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Do you have any ships within gorillaz?


i am very intrigued by the relationship stu and murdoc have, not in the sense that ‘wowie uwu they are both so hot uwu it’s not abusive at all uwu they love each other uwu’ but in the simple matter that both of them depend on each other in a rather tragic way. i strongly believe that murdoc really does care about stu, a lot, he’s just a bag of dicks when it comes to coping with his past abuse. to be honest i hate all the ‘stu is still being held captive ect, he’s in the band against his will’ fuzz. he’d be long gone if he really wanted to.

in the last interview we saw how stu helped murdoc calm down when he started dissociating, and even though most people viewed it as a funny moment during the interview, it makes me really quite sad because we get to see how much murdocs life is still impacted by the abuse he had to go through as a child.

so no, i guess no ‘ships’ but bonds.

before I forget, in case the audio from Niall’s interview with JoJo Wright last Tuesday never makes it up online, JoJo asked Niall if he had any pre-show rituals, and Niall said that his vocal coach, Helene, had put together a vocal warm-up of all the song parts that the band sings together, and his favourite thing was singing through that with his band before going on stage.

and dammit that gave me all the fucking feels. that he’s a solo artist, but being part of a band is still so important to him. that after perhaps a growing distance between his 1D bandmates, he now has a new band to share the ride with - one that he has chosen himself. and that as the leader of the band this time around, he sets the tone for how they work together - and how to keep them together, even as the venues get bigger and the novelty of touring starts to fade.

i owe it all to you.

Word Count: 927

Pairing(s): Tom Holland x Reader

Warnings: mentions of death, slight swearing

Summary: Reader is an actress who is cast in the second Spiderman film and is being interviewed in preparation of the release of the film. SO! MUCH! FLUFF!

Notes: This is a (not so) tiny follow up to this one shot that I posted a few days ago. I’m really surprised that you guys liked it so I wrote this in like an hour instead of going to bed. I’m so excited to watch the film today ahhh I’m gonna explode. Again, I would really love some feedback if you wanna drop something in my inbox or whatever. Okay, I’ll stop talking. ENJOY!! 

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The Scruff

Pairing: Dylan O’Brien x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 1267

Author’s Note: So, I wrote this the other night because I saw a picture of scruffy Dylan and I melted. Here it is! I hope you enjoy! Thanks again to my lovely babe @lovelydob for proofreading this for me!!

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batfam vs an American Ninja course, who would win?

Okay, so this is something I’ve thought about before.

-I imagine they’re doing it for some sort of charity, or in the case of Jason (who is still technically legally dead) just for the hell of it

-They have to play it off like it’s going to be a challenge since the only one who could really claim to have done this before without it being suspicious is Dick, who has circus background

-However that all goes out the window when they start the run. All of them speed through it, not even breaking a sweat. The audience is going mental, the announcers are in shock, the family is just like “that was fun”

-Only after they run the course do they realise that they now have to fabricate some story about how they were able to do that

-Somehow people still don’t put two and two together because they’re all fawning over how cool the family is. It goes viral and now they’re all asked about it at every interview

-their friends are even low-key impressed because they knew the family could do it (it’s Batman and his flock, how could they have failed?) but they were all so graceful about it and it looked effortless (“I would’ve tripped” “Kon, you can fly” “Still.”)

-The kids are all fiercely competitive with each other over who will be the fastest and Bruce is just on the side trying to keep them in check
Gemma doesn't like you part 2

A/N: hi my loves! As requested, here is part 2 to ‘Gemma doesn’t like you’ . Thank you all so much for enjoying part 1 and for your feedback. I hope this is up to your standards and is okay. I apologize in advance for any grammatical errors. Please feel free to send in your feedback, love hearing from you all. Happy reading!

Part 1:

He immediately noticed you left the party without saying a word to him about your whereabouts. Even in his drunken state he noticed you were gone. At first he thought you had just gone to the bathroom, but after a while, he knew something was wrong. So of course, Harry being Harry, he stumbled away from the group with phone in hand, making it his mission to find where you went. To his disappointment he didn’t catch you in the bathroom. Maybe you went back to the group he thought. Upon arriving at the private section where the rest of the bunch were, he saw you weren’t there as well. Where the hell did you go? he thought to himself. He briefly stepped out and tried to call and text you to no avail. With a sigh, he reluctantly went back inside. Concern rang through his mind, just as he was about to get up and leave, a person went on the loudspeaker. With the final call for drinks before closing time, he brushed it off and resumed to chugging some more shots back, ending his birthday bash with a bang. Oh was he going to regret that the next day. That was going to be some hangover. He had asked Gemma about you and if she had seen you leave but of course she denied it. Out of sight out of mind right? She was glad that you were gone with such ease, although a part of her wished you put up a fight for the dramatics.

••••2 weeks later••••

14 days, 336 hours, that’s how long it’s been since you last saw/spoke to Harry.
He was hysterical. He didn’t know where you were, if you were safe, nothing. Like you had disappeared into thin air.

