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Let’s Christmas! 🎄☃️

Inspired by @book-boys-are-my-guilty-pleasure:
Doing Secret Santa with your friends and you get _______.
Request from anon.

A/N: *Harley voice* Hey guys, I’m back! I missed you all so much!

Words: 735
Warnings: none

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types of film blogs

1) the run of the mil average film blog that just reblogs single stills and out of context gifs from films, doesn’t really post personal stuff and the only tag they use is probably ‘x’

2) the film blog that reblogs stuff from lolita and betty blue and white tiddies, usually has a pink theme going on, likes to reblog stuff from the 60s and 70s

3) diehard quentin tarentino stan you’ll probably see the pussy wagon car on their blog

4) ‘fuck quentin texaschino’

5) robert de niro and al pacino stan, loves to reblog al pacino in dog day afternoon and calls him their husband

6) horror film blog, posts nothing but horror films

7) the xavier dolan stan film blog, they’re probably still pissed off at the negative reviews his last film got

8) the messy one that always has to state their opinion on a film and usually gets 10 anons arguing with them

9) the one who doesn’t care anymore and reblogs film parallels that compare the godfather to rugrats in paris, you’ll probably see tommy wiseau on their blog at least once

…i can’t think of any more

Dating Jin would be like:

-was pretty confident while asking you out, to your big surprise

-but ended up being embarrassed after you already said yes and you’re like ‘’Seokjin…seriously.’’

-always holding your hand even when you’re inside and you’re trying to do something-’’Jin, I’m trying to change my shirt…how do you expect me to do that now?’’-’’Oh…Don’t worry I’ll help you!’’

-you wondering how he can say and do stuff like that without blinking even though he’s still blushing every time you tell him you like him

-if you somehow manage to free your hand he’ll just put his hand on your shoulder or on your tight if you’re sitting  which can be dangerous sometimes if you know what I mean

-having a lot of couple shirts…he’s the one who insist on it

-looking confused every time he sees you wearing one of his shirts  

-but then ends up following your around the house constantly making kissy faces

-’’Very good looking!’’-’’You’re referring to yourself, right?’’

-watching him while he cooks, admiring these broad shoulders and then using the opportunity to hug him from behind

-filming him for his EatJin episodes and having to cut come parts off because you were throwing in some random teasing comments

-’’Jimin will film me next time!’’ 

-you’re still end up doing it again and his reason is ‘’your great camera work’’

-waking up early to make you breakfast in bed and then just laying next to you watching you eat and anxiously waiting for comments about food

-in return, you’re making him lunch and bringing it to him while he’s on practice

-randomly showing up in front of your apartment carrying flowers and informing you that you have 5 minutes to get ready because he’s taking you on a date

-he really likes buying stuff for you he’ll always get back from tour carrying tons of things that he thought would suit you even though you keep complaining

-a lot of these things are either pink or dresses…or pink dresses

-’’Princess, where’s my phone?’’-’’How can there be two princesses? Are you passing the throne?’’

-waking up in the morning just find him staring at you lovingly  you will never find out that he actually spent a whole hour doing that

-getting him Mario themed gifts

-going shopping for groceries is adventure of its own

-others not being able to tell if you’re still overexcited children or newlywed couple…it all depends on what day they see you

-agreeing to paint your nails but his only condition is that he chooses the color.-’’Seriously, Seokjin…will it be 50 shades of pink forever?’’

-talking about being protective…he can’t stand other guys looking at you

-him dying of laughter whenever you two watch comedies and you dying of laughter because of his squeaky laugh  isn’t it precious

-has your photo as his lockscreen and occasionally steals your phone so he can put his latest selca as your lockscreen

-singing to you before sleep and then pulling you closer to him so your head is laying on his chest

-being BTS’s ‘’second mom’’ and constantly chasing around the maknae line

-sending you snaps of either what he’s eating at the moment or his face with extremely cheesy comments

-suddenly pulling you into a tight hug and kissing every single spot on your face

-probably talking about you to boys every single second he’s not busy with practicing

-not a single day can go without cuddling sessions…with him even washing the dishes will somehow turn into cuddling

-standing beside each other in the bathroom, brushing your teeth and you have toothpaste all over you face and he’s still like- ‘’Wow, you look gorgeous this morning too, jagi!’’

