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The Signs as Girls I've Fallen In Love With
  • <p> <b>Aries:</b> You were out with your friends. Your smile was so big and so gorgeous. You looked over at me twice, a smirk painted on your round face. You were so cute, you intimidated me a little bit. But you had a softness about you.<p/><b>Taurus:</b> My first girl crush. Your eyes were storms, and your cheeks always rosy. You always made my knees quiver and my heart beat. I miss you. I miss you more than I admit. I wished I kissed you. You're still in my dreams.<p/><b>Gemini:</b> You taught me how to smoke weed in my car on a sunny September morning. The smoke danced through your golden hair and you laughed so hard. Your hands are very soft. I remember you coming into my room at 6 in the morning, wanting to go for a drive. I hope your head is clear. I hope you're still laughing.<p/><b>Cancer:</b> Charming, magnetic, warm. You were always so warm. The time I saw the small of your back when you lifted your shirt is still alive in my memory. Your smile could stop the rotation of the Earth. I'm sure it has.<p/><b>Leo:</b> I saw you in a photograph. The brightest smile I've ever seen. So radiant that the sun should hang her head in shame. Glowing. Always glowing. I've only ever wanted to be in your arms. You are so alive in my imagination. I hope you're alive in reality.<p/><b>Virgo:</b> I caught your eye in a mirror. You were so beautiful and so eager. Your steely resolve melted my heart. I was standing against the wall, admiring your determination. I'm sure you saw me. I thought about saying hi, but you probably would have walked away, leaving me to imagine an intoxicating conversation.<p/><b>Libra:</b> I saw you at a concert. You smiled so much, and your eyes were so bright. I lost myself in them. Our eyes met a million times that night. You returned my smile and blushed a lot. I wanted to find you after the show, but you disappeared.<p/><b>Scorpio:</b> I've always wanted to kiss you. So passionate. So loud. So unique. Always moving. Always working to be a better you. I admire you so much and have wanted not only to be you, but to be with you. You would probably break my heart. I would love to be broken by you.<p/><b>Sagittarius:</b> You were always running. You always sat a little too close to me. You always talked a little too loud. You were so electric. Sometimes I still picture you, you always looked like a painting. I hope he paints you.<p/><b>Capricorn:</b> Quiet. But there was something brewing there. You walked around like you owned the place, and I wanted to run with you. You wouldn't let anyone break through to you. I wanted to so bad. I hope you know that.<p/><b>Aquarius:</b> I love you. I'm so in love with you. I haven't stopped thinking about you since the day we met. I trust you. So beautiful and so weird. I love the way you talk and the way your eyes shine whenever you smile. I'm so caught up in you. I love you more than any girl on this list.<p/><b>Pisces:</b> You don't believe it but you are so very important to me. You have so much to offer this world. I want you to believe in yourself the way I do. So strong. You love more than anyone I know.<p/></p>
Torn (Seth Rollins x Reader) Part 1/2

Part 2

Do not post this story without my consent (on any site or platform), under any circumstance, unless I specifically told you that you could. Thanks!

A/N: Yo. Deal with this, because I can’t. This is like angst and heartache for the sake of it, also I don’t even know who I’m rooting for anymore, but hey it’s all good. First things first: this is a fic for @nuroxic because this gurl needed it and she’s AMAZING, so, that’s that. Secondly, please note that this part contains just as much Baron Corbin as it does Seth Rollins, but fear not, the second part will be all Sethie-poo. Finally, please enjoy my feelings, and tell me how you feel, too!

Summary: Today is day one: the first day of the rest of my life. The first day of falling out of love with Seth Rollins.

Warnings: Swearing, crying, betrayal, LOVE. No but really it’s all good.

Word count: 5745

Tags: @hardcorewwetrash @littledeadrottinghood @caramara3 @i-kneel-for-king-loki @princess3733 @queenreignsempire @lisacarter2016 @stacy326 @alexahood21 @roxannaramona @littlemissava13 @drgns8er @skyereignsrollinsmain @imagineall-the-fandoms @blondekel77 @thiickreigns @m-a-t-91 @valeonmars @ihtscuddlesbeeetchx3 @superrezzy00 @momis30 @laochbaineann @alexispoo @crossfitjesusinskinnyjeans

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Bad Things Song!Fic

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Bad things Song!Fic

Request: Can you do a song imagine with Happy with the song Bad Things by MGK & Camila Cabello.
For @mrsirishboru
Words: 2058
Pairing: Happy Lowman x Reader

The last time I wrote Smut was for Mad Princess Part 3 and before that it was a LONG time ago so eh, good luck with not cringing at this.