After you had left the club, you told your cab driver to drop you off at the nearest hotel by the airport. Once you got to your room, you jumped on your laptop in search of the earliest flight back home. The earliest one was at 1am the next day, so of course you booked it. You safely landed home, (without being seen) and quickly phoned your parents about where you currently were and to not worry about you. You stayed at a local motel that was about a 45 minute drive from your family home.

Throughout the 2 weeks, you were bombarded with a million and one texts, missed calls, voicemails and even emails. All coming from the one who you cared for the most. You thought that as days went on, he would get the hint and the calls and texts would decrease but to your dismay, it was the total opposite. The more you ignored him, the more he tried to reach out to you.

time skip

It has been about a couple of months now and that was when the calls and texts started to dwindle, at first calls, texts came in by the hour everyday but changed to every other day then to once a week then once a month to now almost non existent. Just because you never answered him didn’t mean you didn’t see it. You read every text, listened to every voicemail, read and reread every email. A part of you longed for him, to let him know the truth but you knew it was going to make the situation worse than it currently is.

You haven’t spoken to anyone since this all happened. Although you never once replied to Harry, you checked up on him regularly through social media and the news. Once word got out that you weren’t together, Harry went on a downward spiral. He missed important meetings, and cancelled interviews. He refused to leave his apartment only to be bombarded with questions about the relationship. To say he was a mess would be an understatement.

Two months later, you find yourself still being a complete and utter mess. One night, just as you were going to bed you heard a ‘ding’ meaning you received a text. You rolled your eyes as to who would be up in this ungodly hour at 4am.

unknown number: hi Y/N, I don’t really know what time it is your end but I apologize if it is at some ungodly hour. It’s me Gemma, I know you probably don’t want to hear from me because of Harry’s birthday, but please, talk to him. Let him know that you’re okay if you are and if you aren’t let him know. He’s been driving himself off the wall, he’s missed so many interviews and isn’t himself, he’s so worried about you. I actually want to talk about the night of his party. When you left, I was stoked. I had my brother all to myself after months of not seeing him. We could catch up and I didn’t have to worry about our time being cut short whenever someone came to greet him or if you were by his side the whole night. Anyways, to make a long story short, he eventually found out that I was the one who told you to leave. He was furious. It accidentally slipped the next day when we were home. He kicked me out of his house and told me to never speak to him again. We haven’t talked for a solid 2 months now. I truly hope you’re okay.

You read and reread the text again. Why is she texting you? And how did she even get your phone number? She made it clear as day that she absolutely despised you and here she was texting you hoping you were okay and whatnot. Like no! You are not okay! You decided that the next time Harry texted/called you, you were going to pick up to tell him you were in a safe place and that you were okay and how he needed to talk to his family.

Just then you received another text. unknown number: sorry Y/N, I was wondering if you’d like of course if we could meet up so I can properly apologize and tell you everything’s that happened. I completely understand if don’t want to. But I’d like to do this for Harry’s sake.

of course she’d use the Harry card

and to no surprise you didn’t sleep that night. I mean who could after receiving a text from their ex’s sister?! After she was the one who ruined the relationship?!!

Reluctantly, after weeks of pondering her offer over and over, you agreed to talk. Now you were back home and she was in London. This was to happen face to face and not on a phone/ Skype call. So after getting the details, she was going to fly to you and you were to meet up at a hole in the wall cafe. You scheduled to meet at 2.

You arrived there early and found a quiet little area for you both. As you waited for her, the more hesitant you became. Were you doing the right thing? Your palms started to become clammy and you felt like you were going to pass out. Shortly after, you saw her coming into the cafe. You stiffened and stood up so that she’d be able to see you. She went up to the counter and placed an order. After getting her tea and pastry, she walked up to your table.

“Hi Y/N. sorry I’m a bit late. ”

“Hi, no, you’re fine, I just got here as well.”

Talk about awkward. You could totally feel the tension in the air.

Gemma then proceeds to talk about that night, and the aftermath the next day while going through that hellish hangover. And how her brother had kicked her out of his house and told her to never speak to him again. She knows she’s the root of all of this but she still stands her ground.

Gemma: “look, I know I caused this but can you blame me? I’m so sick and tired of watching my brother fall head over heels for someone only to be hurt in the end. I was the one who picked him back up and told him that the right one was going to come. I was looking out for him. I knew the moment I saw you, you were going to do exactly what the rest did. And I sure as hell made it my mission to stop this train wreck before more time was wasted and to spare Harry from all the negativity. ”

Had she thought so little of you? You thought to yourself.

Y/N: “look, I know you are looking out for Harry, but you refuse to give me a chance. I knew how hesitant he was before we got into the relationship but we worked through it. We got to know each other. He knew I saw him as Harry and not as Harry Styles. He was so sure that we would get along well before he actually introduced me to your mom. I know he takes into consideration both of your opinions.“ by then, you were cut off.