-can’t say no to aegyo and you use it shamelessly 

-coming back tired from the practice and making love to you still before finally falling asleep while hugging you tightly

-he’s the guy who would make sure you never forget how beautiful you are and not just by constantly telling you that but also by making sure you realize how special you are yourself

“Well, I know this little chapel on the boulevard we can go /
No one will know (oh oh oh)…”

part one ♡ of two obikin jedi wedding-themed commissions (feat. flower girl!ahsoka) drawn by the wonderful @octavigustus​! thank you so much!!

cal’s blog | art blog | commission info

part two ♡ (post-ceremony)

All Fired Up


A/N: This turned out to be a lot longer than I thought it would be…

Prompt: Fired Up - NaluLoveFest

Rating: M - for adult and sexual themes. YOUNG’UNS YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Semi-dominant Natsu.

Summary: Lucy is a taxi driver in New York. Amongst the morning traffic bustle, she picks up a pink-haired businessman who’s late for a meeting and looks way too sexy in a black pinstripe suit…too bad he’s an asshole. Oh wait…that just makes him sexier. Modern AU. NaLu. OneShot.

Word Count: 2,273

Lucy tapped her fingernails along the steering wheel.

Morning traffic was never her best friend. It lead to angry customers who needed to get where they were going—granted, taxi was still faster than walking—and a high cab fare, which made them even more upset.

Which ended up making Lucy feel like shit for just doing her job with the meter running.

She let out a gush of air as a flash of pink caught her attention.

Running toward the curb, was a pink-haired man in a business suit. Briefcase in hand with his jacket over his arm, he was frantically waving in the direction of the street.

Her direction.

Lucy swallowed as he got closer and she got a good look at her next customer.

He was tall with the sleeves of his button-down rolled up over his tanned forearms. The slight olive tone to his skin made his mess of salmon even more prominent, and surprisingly attractive. His angular brows accentuated the dark eyes beneath as they bore into hers via the taxi’s rearview mirror.

Wait…when had he gotten in her taxi?


He was waving his hand to get her attention as the sound of horns finally awakened her from her dazed state. Blinking, Lucy’s gaze refocused on the large gap in front of her.

Finally stepping on the gas, the blonde suppressed a blush.

“Sorry,” she muttered. “Where’re you going?”

His tone was furious, “I don’t give a shit about your sorries. Just get me to West 57th and 7. Unless you’re too air headed to do so.”

Lucy’s anger flared in her chest as she adjusted the route in her head, “Someone’s fired up.”

Taking her next right, the blonde pulled out of the traffic, opting for the secret back roads she knew so well.

At least where he was going was close to her work. She could just wander around there for the day before dropping off the cab and walking home.

She could hear a stream of curses along with the shuffling in his briefcase. A ring tone echoed through the cab as he answered it.


Well…he was just rude to everyone was he?

“No, I’m not stuck in a ditch Ice Princess. Happy fucked up my clothes this morning and I had to go buy new ones.”

She heard shuffling and dared to glance in the mirror to see what he was doing.

The top buttons of his shirt were undone, revealing a lovely sculpted chest and neck. He’d rolled his sleeves down and was proceeding to pull on the matching suit-jacket.

God he was gorgeous.

Why’d he have to be such an asshole?
…and why did that only make him sexier?

“Stall Erza for me. Makarov wont care, but Scarlet’ll kill me. I’ll owe you one.”

He hung up, not waiting for a response as his eyes found hers again.

“What the hell are you looking at?”

Lucy averted her gaze and focused on her driving. They were almost at his building, thank god.

