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sorry for bothering you, but i wanted to ask about the lunerian/solarian/stellarian thing. is lunarian just another way to say afab, and solarian for amab, or am i understand this completely wrong?

Lunarian means ‘to have a complicated/indescribable connection with the feminine identity’, solarian means ‘to have a complicated/indescribable connection with the masculine identity,’ and stellarian means ‘to reject all ties and associations with the gender binary.’

The first two terms were coined initially to replace “feminine-aligned” and “masculine-aligned”, since cis people started using them to mean “nonbinary but basically male/female”. 

You can be a trans girl and lunarian. You can be a trans boy and lunarian. You can be a demigirl/demiboy and stellarian. You can even combine any of the three terms to create grey areas in-between. 

It sounds impossible, and it’s difficult to understand, but these labels are still new, and will take some getting used to. 

On “LGBTA+ Agendas” in Shipping: Redux.

Let’s be honest, this one is going to be a touchy subject. Particularly because “agenda” is already a heavy word used by LGBTA+ detractors and because, quite frankly, LGBTA+ characters ARE actually not represented as well as straight characters in media. So this issue is something that flows from what I acknowledge is an actual problem and reason for anger. What I want to talk about however, is intent, particularly that of fanbases. Which recently flared up again when it was more or less confirmed that Genji and Mercy are canon in Overwatch. Or at least, Michael Chu shows a clear, obvious fondness for the pairing.

Frankly, it didn’t surprise me if they are. Their backstory and voicelines already teased that they might be and even if they aren’t, Blizzard has clearly taken to indulging Gency fans, at least. But apparently, Chu actually showing a preference (whether he was right, or smart, to make this public is a post in and of itself) this didn’t go over well with some fans, particularly those who already had their own yaoi/yuri ships involving one of these characters. I can understand their disappointment or even why they don’t like this pairing. No one said they had to. Still, any sympathy or understanding I have for these people goes right out the window when I hear them yell “LGBTA+ representation” as a reason to hate this pairing. And not as in “Another medium that acts like LGBTA+ characters don’t exist!”. Please, do be mad about more sophisticated companies not figuring out what Netherrealm Studios already did with Mortal Kombat X. No, I’m rather talking about it when people’s anger is “But I don’t like this pairing, I prefer another!” Especially coupled with vehement hate against one member of the pairing, flame wars and cries of “homophobe” to anyone who is not a fan. And I’m aware that flame wars over pairings are nothing new, but when the LGBTA+ card gets played, it sometimes gets particularly insidious. 

This is especially because nowadays, LGBTA+ matters is a really easy label to use as a shield. Simply because LGBTA+ rights is genuinely one of the most important social crusades there is and it deserves all the positive attention and reputation it can get and there are still too many people out there who look at this minority in a negative way. There is a reason why we get mad when a villain in media is LGBTA+ or nervous when a LGBTA+ person commits a crime in real life. We haven’t yet reached that point in society where it’s commonly accepted that LGBTA+ people are not deviants and can run the gambit from nicest people you’ll ever meet to assholes, like pretty much everyone else. We haven’t yet reached the point where we collectively stopped tying personality to sexuality and I fear that won’t change anytime soon. The situation is so precarious that any negative publicity can enforce all the stereotypes the LGBTA+ community is trying to undo. That is why whenever something that uses the label “LGBTA+” is criticized, people get touchy. This group of people gets enough shit as it is. Still, I don’t think anyone should get a pass on unsavory behavior, especially within a movement that ultimately intends to use its powers for good. As someone who’s been an active LGBTA+ ally for most of her adult life and an avid shipper of same-sex pairings, I therefore want to talk about when LGBTA+ matters are simply used as a front for personal gain and when “homophobe” becomes the easy, go-to defense when someone even implies this is happening, particularly when the person criticizing is straight and cannot readily disprove this due to preferring the opposite sex.

Now before you get mad, let me explain my point. There ARE too few LGBTA+ characters/pairings in media and I want to see this change. In, say, Overwatch I too would be overjoyed if they’d make Tracer/Widowmaker or Hanzo/McCree canon. I would have been fine if they came up with a great canon gay couple for Genji or Mercy too. Really, I just wanna see any two same-sex characters in a healthy, happy relationship, showing them as normal people whose stories are worth telling (Hell, I cheered when Korrasami became canon in Legend of Korra). But I sometimes get the feeling these kind of outrages about “LGBTA+ representation” are not always about representation of LGBTA+  characters. Sometimes, it’s used as a cover to demand legitimacy for a preferred ship. 

