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So there’s not a lot of stuff in this particular internet corner, but somehow there is a higher proportion of That Good Shit, so since this seems to be going around, I thought I’d put together my own (not at all) brief list of things to read if you like The Adventure Zone Dungeons and Dragons Podcast Brought To You By Totino’s™.

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saritaadam  asked:

Scout, your art for the supernatural artbook is awesome!!! So beautiful and funny!!! I can't get over all their little archangel faces x)

thanks so much! i’ve been getting sweet DMs and little messages here and there from people who’re starting to receive their copies of @supernaturalartbook. it’s the first time i’ve ever contributed to a big art book with tons of artists, so i’m really happy that you guys are liking it!!

Anonymous said:

One of the reasons why I love following your blog is whenever you post art, you’re excited about it. Like “I had lots of fun making this!” Even if it’s something you’re trying to improve on. There’s just a lot of positivity and good vibes here and I dig it.

aw geez, that’s really sweet, thank you. art is just something that gets me so pumped!! it’s so satisfying when i see any scrap of progress real-time, it’s hard not to get amped about it, y’know!? just turn on those funny podcasts and start applying techniques i haven’t and dammit i have a good time

which is something good to practice!! try to look for the improvements in work, not how much still needs to be done. from experience, i’d say an artist in a good mood makes their best work!

liemyj  asked:

can confirm, as soon as i started accepting compliments instead of avoiding them (even if i didnt fully believe them) i started not hating myself as much. for me, it was kinda like, "if people keep saying i'm pretty alright, maybe i'm not a complete piece of shit" and it got progressively better from there. i still have moments of self hatred (i'm very hard on myself) but compared to when i started trying to love who i am, i'm a lot better

It’s common sense that ‘doing positive things makes you more positive’, I don’t even know what’s controversial about that. Glad you’re in a better position than you were before, man.


Okay so I've been hearing a lot of complaints about Eren's character being annoying because he's whiny and all that but people need to understand that he's been through a lot. Despite being whiny and hot headed, he has a soft heart for his friends and the people around him. He easily gets frustrated and disappointed of himself because he cares a lot, and most of the times, he feels like he's not doing good enough. He may not be as cool as Levi and Mikasa but that's what makes him the best protagonist of the show. He may not be as skilled as them but he's always trying so hard. As the protagonist, he was meant to have a character development as the show progresses and trust me, he has grown so much. Though some people can't stand him, I'm still loving his character and he's still one of the reasons why I keep watching the show.

Mr. Favor hurting Rowdy hurts me.

I blame this gifset on @mtgoats, who encouraged me to do it.

This Aranea is Ardyn theory; it was actually one of the first things I thought of with Episode Prompto until we knew the exact timeline it was based in.

I was thinking because Aranea asked where Prompto was, it seemed suspicious her being in the DLC. I don’t think that the Aranea we seen in the DLC is Ardyn though. Her speech patterns were too perfect. Let’s remember Ardyn lets things slip like: “Spare me your sycophancy.” Would Noctis actually say something like that? Nope.

Although what I do think is that she and Ardyn were still in cahoots with each other, he was probably like “Hey, wreck this base with that little gunsman, but lead him back to me, okay?” and with some amount of gil, she wouldn’t be hard to convince.

Because really, if Aranea left Niflheim… then why was she back there? Because I mean, that’s a suicide mission to be risking your neck for some guy that you don’t really know.

anonymous asked:

If I were to convert, would I have to completely put my ethnic heritage behind me? My family fled from a war zone when I was a kid, and I still have a lot of nostalgia, pain, and desire to go back and learn my mother tongue. Everything I'm learning about Judaism makes so much sense to me and while I'm not yet seriously considering conversion, this question really has me wondering. It seems like you can't combine. I'm having a hard time finding resources on this, do you have any thoughts?

Hi there,

Thank you for your very thoughtful question.

Where there are some denominations of Judaism that might ask you to ‘forget’ about your family, all Progressive denominations will not.  The Reform, Conservative, Modern Orthodox, Renewal, Reconstrucionist and Humanist movements will love you, love your background, and expect you to love your family too!

If you’d like any help finding,a community, please let me know.  I’m available 24/6 via direct message!



I was looking at old drawings and saw a drawing I marked as the start of me improving my abilities and noticed it was marked on the 14/7/15 and as of today, 23/7/17, i decided to make a progress drawing! Of course I chose Clem back then and god dammit I wanted to draw Clem again! I did both trying hard with my own style (still don’t have a style tho lol) and both are from memory so that’s why they’re bad 😅😅😅 anyways, the right is Clemmy admiring a cute haircut she got!

anonymous asked:

you haven't really made any personal posts in a while, are you generally doing okay? (as okay as possible with the current political situation I mean) I think you mentioned possibly moving in with your datemate, did that work out? I know I'm just some random stranger asking but I kinda... worry about you? you don't have to answer if I'm overstepping here of course (or if you'd prefer if I asked off anon just say so "@that one anon" or something idk)

life’s still going in general, i think i’m mostly okay tho not too much has been going on. my datemate has been working very hard on renovating the duplex where we’ll be staying, which is exciting! it’ll still be a while but that at least is progressing.

other than that life is just kinda… stagnant? with all the bad news i’ve been losing focus on doing art, which i should fix, since art and the act of creating makes me happy. thank u for checking in.