G: “you can’t seriously be playing the ‘I got to know him for the real him instead of Harry Styles’ card. Everyone’s done it. Just stop the charades. I call bull when I see it. He should know by now a genuine person when meets them.” she roared.

you inhaled deeply. With tears welling in your eyes, you spoke.

“ look, I don’t think this is going anywhere. I understand that you’re looking out for him but that doesn’t give you the right to judge me. You don’t even know me. I see that you want to fix your relationship with your brother, so do that. I know nothing I say or do will change your mind about me and now I don’t really care. You can think what you want. But what I had with your brother was real. So you can go back to London, call your brother and tell him we spoke. Whatever. You do whatever to fix your relationship, you can’t do this to your mom. It’s killing her to know that her children aren’t on speaking terms. ”

G: “ don’t you bring my mum into this. You don’t even know her, you never had the chance to meet her so don’t go bloody talking about her like you know her” she seethed. She threw her mug unto the floor. The sound of glass breaking echoing in the little cafe; earning a few stares from the other patrons.

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Hey I saw your nurseydex fic “the waiting game” and I was just curious if you’ve ever thought about writing a sequel or follow up? I’m not asking you to like write it or anything I’m just wondering if you’ve thought about how it would go? Like would Lardo interview dex next for the project? I’m just curious your fic made me smile and go me thinking lol. It’s really good!!

[the waiting game]

The locker room is quiet after the game, everyone looking down at their skates, no one talking. Dex doesn’t want to take off his gear. He feels like if he takes it off then it will really be over. 

His senior season at Samwell. Done.

Nursey stands up first, because he’s Nursey, and Dex loves him. He loves him for how beautiful his speech is, for how he doesn’t pretend like he’s not crying, for how he makes everyone cry and laugh and smile and feel okay.

Dex doesn’t say anything, just nudges his knee against Nursey’s when he finally sits back down and smiles when Nursey nudges him back.

On the bus, he quietly slips his hand into Nursey’s. It’s a small thing, but Dex hopes Nursey gets what it means. I love you, I know you love me, I’m ready if you are.

Nursey squeezes his hand once, tugging it up to his lips to kiss softly at Dex’s knuckles.

The loss still stings. The end of the season still hurts. Graduation and moving on still scares him. He’ll be okay, though. They’re ready.

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ooh do number 18

18. “I shouldn’t be in love with you.”

He watched helplessly as she paced back and forth across the room. “I really think you should calm down.”

She whipped her head towards him. “Calm down? Calm Down?! I think you should calm up! How could you just say something like that and expect me to be calm?”

He sighed heavily clicking his tongue on the roof of his mouth, slightly irritated. “I mean, I knew there would be some sort of outlandish reaction, but I didn’t think you would freak out like this.”

“Well, excuse me, Harold, but you can’t just tell me,” she looked around and dropped her voice an octave as if someone were near them, “you love me and expect me to act like it’s no big deal!”

He shook his head. “I don’t expect you to act like it’s no big deal, but if you could stop acting as if I told you I was going to launch missiles at North Korea that’d be great.”

She took a few deep breaths and sat on the couch to gather her thoughts. “You’re right. You’re right. I’m sorry. But, just… how… did this… happen?”

Have you met you?“ 

"I don’t like people, Harry, of course I’ve met me. I spend more time with me than anyone.”

He sat down beside her, sure not to crowd her space, as he was questioning her sanity. “The first time I realised I liked you was when we were playing checkers and you were losing and you flipped over the board before I could jump you again.”

She crinkled her nose at him and let out a short laugh. “Ew, why?”

He huffed. “I don’t know it was really cute and funny and you just pretended like the whole game never happened. And, it was just… I don’t know, I saw you in a different light like I wanted to have game nights like that all the time.” His eyes shifted around the room, nerves radiating off of him. “The first time I realised I loved you was when my album dropped, and you sent me your reaction to every song via text and there were voice notes and videos. I still have them saved in my phone. I just remember going through them all the next morning before I went to interview with Grimmy and thinking ‘wow, I love her,’ and I meant it.”

Her jaw dropped. “Jesus, H. I just, uh, I need a moment. It’s a lot to take in.” Panic swelled within her and she stood in search of fresh air. 

But, before she could get farther than a stephe grabbed her hand. “Listen, I know I shouldn’t be in love with you, but I am. Please tell me what I can do to get you there.”

She sat back down, his hand still firmly clasped to hers. “Harry, I just don’t think I’m in the position to get involved with something of this… calibre, at the moment.”

His entire face dropped. They stared at each other in silence for a few beats then he cleared his throat. “Before you reject me completely, can I try something?” He scooted closer until he could make out the flecks of colour in her irises and placed one hand on her cheek and the other on the side of her neck. “Is this okay?”

Her breath hitched as she nodded. 

“Tell me if you feel anything. If you don’t, I’ll deal with all of this, but if you do, will you give me have a shot?" 

She felt lightheaded, throat dry as their breaths intermingled in the close proximity. "Yeah,” she croaked out. 

He slowly touched their lips together for a few moments. He pulled back just a couple inches and looked into her eyes. “Was that okay?" 

