still go

Sometimes the wire must tense for the note
Caught in the fire, say oh
We’re about to explode

Carry your world, I’ll carry your world  (x)

March 30th, Happy Birthday Eren!


I forgot to finish the holes in the corset. I’m so sorry anon TwT


alex: is it weird being a triplet? i don’t have siblings so having 2 constantly around seems.. a bit much?

blaire: i mean sometimes, but not really. they’re my best friends though, well im closer to athena but that’s just cause she’s my #1 tru boo. i love cia and emmett too but i feel like i should protect athena in a way? she’s a tough cookie but rly she’s a fragile lil bug, idk im so lame

alex: nah (: it make’s sense. Your parents are cool too, i had fun hanging out with your dad. my mom isn’t really around and my dad’s kind of.. unsupportive? but warren has always been really chill and it’s been nice living together.

blaire: that really sucks, im sorry /: can I ask why or would that be super nosey..?

alex: you’re fine haha, originally when i told him i identified as non-binary he was a little put off, but when I came out that kind of put him over the edge. which sucks but i’m not rly gonna waste my time trying to change him.

blaire: oh.. well my parents can adopt you!!? they love me so y not (‘: whats one more gay kid in the fam amiright??

So we’re all familiar with the post about how Horatio from Hamlet talked to the ghost because he went to college (”like. where did horatio go to college. did he go to ghost college”).  That makes me think, and hear me out on this, that Van Helsing from Dracula also went to Ghost College.  And like…majored in vampire studies or something.  He’s introduced as “Abraham Van Helsing, M.D., D.Ph., D.Lit., Etc., Etc.”, for starters, and that’s a mind-boggling number of doctorates.  He had to have gotten them somewhere, right?  So he has all these degrees and he knows more about vampires than the average person does.  So when this professor/lawyer/doctor/scientist/vampire hunter is pulling a soldering iron, some plumbing solder, a small oil lamp, operating knives, a hammer, and a three foot long wooden stake out of his medical bag in the middle of a tomb, the other three characters who are there with him are like, “Seems legit, you’re the expert here.”  I’m telling you.  Ghost College.

low key… I hope you’re all aware that holo is happening and I’m going to post a shit ton of harry… so if you don’t like harry (don’t know who wouldn’t ..) just blacklist “hs” orrrrr unfollow bc I’ve lost so many followers I’ve stopped caring lmao