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VIXX reaction: their significant other really liking skiship

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Hakyeon/N: This guy might be the leader and have to act all mature, but when it comes to skinship he’ll go crazy. He’s always seen hugging, holding, touching his members and friends in videos and even when they are just behaving normally. And to be honest, I think that he holds back a lot when he’s in public, so just imagine him in his private life: he’d be ready to attack the first person who enters his view with hugs and stuff. Hakyeon is just a person who loves affection and ins’t afraid to show it in a physical way. So, he’d definitely need someone who could bare his bear cuddler side, and that would reciprocate it. 

Taekwoon/Leo: Unpopular opinion: this guy LOVES cuddles; of course, in certain circumstances. First, he must be completely at ease with the person, and this might take a while, because he’s literally living inside a seemingly unbreakable box: you’d have to be patient and give him time -maybe even a lot. Secondly, PDA is not his thing, at least for in my opinion. He’s shown playing and goofing around with the members lately, and this includes hugging, poking, resting his head on them, but only because he got more comfortable -here we go again with point n°1-. What I’m trying to say is that he’d be ok with simple and subtle things, like holding hands, some hugs, and stuff. Lucky for you though, in private he’d become like Hakyeon, so expect to be trapped between his arms because he’s not letting go of you anytime soon. If you’re down for all of this, Taekwoon is your man.

Jaewhan/Ken: I mean, if he isn’t one who’s up for skinship then I don’t know what to believe in anymore! I feel like Jaewhan is a type to express his affection physically just like Hakyeon, whether it’s with friends or family or significant other, so he’d need someone who’d like to give and receive it. But I also feel like he’d have different type of skinships according to the situation: if in public, he’d be very playful, so this includes a lot of poking, tickling, random killer hugs, twirls in the air, and of course holding hands and maybe light hugs when he’s not in a hyper mood. When alone though, he’d be much more sentimental: Jaewhan is not just a goof, I feel like he’s one of the smartest and actually a very serious person, so expect great and somewhat meaningful skinship -unless his having one of his hyper sessions even at home, which wouldn’t really surprise me, so brace yourself for more tackling to come! 

Wonshik/Ravi: Isn’t this intimidating rapper just a big floof? He’s the most touchy one in the group right after Hakyeon -who holds the throne once and forever-, he even surpasses Jaewhan. I feel like even though Wonshik is exceptional at writing songs, he’s not that good at handling words when he needs to express himself: that’s why I see him as someone who uses skinship as a mean of showing his true feelings. He’d love to have someone willing to hug him and such, and I also feel like he’d be one to light soft and very cute skinship -my headcanon is that he loves to nuzzle his face in his s/o neck. What can I say, Wonshik just loves skinship!

Hongbin: Here things start to change. Hongbin is in many ways similar to Taekwoon -that’s why they are so close. So I think that in the beginning he’d be quite awkward if someone just bluntly showed physical affection towards him, but not because he needs to completely trust that person like Leo: more because he’s just awful with relationships at first, and still awkward as time goes by. Hongbin is very sensitive, so he’s always afraid of making the wrong move or embarass himself in front of others, even if it’s his s/o -probably even more so, since he might be scared of looking weird in their eyes. So he’d be one to keep it down when it comes to PDA, if not for holding hands and arms around shoulders. In private, he’d be more open, but it’d be better if you’d initiate it: he would be relieved, thankful and follow your lead, creating a great time for both of you.

Sanghyuk/Hyuk: This boy gives me problems. He’s definitely not into skinship like Wonshik or Hakyeon, or at least he tries not to show it. He’s more of a playful one, so I’d say that a lot of his physical affection would be shown in random hugs or tickles or whatever comes to his mind, just like Jaewhan. But, at the same time, I feel like he tries to hide his softer side because he’s got this conviction that he needs to be manly like his hyungs -boy trust me you’re manly enough, stop forcing yourself. For this, when in private with his s/o, I think he’d be much calmer and would show more his caring and affectionate side: he’d love to have someone who could calm him and make him feel loved with their touch, so expect a new side of our giant maknae -I also have an headcanon for him, that he loves being the small spoon.


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