Anyone remember #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend? This hastag trended for quite a while. That one also flew under the flag of “LGBTA+ representation” and I don’t know, maybe that was how it sincerely started out. Still, it didn’t take long for it to morph into a blatant Stucky campaign by fans that demanded the Marvel movies erase pretty much all the story, character relationships and buildup they’d done in their movies just to make their favorite pairing happen. Its agenda was obvious and if there was ever a time where the trend simply wanted to make a point to Marvel about LGBTA+ inclusion, it quickly got lost. Even as a Stucky fan (one who isn’t a big fan of Steve/Sharon either), one who would pay to see an incarnation of Steve and Bucky getting together, I found it an embarrassment. I wanted to support this, if only to show Marvel we would watch movies about LGBTA+ characters, to show that there was interest and ticket sales to be found for that kind of product, because face it, that’s the language companies truly listen to. Instead, what we probably looked like were a bunch of rabid fangirls who thought guy-on-guy was hot. Also, not surprisingly, it ended up doing precisely nothing to help motivate Marvel to add in LGBTA+ characters in their movie productions, possibly because of these things. But then, I don’t think a studio that cowardly on the subject is going to get motivated anytime soon, yet that’s a story for another time that many tumblr users covered far better than I ever could.

Still, the above mentioned is my main problem with this kind of argument. Not that people enjoy shipping any random kind of couple or find it hot. I’m as guilty of yaoi and yuri as the rest of you. Or that I blame them for liking the idea of them being canon. I too have my preferred, even crack pairings, both straight and gay and if the creators offered to make them canon, I’d probably jump at that too. The problem is that people pushing their pairings, demanding they are recognized by the creator and others, claiming they do it for “LGBTA+ representation” often feels insincere and like playing a minority card, especially when it comes with a whole load of “Die for our Ship” and flame wars. The moment you stop demanding the simple existence of LGBTA+ people/couples and start making specific demands for a particular couple using that excuse, especially if it flies in the face of anything established up to that point, and the word “homophobe” is hurled to people who simply don’t like the same pairings as you for whatever reason (or question the truth of your convictions), you’re no longer pursuing a noble course. You’re essentially saying “I want my kinks legitimized, let’s use the situation of LGBTA+ people to cement my claim”. And really, is that your priority when it comes to LGBTA+ rights? Not so people can love whom they want, get married and simply have a dignified existence, but because you think same-sex couples do something for you sexually? If they do, good for you. Not going to judge where you get your kicks. Still, other people’s sexual identities do deserve a little more than being a prop or fanservice. If you also agree with that and are actively pursuing that, then lovely: the conversation has ended and I’m convinced of your sincerity. Still, also don’t immediately get hostile or fall back onto “homophobe” when you equate a favorite same-sex pairing with LGBTA+ rights and people, straight LGBTA+ or anyone in-between, honestly question your motives. Explain and we’re all going to be better, more informed people for it.

Also, why would you need your claim cemented? Ask yourself for a moment if you would consider yourself satisfied, in the LGBTA+ representation department at least, if your favorite piece of media WOULD add LGBTA+ characters/couples, even ones you might not consider shipping? Would you have been happy if Marvel finally actually had the guts to go with gay couples and would actually make a movie about America Chavez and Lisa Halloran, even if Steve Rogers remained straight? Would you be excited if, say, Junkrat and Roadhog were a canon couple, but there’d never be Tracer/Widowmaker? If not, then maybe you should wonder what your crusading is all about. Or at least be honest that it’s about a personal shipping preference and nothing else. Because that’s fine. You do you. Life is too short to bother with canon or people who dislike your pairing. 