Maybe it was the alcohol or the thrill of being chased by the police that made you laugh. Your hand in Happy’s, you bolted down the street away from the law. Your old man led you through the back streets, you doubled back through a side alley and dove into an abandoned garage. Happy let go of your hand so that you could prop the door that you’d knocked though back up and Happy perched in the window with his gun ready and waiting.

The law ran pass and you cheered on their leaving with a fix of giggles.
Happy put his handgun down on a nearby seat before stepping over to where you were perched on an oil drum, his voice was deep and tempting, “What’re you laughing at?”
Alcohol made your cheeks flare with heat and you giggled again, “Why did I think drinking in the middle of the day with you would be a good idea?”

Am I out of my head?
Am I out of my mind?
If you only knew the bad things I like
Don’t think that I can explain it
What can I say, it’s complicated
Don’t matter what you say
Don’t matter what you do
I only wanna do bad things to you
So good, that you can’t explain it
What can I say, it’s complicated

He stepped up to you, put his rough hands on your bare knees and pushed them open. He stepped between your legs and ran his hands up your thighs to the ripped edges of your shorts, his hands where harsh from violence and working in the garage and it made your stomach flip in excitement.  He ran his thumb along the inside of your thighs and the movement so close to your intimate area, even clothed, tickled and made you shiver.
“You think this is a bad idea?” His gravelly voice danced over your lips, when you inclined your face up to try to kiss him he inched his head back, smirking in victory.
“A very bad idea.” You mumbled and tipped your head up towards him.
One large hand slowly trailed up from your thigh, up your stomach giving you butterflies, slowly his hand moved between your breasts, up the nape of your neck and splayed across your throat.

Nothing’s that bad
If it feels good
So you come back
Like I knew you would
And we’re both wild
And the night’s young
And you’re my drug
Breathe you in ‘til my face numb
Drop it down to that bass drum
I got what you dream ‘bout
Nails scratchin’ my back tatt
Eyes closed while you scream out
And you keep me in with those hips
While my teeth sink in those lips
While your body’s giving me life
And you suffocate in my kiss
Then you said

You groaned lowly and tipped your head further back so he’d have more access to your neck. You loved it when Happy was in this mood. Often your sex life was rough, positions moving fast, hands grabbing at each other whenever you had chance. Happy was a busy man and you were busy working at the TM a lot so you had to catch each other whenever you could, especially because you liked to fuck a lot.

But this was Happy, wanting to take it slow, to tease you and make you groan. The police practically ready to catch you and the alcohol fuelling you just made it even more electric.

His hand stiffened around your neck slightly, just enough for him to show you how much he was going to drive you crazy. He tipped his head down, this time he didn’t tease you, he pushed his lips against yours hard. The hand still on your thigh squeezed hard, his fingerprints tattooing your soft skin. Your hand came up to take his Cut in your fists to pull him closers to you as you kissed. It wasn’t a fight for dominance, Happy was in charge and he showed you that through his kiss, his mouth commanding.

I want you forever
Even when we’re not together
Scars on my body so I can take you wherever like,
I want you forever
Even when we’re not together
Scars on my body I can look at you whenever

You could taste the jack on his tongue and you were sure that the moan echoing in your ears must have been your own.  He pulled away from you, smirking as he looked down at your flushed face and swollen lips.
His hand on your thigh travelled up to the button on your shorts and the hand from your throat joined it. You leaned back and with a hand on either side of the oil drum pushed yourself up so that Happy could pull down both your shorts and your underwear. He threw them somewhere near his gun, you couldn’t really find the effort to care about them now.

Happy’s lips were on your neck, one hand wound into your hair to hold your head to the side so that he could lick and bite his way down your neck unstopped.
The pressure of him pulling your hair made you moan and his teeth scraping against your collar bone made your hips jut upwards to where his other hand waited on the top of your thigh.
“You good?” The words rumbled against your neck.  This was why you loved him, even drunk and high from the thrill of the chase, he had enough about him to check that you wanted to continue.
“Good.” You moaned and his hand inched up towards your womanhood, your stomach tickled in anticipation.

