still happy though ;3;

♥ Big OTPs 2016 ♥

Two years I’m doing it the 1st day of the year, so of course I will keep my little habit and gather my big OTPs from 2016 :) 

Makoharu aka The Eternal

Victuuri aka The Victorious

Mikayuu aka The Hope

Suremiku aka The Soulmates

Gruvia aka The Patience

Seven x MC aka The Fate

Sajou x Kusakabe aka The Pure

Kuroken aka The Comforting

I wish 2017 will bring us even more OTPs feels <3


the holy uncle trinity of ijs men’s skaters

missycarrotowl  asked:

B3 Biggs/Luke please 😃

Sure, no problems!!

(also relevant to the interests of @roane72 and @thetaoofzoe amongst many others, I guess?)

[ send me two characters and a pose & i’ll draw it! ]

Concept: Instead of going out for fine dining, we have a candlelit dinner with bowls of ramen. It’s not much, but it’s the best we can do and it still tastes pretty good.

book567  asked:

I think that Katherine was like Elena at a point in time, only she didn't receive the comfort and guidance Elena had and that's why she is the way she is, and under different circumstances, maybe Elena too.

I think it’s easy for someone to become like Katherine if you’re in her situation indeed. I guess that goes for everyone. I’ve always said that vampirism was like poison running through Kat’s veins. I mean, she was never innocent, even as Katerina she has done questionable things (to survive, but that doesn’t necessarily make them less questionable), but I think vampirism gave her so much power and the ability to get away with anything… It can go two ways when you have access to that much power and you’re entirely right. Katherine’s situation was less than ideal when it came to that. Had she had someone by her side who guided and supported her, had she not been on her own and hunted down for centuries and basically lost everything she ever loved and cared about, then Katherine might have been an entirely different vampire. And I think in her situation everyone could have gone down the same path. The ones who wouldn’t, probably wouldn’t have made it as far as she did.

I said I’d like to turn this screencap from Pride and Prejudice into Frodo, Merry, and Pippin (probably returning from a New Year’s celebration) - SO I WENT AND DID IT.x3

Apart from Kitty and Lydia always having reminded me of Merry and Pippin in this movie, I also thought Jane’s expression would fit Frodo well, somehow. It seems like a typical sober-and-solem-INFP-face (and I constantly thought “Yeah, that’s just how I feel too right now” while working on the picture.xD).:3

Also, friendly reminder that Frodo is 14 and 22 years older than Merry and Pippin, respectively - which, of course, isn’t as much as in human years, but still he’d be like an elder brother to his younger cousins.<3<3<3


Happy Birthday MJ, Matsumoto Jun!  ೭੧(❛▿❛✿)੭೨

Alright Guys, With 2017 Looming Over The Horizon I’ve Decided It’s Time To Make This A Main Blog So I Can Actually Interact With People Properly. I’m Not Gonna Delete This One Or Anything, So Messages And Posts And Everything Will Still Be Here, And I’ll Post A Link To The New Blog Once It’s Up And Running For Anybody Who Wants It!

(I’m Also Thinking About Changing My URL But I’m Not Sure What To Go With, So If Anybody Has An Idea For That Feel Free To Suggest, Me And Marilyn Are Brainstorming On It)

magby sprite rating

gold: a proud happy boy showing off his firebreathing! very good and dynamic. 10/10

silver: hes back again! even louder and prouder than the last time, a true showoff (in a good way!!!) 10/10

crystal: the same sprite as gold but with a nice alternative color scheme. the magenta-ish red really shows off the cute aspect of magby. 8/10

ruby/sapphire/emerald: not as lovable as the other sprites, but still shows off the cuteness of magby. he looks very surprised! I wonder what hes looking at? 6/10

diamond/pearl: this is just… the same sprite you didn’t even change anything. its like… identical to the other one. still a happy surprised boy though. 3/10

platinum: listen, i dont care if you changed it a little bit, this is the same sprite. except somehow you made it less appealing. 0/10

heart gold/soul silver: I mean.. yeah… hes standing now… not much different.  granted this one is slightly better. 3/10


x/y/omega ruby/alpha sapphire: its so plain… why does he look so sad. -5/10

ectoimp replied to your post:

you are also my fav arthur rper :3

(Your favorite arthur rper should be yourself have you seen how great your ghost child is I don’t know how to deal with his adorability)


Puzzle and Dragons CM - Arioka Daiki, Ohno Satoshi

大ちゃん& 大ちゃん  oh-chan and dai-chan ◦°˚\(´°౪°`)/˚°◦c

Here you are, Commander Cullen Rutherford ~ in technicolor ;)

A personal study/excercise to restart drawing with colors. 
Reference screenshot kindly offered by melissagt.



request for sobbing-jester who wanted a character from SNK / KNB suffering in the heat

i always had it in my head that marco loves the sun / heat so i promise to draw you someone from KNB suffering ;w;

edit: my boyf thought it was jizz on his face….IT’S SUNSCREEN

Might be a little TMI, but I always love to brag on stellar customer service. I bought a…. um…. “personal massager” from one of my favorite Tumblr ladies @dirtyberd around November of 2014. Sadly my friend has passed on. I inquired her customer service department about a warranty, and even though the woman said there was a one year warranty, she said she’d still be happy to exchange it even though it’s 3 months past the warranty date. HOORAY FOR AWESOME CUSTOMER SERVICE. I highly recommend my lovely friend Berd and her store. It’s lovely dealing with people who aren’t just out to steal your money and not deliver quality products.