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“I baked you cookies.” 

Peter jumped slightly, not anticipating someone to walk up behind him at his locker. Turning around, a smile was almost instant when he saw her. Shifting his bag, he accepted the little tin of cookies [Y/N] was holding out to him. “Cookies? Why?” 

Her cheeks flushed again, something that he really was starting to enjoy. Ducking her head slightly, her hair fell to cover the rest of the color that covered her cheeks. “Because you spent three hours trying to teach me one thing.” Looking up, she groaned. “And the fact that I’m helpless and I felt really bad that we lost track of time and that you may or may not have gotten at least four hours of sleep.”

Peter chuckled, opening the tin, he placed a cookie in his mouth and placed the rest on the top shelf of his locker. Taking a bite, he had to resist the pleasurable moan that came from just that one bite. Pointing at the cookie, “This, this is really good. Thank you.” Shoving some more books into his bag, he smiled. “If you made these cookies, how many hours did you get?” 

Wincing, she pointed to her coffee tumbler, “Like maybe two, if that.” 

His brows knitted together, “Do you want to take a rain-check on tonight? I can study up on the history exam myself.” Peter felt bad that she was running on fumes. 

She shook her head, “We made a deal.” Sipping on her coffee, she smiled. “Although, instead of studying at the library, if you’re okay with it. I would much rather study at my house so I can drink all the free coffee I can, to get me through it.” 

“You-your house?” 

Nodding, “Yeah, I already asked my mom not that it would have mattered. Both my parents are doctors at the hospital so they’re never home.” Leaning her head to the side, she raised a brow, “I mean we can still study at the library if that’s more comfortable-”

“-no! I mean, no, yeah, that’s fine. We can go to your house.” Peter cleared his throat, mentally slapping himself for sounding like an idiot. Closing his locker, he slung his bag on his shoulder, “What time?” 

She shrugged, “I mean we can go right after school like yesterday.” Following him the direction of their Chemistry class, she sighed. “Something tells me you’re way better at history then I am with mechanical engineering.” 

Peter chuckled, “I don’t want to brag but I am pretty awesome at history and mechanical engineering but it doesn’t hurt to study up.” Looking down at her, he couldn’t help but feel at ease talking to her. Occasionally, he’d find himself tripping over his words but for the most part, he didn’t feel socially awkward or anxious. 

“Hey guys whats up!” Ned slung his arms around both Peter and [Y/N], scaring the daylights out of them.

[Y/N] yelped out loudly, almost dropping her coffee in the process. Desperately needing the caffeine to get her through the day, she opted to save her tumbler over her binders. They scattered the floor, “Well, shit.” She blurted. 

Peter gave Ned a look while he gave an apologetic shrug, “Seriously, dude.” Bending down to help pick up the scattered papers, his attention got drawn to a realistic sketch of Spiderman. Pausing, he looked at [Y/N] who was busily trying to rescue her neatly written notes and papers. “Did you draw this?” 

Scrambling all the papers together and shoving them into her binder, she finally looked over. Her breath getting caught in her throat. “Um, uh, um.” Standing up slowly with Peter, she gently took it from his hands, “Yes, I, um, I think he’s pretty cool….” 

Ned leaned over her shoulder, smirking, “Wicked.” 

[Y/N] narrowed her eyes at him as she quickly shoved it inside a notebook. Peter had a dumbstruck smile on his face, “Yeah, he is pretty cool.” 

Tucking a piece of hair behind her ear, she nodded. “I like the whole hero in New York City thing. And despite his not so legal methods of keeping the city safe, I like it.” Biting her lip, she avoided their gazes, “It’s for my art class by the way, I’m not just randomly drawing Spiderman.” 

Peter grinned, “It wouldn’t be weird even if you were just randomly drawing him.” 

Blushing again, [Y/N] nodded halfway. “Right, well, um, I’ll see you in class.” Before Peter could stop her, she weaved in and out of students and headed to Chemistry. 

Ned slapped Peter on the back, grinning, “Dude! You are so in!”

||| Part One ||| Part Two ||| Part Three |||

All Figured Out

Summary: While researching  with Sam and Dean, Sam brings up an all too familiar case to the reader. This calls for a trip to mystic falls, and an intervention. The reader must let both worlds combine in order to save both brothers. Will the reader save Damon or will Damon save the reader?

Word Count: 4289

Author’s note: I love writing crossovers so much! I need to focus on school again so I might take a little break, hope this holds you guys over!

This is not how you thought the day would’ve went, at all. This morning in the bunker it was like any other day. You’d been sitting in the library researching with Sam for a new case and Dean was making coffee for everyone. Suddenly Sam lit up, “ Hey (y/n) I think I found something”.

You went over and read the headline that appeared on his screen, “ Trail of bodies left up the east coast, victims ripped limb from limb but placed back together”. Automatically you knew what was happening, and it was all over your face. Sam looked up, “ You okay?”. You took a step back rethinking the entire past year.

Sam got up and walked over to you, “What’s wrong (y/n)?”. You tried to calm yourself down and regain your thoughts. Taking a breath in and out you finally replied, “I need to call Damon right now”. Sam was confused, he’d never heard that name before. You realized you were being vague, “Sammy I-I know who’s doing that-leaving the bodies”.

He was even more confused, “ How do you know? And who’s Damon?”. Dean entered the room holding the coffee as he raised an eyebrow at hearing that name. He placed the cups down onto the table, “Damon?”. You’d never thought it could happen again, when you’d left everything was fine.

You sat down, “ I have something to tell you both, but first I need to call someone”. They both looked way too concerned to let you leave the room. Dean walked over to you, “Look princess, we can help you through this but we need answers now”.

Running a hand through your hair you decided that now was the time to explain. You started, “So obviously I hadn’t always hunted with you both, but I never told you about my past”. Sam had sat down at the table by now as well. Dean spoke up, “ Hey we all have pasts, it’s okay”.

You told both brothers how the town you’d grown up in, Mystic Falls, had it’s fare share of the supernatural. How you’d grown close with two other brothers, Damon and Stefan Salvatore. You braced yourself as you told them they were vampires, and watched Dean choke on his coffee. Dean asked, “ Vampires? What?”.

Sam shut his annoyed brother down, “ Dean come on we both know that not all monsters are monsters”. You smiled in approval and continued. You gave the brief history of both brothers, Stefan the vegetarian vampire, and Damon the wild yet caring one. Currently Stefan was struggling which explained the bodies left up and down the coast.

Dean was confused, “So you’re telling me one brother doesn’t feed off humans because when he does he’s basically a blood-a-holic, and the other one is “wild yet caring”?”. You wanted to laugh, that was one way to sum it up.

Sam finally asked a question, “So where do you fit into all of this?”. You smiled thinking about all the memories you’d shared with Damon and Stefan. You began, “ Well I helped Damon control Stefan, and he’s obviously been struggling since I left”. Both brothers looked at each other and grinned causing you to ask, “ What?”.

Dean raised his eyebrows, “ So just how caring is Damon?”. Where you that easy to read, god you thought you were tougher than that. Sam added, “And just how wild?”. You brought your hand to your forehead in frustration. You laughed along with them, “How could you guys tell?”. Both brothers reminded you that you’d practically become family and they knew you better than anyone.

Dean smiled, “ Guess we have a trip to Mystic Falls then?”. You decided that was probably best and gave a call to your old friend Caroline telling her to not ruin the surprise. You still kept up with Caroline, but recently everything had been to hectic. With the next two hours or so everyone was packed and ready to hit the road.

It was a day or so’s drive and you arrived at Mystic Falls at dinner time and you stopped at the “Mystic Grill” for dinner. You were sat down at a booth and while the boys ordered burgers within seconds were distracted. Looking over to the bar you saw Alaric, of course.

When he saw you walking towards him he laughed, “If it isn’t (y/n), I can guess why you’re here”. While you said Stefan, he said Damon leaving you confused. Rick quickly downed his glass, “Looks like I’ll be needing this, I thought you knew”. Apparently you also thought you knew what was wrong.

You sat in the empty stool next to Rick, “What’s wrong with Damon?”. Alaric was obviously stressed out and didn’t want to tell you what he was about too. He took your hand in his, “Listen (y/n) Stefan isn’t the only brother suffering right now, come by the Lockwood Mansion tonight for the party and see”.

Your jaw dropped, “The party?”. This was a bad situation waiting to happen, and you had to prepare yourself. He lightly squeezed your hand, “I’m letting Damon explain this one himself, but after I give him his chance I won’t hesitate to help you whether that’s kicking his ass or-”. You laughed and hugged Rick, he’d always been a good friend.

Returning to the booth the boys had a lot of questions but you explained that everything would be answered tonight at “the party”. Caroline offered her house to stay at until everything was settled. It was amazing to be able to catch up but you wished it was under better circumstances.

Down stairs Sam and Dean were being introduced to Alaric, and you knew he’d hit it off with Sam immediately. You guessed that when it came to Dean they’d discuss the proper weapons needed to stop Stefan, a vervain grenade probably being Dean’s favorite.

Back upstairs you were getting all the information you’d missed from Caroline. To sum things up Stefan went on a ripper binge because Elena was finding herself again, but by traveling around with Klaus. Klaus had tried to take everything from Stefan and so he couldn’t forgive Elena for leaving, especially with him.  It didn’t help that Stefan had walked in on Elena and Klaus either. After feeling like he’d lost everyone Damon lost himself, and he needed you but didn’t want to stop you from living your new life.

This could be all explained within ten minutes but with Caroline it took thirty, but you’d missed her so much it was worth it. While explaining everything you both got ready for whatever Damon was planning. You wore a short maroon lace dress that showed off your curves and cleavage, and black pumps to match.

Caroline decided to wear a navy blue backless dress that as always hugged her perfectly. For shoes she wore white flats, and looked beautiful as ever. You both worked on your makeup together and pretty soon you were finished. Looking at each other you both smiled in approval, proud of your work.

Checking your phone you realized it was ten o’clock, and people would already be at the mansion. When you got downstairs Rick was going over how to work his various weapons and Dean was loving it. Sam was halfway through an old Gilbert journal and you felt like a proud mom.

The boys finally looked up upon your arrival and Dean whistled. He couldn’t take his eyes off of Caroline, but you’d already planned for this. Of course during catching up with Caroline she had a million questions about both brothers, even though she knew your heart secretly belonged to Damon.

You smiled, “Ready to go everyone?”. Caroline took her car while you jumped into the impala. On the ride there Dean wouldn’t stop asking about Caroline, that would be fun to watch. When you pulled up to the lockwood mansion there was tons of cars there, so many that you couldn’t even think about where all these people had come from.

Some random girl opened the door for you all when you got there, adding more confusion. You’d left Caroline, Sam, Dean and Rick all together as you decided to find Damon by yourself. It had been awhile since you’d been around this many people and you decided to go to Tyler’s father’s office to get a break.

When you entered the room you were shocked at what you saw. Damon was sitting on the couch with a girl on either side as he fed from one sitting on his lap. He smiled when he saw you, “Been awhile since I’ve tasted you (y/n), glad you stopped by for a bite”. He was blood high, and obviously not himself.

