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I’m actually sorta proud of how this turned out. Like, I’m really happy with the pose, the proportions, the shadin and such. And I’m happy with how the cake came out. I’m not sure if Core can eat stuff, but I’m sure they can at least admire it. Maybe eve give some to their friends. ^u^

Anywho, just wanted to give a bigg happy burfmus to the always awesome @dokudoki, and hope that they have a great day with tons of great stuff headed their way. You’re too cool fur skewl, Doku! ^u^b

I dragged Dean to church for Easter today. Stay tuned for his commentary…

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yall make cute oc’s and i love reading your notes and ideas and seeing all the cute stuff you draw and the rad concepts yall come up with >:O !!!!!!!

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Imagine loving Merle but it ruins your friendship with Beth (smut)

(So I hope I got this request right and you all like it!! :D Yay for my first Merle smut XD it was time!! PS. I changed the plot slightly but I felt like it was more interesting that way…so hope it’s okay and it’s not too long :3 Gifs not mine/Found them on Google/Credits to the owner.)

After months of losing Merle, you and the group had met the Hershel’s on their farm and had since traveled together.

You had a little thing going on with him before it all happened but unfortunately it had been too late.

Luckily, you had found yourself feeling better day by day in the company of Beth and soon the two of you had become the best of friends.

You were inseparable and spent most of your time together doing everything and anything girls would do.

One day, you had told her about your little thing with Merle and she couldn’t help but be curious and ask more of you.

She asked how he looked like and how he was for you to love him so much.

Soon, it seems he became a daily subject of discussion and you couldn’t help but gush over him and you noticed that somehow her too.


One night, she had ask you more of him as you both laid in your bed next to one another.

“So…Is he anything like Daryl?”

You chuckled and shook your head.

“Not at all! He’s way too loud and doesn’t shy away from the things he wants!”

She chuckled and looking away from you, said, “Hmm…the more I hear about him from you…the more he sounds interesting…”

Her tone changed slightly and as you looked over, said “Yeah…he is but unfortunately nothing more happened between us…he got handcuffed and since…”

She nodded her head and looked back saying “Oh…I get it…but you still like him?”

You shyly smiled and looking over to her, nodded.

“Yeah…I’ll never forget the way he looked at me…”

Although she smiled back at you, for some reason you noticed something off with her. Her eyes weren’t sharing the same happiness.

You noticed it always happened when you’d tell her about your love for Merle and you couldn’t help but wonder why.

However, whenever you’d ask she’d deny it completely and sometimes just change subject matter.


To your surprise after that night, Rick and the others came back.

Among your friends, you noticed Merle and you felt your heart skip a beat.

He walked in the prison,  over confidently as usual and seeing you, he winked.

“Y/N? Damn…you’re still lookin’ good…”

You don’t know what took you but you just had to run over to hug him.

As you did, he spun you around out of happiness and laughed seeing you in tears.

Once he stopped, you noticed Beth crossing her arms and while throwing  her slightly irritated gaze at the both of you.

Although it worried you, you thought about Merle and couldn’t help but feel happier with him back.


After everyone ate, you spent the evening in his company and you both caught up with one another.

You went over to his cell and as he talked, you remembered what attracted you to him and couldn’t wait to tell him about your feelings.

Sitting from across his room, you looked over to him. It had gotten very late and you had no choice but to whisper at this point.

“Merle…I just want you to know that…I’m really happy that you’re back…I missed you so much…”

He noticed the sparkle in your eyes and how sweetly your voice suddenly sounded.

He was intrigued and thinking about how you both used to flirt with one another, he knew he wanted more.

With his index, he slowly signaled you over to him and said “Come here…”

You slowly got up and walked over to him.

He sat up from his bed and as you got closer to him, reached for your hand and looked up at you.

“Saying things like that…So you still have a thing for me, don’t you?”

You swallowed feeling shy from him, and ended up nodding.

He smirked and got up saying, “Ah…Good…I still like you too…A lot…so how about you follow my lead then…”

He stood behind you, and you started to feel nervous but you let out a breathy


Without looking away from you, he chuckled and suddenly ordered you.

“Strip. Take everything off.”

You were shocked but from his tone and feeling his gaze from behind, you couldn’t deny him and did just as he asked of you.

He stared at you up and down and just couldn’t wait to have his fun with you.

Suddenly his good hand trail the side of your body and instantly you felt a shivering and tingling sensation.

He stopped on your ass and slowly groped and grabbed. He pulled you close to him with his other hand and whispered in your ear.

“Good girl…Now how about you lay on that bed…”

He started to kiss your ear and slowly trailed down your neck. You want to feel him more, but you knew you just  had to continue with his little “game”.

You slowly parted away from and went on to crawl on the bed. However, as you did, Merle chuckled and smirking decided to give a hard slap on the ass, making you hold in your moan from the pleasure and pain you felt.

As you laid there, he stood at the end of the bed and said “Spread your legs for me…and touch yourself…”

Slightly embarrassed about his request, you wanted to try and stall him but his stern tone and gaze made you do otherwise.

Sitting up slightly on his pillow, you followed his order and parted your legs. Your hand slid from your stomach to your thigh and finally to your opening.

You froze for a moment and suddenly you heard Merle.

“Go on…Please yourself…”

Looking over at him, you nodded and slowly started to touch your fold.

With two fingers, you massaged your folds to the point of feeling yourself getting wet.

