with as much conviction as I could muster, “I promise, no one’s looking for me.”

I couldn’t see his face as we were on horseback, him sitting behind me, but I could imagine the look of concern that refused to leave his face.

“Did you know him?” I asked, eager to change the subject. “Captain Randall, that is.” I had seen how he’d looked at the captain when they fought, something that suggested there was more to his fury than seeing a stranger about to take a woman by force.

“Aye. I ken him.”

I glanced back, startled by the brevity. His gaze was fixed somewhere far off, his posture stiff. Whatever he was looking at, I couldn’t say, but then I thought neither could he. He seemed lost in thought, reliving a memory.

I was undeniably curious and wanted to ask how their paths had crossed before, what Randall had done to make this man hate him so. I didn’t ask, though. Whatever it was, if Jamie’s expression was anything to go by, it was not a pleasant topic of conversation.

While I understood that he might not wish to speak of something that seemed to pain him, I found myself a bit surprised seeing as he’d been so unusually, yet pleasantly, forthcoming with information about himself during our ride.

He had told me a number of things about himself. He had told me that, not too long ago, he had been an outlaw, and only recently had he been pardoned.

He’d said the price on his head had prevented him from returning to Lallybroch, as his ancestral home was called, and that was why he stayed at Leoch. What he hadn’t told me was why he, now a free man, chose to remain there, instead of returning home.

When we arrived at the castle, a woman rushed out to greet—or rather, scold Jamie. She eyed Jamie with disapproval and me with suspicion.

“What do ye mean by disappearing like that, lad? Gone all night! People have been askin’ for ye, not to mention—”

“Mrs Fitz,” said Jamie, as he helped me dismount. “This is—”

“And what do we have here?” asked Mrs Fitz. She surveyed me from top to toe. Her eyes lingered on my once-white dress with particular curiosity and not a little disfavour.

“Claire Beauchamp,” said Jamie. “I brought her here for protection.”

“Is that so?” Her face softened, the initial suspicion towards me subsiding.

“Aye. Would ye make sure she has some proper clothes? I should speak to my uncle.”

“Aye, and then there are other people who’d like to speak to ye as well, as I’m sure ye ken. I wouldna advise ye to wait too long.”

“Wait!” As Jamie was about to walk away, I reached out a hand, putting it gently on his arm, prompting him to stay. “Your wound. Unless you want it to get infected, you should let me clean and dress it properly.”

Having earned Jamie’s trust in my medical abilities after helping him with his shoulder the day before, he agreed without objection.

Mrs Fitz kindly showed us to a room where I could tend to my patient. The room was dark and cold, and the many shelves that adorned the stone walls were crammed with jars that clearly hadn’t been touched in a while; they were covered with dust.

Upon entering, I had turned my questioning gaze to Mrs Fitz, who explained, “’Tis the surgery. It hasena been used in some time, no since Davie Beaton passed.”

The temperature problem was soon remedied by a fire, and Mrs Fitz left us alone.

I hadn’t been prepared for the sight of Jamie’s bare back when he removed his shirt so I could tend to his shoulder. Scars covered the expanse of his back.

“The Redcoats,” Jamie explained. “They flogged me twice in the space of a week. They’d have done it twice the same day, I expect, were they no afraid of killing me. There’s no joy in flogging a dead man.”

“I shouldn’t think anyone would do such a thing for joy.”

“If Randall was not precisely joyous, he was at least very pleased with himself.”

I understood, then. Or, at least I thought I did. His hatred towards Captain Randall, the painful memory he hadn’t wished to speak about. This was it.

Much to my surprise, Jamie did speak of it now though. His earlier reluctance to do so had apparently dissolved. I wondered why. Was it something I’d done to prove myself more trustworthy? Was it that I’d now seen the scars, so I might as well know the story behind them? Perhaps he worried I would misjudge him for his scars if I didn’t know the full story.

He recounted the event whilst I dressed his wound. This was a far less cheerful tale than those he had shared with me on horseback, but his storytelling was vivid as ever.

I met his eyes, trying to show him the same sympathy and understanding he had shown me the day before. Since the moment we met, Jamie had been nothing but kind to me. He had shown more compassion than any man I’d ever met.

I stroked his arm to comfort him, and his lips curved upwards in reply. He looked younger when he smiled; there was something boyish about it. I realised that he must, in fact, be younger. That thought hadn’t occurred to me when he’d acted as my rescuer and protector. While I appreciated his heroic side, what drew me in was the vulnerability he had shown me, sharing his scars.

Hand still lingering on his arm, I leaned in slowly, my eyes not leaving his. I could feel his breath hot against my lips. An inch, and I would touch his lips—

He pulled back.

I didn’t quite know what to feel. Confusion hit me first, followed by shock that was soon replaced by embarrassment.

My eyes sought his, to ask for an explanation, or see if I had misinterpreted the situation, but he turned his head away, hiding his expression.

Mrs Fitz could not have returned at a better time. She helped me escape, as she was to fulfil Jamie’s request that I be given proper attire.

Before our departure she reminded Jamie once more to seek out his uncle Colum.

I followed her to a guest bedroom where she helped me change into a more appropriate dress, and sometime thereafter came a dark-haired man by the name of Murtagh to inform me that The MacKenzie wished to speak to me.

Mrs Fitz gave me an encouraging smile before I departed.

My escort, by contrast, didn’t speak another word to me, let alone smile.

Jamie had told me about Colum MacKenzie, Chief of Clan MacKenzie, but not in great detail. He had had more to say about his other uncle, Dougal, the war chief. Despite our awkward encounter, I found myself wishing Jamie was there by my side as I entered the tower room where the MacKenzie was waiting.

My silent escort was still waiting for me when I exited, but he wasn’t alone. Jamie was with him.

I couldn’t help but smile in relief at the sight.

“What did he say?” Jamie asked at once, excitement in his tone.

“You ask as though you don’t already know! You talked to him about me,” I said, crossing my arms, “you told him I was a healer.”

“Aye, I had to say something so he’d let ye stay, didn’t I? He was verra suspicious at first when I said I’d brought a Sassenach here.”

“I’d say he was still verra suspicious when we spoke,” I said in a poor imitation of his accent. Colum had been suspicious, but he had let me stay nonetheless, thanks to Jamie. He had gifted me the late Davie Beaton’s surgery, in return for my serving as the castle’s new healer, for the duration of my visit.

“He did invite me to the hall tonight, though,” I continued, “there is to be a Welsh singer apparently—”

“JAMIE FRASER!” The voice came from somewhere farther down the stairs. Rapid footsteps that likely belonged to the voice echoed loudly as they neared.

Jamie, having tensed up at the high-pitched shriek, looked over at Murtagh, wordlessly asking for counsel.

Murtagh raised his eyebrows so as to say, “What did I tell you?” making me wonder just what Murtagh had told Jamie and why.

The footsteps reached the top of the stairs and facing us was now a young, round-faced girl with her arms crossed over her chest. Her pale eyes narrowed as they noticed me.

“Jamie Fraser!” she repeated. It was less of a shriek this time, but no less angry. “Where have ye been!?”

Jamie opened his mouth to explain, but the girl cut him off.

“And who is that!?” Her voice was venomous as she jerked her head rudely at me.

“Ah … this is Claire Beauchamp,” he said, “she’s a guest of the MacKenzie and the new healer of the castle.” Evidently explaining me was easier than explaining his whereabouts since yesterday afternoon.

The girl was still waiting for further explanation. Jamie sighed and said, “I was out riding.”

“RIDING!? Ye mean to say ye’ve been out riding all night?”

“Laoghaire, perhaps we can have this conversation in private?”

The girl—Laoghaire—muttered something, then turned and started walking down the stairs, Jamie following her.

“Who was that?” I asked Murtagh after they had left.

“That was his wife.”