She pulled him back in and deepened the kiss. That was all the response he needed.

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Why is Jaemin not back

I have been thinking about when jaemin will be back with NCT Dream, his herniated disc should have healed by now it normally takes 3 months to heal so why is Jaemin not back. Another thing is that Jaemin is still young so his parents might take him out of NCT when he got hurt.

Well we know Jaemin is definitely still in NCT considering that they tweeted about his birthday from the NCT account.

You have to consider that a herniated disc is different for everybody. Sometimes it can be a minor issue that only takes a months rest to fix, and other times it can be very serious adn take a lot longer than that. He’s had this problem reportedly since rookies era so he’s had it for multiple years now and possibly without any treatment which means that it would take longer for it to heal. Since there are many different ways of treating a herniated disc too, there’s different recovery times and lengths of treatment. In his birthday message he said that he is still getting treatment for his waist which means maybe that he had the surgery and is currently going through physically therapy. 

And even though we have seen him walking about and seeming healthy, that doesn’t mean he’s ready to dance yet. We’ve all seen NCTs choreography. It can be incredibly challenging and just because Jaemin can walk it does not mean he can dance yet without risk of hurting himself even further.

His parents could also be the reason he hasn’t been in any NCT promotions at all, like vlives and interviews and stuff. Jaemin is still a minor so his parents do control the amount of publicity SM lets him have and they may want him to have complete privacy so he can fully focus on healing properly.

People need to realise that Jaemin has a very very serious injury and he’s not going to be promoting at all until he is 120% better. He’s still in NCT so don’t worry about that, but he needs time to rest and heal so when he does comeback, he doesn’t get re injured and go on hiatus again 


I want to add my input as a dancer (Rosie hates when I say that) but a herniated disc is a serious injury. There’s a high chance of it becoming damaged again with the movements of dance (talking from ballet experience) and I’ve seen someone’s career ruined from it before. Especially looking at NCT’s choreography, he needs to make sure that he is completely healed and even then be ridiculously careful.

Also, he won’t have been able to practice with an injury like that, and he’ll need to undergo physiotherapy for sure. Just because you can walk, it does not mean you can dance.

Jaemin has actually been very lucky that he hasn’t done an injury that threatened his career forever, and SM have dealt with it very well. If he needs to be away from NCT for another year, then that’s fine because if he starts dancing again before he is ready, the outcome will be much worse.

(Trust me, you should NEVER go back to dancing whilst you’re injured. There’s a reason I don’t dance anymore)

- Admin Beth

To all the new followers and people who liked/read my superbat drabble: You are awesome <3

Anyway, have a continuation? I’m a sucker for reactions

Clark Joseph Kent, I cannot believe you bothered to show up to work!!

“Um. H-Hi, Lois.”

Gah!! I could just-!” While Lois pantomimed strangling the soul right out of his body, Clark adjusted his glasses and tried to not listen too much to the whispering.

Who was he kidding, he was both ‘curious and obscenely nosy’, as Bruce liked to put it.

“Braver than he looks, if that’s real-

Actually sleeping with Batman, holy shit-

“How did Batman pick that up? I’m surprised Clark didn’t faint at the sight of the Bat.

“-cannot believe we spent all these years one cubicle from each other, and you have the audacity to keep something like this from me- hello? Clark?!” Lois snapped her fingers impatiently, and Clark blinked several times.

“Sorry. Spaced out.” Lois pinched the bridge of her nose. She breathed very slowly.

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The other man ~ Part eight

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A/N ~ I’m releasing this early because the thank you I had planned for 600 followers isn’t ready yet. Enjoy the angst.

Theme ~ Cheating/Infidelity/Love triangle

Pairing ~ Choi Seung hyun x Reader x Kwon Jiyong

Rated ~ Angst/smut/fluff

Warnings ~ Language, lots and lots of language

Series masterlist

“But I don’t want you to go” Seung hyun told you as he grabbed your arm and stopped you from packing, you turned to face him, cupping his face as you gazed in his eyes.

“I have to go, besides it’s only for one night, I will be back tomorrow” you said softly as you stroked his face with your thumb.

“Can’t I at least come with you?” he asked with a furrowed brow, you let out a light sigh at his unwillingness to let you go.

It had been two weeks since your fight with Seung hyun and he had become more clingy then ever, it was beginning to drive you crazy. He barely let you out of his sight, all he did was go to record with the guys and then come straight home, making sure to be beside you at all times and looking over your shoulder every time you were on your phone. You loved him but you needed your space, his constant watching of you was beginning to spark feelings of resentment towards him and drive you closer to the want of the other man in your life but it seemed he no longer wanted anything to do with you. When Seung hyun finally left you to go record you sent Jiyong a message apologising for not meeting up with him but he never replied and you had to admit it made you mad, really mad. So when you got the call to do a photo shoot for an interview you jumped at the chance, being away from everything that was going on brought a feeling of relief, even if it was just one night.