You walked over to him, “Sorry but I’m more of a dinner for two girl, not five”. He placed both his hands on the girl’s shoulder and said, “Go get something to drink and take your friends”. Then you were left alone in the room with him. He grabbed the bottle of bourbon from the table and took a sip, “Guess you’ve been reading the newspapers huh?”. Damon was deflecting, drawing attention away from himself and putting it on Stefan.

Taking the bottle from him and sipping you answered, “I came here for the inside scoop, get it right from the source”. He went to grab the bottle from you but you held it tighter and shook your finger at him. He shrugged his shoulders and sat back on the couch crossing his legs and spreading his arms against the back of it. Damon smiled, “Normally I’d charge, but for you I’ll make an exception”.

You covered your heart with your hand in gratitude. He continued, “ Klaus screwed Elena, which screwed over Stefan and as always screwed me”. You took another long sip, you’d definitely need this. Damon used his superspeed to get up from the couch and take the bottle from you. It was your turn, “And I screwed you to by leaving huh?”.

He laughed and pointed a finger, “Oh very good (y/n), very good”. You smiled and shrugged your shoulders. You continued, “Everyone left Damon, but I was already gone and now you’re doing this”. You could tell you were getting through to him, you could see it on his face.

You got closer to him, “Want to self destruct Damon? Do it, but realize that I’m here for you, and that I always have been. All you have to do is ask”. Before he could feed you some excuse you began to leave the room, but wanted to do one last thing. You turned around and grabbed the bottle back from him, “In the meantime I’m going to have some fun too”.

You wished you could see the expression on his face, but you had a mission to start. Damon right now was being reckless, and you were going to out-reckless him. Luckily his humanity was still on, but you still needed to play off of his emotions.

Walking out to the backyard you found Sam and Rick at a table probably still discussing a plan on how to save Stefan. When Rick saw you with the bottle he laughed, “Guess you talked with Damon, nice job”. Sam was probably confused as to how a bottle of bourbon was a tell for Damon, but you’d hoped Rick had been filling him in.

You raised the bottle, “I’m getting through to him Rick, it’s bad but not humanity switch off bad”. Sam jumped in, “Is that true, vampires can really turn off their humanity?”. You and Rick exchanged a look that basically said you both wished that it weren’t true, but it sadly was.

Sighing you answered Sam, “It’s true, and it sucks. The way to turn it back on is to try and get them to feel any emotion, and tonight I shall be working with jealously and turning it into sadness, and turning that into happiness!”. To toast your declaration you took another sip.

Sam looked apprehensive, “But I thought Damon had his switch on still?”. Rick looked to you and you nodded allowing him to take the lead. He took a sip of his drink, “Damon is dangerously close and with him it’s best to act as if it’s already off, and if anyone can bring him back it’s (y/n)”.

You blushed but Sam spoke up, “You know (y/n) hasn’t been completely honest, just how close are her and Damon?”. You wanted to answer but Rick beat you too it. He shot down the last of his drink before beginning, “ Well neither of them will admit it but they’re totally in love with each other, trust me I’m the guys bestfriend”.

Your face turned a beat red, “Rick come on”. Sam smiled thinking about you having someone that could make you so happy. He grinned, “You know (y/n) I believe it, for awhile I thought you and Dean would be like that but now I know why not”. For a long time Sam had thought there was a possibility of you and his brother getting together, but it was now clear that your heart belonged somewhere else which was perfectly fine.

To Dean you’d been a great friend, and Sam knew that was better than nothing. You laughed, “I hate you both”. They looked to each other and smiled, knowing they were right. Looking around you saw that Dean and Caroline had been hitting it off which meant you couldn’t use him for the jealously bit. Suddenly it hit you, “Sam how would you feel about helping me?”.

He put his hands up, “Oh no, I heard what you said about jealousy”. You pleadingly looked to Rick. Rick smiled, “Well it couldn’t hurt, and we’ve already finished most of our Stefan plan”. Sam smiled and before he could change his mind you took his hand and dragged him to where people had been dancing.

Sam looked like he was struggling so you took his hands and placed them on your hips, “Come on Winchester, look alive”. Getting Sam to laugh was a good sign, he was getting comfortable. He started to actually move along with the beat and he wasn’t half bad. You’d almost forgotten that Sammy had gone to college, and dated which meant parties.

You saw Damon standing at the stairs, scoping things out. His facial expression changed when he saw you dancing with Sam, which to him was some random man. You turned so your back was against Sam’s front, “Show time Winchester”. You heard Sam laugh and couldn’t help but laugh as well.

To your surprise Sam pulled back your hair and whispered in your ear, “Worst mistake is to underestimate a Winchester, (y/n)”. Sam’s grip on your hips tightened and you felt him start to move his own body more. As your hips rolled forward, his rolled backwards, and your hips would then meet. You wanted to pinch yourself, was Sam Winchester actually having fun?

Sam let his hands roam up and down your body you would’ve been concerned if he hadn’t whispered in your ear again, “It’s all for the show (y/n), and he’s watching”. Looking up you saw Damon aimlessly talking to some girl as he watched you like a hawk. You leaned forward whipping your hair while arching your back.

Sam ran his hand up your back before grabbing a fistful of your hair, lightly tugging, and guiding you back so your body was against his again. Turning around you were now face to face with Sam, you lowered your body while letting your hands run down his body.

You winked and told Sam that you’d worked up a thirst, he nodded in understandment. You made your way up the stairs, past Damon, to where all the drinks were. You felt like someone was following you so you grabbed a bottle of bourbon and went back to the first room you talked to damon in.

Sitting down on the couch you waited for him to enter the room, you patiently sipped from the bottle. The door opened and closed but you didn’t flinch, you were forced to look to your side as you felt the couch sink in. You smiled, still waiting for Damon to say something.

He grabbed the bottle from your hand and you laughed. He waved a pointed finger, “You haven’t won anything, I just wanted something to drink”. You laughed again and turned to face him. Grabbing the bottle back you began, “We both know that’s not really what you’re thirsty for”.

When you were done taking your sip you added, “And apparently you can drink who-whatever you want”. Damon got up from the couch, and you had to hide your smile, this was working. He was angry, “ It seems like you can drink from whoever you want too (y/n), who even was that?!”.

You could work with this, “Someone who’s not afraid to tell me what they want”. He ran his hands through his hair in frustration. Damon continued, “What if I’m afraid of what I want okay? Everything good in my life leaves, but only when I notice the good!”. You were so close.

Getting up you walked closer to him, “Ignoring the good is the same thing as letting it leave Damon, you of all people should know that things change and people are different”. He turned around, unable to face you. Regardless you continued, “Damon, I left because I thought you didn’t need me, but if I knew I would’ve stayed”.

He still wouldn’t turn so you grabbed onto his shoulder, “ Listen to me Damon, I’m right here”. Damon turned around quickly and grabbed your face with both hands. He stared into your eyes, “ I need you okay (y/n)? I need you so badly because without you I have no good, I need you because you’re the good”.

You couldn’t help but smile, “Damon all I do is remind you of the good within yourself”. He smiled and finally kissed you. One hand still held your face with the other slid down to grab your hip pulling you closer to him. He was still searching your eyes, “How do you see it, it feels like there’s nothing there”.

Shaking your head smiling you replied, “I see the real you, not the closed off Damon you let everyone else see”. Damon grinned, but turned his head letting his hands slip away. It was your turn to take your hand and place it on his face making him look at you, “Damon I see the real you, and I love what I see”.

He bit his lip in contemplation, unsure of how to respond. You laughed, “You’re not that mysterious Damon”. He took a step back, then a step forward, unsure of how to reply. He’d finally made up his mind, and he rushed his way over to you and picked you up.

You were shocked, “Damon what are you-”. His hands wrapped around your waist holding you up as your legs wrapped around him. He began kissing your neck, “You got me okay, but I want to show you that I’m still full of surprises”. Before you could wonder what that meant he pushed you up against the wall.

Damon’s super strength meant that to him you were light as could be, and he was determined. He kissed down your body, “How does this thing come off”. To stop him from ripping it off you pulled it off yourself, his smile growing when he saw your body.

Again he started kissing down your body, his grip on your hips tightening. Suddenly he pushed your body up higher against the wall, placing his face dangerously close to a very sensitive area. As he spoke his hot breath made goosebumps appear on your inner thighs.

He grabbed your legs, hooking them around his neck. Damon looked up at you, “Think you have me all figured out huh?”. While speaking his face was dangerously close and you couldn’t concentrate. Damon continued speaking as he slid your panties to the side, “Sweetheart, you seem to be having trouble focusing”.

You nodded your head, still not fully listening. He brought his face as close as it could get, “Hmm should I stop then-”. Instinctively you grabbed a fistful of his hair, not wanting his head to move away. Damon laughed and you barely got out, “Damon please”.

Damon looked up, “Please what?”. You wanted to kill him, but then again it would end things before they started. Rolling your eyes you replied, “Damon please, I need you”. He grinned, proud of himself and the hold he had over you. He slowly parted his lips and you thought things would finally start but he started to speak, “So worked up and I haven’t even began”.

You started to say some witty remark but were cut off when you finally felt his tongue lick up and down your slit. His tongue flicked when he reached your clit, sending shivers down your spine. You couldn’t hold back a moan. He took your clit between his lips, sucking slowly once.

Again you moaned and your grip on his hair tightened. You felt Damon groan against you, the vibrations making everything more intense. You guided his head, both hands now had fistfuls of hair. His tongue moved in every direction.

To your surprise Damon took one hand off your hip and used it to spread your folds, “You look so damn good”. This time he was able to get more of your clit between his lips as he’d suck. His tongue would dip every so lightly into your entrance, leaving you begging for more.

You couldn’t take it, “Fuck Damon I need more”. He was being so teasing, getting you to the edge and leaving you there. His pointer finger slid slowly down your slit, “Be careful what you wish for”. Stopping your train of though his finger slid into your entrance.

He groaned, “So wet for me (y/n)”. Damon would dip his finger in and take it out, still teasing you. Looking down you saw the smile on his face. Suddenly you felt two fingers slide into you, and once again his grin was priceless.

Damon started pumping his fingers in and out of you picking up speed. He curled them in a “come here” motion hitting your g-spot each time. Your core was aching as his fingers pumped in and out and his lips still sucked on your clit.

You’d been moaning his name, and in turn he’d groan into you bringing even more pleasure to your core. You felt your orgasm coming, “Damon I’m going to-”. He moved his head up and down letting you know that he was well aware. He only pulled his lips off of your clit to tell you, “Cum for me (y/n), I want you to cum for me”.

Being the evil bastard he was Damon used his super speed to completely shock your entire body. All you could do was yell his name as you lost control of your entire body to all of the pleasure he was giving you. You legs shook around him as your orgasm rocked through your entire body. You’d never felt something as intense in your entire life.