Because the thing is, you CAN still enjoy your yaoi and yuri. Or any non-canon straight pairing, if that’s what you’re into. No, seriously, you can. Your Stucky won’t go away. Your Genji/Zenyatta won’t go away. Your Mercy/Pharah won’t go away. Hell, Zutara is still not going away, no matter how many times Bryke has passive-aggressively tried to kill and bury it. Fanfiction is forever, even if the creator of the original work is never going to validate your views and preferences. Now all we need to do is actually make sure LGBTA+ people get their positive representation in all media, until it is no longer a point of contention that they appear in media and are considered normal human beings, rather than deviants or a kink. And in the meantime, we can enjoy whatever smut we want to enjoy regardless of canon. And if it doesn’t exist yet, we can always write or draw it ourselves. Unlike what some people claim, there is not LGBTA+ agenda. But honestly, if LGBTA+ representation and enjoying preferred smut is part of any agenda, I’ll gladly make it part of mine.

2015 Fall Semester Supplies - Minimal is my new friend…

Those of you who have followed this blog for a while know how much I love organizing and buying for new semesters and school years. You also know that it involves about a million different things. Well, I’m trying something new.

I have changed my system from previous years. It worked very well for me then, but I do not feel as though it will be as effective with Fall’s course load, so I’ve cut down a lot.

5 Subject Notebook: I’m a notebook snob. I love them, and I only buy really expensive ones. I love five star with so many fibers of my being. For this semester, I only bought one. Of my 7 classes, 5 are on campus and 2 should be online. This notebook is big enough and has enough sections for those 5 on campus classes: one notebook, everyday. I’m excited. Most of my classes are English classes, so I don’t take a ton of notes. Usually a page front and back. I know this will be big enough to hold everything! For my online classes, I will most likely use a one subject notebook I have at home and stick a tab in it to divide for the two classes. That way if I do have to take it to school, it won;t add much bulk.

Two Pocket Folder: This is the folder of importance, haha. I will put anything needed for the day in here. I usually don’t have many handouts or powerpoints, but if I do need one of those for the day, I’ll put it here. Also, any hard copies of assignments will go in here so that I know exactly where they are and they won’t get bent or messed up. At the end of the week, things are are no longer relevant to the topics in class will go in the gray portfolio.

Portfolio: This is a 7 Pocket portfolio that I just picked up. I will use it as my filing system. Handouts/Assignment Copies/Past Work will go in here once the class has moved on from the information in them. This way, I still have it all on hand, but I don’t have to search through a giant folder of old material to get to new material. The inside of it has tabs that are labelled for every class, as well as the color that coordinates with the class. I am a color coder. 

Post Its: Everyone can use posits for some reason or another. I literally have hundreds, this is just the current pad I have. I use them to mark places, leave myself reminders, or add info to notes. 

Highlighters: These are my favorite highlighters in the world. I would pay double for them if I had to. They are so easy to work with and you get ten different colors. I will go back for another pack before school starts because I go through them rather quickly. I usually use them while annotating novels or while making study guides out of notes. Each class is assigned a highlighter color so that I can distinguish notes and handouts easily. Annotating has it’s own key, depending on the type of work. 

Pens/Pencils: I love Staedtler pens. I have 2 packs of the 4 count Black Pens. I will soon acquire the big pack with all of the colors. It will make my soul happy. I also have BIC atlatis pens, which are not pictured. They are cheaper and I always keep them on hand if I know I will have to write a lot. Usually, though, the Staedlters keep me going. They’re just pricey, so I try not use them on things I’m never going to look at again. That’s probably weird…

I also have BIC mechanical pencils, which are not pictured, that I keep on hand for tests. 

In addition to actual supplies, I have my Filofax which is my planner. I adore it. I also have things like paperclips, binder clips, etc. Those are basics that I always try to keep on hand no matter what.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask or email! I try to help all I can.

Reclaiming Pinay

Hey y’all!

I just wanted to give you a heads up on what I’ve been working on.

I know how hard it is to openly share and discuss issues within our community, especially when it comes to more personal experiences.

In all honesty, I don’t get any submissions on this page even though it has 600+ followers so it’s a bit difficult to keep up with content.

I also understand how a lot of us have been conditioned to minimize our experiences because of this bs “model minority” label people slap onto us for their convenience.

Anyhow, I still wanted to help illustrate the diversity of Pinays (and I’ve also decided to include Pinoys/Pinxys from time to time) to help combat the 2D image the world applies to us.