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I've been hoping for just one more kagehina from you but there doesn't seem to be any sign of that,,, I mean it's fine, artists should totally draw whatever they want! But wow it's really surprising that you just stopped drawing a ship like that? May I ask why?

hmm you could say that i was pushed into it. you really want to know why? okay, then i’ll rant a bit 💦

Keep reading

“Tough Love” Peter Maximoff x Reader (Requested Soulmate AU)

Request: “hi there ! i just lowkey stalked ur blog and i love your writing!! could you do a soulmate au where when one person gets hurt/gets a bruise etc., the other person gets one and peter is like so clumsy so he runs into stuff all the time and charles’ daughter seems to always end up with bruises everywhere for some reason ? so charles is like “gotta investigate” and he finds out abt the soulmate thing so he makes sure peter gets bruised during training and u know what happens from there! thanks sm!!” ~ @fuckkoffcourtney

Warnings: Mentions of sex, Mentions of Genitalia, Bruising, Curse Words, Shitty Writing

Pronouns: Female (I naturally write with female pronouns, but I try to change it up every once in a while. PLEASE feel free to request a version of this, or any previously written imagine with different pronouns. IT IS NO TROUBLE AT ALL, Also, if you have a request, feel free to make specific pronouns part of it.)

A/N: Hey, babe! Sorry this took forever! I kind of went to a stupid place with this one because I wanted to change somethings up so enjoy Goofy Peter™. I may have accidentally taken a really sweet prompt and injected middle school humor, but oh well. really hope you like it! Thanks for requesting. 


“No! Look! it really looks like a penis! There’s the-“

Jubilee pushed his hand away from his shoulder, silencing him.

“We get it Peter, it looks like a penis. Anyone else want to share their artistic representation of Peter’s bruise?” She smirked as she offered Peter’s shoulder to the rest of the table.

“I think it’s cool!” Peter sulked. He smirked as Charles  made his way into the cafeteria.

“Charles will think it’s cool. Hey Charles!” Peter waved to get Charles attention, running over to meet him.

“Xavier!” He called out, raising his shirt sleeve to show Charles the bruise, “Doesn’t this look like a penis?”


Charles glanced at his arm. It really did look like a penis.

“I can’t talk now, I’ve got to go meet Y/N for tutoring.”

“But you didn’t answer me!” Peter groaned. Charles laughed, grabbing a sandwich on his way out of the room.


Y/N gazed at the overly-stuffed pages of her Trigonometry book, wondering how she could read the same paragraph 12 times and still retain nothing. There was a small knock on her door and she hummed a little greeting as Charles wheeled himself in.

“Already hard at work, are we?” He smiled as he glanced over Y/N’s shoulder at the book.

“Trying to be, at least.” Y/N sighed and buried her head in the book’s binding.

Charles chuckled. and pulled the book into his lap, glancing over the pages carefully.

“Have you tried to work any problems?”

“Yeah…’tried’ being the keyword.”

“Well, as long as you’re-“ Charles stopped. He suddenly felt a little distracted by an oddly familiar, phallic looking bruise on Y/N’s shoulder.

“What happened to your arm?”

Y/N frowned.

“What? Oh, this?” Y/N craned her neck to look over at her shoulder.

“It’s just a bruise. I don’t really know where it came from. I sort of have this thing where I get a whole bunch of bruises and cuts sometimes and I’ll have no idea what happened.”

Charles studied Y/N’s arm carefully. It really did look like a penis.

“Have you seen a doctor? You could have a blood disorder or something.” He suggested, trying to find any reasonable explanation for the identical  dong bruises on his students arms.

“Nah, I’ve been before. They couldn’t really find anything wrong with me. Remember a few months ago when I got those bruises on my neck? They sure as hell weren’t hickies.”

Charles sat back in his chair, trying to decide if he should let it go, or investigate further.

“You know, depending on which angle you’re at, it kind of looks like a-“

“OK! So, trig functions!”


A few days passed and the bruises were buried in Charles’ head under more pressing matters and ideas. He didn’t even think about the marks until Peter managed to hit himself in the face with a basketball (on accident???), resulting in a glorious, black and blue mark on his hairline. He had tutoring that day with Y/N, who also seemed to be sporting a little discoloration in the exact same spot. What the hell was going on? Was it some kind of a kinky, teenager sex thing? Were there kinky teenagers living at his school? No. It had to be a mistake. He pulled a book from the shelves in his office, burrowing through a list of known mutations in search for something that fit his description. It was nearly midnight when he found what he was looking for under the ‘Secondary Mutations” heading.


Every once in a while, a rare secondary mutation involving ones soulmate will manifest itself. Upon doing so, such mutants will have a physical link to their “Soulmate”, such as matching bruises, cuts, scars or birthmarks. If someone has been experiencing any of these symptoms without explanation, a person in their life may have this mutation. Even better, they may have found their “Soulmate”.

Charles laughed to himself as he read, forming a mental plan to experiment with the notion.


Logan didn’t ask questions when Charles told him he would be sitting in during training. He also didn’t ask questions when Charles asked him to make sure Peter Maximoff was bruised in some way during the class. He figured that he shouldn’t ask questions that he didn’t want to hear the answers to.

“Shit, Logan! What was that?” Peter groaned and rubbed his elbow, which had hit the floor roughly when Logan knocked him down.

“You’ve gotta be ready. Yeah, you can run. But not if you don’t see things coming.” Peter scoffed and sat back down in his seat. Logan glanced over at Charles, who nodded gratefully as his eyes focused on Y/N’s elbow. Class droned on. It wasn’t ten minutes later that Y/N took her jacket off, revealing the beginnings of a little bruise on her elbow. Charles smiled widely.

“I’m sorry to interrupt, Logan but I need to see Peter and Y/N in my office really quickly.”

Logan shrugged and nodded, the class poking fun at the two as they made their way to the door. Charles shut it behind them, talking as he lead them down the quiet hallway.

“ I called you two out here because I think you’re Soulmates,” Charles stated flatly. The students stopped in their tracks, giving each other a confused look.

“What the heck?” Peter mumbled to Y/N. Y/N shrugged, jogging to keep up with Charles.

“How’s your shoulder, Y/N?” Charles stated as he turned to face them. Y/N pushed her sleeve up to reveal the slightly lighter looking bruise. Peter glanced over at it, gasping as a grin rose to his face.

“You have a penis bruise too!” Peter’s eyes went wide and he grabbed her arm, staring at it.

“Peter, you have a secondary mutation. You share a physical connection with your soulmate. Every bruise or cut or anything of that matter is reflected  on Y/N’s skin.”

Peter laughed a little and Y/N started to match Peter’s lesions with her own. She smiled as Peter looked at her, amazement in his eyes.

Charles sighed contently, “I’ll give you two a moment to talk. You better be back to class by next period!” He called back to them as he trailed down the hallway.

Peter exhaled nervously and scratched his arm.

“Well…I uh-…I don’t really know what to say.” He stuttered, still a bit shocked from the news.

“It’s nice to…meet you.”

Peter could hear his own heartbeat as they started walking through the hallway back to class.

“Sorry, I’m so clumsy. Maybe, I would have tried to be more careful if I’d known I was bruising for two.”

Y/N laughed and blushed a little bit. She never would have though that someone like Peter would find any interest in her, but the amazement hadn’t left his eyes since they started talking. Y/N found herself hoping it never left.

She could already tell that he was definitely worth a few bumps and bruises.

Kiwi pt.2 - imagine

Hi my loves! The second part of Kiwi is a go! Hope you enjoy xx


A year had passed. A year of touring. A year of writing songs. A year of wondering what was happening in your life without him. Harry was broken, His life was an old record stuck on repeat. Always the same old shit. Those who were close to him tried and failed to sew the patches of his mind back together. When he first left New Zealand, it was never this bad. He had started to live his life just like he should have been living it before he met you. Nothing could have prepared him for this. Nothing could have prepared him for the devastation and guilt he felt when he heard your message. He kept it on his phone, constantly torturing himself by listening to the words you spoke over and over again.

Visiting clubs and bars became a regular occurrence. Anyone who wanted to find him could, bent over whatever alcohol he fancied at the time. rings tapping the bar stool in time with his thoughts. Of course, he had his friends and family. Whether it was singing Christmas carols in a karaoke bar, or visiting his mum back home. he always put his emotions on hold for them.

When Harry first saw her, his vision cleared for the first time in months. He was in Hawaii for one of his best mate’s wedding. The reception and ceremony were beautiful, but Harry’s mind still wondered. It was the little girl. She was so curious, so pure, that he started to feel alive again. She reminded him of you in a way. Her high pitched laugh sung in his ears and he chased her through the palm trees. Her carefree dancing as everyone else milled around with glasses of champagne. It was as if someone has taken all his memories of you, and placed them in the body of a 3-year-old girl. Maybe a little combination of you and him running around wouldn’t be so bad.