It was like wave after wave of pleasure shook through you entire body, leaving you shaking and panting. When it was finally over Damon lowered you down from the wall, but still held you. He pulled his fingers from inside you and brought them to his mouth and began sucking. You stood there mouth agape watching him taste you even more.

Damon winked, “I can’t tell what is better, how good you look all worked up or how good you taste”. He brought his fingers out of his mouth and held them in front of your own mouth, and all you could do was suck. Damon bit his lip watching you taste yourself like that, “Fuck (y/n)”.

While taking his fingers out of your mouth he slowly dragged down your bottom lip. You were still watching him awestruck. He smiled again before kissing you once more. Damon continued the kiss while moving you to the couch with him. He laid you down while grabbing a blanket to cover you up, not like he wanted to stop looking at your naked body.

You smiled, “How do you go from being so sexy to so sweet”. Sitting down next to you he grinned as well, “I could ask you the same thing”. He placed his arm around you bringing your body closer to him. Damon kissed you on the forehead before saying, “I love you (y/n) but if anyone asks all that happened was wild hot sex, not me confessing my love and getting all mushy okay?”.

Looking up you reminded him, “You never confessed your love”. You knew perfectly well how he felt but you wanted to hear him say it to rub it in. He tried to hide his smile, “I am madly in love with you (y/n), you things to me”. That was as close as you’d get tonight for Damon admitting your hold over him. He’d admitted many things tonight, one of them being how fucking good he was in bed.

For the rest of the night you remained curled up with Damon, laughing, joking, and just overall happier than you’d been in awhile. You weren’t going to worry about Caroline and Dean, Elena and Klaus, or Stefan right now. Tonight was a victory, and tomorrow you’d work on saving the world.

For your entertainment

Word count: 1853

Warning: smut

Based on ‘Adam Lambert - For your entertainment’

Kai was sitting across from you, your elbows firmly pressed on the beautiful and long mahogany table with a lustruous varnish, your reflection visible on the shiny cover that spread all over the table. Kai’s eyes were constantly focused on you, his beautiful blue eyes turning a bit darker, filled with lust, making you bite your lip. Sexual tension between you and Kai at that moment was more obvious than ever. You’ve always been attracted to Kai and you told him that multiple times. He said the same to you but neither you nor Kai did anything about it. Instead, everytime you were near one another, you were taking eachother’s clothes off with your eyes that were piercing into one another’s soul, telling how much you wanted eachother. There wasn’t anything romantic going on between you two, it was pure sexual tension and as it seemed, tonight would be the night you’d finally give in.

Kai lifted his glass up that was filled only halfway with red wine as he brought it up to his lips, taking a sip and then placed it back on the table, but your eyes caught  the sight of something else. He licked his lips with his tongue agonizingly slowly, as your breath hitched for a moment, the thought of his tongue doing that to your lips or body driving you crazy. You crossed your legs and squeezed them a bit, obviousness of how turned on you were making Kai smirk at you.

He trailed his fingers on the edge of the glass a few times, his movements making you take a deep breath and sigh. He smiled to himself and then slowly got up. He walked towards you, his hand trailing on the table varnish, his fingertips visible on top of the lustrous cover. He stopped behind you and placed his hands on your shoulders as he squeezed them slighty, his mouth suddenly found it’s way to your ear.

‘You only need to ask me and I’ll do it.’ He whispered, his hot breath on your ear turning you on even more.

'How do you know I want the same thing you want?’ You stuttered, your legs still crossed, trying to hide how Kai made you feel, but the rest of your body giving you up.

'I can see how you’re pressing your thighs together and your breathing is very shallow. You cheeks are flushed. I could make you feel so good, you just gotta say the words.’ He whispered and placed a gentle kiss on your neck, which sent you over the edge. You turned around and cupped his face with your hands, his mouth instantly finding it’s way inside your mouth.

Let’s go
It’s my show
Baby, do what I say
Don’t trip off the glitz
That I’m gonna display
I told ya
I’m a hold ya down until you’re amazed
Give it to ya 'til you’re screaming my name

He pulled away and reached out his hand, your plate suddenly flying off the table and onto the floor, his hands finding their way to your ass as he picked you up and placed you down on the table, his body standing firmly on the ground and inbetween your legs.

No escaping when I start
Once I’m in I own your heart
There’s no way you’ll ring the alarm
So hold on until it’s over

His hands found their way under your dress and lifting it over your head, throwing it across the room as it fell down onto the wooden floor that was just barely covered with a white carpet. Your hand slipped inside his jeans and his briefs, finding his lenght that was already semi - hard. You started to stroke him slightly but the grabbed your hand and took it out, his hands pinning yours above your head, your back laying firmly on the table’s hard surface.

'Do not move your hands, got it?’ He asked with a serious voice, not even a hint of smile showing on his face. You swallowed hard and nodded, fighting the urge to touch him. He pulled down your panties in a swift motion, leaving your bottom half completely exposed to him. He smiled, making your heart beat faster with each second. He got on the table and placed your panties around your wrists, tying them just enough so you couldn’t spread them apart.

Oh, do you know what you got into?
Can you handle what I’m 'bout to do?
'Cause it’s about to get rough for you
I’m here for your entertainment

He placed his finger on your cheek and at agonizingly slow pace trailed it down your neck and kept going lower and lower until he reached just a bit under your belly button. You squirmed and closed your eyes but you knew the smirk that you saw before was still on his face. He lifted your legs up and placed your feet on the table, your legs spread as much as possible, your heat aching for his touch. He placed his finger back on the spot where it was before and started trailing it again, stopping at the spot where you wanted him the most. He teased your entrance with his fingers, spreading your arousal around, covering his fingers. He bent down and came closer to as he slightly blew on your clit, making you arch your back at the feeling. Not even a few seconds later, you felt his fingers dipping into you and then slowly pulling them out only to be pushed back in as he kept curling them around your walls, your hands immediately wanting to find him but he placed them back where they were. Above your head, still firmly tied with your panties. You lifted your head up a little bit, finding Kai’s eyes strongly focused on you as he licked your folds swiftly, a quiet moan escaping your lips.

'Kai’ you whispered and brought your hands back down, your fingers finding Kai’s soft hair as you pulled on it slightly.

'No, no, no. If you keep doing that, we’ll never finish.’ He trailed off and pinned your arms down as his tongue found your clit again, this time, firmly pressed against it, swirling it around, getting you closer to your release. He started sucking on your clit while his fingers worked perfectly inside you, his eyes finding yours every once in a while.

'Kai, I’m close.’ You moaned out as Kai kept working on your body with his tongue and his fingers. Your moaning was getting louder with each second as at one moment, your whole body froze and your legs started shaking, your release taring through your body, but Kai didn’t stop. He kept repeating his actions, your body getting closer to yet another release. Your walls started clenching around Kai’s fingers as you finally reached another orgasm. Kai stopped and caught you by your arms, lifting you up so your and his chest were only a few inches apart. He untied your arms and threw your panties onto the floor as his hand reached behind you to unhook your bra, your body completely naked in front of him.

Oh, I bet you thought that I was soft and sweet
'Ya thought an angel swept you off ya feet
But I’m about to turn up the heat
I’m here for your entertainment

He quickly took his shirt off and unbuttoned his jeans, your hands pushing them down to his ankles. You pushed his briefs down a bit, somewhere under his ass, enough to set his hard length free. Your fingers instantly wrapped around his shaft, yor thumb slowly caressing his tip, collecting the pre cum that was visible. Kai’s mouth fell slightly open, his eyes piercing into yours. With your every stroke, he let out a more audible moan, you mouth forming into a smile. You picked up your pace and felt him twitching as he came on your hand, his hips thrusting into your palm, looking for more.

'I wanna be rough with you.’ Kai whispered making your breath hitch.

'Then be rough with me.’ You trailed off, satisfaction in your voice. He bit his lips and thrusted into you with a swift motion, making you scream out his name.

It’s alright
You’ll be fine
Baby, I’m in control
Take the pain
Take the pleasure
I’m the master of both
Close your eyes
Not your mind
Let me into your soul
I’m a work it 'til you’re totally blown

He pushed you down, your back pressed firmly against the shiny mahogany table underneath you. He pinned your arms above your head again and started thrusting deep and as fast as he could, your breath hitching in your throath with each thrust. His hand found its way to your clit, rubbing it swiftly, getting you closer to your third orgasm. His thrust never stopped and your bodies fell into a perfect rhythm. His thrusts began to hurt a little bit, a tear escaping your eye. You arched your back and let your orgasm tear through your body once more as Kai’s thrusts never lost their pace. He lifted your leg up on his shoulder, straightening it as his hips met yours every second, the room filled with the sound of your skin meeting one another’s and your loud moans.

No escaping when I start
Once I’m in I own your heart
There’s no way you’ll ring the alarm
So hold on until it’s over
Oh, do you know what you got into?
Can you handle what I’m 'bout to do?
'Cause it’s about to get rough for you
I’m here for your entertainment

'Fuck.’ Kai moaned out as his thrusts began to lose their pace and your bodoes weren’t at that perfect rhythm as before, but his thrusts were still fast and deep.

'Kai, please, I can’t.’ You cried out, feeling your fourth orgasm approaching. You felt weak and your vision was already blury from ocassional tear.

'Yes, you can. C'mon, for me. Let yourself go.’ He trailed off as you started clenching around him once more, your vision getting dark.

Oh, I bet you thought that I was soft and sweet
'Ya thought an angel swept ya off your feet
Well I’m about to turn up the heat
I’m here for your entertainment

'Hey’ you heard Kai’s voice as you opened your eyes and looked around, noticing you werr laying on the bed, his shirt covering your body.

'Wha- what happened?’ You asked him, your fingers running through your hair.

'You passed out. How do you feel?’ He asked and kissed your forehead, his arms pulling you closer to his body. You winced a little bit and muttered a soft 'ow’.

'I feel exhausted and it hurts a little bit, but other than that, I feel amazing.’ You trailed off.

'Me too. That was incredible. I think we should definitely do it again.’

'Definitely.’ You lifted your head up a bit and kissed Kai’s lips as you closed your eyes and drifted off to sleep in Kai’s bed.

TITLE: Quiet Confessions

‘Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal.’

[gif is not mine] this is from my ao3!! requests are open. let me know what you think

“What are you doing?” Loki asked her noticing she was on the steps outside of his house in the pouring rain.

She turned and smiled at him, “Waiting for you.”


She shrugged and turned back around, “It’s a pretty day, don’t you think?” She held out her hand, feeling the water wet her hand.

He grabbed her shoulders and pulled her up, “It is. But not when you’re about to get sick. Honestly.” He shook his head at her, feeling she was getting colder by the second he rushed her to his house. “What are you thinking? You could get hypothermia.” He grabbed a towel and gave it to her.

He heard her laugh, while fixing her up some tea. “I swear to god you’re insane. One day you’re going to kill yourself while doing something silly.” He plopped the tea bag in her mug and waited for the water to boil. He turned around and saw her watching him. “What?” He touched his face, thinking there was something there. “Do I have something on my face?”

She shook her head, a small cough coming from her mouth. She gave him back his towel and told her to keep a hold of it. “Thank you.” She said as she brought the mug to her lips. He nodded in acknowledgement.