Am I out of my head?
Am I out of my mind?
If you only knew the bad things I like
Don’t think that I can explain it
What can I say, it’s complicated
Don’t matter what you say
Don’t matter what you do
I only wanna do bad things to you
So good, that you can’t explain it
What can I say, it’s complicated

A hard kiss distracted you from any discomfort as his hand cupped your womanhood, slicking his fingers before inserting them into you. You groaned against his chapped lipped but his hand and his kiss didn’t relent. He’d already set the pace, pumping his fingers in you fast and hard, listening to your groans and adjusting his speed to drive you crazy. In the back of your mind the alcohol hummed through your consciousness that this is crazy, you could get caught any second.
You didn’t worry about protection, you’d not told the club but you and Happy where almost trying to for a family.

Whatever happens, happens.

Jesus, how was he doing that with his thumb?

You groaned and pulled away from his kiss, weakly you pushed at his arm and he pulled away from you. Before he could worry that he had done something wrong you were feverishly pulling at his belt and jeans, yanking them down to the rhythm of his deep chuckle.
Liberated of his jeans and underwear, thanks to your nimble hands, he moved to removed his cut but you caught his cut in both of your hands and pulled him over to you, “Keep it on.”
His smirk was deadly, his fingers dug into your backside when he lifted you slightly off of the drum, pulling you forwards and onto him in one swift motion.

I can’t explain it
I love the pain
And I love the way your breath
Numbs me of novacaine
And we are
Always high
Keep it strange
Okay, yeah, I’m insane
But you the same
Let me paint the picture
Couch by the kitchen
Nothin’ but your heels on
Losin’ our religion
You’re my pretty little vixen
And I’m the voice inside your head
That keeps telling you to listen to all the bad things I say
And you said

You cursed, your head falling to his chest. The leather of his cut was wound in your hands, you held onto him as he held you above the oil drum so that you wouldn’t hurt your legs as he set the savage pace.

“Haaap.” You groaned when his lips found your neck, his movements never relenting as his licked and bit at the delicate skin. You released his Cut, your hands coming down his sides and up his back under his shirt and leather so that you could sink your nails into his dark tattooed skin. He kissed a harsh curse against your ear as your nails tracked old scars and ink.
“Fuck girl.” His voice grated against your ear again and you knew that was a warning that he was getting close.

I want you forever
Even when we’re not together
Scars on my body so I can take you wherever like,
I want you forever
Even when we’re not together
Scars on my body I can look at you whenever

Day drinking and drug use will do that to a fella, not that you could say any better, your head was swimming with alcohol and endorphins as you rutted against the oil drum.
You moaned, an almost soundless moan of ecstasy, your nails scratched down to his buttocks as you stumbled into oblivion together.

Am I out of my head?
Am I out of my mind?
If you only knew the bad things I like
Don’t think that I can explain it
What can I say, it’s complicated
Don’t matter what you say
Don’t matter what you do
I only wanna do bad things to you
So good, that you can’t explain it
What can I say, it’s complicated

You let yourselves have a few minutes of coming down, soft kisses over harsh bites and loving whispers that always seemed way too soft to come from your old man. He pulled his jeans and underwear back on before helping you dress, giving you the odd kiss to the inside of your leg as he did which made you giggle.

The way we love, is so unique
And when we touch, I’m shivering
And no one has to get it
Just you and me
'Cause we’re just living
Between the sheets

You’d both been dressed for maybe thirty seconds when the door was kicked in, you were pushed behind Happy as he steadied his gun at the intruder.

Chibs dropped his weapon and Tig held his hands up in mock defence.
They took in the sight of both you, Happy for the most part looked like he usually did when he’d been drinking but you were a different tale. Your hair was thoroughly sexed, your face was flush from the drinking and the exertion, your lips where swollen and below your shorts fingerprint bruises were already forming on your thighs.

“Well, I guess that’s why it reeks of sex in here.” Tig chirped, his eyes quizzically going your form.
“Don’t ya think you and Y/N should have come straight back brother?” Chibs chastised lightly.
Sensing your old man about to get in trouble, you cuddled up to Happy’s side and purred, “My fault boys, I had to drag him away. What is he going to do with me?”
They knew that you were getting Happy out of shit but still Tig had to be there, “I’d think he’s done enough with you.”