The days in Hawaii were numbered, and on the last day, the little girl left. Harry felt empty again. He missed you more than ever. They say it’s when you’re sad that you make the most radical decisions. Hopping on a plane that would eventually take him to New Zealand the next day was radical. He had a life away from the tiny country now. Leaving that with no moments notice was radical. Taking nothing but the clothes on his back and the sunglasses in his hair was radical. But all that was going through Harry’s mind was you. He wondered what you would look like with a baby bump. Beautiful probably. You always did have a way of making your worst look your best. Fueled by this vision, he went. Touching down in the foreign land, the first thing he did was hire an uber to your apartment. But when he finally arrived at the red door with the chipped paint, hesitation filled his body. When Harry was younger, shyness was a struggle. Being thrown into the world of fame helped him overcome it, but the mere thought of seeing your face again caused his stomach to fill with butterflies.

Finally. after many pep talks and slapping his own checks to focus himself, Harry rapped briskly on the door with his knuckles, before stepping away from the frame, hands running through his curls. He could hear rustling inside, muffled voices. Suddenly the door creaked open. There was someone strange standing there. The someone definitely wasn’t you. For starters, they were a man. Harry cleared his throat. “Sorry mate must’ve got the wrong house. Lookin for y/n.” The guy leant on the edge of the door, eyeing Harry up and down, before turning his head into the apartment. “Babe? There’s some guy here asking for you.” Turning back to Harry, he straightened up, crossing his arms over his chest. If he was trying to be intimidating, Harry decided it was working.

it had never crossed his mind that you might’ve moved on. Sure, he had his fair share of flings over the past year, but for some reason, you just didn’t seem like the type of person to move on that quickly. None of Harry’s flings had lasted more than a couple of weeks, and he felt an odd feeling of jealousy hit his chest.

This was never on your radar. When your boyfriend had called out to you that day, saying there was a guy at the door, you racked your brains to see if a long forgotten coffee date with a co-worker had been booked. Never in your wildest dreams did you expect the lanky figure in the door to be Harry Styles. He looked good but tired, His recently cut hair had grown out, enough so that little curls were starting to form at the base of his neck. He had a tan, and the bits of scruff above his top lip stood out blonde against the caramel. His green eyes were as piercing as ever, but dark circles sunk his normally lively complexion. Looking down, you could see his large hands twisting and fiddling with the numerous rings that decorated his fingers. You were surprised to feel a spark inside when you recognised the one on his left middle finger. The one you had gifted him last Christmas.

When you first left your message to Harry over a year ago, you should have known the stubborn boy wouldn’t have listened. Darcy was 2 months old now. While she was still so little, you felt as though she knew that your current boyfriend wasn’t her daddy. You knew that dropping the baby bomb on Harry wouldn’t have made home stay away. But you dropped it anyway. Subconsciously almost. Maybe your heart secretly had always hoped that he would come back to you. Come back and be a happy little family all over again.

You felt nervous. You could see that Harry was too, by the way, his eyes adverted yours. He only raised his head when you finally spoke.

“Hey Harry”

He almost looked shocked with the simple greeting. It was the first time he had heard the voice of the girl he dreamed about in over 12 months. He grinned, and your stomach fluttered, stirring long buried feelings.

“Hey love. Was in the country, just wanted to stop by to see how things were.”

WHOOP THERE IT IS! Another cliff hanger, don’t kill me. Again, let me know if part 3 is in order! Thanks for reading! Lots of love xxxx

How You Make Me Feel - AlfieXReader

Oh my god I can’t believe I’m finally back with something new guys. :D And again and again I am so, so sorry for letting you wait so long but my life has gotton so stressful that it was and still sometimes is very hard to find the time for all the writings I wanna do. I hope you can understand that and from now on I’ll try to post some One Shots or maybe even a few longer stories again more often. :))) I also would like to thank you all for staying on my blog and supporting me and asking me stuff or whatever you guys left me in my message box even though I as so unactive! <3<3<3 You are the best followers ever and I’m so glad to have you! <3 I hope you’ll like the little topic changes on my blog (which I will also update now as well ofc) and that you like my new stories as much as my old ones. :* This is by the way my first Peaky Blinders One Shot since I started watching the series and I really hope I did well. :) Now have fun reading this and leave me feedback if you like. More stories will follow from now on again, love you all guys. <3  


Imagine you as Tommy’s right hand fell in love with Alfie and try to bake something for him even though you can’t cook or bake and you end up with Ada teaching you how to do it right.

Frowning you stood in the kitchen of Ada’s house trying to get wiser from the baking instruction you held in your hands.

Now you really regretted rather spending time with the Shelby boys on shootings and other criminal activities instead of learning how to cook or bake something right.

For a young woman at the age of twenty it was a bit embarrassing that you actually knew more about guns and stuff than about working in the kitchen.

People who didn’t know you would think you were the perfect little kitchen princess, since you never looked like as if you could shoot five men alone, but that was also why you were actually Tommy’s right hand, people didn’t expect you to be dangerous.

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Burnt Cake and Ice Cream

((This story is dedicated to @axis-intercept, who made me a gorgeous picture of Firebug as a part of an art swap! I hope that it’s alright, and worth the wait. ^-^))


Beep, beep, beep, beep.

“Liebling, bitte, turn zhe alarm off.”
“Nw. Yww dw wt.”
“Ach, Gott verdammt.”

  The mornings were always the same here, but that was a good thing. After so many years of death and destruction, some normalcy was needed.

  Rolling over, the ex-Medic grunted as he got up, discarding the fluffy white sheets for the cold embrace of the apartment. It was summer, apparently, which was the reason why they didn’t have heating blasting at all points. However, when they woke up, it was always freezing. He would much rather stay in the bed, cuddled up next to his lover, but unfortunately the alarm clock was ruining any chances of falling asleep again, so he had to get ready for the day ahead.

  Padding across the room, he clicked the button on top of the clock. Having it by the bed was a recipe for disaster; during the first week of living here they’d made the mistake of putting it on the bedside table, and had suffered the consequences of over-using the snooze button. His first day to work had been embarrassing, as he’d been an hour late. Thankfully his boss had a good sense of humour.

  Glancing back at the pile of blankets, a soft chuckle escaped him.
“Pyro, time to vake up.”
“I dwn’t wnnna.” His voice was muffled by the thick duvet he’d buried himself under, but thanks to years of working with the man, the Medic knew that he was refusing to leave his nest. It wasn’t like he had work- he was a ‘stay-at-home wife’, or at least the male equivalent of- but the German knew that if he let him, the firebug would sleep until past midday.

  Creeping over to the bed, the start of a grin on his face, he gripped the edge of the blankets and pulled, revealing the hibernating Irish man. He shrieked when he was suddenly enveloped in the chilly air, curling up to try and preserve as much body heat as possible.
“That’s unfair!”
“It’s unfair zhat I have to vork, liebe. Come on, get up.”

  After a lot of protesting, the Medic had managed to coax the Pyro out of the bedroom towards the kitchen with the promise of pancakes. The sweet smell of the sugary treats had filled the flat, and added a cosy feel to the place; it was more of a home now, with the warm, fuzzy feeling in the mix.

  The next part of their routine involved them parting, which they hated with a passion: the Pyro gently smoothed down the Doctor’s tie, he responded by caressing his cheek, and both left with a soft kiss that tingled on their lips. Parting was such sweet sorrow, but it needed to be done, as the Medic needed to go to work or he’d go stir-crazy.

  The flat was awfully quiet when he left, and the Pyro deflated a little. The day ahead for him consisted of cleaning the dirty dishes from breakfast, making the bed, and then binge-watching whatever was on TV. However, even though his lover had always warned him to stay away from the stove when he was by himself, he felt the urge to cook something. Usually he waited until he got home, so that he could supervise (fire was always too tempting to play with, gosh darned it), but today he wanted to surprise him with a cake, like a proper wife did for their husband.

  Maybe that was why he ended up with flour in his hair. And on the kitchen surface. And somehow on the ceiling. He had no clue how the frosting ended up caked on his arms up to his elbows, or how the sprinkles had covered the floor. He did know why the cake was flat though, and charcoal black. Was it possible that he’d forgotten to add in baking powder, and had left it to burn because he’d gotten distracted? … Maybe.

