still good lookin

I’m actually sorta proud of how this turned out. Like, I’m really happy with the pose, the proportions, the shadin and such. And I’m happy with how the cake came out. I’m not sure if Core can eat stuff, but I’m sure they can at least admire it. Maybe eve give some to their friends. ^u^

Anywho, just wanted to give a bigg happy burfmus to the always awesome @dokudoki, and hope that they have a great day with tons of great stuff headed their way. You’re too cool fur skewl, Doku! ^u^b


“It ain’t ever easy, being sleazy, but I get by~”

@thatonevideojirard @satchbag

In Asagao Season 2, they would need to also create a music video for the Battle of the Bands. So this is totally a shot of that. Yes. They also make post cards because it was decided that it’d be perfect as marketing. I wonder why.

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Bonus pic without the random filter stuff under readmore

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hHHHHH gosh, trickmurk circus has been cruel to me, ive been fighting all day and havent gotten a single got dang treasure chest…

i mean, its only the first day of course and ive got all week but i am impatient especially when ive been doing this for hours and hours.. blease rng be nice to me