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Collider || Peter Parker x Reader [[request]]

[[request prompt: Peter x Reader where the reader is running through the busy streets and crashes into Peter but he catches her, she doesn’t have time to explain so he runs with her and then they hide together in an alley and she explains and ask each other out at the same time and it’s awkward but cute.]]

Okay, I’ve got this whole posting thing figured out, and I’m gonna catch up with requests ♡

My ask box is still open and the link will be placed in shortly. I’m just going to keep accepting requests because they honestly give me something to write about, especially when I can’t think of a good plot. I’ll post my own personal drabbles here and there in between requests, so I hope that’s okay with you readers!

I know I already posted something earlier, but I’m just so happy right now! And I wanna make up for my whining with some more stories 。゚(TヮT)゚。

I apologize for any grammatical errors since this was all written on my phone. When it’s posted then I’ll make sure to edit it a few more times just in case!

warnings: none really; just pure fluff, oh and a persistent Flash Thompson!!

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Originally posted by dailytomholland

“Come on, [Name], you should be glad that I’ve taken such an interest in you.”

You had to keep from vomiting in your mouth. Out of all the people you could have seen outside of Midtown High and in the city, it just had to be Flash Thompson.

Flash was someone who was unnecessarily cocky 100% of the time. Just because he came from old money, he thought that anything and everything he wanted would simply be handed to him on a silver plate.

Which, unfortunately, included you.

You had no idea why Flash had such an interest in you. Was it because you were seen talking with Peter Parker (the boy he liked to antagonize) at every chance you got? You honestly wanted to get closer to Peter because you thought he was so cute. And thinking back on it now, you do vaguely remember defending Peter from Flash’s harsh words one time.

Ever since that day, Flash had never left you alone. He kept on spouting off nonsense, like how he fell for you at first sight and that he could treat you like a queen when you finally ‘came to your senses’ and returned his feelings.

Which made you simply scoff at his bold words. You would never date Flash, even if he was sort of cute and had all the money at his disposal.

“How many times do I have to reject you in order for you to understand?! I will –never– date you!” Your attempts at reasoning with him falls on deaf ears when Flash lets out an amused chuckle.

“I’ll stop when you finally open your eyes to see what you’re missing out on.” Good god this guy has the nerve to lean in closer to you with his lips nearly touching yours!!

Almost on instinct, you raised your right leg and give him a swift kick between his legs. Being caught off guard, Flash lands on the ground (practically groaning in pain) as you glared down at him, “Leave me alone! I only date genuine guys like Peter Parker who has more heart than you could ever have!”

“WHAT?! You have the nerve to mention THAT piece of trash??”

Seeing the fury in his eyes makes you gasp before quickly running away from him. You hear Flash yell out your name, but you didn’t dare turn back.

Taking advantage of the fact that Queens was a city that was always in a constant state of crowded disarray, you weave through the crowd of people. You hoped that you had lost Flash while running, and to make sure that he was tailing after you, you look behind you-

only to feel your whole body collide with someone else.

“Whoa, are you okay?” Whoever this person was, they were surprisingly strong when they managed to keep you upright in their arms. You look up to see familiar brown eyes gazing down at you with concern, “Oh thank God it’s you, Peter!”

“[Name]! Uh… Yeah, it’s me. W-Why were you running? You look out of breath.”

Believing that Peter could protect you from Flash, you quickly grab on to his arm and pull him with you, “Long story short: I’m being chased. Can you please come with me?”

Peter loses his confused expression when he hears that you were in danger, giving you a nod before grabbing on to your hand, “Let’s go.”

You start running again, this time with Peter by your side. You knew he was curious as to who you were running from, but couldn’t really tell him until you felt safe. When you felt as though you had put a good distance between you and Flash, you pull Peter into an empty alleyway to catch your breath. “Ugh, s-sorry about that. I just had to get away from Flash.”

“Flash was bothering you?” Instead of cowering at his name (like he used to do) Peter looked furious as his hands formed into tight fists, “What did he do to you? I’ll have a talk with him to make sure that he won’t bother you ever again.