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What do you think about how shaken Magnus looked in the last scene? Before he and Alec kissed.

magnus is in so much pain. he’s been through something incredibly traumatic and the memories he wanted to bury deep inside of him are again so vivid. no matter how many centuries it’s been, it still feels like it has barely happened

magnus also almost died. and alec didn’t believe him, even when magnus told him all those intimate details. alec had doubts but it wasn’t enough. so magnus has many trust issues (harry mentioned this in his recent interview)

and after everything that happened, alec came to him for his hair. he was so hurt, he tried anything to make the pain go away. he tried going back to more colourful look, he tried drinking way too much alcohol, he tried dancing

but despite so much pain, he knows how much he loves alec. and that hasn’t changed. that’s his constant, something that grounds him but it’s also something that can hurt him even more because love is never easy. especially between two people who are so different

(i think i made myself emo about this and i’m gonna cry again)

what’s a title i don’t know

Warning: There’s a few sexual inuendos lol byyyyyeeeEEEEEEE

The bolded print is Shawn’s POV

The one day you had off you were being called into work. Because what else would happen. You had received the call at 2:45, your boss told you that your co worker Kelsey, had called in sick today. On one of the biggest days of the year for the company you work for. The VMAs. Yes you worked for MTV, and it was great. You were one of the stage managers and photographers whenever the crew was short on photographers. Regardless, you had wanted to spend your night curled up on the couch with a cup of tea, a book and John Mayer playing quietly from your phone. But you unwillingly pulled on your black MTV staff shirt, black leggings, black lowtop Velcro vans and got into your car. All black was standard uniform for a stage crew member. The focus should be on the celebrities not the people behind the scenes. 

By 3:30 you were in your car dealing with LA traffic attempting to get to the location in Inglewood. By 4:00 you were on sight of the award show, and the pre-shows wouldn’t start for another 3 hours. You quickly found your boss through the haze of busy coworkers. 

“Hello dear, thank you so much for coming in today. I know it’s your day off but that stupid head lady Kelsey decided to call in sick today and you’re the  only one who could cover her job. So let’s get started we have no time to lose. See those baskets down the hall. Yes okay, you need to deliver them to the dressing room of each corresponding performer. Their name and room number will be on the card.” your boss, Spencer, explained to you quickly. 

“you brought me here to hand out baskets? Kelsey couldn’t do that, hell bring her in sick or not. It’s a few baskets. MY one night off is going to be wasted because Kelsey couldn’t come in and hand out a few baskets.”

“oh shut your trap sweetheart,(btw this guy is gay, so he’s not like some predator calling her sweetheart for some creepy ass reason lol)  it’s just a few baskets an then I need you to help conduct cameras and take photos at the show tonight. NOW SHOO” he finished, lightly shoving you in the direction of the hall. You walked down the hall muttering to yourself til you reached the basket table. You picked up the first four, balancing two on each arm and walked to your first destination of Khalid’s room. After leaving baskets in the empty rooms of many artists including Ed Sheeran, Kendrick Lamar, Cardi B, Fifth Harmony, Julia MIchaels, Alessia Cara and many more. You went on to give your last basket to Shawn Mendes, a Canadian popstar you had heard about on the radio. Stupidly, you didn’t knock and walked right in. But unlike the last 20 rooms this room happened to be occupied. Occupied by a half naked, Shawn Mendes. Clad in only his boxers and socks. You immediately shrieked upon entering and quickly backed out of the room, shutting the door behind you. You faintly heard Shawn’s voice from behind the door.

“It’s uh fine you can come on in again” he said to you from the other side of the wooden boundary. You slowly turned the doorknob and your eyes fell upon a still half naked Canadian popstar. 

“uh Hi, Mr. Mendes, I am so sorry I didn’t knock. I thought your room would be empty. But here is a gift basket from MTV personally. Have a great time at the award show.” you word vomited quickly.

“It’s fine” he said taking the basket from you “you can call me Shawn and please thank MTV on my behalf for this fantastic gift basket.”  he finished, turning away from you to set the basket on the vanity behind him. Back muscles shifting. You chuckled quietly at his last comment. You had obviously knew who Shawn Mendes was. You had seen his videos and heard his music but you wouldn’t call yourself a fan. It’s not that you didn’t like him you just never took the time to thoroughly check him out. At the current moment you were beginning to retract and make new opinions of the boy standing before you. You slowly began to realize you had spaced out and began to snap back to reality (oh there goes gravity lol sorry) but before you physically showed you were paying attention to what was happening. You couldn’t help but notice that Shawn had been staring back at you, studying and scouring your features.

“Um I’ll make sure to tell MTV that, once again I’m truly sorry for walking in on you. Have a fantastic time tonight.” you said quickly rushing back to the door.

“yeah thanks you as well.” Shawn replied lazily watching you leave. You grabbed the knob and pulled the door closed behind you. As soon as you heard the door fully shut, you exhaled and speed walked down the hall and back into the red carpet area. 

She’s adorable, you couldn’t have been happier that she walked in on you getting dressed. But that line, who the fuck is MTV. It’s a company not a person, Jesus Christ. You were overthinking everything now. She’s perfect but you doubt you’ll ever see her again. Which sucks.


