still hatin

  • Jay Park
  • screw you haters

Specially dedicated to all fcktards who were bashing Jay, sayin’ he can’t rap and ain’t “enough hip hop” to be a judge in SMTM4


Why You Always Hatin? - YG ft. Drake & Kamaiyah


Not my best work, but folks still hatin on Sombra.  Hope you enjoy!

I wasnt gonna say nothing about it,i was gonna let tumblr do what it do,but naw ima do what i do..

Envy is a disease,whether you want to look at it that way or not,but when you doing good for yourself to the point it makes a nigga want to see you dead..then you know some shit not right. Yall niggas gotta stop this stupid shit, it hurts your fuckin pride&ego to give somebody else props for the shit they do. Shit that you wont even get off yo ass to rather plot on them..but at the end of the day you still gonna be a hatin’ ass nigga surrounded by hatin’ ass bitches and have hatin’ ass kids… RIP Chinx Drugz