I want you forever
Even when we’re not together
Scars on my body so I can take you wherever like,
I want you forever
Even when we’re not together
Scars on my body I can look at you whenever

Am I out of my head?
Am I out of my mind?
If you only knew the bad things I like
Don’t think that I can explain it
What can I say, it’s complicated
Don’t matter what you say
Don’t matter what you do
I only wanna do bad things to you
So good, that you can’t explain it
What can I say, it’s complicated

Cha Eunwoo for Ceci (2017 March issue)

How do you feel becoming Ceci’s cover model?
I feel extremely good. I really enjoyed myself whenever I filmed for Ceci. That’s why today I thought to myself that I should work hard and hoped for the shoot to come out pretty but becoming the cover model on top of that, I’m happy. 

Going through your many schedules, do you still harbor a greed for (obtaining) licenses? Have you perhaps given it a shot?
I challenged myself to get a driver’s license and am left with the final course. I passed the written and skills tests and even sat in for the practical test lessons. Driving isn’t hard and I enjoy myself whenever I drive.

There’s always a smile plastered across your face whenever you talk. Have you been like that since you were young?
I didn’t realise it myself but the members said that how I smile resembles my dad. But my eyes always disappear when I smile (laughs). So because they can’t see my eyes when I smile, I’ve had a lot tell me that I should open my eyes a little. That’s why I kind of want to fix it.

It’ll be a year since ASTRO have debuted once it’s 23rd February. You must be feeling incredible?
There are honestly so many thoughts that come to me. I’ve had many new experiences and when I look back, there are also regrets that remain. There are also a lot of events that I feel proud about and am thankful for. We’re a year into our debut and picked things up while experiencing just this much so I realised again how amazing are the careers of our seniors who started way before us. A long extent of time is definitely not easy and I felt how they really are of a whole other level.

Having experienced a year (yourself), you would naturally develop a sense of respect for the people who have accumulated their own time before you.
Yup, that’s why I’m determined for us to really become a team who our juniors would want to take after when they see us hitting our own 5, 10 year mark. 

Having debuted and going through promotions, is there anything that you’ve come to learn about yourself?
My stamina and ability to adapt is good. Even in a situation where I feel really tired and burnt out, my stamina that’s been stored away somewhere shows itself. Especially when there are things I need to accomplish the next day, I’ll always think it over before going to sleep. Then preparations for what I have to do the next day speeds up for me. There’s the bit about not being able to sleep because of the nerves but I’m doing image training. Though when I’m tired and become sensitive, everything shows on the outside. Even if I don’t say anything, I make it obvious like a young kid would. When I think about it later on, I feel sorry and see it as my ownself being immature. My dad has always told me to be good at mind control but I think I’ll have to pay more heed in the future. 

After reading your interview about being deeply immersed in your emotions when you film for a pictorial, I got a grasp of how rich you are in emotions.
My younger sibling’s a ‘cold city guy’ kind of style. When I was young, my family would gather amongst ourselves whenever it’s the weekend and we’d all watch a movie together before sleeping. Even though we’ll bet on who’s able to stay up right till the end, my dad would always fall asleep first. My younger sibling would go to sleep if he found the movie boring and only I would watch till the very end. He wouldn’t cry even if we watched a sad movie, only I would show my tears so I did get teased for that. My father would always look at me and say that I was rich in emotions.

Your personality’s warmer than your younger sibling’s.
But seems like my brother’s felt a lot of things as he lived alone in China. I went to the airport to welcome him when he came back to Korea at the beginning of the year and he was crying as he hugged me. Previously on a radio program, there was a corner where we greeted our family members and JinJin hyung cried as he talked about his mum. I thought I’d end up crying too so I talked about my brother and he said that he’s watched the video dozens of times. 

ASTRO’s special album is slated to be released soon and I’m anticipating your fanclub inauguration ceremony too.
I’ve always asked my company when would our official color be settled, when would they be putting out more goods and I think we’re seeing things move along one step at a time now. When Sechskies and Shinhwa seniors made their comeback, it looked really nice how their balloons in the official colors were being waved about. (As he takes out his fanclub’s official card from his wallet) I can show people now too. I’m happy since we can strengthen the bond with our fans.