“Now, care to tell me why you’re here?”

She coughed again, harshly and longer this time. He cringed as he saw her struggling to breath, “See you’re already getting sick.” He tried to lighten the mood.

“I was just around the neighbourhood and I wanted to see you.”

“So…you didn’t knock? You just sat there?”

“I knew you’d come out sooner or later.” She smiled.

Loki looked at her peculiarly, she seemed off…somehow. Well, it was her and she did a lot of random things, that’s what he loved about her. Loki sighed her name, “We haven’t spoke in half a year. What are you really doing here?”

Her smile dropped and looked at him, no emotion on her face whatsoever. “Do you still have the envelope I gave you, Loki?”

‘Envelope? Huh?….Oh right, yeah.’ He nodded and moved towards his room, getting it. She stopped him with her hand, “I don’t want you to get it Loki. I was just wondering if you still had it.”

“Of course, I’d still have it, you told me to keep it, to only open it when something big and devastating happened. I still think you’re barmy.” He rolled his eyes as he returned back to his spot. “Why do you ask?”

“Hmm?” She looked at him, she was thinking about the future before. It hurt her head when she thought for a long time. It also hurt her when she was doing things that acquired large energy, such as walking, but she wouldn’t tell him that. “Sorry, I was daydreaming.”

“You do that a lot, you know? One of the weirdest things about you.” She smiled at him while he scowled at her.

She loved him, he hoped he knew. Sure he wasn’t the nicest person on the planet, but what would you get from a God?

“Do you remember what we talked about before?”

“When before?”

“You know, that day at the Rainbow Bridge? When you took me to Asgard and we talked about the future, while laying down and looked at the stars?”

He remembered that day clearly, etched into his mind. He sighed happily as he recalled that day.

Loki took her to Asgard, to meet the rest of his family, well they wanted to meet her. Wanting to see the girl that captured his heart…even though she didn’t know anything about that. That would be kept as a secret for a long time. Loki remembered as they finished their feast and they walked aimlessly down the Rainbow Bridge, stopping around halfway to sit down.

She looked like she belonged there, her personality suited it. He remembered there was a breeze which made her dress sway a bit, and her hair flowing in the night sky. If he had a chance to paint any picture, that would be it. That was one of the most defined moment of his life, he thought. Here was a girl who has stuck by him, through thick and thin and he couldn’t even tell her that he loved her. Three little words.

Loki remembered sitting down and talking about the future and the what ifs. He remembered her telling him that she wants a huge family one day, living somewhere, maybe Asgard or a small Scottish cottage. Somewhere peaceful and quiet. He wanted to be that guy when she told him.

“Judging by your smile, I’m saying you remember?” She interrupted his memories as she gave him a faint sheepish smile.

“Bits and pieces.” He bit out. He saw her smile drop a bit and he felt like A-grade ass. “Can’t help it, I’m getting old.” She laughed out loud for this one, and he couldn’t help but smile as well.

“I remember telling you about my future, I really hope that one day that happens, you know? With the right guy, hopefully soon.” She whispered her confession. She put her mug in the sink and looked at the clock. “I have to go back to the hos- home. I’ll see you later Loki.” She coughed again and gave him a smile.

“I’ll see you later as well, treat your cold.” She waved at him and coughed again. He frowned, she seemed to be having a coughing fit. Thinking nothing of it, he closed the door and sighed.

Loki felt like ripping the nine realms apart. There was something burning inside his chest, he wished he could rip it out and just toss it. He belted out a scream while thrashing his room. There was a light knock on the door. “Brother?”

Loki didn’t bother responding as he flipped his table upside down. “This is not fair! Why? Why brother?  WHY?” He yelled at Thor as he ducked a vase.

“Loki, calm down.”

“Calm down? You want me to calm down? Do you know how preposterous you sound right now?” Thor furrowed his brows as he took steps towards his brother.

“I apologise, but I am very sorry about your loss. Did you know anything?”

Loki shook his head as he dropped down to his knees, “She visited me once, she looked fragile and weak, she also had a coughing fit. I did not think anything of it, I thought it was just the flu. Gods, I’m so foolish!”

Thor felt the room crack under Loki’s magic. “Hush, Loki. She would have not wanted this.”

He placed a comforting hand on Loki’s shoulder, “I am foolish brother, I did not even tell her my true feelings.”

Thor knelt down in front of his weeping brother, “I am sure, she knew Loki. And I am sure that she returned those feelings for you. I recall that she gave you something before?”

Loki’s eyes widened, filled with tears he ransacked his room until he found the letter from her. “Leave Thor, please.” Thor did not need to be told twice. He walked to the door a single glance back at his brother, he shook his head and closed the door.

Loki sat down on the bed, sighing he flipped the enveloped. There it was his name in her tilted handwriting, the letter felt thick and heavy. He carefully opened the enveloped and brought out the letter.  There were several things in there, there was at least five photographs.

He looked at them each, one was him, her and the Avengers, he recalled the man in the iron suit had wanted a group photo, and he insisted annoyingly that Loki be a part of it. Another was him trying to figure out how to cook, the third her and him in the park with Darcy, Jane and Thor. The fourth was just him and her, him being in a Midgardian suit attire. And the last…the last took his breath away. It was a photo of him and her on that night sitting on the Rainbow Bridge. ‘How?’ He thought.

He put the letter and the other photographs by his side and looked at the picture. It seemed magical and staged, but it was not. He could see himself staring at her lovingly from a far and her staring right back at him. ‘Who took this photo?’ It was perfect.

He closed his eyes and put the photo close to his chest. “Oh…oh, my love.” He gently put it beside him and grabbed the letter and began reading it.


Hello you. You’re probably wondering why I gave you a letter right? Or not, since you’re used to well me being me.

I’m writing this letter because, well today I just found out I had cancer. I don’t know if you know anything about it, but incase if you don’t. Well, it’s a Midgardian disease, there’s no known cure for it, I’m pretty sure. I don’t know if they have it in Asgard…

Now, you’re thinking that why wouldn’t I tell you? Well, it’s simple, really. I wanted to be with you. I wanted you to be happy and not have this thing over your head. I wanted you to be YOU while being with me. But then, the treatments and such got into the way of that. I know we haven’t spoken in around 5 months and now I’m just giving you a letter out of the blue, but I needed this. I needed to write you this.

These will be my last words Loki. My last words for you.

You don’t know how much you mean to me. You are my everything, my stars, my moon, my life. Do you remember that day when we sat on the Rainbow Bridge? That was the day I wanted to tell you everything. Everything that I felt for you, wanted from you.

When I told you I wanted to live somewhere quiet and have a big family, I wanted that. With YOU. There was no one else that can make me feel the way you did. When I was around you I felt like I was on fire, I was being re-born. You made me feel like me. You made me feel complete.

I wish I could have that future with you, I goddamn wished I didn’t have this! I wish that we could have Midgardian, half Jotunn babies. Wow, that would have been a sight? Can you imagine dropping them off to preschool? Or when I gave birth to them?

I have never regretted anything.

The only thing I regretted was not telling you in person that I love you.

I goddamn love you so much. More than I thought could be possible.

Those are my last words for you my Loki. Please be happy. Anyway, I won’t be really gone, I’ll be watching over you…gods that sounded weird.

I love you.

Loki carefully folded the letter back, tears in his eyes he grabbed the items and marched towards the Bifrost.

Once he reached it, he hastily wiped his eyes. “Heimdall, I am sure you know why I am here.”

Heimdall nodded, “I am very sorry for your loss. I just wanted to let you know she loved you greatly, and that it was you she was thinking about when she passed.”

Loki felt his heart clench and nodded solemnly to Heimdall who let him go onto the Bifrost. “I’m trusting you know where I want to go?”

He felt the rush of the Bifrost as he was taken to his destination. Loki landed on the ground with a thud and looked up at the landscape before him.

It was a little cottage, on a cliff, over looking the Scottish sea. This was the place that he secretly bought for her. He walked to the door and opened it. He breathed in and smelt the wood. He walked around the small cottage, going outside via the garden.

He looked up at the night stars. “The only thing I regretted was not telling you that I love you. And now it is too late.

“You see this cottage, I bought for you, when you told me you wanted somewhere quiet and peaceful, I bought this for you. You don’t know how much hassle I had to go through buying this for you.” He laughed and the stars twinkled. “I miss you.” He whispered. He felt a gust of wind hitting him.

“I miss you too.” Was what he could faintly hear from the wind. He looked up hopeful and watched the night stars twinkling. He smiled and walked back inside.

This is where he would live, this is where he would stay, until the day she comes back to him, taking him to a better life.

I Can’t Wait to Hear You Scream PT. 33

Summary: David gets a chance to prove himself while on a run.

Note: There is a season 4 Easter egg in here, and I’m overly proud of it for some reason.


“Women must not depend upon the protection of man, but must be taught to protect herself.”

- Susan B. Anderson

“I guess what scares me the most now is the thought that I won’t be able to protect you.”

- Julia Hoban


You walked cautiously into the two story house, looking around the open space of the foyer.
The place was messy and things were thrown around the room.
It looked as if it had already been ransacked a couple of times.
David walked slowly in front of you, you could see him looking around carefully to see if he could spot anything useful as a weapon.

“I hope this place is empty.” He said softly to you, trying to keep his voice down.

“Maybe it is, it looks like it’s already been scavenged anyway.” You said, trailing off from him into the kitchen.

David made his way back over to you in a hurried manner.
You peeked around the corner of the doorway.
Once you saw nothing, you headed further into it, trying to find anything worth taking.
The dining table had been flipped over, the chairs thrown around the room, and every cabinet door stood open.
You let out a sigh, looking up at them.
you approached the counter, hopping up onto it as gently as you could to not make much noise.

“What are you doing?” David asked.

You glanced back at him, “Just looking, it’s worth a shot. Just keep a look out for anything.”

He nodded back and turned around, keeping his eye out for any movement.
It was dark inside the cabinets and hard to see whether or not anything was in them, and you didn’t have the luxury of having a flashlight with you.
After a moment of searching, your hand hit something and you grabbed it.
you pulled it from the cabinet to see it was a bottle of aspirin, it wasn’t a bad find at all.
This sort of stuff wasn’t easy to come by, whoever looted the placed must have skipped over it completely or just assumed they wouldn’t need it, which was stupid, but lucky for you.

You made a clicking noise with your tongue to get David’s attention, he turned around and you tossed the pill bottle to him, hearing the rattle it made as he caught it, almost dropping them to the floor.

“First find, not a bad one either.” You said, turning back and making your way to another cabinet as you balanced yourself on the counter top.

David slipped the pills into a bag that you had given him to collect stuff in.
You followed the same procedure, sticking your hand into the cabinet, your hands fumbling around in the dark trying to find anything that you could.
The next thing you managed to grab was a half empty pack cigarettes.
You had smoked on and off throughout your life, and they weren’t much of a necessity to you.
You threw them to the ground as you hopped off the counter.

