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About that dinner...

SPOILERS FOR EP 10 OF YURI ON ICE! I tagged it spoilers but just in case you don’t have x-kit or tumblr savior (change that if you can btw, it makes the general tumblr experience so much better) sp-sp-spoilers!

I’m sure there’s going to be a ton of meta of the reveal that Yuuri actually asked Victor to coach him (granted he was drunk off his ass but still), the Otabek/Yurio scene (Otabek came through like a goddamn wrecking ball) and the whole rings bit but I want to talk about the dinner with everyone.

(Minako & Mari you are truly all of us)

This happens the night BEFORE the Grand Prix starts and it’s telling that even though they all have very intense rivalries with each other (then there’s Yurio and his galactic sized one) they not only get together when you could argue they shouldn’t, they are actively joking and enjoying each others company. Even bloody Otabek who no one really knows is there chilling and relaxing. It’s beautiful. There’s gentle riffing with each other, picture taking, Pitchit being the best and then the bombshell revelation that Yuuri basically turns into Christophe when he drinks. That leads to Victor and Christophe casually showing the others the videos & pictures and is a great lead up to the ring reveal which THEN leads to the oh shit reminder that even though they all get along, each of them still really REALLY wants to win:

Shout out to Otabek and Yurio’s matching stank eye!

They could have ended the scene perfectly right there and had Yuuri/Victor dash out but oh no. We are then treated to PISS OFF JJ (a study in 3 parts):

Even after all that blustering and IT’S GOING TO BE ME, they all either dislike or can’t be arsed with JJ so they don’t even bother acknowledging his threat and walk off together. 

Ah Yuri on Ice. You are truly one of the very very few great things that came out of the dumpster fire that is 2016. I am distraught there are only 2 episodes left. 

Some stray Olicity thoughts

I have a couple of things on my mind regarding Arrow and Olicity this weekend. I know, that must be a shock to you all. But as it’s Sunday morning and I’m sitting here with my breakfast and my family and my dog  and these thoughts rattling around in my head, I thought I’d share them.

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This post has multiple unpopular opinions.

1.This is about pronouns and all that stuff.

First of all, I don’t get why you can’t call someone an it. Maybe it’s because in my language it is normal. No one ever says she/he looked at me, it’s always ‘it looked at me’. Saying she/he is not normal, except in literature. I get that you associate with it differently, but I just don’t get it. Who cares about 'it’? It’s gender-neutral, and I think it would be cool if it would be used in english language too as a regular word for someone. But that’s just a thought, I’m not actually going to call anyone an it if they don’t like it.

Also we have the same word for she/he. I get why people don’t want to be called a wrong gender tho.

Back to opinions - the pronouns like bunself and faeself. YES YES I KNOW. Everyone is bitching about these, but I have to ask something. 

Now keep in mind, I’ve never harassed any otherkins or anything like that, and I wouldn’t want to. They’re mostly nice people and I respect them. But. Why do you call yourself as a faeself? It has nothing to do with gender?? You don’t call your dog pupself. And while that argument seems common and you all hate it, I’ve never seen any explanation for this. Only angry reaction gifs and rants over how much of an idiot someone is.

So until someone explains that to me, my opinion is going to stand. I’d like it if someone would educate me on this.

2. I hate how tumblr curses and calls each other dumb stuff, no matter positive or negative. Whenever someone posts something kinda funny and not too serious here, it gets a funny answer. But that funny answer is always like “GO HANG YOURSELF YOU PIECE OF SHIT”. And I get that it’s most likely a joke but it’s just SO ANNOYING. Also when there’s a sad comic and people add dumb stuff with cursing and all that. 

ANNOYING. But I’m not telling you not to do it - have fun, if it’s not hurting anyone.

3. People have to stop bitching about the queen Beyonce thing. It’s a joke (AS FAR AS I KNOW). No one actually idolizes her that much, it’s just a thing that happened and now is sticking.

Stop. Bitching. About. It.

4. People also need to stop bitching about fandoms. Don’t like them? Don’t follow a blog that has fandom stuff on it. And don’t come crying to me 'IT’S IMPOSSIBLE BWAH’’ because it is not. I have a lot of friends who have no problems with fandoms because they follow blogs that they like. I get that people don’t like fandoms, I could be considered a fangirl  myself. Even I hate fandoms pretty often. So annoying.

But they’re just people! They’re doing something they like and until another situation comes where someone is being harassed without a reason, we shouldn’t care. But there will be more situations where everyone gets together as a group and bullies others. So yeah.

Stop that shit too tumblr. Bullying is NOT ok.

5. I don’t know how unpopular of an opinion this is, but I don’t give a shit is it 'feminist’ or 'egalitarian’ (or whatever it was). Just say you want equality, and that’s it. Don’t continue using words that everyone misunderstands.

That might help.

6. People need to stop hating on bronies. They do the same shit every other fandom does, especially disney. Just let it go.

I get that the internet is a dangerous place, and yes, all explicit stuff should be tagged or guarded for little kids. But don’t say someone is scum because they’re simply in a fandom. Thanks.

7. I’ll end this lightly and say that I think that chihuahuas are sorta creepy with their huge eyes. Of course I still love them since they’re dogs, but it looks really weird is all.

Thank you if you read all of my opinions! Please don’t put mean things in the comments. You can be polite, I know it :).