That’s true. Because it’s not everyone who can pull off holding an offcial fanclub inauguration ceremony.
If up till now ASTRO has shown a bright and zesty image then in our new album, we’ve embraced a slight transformation. Like how a boy matures. We were also fascinated as we filmed for the music video since it was a different concept. So I’m anticipating how the fans would receive it. The album also includes a fan song in which we personally wrote the lyrics for. We’re preparing a choreography for it too. Our album and the fanclub inauguration ceremony, I’m looking forward to it all.

Lastly, are there any words you’d like to leave in Ceci magazine? Anything is fine.
MJ, JinJin, Cha Eunwoo, Moonbin, Rocky, Yoon Sanha, I love you, ASTRO! Let’s win a no.1 on music broadcasts in 2017. Chairing!!

Scans by: WinterDaisY1204

Translations by @99pmh​
Take out with full credits

It’s funny how life tricks you.
You’re finally convinced everything is okay and have accepted that you’re better than you were. But no, it’s not simple like that.
Showers used to help. They were my safe haven; the place I could be for a while with nothing but water filling my ears, washing away the grime of the day that didn’t turn out as planned. I would sit on the shower floor, curled up with my knees to my chest and squeeze myself together until I felt like my pieces weren’t so detached.
They don’t help like that anymore. Unless I close my eyes, because otherwise all I’m starting at it this pale body shriveled up into a delicate form of sadness. A body I am not proud to call my own.
These are the days when it hurts. I feel the effects of my ever-changing dopamine and serotonin levels violently stream through my body. One day I’m driving to work blasting music, singing the words like they are my own, ignoring the stares I am given at red lights. Other days aren’t quite like that. The music may still be blaring, but it’s not the same. I turn the volume up to maximum not to belt out lyrics, but to try and focus on anything else other than my own brain. Anything else other than,
Why did you fail today? Why do you talk so much? Why is going throughout a day so fucking hard for you? Have you gained weight? Why do you feel so alone all the time? What is wrong with you?
I bite my lip to try and balance out the strange yet painful feeling I have in my stomach. I don’t make eye contact with strangers at red lights; they’d probably wonder why I look so goddamn sad.
I once thought of people as happiness. I know better than to do so now. But that’s where the problem lies. I am in charge of myself. I am my source of what I feel. Influences to my emotions chaotically surround me, but the horrifying truth is that I am in the center of it all. I can pick up the broken pieces of myself and work on the puzzle of who I am,or stab myself with them instead. I know I’m not doing well when I’d rather fight the consequences of physical pain than tear inside my head.
I am dragging my own body by my lifeless feet into what I feel. Yes, I’m psyching myself into it, but I can’t get out.
I am in control. I am in control. I am in control. That’s what I tell myself. But I don’t feel it.

I feel the stab wounds bleeding instead.

I’m updating my ace meetup so here I go:

Hey! I’m Mat! I’m 22 and genderfluid

I really wanna make more ace friends and see how that goes. Not really sure what my romantic spectrum is, I know I like all genders, but I’m not sure if I would wanna date anyone right now (being romantic is hard). I’m really good at being weird and seeing dogs from far away. Music and art is my life right now as I mentally struggle through college. If you live in the southern California (riverside/temecula) area hit me up! We can drive to see where the rebellious vegans go to hear good jams and look at vinyls or eat pancakes at 12 at night. If you don’t live nearby then hit me up and we can still talk about whatever! I like most movies, tv shows, and books so yeah.

I’m not really on tumblr as I used to be, but you can still follow me. I’m more so on instagram right now (also I might get a snapchat soon! I’ll try and keep the same username). My username for both is tocabean 

Please don’t be afraid to message me! We can talk about dogs and food :)

The presence in the house was not the only strange thing I encountered while living and working in that particular country. I experienced a lot of strange and inexplicable phenomena while I was there, and had I not already been the type of man to believe in such things, living there would have converted me. One of the most pleasant things about where I lived was that it was set away from the town, a house surrounded by hills and not too far from the sea. One of my favourite things to do at the time was to take night drives in my jeep, up into the hills and sometimes off road. I would do it both alone and with company, and therefore this particular phenomena was witnessed both by myself on my own, and by witnesses.

