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Richard told me it was an UNDERPLAY!

I sauntered into the Palladium expecting attendance to be sparse and the people who were there to be kids. But the place was packed and those in attendance were way past puberty, not that there was not screaming involved, but average age was 19 or 20, what was happening here, weren’t teen phenoms supposed to be time-stamped, to have their era and then be done, like the Cassidy brothers, Bobby Sherman and New Kids On The Block?

But no, Niall Horan has a #2 record, soon to be #1, how did this happen?

The audience is in control. That’s what Barnett told me. Used to be radio was the arbiter. But now the public gets a voice. Turns out they’re still into 1D. And those streaming numbers force the hand of radio and other old line gatekeepers.

Not that the starmaker machinery is not involved.

That’s what people don’t buy, the same ones paying attention to the press and the scuttlebutt. Saying major labels are over, you can make it on your own and streaming is the devil. Did you read today’s RIAA report? Revenue is up 17%! A far cry from the last decade when it was all doom and gloom, and paid on demand streaming is 43% of the total, far outnumbering downloads and physical.

The future’s so bright you gotta wear shades.

So Richard and Harry allowed Niall to make the record he wanted to. Which is a backlash against the overbearing label shenanigans the Mottola era inaugurated, never mind the reign of Clive Davis. The team was established and the record was recorded but they did argue about the single, which took 17 mixes to get right, because today it is all about the single, and if it’s not right you’re screwed.

And then Niall went around the world twice promoting himself and his new music. They told me he was good at it, remembered names, and I took this with a grain of salt until I was on the stairs after the show and he said “Hi Bob.” Hell, there are musicians I’ve known for decades who make like they don’t know me, ones I’ve written superlative stuff about, but this guy I met in passing as part of a group remembers me? I didn’t believe it. I thought he was prompted. But no, Niall just told me Richard had mentioned that I was gonna be there last night.


People want to work with nice people. Talent isn’t enough.

And you work harder than a financial wizard, with a hell of a lot more jet lag. Niall shrugged when I queried whether he was burned out, he said he’d been around the globe seven times so far, hell, he just celebrated his 24th birthday in Japan! Staying up all night drinking until the English football came on.

When he’s not playing golf, that’s how he blows off steam. When he’s unavailable on the links.

And the label meshed with management and worked radio and the usual suspects, it’s a juggernaut, I tell you!

And now is where you pooh-pooh the whole damn thing, saying the music sucks, but the truth is Niall’s solo work is closer to Neil Young than Nas, and it ain’t just kiddie ditties, it’s more…rock and roll. With melody.

Yup, young people are gonna save this world. Everything old is new again. Niall loves the Eagles, and you may hate them, but the Eagles had superb songwriting skills, with melodies and choruses, and so does Niall. Not making a direct comparison, it’s just that what goes for rock today is oftentimes too self-referential, such a reaction to what once was that you can’t understand it unless you’re deep in the rabbit hole. Put on Niall’s new album at a dinner party and everybody will enjoy it. Songs with meaning you can sing along with, what a concept!

And right now Spotify is dominated by hip-hop. Because those were the early adopters. And as you can see the joke is on the pooh-poohers, because it’s streaming that’s driving revenue. Will other genres make an impact?

That’s an interesting question.

Hip-hop has culture, never underestimate the story.

But Niall has 1D story.

And those fans know every word and sing along.

And come in droves.

There’ll be a shed tour next year, but demand far outstrips that. But if you want credibility, you’ve got to act in a credible way.

Think about this, as you were glued to the past streaming won.

Now, youngsters not burdened by your baggage are gonna reinvent the business with the building blocks of your youth and succeed.

What’s the problem?


FAQ on Writing Signed Language

(and deaf/HoH characters)

An amalgamation of all the questions that have come up repeatedly since the original posts. All the people who wanted to be tagged have been put under the read-more link at the bottom.

“Is it okay to use italicized speech for signed dialogue, even if I describe faces and signs?”

The short answer is a simple no. I’ve been asked this a lot, repeatedly, and I can understand why- other languages are, it’s the common mode of operation for writers when encountering a language their viewpoint character either doesn’t speak, or doesn’t understand. Differentiation between spoken language is needed in this way.

However, signed language is not spoken, and the struggle to have it recognized as a “real languge” has been long. Many people, as the result of a lack of education by no fault of their own, still don’t see it as such. Because of this, using italics to seperate signed and spoken language can do harm for the recognition of signed languages.