On top of sharing more of my own personal experiences, I was inspired by HONY (Humans of New York) and I’ve been reaching out to some Pinays in Chicago in between work and school.

I’ve met only a handful of Pinays so far, but I’ve been so amazed with what they had to share and I do not doubt that our talks have been mutually cathartic. I want to give y’all something to relate to and also inspire you to share more, so along with the overall blog I am calling this project “Reclaiming Pinay”

This post is welcoming you to join in on this project and share your stories, and help paint a broader, more beautiful, vivacious picture of who we are.

Even if it’s just a selfie, go ahead and submit to the page or tag it as “reclaiming pinay” and I’ll reblog (:

Thank you for sharing this journey with me at ingat!

Reac to: their shy and insecure girlfriend feeling a bit more confident when she wears a new bra/underwear

Teen Top react to: their shy and insecure girlfriend feeling a bit more confident when she wears a new bra/underwear.


[Y/N]: I feeling good today  ٩(◕‿◕)۶

Niel: Are you wearing a new underwear again?


[Y/N]: This hairstyle looks good on me, doesn’t it?

Chunji: Yes… Something happens? It’s the six time today that you compliment yourself. That’s weird…

[Y/N]: I got a new underwear.

Chunji: Did she really said underwear in front of me? Can you show me?

Ricky: Jagi what’s happening with you, today you are much more confident than others days. Do you get new bra or something?

[Y/N]: How the hell he knows about that?

Ricky: Not that I see you change clothes or anything… And saw a bra that I never see you with… Not that I saw you change clothes plenty of times before… Because I’m not… Angel Ricky here!

Changjo: [Y/N], all that confident because of the new bra? You still have the label on. 

L.Joe: Why are you so much confident today? That’s a good thing Jagi, I like it!

[Y/N]: I don’t know, everytime I’m wearing a new bra, I get like this. I’m speaking to much? I’m getting to much confortable to talk about everything. That’s a good thing right? Because I hope it’s a good thing.

L.Joe: Yes, that’s a good thing.


[Y/N]: I just bought a new underwear and I’m using now, it’s so comfortable, I never thought that store sell such clothes as such good high quality. I mean it’s not like…

C.A.P: Did you just said new underwear? Are you asking for something indirectly? Because I can’t tell, you’re speaking to fast. But if the answer is yes, let’s go!

Feel free to ask anything, my ask box is always open ^_^ /// Gifs doesn’t belong to me (:

I’ve been living with my diagnosis of schizophrenia for over 35 years now. I got it when I was a teenager. It wasn’t my first diagnosis but it was the one that stuck. When I first got it, I thought my life was over.

I wasn’t alone in thinking that. One of the things that struck me most was the low expectations that followed. This was particularly apparent among healthcare professionals; all they saw was a label – the person I used to be, or might become, vanished. If enough people, particularly professionals, treat you like a lost cause, then sooner or later you end up believing it. I was fortunate that people who really understood my experience still expected me to achieve things. One in particular persuaded me to get involved in a local support organisation, expecting me to get on and do things for myself and others rather than becoming a passive patient.

Fortunately I had friends who believed in the old me. I also developed new friendships with people, many of whom had shared my experiences of psychiatric care. Spending time with people who shared my experience, but had survived and thrived in spite of it, was an inspiration and many of these people remain good friends to this day. Not all my friends were able to cope with me and sometimes I felt very lonely and isolated, but there were times when it was only my friends that kept me going.

Attitudes towards treatments were often unhelpful. It should be simple, the treatments either help or they don’t. If they do, that’s good. People should have access to the best available; if they don’t, it’s no one’s fault and treatments that don’t work shouldn’t be forced on people. Self-help, self-management and peer support are starting to help a lot of people. They have helped me and have given me the ability to help others.

My work has always been important to me, both before my time working in mental health and since. It has enabled me to take my experience of mental ill-health and use it to help others. I have had the opportunity to meet many people who have been directly affected by mental ill-health and still achieved great things.

The people I care about, the people who matter, don’t see a diagnosis, they see a person. This is a right we should afford all people living with a diagnosis of schizophrenia.

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He's trying to gain support lol. This is only the start of the campaign against the boys. And Harry already has a thing with the Azoff, with the publishing company... So... March I'm waiting for you

Remember this?

