still has the sexiest back around

Guys Night Out ~ pt.2

Author: completedylantrash

Characters: reader x Stiles x Stuart

Rating: NSFW 18+ EXPLICIT Smut

Word Count: 3746

Synopsis: After you finish up your night at the club, you come home to find someone waiting for you.

A/N: This has some rough unprotected sex in it. Spanking, hair pulling, all that good stuff. Practice safe sex people, this is fiction! NO Twins x reader action, if that’s your thing go for it, but no threesome in this. I’m still trying to figure out where to go after this ends…

Enjoy =)

Part 1

I climb the stairs to my apartment, ready to throw on some sweats and stuff my face with junk food while watching The Avengers. I can’t think of anything better than spending the rest of my night with my hot Marvel men.

“Ooo! Cap and Loki, here I come!” I squeal as I jump the last couple of steps to the landing. I stop dead in my tracks when I see Stiles leaned against the wall next to my front door. “Stiles…whatcha doin’?” I say in a sing-song voice, narrowing my eyes at the Stilinski boy in front of me and take a deep breath.

“Waiting for you,” he smiles as he slips his hands in his front pockets.

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christmas cheer! ft. s.j.m characters


aelin : ‘cuz baby all i want for christmas… is yooooouuu. dancing with fleetfloot. you thought it was rowan. no. she loves her dog. dressed up as mrs. claus. mean girls style. jingle bell rock it out. christmas is her calling. fenrys and connall are her back up dancers. 

rowan : rolled his eyes so many times, they’ve fallen out of his head a few hours ago. screams every time he hears a christmas song. “if oNE MORE PERSON SINGS-” “have a holly jolly christmas-” screeEAMS.

aedion : loves putting up christmas decorations with lysandra. makes eggnog and always spikes it. go to aedion to get drunk on christmas. somehow he even spiked the candy canes. knows how to have a good time. 

lysandra : sexiest elf alive. woah™ mama™ back it up over here. the whole nine yards. short green skirt, suspenders, elf ears, tight red blouse, all of the above. has little jingle bells on her hat. hands out candy canes to the children and tells stories. evangeline is her elf in training. 

dorian : rich enough to make santa’s workshop. for the children of course. he is still considered a child right? dressed up as rudolph the red nose reindeer. “if i see aelin on your back, i will end you, dorian” aelin was on his back five minutes later, swinging a sack around. run, dorian, run.

manon : rolling her eyes along with rowan. secretly enjoying it. she loves singing carols with the thirteen. they go door to door at night. low key™, don’t tell anyone, but manon loves christmas. 

chaol : he’s the one that’s thinking about how much mess he has to clean up on December 26. crossing his arms. brooding. could give lorcan a run for his money. aelin gets him in the christmas spirit.

nesryn : christmas? what is christmas? what kind of (white) trash™ northern holiday is this. all of you are so white i can’t stop laughing. santa? seriously? let me show y’all some good ole southern holidays.

fenrys : back up dancer 1. follows aelin everywhere. breaks out into dance randomly and loves it. male stripper elf™ put the ho ho ho in christmas. perfected the art of twerking and loves to eat christmas cookies.

asterin : “fenrys calm down or i swear to the Three-Faced Goddess-”. wears a tiny santa hat and some red and silver clothes. that’s it. don’t ask her to do more. low key™ is the lead singer when the Thirteen goes Christmas caroling. she has a reputation to uphold. 

lorcan : is the tree. who needs a tree when you have lorcan? put a couple tinsel and lights on his shirt and his arms and his legs. hang up some ornaments on his ears and shoulders. brooding™ so™ much™ it’s™ now™ his™ permanent™ face™ “oh cheer up” growling. 

elide : is the star to the lorcan’s tree. screamed when fenrys and connall lifted her up but started laughing when they set her on lorcan’s shoulders. they drowned the poor girl in golden glitter. “stop brooding. this is fun, lorcan”. lorcan did not stop brooding but he was happy elide was his star. 

connall : back up dancer 2. follows aelin around as well. little wolf pup that just needs love. he actually made the choreography. follows fenrys down to the kitchen to eat all the cookies. always has mistletoe for some reason?? 

vaughan : put the christ in christmas. calm down you heathens. i am ashamed to know any of you. this is not what christmas is all about. **holds up arms to make the cross** “heathens! heathens surround us!”