Also, signed language is usually in the same language of the spoken variant, while not being the same language at all: although respected as a language of it’s own, sign and spoken language are like cousins living in the same household of language, and so would be treated just like the rest of the family.

“If not using italics, how do I differentiate?”

With the description of sign, and facial expressions. For spoken language, you would write about the sharp tone of Samuel’s voice, the way it rises in tone; for signed language, you would talk about the way that Mark’s fists are tighter and his signs louder (wider).

This kind of differentiation may come naturally to a majority of people who speak signed languages, because many of us can think in signed language, but for people who do not or who use spoken language more frequently, it is understandably more difficult. It will take a little more work at first, but eventually it will come naturally in the flow of signed dialogue.

“How do I describe the tone and non-verbal inflections of sign?”

By facial expressions in combination with the signed words.

I understand that not everyone is able to read facial expressions, for a variety of reasons (I struggle too) so here’s a list of facial expressions as verbal inflections in sign:

  • Facial exclamation mark - For amusement, sarcasm, yelling and making points.This is done by an O mouth shape and widened eyes.
  • Facial question mark - For questions, confusion and when challenging someone. This is done by a simple raise of the eyebrows during the main word of the question. E.g, Name Yours What [raised eyebrows on what].

And some examples of how you might use these:

  • Anger - The signs become hard, sharp and fast. The fist isn’t just touched to his chest, it’s slammed in; elbows go everywhere. His face is widened in a facial exclamation mark, brow furrowed, the signs become ungainly and faster, just like speech can become faster and louder.
  • Fear - You know the expression small voice? Apply that to small signs: Slower actions, eyebrows knitted and arched, perhaps even mistakes are made such as hands knocking together or fingers in the wrong shape, just like people often stutter or trip over their words when afraid.
  • Agression/Challenging someone - use the facial question mark, but make it harder, more defined. The eyebrows are raised high and the mouth quirks, or twists, and the signs become more agressive in the same way you would write anger.
  • Joy, enthusiasm and humour - the signs are bigger again, and the character would grin- eyes shining, maybe, and eyebrows raised in the facial exclamation mark for jokes. Also, you know how we use silly voices in verbal language? In sign, we also make the signs really over-exaggerated, like in charades, and accompany that with pulled faces. Examples of these would be the mouth in an overlarge O, eyebrows raised too high, grinning in the middle of the O shape or mocking a grimace, so that the downwards pull of the mouth is forced.
  • Lying - The facial expression might contradict the sign. Eg, someone who is lying to feel confident may inflect their words with a facial exclamation mark, but their hands may shake (a signed stutter). Facial tells such as quirks of lips could also be present, since people who use signed language as a primary language learn to have naturally expressive faces.

“How could I portray signed language in artistic media, eg, comics?”

If the speech can’t be heard, because the signing character is completely deaf and either doesn’t use hearing aids/implants or doesn’t have them, the dialogue bubbles are best left blank. When the speech is signed, it should come from the hands, and facial expressions should be drawn. You wouldn’t need to do the entire sequence of signs, but give important words or phrases their own boxes to highlight them. (I don’t draw comics so I don’t know any of the phrases but i hope this makes sense)

The best example I’ve found is the Hawkeye comics! Blue Ear showed this so well.

Some extra points that have been brought up

  • Hearing aids get sweaty, dirty and uncomfortable if worn too long, and stop working so well. They also get clogged with wax and it’s really unpleasant
  • Cleaning kits should never be far off, especially in summer
  • Aids and implants can also withstand rain, even heavy rain, but sometimes the moulds of aids get clogged with water. They would not survive being submerged (but you can get waterproof ones as far as I know, the NHS just won’t supply them)
  • Some hearing aids will get through batteries faster than others. My old ones lasted a month if I used the hearing aids every day. With these new aids, the batteries for one last a week and two weeks for the other.
  • The sticky labels on the back of batteries are really fun but also really annoying, and get stuck on e v e r y t h i n g
  • Hearing aids and implants are not cure-alls for deafness. In my completely deaf ear, I can only hear a buzz from my hearing aid that vaguely resembles speech; in my semi-hearing ear, the hearing aid still misses some sounds and blurs others.
  • Some deaf people choose not to get implants, since sign language is available and deafness is widely considered a blessing.
  • There are huge nuances in the levels of deafness, so percentages are generally not as useful as medical professionals make them sound. This thread covers it very well (plus some other things, such as sunglasses and reliance on facial reading as well as lip reading)
  • Lip-Reading is not a skill that everyone has, it’s tricky and, no, I can’t tell you what the kids over at that table are talking about Karen.
  • On the subject of mouths, it’s important to mouth while signing words. In BSL, the words for battery and aunt are the same. This could get strange if you were asking where to go dispose of your aunt.
  • So while a character might recognize mouth shapes in connection with signs, they could still be awful at reading lips.