He didn’t even wait for her to stop before tossing bills over the seat and running out the door.

She wasn’t surprised that he didn’t tip.

The day had been exhausting.

After the wonder that was the morning businessman, Lucy had dealt with a metalhead, a blue-haired guy who seemed to have split personalities, a white-haired guy who was obsessed with the girl he was talking to on the phone, and some black-haired guy carrying around a giant book with E.N.D. on it.

She needed to sleep.

Making her way down the dark street, one foot in front of the other, Lucy didn’t realize where it is she’d ended up until a familiar flash of pink caught her eye.

He had a cigarette in his mouth and seemed a hell of a lot more relaxed. She watched him, transfixed as he let out a large cloud.

The blonde shook her head. No. She couldn’t keep staring. Not after what happened this morning. He may have had a shitty start to the day, but that didn’t mean he had to take her down with him.

A low whistle echoed as she walked past.

Oh hell no.

Spinning back around, Lucy stalked up to the guy, fuming. He blinked as she advanced, the dumbest innocent look crossing his features.

“No,” she snarled, “you don’t get to do that.”

He kept blinking, “Do what?”

Lucy scoffed, “You don’t get to treat someone like absolute shit, and then objectify them later. Who the fuck do you think you are?”

The man’s brow furrowed, “I don’t know what you’r—”

Lucy brought up two fingers and poked him in the center of his chest, hard. He was tall, she almost had to crane her neck to look him in the eye.

“I get having a rough morning. I get being late for work and being stressed. But insulting me and treating me like shit is unacceptable,” she clenched the hand at her side, trying to reel in her anger.


“Don’t you ‘Miss’ me you asshole,” she growled, finally backing away. With one last look, Lucy turned to walk away but was stopped by the next thing to come out of his mouth.

“Well look who’s fired up now.”

Lucy froze.

Her eyes strained to the far corners, taking in his cocky grin before it disappeared. Letting out another gush of smoke, a look of relaxation overcame him as he rubbed his eyes.

“I’m sorry, Lucy.”

The blonde blinked.

“How do you know my name?” she asked, turning back to him slightly. He tossed the butt of his cigarette to the asphalt, grinding it into the stone with the heel of his shoes.

“I looked you up so I could apologize.”

Lucy studied the man’s features. When he wasn’t so pissed off, he was just as handsome with a touch of adorable. She found herself softening as a wide grin broke out over his features.

Lucy let out a long breath.

“Whatever. I need to go home. Night.”

She started down the path toward her apartment, only then finding that he’d fallen into step beside her with his hands in his pockets. In place of the tie he’d had around his neck this morning was a white scaled scarf. That coupled with his suit—his jacket was draped over his wrist, and his arms were bare again—was a weird combination to say the least, but he managed to pull it off really well.

“What’re you doing?” she asked, slight irritation in her voice.

“Walking you home.”

The blonde blinked. He’d said it like it was the most natural thing in the world and that baffled her. He was an entirely different man than the one who’d hopped into her cab only nine hours ago.

“Natsu,” he said, gaze forward.

“No, aki.”

He laughed. Pointy canines flashed in the dark and his eyes seemed to twinkle as he threw his head back. Just looking at him made Lucy’s heart warm and made her want to smile.

She hated it.

“No, that’s my name, Luce. Natsu.”


“It’s Lucy, not Luce,” she muttered.

“Whatever, Luigi.”


She began to slowly warm up to him as he walked her home. She found out that he worked for Fairy Tail, the most prestigious law firm in New York and that he was an insanely successful prosecutor. The meeting this morning was about a major case that had been making headlines lately. Phantom Lord was a company adamant about taking Fairy Tail down by any means necessary.

She told him about how she’d wanted to write, but couldn’t for the life of her find a job at a publishing company no matter how hard she tried. She’d slaved away for years at an ivy league school to only end up driving assholes around all day.