gavriel : mY SON. just wants to hang out with his son on christmas. probably the one that wrapped all the presents. dad™ uncle™. gotta keep his child and niece happy. low key drank a gallon of spiked eggnog.

acomaf : 

rhys : ‘twas the night before christmas and it was quiet through the house, until Santa Rhysand came in, and threw them all a party. 100% into Christmas ever since Feyre told him about it. decorated all of Velaris and the Night Court. dressing up as Santa from now on. “have you been naughty or nice?”

feyre : her birthday and christmas are so close. she loves it. so many presents. dressed in simple leggings and sweaters but was happy so see rhys being over dramatic. eats about 100 christmas cookies…per hour.

cassian : wants to kill rhys. how dare he make him dress up like a reindeer. a rein-illyrian. drinking spiked eggnog and pot cookies. wants to forget this night. stripper™ reindeer. somehow got a pole too. 

nesta : made everyone christmas cookies and brownies. made everyone matching sweaters. christmas is her favorite™. blasts the christmas music and dances with her sisters. 

azriel : ‘twas the night before christmas, and azriel disappeared into the shadows, he was not seen again, until the New Year. 

mor : somehow got access to the internet and found the mean girls jingle bell rock. made feyre, nesta, and amren dance with her. she rocked those jingle bells hard. fierce™ fabulous™ get it, mor, get it. very!drunk™

lucien : what is christmas? elain, why? i aM A MIGHTY FOX DONT YOU- put me in an ugly christmas sweater. this green looks horrid with my hair. o hm y go d it lights up. i hate christmas 

elain : having waaaay too much fun putting lucien in ugly christmas sweaters. dressed up as mrs. claus. it was a bit awkward during the family dinner, considering rhys and his santa get-up. but feyre and lucien really didn’t care enough to comment. 

amren : won’t stop rolling her eyes. it took her a while but she finally got into the christmas spirit. she got into like mid-Christmas day. amren was the one to wrap all the presents and she kept growling when everyone just rIPpEd them open. death to all™ 

tamlin : …


Levi has never been so attracted to someone sucking on a lollipop. He wasn’t sure what it was about the green-eyed man that turned him on so much, but he couldn’t ignore it.

It almost seemed like he was purposely teasing him, taking an extra long time to lick all the way from the stick to the top of the lollipop, swirling his tongue around the width. Levi holds his breath as the brunette takes the whole of the lollipop in his cheeks, swishing it back and forth inside. With a ‘pop’, he takes it out of his mouth momentarily, only to shove it back in.

Barely able to sit still, Levi keeps his eyes glued on the erotic sight before him. It’d be just his luck to get stuck across the sexiest man on the subway with a dead phone. As he glances around, he notices that nearly everybody is caught up in their phones, likely playing a game or browsing through their stupid social networking.

However, looking back at this sexy brunette, he notices that rather than a phone he has a classic DS in his hands. There’s something about the idea of a gamer playing him like his joystick that thrills Levi to his core.

Clearing his throat carefully, Levi stands up and smoothly crosses the aisle, taking the seat just beside the aforementioned gamer.

“Hello.” Shit, was that too formal? He probably thinks I’m some stuck up jerk in a $1,000 suit-

“Hey, 'sup?” He barely glances up, absorbed in the game of Pokemon on his DS.

Levi shifts uncomfortably, trying to keep his eyes off the lollipop hanging loosely from the man’s mouth. Suddenly, Levi grabs the stick of the lollipop and pulls it out of the man’s mouth, only to put it in his own. He only briefly considers the germs, more concerned about the reaction to his completely unnecessary but primal urge for action.

The man pauses his game and looks up with hurt and confusion in his eyes that quickly fades upon meeting the steely grey gaze looking blankly at him. He can’t describe it, but there’s something familiar about them.

In the same moment their eyes lock, Levi feels a little surge of energy shoot to his heart. Why is he so familiar..,?

Silently, the two sit there staring at each other, the lollipop still sitting in Levi’s mouth.

“Eren…” Finally, the man shuts his DS to set it on the bench beside him, holding out his hand for Levi to shake.

“Lebbi.” His sound gets distorted by the grape lollipop slowly dissolving in his mouth. He expects Eren to take it back, but instead, he lets him keep it and pulls another one out of his back pocket to unwrap and stick in his mouth with a chuckle.