 Aaand that was everything I have been asked frequently, collated in one place. If you still have any queries, please do drop an ask!

This has been a part of my weekly advice uploads. This week I have covered writing queer characters. The lineup for January includes Often Overlooked Points in Writing Period Fiction and Ways to Build up Settings and Scenes. If you need any help in the meantime with related or unrelated writing issues, send me an ask!

Happy writing until then 


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so because @bechnaesun​ practically coerced me into exchanging future evak headcanons with her, we present to you everything we screamed about for over two hours. 

even and isak get married. and their life goes a little like this:

  • isak and even adopt twins because they would feel like they should adopt siblings so they never, ever felt alone, even when they inevitably start feeling like maybe if they’re not related by blood they’re not the same, but they’d have each other, always.
  • isak would read so many parenting guides!! and google searches!! one times he just goes on a three hour wild ride of reading parenting blogs online, and afterwards, when even comes to bed, isak is sniffly and whispers, “what if we fuck up their lives forever? what if they end up hating us, and never calling–”
  • and even just presses a kiss to the top of isak’s head and says, “they would never, because they’d have you as a parent, and your love is one of the most powerful things in the world.”
  • isak isn’t totally calm after that, but it helps, a bit, but he also thinks that even may be a little biased. a tiny impressionable toddler is a lot different from your husband, because even’s already seen him at his worst, and has promised to stick with him through the good times and the bad. and besides, he never saw even in his angsty teenage phase, and just think about it they’re going to have to put up with all of that! how are we going to deal with puberty! what if they start dating!
  • even: then we just tell them about how we fell in love.
  • isak: baby, you asked me to smoke weed with you
  • even: it’s okay i figure we have at least a couple of years to develop a clean version of that story
  • so the point is, even with all of even’s attempts to placate isak’s worries, he still insists even follows the parenting guides to a tee, just in case they really fuck up at one point
  • even agrees, but mostly because if they do fuck up, then he’d have something to blame it on

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You (Comrades Protag) + The Chocobros | Part I - Gladio

Part II - Prompto

I’ve been meaning to write up headcanon ideas for the Comrades player character’s interaction with the boys, but I didn’t start getting around to it until last night. Here are my ideas for meeting Gladio since he’s the only one my character has met so far. I’ll probably do the other boys if you guys like this one and I have ideas. :>

[Because I want your characters to do more with Gladio than kick his ass so hard that he leaves the town in shame and you steal a really nice sword from him (?!?!?!?!?!)]