Bright lights flashed as you adjusted the headset connected to one of your coworkers who was feeding you instructions about what interviews you needed to film, what cameras, what angle or what celebrity was going to be interviewed next. The pre-shows had commenced 25 minutes ago and you already felt like you’ve lost your head among the sea of stars. 

“Shawn Mendes is up next on camera 3″ said the little voice in your ear and your stomach explodes in a mass of butterflies. You hated it. Yet you still returned Shawn’s grin as you handed him his mic. 

“Fully dressed now huh?” you coyly whispered to him.

“Yeah I hope so” he replied sarcastically, his cheeks heating up. You lightly pushed him up the few steps and onto the interview platform. Every so often he would glance your way and grin slightly. You just continued to do your job, trying to keep your gaze away from his. He was a star and you were an asteroid. He burnt brightly, shining for all to see. You were dull and boring. You had no purpose but to drift through life quietly going unnoticed for the rest of time. It was the sad truth but then again not many truths are very happy.


It was finally time for the award show to start. You were walking around the venue taking pictures of the stage, the fans and obviously the celebrities. You had the camera hanging around your neck and were listening to the headset in you ear giving you the countdown til the show started. At the 5 minute mark you made your way over to the cameras being set up and tested. Finally the lights began to dim and those standing on the main floor began to scream and shout. Every time you and the camera man walked past Shawn during the show he would lick his lips or clench his jaw or curl his fist that was casually resting on his thick thigh. It made you blush every time so thank god for the darkness.

She was the epitome of absolute perfection, every damn time she walked past him as she trailed behind the camera man. He would feel his mind and heart explode into thousands of pieces. He almost lost his mind when she crouched down several feet in front of him. Her ass, Jesus fucking Christ, her ass made him wanna cry. She was a goddess but he knew he could never have her. She couldn’t love him if he was always on the road or recording or practicing. He was physically unlovable and nothing could change. But he would never see her again after tonight so what’s the point.


The show had whirled by and before he knew it, Shawn was standing backstage waiting for someone to hook him up to the sound system and a mic. By the luck of the gods, she came walking through the green room door. Her hands piled high with equipment to help Shawn and his band perform. She looked busy and tired, he wanted to be able to comfort her. He just barely met her and has probably spoken to her twice but he couldn’t help himself. She carefully dropped the equipment on the table across from Shawn and sighed.

“It’s been a busy day huh?” Shawn asked trying to break the ice.

“You have no idea.” she replied, picking up an in-ear monitor and walking over to him. When she reached him she began to untangle the wires of the monitor. Once the monitor was successfully untangled, she looked down at his crotch and then up to his face.

“May I?” She asked him. Shawn looked at her a bit puzzled and taken back. “Oh my god, I’m not trying to get in your pants or something. I just need to clip the monitor’s power box onto your waistband. Jesus, for such an innocent looking guy you have one hell of a dirty mind.”she said quickly. She crouched down onto her knees so she was level with his waistband. She pulled the waistband away from his hips and handed the monitors control box to him.

“Just clip it to your waistband so that it’s inside your pants and the little light is facing your skin..or…torso I guess.” she said, leaning to the side you grab the wire on the table behind him. Her chest was pressed against his upper thighs and he almost yelped at the contact. She took the wire and plugged it into the monitor box clipped on his pants. Needless to say Shawn would have loved to have her on her knees in front of him, under other less clothed circumstances. She took the other end of the wire and put it up the bottom of his shirt, so that the wire was brushing gently against his abdomen. Her cold hands made him shiver but the new sensation felt oddly relaxing. She made him nervous, she relaxed him and she even excited him with her glowing presence. Shawn hadn’t noticed what was happening until he felt the wire tickling his jawline(so sharp it could cut a bitch). She then stood up and pulled his waistband away from his hip, putting her hand on the monitor’s switch and turning it on. Shawn couldn’t help but what the way she moved with her fluid motions, he knew it was creepy and they had just met but he couldn’t help but look at her. Shawn was once again caught off guard when she cupped the side of his face and put the ear piece correctly in his ear. Their faces couldn’t be more than a few inches apart, a gap that could be easily closed. Her minty breath fanned his face, their gaze connected and Shawn almost exploded. But then it was over, and as soon as she came in. She was gone. He realized he would probably never see her face again. Little did he know that she would be working the next MTV unplugged show.(part two?)