Something About The Stars

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1) I drew a grossed-out Burgerpants. It escalated. What did they see? We’ll never know… (Slowly figuring out how the fuck I wanna draw Sans- Toriel and family are still a work in progress, though….)

2) can we talk about a Mettaton who is a gooey lovestruck mess of a puddle because that’s my jam (also how does one do noodly arms how do I make them work especially when clothes are involved this is seriously hard wtf)

3)  some kids having… fun? but cookies, definitely

4) other stuff that has possibly more effort in it even if it’s messy as hell

anonymous asked:

I remember you mentioning that you don't outline or plan when writing. Do you think you can share a bit about your process? How do you deal with pacing, the plot, what happens next in your long fics like iltwycs or the bokuaka zombie if you're figuring things out as you post? I'm having such a hard time with this. Any tips, please thank you?

Ah, I’m sorry you’re having a hard time! These things take a lot of time & soul-searching to figure out and no one ever seems to remember that when they say stuff like “anyone can write” so don’t feel like you’re behind. My own process is still a work in progress but I’ll give you what tips I can!

First off, when I say I don’t plan what I mean is “I don’t plan nearly as much as other, more organized people do”. When I envision a story I generally have an idea of what I want (for fanfic usually just “X and Y get together under Z conditions”) and then the images for that idea start to come as I go along. For a meandering fic like iltwycs that doesn’t have a clear “end destination” everything was determined by me reaching towards relationship landmarks and addressing possible character insecurities. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a fic a lot of people drop after the first few chapters because there’s so little conflict; I don’t think it’s particularly well plotted or paced. Also there was a lot of outside influence! Excited friends who told me what images they liked, etc. The zombie au is directed more by conventions of the zombie apocalypse genre—there’s only so many ways the story can go, you know? So it’s a bit straightforward. Anyway, in a more general sense, here are things I think might help a non-organized person with pacing/plot!

  1. Have a general idea of where you’re going
  2. Rely on images you (or the people around you) like—what excites you? Work towards those images
  3. When you get a specific idea, write it down (“X find out about Y’s [insert private thing here]”) and just keep it somewhere in the document (or a separate document for story ideas)
  4. Think of character motivations. What do the characters want? What are they going to do to get it, or will they ignore what they want? What gets in their way?
  5. Furthermore: how does character X respond to being in love/being chased by zombies/feeling jealous? Put characters in situations that cause discomfort and have them deal with those situations.
  6. Try to vary the moods of your piece; not all doom and gloom but not all fluff either. In a serious piece you need “breath of fresh air” scenes where readers can sit back and remember the world isn’t all bad. I’d argue that humor makes serious pieces 10x more heartbreaking because there’s a bigger sense of loss.
  7. DON’T HOARD PLOT POINTS. When I first started writing novels I’d always hold back on reveals and wait as long as I could to move on to the next “section” of a story and this was always where I lost the thread of those plots. Let the story move on when it’s time to move on instead of trying to spin things out forever. (Think of all the TV shows that are ruined because they’re trying to make their day in the sun last.)
  8. Remember that if a scene bores you it probably bores readers too. I can’t count the times I’ve backspaced a page of writing because the scene just wasn’t moving. Try to think of why you’re adding that scene and whether it has value to anyone but the you who spent time writing it.
  9. If you’re stuck, admit you’re stuck instead of kicking yourself for “not getting on with it”. Take some time to lie on your bed staring up at the ceiling thinking “where can I go next?” —that has always helped me more than staring at my screen.
  10. Alternatively: if you’re stuck, let your characters talk & plan what they’re going to do next. Just write dialogue in which they talk about where they’re going, then remove it after you’ve got a good sense of what’s next. 

There’s probably a lot I’m forgetting, but these are the things that spring to mind. I hope they help you! If you’ve got a follow-up question please don’t hesitate to ask.

Still writing small moment stories. Making progress.
  • Me: So if our "pumpkin story" is going on a roller coaster at Great America, what might be a smaller seed inside that story?
  • Smart girl: One time, I was on a roller coaster and I was screaming so hard, I had to go to the bathroom.
  • Me: Um, OK... I'm going to write that on the [anchor chart] seed as "screaming." Anyone else?
  • Smart boy: One time I went on a roller coaster and I laughed so hard I had to go to the bathroom!
  • Me: OK... (Writing) Laughing. What do you do before you get on the roller coaster?
  • Clueless Boy: You go to the bathroom in case you have to go on the roller coaster!
  • Me: Uh, yeah... I guess that would be a good idea considering what roller coasters do to this class. So what do you do after you go to the bathroom, but before you get on the roller coaster?
  • Multiple blurters: Wash your hands!