You laugh at his bold words, gently punching the front of his chest (holy shit was he always this broad?? And when did he get such prominent biceps??) and blush slightly. Ignoring your thoughts pertaining to Peter’s lean (and muscular) physique, you clear your throat and reassure him, “I just turned him down when he asked me out for the millionth time this month. And when I told him that I would only date you, he got mad and started chasing me.”

Only when you were through speaking did you realize what you just fucking said to Peter, immediately covering your lips when Peter’s eyes widened at your unplanned confession.

After a few seconds of awkward silence, you saw Peter grinning at you, “You chose me over Flash?”

You nod, feeling your face turn hot with embarrassment, “Of course. You’re so sweet, Peter, I like you a lot.”

His smile widens at your words, and you feel the back of his hand gently caress at your cheek. “I like you, too. Ever since you defended me in front of Flash.” His touch was sweet (and nothing like Flash’s) but you were anxious now. You really wanted to be Peter’s girlfriend…!!

“Will you go out with me?”

“Go out with me.”

You and Peter blurt out at the same time, causing the both of you to laugh in response.



Peter’s smile was so pure and filled with happiness that you felt your heart melt, feeling his arms come around your form when he places a kiss against your forehead, “Jinx, you owe me a date tomorrow. And you can’t say no.”

You lean closer to him and gently kiss at his jaw, “Stop being such a nerd. As if I would ever say no to the boy of my dreams.”


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i 100% appreciate dan's work and the effort he puts into his stuff but let's get real for a second. ISG is getting old and he's running out of ideas. that's just a fact, it's obvious. ok it was a funny video sure but reading a bunch of random emails and coming up with a joke (always self-deprecating and not very original, let me just say) isn't a very hard thing to do. There are youtubers out there who post every! single! day! and have interesting and entertaining content, unlike dan.

i agree that isg isn’t the most original content but you gotta understand that the reason he makes them is that there are tons of people who genuinely love those videos. it’s the same thing with the sims, a lot of us active phandom members might be sick of it but that’s still their most popular gaming series overall, and so of course they’re gonna continue making them. the internet support group is very well received among the majority of his viewers, particularly in the youtube comments + the fact that he gets thousands of emails. and, really, is this any less original than the neverending q&a videos other youtubers make?

isg def isn’t my favourite dan content, but i don’t think it’s right to say he’s out of ideas (you’ve seen his list, he clearly isn’t). he uploads other stuff as well, it’s all ok, we can survive some isg once in awhile 

(a reply to this post… and this post. kinda confused why the same reply on two different posts??)


i’m gonna be real honest with you here: what was extremely unhealthy for me was holding IN all my criticisms for this show. it actually feels really comforting to voice my frustrations with the show’s problems (especially in terms of its unintentional but still very apparent racism, fatphobia, and toxic relationship tendencies) and seeing that there are many others who share the same grievances.

also, i don’t think i only focus on the bad of the show?? of course there’s good stuff in it (and i do try to talk about those good things every now and then)! i used to really love this show. being queer, chubby, and a woc, it meant so much to me with its diverse representation and it was even my favorite show at a point. but recently, while there are still some good episodes now and then, i just can’t deny that the show has been lacking in many aspects, even to the point of being hurtful. if this show was bad from the start, i wouldn’t even bother with having this blog. but it’s because the show has become such a disappointment to me, i (and my two dear friends) have created this space to vent with others. i would LOVE to see this show get back up in quality. i promise if that day comes, i will gladly sing this show’s praises.

plus, it’s not like i’m on this blog 24/7 trying to find every way to shit on the show. i honestly do not have the time nor energy to nitpick this show to death. a lot of su critical blogs are just side blogs for fun and venting.

this post sums up my feelings fairly well, too.

i’m also gonna take this time to address something: if you’re new to the su fandom and/or you JUST want to see fan art, gifs, etc. feel free to blacklist the “su critical” tag! that’s the tag we use (as well as the “su discourse” tag i think). heck, that’s WHY we made the tag, so the main su tag wouldn’t get flooded. and (as this blog’s description says) if we have said anything genuinely harmful or you want anything tagged specifically, please let us know! you can even block this blog and other su critical blogs if it helps you.

and hey, if you like the show, that is totally fine! we’ll just do our best to stay out of each other’s hair.