I first noticed the phantom vehicle when I was by myself. I was driving up through the winding roads, taking it relatively slow as I was still new to them and didn’t want to take them too fast. About halfway along a particular route I noticed headlights in my rear-view mirror. They were very bright, almost unnaturally so, and almost immediately after noticing them I found it was very hard to see where I was going. In what felt like seconds the car was right up behind me, the high beams still on, and it was so bright I could see the shadow of my own car on the road ahead of me. There was nowhere convenient for me to pull over and nowhere where the car could overtake, but the driver refused to back off, even when I was forced to slow to a crawl. I very quickly began experiencing a headache because of the light, and it was a relief when the road opened up a little. The car followed behind me until the opportunity was nearly lost, and then finally overtook me. As it drew up alongside me I saw it was a large jeep not unlike my own, black in colour, and oddly silent. There were no revs from the engine, none of the normal noise I would expect from a car passing by. It simply glided past me and back onto the correct side of the road, where I saw its rear lights move rapidly away from me. Just as quickly as the headlights appeared in the first place, they vanished, though I knew this stretch of road well enough to at least know there were no immediate bends sharp enough to make the rear lights vanish.

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I can’t wait to teach my kids to love life. To not hate the rain when it falls, but to run out without an umbrella and without a coat and just dance. I can’t wait to show them the beauty of the world in the middle of all the pain. To venture them out into the unknown. To experience the beauty of standing at the top of a mountain, but also the incredible experience of standing in the middle of a city with people flooding all around you, making you feel so minuscule but also so exhilarating. I’m so excited to love. love, love, love. To hold them until they fall asleep, and watch marathons of their favorite movies when they’re feeling sick. To go on long drives and blast Disney music the whole way. To laugh. to laugh laugh laugh. Laugh at life’s little mistakes, rather than getting worked up about them. Life is so wonderful, and growing up I often forgot that. I can’t wait to change that for my kids, to allow them to feel free to be who they are. To let them know that the only thing that is stopping them from changing the world is themselves. To show them how proud I am for pushing through the hard times, and still remaining thankful. I can’t wait.
—  Children are the future, and I’m so excited for mine.
Paper Hearts

Characters - Hank x Reader

Song - Paper Hearts by Tori Kelly

Warnings - Sadness, Implied smut

A/N - This idea has been in my head from the moment I heard the song. I know some people would have prefer this been about Bucky but when I envisioned this, I saw Hank. You don’t have to be into X-Men to read this.

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It’d taken everything you had to pull yourself out of bed. Feeling sore from spending days in the very spot, you groaned and forced your curtains open. The sunlight was nearly blinding but you knew it was what you needed, today was the day you would force yourself to start healing.

After a quick yawn and stretch, you went to the kitchen to make yourself a cup of coffee before returning to your room. Your bed was tantalizing, whispering to your mind for you to stop and fall back into it. However, you were determined to do this.

With your mug on your desk next to your favorite pen and a few fresh pages of stationery, you stood in front of your closet door. You wanted to reach for the handle but there was a firm tugging on your heart stopping you from doing just that. There was a multitude of emotions swirling through you; your body was absolutely buzzing with sadness, fear and anxiety as you willed yourself to turn the knob and pull the door open.

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AUs I'd Like To See 02
  • Oh God we’re both locked inside the mall and the only stores that are open suck AU
  • It’s Black Friday and we both want the last ____ item AU
  • I still have my old Yu-Gi-Oh deck, do you wanna play AU
  • This line is taking forever to move forward so why don’t we talk to one another to pass the time AU
  • I can’t draw to save my life but you draw like a pro and now I feel bad AU
  • The stall I’m in has no toilet paper and now I’m stuck between asking the person in the stall next to mine for some or staying quiet AU
  • Let’s walk around the neighbourhood and look all the Christmas lights together AU
  • You’re writing a book and I’m your more-or-less editor AU
  • I’m not saying that you’re wrong but I’m right AU
  • Ugly Betty AU
  • Devil Wears Prada AU
  • I’m ___ years old and I still don’t know how to drive, you should totally teach me AU
  • Watching our old childhood cartoons and oh my God all these fucking innuendos that are in them AU
  • She’s The Man AU
  • I didn’t know that was the one you pressed to hit, I’m still trying to figure out the buttons so don’t kill my character AU
  • Let’s try a DIY it shouldn’t be that hard AU
  • Flipped AU
  • We’re going to have to work together if we’re going to get through this AU
  • Have you watched that one show yet? Well you should AU
  • The ending sucked and I need cheering up AU
  • Battle Royale AU
  • I don’t actually like Pumpkin Spice Lattes but I pretend I do so you’ll still like me AU
  • Oh god my friends just told my crush I liked them AU
  • We both have conversations on our balconies across from one another every night AU
  • Avoiding mistletoe like the plague until someone finally got me under it AU
  • I found this diary lying around and -guiltily- started reading it and I’m falling for the person who wrote in it and I don’t even know them AU
  • John Q AU
  •  Unstoppable (2010 film) AU
  • Pirates of the Caribbean AU
  • Cracking knock knock jokes back and forth with one another AU 
Exploration (Adventures with dom!Sam)

Here you go! Based off of this imagine, here is the one shot of dom!Sam as requested by three of you lovely anons!