Okay so I realize I’ve been gone for too many weeks and that school is bullshit. BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTTTT I’m back and this is my apology and I love every single one of you beautiful people that are crazy enough to follow me and publicly say you enjoying my writings. Ok bye<33333 but like if you want a part 2 I would be so down to write it.

some thoughts on james flint’s tragic ending

i let my mouth run on the silverflint/dimplemas situation to my buddies, and i just wanna toss my theorising out into the ether before 405 comes along and destroys all of it haha.


essentially, silver holding back the info is twofold, and we can’t know which it is until he plays his cards - is he trying to keep flint focused on the war? is he wondering how strong flint’s attachment to him is compared to thomas? (bc he prob rightly suspects flint would drop everything if he could get thomas back, even if he’s blocking it now.) so having it in his backpocket as an emergency break, so to speak, can be useful both to get flint out of the way and to get him to relinquish the dangerous situation he is in. it can easily go either way and depends on so many factors we haven’t seen explored yet.

i’m also wary bc of the cast/writers going so hard on the silverflint in interviews, “love of his life” etc. i think flint is absolutely in love w silver rn, all the “oh i see” and dropped eyes @ silvermadi etc, it’s not even subtle anymore. so if flint is finally finding his own humanity and vulnerability again, even if it is through unselfish, unrequited love, that must mean a lot to him, and even if he gets a bittersweet, lasting reunion w thomas, he’d still be leaving silver behind, who at this point has also become integral to his very functioning. they absolutely are soulmates, kindred spirits, in many ways that thomas and james can’t be right now. at the same time, john is coaxing the human back out, which might be the very thing enabling james to reconnect with thomas, at the cost of leaving behind the one person who descended to his darkest depths and never recoiled, even joined him and supported him throughout. leaving that behind is fucking tragic in its own right. (even if i don’t believe like some ppl that thomas couldn’t possibly accept james back, i don’t think he’s nearly as blandly innocent as many ppl argue.)

plus all this saying how james had thomas, he had miranda, NOW he has silver who is a summation of all those relationships and perhaps “the one he needed the most”. gimme bittersweet thomas/james, both of whom are forever changed by their experiences and pain, for whom injust england is no longer an abstract idea, who lie awake back to back at night, comforted by having each other but knowing there’s places each has gone that neither can ever touch, and that’s ok, but it’s painful too. gimme thomas sitting on the bed and holding marcus aurelius when a few months have passed and james takes another of his occasional solitary trips to the shore where he’ll stare out at the horizon just because, because maybe there’ll be sails far-off. and thomas knows it’s not a judgment on himself and his love w james, but he knows there are things he might never be able to offer him bc that’s just how the world is.

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I saw you mention that you are sure that Shiro will pilot Black again. And Keith Red, Lance Blue. I really wanna believe that that's true. Why do you think they will go back?

I’m pretty sure that they will eventually go back to the old Lion-Paladin line up, probably towards the end of s4 but I can also see it taking a bit longer.

They spend so much time in S1+2 on the lion bonding and if that was for nothing I don’t know why they ‘’wasted’’  screen time on that. Especially considering that they probably spent the most time on Shiro and Keith (as well as Lance) and their respective lions, why would they permanently change these three if those are the ones with the most (on screen) lion bonding. It just doesn’t really make sense from a storytelling aspect imo. 

This is gonna be long so…

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They’ve been in the papers almost non-stop since the fall of Fittes House. Lockwood, well-suited as always for the spotlight, enjoys the prestige and publicity of it all. Lucy just enjoys how happy it makes him. And, when warranted, she also enjoys teasing him for it.

Today, for example. They’re on the sofa in the living room a little after noon. Lockwood’s got his head in Lucy’s lap as he reads a feature piece titled A.J. Lockwood: The Man Behind the Mystery. For her part, Lucy is supposed to be writing up last night’s case. Instead, she’s watching Lockwood read and running the fingers of one hand slowly through his hair. He’s all but glowing with satisfaction today, making it difficult for Lucy to focus on anything but him.

She suspects this was his plan all along.

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If people want to meet actors and ask them questions about previous roles, maybe don’t be a dick and let them? I’ve noticed that some people have an attitude of “Don’t you dare ask Alycia about Lexa! Don’t you dare mention Lexa to her, ever! It’s disrespectful!” Um, why?

Do you think Daniel Radcliffe doesn’t get asked about Harry Potter? That Mark Hamill has had a moratorium on Luke Skywalker questions for the past two decades? Most of the people that go see them at cons and such live outside of these fandom bubbles and haven’t watched every single interview or Q&A with the actors. You might be an expert on what their opinions are on X or Y character, but many people are casual fans that just go to cons/events and want to ask questions there. I saw Jason Isaacs in a con this year and he had a whole routine prepared for Harry Potter because guess what? Most people don’t go through YouTube searching for every single Jason Isaacs Harry Potter interview, so there are questions that he still gets asked all the time even 6 years after the last movie. Was he bothered by it? No! He spent almost half an hour talking about his experience with that franchise!

I get that if Alycia is doing something specifically to promote her new stuff/with other actors then asking about Lexa isn’t appropriate but ffs stop shaming fans for wanting her to sign Lexa stuff or wanting to ask her about Lexa at any point in a 1+ hour con panel that’s just her. Does the question have to be respectful? Yes, of course, don’t ask her out or ask about bed selfies! But saying that it’s disrespectful to ask about Lexa, at all, in any context, is dickish fandom policing. If Alycia really is that uncomfortable with any questions related to Lexa then she can say so herself, but stop shaming fans for wanting her to sign Lexa stuff or ask her Lexa questions in open panels. I see fans do that all the time with actors that played iconic roles early in their careers, so let’s not apply double standards to wlw viewers.