After saying that, Lucy found herself at the door to her apartment with a sheepish looking Natsu opposite her. His gaze was downcast only momentarily before shaking it off.

“Well, I hope things go well for you,” she told him, unlocking her door and stepping inside. She went to shut the door, only for it to be stopped by a tan forearm and his face now dangerously close to hers.

“Let me make it up to you,” he lured. He smelled like cigarettes, but not the disgusting ones—there was a faint trace of vanilla. There was another scent that followed that one, one more earthy that made her stomach sink.

His lips descended to hers then, lightly at first. The stubble on his jaw scraped at her skin as he kissed her slowly, jaw working to pull at her lower lip. The churning in the pit of her stomach reared up as his tongue traced her lower teeth.

He tasted so good.

Her head swam as her knees buckled beneath her, effectively breaking the kiss. Panting hard, she found herself supported by strong arms and heard the door close behind them.

“Breathe, Lucy,” he whispered against her ear.

She shivered.

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aeveenien  asked:

You should totally write this jock!Stiles and nerd!Derek au :D PLEASEEEEEE? I have birhday soon! Okay, in two months, but still! JUST A SHORT LITTLE FIC? *Scott puppy eyes*


It happens because of his fingers. 

Because of the long line of his neck and the way he licks his lips and because Ms. Blake made him switch seats with Erica two weeks into the school year because he was talking to Scott McCall too much. 

(He still talks a lot, it’s just quieter and directed at Derek now.) 

It happens because Stiles is on the lacrosse team and sometimes he has morning practices. On these days he runs into class three seconds before the bell rings, face flushed and hair still damp from the showers. Also on these days, water droplets tend to roll down his cheek and into the hollow of his throat and Derek has to spend 50 minutes making a concerted effort not to stare too obviously.   

(Sometimes he fails and Stiles will catch him looking and the tips of Derek’s ears will burn pink for hours after.)

It happens because Ms. Blake assigns a group project instead of a midterm and Derek and Stiles get paired together.  

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Fic: You or Someone Like You, pt. 13

“See,” Darcy said, leaning over DJ’s back. “We made a roller coaster, right?”

He rocked forward, just a bit, shifting in her lap as he considered the tablet in his hands. Then he slumped back against her again, holding the tablet up at eye level. “Right,” he said.

“Now, here’s the fun part.” Darcy tapped on the screen, setting down brightly colored tiles of queue line. “If we do THIS, then as everyone enters our theme park, then they’re forced to get in line for the roller coaster. Which is fine, our theme park is called ‘Nothing But Roller Coasters’ so I have to assume that they wanted to ride roller coasters, or else, why are they here? We’re just making it easier for them to find the coaster and ride it, right?”

"Right,” DJ said. He blinked as the tiny animated coaster went whirring around the loops.

“So they get on, and they ride the roller coaster, and then-” At the exit of the coaster, Darcy set the land at an angle, dropping it down just one step, and putting a square of path on it. “There we go.”

He studied the results. “Why?”

“Because-” She hovered her finger over the screen. “They enter, they’re forced onto the roller coaster, then when they get off, they’re stuck. They’re not smart enough to find the path, and even if they could, they can’t get out. We are literally sticking them in a pit. Like a pack of ever more angry molemen. Then…”

Almost chortling to herself, she plopped down some extras. “We give them access to drinks for really cheap, and a bathroom at a cost of ten bucks. Walking back and forth, they’ll be angry and thirsty, and since the drinks are cheap, they will buy drinks. And then they will pay us every cent they’ve got for access to a bathroom.”

She grinned. “Hundreds and hundreds of tiny little park guests, drinking, going to the bathroom. Drinking, going to the bathroom. Getting angrier and more crowded every time people get off the roller coaster. All stuck on one little square of land.”

“What are you, Satan?”

Darcy grinned. “If it makes you feel better,” she said to Harris, who was giving her a distinctly disapproving look from the doorway, “we are going to fail this scenario. We are going to fail it so hard.”

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