“Zayn Malik’s new solo material will reportedly be released with Simon Cowell’s record label. Syco, which already owns the rights to distributing One Direction music, is said to have secured an agreement with the former member who had left the band’s contract early. 1D were believed to have signed a new £10 million deal in 2013 to produce two more albums and a Greatest Hits, but with Zayn’s announcement it seems Simon doesn’t want to lose out on his investment.  An insider told The Sun: ‘Simon was very understanding about him leaving the band but quickly made it clear he would stay a Syco artist for his future projects.”

Then: “A Syco source said: “Simon has set up a deal that suits Zayn and One Direction. Zayn will stay in the Sony family under a different label and it’s totally with Simon Cowell’s blessing. It was just felt to be a bit difficult to have 1D and Zayn on the same label — and everyone felt it was better for him to be somewhere different. Since leaving the band, Zayn has changed management and lawyers so it would kind of make sense for him to work with a new label team. But having said that, he still gets on great with Simon.”

Sure, Jan. He’s trying to pull the exact same thing again. It’s comical. And then afterwards, he’ll spin it the same way. He has a great relationship with Harry, but Harry wants to focus on making music on the US, they still have a great relationship, etc. etc. That is, IF Harry even makes solo music, which is a GIGANTIC if. 

Shut up, Simon, and go fuck yourself, too. Thank you kindly.

Why Bighit is not a new addition to the 'top companies'

Disclaimer: This is my opinion, based off my own knowledge of the music industry. I know more about the western music industry through research and my own work, but I still want to voice my opinion here. Also, I am only referring to the music sides of these companies, not the other services they provide.

Okay, first things first, Bighit is definitely not a top company like SM, YG or JYP for this reason; their only hugely successful band is Bangtan.
Bangtan are very successful, a band known worldwide and one worthy of the praise and awards it receives. They make good music and have become widely popular because of that. This doesn’t make Bighit a top company however.

Take SM for example; they’ve had multiple bands with large amounts of success, (be aware that this is also relative to the popularity of kpop worldwide at the times of their promotions). Bands like DBSK/TVXQ, Super Junior, SNSD/Girls Generation, SHINee, and EXO. Even f(x), who have only just been able to officially name their fanclub, has had their own tour due to their success. Solo artists under the label have also been popular and recieved their own awards.
Similarly, YG and JYP have had multiple groups and solo artists who enjoyed success. To list three of each:
YG; Big Bang, 2NE1, PSY (in case it isn’t clear, even if just the one song blows up, it’s still a successful way to attain popularity)
JYP; 2pm, Got7, Sunmi.

Bangtan is popular, and we do owe that to Bighit, but that does not make Bighit a top company. You might argue that Bighit also has Homme, but that still only brings us to two groups (though Homme is a duo, not a group).
You might say ‘if Bighit produced a new group it’d get popular because they’re in Bangtan’s label’. My response: not necessarily.

An example I’ll use here is Jellyfish entertainment, home to VIXX (note; they have soloists, but I’m only referring to the groups presently). VIXX has been widely popular since their release of the controversial Voodoo Doll (as it was particularly gory for a kpop video, a lot of people watched it, and because of that, they became fans), and that popularity has been increasing with the members acting and appearing in shows (like N and Hyuk in Hitmaker, and Ken appearing in Duet Song Festival).
Despite this, when Jellyfish introduced their new group, Gugudan, earlier this year, the success wasn’t as big as (at least those waiting for the band to appear) expected, even with VIXX promoting their ‘younger sister’ group.

The point I’m trying to make here is that while Bangtan has given Bighit a boost in popularity, that is because of Bangtan’s success, and not because of the company itself; remember that Bangtan used to really struggle until around Danger and Boy In Luv.
Bighit must produce a group that achieves popularity simply because they’re a ‘Bighit’ group before we can go saying they’re a ‘top company’; otherwise, we’re not truly respecting their work, are we? One good group can’t suddenly put them at the top of the foodchain, they still have heaps of work to do before then, so don’t invalidate that work by prematurely deciding they’re done already.