“Is it empty?” He said, reaching down to pick up the box.

“No, it’s not.”

He looked into the box and seemed to light up at the sight, almost as if a prayer had been answered “Can I have them? I haven’t smoked in months, and I need it.”

You shrugged, “Usually stuff like this has to be worked for, it’s considered a luxury. But just to show you how good you could have it, I’ll let you keep them.”

“Thank you.” He said gratefully as he stuffed the carton into his pants pocket.

“Yeah, but you better not fucking tell anyone where you got them, better yet, don’t even be seen with them. If Negan finds out, I’m not gonna be able to help you.”

He nodded, “Yes ma'am.”

Once the kitchen was looked over and you found nothing else worth taking back, you made your way to the upstairs part of the house, there were a bunch of books laying on the ground and stacked in piles near the wall.

“Jesus, is this a library?” David commented, picking up one of the books to look at it.

“Hoarders is more like it.” You rolled your eyes, kicking a stack of books out of your way.

A lot of the times, better stuff could be found in bedrooms, because people who usually looted houses never paid much attention to personal rooms.
It was always the food and booze that got cleaned out quicker than anything else.
You made your way up the narrow staircase with David behind you.
You walked over to a small bathroom to have a look inside, not a whole lot was missing from it.

“So, what kind of stuff do we get?” He asked, leaning against the wall, flipping the light switch up and down.

“Literally anything useful. We have a community to take care of, so things that might otherwise be looked over by people who live on the go, we take.” You said, looking through the cabinet under the sink, “Here’s something.” You said with a smile as you handed him a whole tube of toothpaste.

“It’s new.” He said, dropping it into the bag that hung around his shoulder.

“Yeah, people don’t worry about this kind of shit anymore, but like I said, we have a community and we do our best to bring back some sense of normality to the situation. Things like this can be bought for points.” You said, continuing to look through the cabinet.

He nodded, “Makes sense. I guess that’s why I have to keep the cigarettes a secret?”

“Exactly.” You said, handing him a few feminine hygiene products and shampoo that you found.
You finally stopped and looked up to him, “Look, don’t think that just because I did something nice for you means that you are getting it any easier than anyone else. My comment about you trying to screw me over still stands.” You said, your tone getting serious as you ran a hand over your gun.

“I didn’t think you giving me the smokes made you soft. It was a nice gesture, that’s all.” He said, putting the items you handed him into the bag, giving you a look.

“Good.” You said plainly as you stood up, and pushed past him to make your way down the hall.

You came up on a closed wooden door that had something written on it in chalk.


“Shit.” David whispered, running a hand over the writing.

“Sounds like we’ve got a live one.” You said, pulling your gun from it’s holster.

“I don’t know about this. Those fucking things make me nervous, I don’t seek them out.” He said, letting out a shaky breathe.

“No shit, but you never know what might be in here.”

“Fine.” He said, shaking his head.

You opened the door slowly and making a scrunched face as the door squeaked.
You mouthed the word ‘shit’ to yourself as it continued.
You walked in slowly, your gun in hand. The room was even messier, boxes were stacked around the room.
you moved cautiously around them, crouched low and keeping at eye out for the stray walker.
But you heard, nor saw anything.
David was so close you could practically feel his breathe on your neck.
You looked around for a moment more and you still saw nothing, so you stood up straight and let out a breathe.

“Well, I don’t see shit.” You said as you looked in one of the boxes to see a bunch of china, half of it broken into sharp pieces.

You both looked around the room for a moment, looking through countless boxes of useless shit.
You looked over to the window to see the afternoon sun shining into the room, the window was halfway open.
you thought that maybe the dead one crawled out the window somehow.
You walked over to reach your hand out to shut it.
Suddenly there was a loud crash as a box tipped over and you turned to see a walker hurl itself towards you.
Before you could get your gun up, it was too late and it crashed into you, knocking you to the ground as the gun fired, the bullet shattering the window pane as it went through, while the gun was slung from your hand.

“SHIT!” You cried out in panic as you had your knee and hands pushing against the stomach of the rotting corpse that was desperately trying to bite your face.
you breathed heavily trying to remain as calm as possible, and grabbing for your gun, but it was damn near impossible as the thing I top of you was literally dead weight.
The gun was too far away, and David stood there, frozen in fear and unmoving.
You continued trying to pus the corpse off of you, but it was no use, it was like a rabid fucking dog relentlessly trying to attack you.
You let out another panicked scream as you tried to squirm away from it, your fear starting to grow out of control.
Nothing in this world scared you more than these things.

“DAVID! GET THE GUN! FUCK-” You tried kicking at the corpse, your arms were already getting shaking from holding it off of you and your terror was rising with each breathe and each failed attempt to get it off of you.
You couldn’t hold it much longer, “GET THE GODDAMN GUN, DAVID!” You bellowed as loud as you could.

With shakey hands, he lunged for your gun, getting it in his grip before standing back up and pointing it out.
You closed your eyes tightly.
Two shots rang throughout the cramped bedroom.
Your eyes still shut tightly, the struggling had ceased.
From a moment, you thought you were dead.
You figured that was it, it was over, that he had shot the walker and shot you.

But you slowly opened your eyes back up to see the limp body now laying on top of you.
The black mush that was it’s brains were now splattered all over the wall.
You pushed it off of you quickly as you sat up backing yourself into the wall, obviously shaken and groaning in fear.
You had been through a lot of shit, but nothing ever compared to almost being eaten alive by one of those things.
You breathed hard as you looked down at yourself, running your hands over your arms, legs and stomach, needing to check yourself for bites and also being completely petrified of finding one.

You were so shaken by it that you didn’t even notice or care about the fact that David still had your gun in his hand.
You could hear all the commotion from downstairs as you heard people rushing up the staircase.
There you were, a bloody mess sitting on the ground, visibly scared for your life, and a man whom you were in charge of, standing over you with your own gun.
It wasn’t the best time for anyone to come in, it was a sight to see.
It was alos an infuriating sight for Negan as he busted through the doorway, Lucille in hand and his men flanking him.
You looked up suddenly as Negan charged towards David, knocking him into the wall and the gun from his hand, ready to kill as he brought Lucille over his head.

“No!” You yelled suddenly, jumping up and forcing yourself towards him.

Negan’s hand on David’s throat, “What the fuck do you mean no?!” Negan growled back, Lucille still raised, ready to come down on David’s skull.

“I got attacked by a walker!” You said, pointing back to the body, and trying to step in front of Negan.

He shifted his eyes to the ground where the body laid, and looked back to you, “Then why the fuck does he have your gun? There was more than one fuckin’ gunshot, darlin’ and all the goddamn screaming. It was heard throughout the whole goddamn neighborhood.”

You nodded and breathed out, still trying to catch your breathe, “It surprised me and knocked the gun out of my hand, I tried to shoot it, but I missed. He shot it, if he hadn’t I’d be bitten right now.”

Negan gritted his teeth and lowered Lucille, looking to David, “Is that fuckin’ true, did you save my wife?” He growled in a sarcastic tone.

“Yes, sir.” David choked out, Negan’s grip still tight on his throat.

Negan sniffed, a grimace still on his face, “Dwight, why don’t you take our new friend for a walk.”

Dwight, with his gun still pointed at David’s head, motioned him forward.
Negan’s grip on his throat loosened, allowing him to pass by.
David shot you a desperate look and you nodded, giving him the okay to go.
Dwight shoved him out the door and left you alone with Negan.
He ran a hand over the thick stubble that was beginning to turn back into the beard you had become so accustomed to.

He turned his head towards you and bit his lip angrily, “We’re you fuckin’ bit?”

You shook your head quickly, “No. Trust me, I checked.”

He nodded and let out a sigh of relief, “It seems like something is trying to fuckin’ take you out, darlin’. After everything, now you’re getting attacked by goddamn roamers.”

You smirked, trying to lighten the situation, “I know, but I’ve got nine lives, remember?”

“Like I’ve said before, I’m really starting to fuckin’ believe that, darlin’. When I heard those shots, I thought you either blew his fuckin’ brains out, or he fuckin’ got the upper hand on you.” Negan said, furrowing his brows, his free hand tightening into a fist at the thought.

“If he wanted to, he could have. He had the chance, Negan.”

“Yeah, that’s what fuckin’ concerns me.” He breathed out.

“He didn’t though.” You protested, your lips parted.

He ignored you, picking the gun off the floor and handed it back to you, “Keep your fuckin’ guard up at all times. Eyes are gonna fuckin’ be on him. I’m not too fuckin’ sure about his place here.”

“I will, but you gave me the job.” You said I confusion.

“I fuckin’ know that, darlin’. But I might not fuckin’ be around everytime something happens. Just fuckin’ be careful.” He said, starting to get annoyed.

You looked up at Negan, you understood that what had happened could have been a dangerous situation, but David didn’t try to kill you, nor did you really think he would.
You studied Negan’s face, you could see the anger fading and you knew that he wasn’t making a fuss about it because you couldn’t handle yourself.
He knew more than anyone that you knew how to handle yourself, probably better than any of his men.
You were catching the feeling that Negan was jealous.
You bit down hard on your lip, to keep the smile you felt coming on.

“Yes, Negan.” You managed to force out without so much as a smirk.

You thought it was extremely cute that he seemed to be jealous of your attention being on another man, and the fact that another man had saved your life.
There were so many times that you had been jealous of the other wives, and you still held jealousy that there were still other wives around, and now he was finally experiencing the jealousy that you so often felt over him.
It pleased you to see him get territorial over you.

“Did you find anything in here.” He asked, propping Lucille back onto his shoulder.

“I found a bottle of aspirin, some toothepasteband other things. That’s about it.” You said shaking your head. You didn’t mention the cigarettes you had given to David.

He nodded and motioned you to follow him, “Well, that’s better than fuckin’ nothing. This neighborhood is pretty much fuckin’ empty.”

You glanced back at the body of the walker that laid on the ground.
You stopped at the doorway, and looked down to see a couple pieces of chalk on the floor.
you bent down to pick one up, you closed the door and begin to scribble on it.

“Darlin’, what the hell are you doing?” Negan called from behind you in an amused tone.

Once you were done you stood back, “There was a message written on the door about the walker, now I’ve left my own message.”

The new message that was scribbled in the door read: DEAD WALKER INSIDE WAS TOUGH, BUT I WAS TOUGHER.

You threw the chalk to the ground and headed over to Negan, he gave you a smirk.

“Really fuckin’ poetic, babydoll. Can we go now?” He asked.

“Yeah, let’s go.” You answered back, following him down the narrow staircase.

Not a whole lot had been picked up from the small neighborhood, anything that had been gotten wasn’t of much importance.
There was a lot of furniture, hygiene products and very little non-perishable food items found, but it would be taken back to the sanctuary to sell to anyone who had enough points to buy.
You walked out with Negan as his men were packing up the vehicles with the finds for the day.
You saw that Dwight had put David to work helping load up the supplies.