Spot Conlon and the Gay British Bakeoff

*cracks knuckles* Okay, im ready for this.

This is where he meets Crutchie.  Everyone is like how is this kid supposed to run around the kitchen with a crutch quick enough? No one believes in him but Spot instantly sees his potential. Spot and Crutchie become fast friends because Spot is only a few years younger and the two quickly make an alliance. Somehow if Crutchie needs to put something in the fridge or freezer that’s halfway across the tent Spot will carry both of them over there and get them both out. Crutchie could do it on his own but it’s a slower more risky process. In return Crutchie helps spot with his decorating at the end of the rounds because Crutchie is a speedster and somehow finishes his bakes with like with 20 minutes to go every round. No one knows how he does it??? But once Spot was having a harder time on his so Crutchie went to put his own in the freezer but he only could carry half at a time and some jerk decided to trip Crutchie Causing his bake to splatter all over the ground Spot knew that fighting in the tent was illegal (I don’t know if it’s really illegal I just assumed) so no matter how badly he wanted to punch that guy’s lights out he went and helped Crutchie clean it up and reassure him that it was okay and he still had time to make the other six the best they’ve ever tasted. He could still present the other six and he did. It was the technical though so Paul and Mary didn’t see what happened, and even though Crutchie;s tasted amazing, he got last because there weren’t enough. (If the guy who tripped crutchie had on some stage makeup to cover up the massive bruises he was sporting from our favorite angry boy, well, that’s something no one but Spot will really know)

Crutchie gets eliminated in the semi finals because it was a bad leg day for him. Spot helped as much as he could but he also had to concentrate on his own. When Crutchie was eliminated, that was the first time Spot ever actually passed out in the whole show. Somehow he kept it together all the other stressful times before??? But when Mel says “Crutchie.” Suddenly Spot passed out. Crutchie caught him and hardly has time to register what happened because what’s wrong with Spot???? Jerk guy laughs like ohh. Little spottie couldn’t take his boyfriend getting eliminated. Now this guy. This jerk guy is such a homophobe, and since Spot and Crutchie announced they have boyfriends, he’s been out to get them ever since. Crutchie nicely states like “Actually he’s not my boyfriend, I have a boyfriend though!! His name is jack and hes the best thing to ever happen to me. I love him.” The jerk guy doesn’t know how to say anything else because crutchie was just so nice?? When Spot wakes up and hears about this, jerk guy gets another black eye.

Now it’s time for the final. His signature bake is some type of whatever they’re making but its in the shape of a Crutch with rainbow colored frosting stripes around it. He’s totally honoring Crutchie and doesn’t care it doesn’t look normal and “You should have saved this for the show stopper. The design is amazing but not what we were looking for.” And Spot’s like yeah well I have something planned for the signature. But i wanted to show this one right now in honor of Crutchie.”

So like you said his signature is the inside joke. But the cake itself or whatever hes making is literally all striped through with a rainbow. And each layer of color? A different flavor. He has so much going on when Paul and Mary come over he doesnt even stop to talk. He’s just throwing things together and just kinda humming to answer their questions, not having time to chat. They all think he’s lost it and gone crazy. They interview race who’s like “I’ve eaten nothing but his six flavored six layer cake for the past two months and it’s still the best thing I’ll ever eat. Ever.” Once it’s made Spot still has like two hours left to decorate it and he starts freaking out like I’m behind in running out of time!!!! And everyone in the tent is like???? you have two whole hours and your bake is already out of the oven??? But yeah his design is so intricate and well thought out. Race has obviously never seen it before because it’s a surprise. He finally gets it done with like one minute to spare and then you just hear a scream coming from him and you think it’s fallen over Instead he’s like I FORGOT THE CHOCOLATE FLAKES. Which makes everyone and their dog confused including Race because Spot hates the stuff??? Anytime he had to work with it in the technical Spot almost threw up. If it was used in the decoration of the technical Crutchie did it for him so now he’s willingly putting on chocolate??? you basically see this blur as spot puts on the chocolate shreds. See before the episodes started Race was like are you sure you won’t use chocolate??? And Spots reply was please. The only reason I would use chocolate in my bakes willingly is if I was gonna ask you to marry me. Race doesnt remember this for a while. Of course his show stopper is the best thing the judges ever tasted. He wins. And when Race sees his cake hes like???? Why chocolate?? And Spot is like dont you remember what I said before? And Race remembers just tears up and is like spot you’re not really doing this on tv… And Spot shrugs like I already have. And everyone is holding their breath because break up??? And Race sighs and rolls his eyes like you’re dumb. Of course ill marry you. And then they kiss. Jerk guy is not happy in the slightest. Spot is so happy with winning and his new fiance he passes out in Race’s arms.

Bonus: Crutchie was the best man for their wedding and he and spot spent hours and hours on the deserts.