Word Count: 1959

Warnings: SMUT, flogging, light BDSM

A/N: As always, let me know what you think. Writing kinks is new to me and I want to get them right ;)

You rummaged through the drawer and pulled out one of Sam’s old t-shirts to sleep in. You slipped it over your head, and were reaching for your sweatpants when Sam’s voice stopped you.


You turned around to find Sam smoldering at you with his lips parted and fists clenched at his sides. You looked at him in confusion.

“Don’t put on the sweatpants. Do you have any idea how hot you look right now?”

You smiled as your heart beat a little faster. Oh.

You made of show at looking down at yourself, your bare legs sticking out under the hem of Sam’s shirt. “You think I look hot?”

“Don’t be coy.” Sam’s voice was low, hard, and hot. You felt heat pool in your stomach and wondered how just the sound of his voice could get you so worked up. “Get on the bed, on your hands and knees,” he commanded.

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Miss Earth

It’s not over yet, but I’m learning so much with this shoot. Everything that can go wrong has gone wrong; reformatted hard drives (lost footage omg), people flaking out at the last minute, people leaving set at the last minute, working four days in a row with only three hours of sleep between each one, dealing with people on set who are combative, being a boss versus being a friend, handling high tension and stress levels, miscommunication, JEZUS MAN. 

Every shoot before this, with the exception of Here She Is, has gone without so much as a bump. So going through the biggest shoot of my life and having everything crash and burn (but still plowing on because hey you have to) has taught me so much about myself, about the people I work with, about who are my true friends, and about how much I love what I do.

Because even though at times I genuinely wanted to die so that it’d all go away, I still love it. I love every struggling terrible moment of it. It’s easy to love this shit when things go right, or when it’s fun, or when you’re so prepared and organized and everything is just falling into place.

It’s harder to love something when the entire universe is making it impossible, when it seems like no one gives a shit, when you’re trying to rally people to get this thing done right and to care about the work they’re doing. 

But I fucking love it. 

And that ain’t eva gonna change. 

anonymous asked:

Did chuckie get a fresh haircut? In the pics he looks so fresh lol and boo is cute as always! When it's time for boo to get groomed do you have any specific style you want him to have? Ppl give doodles some pretty creative cuts

yes, he went this morning! he was lookin like this before smh 

boo’s not going anytime soon, but he’ll just get the standard, i went through that whole creative phase with chuckie, he used to have a curly fro and a mohawk


scans credit to lunchbox

[ENG] Grazia issue 263 - Honest till the end, Huang Zitao’s attracting even more fans by releasing his natural personality

Huang Zitao, who was once demonized on the internet, is suddenly attracting lots of his former-antis, who are claiming that they are his fans now. His sincere, genuine nature, coupled with his honesty and dorkiness are all very attractive. He is well loved by the fashion world, and is consistently moving forward in the movie business. All in all, he is progressing forward steadily. Actually, the Huang Zitao that Grazia worked with on this Milan trip is an utterly unpretentious youth who is very serious, dedicated to his work, and never dares to slack on anything.

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Hand Me Down

I had an anon request for a fic based on Hand Me Down by Matchbox Twenty, which you can listen to here. Hope you enjoy it, love! XOXO

Summary: Reader breaks up with her boyfriend, Dean comforts her, leads to smut.

Word Count: 2101

Warnings: Smut

“I don’t understand why you’re so angry.” You were exhausted, too exhausted to be having this conversation. Not to mention the fact that you were in a crowded bar, where anyone could hear your fight. Airing your dirty laundry inc public was definitely not your thing.

“I’m angry because I haven’t seen you in a week, and you show up tonight with him,” your boyfriend hissed, gesturing toward Dean.

“You know we were on a case together. He’s another hunter.” You didn’t know why you felt like you had to justify Dean’s presence. It’s not like you hadn’t made it known that you two were friends, as well as hunters who sometimes worked together, from the beginning of this relationship.