  • Holly asks you to help take care of some daemons that had slipped into the power plant. You make the mistake of trying out a new broadsword that you haven’t had a chance to practice with that much yet. Don’t get me wrong—you still kick ass! But daemons’ asses aren’t the only ones getting kicked; yours takes a pretty nasty beating, too. But you get the job done. Plus you find this claw by the elevator that’s as long as your forearm, and you know that Cid will be able to use to make you The Most OP of All Time™. Like easily you will become the Coolest and the Strongest member of your party. So slap a “VICTORY” label on this mission and ship it on out.
  • You’re walking back to the marketplace when you hear someone grunting and gasping for air somewhere far off to your right. You understandably think that a daemon may have strayed from the power plant and is attacking someone who needs your help. You take off in the direction the voice seems to be coming from.
  • Turns out there aren’t any daemons around. It’s just some beefy dude swinging his sword around all by himself. You guess he must be training—perfecting his swings, practicing new techniques with a broadsword that looks like it’s almost as long as you are tall. As impressive as this guy  is, you can tell he’s running himself ragged and looks completely exhausted.
  • You: “How about a break? You look ready to fall over.”
    • He practically jumps out of his skin. He was so caught up in what he was doing that he didn’t notice you there. Whoops. You realize as he turns to look at you that you know this man. Well, you know of him. Enough of your memory has returned to help you recognize that face. That’s Gladiolus Amicitia, one of Prince Noctis’s royal retainers. Not many people in Lestallum have very nice things to say about him.
      • The extent of your former interactions with Gladio: You were at Galdin Quay on a hunt and saw him and the retinue pull the biggest fucking fish you’d ever seen out of the water. The boys had been kind enough to haul the fish to the restaurant on the pier so that all of the patrons could share it with them. You didn’t even like fish that much, but holy hell. The Devil of the Cygillan was one of the tastiest things you’d eaten in your life. Probably the tastiest thing you’ll ever eat in your life, since the world is falling apart now. As a former Glaive, you’d considered approaching Prince Noctis to offer him your protection, but when you heard him introduce himself as “Noct Gar” to a massage therapist near the bar, you decided against it, lest you foil his attempts to keep a low profile.
      • You don’t know much else about Gladio, but you know that he was one of Prince Noctis’s sworn guardians. With Prince Noctis missing, what is Gladio doing? Why is he pushing himself so hard? Is it to grow stronger so that he might be able to help his missing oath-sworn liege (presuming that he’s still alive somewhere)? Or is it to punish himself for not being strong enough to keep Prince Noctis safe in the first place?
  • Gladio: “I’m fine.”
  • If watching this man work himself to the point of exhaustion wasn’t indication enough that something was wrong, the low, gravelly tone of his voice sure is. But you don’t know this guy very well. No, scratch that. You don’t know this guy at all. So you don’t pry, even though you’re really curious and have approximately two-hundred and eighty-nine (289) questions—with “WHERE THE HELL IS PRINCE NOCTIS?????” sitting undisputed at the top of the fucking list.
  • Maybe you can chat him up long enough to at least give him time to catch his breath. You decide to try and strike up a casual conversation. About. Uh. About…
    • You: “That’s a really big sword.”
        • YOU GOOBER????
    • Gladio: “Yep.”
    • The small talk ball is in your court and you’re off at the concession stand buying overpriced French fries. C’mon, Kingsglaive who hasn’t even had a chance to get someone to jailbreak their phone yet, GET A BIT MORE CREATIVE WITH THOSE DIALOGUE CHOICES.
      • You: “You come here often? To train, I mean.”
        • Okay. That’s a little better. As far as conversations go, you’re still driving on the shoulder, but the car is parallel to the road and you’re at least driving in the right direction.
    • Gladio: “Yeah. It’s quiet over here. Usually, no one bothers me.”
      • RUDE.
    • You: “You call that quiet? I could hear you moaning from all the way over by the power plant.”
      • HE IS SO BIG
    • Gladio just laughs, though. And as surprised as you are to see that (he seemed so surly a second ago???), you relax just a little bit.
      • Gladio: “Fair enough. I recognize that symbol. Kingsglaive, huh?”
    • (I like the idea that even if our characters wear different outfits, they wear some article of clothing or accessory that bears the Kingsglaive sigil. Like an armband or a jacket or a pendant.)
    • You: “Yeah.”
    • Gladio: “Were you there for the…? No. Never mind. No need to dig that shit up now. History just keeps repeating itself, anyway. Kings fall. Princes fall. And their failed protectors are left behind to try and pick up the fucking pieces.”
    • You:
    • Gladio:
    • Gladio: *Shuffles back into a crouch to resume training* “Well… back to it, I guess.”
    • You: “Wait.” You summon your new broadsword. “Let’s go a round. You and me.”
    • Gladio:
    • You: “Unless you like punching air…?”
    • Gladio:
    • Gladio: “Weren’t you the one just telling me to take a break?”
    • D’oh! Yes, you were. But you don’t like the thought of leaving this guy alone when he’s clearly in such a dark place…
    • Gladio: “Fine. You’re on. One round.”
    • Okay like. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a complete massacre, but. Like. The fight doesn’t last very long, either. Gladio manages to smack you with that stupid-big sword and sends you flying into a pile of musty crates, knocking you unconscious on impact.
  • You wake up as Gladio’s carrying you somewhere. You’re. Like. Super delirious because you probably have a concussion. So you can’t really control your muddled thoughts or stop them from slipping out of your mouth.
    • You: “Did I die? Did you kill me?”
    • Gladio:
    • You: “Am I dead? Are you hiding my body somewhere?”
    • Gladio:
    • You: “Hide my phone along with my body, okay? I couldn’t unlock it. I don’t know what kind of embarrassing shit I might have on there. Just. Hide it. It’s my dying wish.”
    • Gladio:
  • Turns out he was carrying you to the infirmary. Iris sees Gladio carrying you into the tent beside her clothing shop and she is PISSED!
    • Gladio: “I didn’t… *Sigh* Fuck. They sparred with me. It happens. They’re fine.”
  • Gladio kind of just dumps you onto a cot and excuses himself to fetch a medic while Iris fusses over you, apologizing for her idiot big brother. She promises he’s really nice most of the time, honest.
    • …You’ll have to take her word for it.
  • The doctor comes into the tent and tends to your injuries, but Gladio’s nowhere to be seen. This makes Iris even angrier and she promises she’ll find him and beat some sense into him… but you tell her not to. It’s fine.
  • Later that night, you get a text from a number you don’t recognize.
    • Unknown Number: “Hey its gladio. Know u cant unlock ur phone but hopefully you see this on the lock screen. Meet by the plant in 5 min if u want.”
  • You go.
    • The Cup Noodles he has waiting for you have nothing on the amazing food that Monica, Cid, and even Cindy have been nice enough to make for you at camp after hunts. The ramen is lukewarm and the carrots are unpleasant, flavorless surprise lumps that you chew up along with the noodles. But with the calm and quiet of Gladio’s company, and with the stars shining brighter than you’ve ever seen them without man-made light to push away their glow, it’s one of the best meals you’ve had since you woke up in the back of that truck with Libertus, ears ringing as he insisted that you continue to fight in a war you don’t really remember signing up for in the first place.