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i can't believe the lengths ppl go to to disregard these contracts artists are under! kesha was sexually assaulted! and sony wldn't let her out of her contract. tinashe can't get her label to even release her music! this isn't new!! TLC was IN DEBT when they were making millions, bc of their contracts!! ppl think these artists can do what they want - it's not true. Prince warned artists in 2015! that record contracts are slavery!!

it’s all right there in front of us. the information is readily available for people who want to look for it. and yet there are still people who would rather accuse us of reaching than address their own ignorance.

marina diamandis said it best:

So yes, I have been really slack with Tumblr lately and I don’t see things improving.  As much as I have loved using this site, I feel like it has become too much like hard work since I cannot express an opinion without being labelled something ridiculous like racist or transphobic.  That and the lighting in our new place is pretty bad for selfies.  I’m still taking them on my phone at work and posting on Instagram so please follow @lauraaurorax if you’d like to keep up with me.  My giveaway is still on as soon as I can get a photo of all the prizes sorted.  So the last four years of my life and style evolution have been documented here and I think 10k followers is a nice way to leave things.  

Thanks for being so loyal, supportive, interactive and awesome.  If you have tried something new because of me, whether in your life or with your makeup, then it’s all been worth while.  If you’re waiting for a sign to, this is it.


OOC;; so it’s like 2 am, probably not a good idea, but I’m doing this anyway.

    Since when, did the RP community decide that their aesthetic was more important than the writing? I remember back in 2011, when you literally just used the theme tumblr gave you and added maybe a GIF, and POOF that was it! Everything else was souly based on how well you were able to portray the character of your choice. 
     Now, you could be a GRAPHIC DESIGNER but know little about the actual art of writing itself. Did you know, that with all of these new formats, that we are actually straying away from the actual study of creative writing? I took a class on it, and while yes, creativity holds no bounds, they still asked for you to use proper grammer. Guess what? Half of our sentences aren’t even SENTENCES, just prolonged prepositions with fancy adjectives. Some of us aspire to be novelists, but we’re teaching the community all of the WRONG THINGS!! We can’t sit down and have an actual conversation on how someone writes, how to improve their writing, without getting our panties in a twist and labeling them off as rude, haters, and SO ON. Now, I understand this does not go for everybody, but it’s so hard to help each other here. I could help you with descriptive words, and you could help me with sentence structures. Still, somehow it will end in dispute I don’t believe I need to explain that point.

    All I have to ask is, what happened to tumblr? Why can’t we help each other? Why do we all have to pretend we’re somebody because of a follower count? Last I checked none of us were being paid so my final question is this:

     Where did all the fun go?

Does Taylor Swift Have New Music Coming in 2016 (no lol)?

If you’re a pop star, bowing at the altar of iHeartRadio — the streaming radio service that puts on a huge festival in Las Vegas every year and also owns a ton of Top 40 stations in the United States — has become a mandatory step for getting airplay. Visiting the semi-regular iHeartMedia Summit in Los Angeles serves a twofold purpose for mainstream artists: It both shows the programmers and string-pullers that you’re, if only for an afternoon, grateful for everything they do/have done/could possibly do for you, and it also allows you to — and this seems obvious — play new music for the assembled executives to demonstrate how and why you’ll still be a viable hitmaker in the coming months. In other words, you want to kiss some feet and prove your worth in the same breath.

That brings us to the in-progress iHeart Summit, an event that’s been taking place since yesterday morning on the West Coast. According to social media updates, several singers and groups have appeared already (each major label and imprint gets about half an hour of stage time) including Iggy Azalea (who debuted her upcoming comeback single, “Team”), Fifth Harmony (ostensibly hitting the ground early for their still-untitled sophomore album), Ariana Grande (intriguingly armed with a guitar), and Demi Lovato (there to promote Confident ballad “Stone Cold”).

To be clear, those are all huge players in pop right now, but another, bigger, industry figure also made an appearance according to reports, suggesting that maybe, possibly — though it’s certainly too early to confirm — she may have new music to promote in the not-so distant future. Though 1989 is merely a year-and-change old (released in late October 2014), Taylor Swift still found the time to appear at the Summit yesterday, where she didn’t perform but did take the stage to thank those in attendance for their support.