The ride back was a quiet one, not much was spoken between anyone, it gave you a bit of time to catch up on some sleep.
You were struggling to keep your eyes open.
You finally leaned over onto Negan’s shoulder as you drifted in and out sleep, you half expected him to push you off of him, but instead, he propped his feet on the dashboard and put an arm around you and let you lean into his chest.

You were woken in a state of shock as you were being shook roughly and hearing Negan’s voice saying, “Get the fuck up!”.
Your eye snapped open as you looked around quicky, wiping your eyes. You didn’t realize how deep you had fallen asleep on the ride back.

“What?” You said in raspy tone, climbing out of the truck behind him.
You were back at the sanctuary and you had to rub your eyes even harder when you saw the body laying near the weapons storage building.

“What the fuck?” You whispered to yourself, now fully awake.

You looked over to Negan who was scolding Simon, “When the fuck did this happen?!” Negan growled, pushing Simon back into the stone building.

“I don’t know, boss. Fat Joey was supposed to be watching him.” Simon answered back nervously.

“Fat Joey? You put Fat-fuckin-Joey in charge, and you see where the fuck that got us?! He’s fuckin’ dead.” Negan shouted, pointing down to Joey’s body.

You shook your head wanting to know what the hell was going on in that moment, but you knew better than to interrupt Negan in front of his men.
Your breathing became heavy as you watched Negan get so pissed.

Negan suddenly grabbed Simon around the collar ofhis shirt and slung him down into the ground, “I should bash your fuckin’ brains in right now, Simon. But that’d be too fuckin’ easy. You’re gonna take some of the fuckin’ men, and you’re gonna go out and you’re gonna fuckin’ look for him. Do you fuckin’ understand me?”

Simon clenched his jaw and nodded, “Yes, sir.”

“Good.” Negan growled before he pushed him,down into the dirt, “Somebody move this fuckin’ body out of here. Feed him to the fuckin’ dead ones.”

You backed up as Negan prowled over to you, his face was full of anger as you had so often seen.
He stood in front of you, gripping Lucille.

“What the hell is going on?” You said in a desperate low tone.

“Daryl is fuckin’ gone.” He said blunty, gritting his teeth.

“What?” You hissed, “How?!”

“If I fuckin’ knew it would be goddamn fixed, (Y/N). You gather David and the there ones, and you keep them under your goddamn watch until this is figured out, and don’t let any of them get your goddamn gun again. Last thing I need is for you to fuck up, too.” He narrowed his eyes at you.

You were taken aback, and a bit offended that he assumed you were gonna fuck up, “Well, I’m sure I’ll do a better fucking job than Simon.” You scoffed.

“Cool your goddamn attitude and just do what the fuck I say.” He growled back, leaning down to you.

You took in a deep breathe and nodded, “I will.”

He gazed down at you for a moment, daring you to show your attitude to him again at the moment, but you knew better.
You lowered your gaze and became submissive to him, not wanting to catch his bad side.
He gave you one last look before leaving you.
You ran a hand through your hair and looked around for David and spotted him unloading one of the trucks.
You watched for a moment as Dwight and Arat began to drag Joey’s body towards the entrance of the sanctuary where the chained walkers were kept.
You made your way over to the truck where David was helping one of the men pull a couch out the back of it.

“David, let’s go!” You called, ushering him towards you.

He let go of the couch, and exchanged glances with one of the other men, before slowly making his way of over to you.
He noticed the intense look on your face and dropped his head like a dog who had gotten yelled at, before looking back up to you.

“Sorry one of them asked for my help-”

You put up a hand to cut him off, “Don’t worry about it. The place is kind of on lock down, so you and the others are gonna have to stay with me for a while.”

“What’s happened?” He asked, raising an eyebrow.

“It’s not your business, just be glad it doesn’t involve you.” You said in a calm tone as you walked him to the main building towards the kitchen.

“I was just curious.” He shrugged.

“That’s the kind of shit can get you killed.” He cut your eyes to him.

He nodded slowly and didn’t say another word as you went to gather Katherine and Ben.
Your head was in a whirlwind, you weren’t able to understand exactly how Daryl could escape, there were so many people here that it seemed damn near impossible for him to just escape.
You didn’t wanna admit it, but it seemed like Amber and Randy weren’t the only ones that weren’t loyal, someone had to help Daryl escape.
You need to be on your guard more than ever, and you’d be keeping and eyes open, that’s for sure, especially for Negan.
You’d do whatever necessary to protect him.


Got a Light? (anon request)


The smell of rain always brought a soft sense of calm to Chato. It washed over every inch of his body, cloaking him in a blanket of security. It flowed into his lungs coursing through his veins with each soft breath he took. Although he wore a jacket, he was nearly soaked through. But, he didn’t mind. It made him feel safe.

Remaining where he stood, Chato concentrated on the darkened sky. He had initially stopped to admire the lightning dancing across the sky. That was nearly twenty minutes ago. However, he now found himself incapable of moving from where he stood for an entirely different reason.

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what goes around, comes around (chanyeol)
word count: 1515 w.
genre: romance, angst, post breakup au
summary: in which one of your grandma’s birthday wishes was to see you with chanyeol, your recent ex-boyfriend. oops?

“Stop pacing around! For god’s sake, just tell the damn boy!” Your best friend pressed her fingers on her temple, rubbing it in a circular motion. With a huff, you settled down right beside her on the couch. You weren’t very flexible in vocalizing your feelings or in your case, inviting your ex to your grandma’s birthday party.

She crossed her legs and propped an elbow on the top side of the couch. “I’m sure he’ll understand. I mean, Chanyeol basically adores your grandma. He wouldn’t mind being there at the party.”

“You did tell your grandma that you and Chanyeol have broken up, didn’t you?” She asked in a confident tone, eyebrows raising as she waited for your response.

“Um, yeah, about that…”

Your best friend groaned in frustration. When her reflex kicks in, she starts grabbing things near to her and fortunately, it was a throw pillow. “It’s been almost three months, girl! How can you not tell your family about the break-up?”

“They love Chanyeol!” You exclaimed, dodging the pillow she threw. “It would break their hearts if they knew about it.”

“Who are you kidding?” She started crawling to your side of the couch before poking your forehead. “You still love Chanyeol and it still breaks your heart because you can’t accept that you two are over.”

Tears were threatening to stream down your face but your best friend was right. You do still love the guy and acceptance wasn’t just running through your mind back then, even right now. Chanyeol gave you so much precious memories to cherish that forgetting them, forgetting him, was the last thing on the list.

“One way or another, you gotta move on. You have to move on.”

Your heart sank at your best friend’s words. She fished out your phone from your body bag. At first, you hesitated on dialing his number, thinking on what you were going to say. Should you ask him how are things going? Should you say hi or hello but hell, you know whatever you were gonna say is gonna sound awkward.

“This is the best chance of closure you have. Don’t screw it up.”

You gulped at her words before pressing the call button. Your hands started perspiring when a deep, baritone voice greeted your ear. It’s the same husky voice that whispered sweet nothings to your ear. It’s the same voice that said, “I love you” more than a thousand sunsets. But it’s also the same voice that muttered a quiet, “I’m sorry” when you decided to walk out the door.

“Hi, Chanyeol.”

You have no idea why you were now in a convenience store, searching for junk food and soda for a road trip to your grandma’s house. With Chanyeol. Yes, that Chanyeol. Your ‘well-loved by your family and friends’, ex-boyfriend extraordinaire, Park Chanyeol.

You had to admit. You haven’t had a decent road trip up until now. You haven’t showed up to one family gathering for the last three months. Every event you attended back then, you had Chanyeol with you. But it seems now would be the last time to have him by your side.

As you were shoving various food down your basket, you spotted your favorite chocolate. Chanyeol used to buy it when you were feeling upset with things. A momentary need to add it to the list of items in your basket was felt but your hand stopped halfway. This trip should be a road to closure, not a trip down to memory lane.

“That would be ten dollars,” the cashier said as a the register noise reverberated around the store.

You were about to hand out the payment when Chanyeol placed another item on the flat surface. His height towered over you as you looked up at him before turning to see what he added.

“I remember you liked this chocolate, and I know it’s kinda wrong or whatever, but I couldn’t not buy it for you.” He pointed out, his lips pursed in a thin line.

“Shit,” you mumbled under your breath.

Chanyeol looked over the passenger’s side to the sight of you clumsily wiping tissue on the soda stain on your white blouse. Out of all the days you had to wear your blouse, why was this the perfect day to spill soda on it? Not to mention, right in front of your ex.

“Still clumsy, I see?” Chanyeol grinned, his line of sight completely focus on the road. “Do you have an extra shirt? I have one at the back.”

Your eyes twinkled in wonder. Your voice faltered a bit but you eventually found your grip. “Who’s is it?”

Chanyeol snapped his head towards your direction. You averted your attention to the view outside so you could avoid his gaze. “It’s my sister’s.”

You replied with a small “oh”. “I actually have an extra but–”

“That’s okay, I won’t look. I’ve seen it all anyway.” Chanyeol teased, earning a few shy giggles from you and a blush creeping its way to your cheeks.

You proceeded on changing your blouse. True to his words, Chanyeol kept his eyes on the road. The one you changed into was an oversized shirt. Needless to say, it was your favorite.

Chanyeol couldn’t help but side-glance at you even just for a quick minute. A small smile plastered on the latter. It was rather charming how Chanyeol’s dimples were placed perfectly on his face. He began, “That’s my shirt.”

You glanced down and it was, indeed, his shirt. Now this would just make the situation worse. It would seem like you were giving him a signal that you weren’t completely over him (you really weren’t), and you wouldn’t want that.

“Do you want it back?” 

You whipped your head to the driver’s side, only to find his eyes crinkled and a soft smile accompanying it. “Nah, it always looked better on you.”

The party was a blast despite being celebrated by an eighty year old. There were so much interactions between your family and Chanyeol that it very much overwhelmed you. You had to tell them someday, but not today. Your grandma might get a heart attack when she finds out the truth and you avoided that effect at all costs.

Loud pitter-pats of raindrops fell heavily on the roof. Your grandma convinced you and Chanyeol to stay the night over at her house as driving back to Seoul was perilous at this time of the night. The heavy rain added enough reason to accept her offer. There was an extra room fit for two guests. Requesting a carpet and another set of thick comforter would draw questions from your grandma.

You and Chanyeol were a couple and it was only natural to sleep in one bed. At least, after three months again.

The two of you had your backs to each other, refusing to lay on your backs instead. It’s been a while since the two of you slept in one bed, under one roof.

You shouldn’t be saying this right now but you called him out. “Chanyeol.”

He responded, “I thought you were asleep.”

“I missed this,” you finally gave into your feelings. Taking a deep breath, you sighed, “I missed you. I missed us.”

You know you shouldn’t get your hopes up but you couldn’t take your mind off his words that he said earlier that day. You weren’t sure if he was leading you on or he was just being the cocky Chanyeol you seldom encountered back in your relationship. 

The best way to get some closure was to let out everything that’s been long kept in your mind and heart. Closure is accepting rejection once the words hidden at the back of your mind passed by your lips.