Im just going to say this here because I know this has caused controversy in the past. But someone not being active and online on their taylor social accounts does not make them any less of a fan than people who have been active. You can still be a fan of someone without having a tumblr, twitter or instagram. If someone wants to use their account again when the new era begins there is nothing wrong with that. They are just as much of a fan as people who have been actively blogging. So please, I ask you to refrain from labelling people as “fake fans” and “snakes” this era and remember you are all here because you have your love for Taylor in common. Make friends this era and I hope you all get the chance to meet Taylor too! 

a queer & trans Jewish perspective on names (notes for a zine)

hello friends! i’m starting to put together sources & thoughts for an upcoming comic zine i’m doing called “True Names” that brings together my perspectives on (self-)naming as a queer, trans, witchy Jew - i just finished the excellent Magic of the Ordinary by Gershon Winkler & thought i’d share some relevant quotes & thoughts with you all:

“…no name can hold within it that which is infinite. God, Judaism teaches, is un-name-able, un-peg-able, un-define-able, because not only is God infinite but also dynamic, eluding all attempts to attain a snapshot of a moment or essence of what is God. Therefore, when Moses asked the Creator to divulge the God Name, the Creator’s response was אֶהְיֶה אֲשֶׁר אֶהְיֶה (ehyeh asher ehyeh), which translates simultaneously: ‘I was what I was, I am what I am, and I will be what I will be’:

You wish to know my name? According to my actions I am called. At times I am called el shadai, or tz'vaot, or elo-heem. When I judge the creations, I am called elo-heem; when I battle wrongness, I am called tz'vaot; when I suspend the sins of humanity, I am called el shadai; and when I exercise compassion upon my worlds, I am called yhvh. In other words, I was what I was, I am what I am, and I will be what I will be—according to the nature of my actions I am called. (p.35)

this strikes some major chords with me re: labeling and queerness - existing in flux or outside of conventional definitions/structures, struggling to find words for that or to make existing words fit - and also the idea of a name as describing an action really resonates with me. Winkler expands on that idea when paraphrasing Rabbi Chayyim of Volozhin:

…that which is comprehended somewhat by us, and we decorate this grasping with various God-Names and Divine Attributes and the like—as we find in our Scriptures and in the various forms of our prayers—reflect only God’s relationship with the universes…even [in invoking] the essential, singular Name itself we are not connecting with the Selfhood-Essence of God but with that aspect of the Blessing Source that is in relationship with the universes… (p. 36)

in this view, a name describes not who you are essentially (what could possibly describe that?) but rather who you are to the world, especially who you are to the world in this moment:

This explains the baffling response which the Hebrew ancestor Ya’akov receives from the spirit being with whom he wrestles, after asking it to divulge its name to him: “Why do you ask me for my name?”about which the second-century Rabbi Abba Arecha comments in the name of Rabbi Yosei bar Dowstai: “The angels have many names, according to their calling [in the moment]…[Said the angel to Ya’akov] ‘I am puzzled [that you ask me my name] for I do not know what my name is changing into in this very moment!” (p. 36, emphasis mine)

i imagine you can see where i’m going with this in relationship to changing names as a trans person - if a name is connected to an action or calling, choosing a new name for yourself is the process of describing what (& how) you do in the world right now, which may be different from what you did in the past or what others expected you to do. there are of course trans folks who don’t change their names (for many reasons), but for those of us who do, we’re responding to the sense that our birth names don’t (or never did) describe us accurately. the concept of a “deadname” becomes that which is no longer active - a thing we just aren’t doing anymore, and for a lot of people, being addressed by that name sounds like a request to perform that action again when at best we’ve moved on, and at worst, that action hurt us! we’re doing something else now, something more true to our present understanding of ourselves. we’re in a new relationship with the world and our birth names are an old relationship that has ended.