  He didn’t try again, as they didn’t have enough eggs for a second attempt, so deciding that it should still taste fine, he slathered the treat in the pink frosting he’d whipped up, adding a generous amount of rainbow sprinkles to finish off the entire thing. It looked good, if a little squat, but that didn’t matter. It was the taste that counted, and he hoped that just because it was a tad crispy, it wouldn’t affect it too much.

  The first thing the Medic said when entering the flat was not encouraging.
“Vhat is zhat zmell? Have jou been burning something?” The sweet aroma from this morning was gone, replaced with an acrid odour which would be a nightmare to get rid of. Already he could see that every window had been opened, in an attempt to dispel the smell, but it was a failed one.

  Entering the kitchen area, his mouth fell open into what could have been a silent scream. It looked like a unicorn had thrown up in there, pink dripping from the walls and staining the floor. In the centre of the brightly-coloured room was his lover, the sweet little Pyro with sparkly stuff on the end of his nose. He was staring dejectedly at whatever he’d been trying to cook (the Doctor didn’t say anything, in case he got it very wrong and hurt his feelings further), and slowly crossing the battle zone he wrapped an arm around his shoulder.

“Did jou make zhat for me?” An affirmative snuffle. “It’s gorgeous. In fact, it looks too good to eat.” Silence. “Vould jou like to cuddle? I’ve brought a zurprise home.”
“I was trying to surprise you.”
“Und it is a voncderful zurprise. Danke, mein liebling.” Brushing away some of his hair, he placed a light kiss on his forehead. “Now, vould jou like my zurprise?”

  Taking his hand, he helped him avoid the puddles of cake decorations to the safety of the lounge, where he’d unceremoniously dropped a carrier bag. It was unlabelled, but it was what was inside that made the Pyro grin, and start to bounce on the balls of his feet. Picking it up, he pulled out a large tub of ice cream.
“My favourite!”
“I know.” He grinned, re-entering the kitchen to grab two spoons. “Und today I’m letting us eat it on zhe bed.”

  While the cake had been a disaster, this wasn’t such a bad compromise. Entwined together on the bed, sharing a carton of ice cream, both happily agreed that this was a good end to a busy day. The Pyro promised to clean up his mess in the morning, and the Medic decided, much to his lover’s delight, to make ice cream in the bed a weekly event, every Friday.

  Moving closer to him, the firebug gently nuzzled into the Doctor’s neck.
“I love you.”
“Ich liebe dich auch.” He smiled, pressing a gentle kiss to the top of his head. The cuddles and food were making him warm inside (which was surprising as ice cream is normally cold), and he could feel himself starting to become light-headed. He was certain that, if the Pyro kept up being sweet, he’d end up fast asleep. The man was like a living hot water bottle, or a walking radiator.

  When the Medic began to snore, the Pyro gently took away the tub and placed it on the side. Sure, it would have melted by the morning, but that didn’t really matter. Instead, what was important was the perfect man by his side, and making sure he was comfortable. Stripping them both down to their boxers, he pulled the blanket so it covered them and kept him warm. It was common for the Doctor to fall asleep after a hard day’s work, and he didn’t mind, as long as he could hug him while he slept.
“Sweet dreams.” He whispered, his lips brushing against the other’s cheek before he himself closed his eyes, and joined him in the land of dreams.

  The days were always the same here, but that was a good thing. After so many years of death and destruction, some normalcy was needed. The pair were just happy that they had each other to share the rest of their lives with.

Colton Parayko - Are you sure?

Prompt: Telling your boyfriend Colton Parayko that you’re pregnant.

Author’s note: Happy birthday, Hannah! I know this isn’t a lot, but I love you! Thank you so much for dealing with me for the last year but mostly thanks for putting up with me and my trashiness when it comes to hockey.

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When We Were Young (Pt. 3)

Originally posted by helpimanspnfan

Pairing: Dean x Reader (ft. Sam and Cas)

Content/Warnings: ANGST; violence

Words: 2241

A/N: Well, all this peace and love has been nice, but it’s time for crap to hit the fan in what I think is the second-to-last part in this mini-series. I’ve been neglecting this - not on purpose, of course - but I’ve finally been able to sit down and write this 3rd part, so I hope you enjoy! Links to the first and second parts are below, and make sure to let me know if you would like to be added to the tag list.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 4

“Please, Blake, just give me a chance,” Dean said, desperation clear in his eyes. “I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you. I’m sorry I missed all your birthdays, and Christmases, and everything else. I am so, so, sorry. But I want to make it up to you. At least let me try, Blake, please.”

You were startled by the intensity of Dean’s words. The older Winchester’s face was earnest and you could see he was almost crying. Perhaps you had misjudged him.

Blake saw it too, it seemed, because he slowly nodded. “Alright.”

It had been a few weeks since you had (reluctantly) agreed to let Blake get to know Dean. Said Winchester had been skipping out on hunts to get to know his son, leaving you and Sam to deal with whatever the supernatural world had to throw your way. You hadn’t actually minded getting to know Sam - he was smart, kind, and a good shot, not to mention someone you now trusted to watch your back during a hunt. The four of you had even swung by Bobby’s, allowing the older hunter to meet Blake for the first time. It had went pretty smoothly, you thought, all things considered. There was still the whole apocalypse going on, but at the very least things for you and Blake had gotten somewhat better.

Or, at least, it had been, until you and Sam had returned from a routine werewolf hunt to find Dean and Blake gone. The Impala was still in the parking lot, but your son and Dean were nowhere to be found. “Do you think they just went out?” You asked worriedly, looking around the motel room. There didn’t seem to be any sign of foul play.

“I don’t know,” Sam said. “Dean’s not answering his cell phone. And his gun is still here.”

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anonymous asked:

Do you think you can do something with Daichi and Suga with their fem s/o getting into a pretty big fight that ends up making her cry and leaving the house. angst with a happy ending would be nice


“You seriously can’t be thinking that still, Daichi! I mean-”

“I can! And you can’t deny that I don’t have a good reason to be this upset!” Daichi shot back. He even pointed his finger at you, all accusations out.

You flinched. Because you couldn’t deny it. Even a little. “Daichi, please stop. I thought we were past this, I thought-”

“Well, we’re not!” Daichi yelled as he stood from the couch. You followed him, but as you grabbed his arm, he took it back. “Don’t touch me!”

“Daichi, what is wrong with you?! I’m not in love with him anymore! Why are you so hung up-”

“I saw how you looked at Suga when we had lunch,” Diachi hissed. He brought his fingers to his temples once he saw your eyes widen. Daichi’s head hurt, and so did his heart. That look just now reminded him of how you reacted when Sugawara introduced his girlfriend to the two of you. He didn’t bother to hear the words you desperately tried to get out. “You were jealous when he brought his new girlfriend.”

“Daichi, I-”

“Admit it, ____! You’re still in love with him and just use me as some, some… Some rebound to get over Suga!”

“Okay, you know that’s not true! You know I fell in love with you even before you confessed to me!” your voice cracked. You two immediately began to fight once you both walked into the house. It had been two hours since the two of you got home from lunch with Sugawara and his girlfriend and not once has there been a peaceful moment. You were so tired of it.

Sugawara was Daichi’s best friend and someone you used to be in love with. Daichi just so happened to find out and decided to help you out. But as time continued, your heart fell for Daichi instead and his fell for you. It was perfect. He confessed before you had the chance to confess to Sugawara, not that you ever thought about it once you realized your feelings for Daichi. It really was perfect.

Until now.

“But that doesn’t mean your feelings for Suga just disappeared!” Daichi tried. He threw his arms with each word, probably to get his words across better. But it didn’t help.

“Daichi, they did! They did, and you know they did!” you cried desperately. You reached out to grab Daichi’s shirt, just maybe he would listen. You just wanted his touch, maybe all this would end then.

But as you grabbed onto his shirt, a trembling mess and forehead against his chest, you slowly looked up to Daichi in shock. He wasn’t holding you. Daichi’s arms always wrapped around you, it was a reflex, really. But this time, he forced his arms to not hold you. You could tell, especially because Daichi wouldn’t look at you.


“I can’t look at you right now, ____,” Daichi said slowly. He knew. He knew he was creating holes in your heart right now. But Daichi felt daggers in his. “Not when you’ve just been lying to me this whole time.”