“Nice to meet you, 'Lebbi’.”

“You’re All Grown Up Now” (Stepbrother!Michael Smut)

Summary: Michael comes home to spend some time with his family. Mostly he really wanted to see his stepsister, Y/N. It’s been four years since they last saw each other and Michael wants to spend some stepbrother/stepsister time with her. What he gets is something that he never imagined happening between the two of them…ever…

Warning: Smut, and language.

Requested: Yes and no. I wanted to do this and my friend encouraged me to do this.

Dedication: @sydneyboo14 because you encouraged me to write this smut.

If you have requests feel free to message me! I love to write so send me all the crazy ass ideas your dirty minds can think of! :)

*Written on Wednesday June 8th, 2016*

*I DO NOT own that GIF of Michael.*


Michael’s P.O.V.

When my dad got remarried about seven years ago now when I was thirteen years old I didn’t just gain a new stepmother, but I got a stepsister as well. My stepsister Y/N is a year younger than me, and she was twelve when our parents got married and she was eight when we met each other. So, it’s safe to say that we have watched each other grow up.

I haven’t been home for a while now because of my band touring and also due to the fact that I live in California now. Whenever I am home I usually stay with my mum and Y/N is always off at school or off with her friends or something so I haven’t seen her in like four years since I was sixteen. But this time I am staying with my dad and I made sure that I was going to see her when I came home. It’s been too fucking long.

I knock on my dad’s front door and I wait there a moment for someone to answer it. I stand there awkwardly alone all by myself with the handle of my suitcase from tour in my hand. When it opens a girl I hardly even recognize is standing in the doorway.

She looks like Y/N but just a bit older. So I am assuming this young woman is her all grown up now. I mean Y/N is nineteen years old now, so she’s not going to look like she did the last time that I saw her four years ago when she was just fifteen. But the weird thing is I don’t want her to be Y/N and I am kind of wishing that it’s not Y/N because I am feeling myself become automatically sexually attracted to this girl just at first look at her.

“Y/N?” I ask totally unsure that this strikingly drop dead gorgeous young woman standing in front of me is my little stepsister.

The last time that I saw Y/N she was fifteen years old and she hardly had any boobs yet, she was as thin as fucking rail skinny and lanky, she was still fighting her acne all over her young teenage face, and she wore glasses over her eyes. Now she’s a young nineteen year old young woman. She’s beautiful with gorgeous hair, beautiful cleared up skin, breathtaking smoldering eyes with no more glasses, and she has the sexiest curves I’ve ever seen on any other woman ever in my life.

She’s not a little kid anymore, that was for sure.

“Hi Mikey!” She exclaims excitedly and before I know it her arms are wrapped around my torso because she is still a but shorter than me so she can’t reach her arms around my neck. She’s pressing her sexy, curvy body up against mine tightly and I am taken back for a second by this sudden feeling of her body on mine. I want to physically slap myself for how much I am enjoying this hug right now. Why am I enjoying this so much?

Oh, that’s right…Boobs…

I greet hugging her back with an awkward sounding, “Hey.”

“I missed you so much, Michael,” She tells me as she steps back breaking our hug. Even her voice was a bit different now. The last time I heard her voice, it was sweet like bubblegum and pure. Now, it’s a bit lower and it has a bit of a little rasp in it. God, she was so sexy to me. Everything about her is so sexy to me and I couldn’t decide if I liked it or not. It felt so fucking wrong, but at the same time it felt so fucking right.

“I missed you too, Y/N. I hardly even recognized you without your glasses.” I tell her giving her a smile as I step into the house now. I looked like shit, and she looked so good. I just got off the plane from tour and I needed to shower. I smelt like plane, Doritos, and Red Bull.

“Oh yeah, I wear contacts now,” she informs me with a sweet smile on her lips. The lips I wanted to kiss so badly right now.

God! Michael fucking stop it! She’s your little sister! You fucking creep!

I desperately peel my green eyes away from my now distractingly hot and certainly not-so-little-anymore stepsister and I look around the house for a second trying to find my dad or my stepmum and I don’t see my them anywhere. Fuck my life! I really needed one of them here right now so Y/N wouldn’t distract me anymore with her new hotness. When I don’t see either of them anywhere I ask her, “Where are our parents at?”

