still glad i got it

the original adventure time animated short turned 10 years old today! (january 11th 2017)

i drew this in celebration! a couple of these characters you might notice weren’t in the pilot. i used an old unused design for bmo (when they were named ‘raye’) and based marceline off of the original series pitch design!

[Wadanohara and the great blue sea - TRUE ENDING ]

Good ol’ days of amazing games.. 

Just leave her alone, boys. She’s confused and lost and doesn’t remember how much she hates you yet.

My sister’s thoughts while watching eyewitness:

• She loved Tyler (not that I was surprised, she’s got a type)
• every time Ryan appeared “no nOO NOT YOU AGAIN”
• Helen lost a lot of cookie points in the last few episodes but by the end she was loving her again
• Gabe as BestFatherOfTheYear™
• “Tony I love you but for fuck’s sake sTOP GIVING OUT CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION TO PEOPLE!”
• during the finale: “Anne no no no nOO”
• “Lukas’ hair was so fake honestly please let him have his natural hair colour next time”
• during the sex scene: “oh my god they’re..? They’re doing it??? Isn’t Lukas in pain??? Stop! Guys no, no, ahi, painful, stop trying to take his shirt off he jUST GOT SHOT!”
• “ok I love this tv show and I’m gonna scream if we don’t get season 2
• but
• everything
• is
• liteRaLLY
• who was in charge?? Why did they decide the show needed to be this grey blob???”

So all in all I can say she loved it and she is now a true eyewitness fan.
Mission accomplished.


You two talk a lot, huh?

i threw this together really quickly as my yearly end of the year art review and honestly big dramatic shift in artstyle. i’m actually surprised that i got better as compared to last year but also i’m so dang relieved AH;; (apology beforehand for run-on sentence because im typing in a hurry)

april is the first time i ever drew a full finished background and it was for a class and since then all my teachers have been recommending me to do layout work so my first general advice is you never know what you’re going to be good at until u kick ur own ass to do it because DANG was i so afraid of drawing background because i thought i was going to heck it up so badly but i’m getting a lot better at doing it and my teachers actually think that’s going to be my strongpoint now so AH……

also dramatic shift in color palette and art style ahahahahhaaa i’m so glad my bodies got looser if i still drew those stiff ass limbs for my animation i would cry 

late Gift for @x-i-l-verify ! I hope I got everyone more or less looking like you imagined? ;7; I’m not very experienced with drawing cats buuut I tried! 

If you’ve not read Xi’s adorable fic, Paved With Pawprints, you’re missing out! I enjoy watching Aizawa gradually build up a collection of cats, especially when those cats are some of Class 1A students :’D (Tsuyu is in her rightful place on Aizawa’s shoulder, Kirishima’s giving Bakugou a much needed bath (:P), Momo watches in mild irritation, Aizawa’s holding Todoroki, annnd Kaminari is that Bobtail yowling for attention over there X’D)

I hope you like it!


This is what Jooheon really said during the SBS R-Powertime interview about his secret to dieting (watch HERE around 32:00).

When he said “you just have to starve,” he was actually referring to the late night snacking that he gave up in order for him to lose weight.

So whoever screen cap the previous caps really took it out of context, to make it seem like Jooheon doesn’t eat at all. He just doesn’t eat late night snacks like ramen. There is no way in hell the members would let Jooheon starve.


And Tsukki’s reply: to this

  (⁎⚈᷀ᴗ⚈᷀⁎)✒ /]     ₍₍   fanart request 6/7: OT4; BokuakaKurotsuki   ⁾⁾

Here, have some Guren “I’m not paid nearly enough for this shit” Ichinose for your feed~ (aka: Kento Ono is real life Guren)

From the Owari no Seraph Musical

/One of the funniest parts was these 2 in this scene. (Mainly what happens after this lol)


That feel when you realize that your friends are the best and know how to give the absolutely bestest gifts!

@edit-nameredacted - let’s get drunk and then have hungover breakfast this weekend!

@brightgreenencouragement - let’s get high on lack of sleep and do 1000 piece puzzles this weekend!