On the surface, that’s simply a smart gesture of goodwill; radio played the hell out of 1989, and to some degree it continues to do so with her recent (and likely last) single from the project, the Jack Antonoff co-written “Out of the Woods.” The beaten-into-ubiquity album’s ceaseless radio promotion certainly did wonders for her exposure, tour grosses, and album sales, so a simple, “Hey, I rolled out of bed and showed up to wave and smile for you!” feels like a tactful, kind-hearted move.

But it’s also curious for someone showing up in a room filled with radio programmers 13 months after the release of your most recent body of work. Swift’s admitted already that she needed time off following her globe-spanning 1989 tour —it wrapped up on December 12 in Melbourne after seven full months on the road across the world — but it’s not unfathomable to think that the wildly savvy singer-songwriter is already plotting #T6. Anything less would be underestimating a game-changing pop star.

Of note: iHeartTheaterLA — the official venue for the summit, which has been tweeting out information over the past 24-plus hours about the goings-on inside — has remained mum on Swift’s appearance. Perhaps it was simply a drive-by expression of gratitude, but stay woke. Swift might have something brewing.

Current thoughts on the stunt

In a post I made yesterday showing how much positive press Simon is getting right now, I am convinced everyone is working together. 

Zayn was moved to RCA Records but Simon is still getting so much press, that I can’t see any other option than they are working together. 

I would not be surprised if Syco will be Zayn’s UK label, while RCA will be his US label (this little detail was only mentioned by Billboard, probably on purpose, as the solo news wouldn’t have been so big if it was just ‘Zayn signs with RCA as his US label, but stays with Simon as his UK label’). This could be the same for the boys when they hopefully sign a new deal later in the year.

You can’t see it as coincidence that every time either OT4 or Zayn does something the opposite does something too. Here is a perfect post explaining this. 

The best example though is this what just happened. Zayn officially goes solo and BAM OT4 release a single early which was scheduled to release on August 7th.

I have a feeling the Zayn solo news was dropped to early, because reasons I don’t know, which will explain why RCA was so slow to announce the news themselves. 1DHQ wasn’t prepared either, so they worked fast and got the single released today, and pulled a Beyoncé. 

Irving Azoff seems to be on board as well. This is explained in this post.

My current theory is that, Zayn was ‘told’ to go solo (maybe he wanted to himself) to drop a massive PR bomb. OT4 will soon follow and sign with RCA as their US label, Simon will still be their UK label, they will all ditch Modest! (doesn’t seem like Simon would mind this one bit, as Modest! isn’t the XF management by default anymore indicating he wouldn’t mind them changing management) - they will either stay OT4 and Solo Zayn, or they will reunite as OT5, and do solo stuff on the side. 

anonymous asked:

African Americans aren't just a monolithic culture. And we didn't just pop up on US soil one day completely separate from Africans. You guys kind of forget that sometimes, and when you talk about us sometimes you just talk about us like we're just ONE group with ONE (or no) culture, and whatever doesn't fit your idea of what we can and can't have gets labeled as "stolen". Remember we still kept parts of our cultures with us, and made new ones and fight tooth and nail to keep both.

I can see where you are coming from and I apologize if I have stated African American cultures as monolith. Regardless, people still can’t go around mixing random cultural fabrics, designs, symbols, etc and think the people of that culture are going to be hunky doory. I am aware the various African American cultures have traditions deeply rooted from Africa, but a lot of people are doing it for fashion not knowledge.

I sometimes see Black Americans who are totally Afrocentric who’s last African family connection ended during the 13 original colonies wearing various traditional African cultural patterns meant ONLY to be worn for certain events and in a certain way… and don’t get me started on the proper way to put it on.

*this next paragraph isn’t for you asker, anon*

Also, STOP SPELLING AFRICA WITH A DAMN “K”. We’re fucking sick and tired of you fake woke “Afrikans” who “descended from Egyptian royalty”, silencing us when we say to spell our continents name correctly. YOUR NOT FUCKING RECLAIMING ANYTHING BECAUSE A SHIT TON OF COUNTRIES IN EUROPE SPELL AFRICA WITH A “K” AND TO TOP IT OFF THE OPPRESSIVE WHITE GROUP IN SOUTH AFRICA ARE CALLED “AFRIKANERS”. Just respect the majority wish and spell it correct.

XoXo, Susie