“Oh, they’re both out. They went to the store. They actually just left like not even five minutes ago.” She informs me with a smile on her nice, plump lips again. I can tell form her outfit of just a tank top and tight ass yoga shorts that she has no intentions of leaving the house today and she was just having a lazy day in front of the TV.

As nice as that sounded, and as much as I could use a lazy day in front of the TV with my little sister, I would rather she put some more clothes on before I joined her in that because we usually share a blanket on the couch when we do that, and the last thing I needed was an awkward boner while watching TV with my little sister. Fuck that.

“Cool,” I nod my bleach blond head at her up and down trying to keep my cool even though on the inside I was screaming. “I think I’m going to take a quick shower then. I smell like plane.”

“You smelt fine to me when I hugged you,” She says shrugging her shoulders at me.

“Thanks, but I need a shower. I’ll be right back.” I head up the stairs then quickly with my suitcase in my hand getting as far away from Y/N and her new sexiness as I can right now.

Once I’m upstairs I first go into my bedroom here where I gathered up my things I would need to take a shower and I brought them into the bathroom with me where I started up the water letting it get warm while I stripped down out naked of my sweatpants and band t-shirt and got into the shower letting the now warm water fall onto me hitting my back.

My shower was nice and warm and somewhat refreshing. But I couldn’t stop thinking about how different Y/N looks now. I had missed some pretty crucial growing up years in her life I guess. That’s why she looks so different now than the last time I saw her four years ago. Just hugging her out there was different too. I wasn’t hugging my little sister out there, I was hugging a young woman. A beautiful, curvy, unbelievably sexy young woman.

Fuck. Michael, stop it! You’ve known her since she was fucking eight years old this isn’t right. Don’t think about her like that…But it’s hard not to though. With her sexy curves, smoldering eyes, gorgeous hair, and that new low, and a little bit raspy, voice that comes out of those nice, plump, kissable lips.

I decided that I thought my stepsister was hot now. There. I fucking admitted it to myself. She’s not actually my little sister for crying out loud. We’re not blood related so it shouldn’t be that weird for me to think she’s attractive. I did, however, force myself to stop thinking about her like that right now so I wouldn’t pop a boner while in the shower. I would save those thoughts for later tonight in my bedroom and just get it all out of my system then.

When I get out of the shower I realize that I forgot something kind of important; A fucking towel. Shit. I open the cabinet under the sink where the towels usually are and there are none. I check in the other cabinet and it’s nothing but Y/N’s girly hair and feminine products. Fuck!

I open the bathroom door and call out to Y/N for help. “Y/N! Can you bring me a towel Please? There’s none in the bathroom!”

“Sure Mikey! One second!” She calls back to me a moment later.

I get back into the bathtub so I wouldn’t get the bathroom floor any wetter than I already had and I waited for Y/N to bring me a towel. When she enters the bathroom a moment later I cover my dick holding it in both of my hands so she can’t see it.

It’s not that I’m self conscious about my dick size, I’m not, I just don’t want my little sister seeing it is all. But she sure obviously doesn’t seem to mind what she’s fucking wearing right now. She’s in just her underwear and her tank top now with no shorts on. What the fuck is she doing wearing no shorts around me in just her fucking panties?

“Where’d your shorts go, Y/N?” I ask her taking towel from her opening it with one free hand. As I begin to wrap it around my waist she answers my question of where her now missing shorts went.

“I got kinda cold downstairs so I went to put on some pants. I was in the middle of changing when you asked me to bring you a towel. I didn’t even think to put on pants I just stopped what I was doing and got you a towel.” She explains to me as I step out of the bathtub again.

Her voice was fast and she was blabbering and her cheeks look flushed and red. I know she didn’t just run her way from her bedroom where she was changing to the bathroom. She was fucking lying to me right now. She wasn’t changing in her room, she was doing something else.

“You look like you just ran a mile or something, Y/N,” I tease her.

She rolls her eyes at me and with a sigh she admits something to me that I really wished that she would have kept to herself at that moment. “Okay, fine, you caught me. I wasn’t changing when you called me.”

I probably should have kept my questions to myself at this moment, but I just couldn’t I was so curious. “Well then what were you doing?”

In a low, almost even shy sounding voice, she says, “I was touching myself.”

“What?” I asked in shock. Bloody fucking hell. Now I have to play it off like I didn’t just visualize my little stepsister pleasing herself, because I totally fucking did. More material for tonight I guess. “What the hell, Y/N? I did not need to know that!”