Closing your eyes, you let out a few sighs.

You heard him chuckle and decided to open your eyes, only to see his hand reaching to unbuckle his belt.

Seeing him doing it with his one hand, you wondered if he needed help.

“M-Merle…do you want me t-”

He put a finger to his lips and shushed you.

“No…I want you to keep touching yourself…”

You nodded and he went on, and later managed to unzip his pants and took it off and reaching in his boxers.

You then noticed him stroking himself and you couldn’t help but become more turned on, making you reach for your clit instead.

You let out some moans and he didn’t hesitate to laugh and nod.

“That’s right, Y/N…That’s what I wanted…”

From the speed he touched himself at, his tone changed slightly and he continued saying, “Tell me…When you touch yourself like that…Who do you think about?”

With no hesitation in your voice, you answered to him honestly.

“I-I think about you…You, Merle…No one else…”

Hearing you call his name so wantonly sounded satisfying to his ear and made him go a little faster.

You both seemed to please yourselves at the same speed and Merle couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Good…Because when I’d do this…I’d think about you…about doing stuff to you…And now i’m going to make it all happen…”

Feeling like he should go further with you, he took off his shirt and finally climbed onto the bed.

With hungry eyes, he stared into your eyes, smirking and pulling your thighs closer to him to settle between your legs.

You gasp at the sudden pull, yet couldn’t get your hand off yourself, feeling near your slight peak.

“M-Merle! What else do you want me to do?!”

Licking his lips, he stared down at your hand and back at you.

“I want you to stop touching yourself…”

You were surprised and actually didn’t felt like doing so.

“B-but Merle…I’m almost…”

He shook his head and inched closer to kiss you.

It was your first kiss with him and you didn’t hesitate to kiss him back. it was even better than what you would’ve imagined. He was rough,  dominating you and practically making you beg for more.

He parted from you and groaned “Y/N…You’re my good girl…so you listen to me…Stop touching yourself now…”

You ended up nodding and as soon as your hand left, you felt his hand taking your place to rub you.

You moaned his name and wrapped your arms around his neck to hold onto him.

He chuckled and pulled you even closer to his arousal, only to lift you and lay you down on the bed.

Laying on top of you, he then pushed himself inside of you and started to thrust.

You felt our walls stretching and adjusting slowly to his length.

His pace was slow and sloppy and you couldn’t deny the pleasure of feeling him so deeply inside.

As he looked at your eager expression, lust suddenly overwhelmed him making him roughly claim your lips.

You felt his tongue dance inside with yours and let out some moans.

Building up his pace, he started to trail his lips to your neck and collarbones, making sure to mark you as his.

He panted and groaned feeling your walls clenching and how wet you were.

“You’re mine now…Every part of you…You like this don’t you?! Answer me!”

You felt the knot in your stomach tightening even more and in a state of pleasure, you answered him.


He chuckled and in that instant heeded to your request.

You felt your orgasm finally washing over you hard and so did Merle.

He smiled looking at you hold onto him and as you rode it out, his thrust got even harder and faster making sure to finally release.

“Fuck, Y/N! Fuck!”

As he felt like coming, he pulled out and managed to release onto your stomach.

You gasp feeling the warm substance and as he caught his breath, he smiled and nodded.

“You look good with your legs spread open and with my cum on you like this…A shame I’ll have to wipe it off…”

He took a cloth nearby and wiped it off for you. He then went to lay next to you and pulled you in a tight embrace.

He couldn’t stop smiling and neither could you. You kissed his nose and his forehead and said, “Merle…I-I forgot to tell you that I love you, you know…”

He laughed and nodded.

“Yeah…I got that from the moment you ran to hug me in front of everyone…”

He kissed you back and slowly you drifted to sleep.


As you woke up in the morning, you heard Merle snoring and felt his heart beat. It was so quiet and peaceful until you heard some footsteps and a familiar voice calling you.


You turned to see Beth in shock and anger. You slowly got up from Merle’s embrace and before you could say anything she ran away.

You dressed up quickly and went to follow her.


“Beth, wait!”

She turned to look at you and started to yell.

“What were you doing with him? Do you still love him that much?!”

You then realized she must’ve been jealous over you and him being together and realized she did had a thing for him. 

You were about to explain it to her but once again she walked away from you and made it clear to not follow her.

“Don’t say anything! I don’t want to hear it! Go away! Go with him! Just leave me alone! I don’t ever want to talk to you anymore!”

You sighed and reluctantly decided to go back to Merle’s cell and let her calm down from what was happening.


Thinking about you and him being together, Beth started to tear up and went to her cell.

She backed against the wall and slid herself down. She sat holding herself and cried her heart out.

Maggie noticed the commotion and went over to her. Sitting next to her, she stroked her hair and Beth decided to hold her.

Maggie then asked “What’s wrong, Beth? What happened between you two?”

Still sobbing she managed to whisper “It’s Y/N…She’s with him…She’s still in love with him…It means she’s never seen me that way…and she’ll never be with me…”

Maggie was stunned to hear her and couldn’t help but comfort her as best as she could.


“It ain’t ever easy, being sleazy, but I get by~”

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In Asagao Season 2, they would need to also create a music video for the Battle of the Bands. So this is totally a shot of that. Yes. They also make post cards because it was decided that it’d be perfect as marketing. I wonder why.

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