Nothing was getting to Daichi. Not your words or your touch, two things that were the only logical things to do. What else were you to do? Nothing but leave, because your heart couldn’t handle this.

So you ran. You ran and didn’t look back.


“What do you mean she hasn’t come back?”

“She hasn’t come back, Suga,” Daichi sighed, his palm against his face. “It’s been three days. She hasn’t answered my phone calls or texts.”

Sugwara hummed as he put his cup of tea onto the coffee table. Daichi had never been this stressed, not since third year of high school. But those were simpler times, Sugawara had to admit. Now was brutal compared to then. Bills, work, and time were all hard to balance, it was even a miracle Sugawara, Daichi, and you could find time to meet his new girlfriend.

Even so, Daichi handled the adult life smoother than expected. And he handled his problems with you discreetly and head on. Sugawara knew you two handled your fights instantaneously, so it was strange for Daichi to call Sugawara for help about you.

“Alright, confess,” Sugawara declared as he crossed his arms. Daichi looked to Sugawara a bit lost. As if he hadn’t been lost these past few days without you. “What did you two fight about? What was so bad that she just walked out the house and couldn’t contact you these past three days?”

Daichi became stiff. Sugawara chuckled knowingly. Daichi couldn’t help but chuckle along, but only for a bit.

“We fought about you,” Daichi admitted.

Well, that was unexpected. “W-What? Me?”

“You didn’t know, Suga,” Daichi started. Daichi couldn’t look at Sugawara, not now when he had been keeping this from his best friend for as long as you two had been dating. “But ____ was in love with you before she fell for me. It’s kind of embarrassing to say aloud, but it’s true. When I found out, I thought you guys would be a good match so I tried to help her. Before I knew it, I kind of fell in love with her.”

“That’s… Wow, I wasn’t expecting that,” Sugawara mumbled.

Daichi shrugged with half a smile. “Sorry. I never told you.”

But could anyone really blame Daichi? How was Daichi supposed to tell his best friend the original plan just suddenly altered because of his own feelings? Even if Sugawara didn’t know your feelings, Daichi felt as though he had meddled into a possibly amazing relationship. You were amazing, there was no way you would make Sugawara happy. And vice versa.

“So, how did it come up now?” Sugawara eventually asked. He seemed still a bit thrown off from what Daichi had said. Daichi didn’t blame him though.

A heavy sigh left Daichi’s lips. As he explained the problems birth, Daichi tried to find something. Something to somehow satisfy his agony. Maybe a confirmation that there was no possibility that Sugawara could fall for you. Daichi felt childish, but the feelings were so strong. He couldn’t help it, but there was no lie in his heart when he said he hated the feeling.

“Daichi, we’re best friends. So you know there’s no bullshitting between us, right?” Sugawara cautioned carefully.

Daichi shrugged. It was truth, Daichi was actually confused why Sugawara had to mention it. “Yeah, I know. So?”

“Well, there’s no easy way to say this other than you’re a complete idiot,” Sugawara said.

“You know, that wasn’t bad. I don’t get why-”

“I’m not done,” Sugawara held a hand up. “I’ll be blunt. You didn’t give ____ a chance to get closure for her love from me. With her not doing that, you didn’t get your closure either.”

Daichi’s eyes widened. His heart stopped, but not like back then, when he confessed to you. The beats of his heart stopped, yet his chest felt light. This must be those feelings people get when a sudden realization came into light. An epiphany.

“You’re… How did you get that? It’s so simple. And yet I-”

“Was so in love with ____ and hadn’t faced either of your problems for as long as you two had been going out. That’s a long time to just bury those feelings, Daichi. You two have been going out since high school,” Sugawara clarified.

It was clear. And Daichi felt his heart sink. He had been such an idiot. He leaned against the back of the couch, his neck bending over the head of the couch.

“I get it. I get it now, and she’s not here for me to say everything,” Daichi sighed. He was tired of sighing.

Daichi wanted to smile. And he wanted to be with you.

Sugawara patted Daichi’s knee with a pitying smile. “It’s okay, Daichi. If she can stay with you this long, knowing your feelings, she won’t leave now.”

“What makes you think she knew how I felt?”

“Geez, Daichi,” Sugawara scoffed. Daichi knew he was in the wrong, but he didn’t enjoy Sugawara’s sassy attitude. “I know you were keeping your feelings down, but they shouldn’t have made you this dumb.”

“Yeah, yeah, alright, anyway,”

“Anyway, ____ is smart. And even though she should have handled her feelings for me before taking your confession, she still chose to be with you. Her heart is as big as her brain. Don’t worry, she’ll be back home soon, Daichi,” Sugawara reassured.

“I hope,” I hope you come home soon.


It was a little past midnight, a long day at Daichi’s office. It has been two days since Sugawara had come over to help Daichi, making it officially five days since you left. It wore Daichi’s heart out to force himself to get used to this feeling. He wanted it to end. He wanted this fighting to end.

Daichi made his way to the room, his head heavy. His emotions wore him out more and more every morning. Just getting the the office and doing work made his life even more tired. It was a journey to walk to the bedroom and a struggle to keep his eyes open.

That was until Daichi could see you, laying in his side of the bed, wearing his hoodie.

Daichi’s briefcase slid off his shoulder, loudly thudding against the floor. You were home. Immediately, your eyes shot open then fluttered as you rose.

“Daichi?” you called out as you rubbed your groggy eyes. You could barely see, but you knew from the figure it was Daichi.

There was no doubt it was Daichi when he darted toward to your side just to take you into his arms. His breaths were shaky and hiss like. And it was the same for you. Your arms found Daichi’s body, wrapping perfectly around him. Your body melted against Daichi’s, and so did your emotions.

All the anger, frustration, disappointment, confusion, everything… It melted away as Daichi’s embrace lingered. As time continued on, both your holds became tighter and your cries beginning.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry Daichi,” you cried, it sounding muffled into Daichi’s shoulder.

“No, shhh, I’m sorry. Just… I’m sorry, ____,” Daichi shook his head as he pressed your head closer to him. “Don’t cry. I’m sorry. I really am, ____. I was such an idiot to be mad.”

You leaned back, shaking your head. “Daichi, no. No, I should-”

Daichi held your face and brought your lips together. And did you miss the taste of him. You missed his calloused hands caressing your cheeks, holding you, embracing your skin. You missed Daichi. And his emotions radiated out of him and into your soul, yelling for you to stay. Daichi’s lips slowly departed from yours, leaving just your foreheads touching. He waited for your cries to become quieter and more calm. It was nice. His thumbs rubbing the tears away, his voice soothing you.

“Daichi, I swear to you, I’m not in love with Sugawara anymore. I really-”

“Baby, I know, I know,” Daichi panted.

His breath was hot against your moist skin. You could see his lips curl into a smile, yet he was shedding a few tears as well. Why?

“Daichi? What’s-”

“I was afraid you were still in love with Suga because you never got an answer to your feelings,” Daichi began. Your eyes looked into his, searching for some answer.

“What do you mean?”

Daichi sighed and then chuckled. “We just went out. And we were so happy together, I didn’t think to ask about your feelings for Suga.

“But as time went on, I started to notice I would get some uncomfortable feelings whenever it was Suga, you, and I. But I just brushed it off, assumed it was an upset stomach or something. I definitely knew I felt uncomfortable when it would be just you and Suga. Instead of trying to figure out why I felt like that, I just… I just let the dislike grow into something nasty.

“And that’s when we started fighting. And it was my fault. All those times I got mad at you instead of trying to figure out why brought out a different side of me. And it wasn’t fair to you. Because I really didn’t give you that chance to get over Suga or resolve those feelings. We just… We just went straight for each other, no hesitation.”

“Oh, Daichi,” you cried. You threw your arms around Daichi, your face buried in the crevice of his neck.

“I’m sorry, ____. I really am,”

You shook your head. “There’s no need to be. I get it. I do.”

Your eyes met, a soft smile on your face. It made Daichi breathe a bit easier, his mind doing less boggling.

“Daichi, I never thought to tell you how I felt about Sugawara once we got together, because I thought it was clear what my answer was,” you started. Daichi tilted his head, curious. He was so cute. It was hard to hold back from kissing his lips. “I didn’t need to resolve my feelings for Sugawara once I fell for you. There were no feelings left for him. You were the only thing that took up my heart. And mind. You took everything that was me.