“I know,” she groans embarrassed. “I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable.”

I let out a sigh. That was pretty fucking hot, not even going to lie. “No, you’re fine, Y/N. You’re all grown up now. You can masturbate in the comfort of your own bedroom if you want to.”

Her response was something that I never, ever thought that I’d ever hear my fucking little sister say to me. “Well, would it make you uncomfortable if I told you that I was thinking about you?”

Now, this is supposed to be the part where I say something along the lines of “Hell fucking yes that makes me uncomfortable, Y/N! Very uncomfortable! Dammit, Y/N, you’re my little sister for crying out loud! We’ve known each other since we were kids and we shouldn’t be thinking about each other like that!” But I don’t. Instead, my dumbass decides to respond with this: “No, that doesn’t make me uncomfortable, Y/N.”

“It doesn’t?” She asks sounding surprised.

“No,” I shake my wet, blond head no to her.

Her voice still sounds surprised. “Really?”

“Really,” I reply repeating the word. “It doesn’t make me uncomfortable because I want you the same way.”

She doesn’t respond with words, instead she basically leaps onto me planting her plump lips onto mine kissing me. The kiss was hard and passionate at the same time. It was exactly how it should have been.

“This is so wrong,” I mumble pulling away from her kiss.

“I know, but it feels so right.” She replies and then her lips are on mine again. We stand there in the bathroom making out like this for a moment and then I remember that our parents could come home at any minute now. We shouldn’t be making out in the fucking bathroom.

I pull away from her kiss again even though I really don’t want to and in a breathy voice I say, “Bedroom. Now.” And she nods her head in agreement and we take off her her bedroom down the hall.

When we reach her bedroom I drop my towel and close the door behind us and she lays down on her bed. She is so ready for whatever is about to happen next and I know that I am too. Fuck, I never thought that this would ever be happening between the two of us but holy shit I am so fucking glad that it is.

I walk over to her bed and I hook my fingers into the sides of her panties and I grip onto them sliding them down while saying, “It’s not fair that I’m the only naked one here,” Trying to be as seductive as I possibly can to her right now.

Once her panties are off of her body I toss them on the bedroom floor on the side of her bed. She sits up taking her tank top off next and tosses that on the ground next to her panties. I crawl onto the bed then getting on top of her and when I reach her face my lips instantly attach back onto hers hungrily wanting more of her.

My arms snake around her curvy body. I struggled only for a quick moment as I began to unhook her bra taking that off of her too. Now we’re both totally naked and I know what’s about to happen next. I just have to make sure of something before this goes any further first.

“Have you ever gone all the way before, Y/N?” I ask her hoping that the answer is yes. I was willing to have sex with my stepsister right now as long as I wasn’t her first time. I didn’t want to take her virginity. This was strange as it was I didn’t need that factor on top of it.

“Yes,” she nods her head up and down to me with a smirk on her lips. “I have gone all the way before.”

“Good,” I reply with a smirk. I begin to kiss her again. I kiss her lips down her jawline until I am at her neck, then I whisper, “Because I wasn’t going to be your first. That’s where I draw the line,” into her ear.

“Don’t worry, you’re not going to be my first, Michael. But fuck, your cock is going to be the biggest one I’ve ever had inside of me.” She assures me and I become so fucking hard when she says my name like that. God I wanted her so bad right now. 

No, scratch that. I didn’t want her. I needed her so bad right now.

I kiss down her perfect body stopping when I get to her breasts taking the nipple of one of them into my mouth sucking on it hard. She lets out a moan letting me know she likes that. After a good moment of that I release her nipple and while moving onto the other one I say, “God your body is so fucking perfect,” and begin sucking on her other nipple earning another turned on moan from Y/N.

I kiss down the rest of her body leaving little marks in a line down her stomach. I grab hold of her knees and kiss down her thighs teasing her. “Ugh, Mikey, please don’t tease me like that. Do something. I need you,” she begs me practically moaning it. She was so ready for me.

I open her legs up wide and see how wet she is and what I am working with here. She’s fucking dripping already so wet with the anticipation build up I just gave her. She really does need me right now. “Wow, Y/N, you’re so wet. I can’t wait to know how you taste.” I say astounded that I did this to her in that short amount of time.