- mod b

It’s Always Sunny in Moscow- Ep 2 & 3- English Subtitles!

They are the equivalent of “Underage Drinking: A National Concern” and “Charlie Has Cancer.” There is a link to the previous episode in the post if you missed it.

Hope you enjoy my translation!!! I still can’t believe this thing exists tbh and I would love to hear your reactions.

…Also I’m gonna follow the lead of local cool kid @macdennisreceipts and use the tag #iasim.


i got tagged by the lovely @flower-taemin thank you m’dear💕💕💕

anyway my background is still the same as last time time, i was giving the everybody album some love, and that selfie is what i looked like during the SHINee World Concert V(i was very into my shawol look)

tagging the following but you don’t have to do it if you dont want to: @purplehairedtaemin @jjongeyed @jjongsensation @leejinklies @fairykibum @petitshinee @herewegobebe

Remember that Avawatch thing i was making, well,

Here’s Tracer’s (final?) design, widowmaker and winston were going to be in the same post alongside her but, widow’s design needs improvements and i can’t draw gorillas.

But yeah, I’m gonna put her backstory under a readmore but basically shes the (maybe) chosen avatar, i’m still lookin at potential avatars but tracers kinda the protagonist somehow?

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Post-Pacifist Ending Headcanons
  • Everyone lives in the same neighborhood but like they’re never at their own house by themselves. Someone is always over. Undyne still crashes with the skelebros when she’s not staying over at Alphys’s, Mettaton stays at Alphys’s when he’s not doing gigs and touring, everyone is always hanging out at Goat Mom’s house or Goat Dad’s place.
  • Toriel and Asgore eventually just stop closing their windows because there is a 115% chance Undyne or Papyrus are gonna forget that doors are a thing and come leaping through one when they get too excited.
  • Toriel knits Frisk a sweater so they don’t get cold and Frisk is like !!!!!!! and loves it and wants to learn how to knit and winds up making an insanely long scarf that everyone can bundle up with together.
  • Frisk sneaking back into the Underground to bring Flowey a scarf in case it gets cold
  • Sneaking down to visit Flowey even though Flowey is like ‘don’t you have better things to do??’ and yells at them and is frustrated and confused by their continued attempts at friendship
  • Frisk taking Flowey home in a big ass flower pot and keeping him on the window sill in their room and sneaking him slices of pie and never giving up trying to befriend Flowey because they know he didn’t ask to be like this and underneath it all he’s still Asriel and he still deserves to be loved even if he can’t reciprocate it.
  • No one ever fucking messing with Frisk because this kid has a family of furries and skeletons and a robot that will fuck you UP if you ever threaten their human child.
  • But why would anyone want to ess with Frisk anyway because they’re he sweetest little bby
  • Some of the humans in the area were freaked out by the sudden outrush of monsters but now everyone in their neighborhood is super chill because I mean. The Goat Parents are super polite and wonderful and they probably bring over leftovers to their neighbors and Asgore is always offering to help mow their lawns or give them gardening advice. All the kids adore Undyne. Papyrus is Papyrus how do you not love him. They’re just the weirdest, nicest group of people just let them do their thing.
  • Frisk come over to Alphys’s one day and just has a determined sparkle in their eye and Alphys is confused like ‘what is it Frisk??’ Frisk lifts up their striped shirt and has a Mew Mew Kissy Cutie shirt underneath. It’s time. They’re marathoning that shit right fucking now.
  • All the kids at school love Mettaton and Frisk is always very nonchalant about him because Mettaton is their neighbor and they dramatically posed together and shit. Nobody believes that they know Mettaton until Metta comes to pick up Frisk from school one day.
  • Onionsan and Burgerpants make a band with Shyren and open for Mettaton sometimes.

