still good lookin

Rhaegar and Lyanna are Romeo and Juliet

Not a spectacular love story, just two idiots making bad decisions and getting praised by people who missed the point

I’m actually sorta proud of how this turned out. Like, I’m really happy with the pose, the proportions, the shadin and such. And I’m happy with how the cake came out. I’m not sure if Core can eat stuff, but I’m sure they can at least admire it. Maybe eve give some to their friends. ^u^

Anywho, just wanted to give a bigg happy burfmus to the always awesome @dokudoki, and hope that they have a great day with tons of great stuff headed their way. You’re too cool fur skewl, Doku! ^u^b

Emily Scully, ~4-5 yrs, completely convinced that if she stole Mulder’s glasses, he wouldn’t be able to read her a bedtime story, and thus bedtime would never exist. 

David looks so Old stop tryna play like he don’t age Gillian found the fountain of youth but she didn’t share the location w him clearly


(( I realize no one’s really doing Fanservice-y stuff for today but ehhh I sorta felt like making something of that caliber, thus I present Mo and No here, as pinups of sorts I guess? Both scarred but damn still good-lookin’. :P

and ye, Nori’s actually meant to be quite toned under those robes, I just suck at consistency, even with his ref. |D ))