I lick one long strip up her pussy tasting her juices and making her moan out something loud and animistic like she was in a porno or something like that. Then she adds the word, “Fuck,” when I do it again. It was enough of this teasing. It was time for the real pleasure.

I suck and lick at her clit adding two fingers into her sopping wet pussy. She groans and moans out loudly and her hands tangle up into my bleach blond hair. I was sending her to fucking Heaven right now and it was making my ego grow huge, (and no, I’m not talking about my dick. I’m talking about my actual ego).

Once I know she’s getting close to her orgasm I stop eating her out and I bring my self back up to her lips. I kiss her right on the mouth so she can taste herself on my lips. “Do you have a rubber?” I ask pulling away from her lips.

“I’m on the pill,” she replies and that’s all I fucking needed to hear. I line myself up with her entrance and slide myself into her slowly letting the new tension inside of her build.

I start by moving slowly as I begin to thrust in and out of her letting Y/N adjust to my size. I can’t believe that I am fucking my stepsister right now. The girl I’ve known since she was eight years old. I mean I guess it could be a lot worse really. Like, she could actually be my blood related sister or something gross like that. So, what Y/N and I are doing right now isn’t technically speaking incest here, right?

I pick up my pace going faster and fast in and out of her until I’m at an even fast pace. Her eyes are screwed shut and her head is tilted back on her pillow giving me the face of pure bliss. My eyes scan down her body and I examine the new purple marks on her body I gave her as I fuck her hard and senseless. She’s moaning out loudly and she’s bringing me closer and closer to my high every time she lets out one of her moans. God she was so fucking hot it was unbelievable.

Then I hear the sound of the front door open. I know it’s our parents home from the grocery store. I stop thrusting at the sound of it suddenly terrified. I was paralyzed in fear. “Fuck,” I breathe out scared.

“Y/N!” We hear my stepmum call out most likely from the bottom of the staircase, “Come help us put the groceries away please!”

“Okay,” she calls back to her mum, “Just a second, Mum!” She brings her eyes back to me and gives me a daring look. “We have thirty fucking seconds to finish this before she comes up here to get me. Can you do it?”

I nod my head back to her and I give her a devilish grin. “Yes I can,” I tell her and then I slam back into her. My thumb rests on her clit as I begin to rub it hard as I fuck her into oblivion Her eyes screw shut again and her back arches as she is taken over by the pleasure.

She beings to moan so loudly I have to place my other free hand over her mouth so our parents don’t hear what’s going on right now between their children. When she hits her high it triggers my own and I come inside of her as she orgasm around my dick. I slide off off her and we lay there on her bed catching our breath for a moment before she springs up out of bed to put clothes on to go help our parents put away groceries.

“I’ll tell them that you’re here and that you took a shower. That’ll give you time to get dressed.” She tells me before she exits her bedroom.

“Y/N,” I say catching her attention again. She turns around to look at me. “It was really nice seeing you again.”

She smiles her sweet smile at me. “It was nice to see you again, too, Mikey.”

anonymous asked:

Are you still taking prompts? If you are, would you please do a bechloe songfic to "Sidekick" by Walk The Moon? If not, that's totally okay! I think your mini fics and you are awesome!

Beca shivers as she pushes out of the movie theater into the cool night. The wind whips quick around them, spitting Beca’s hair into her face. She looks up, the black sky somehow made darker by the heavy clouds moving in from the west.

“Shit,” she hisses as a drop of rain lands on her nose. 

“What?” Chloe’s by her side, her voice raised slightly as another powerful gust of wind shakes the trees that line the parking lot. 

Beca hadn’t really wanted to come to the movies, but Chloe had been hell-bent on seeing the new Step-Up movie for some reason, and Beca hadn’t really wanted to say no to her. The forecast had called for rain anyway.

It seems that the rain was just a little bit tardy to the party.

A loud crash of thunder booms around them, and Beca watches as Chloe’s eyes widen, the following flash of lightning reflecting white in her pupils.

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Plugged Magazine: English Translation

His melancholic look and his Game of Thrones black crow feathers costume made him famous to the world: however in September Kit Harington put aside his medieval warrior’s display to approach new things more realistic, a spy that fight against terrorism in Spooks, the Greater Good (MI5 in French) a an idealistic man in love in Testament of Youth. Exclusive interview.

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