“So I’m sorry… I’m sorry I never told you that clearly. It must have been hard to deal with those feelings. So, I’m sorry, my love.”

Daichi shook his head with a smile. If there was ever such a thing as magic, Daichi knew it’s secrets. Whenever he cupped your face before he kissed, just like right now, you swore your entire being levitated off the ground. Especially your heart, because once your lips touched, there was nothing else that existed.

Only you and Daichi. There had to be some sort of magic spell Daichi knew because no one had ever made you feel that way.


It had been a long day. Actually, a long week. A big client for your job was very demanding and, of course, your co-workers and you did all that could be done to make the client happy. Even when it was damn near close to impossible. Fetching items from two seasons ago that no one could have unless in a thrift store, making designs and stitches that would please the client only for them to disrespect your work. Ironically enough, the client ended up choosing the stitch work you had originally shown. To top it off, they credited the stitch work as if it had come from magic, or in their words, “my brilliant mind”.

Thankfully, the client was satisfied and everyone in the company had left with filled wallets. To end your week, all you wanted was a hot bubble bath and your amazing husband by your side.

“I’m home,” you called out as you kicked off your shoes.

Strangely, there was no reply. You raised an eyebrow of confusion, turning your head into each room to find Sugawara sitting at the dining table, forehead against his grasped fingers

“I’m home, Koushi,” you chimed, kissing his cheeks.

“Huh? Oh, hi honey,” Sugawara smiled. But it wasn’t hard to miss Sugawara’s stressed aura. He was usually ecstatic to see you come home. But now, his mind was clustered and his shoulders sagged.

“Koushi? What’s wrong?” and then your eyes trailed to the papers laid out in front of Sugawara. “Oh.”

“Honey, I think we need to talk,” Sugawara sighed as he rubbed his neck.

You couldn’t take your worried eyes off Sugawara’s forced smile. You two had been together enough to know that his angelic demeanor was just the icing on the cake. There was more to Sugawara, especially when he was stressed. He sat there, smiling as best as he could, but it didn’t last long. It withered and his worried frown came to be.

“How bad are the bills?” you decided to ask. It would be better to get straight to the point rather than beat around the bush. Especially with Sugawara.

“Bad. Bad enough that I’m asking you to get a different job,” Sugawara sighed guiltily.


Sugawara slowly looked from the side and into your eyes, pained. He couldn’t bear to be the reason your wide eyes were hurt because of him. But you two weren’t kids anymore. There were responsibilities needed to be handled and all solutions needed to be explored. All.

“Koushi, you can’t be serious,” you chuckled wryly.

But his eyes didn’t waver. He was serious.

“____, we need to make these bills. I need you to get a new job, one that pays more,” Sugawara tried. His hands were waving around like some teacher finding a solution to a school fight. He definitely sighed like a frustrated teacher, but he wasn’t your teacher and you weren’t his student. “____, please. I know you love your job-”

“Then how could you ask me that?!” you yelled, standing immediately from your chair.

“Because I can’t be the only ones meeting ends meet! I need you to get a better paying job because I’m tired of paying more than you!” Sugawara matched your level of tone and your actions.

Except he was panting while you stood there with tears brimming in your eyes and a pain in your heart you didn’t recognize. Your chest burned, it burned so bad. With a tear falling and Sugawara’s eyes becoming more filled with anger and frustration, the left side of your chest just burned and burned. It almost burned your ears, they were so warm.

Suddenly, Sugawara relaxed. He realized the words that had left his mouth and the severity of what he said.

“____, I’m sorry. That’s not what I meant to-”

You turned and grabbed your jackets faster than Sugawara could try and reach for you.

“____, wait! Honey, that’s not-”

“I’m going out,” you interjected, a little whimper at the end. Sugawara tried to beat you to the door, but you didn’t let him. You didn’t even put on your shoes. You just grabbed them in the door way and slammed the door behind you. It wasn’t long before Sugawara opened it, following behind you. “Leave me alone, Koushi.”

His hands were around your wrist, a bit clammy and stern. “____, no! Just let me explain, I didn’t mean-”

You silenced Sugawara with your hand slapping against his cold cheek. You didn’t even wait for Sugawara to speak, let alone process what had just happened.

“No, there’s nothing to explain! There’s nothing to explain when its clear as day! You lied to me! You said it was fine I go after my dream even if the money wasn’t as much as we hoped. You said we would find a way even when it would get hard, and yet, you think it’s okay to say that to me?! No, Koushi, there’s nothing to explain!”

“There is! Honey, just-I’ve been stressed, I’m sorry!” Sugawara wrapped his arms around you, his chest against your trembling back. Now you were the one raging.

How could Sugawara say that? He was your boyfriend, someone you had devoted all your insecurities and desires into. And one of those being your job. It was the best of both worlds. Yes it was your dream, but it did come with hardships. And even if those hardships brought back complaints and frustrations for Sugawara, he did the best job of subsiding those negative energies for you. Even if your dream job wasn’t paying enough of the bills like Sugawara’s job was, he made you believe that this was just another step to living a happy life together, stress free. So how could he say that to you?

You dropped your shoes and brought your hands to cover your crying face. “Just why would you say that?”

“I’m sorry, babe… I… I’ve just been stressed out. And I’m sorry. You didn’t deserve that,” Sugawara whispered into your ear, a little whimper at the end. Sugawara did feel guilty. Never in a million years would he intentionally hurt you. There will be times he did know he would do things that you wouldn’t completely love. But you both understood that. It was… Just in this moment, he still didn’t like that he hurt you.

Sugawara turned your body, cupping your face. His soft lips found your forehead and only drifted just a breath away. You could feel his warm breath against your forehead. “I am truly sorry, honey. I just… I just want this to be easier for us.

“We’ll figure something out. We always do. I made that promise to you, and I’m going to keep it. You don’t need to leave your job, okay?”

You looked into his eyes. Was there a little lie behind Sugawara’s eyes?

No, no there was more truth in them than his shaky words. He was just stressed. And you were as well, if not more.

‘Okay, okay,” you sighed, leaning into Sugawara. His arms wrapped around you tightly, a smile on both your faces. “But if I do have to, I’ll just get another job.”

Sugawara looked down shocked. “Honey, you don’t-”

“I want to make my cut. I know I don’t have to. But… Only if I need to, I want to keep my job and do something else. I want to make this easier for us and for our future,” you smiled.

This surprised Sugawara. But he understood.

“We’ll figure it out. I just want to keep you happy, my love,” Sugawara admitted.

Your smile always brightened his day. It always got him through any hardship he ever had to endure. And as you smiled while your fingers intertwined with his, Sugawara felt okay. The universe loved to throw challenges his way. But he knew, as long as you held his hand and smiled his way, Sugawara and you could take on the world.

Of Course I’m Angry


Warning(s): None

 Pairing(s): Castiel x Reader

Summary: “You ate all my cereal and faked your death for three years! Of course I’m angry!”

Author’s Note: I know I have not been writing like I should be, and I wanted to try this prompt because let’s be honest - that sounds like Supernatural. I tried to make this one light hearted for you guys!

