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hi i just got home 2 hours ago and it turns out i don’t have time to stay up all night even though i have a 4 day weekend bc tomorrow i gotta visit houses so im upsetti

How the Hetalia Characters Celebrate Their Birthdays

America: Fireworks and a huge barbecue! Also he gets the biggest most colorful cake you’ve ever seen.

Canada: Just a nice day with family, friends and fireworks. Sometimes they go out to eat sometimes they just eat at Canada’s house.

France: Has a fun night out with Spain and Prussia. Sometimes they even get England to come along too!

England: He tries to have just a nice quiet day but someone(France or America) usually drags him out and forces him to celebrate.

Germany: He tries to act like it’s just another day but Prussia and Italy usually throw a party for him.

Russia: Tries to throw a big party but sadly not a lot of people show up…he still has a fun time throw with the ones who do!

China: He doesn’t celebrate because he doesn’t like to be reminded his age.


It’s pride month!!!
Celebration with the crew 😎 it’s Emery’s first time and he’s v nervous, but Jaspar and Angie are there to reassure him!

-also Chris is wearing the depression pride flag ofc-

Suck a dick. You might like it.

Demi Lovato

This is still my all time favorite thing any celebrity has said in defense of gay rights. Really just rights at this point considering it’s 2015. But ya know.

I will literally never get this many notes again. You guys are awesome and I respect that you respect that quote. Boom.
The Binding-

Chapter 16- Confrontation-

There was something wrong.  DIpper knew it- felt it in his belly- the moment he stepped onto their front steps.

His fears were realized when he opened the door to find their dad sitting at the dinning table, drumming his fingers.  Dipper was quick to notice his old- long ago filled- Book of Shadows on the table beside his father.

Oh shit.

He took a deep breath to brace himself for the oncoming storm.  He was in so much trouble, he was so fucked.

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