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anonymous asked:

I really want to apply because I like science and math and thought it would be a cool opportunity to learn but I also just started highschool and know virtually nothing except a few mathematical equations, little knowledge of what things are made of (ex H2O stuff), & the periodic table (which is my fav btw) and just feel like thats not enough :(

Hey, don’t worry!  When I was younger, I loved science and knew a lot, but I still didn’t know most of the basics. My self-esteem was really low, and I didn’t feel like I was good enough. However, I kept learning and working hard, and I caught up. 

I feel like a lot of people who love science go through this, and it’s alright. I’m going into engineering, which requires a lot of hard math which I’m not very good at. But it’s going well. My best advice is to let your passion in science and math drive you to keep learning. It will get easier, I promise. Good luck!

Unknown Number: Ft Got7′s JB & You (Ch14)

[CH1] [Ch2] [Ch3] [Ch4] [Ch5] [Ch6] [Ch7] [Ch8] [Ch9] [Ch10] [Ch11] [Ch12] [Ch13] [Ch15] [Ch16] [Epilogue]

New chapter uploaded every Saturday & Sunday!

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When Derek's computer breaks, he calls tech support and gets Stiles

De­­rek presses the power button on his laptop for the 10th time, this time with a bit more anger than the past few times.  The screen flickers to life, and, just like the previous 9 times, a message flickers across the screen before the machine abruptly shuts down again.

“Hard Drive Failure. Error number 10032391. Please contact Dell Tech Support at 1-800-624-9897 or”

“Crap,” Derek swears, and he reaches for his phone. He’s only had this laptop for a year, how could it already have crashed on him? He knew he should have listened to Cora and bought a Mac.

He types in the Dell Support number and hits call.  He hates phone calls, but knows it’s probably the quickest way to get his computer fixed.  Plus, the fact that his computer is broken means emailing isn’t going to happen.

He listens to the automated voice that tells him that’s he’s on hold.  Ten minutes later he’s still waiting, when suddenly the music stops and a young, chipper, male voice sounds through the phone. “Dell Tech Support. This is Stiles. How can I help you?”

“Uh, hi,” Derek says. “My, uh, my computers not working.”

“Okay, and what seems to be the problem? The voice, Stiles, asks calmly.

“It just…when I hit the power button it tells me the hard drive has failed.”

“Uh oh, that’s not good,” Stiles chuckles.

“No, no it’s not,” Derek deadpans.

Stiles clears his throat. “Right, sorry. So, I’ll see how I can help you. What’s the service tag number? Should be on the bottom of the computer.”

Derek lifts up the computer and reads Stiles the long list of digits that are printed there.

“Okay,” Stiles says, “And can you confirm your name for me?”

“It’s Derek-Derek Hale.”

“Alright Derek. So I’m gonna say something you’re probably not gonna like. Feel free to prepare yourself accordingly.”

Derek can’t help but chuckle a bit at that. “Go for it.”

“So your hard drive has failed…obviously. I guess it’s already told you that. So we’re gonna need to put in a new one. To do that, we’ll have to send you a box that you can put the computer in and send back to us. Then we’ll take a few days to install the new hard drive, and send your laptop on back to you.” He says it a little speedily, like he’s trying to rush through the bad news with as little pain as possible.

“Oh,” Derek says.

Stiles jumps back into the conversation. “But the good news is, the fix and the shipping will be free. So all you’re really losing is time.”

“What about the stuff that’s on the hard drive?”

Stiles hesitates for a moment. “They’ll try to recover everything, of course, but there is a chance that you might lose it.”

“Great,” Derek responds.  Normally he’d be feeling pretty angry by now, but something about Stiles’ sappy voice and ridiculously positive attitude is somehow putting him more at ease. “So when will I get the box?”

“I’ll set it to ship out tomorrow morning, so you should get in within 3 business days,” answers Stiles.

Derek runs a hand across his face. “Okay. Thanks.”

“Anything else I can help you with?” asks Stiles.

“No. That’s it. Thanks again.”

“No problem.  Thanks for calling Dell Tech Support…and, Derek? Try not to get too down. We’ll get the problem fixed as best as we can.”

“Thanks,” Derek stupidly says for the third time.

“Have a good night!” calls Stiles.

Derek hangs up the phone.

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