It’d been three years since you’d seen your angel in his tan trench coat, and at this point, you’d given up hope. Mostly.
     Something inside told you, day in and day out, that’d he’d come back. Part of you would’ve loved that. It would have been overjoyed and happy as hell. Yet another part of you wouldn’t have favored that. You were still a little mad over it, as he had left without warning. Even though he did that a lot, and sometimes for a while, 3 years was just…unacceptable to you.
     There were never answers to your prayers, no surprise appearances, nothing out of the ordinary except for the absence of Castiel. Your Cas, gone and without a trace for three years!
     Around a few months into the second year, you were on the edge of you metaphorical seat, waiting for him to pop up somewhere inconvenient. The bathroom, while you were changing, during the middle of hunt.
     Just some kind of sign would have sufficed for you, quite honestly.
Now it’d been three years, four months, and seventeen days. If you couldn’t tell, the part of you that still hoped for his return was much stronger than the part who didn’t want it. You deeply missed the way he used to tilt his head at the slightest thing, confused. The way you always had to fix his tie because somehow, it was always messed up. Most of all, the way he hugged you, oddly enough. Like he didn’t want to let go of you.
     Well, on that eighteenth dreadful day, you’d had a hard hunt and it hadn’t turned out too well. You weren’t too down - it wasn’t your first mess up, it certainly wouldn’t be your last one, and it was partly Sam’s fault. After trying to sleep for a few hours and deeming it useless, turning over and tossing every possible way (a nightly routine), you finally got up.
     As you turned on your laptop, deciding to look for hunts around the place, you knew you saw something out of the corner of your eye. The shape of a…
    Was that the shape of a man?
No, it definitely couldn’t be. Castiel was probably dead by now. It wasn’t him if it was a man. So on that reasoning, you grabbed the knife beside your bed and slowly shut your laptop, looking around so your eyes would adjust to the dark once more.
    Once they had adjusted, you glanced around the room once more. The silhouette hadn’t moved yet, so taking a deep breathe, you moved an inch or so from your position on the bed. It stayed still, as if watching you.
     In a brief moment of hope, you let out a weak, “C-Cas?”
     A few brief moments passed before it moved and your breathe caught in your throat. Moving into the thin line of light emanating still from your shut laptop, you saw the color of his dress pants.
     “Is it really you Castiel?” You asked quietly, almost certain that one, you were hallucinating, or two, it was some type of monster impersonating your dearest angel.
     “It’s me,” you knew right away that it was really him. No one could impersonate that deep voice, and if it weren’t truly his it never would’ve given you the need to hear more of it that it always did. 
    Getting up, you felt happy and angry at the same time. When he started to explain, you stopped him. “Wait no, I’m mad at you.”
     That shut him right up, making him tilt his head in that adorable way of his. “What?”
     “You ate all my cereal and then you disappeared for three years, Cas,” you said firmly. “I’m mad at you.”
     “(Y/n), it was Dean who ate the last of your cereal-”
     “Dean? He told me it was you!”

Stay-at-Home Dad- Derek Hale

Originally posted by monstrousmess

* omg I honestly can’t think of anything cuter than Derek being a stay at home dad. The ULTIMATE family man lol. This is inspired by a text post my idol, @obsessed-withthe-hales, made. xoxox*

After packing up your bag, you quickly left Beacon Hill Junior High. It had been an exhausting day, one of the bad ones you got on occasion when the class clown distracted all of the other kids. But now you would head home to your family and pray that your house wasn’t in complete chaos.

After throwing the keys in the Acadia, you dialed home for a check-in. You were surprised when the ringing stopped so quickly. “Woah, Derek. I expected you to have to wrestle away from the kids to get the phone.

He chuckled from the other end. “Actually, everything is all good here, Y/N.”

“So I’m hoping that means our house is still standing?”

“Baby, you know that I’ve got everything under control.” And It was true. When you and Derek first had Jade, he told you that with the money his family had left behind and investments, your little family would be well off. Even Though it sounded like an incredible option, you knew you could never take it. Not only would you need to stay on your feet to keep from getting bored at home, but you loved your work. Even on the bad days, you didn’t regret working with those 7th graders. You were sad to be so far away from your baby after your maternity leave, but you knew she would be in good hands with her dad.

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Without (2/2)

When she unlocks the door without knocking this time, she tries not to think of it as giving up. Facing facts, yes. Accepting reality. Summoning the strength to carry on and take care of things in his absence. But not giving up.

Not for the first time, she thinks about what Mulder must have gone through when she was taken. They never really talked about it, not in any detail, but it isn’t difficult to imagine how he might have fared, especially now that their positions are reversed. She was missing for three months; coming to terms with the fact that he might well be gone for just as long, or even longer, has not been easy, but it is a necessary starting point. She has always, always needed something to put her back up against when faced with loss, and merely sitting around, waiting and hoping for something to turn up on the Gunmen’s satellite scans, is not going to cut it.

So even though coming here tonight was not exactly a conscious decision on her part, she does her best to see it as an opportunity instead of a moment of weakness. Tomorrow, she will make arrangements to ensure his rent is paid automatically each month. She will figure out how to keep the fish fed regularly and keep his mail from piling up. On Monday, she will return to work and do her best to keep the X-Files division running smoothly. She will do for him what he did for her: hold down the fort so he at least has a home and a job to return to.

After shutting and locking the door behind herself, she squares her shoulders and carries her suitcase through to his bedroom, trying to ignore the smell of his leather couch and the sound of the fish tank filter and how the combination feels oddly like homecoming and homesickness all at once. The sheets are still rumpled from when she slept here before (was it really almost a week ago now?), and she shakes her head at the memory of waking up to the sight of Agent Doggett standing in the bedroom doorway. The thought that she now has to work with that man every day… But it helps nothing to get upset about it. It’s done, his re-assignment is final, and the only thing to do now is figure out how to deal with it.

She may not be able to fully think like Mulder, but she can try. She will have to try.

For the moment, though, she needs dinner and a shower, and possibly not in that order. Getting food delivered would involve more human interaction than she has the energy for right now, but no matter how empty Mulder’s refrigerator tends to be, he can always be counted on to have cans of soup in the cupboard. That will have to do.


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possible reasons for kylo to be on crait in that one shot
  • This is a flashback. We haven’t seen much of Kylo wearing his cape other than in the promo pics, so maybe when he wears a cape it’s in a flashback. The reason why it’s in the promo pics could be for coolness’s sake (aka to get more money from merch)
  • He goes to Crait early on in the film. He has his helmet on in that shot and we know that he destroys it early in the film (while he still has his little space bandaid over his still-healing scar), so unless he gets a new helmet, he would have to be on Crait before he smashes it, thus making that shot take place early on
  • He’s leading a group of defected troopers. I think this one is a stretch, but you can’t rule it out entirely. Maybe he left the FO with some troopers that saw him do so and wanted to come along and now they’re going to meet up with the Resistance at their base in hopes of joining their forces
  • He’s undercover. Like Finn in TLJ, maybe even though he has defected, there are ppl who still don’t know about that and so he pretends to still be on their side in order to stay alive, get information, or smth of the like.

(taken from my convo on reddit)

what do you guys think? anything that i missed? do any of you have any refutations for some of these hypotheses?

boi i see u in the tags of my post and i’m like! por que no los dos!

Noctis is in a real tizzy when he pulls Aranea aside as she’s prepping her speeder for departure. 

She doesn’t blame him, the times seem to be treating him badly. One of his boys is injured, another missing, so she doesn’t blame him for the anxious energy he exudes when he approaches her. And she’d been expecting this conversation sooner or later. One doesn’t casually walk into Gralea, after all, and Noctis seems smart enough to know that he’ll need all the help he can get.

“Do you trust your men?” is the first thing he asks, though. It’s unexpected, to say the least. She hadn’t expected him to tiptoe, looking as desperate as he does. “To help the civilians alone, I mean.”

“’Course I do,” she says. And maybe it comes out a little harsh, but all these years, all the shit she’s been through? She keeps precious few things close to her in this hellhole of an Empire, and one of those things is her trust for her men. “What? Need me to come with you to hold your hand, pretty boy?”

“No, not that.” Noctis shakes his head, only the slightest hint of a flush gracing his royal cheeks. His face is a distinct kind of self-loathing when he continues, “It’s Prompto. The, y’know, the one we’re missing. Can you- can you go back? T-to find him. I just, I just need to know that he’s ok.”

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Hello Detective (Sherlock) Chapter 50

Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5   Part 6   Part 7   Part 8   Part 9   Part 10   Part 11   Part 12   Part 13   Part 14   Part 15   Part 16   Part 17   Part 18   Part 19   Part 20   Part 21   Part 22   Part 23   Part 24   Part 25   Part 26  Part 27  Part 28  Part 29 Part 30  Part 31  Part 32  Part 33   Part 34   Part 35   Part 36   Part 37   Part 38   Part 39   Part 40      Part 41   Part 42   Part 43   Part 44   Part 45   Part 46   Part 47   Part 48   Part 49   Part 50  Part 51  Part 52  Part 53  Part 54  Part 55   Part 56  Part 57 Part 58 Part 59 Part 60 Part 61

You shoved the note into your pocket and pushed your way past John and down the stairs. He called after you, but you didn’t stop. You left 221B, knowing that it could possibly be your last time there. It began to rain as you walked down the street, and you thought about popping into your own flat around the corner but decided against it. Like everything, it would just remind you of him.

