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Ally, i.. Um, tangledbydesign basically put in everything i wanted to say into one beautiful post. Oh my god it was so pretty i'm actually crying. Anyway um i hope you're doing okay and yeah, i'm sorry for clogging your inbox with these messages haha. Take care of yourself, alright? Love you, please don't ever forget that you're so precious to all of us <3 -your Jiminnie

your messages are never clogging anything chimchim!! my brain is starting to make more sense now so i’ll be able to be more coherent.. thankyou for your selfless love ❤

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[text] One of us needs to be functional tomorrow and it won’t be me. I’m drinking liquor out of a fishbowl.


“Are you sure you can handle it? I’ve never heard of a mermaid drinking booze…” It wasn’t meant to offend her or anything. Just a simple question!

“Anyway, you talk like we’re all going to get hammered tonight. I can’t speak for Maya and Athena, but I know me and Apollo will be staying sober.” Obviously Trucy as well. “But I’ll let you try a bottle if you like.” Maybe she was feeling a little left out? He knew he would feel similar if he were in her position.

I think I’ve finally settled on this design for my Hera tattoo, with some face tweaks. I’ve been humming and hawing all day being absolutely useless, but it was the one that first made me go ‘ooh!’ (which obviously has nothing to do with it being the first one that I saw).

It’s also the one design that fits in best with my headcanon of Sabine painting a gorgeous Hera on the side of the Phantom when they’re stuck in downtime for a lengthy time - perhaps after an intense run, and she needs a long project to unwind and breathe, the paint flowing from her hand, roping out all of the stress and worry and confusion. Everything makes more sense in colour. Hera’s started sort of folding in on herself after so many extended trials and tribulations, to the point where even Kanan is struggling to find the cracks to get in, to find her. The Phantom is their place - Sabine’s and Hera’s - where they’ve shared and learned and that tentative wary trust solidified into a bond.

She doesn’t let anyone near the Phantom, setting up a portable shield to stop Ezra or Chopper from crashing through her paints in a tussle (the fact that Hera doesn’t notice and doesn’t call her on it speaks louder than anything else). When they finally get the all-clear to go back into the field - they’re off the radar and the heat’s cooled off - she insists on running all the pre-flight checks herself. Keep the surprise.

Of course Ezra and Zeb immediately come hurtling along, their argument (something about furballs in Ezra’s boots - Sabine rolls her eyes at their cabin fever) slamming to a halt as quickly as they do. As soon as Ezra opens his mouth Sabine shoots him a look that burns. Not a word. He snaps his mouth shut, and shares a grin with Zeb as the three of them wait with Chopper, grouped together in front of the shuttle’s nose (the perfect portrait).

Hera and Kanan walk towards the Phantom dock, Hera’s lekku low as they quietly go over the mission. Both of them frown at the suspiciously quiet and well-turned out group waiting for them, Kanan muttering a comment about the bad influence of the Alliance. Hera snorts, but her mouth barely lifts in a smile. Then, as though on cue, their crew parts and right there is Hera, captured perfectly but also so much more as she meets the viewers eyes, one leg kicking delicately up. Delicately, but easy enough to imagine a wayward Imp on the other end of that kick (or a suave entrepreneur).

Kanan stops, staring, mouth hanging wide with no memory of what air is. Hera, however, slowly walks towards the ‘fighter, her Lekku rising as she frowns. A wave of panic starts welling up inside Sabine - until she sees the smile tugging at the corners of Hera’s mouth. A smile she hasn’t seen in weeks, if not months.

‘Painting my ship, Sabine? And without asking. A bit risky, don’t you think?‘ Hera nods at the brand new nose art with an appreciative but serious eye before reaching out to squeeze Sabine’s hand as she heads into the ship, the others trooping along behind her. Sabine’s face glowing like the sun.

It takes Kanan three attempts to get into the Phantom.

(The clones, of course, are delighted when they see the Phantom. This hallowed tradition being carried on even in these uncertain times.)

(Eventually they have to remove it for reasons of secrecy, their captain’s face emblazoned on their starfighter somewhat ruining their anonymity. The discussion is overheard and Ahsoka an Alliance representative offers to transfer the art off so it can be preserved. The next time they rendezvous with the alliance, it isn’t until they’ve passed through three corridors and a rec room papered in posters featuring a green figure that the crew registers what they’ve seen. Hera is the newest face of Alliance top secret recruitment. Recruitment is way up.)

Finally working on my turian costume again! I just sewed up the basic cloth covering for the chest-piece. (You can still see a pin, ha ha.) Maybe, just maybe, I’ll finish this this year!

The mask is paperclay painted with acrylic; the chest-piece framework is cardboard/cardstock and duct-tape. I didn’t make the jacket underneath. That’s from the Bioware store.

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this one has 2 faves tbh

“still i’m pinned under the weight
of what i believed would keep me safe
show me where my armour ends
show me where my skin begins”
“til one day i had enough
of this exercise of trust
i leaned in and let it hurt
let my body feel the dirt”

pluto - sleeping at least

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16. things you said with no space between us, please, if you're still accepting these. :3

I am!  I’ve got a bunch of these so it’s going to take me a while to work through them all but I’m having a lot of fun doing it. :)  

This is a follow-up to the Hannigram-fall-into-the-sack-the-night-Hannibal-kills-Tobias-Budge AU ficlet, set the morning after:

Will swims back into consciousness vaguely aware that something’s wrong. The sun’s in the wrong place.  The dogs haven’t woken him. His leg’s asleep.

No, his leg’s pinned.

His leg’s pinned because Hannibal’s still in his bed and has a leg slung over both of Will’s and he’s…snoring, faintly.  That’s a thing Hannibal does, apparently.

Another thing Hannibal does, Will is fairly sure based on the other available evidence, is get up and feed the dogs to let Will sleep in until the sun is in completely the wrong part of the sky. And then, apparently, he gets back into bed and tangles himself up with Will like some sort of Lithuanian octopus.  A very naked Lithuanian octopus.

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