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Hope you don't mind this ask. But just reading more of that about Chris. Honestly I'm feeling kind of the same way. So this was gonna be longer but it took too much. Yet that post made me think and why I'm bothered by him as a character

Going on about it further, his role in season 2 for me was much too little far too late and I’m still fairly mystified why TMS saw fit to bring him back given his well-deserved very bad reception and the thing about him, you know, not really being needed.

Writing problems, prompt meme edition
  • Like this ship but can’t understand any of the characters’ perspectives……
  • Is being a detached narrator an actual thing  wtf
  • OH wait I can just put a third character there and call it a day
  • Wrote like 2k words in one sitting but at what cost
  • I feel dizzy and I’m not sure what I’m even typing anymore
  • Suddenly, this content is too morally dubious to be posted here
  • Is someone gonna fucking murder me if I write 1ppov again, do people still hate that or   can I just     yknow
  • People asking for the same prompt for different ships ???/??????? what do

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Are you gonna stop posting on this blog ? (I ask you, because I feel like you don't enjoy it like before, or it's just the fanfiction thing.. ? :( )

Well, you are right, Anon: I don’t enjoy hetalia in general as before. I still like the concept of the series and I still like the characters very much, but there is no big excitement anymore.
There are too many of the same things again and again.
I feel like in the beginning (7 or 8 years ago when I entered the fandom on LJ), people were creative and tried to do creative things or just they tried not to fall into too much stereotypes. However, In my Opinion, for a few years now (4 or 5) it is only the same non funny jokes and common places (like Francis being weird and using honhonhon as a laugh, and Arthur falling into the same shitty tsundere trope OVER AND OVER again. Also, there is hardly a well build AU or a historical fanfic anymore, just shitty fluffs and poorly constructed AUs).
I’m not saying that those kind of things were not present on the beginning, when I entered the fandom. I’m saying that now it seems to be the only thing present.

So yeah: I’m really tired of the hetalia fandom.

But I intend to keep posting here. 

At this point is not hard. I have a big archive that I gathered from a few years of tumblr and I still pick one or two new things here and there. So, for now I’ll keep this blog updated (at least once a day at least). I just won’t do events, for example, anymore. 

Hell, not even eurovision I think I’ll document here (last year some asshole thought that they could order me to stop cheering for France, so I’m not that excited to do that again here, and I’m thinking to move my comments to my main).

So, you can rest assured. frukheaven will still go on for now at least. And if I ever give up, I’ll probably pick someone to pass it on.

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You reblogged that "make new friends" post, so I'm gonna say heeeeey and ask where are you from and what are your most recent favourite things? :)

Oh yay! My names is Kayla and I’m from Florida. My recent favorite things (recent meaning the last 8 months) are drawing and graphic design. Tumblr is still pretty new to me as well. Long time favorite things are travelling and the color green!

Same questions and what’s your favorite movie/tv show/book?

Mine are for Vendetta/ The Office/ A Court of Thorns and Roses Series.

Thanks for asking me @montherox !!

Indirects 2014 - & more

I already posted about indirects/shades between them on twitter and also tumblr: Shades - Camren and Camila and Lauren 2013 and since some of you asked for a new one I’ll do, I’m gonna post the ones I believe that are connected. Enjoy.


‘’I have looked at you in millions of ways and I have loved you in each’’

Camila reblogged July 30 and then Lauren reblogged July 31, mmmm…

Reblogged the same day…

‘’Suddenly, every song was about you’’


‘’I miss you, but fuck you’’


‘’I want to be with you, it is as simple, and as complicated as that’’

They reblogged the same day.

‘’I wonder who’s gonna be by my side in 10 years’’

Then I found more indirects between them I don’t know if it’s from 2014 but I’ll still add them.

I think they were trying to make things work in 2014 and they were confused about their feelings, so they were on a “on and off” relationship like in 2013 like I showed you in my post. They’re literally shading each other. 

I was looking their likes on tumblr, let’s see how they’re feeling:

Make your own conclusions.