You wandered around London in the rain, your wet hair sticking to your face. You noticed the strange looks you were getting from people walking by, but you didn’t care anymore. You didn’t care how you looked, you were broken inside so what use was it not being broken on the outside.

You found yourself in front of a familiar door, ringing the bell. You didn’t know who else to turn to, but you knew someone who might understand, even a little.

The door was tugged open quickly.

“Y/N, my God get in here, you’re soaking wet!” Lestrade said, pulling you out of the rain. He was clearly surprised to see you. He took your coak, but your wet clothes clung to your body. He frowned when he saw your lips had a blue tint. He wrapped a towel around your shoulders. You looked up to him, you still hadn’t said a word. You wrapped your arms around him, hugging him as a tear streamed down your check.

“It’s going to be okay, Y/N.” He said, rubbing soothing circles on your back.

‘It’s not though, it’s not going to be okay, Greg. Nothing will ever be the same.” You said, pulling back.

“It will just take time, trust me. You can come back to work when you’re ready, things can go back to normal.” Greg said.

“You don’t get it do you. I can’t go back there, I can’t work there anymore. Everything reminds me of Sherlock, every case I work I would just think of him, not to mention if I saw Donovan or Anderson. I can’t do it Greg.” You said, shaking your head.

“Does that mean you’re quitting?” Lestrade asked.

“I would only be there for a few months before leaving anyway. There’s no reason to go back now.” You said.

“What do you mean?” Lestrade asked confused.

“Greg, I’m pregnant… I’ve known for about a month. I’ve been staying with Mycroft, he’s offered to help but I still don’t know what I’m going to do.” You said quietly. Lestrade was obviously surprised.

“So it’s Sherlocks? Are you going to keep it?” He asked.

“Of course, it’s my last connection to him, the last bit of him I have left.” You said, lowering your head.

“Did he know?” Lestrade asked gently. You shook your head, your heart filling with regret. Maybe if you had told him he wouldn’t have done what he did.

“God…” Greg muttered, “Well if you ever need anything, I’ll be here for you. Always.”

“Thank you. I might go back home for a little while, to America I mean, still not sure. I think I need to get out of London for a little while.” You said.

“Well, you’ve always got a friend on the force… And if it’s any consolation Anderson quit and Donovan is very sorry.” Greg said.

“Sorry for what? Helping kill Sherlock and destroy his reputation, or for agitating me enough to break her nose?” You asked.

“Both, though I do think she’s had to have surgery to fix that.” Lestrade said.

“Small price to pay compared to what she did, don’t you think.” You said, now standing.

“He wasn’t a fraud was he?” Greg asked.

“He was many things, but never that.” You put your coach on, which had dried a little.

“Are you leaving?” He asked.

“It’s getting late, Mycroft will worry.” You said.

“Call me if you need anything.” He said and you nodded as you walked out the door.

After walking a little more it began to rain again, just your luck. You had made it back to Mycroft’s house and walked in the door, soaking wet.

He jumped to his feet when you arrived, rushing to you.

“Well?” He asked, curious.

You pulled the note out of the inside of your coat where it had managed to only get a little wet. You placed it on the table next to you and walked past Mycroft to hang your coat up and change into some dry clothes.

When you reemerged, newly dry, Mycroft was waiting for you, with the letter in his hand.

“Where did you find this?” He asked.

“At his flat.” You said simply, moving towards an armchair.

“Yes, but where?” He pushed as you curled up in the chair.

“In his room, his wardrobe. In a box of jewelry that used to be in my flat, but somehow ended up in his.” You said. He eyed you suspiciously and you wondered what he was thinking.

“What kind of jewelry?” He asked, why was he so curious.

“It was a necklace that he had given me for Christmas. Why do you care?” You asked.

“Just curious. Are you okay?” He asked.

“Of course I’m not okay! I’ve just lost the love of my life, and I’m pregnant with his child! Mycroft I know human nature is a mystery to you, but don’t you think it’s a bit obvious!” You yelled. He sighed and rubbed his temple.

“I think you should see someone, someone who can help you.” Mycroft sighed.

“Like a shrink?” You scoffed.

“A therapist. Y/N, please, do it for me.” Mycroft pleaded.

And you did, the next day you found yourself sitting in front of a therapist for the first time. Surprisingly you had never been to one. She told you that you were having trouble coping with Sherlock being gone, but you knew that. She also told you that a good way to handle that was to write letters to him, to say the things you wanted to and never did.

That night you sat at the desk in your room, pulled out a pen and piece of paper and began to write what was on your mind. Tears stained the page as you held it up to read it before tucking it away.


My therapist thinks this will help, writing to you, saying the things I wanted to and never did. Yes, I went to a therapist, the same one John uses I think. How ironic. I doubt this will help though, nothing helps. Nothing numbs the pain, and believe me I’ve tried everything. No one really understands, they try but at the end of the day they go back to their perfect little lives and I’m left all alone. And let me tell you, the nights are the worst. Sometimes all you can do is lie in bed, and hope to fall asleep before you fall apart. I think my mind is still having trouble wrapping itself around the fact that you’re gone.

I used to think I couldn’t go a day without seeing you. Without telling you things and hearing your voice back. Then, that day arrived and it was so damn hard but the next was harder. And I just know it’s going to get worse and I won’t be okay for a very long time. People don’t realize that losing someone isn’t an occasion or an event. It doesn’t just happen once. It happens over and over again. I lose you every time I pick up your favorite coffee mug; whenever I hear a violin, or when I see a deerstalker.

I lose you every time I think of kissing you, holding you, or wanting you. I go to bed at night and lose you when I wish I could tell you about my day. And in the morning, when I wake up and reach for the empty space across the sheets, I begin to lose you all over again.

I missed you every hour. And you know what the worst part was? It caught me completely by surprise. I’d catch myself just walking around to find you, not for any reason, just out of habit, because I’d seen something that I wanted to tell you about or because I wanted to hear your voice. And then I’d realize that you weren’t there anymore, and every time, every single time, it was like having the wind knocked out of me.

It’s sad Sherlock, how you were such a big part of my life and now you’re just gone. Missing you comes in waves, and tonight I’m drowning. I had so much left to say to you, and that’s the worst part. It’s 2:00 AM and I’m still trying to figure out how everything went wrong so fast. Was there something I could have done? If only I had been smarter, if only I had figured out his plan sooner I could have helped you, I could have prevented this from happening.

Sherlock, I miss you so much. I miss you when the lights go down, because it illuminates all my doubts. My therapist told me that we place all love in the dark, and I’m not sure how true that is, but at moments like this I began to believe her. She tells me I need to move on, but how can I? If you weren’t the one for me, then how come I hate the idea of being free? And part of me keeps holding on, hoping for a miracle. As each day passes, that hope gets smaller and smaller. I’m terrified that one day I’ll wake up and forget the sound of your voice, the color of your eyes, or the curl of your hair.

I remember all of the things that I thought I wanted to be, I was so desperate to find a way out of my world and to finally breathe. Only when I moved to London and when you followed me into Speedy’s did things start to feel right. Right before my eyes I saw my heart come to life. And it wasn’t easy loving you, but then again when it’s real it’s not meant to be easy. Every story has its scars, and ours always seems to lead to pain and scars. But that didn’t scare me when I had you by my side. When I had you I felt safe. Since you’re the only one that mattered, tell me who do I run to?

But when the pain cuts too deep, and the nights keep me from sleeping that’s when I realized you were my remedy. It was always you that pulled me back to what really mattered. You keep me right, though I’m sure you would argue the opposite. When the world seems so cruel, and my heart makes me feel like a fool I wonder if maybe you were right. Sentiment is a chemical defect found in the losing side. We lost… I lost. When has it ever worked out for me? This disappointment we call love? You were my one chance at happiness. You were my remedy and without you I am broken.

Not much is certain in this world, death and taxes and all that, but among all the lies, the one truth I could always hold onto was your love, and I will always love you.

Y/N Gregson

You folded the letter and placed it in an empty envelope that would soon fill to capacity. Tomorrow was Sherlock’s funeral, you were supposed to say something, to stand in front of everyone and speak. Tomorrow was going to be a long day, and you hadn’t even thought about what you were going to say.