You slowly rolled your body to the other side. Surprised, you backed away a little as his face was dangerously lurking close to yours. His soft gaze never left your face the moment you turned to him. A few centimeters and his pink lips would have found yours.

“Is there a chance you’d ever come back?” You questioned as your eyes slowly closed. Your heart readied itself to be crashed into a million pieces once again.

His hand emerged from under the blanket, making its way to your cheek. His thumb rubbed invisible shapes. You found yourself leaning more into his palm. 

“Just ask me to stay.”

You felt your heartstrings tug, heightening your senses to the maximum level. Even in the dark, you saw colors swirling around the room. Hearing those words made something burst inside of you that it spread hope all across your thoughts.

Opening your eyes, tears finally escaped from it. “I never stopped loving you, Chanyeol. Will that make you stay?”

“More than you will ever know, babe.”

You never had a sweeter kiss than this.

note: okay so maybe missing 9 and chanyeol wasn’t such a great idea ;A; i have pcy feels all over again send help | masterlist

Daughter  Jared Leto Imagine

Requested by Anonymous
Words: 5,382
Triggers/Warnings: Explicit language
Note: I’m so sorry to take so long to write it, I’ve been having writer’s block lately. I’m also sorry for naming the main character in this one, but I really needed. Feel free to insert your own name, I don’t mind at all. | Especial thanks to @jayded-dreams for helping me with the allergy stuff, you’re awesome hun <3

An AU where Jared has a daughter in 1997 at the sweet age of 25, being married for 2 years.

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I might be a little off my game but hopefully this is what you were looking for. I rather enjoyed writing the dialogue for this so I hope it suits the characters. This was requested by thegirlwiththeimpala so enjoy! I hope there was enough fluff for you - I decided to shake it up and not write a kissing scene. I think it would have been too out of place at this stage in their relationship but let me know your honest opinion, I appreciate the feedback.

Prompt: Can you do a oneshot were Steve and you are watching a movie together and fall asleep on the couch and the avengers (Tony and Nat!?) find you in the morning (cuddled up) and think it´s really sweet and taking a picture. When you and Steve see the photo you admit you like each other. Really fluffy. <3

“The Photograph” (Part 1)

“Well that film absolutely sucked.” Steve snorted as the credits began to roll. Kicking the blanket away with your feet, you heaved your legs off of his lap. The minute you did so, your calves missed the gentle touch of his hands which he had been resting atop the blanket.

“It wasn’t that bad, was it?” You giggled as you approached the DVD player.
“Yes, (y/n), it was. Frankly, the plot was predictable and the relationship between Reed and Susan was stale.” You rolled your eyes as the device spit the DVD tray back out, almost as if it was rejecting your “The Fantastic Four” DVD. You still didn’t understand why it was so disliked – you thought it was quite an enjoyable film.
“Oh, what would you know about love and all that jazz?” You laughed. You didn’t notice the way his eyes stared longingly at you in silent response to your question. Eventually, he was forced to say something else.
“Don’t even get me started on the actor who played the fire guy – what was his name? Johnny Storm? He was awful.”

“Well alright then, you can pick the next DVD if you like.” You replied. Having returned the disc to its case, you gestured to the small selection of films you had extracted from your ever-growing collection.
“(Y/n), it’s nearly midnight.” Steve pointed out with a smile that suggested he didn’t really care.
“I didn’t say we’d watch all of it… Even if we fall asleep here, I’m not letting up until you have watched a film you don’t complain after.”
Steve’s eyes pored over the films you had piled up on the coffee table in front of him – nothing really jumped out.
“Oh, I don’t know, why don’t you just choose?” He asked rhetorically.
“Because every time I do, I get a bloody monologue afterwards telling me why it’s such a crap film. Now pick something so I can’t be held responsible.” You demanded. Steve smirked at the authority that you were showing.
“Fine. That one.” He said, jutting out his index finger at a box halfway down the pile. Following the direction in which he was pointing, you saw the faces of Gary Sinise and John Malkovich looking back at you.

Of Mice and Men.

“Good choice.” You said before dealing with the disc. As the DVD whirred into action, you picked up the remote and returned to your position on the sofa, draping the thick blanket over your legs. Steve turned to you.
“What are you doing?”
“Well, when people place their asses on a surface and stay there it’s usually referred to as ‘sitting down’. Didn’t realise that was such a novelty in the 40s.” You muttered whilst adjusting the blanket. After playfully hitting you as punishment for your sarcasm, Steve explained.
“No shit Sherlock. I meant that you’ve moved further away.” He sighed. Without realising, you had indeed sat next on the seat next to him as opposed to how you’d initially sat – with your legs across his lap which he fondly stroked. He held up his arm so that you could crawl next to him and you obliged.

“I’ve read the book and I know how this ends – if it’s as sad as I remember then I’m going to need you here to comfort me.” He smiled wistfully.
“This coming from the man who fought Nazis-OW!” You yelped. Steve had pinched you in the rib to stop you being sarcastic.
“Bravery has nothing to do with sentimentality…” He chuckled. With your arms wrapped around his torso and your head on his chest, it was difficult for you to look up at him though it didn’t stop you from trying.
“Wow, that’s actually, surprisingly deep, Steve.” You giggled.
“I do have a brain, you know.”
“Really? Well, let me know if you ever fancy using it.”


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Requested by @a-caged-lion :

“Hey there! Can you do one where Holtzmann and the reader have crushes on each other and one day Holtzmann finds a drawing that the reader did of her? Cuteness ensues. Thank you!“

A/N: Hello! I love this idea so much and had a lot of fun writing it! :) thank you for the request! I hope you enjoy this one.


You’ve been going out of your way in the morning to stop by a little café, get a coffee or a tea, and draw something or someone that caught your eye. Of course, you were only limited to certain increments of time since you had a job to get to, so the drawings were more or less sketches, but you loved them.

Walking in today, you ordered a hot Earl Grey tea and went and sat at a table near the window to help inspire you. Looking around outside, you found nothing that remained in one spot long enough to draw, so you diverted your attention to the people and objects inside the café. Debating on weather you should draw this cute old man, or the abstract vase of flowers that sat in the middle of the room, you heard the bells to the front door go off, making your gaze shift to the most weirdly beautifully girl you’ve seen in a long time.

Waiting until she sat down, which was a few tables away from you in the middle of the room in the chair facing you, you began to draw as much about her as you could from faint looks up. Her looking down at the newspaper she held the whole time didn’t really help you with her facial features, but you made do with what you got, packed up, and went to work 15 minutes late, ‘she was worth it’ you thought as your coworker yelled at you for being the tad bit late.


Going back the next day, you knew it would be hard to find something as beautiful as the girl the day before was, so you settled on a iced coffee and sat in the same spot you chose last time.

You were halfway through a drawing of a kid holding a succulent like it was their child while they sat across the café from you, when your view was obstructed by the beautiful girl from yesterday who sat in the same spot, blocking the succulent kid.

Quickly discarding the drawing into the back of your sketch book, you began to draw the girl, who was this time on her phone, maybe playing a game? It didn’t matter much, this time you had at least half of her facial features to go with, and you were starstruck at the beauty she held, even from one half of her face.

Smiling and determined to come early tomorrow so you wouldn’t be late to work again like you were yesterday and will be today, you put in earbuds and left, making sure you had everything with you.


Coming in early, like you told yourself you would, you got an iced tea and sat down. This time, you had brought your best pencils that you only used on your best works of art, you knew the girl would come back today and you knew she would be one of the best works of art that you’ll draw in a long while.

You waited 15 minutes, drawing random little doodles on a page near the back of your journal, before the woman walked in, you could faintly hear her voice as she ordered, noting that her voice could cure everything wrong with the world, just by saying the word ‘hello.’

She sat down in her usual spot, only getting up when the barista called out the name ‘Holtzmann’ before quickly sitting back down, plugging in earbuds, and leaning back in her chair with her eyes closed and her head bobbing.

While drawing you couldn’t help but wonder what her music type was and if it influenced her clothing style in any way, or the way she did her hair, or if she thought of a certain artist when picking out those goofy glasses that only she could pull off.

Looking up at her for one last look over to see if you needed any more finishing touches, you met with her eyes, which you discovered were a soft blue that made you want to dive into them and never leave. Blushing, you smiled at her, quickly wrote 'Holtzmann’ in cursive writing below the drawing, packed everything up and left for work, late, as per usual now.

It wasn’t until around 2pm, when your break was, that you realized that you didn’t have the drawing you drew of Holtzmann this morning. Cursing to yourself, you put a hand to your forehead as you realized that you set it down on the spot next to your bag, but left without putting it in your bag. Groaning, you hoped that someone found it and took it to the baristas, you were just hoping that 'someone’ wasn’t the beautiful girl you spent about an hour drawing.

You’d go to the café now to see if it was still there, but your break time was limited and you’ve been craving food all day, so you decided you’d go back tomorrow to see if it was there, and if not, probably stay there to sit in misery since tomorrow was your only day off this week.


Shamefully walking into the café, you walked up to the barista,

“Um, hello, I was here yesterday and I was wondering if you found a drawing in the booth over there when cleaning up? Or if someone turned it in?” You asked hopefully.

She shook her head, “No, but there was a girl that went into that booth, shrieked, and then left.”

“Oh. Uh, okay, thank you. Can I just have an Earl Grey tea?” You scratched your jaw.

“Yeah, no problem, sorry about your drawing by the way, I always see you in here in the morning drawing for hours, I’m sure they’re all beautiful.” The girl smiled.

You smiled back, “They’re okay.” you laughed with her.

“They have to be more than okay, $3.15, please.” You smiled quickly, handing her the money, getting your drink and going to sit in your regular booth.

However, when you arrived your booth was occupied, by Holtzmann, so you walked past her to go the the booth in the corner, when a hand reached out and grabbed your elbow lightly. Gasping, you looked to find the hand belonging to Holtzmann who was smiling big at you.

“Care to join me?” She raised an eyebrow at you. You blushed as you sat down across from her. “What’s your name?”

“Y/N.” You looked down to your lap.

“I always see you here, and I always thought 'what is the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen, writing in that journal of hers?’ But now I know that you weren’t writing,” she pulled out the drawing you made of her, in perfect condition with not one dent made to the paper. “You were drawing, and drawing me. I’d tell you my name, but it looks like you already know… Y'know, at first I thought I’d have no chance with a girl like you-”

“What is that suppose to mean?” You spoke up, delighted to discover that your crush wasn’t one sided.

“Huh?” She furrowed her eyebrows.

“A girl like me, what is that suppose to mean? A girl like me that is creepy and draws people without their permissions? Someone who sits far back in a booth, refusing to make conversation with anyone?” You were intrigued.

"No, a girl who is able to take someone like me and make them into this!” She pointed at the drawing. “A girl, who knows to respect personal space. A girl who I’ve been looking for, for my whole life!” Holtzmann concluded.

You laughed and looked up to meet the eyes of the crush you held secret for a few days, “You said 'someone like me,’ I just want you to know, I only draw people and things that I find beautiful.”