Arranged Marriage (Hoseok)

And now it is time for our angel, our hope, the ball of sunshine with s uc h a good lil eye smile like oh my g od his eyes are cute in general but when he smiles they light up even more and he looks so happy I love it so much, Jung Hoseok aka J-Hope aka hobi (also I was curious to see if you guys would be interested in like a question and answers type of thing to get to know me better??)

  • For the original prince!hobi post, you can click right here
  • I am gonna be straying a bit from the plot of the original post but the actual characteristics of prince!hobi will still be the same
  • For everyone that hasn’t read the original post, he is the sweet prince
  • He is the prince that literally every single person loves with all of their heart
  • Similar to Jin, it’s way more of a friendship thing rather than a you’re the prince thing
  • Like he actually has a connection with his people, he knows every single one of them, he knows their stories and he loves all of them so so much bc hobi is such a people person he’s like an actual puppy
  • I feel like he’s someone who just gets so happy around people like he’s such an outgoing lil pup I love him
  • He plays with the kids, he talked to the parents, he hangs out with everyone and just genuinely loves being around them
  • He visits them on just about a weekly basis, if he could make it a daily thing he would in a heartbeat but he does have some prince things he has to do, meetings, fittings and now a wedding
  • Speaking of the wedding, he’s told about the arranged marriage a year before the wedding date
  • Of course he isn’t jumping for joy about it but he tries to think about it positively bc hobi’s a positive lil puppy
  • Maybe he can get to know you before then and you two can at least become friends if not more than that
  • You two meet the same night it’s announced to everyone
  • You’re a bit nervous bc you’ve never met him and yet you’re engaged to him and you’re worried that you two won’t get along or that maybe he’ll be a total asshole like you have zero clue
  • You’ve heard that he’s a complete and total sweetheart but that was only told to you after you’d learned you’d be marrying him and you didn’t wanna get your hopes up too high in case they were just saying that to make you feel better
  • All of your worries are gone the second you see him tbh
  • Bc once he sees you, he gives you this really bright smile and it just makes you feel happy ?? like hobi has one of those smiles that make other people smile without him having to do anything
  • He’s the first to say hello and he asks you to sit next to him during dinner and the entire time everyone is eating, he’s whispering these funny lil jokes to you and it’s v v hard to not just laugh right then and there
  • After the dinner, he just holds out his hand and asks you to come with him and although you’re a bit ?? bc he’s taking you outside, you still follow him
  • He leads you out into this cute lil garden and he takes you back into this area that no one really visits bc there aren’t as many flowers and it’s kinda towards the back of the garden and most people stay at the front
  • You two sit down on a bench and he points out all of the constellations he knows/can see from that angle
  • You two start talking and you find it a d or able how interested he is like he isn’t one of those people that asks a question just to ask it, he asks it bc he’s genuinely curious about your answer
  • He gives you all of his attention and it’s actually really fucking cute bc his eyes are really soft and he’s got this lil smile of his cute ass face and he’s nodding along to show you he’s listening
  • You tell him about your childhood and about your hobbies, your likes and your dislikes and he tells you his
  • You two aren’t expected to see each other more once a month maybe even every other month but cute lil hobi decides to visit you every week
  • You can tell he actually wants to make it work, that he doesn’t want you to feel like you’re marrying a stranger, he really does want to get to know you
  • By the time six months go by, he’s got your heart and you’ve got his
  • I can see hobi being not too quick to fall in love but still quick, like he would need around three months ??
  • So he fell in love with you a wh il e ago but he lets you fall in love at your own pace but I mean it’s Jung Hoseok how do you not love him instantly he’s an actual ray of sunshine casually walking around
  • You’re the first to kiss him bc he lets you know early on that he’ll be as patient as you need him to be and that when you feel ready, you can either tell him and he’ll make the first move or you can make the first one bc hobi is just really fucking thoughtful and sweet
  • He makes you really really happy every day and he can always make you laugh and he’s just really sweet and kind and loving and just amazing in every way
  • You two are s o ready to say “I do” by the time the wedding comes around, you two are rushing for the altar bc you’re just ready to be married and are super in love and it’s all really cute 

SMALL TIP ABOUT PLOTTING.   I’ve had a couple of people tell me they’re terrible at plotting, and I figured I’d make a post about some tips on how to improve your plotting skills, because at some point, we all need ‘em, right? 

So, when plotting, ASKING QUESTIONS is a really good place to start. ‘How are our muses gonna interact?’ We’ve all been asked that. It’s usually one of the first things that comes up, and it’s easy to get stuck and not have any answers straight off the bat. But don’t just give up and stop the questions there. Are your muses in the same fandom? If YES, and it’s still difficult for your muses to interact, then you might want to think about how you could change up the canon a bit to make it work. If NO, are the fandoms similar enough to make them take place in the same universe? or should one of you make a verse for the other’s fandom? or would an AU be the easiest?

When you have no ideas for how your muses can interact, figuring out how to put them in the same universe, I find is usually the best place to start, but it really is all about PROBLEM SOLVING. What is the problem? How to make our muses interact. Well, then how can we solve them? Anyway, that’s why I like starting off by figuring out how to put your muses in the same universe ( or if they are, how to put them in the same place.) Because it gives you something to work with. 

And once you have answers to the above questions, you can start asking the more detailed questions: What are our muses roles in this universe? Are they good or bad? How is it most likely for our muses to interact, based on what we know about them in the universe they’ll interact in? Here is where tips no longer will cut it, and  you’ll have to TALK TOGETHER to come up with something. Throw ideas back and forth. But ONE TIP I can give you is ; DON’T BE AFRAID TO COME UP WITH IDEAS, no matter how silly you might think they sound - and be okay with ideas being turned down. Sometimes, if you give an idea, it might not work for your partner, but it might spike another idea from your writing partner that might work for you. Sometimes your partner might be 110% down with your idea, and sometimes they might even have a really cool idea of their own. It’s all about communication. Give and take, instead of just taking.

& THE LAST PLOTTING TIP I can give you is: DON’T JUST SIT THERE AND LET YOUR PARTNER DO ALL THE PLOTTING. If they come up with ideas, TELL THEM if you agree with them or not. TELL THEM if you have something to contribute to their idea. If they ask you a plotting question - ANSWER THEM. Give them your opinion. DON’T LET YOUR PARTNER DO ALL THE WORK.


The 5 stages of Solavellan grief
  • One (Denial/Isolation): Haha, what? Wait, Solas is gonna come back, right? No? Okay. But he'll be on the balcony and he'll explain everything! No? Oh, okay.
  • Two (Anger): WEEEEEEEKES!
  • Three (Bargaining): Okay, but we'll get a Wolf Hunt DLC soon, RIGHT?
  • Four (Depression): AR LATH MA VHENAN /broken sobs/
  • Five (Depression, still): "The story of Solas is NOT a happy one" /more broken sobs/

waitingformybucky  asked:

Thank you for your most recent post because most of tumblr acts like you can't like a thing if it's problematic but you can still consume media that's problematic as long as you are aware of that and bring it up in discussion and it is more likely to make the people who make these shows want to listen to the issues you have with it because they'll be losing viewers not just having the same amount of viewers because people refuse to watch it

yes!! there’s a difference between “i don’t like this thing so i’m never gonna give it a try” and “i can see the problems in this thing and i accept them but i’m gonna watch it anyway”

somali77 replied to your post “Who You’re Allowed To Ship:”

Oh my god, why bother at all? I´m amazed that people actually still give a shit about this…. haven´t we been through the same topic already, like, 20 times before? I understand that some people are younger and have a hard time understanding that haters gonna hate, but- you can´t have discussions with idiots and fundamentalists. You just can´t. Ignore and keep doing your thing: win people over by creating quality content. It´s the only way, really.

Yes, yes you are right of course. I’ll go back to writing my next superproblematic superquality fic asap. Maybe a new round of kinky german smutfic is in order? Who’s in?