Holtzmann smiled, “Too bad you can’t see yourself,” she put her head on her palm and winked at you making your face heat up. “How about a date?”

You smiled big as you answered, “I’d love one.”



A/N: I’ve decided to stop putting the summary bc I’m pretty sure at the point the idea is already been planted in your brains lol, anyways, it’s cb friday and here’s more cb for your pervy ben solo loving hearts! Enjoy!

Warning: Bother reader and Ben are kind of pervs at the beginning but not intentionally…

Word Count: 4K+

Sitting with his back pressed up against the couch as his attention was set on the TV screen, Ben had his arm spread out on the top of the couch as you had sat next to him, legs crossed along with your arms as you watched the movie playing. Slightly turning your head to look at Ben, you smirked as you realized how enthralled he had been in the film, only to trail your eyes down his chest, then to his hips where the waist band of his sweats wrapped around. Taking in a deep breath as you bit your bottom lip, your hand lied up on his knee as Ben’s hearted skipped a beat, looking over, seeing your head facing ahead.

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As requested, I’m releasing Part One of A Bargain of Lovers, my @mores2sl fic. Part Two can be found here

Post-WW2!AU - When Katniss gets let go from her job at the factory, the last person she wants to take anything from offers her a way out.

“I’m offering you the money with no obligations or owed debts,“ he sighs, “but if you’re so stubborn that you won’t let me help you, give me the one thing I want above all else…marry me.”

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Kiss Challenge: Kiss on the forehead

Words: 1360

A/N: Let’s be real, dating Oscar would consist of infinite forehead kisses.

You were running late. Seven o'clock was quickly approaching which meant you should be creeping on the halfway mark to your mother’s flat. Having meant to have left twenty minutes ago, you had already switched your phone to silent knowing she would start calling in a few minutes.

What could you tell her? Sorry for being late to dinner, mother, I had to get in one last bout of sex with my boyfriend before he flies off to start promotion? Your boyfriend, who is downstairs, was no help in the situation. It was him, after all, who insisted you join him for a shower which threw your entire schedule off. Even though you know you’ll have to endure another one of your mother’s lectures regarding the “indecency” that comes with being late, you can’t find a single guilty bone in your body.

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(y/n) I need you 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

*I don’t own the gif so credit to that wonderful owner* 

Request: can you please do an imagine where after Stiles kills Donovan he calls Y/N (his girlfriend) all worried so Y/N came over to his house to try to calm him down?

Reader gender: female

Word count: 539

Warnings: none

A/N: I don’t remember the exact time at which Stiles kills Donovan so I’m just gonna make up a time

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J-Hope Scenario: Sweet Dreams

  • Genre: Smut
  • Word Count: 842

After months of trying to get your schedules in line, you can finally bring Hoseok over to meet your family during the holidays. Thankfully, he meshed well with everyone and become the life of the party. In fact, he was loved so much that every single one of your relatives wanted to drink with him so halfway through the night he was dazzling everyone with his drunken dance moves. Trying to keep your boyfriend standing you lost track of time until it became too late to go home. Instead your aunt, the owner of the house, insist that you both, as well as many of your other drunk relatives, stay the night. Knowing you couldn’t argue, you lead Hoseok into a spare bedroom on the top floor. As you enter the room you begin cursing your choice, It was being used as storage, so full that from the doorway you could barely see the head of the bed. Making your way through the maze, you get Hoseok onto the bed and tuck him in without protest.

Afterwards, you help clean up the hurricane your boyfriend was at the centre of and put your younger cousins to bed. Taking a while to calm the chaos, you finally head upstair to join your boyfriend for some much needed rest. He seems to be fully asleep so you carefully nuzzle into his neck, trying to get comfortable without disturbing him. However, things quickly take a turn, you two begin to kiss each other passionately. Hoseok then takes the initiative and goes below the sheets; lifting your shirt and planting kisses everywhere on his way down. He continues past your hips and begins to kiss and squeeze your thighs before using his teeth to slowly slide down your underwear.

Just as he begins to plant kisses exactly where you need them, there’s a knock on the door. Then you see your aunt’s head pop through. “Where’s your boyfriend, Hoseok?” she asked. You tap Hoseok, who is still completely cover by the sheets resting on your lap, signalling him to stop. Realizing that she can’t see him you instead feel him smirk as he becomes rougher with his tongue. You have no idea what to do, pleasure and panic mixing in your mind.

Fighting through your high you respond as best you could. “Just-uh-on the other side of the bed, i think he had to much fun. He’s out like a light.” You laugh nervously, hoping she doesn’t notice your vice-grip on the sheets or irregular breathing. “I’m glad you brought him. He’s so good with the kids, helped set up things when he got here and was great entertainment. Everyone loves him,” she said approvingly. Indeed, while she praised him all you could think about was how good Hoseok was and the way his fingers had found their way to your clit. Almost breathless, you end the small talk with your aunt with a “goodnight,” that was more air than sound.    

 “What was that?!” you demand, anger mixing with enjoyment. Hoseok emerges from the sheets still fully clothed and goes over to the door, locking it. “I’m just getting started,” he responds, all evidence of his goofy drunk self gone. He strides forward towards the bed and rips the sheets away, exposing your soaked core. Your body shudders at the draft but you eyes are too distracted by the man stripping in front of you. Slowly, he removes each article, revealing his toned body. His arms, abs, legs; you drink in every detail about him. As he climbed on top of you he taunted “If you’re cold down there, I can fix that.” Rolling on a condom he positioned himself at your entrance. Slowly he pushes in, teasing you because he knows how riled up you are from before.

Frustrated, you reach up to pull him closer and force him to fully enter you. The sudden fullness caused you to contract, driving Hoseok crazy and you can see his eyes shift as he takes full control. Planting his arms on either side of you he begins to thrust. Not bothering to start off slow he instead goes full speed. His grunts are low, trying to keep his volume down so no one could hear. You grab onto his arms, digging your nails into him to try and prevent yourself from screaming with pleasure but his sounds were to much for you to handle and a deep moan escaped from your lips. Soon after the bliss resulted in you both climaxing, forgetting about the rest of the house and exclaiming in satisfaction.

Only after Hoseok rolls over beside you do you both realize what just happened. Blushing, you hope everyone was too drunk and fast asleep to hear or even care about the sounds you two had made. “Let’s worry about it in the morning, sweet dreams,” he mumbled lovingly as he pushed the hair in your face behind your ear. Reassured by his words you drift off to sleep, wishing you could live in this dream forever.    

Requested by anon
I did this of Kai pov. I hope you like. ♡

Already was past midnight when I went up to my room. Y / N had not come down for dinner. The his bedroom door was closed and did not hear any sound coming from inside. She is asleep, I thought coming into my room. I took a shower and threw me in the bed.
I did not want to sleep because I knew they would be there - my family - waiting for me in my nightmares. But I could not stay up all night. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes trying to sleep.
It’s been hours and hours and all I got was rolling from side to side in bed. I decided to get up and go to the kitchen to eat something. Maybe I could sleep.
I opened the door through the hallway and stopped abruptly at the door of the Y / N room. I not even know why I did that.
A tempting idea crossed my mind.
Stop that Kai !!! a voice spoke in my head.
I continued my way to the kitchen, but again stopped halfway down the stairs.
I’ll just go quickly … I thought trying to convince me. She will not even know I was there. I just need to see her.
Do not even think about it, boy! the voice shouted.
I knew I was not acting on my right mind, but need to see her, it consumed me in a way I could not explain.
Do not even think about it! threatened voice.
“ Fuck it. ”
And with that I rushed up the stairs and stopped in front of the Y / N room.
I turned the knob and nothing, the door was locked from the inside.
Of course her would not sleep with the door unlocked with an ex sociopath sleeping across the hall.
This could only be the fate telling me that it was not the right thing to do.
I turned to leave but stopped midway remembering a break spell he had learned a time ago.
But it did not seem the right thing to do.
This is estremamente wrong, you can not break into the room y / n in the night like a pervert.
How I hated having assumed the annoying personality of my brother. When I was a psychopath and did not have to worry about blame.
I will not do any harm to her, just want to see her. I told myself.
And why you wants to see her? the voice teasing me.
I did not know the answer to that question.
I walked to her door. “ Phasmatus reserare. ” I whispered.
I heard a low clic as a key turning in the lock.
I turned the knob and the door opened. I opened the door slowly.
The room was dark but I could see that was twice the size of mine.
It had only a shelfs with books and a huge bed.
The moonlight through the window between open so I could see her.
She was lying face down on the bed, pillows and sheets spread wildly around her. The sheet had slipped from her body, leaving the fully exposed.
My heart raced. Y / N moved slowly, but did not wake.
This is cruelty … I thought breathing deeply, watching the little blouse she was wearing that left all exposed bottom.
Jesus, help me … I thought trying to ignore the fire that spread all over my body.
My breath was kind of failure. I walked to the side of her bed, stopping beside her. His face was turned toward me.
I crouched sitting on the floor cross-legged.
Y / N slept deeply, looked so serene and peaceful.
Eyebrows raised slightly, smooth skin, small nose, fleshy and provocative mouth.
I realized that I even bit my lower lip.
God … how could she do this? Tease me up when her sleeping.
Lift me up, I grabbed the sheet and covered to the height of the ribs. Being careful not to wake her.
Y / N sighed and shifted, moving on the bed.
I freaked out thinking that it had agreed with my touch, but she still slept soundly. Just had turned toward me, lying on her side. His legs had escaped the sheet.
You’re not helping me, Y / N …, I sighed the covering again.
I sat down again, now more near the bed so I could move in hair y / n.
How could I have hurt a creature so small, defenseless and beautiful as this?
What was my problem?

I was never good at demonstration of affection, but for her I could try to be better.
“ What are you doing to me girl? ” I whispered.
The room was dark but I could have sworn I saw a smile on her face.

Under the cut you’ll find ### lyrics from seven Broadway shows. They could be useful for bios lyrics, sidebar descriptions, para titles, plot or character inspiration. The lyrics aren’t necessarily in order as they appear in the show, but they are grouped by song. My favorites are bolded. PS I would suggest looking up the context of the lyrics before using (especially because all these songs are too good to not listen to).  

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The Deal

Features: Draco Malfoy, reader
Pairing: Draco x reader

{In which the Draco and the reader make a deal that ends well for both parties involved}


It was the only thing that Draco had been talking about for the last two weeks. Ravenclaw vs Slytherin. Both teams were highly skilled in their own right and were duking it out to earn a spot in the final game of the season. The rivalry was tense. Members of the opposing teams had been seen shouldering each other in the corridors and members of Hufflepuff often found themselves mediating many an argument. Poor Mallory Chambers, one of the Ravenclaw Chasers, had ended up with a bloodied nose and sprained wrist after she had taken a “mysterious” tumble down the stairs. 

You had tried to politely refrain from choosing a side in the conflict. All of your housemates expected you to root with Ravenclaw. After all, house loyalty was taken very seriously, especially when it came to quidditch. However, your Slytherin boyfriend was pushing you to root for him and his team - and normally you would - but this time, though, was different.

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