the essential me, including my gender, can’t be contained in any of my names, and none of those names (in my opinion) are more cosmically real or necessarily permanent than any other - the idea of a magical “true name” is something i want to push back against, and historical Jewish magic backs me up on that with the incantation bowl phrase “and every name [a person] has” 

but my chosen name is powerful because i’m describing me right now, which is really the most important thing since we exist in the present! for me it’s not even a new name - in my case, i’ve been holding onto my chosen name in the back of my mind since i was a child, but have only been able to claim it openly as an adult in the past few years. something about it has clicked with me for that long & it’s a relief to finally be able to use it. other folks are still looking for names that fit, some folks feel good about their birth names! only you get to define the relationship/calling of your name, given or chosen. 

if multiple names/labels and an outright refusal to be defined by others is good enough for the divine, it’s good enough for us - b’tzelem elohim!

It’s Time to Talk Sam Manson

If it’s not already obvious from the fact that I run the @sam-manson-defense-squad, I love Sam. Sadly, she seems to have gotten a nasty reputation among fans, which is a right shame because there’s a lot that can be done with her character. I do understand that her execution in the show was flawed, but if people can overlook bad writing for other characters, I think we should be able to do the same for Sam. Since the first two episodes do a pretty good job establishing what she’s like, she seemed like a great character to start off with.

As a general rule, these character-specific posts will be focusing on the positives (meaning what I think makes them a good character and how they work as part of the show). I’m trying to enjoy something I love, and I don’t wanna spread negativity.

Anywho, let’s get started. (warning: will likely be image-heavy)

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GHOST | Part Two

summary: Harrison sighed “I’m a ghost, Tom”
Tom opened his eyes wide “Dude, you can’t be a ghost, ghosts don’t exis-“ his words died in his throat when he saw Harrison crossing the wall.
“Where did he go now?” He whispered to himself.
“Buh” Harrison said from behind.
Tom sighed again “Can you stop it?”

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My ghost
Where’d you go?
I can’t find you in the body sleeping next to me
My ghost
Where’d you go?
What happened to the soul that you used to be?

Ghost - Halsey

“Ahhhhhh” Tom yelled “W-who are you?”
“I’m Harrison Osterfield, and you are?” The boy asked him.
Tom looked at him more carefully. He had a familiar face.
“W-wait, you are the boy in the pictures! You used to live here”
Harrison nodded “You are right”
“Well, now my mum and I live here. I don’t want to seem impolite, but… what are you doing here?”
In that exact moment, Nikki knocked on his door.
“Tom, are you ok?” She asked while entering the room.
Tom turned to see his mother carrying a heavy box “Yes mum, I was talking to…” he looked at his back to see that Harrison wasn’t there anymore “To myself”
“I heard you screaming”
“Ehhh it was a spider. I saw the biggest spider ever. You know how much I’m scared of them”.
“Okay. I have your stuff here” she said giving him the box.
“Thank you, see you later” Tom said quickly and closed the door.
“Hey” Harrison exclaimed at his back.
Tom beat his lower lip trying not scream again.
“How did you do that?” Tom asked him.
“Did what?”
Harrison sighed “I’m a ghost, Tom”
Tom opened his eyes wide “Dude, you can’t be a ghost, ghosts don’t exis-“ his words died in his throat when he saw Harrison crossing the wall.
“Where did he go now?” He whispered to himself.
Buh” Harrison said from behind.
Tom sighed again “Can you stop it?”
Harrison chuckled “Sorry, I haven’t spoken to anyone for almost a year”.
“That’s ok. I’m just shocked. That’s all”
“Yeah, I was just like you at first. Then I got used to it” he shrugged.
“H-how did it happen?”
Harrison sighed and seated on the bed. “It was a matter of seconds. A car hit me while I was crossing the road. The driver was drunk. And I was too distracted to see him coming”
Tom nodded “I’m sorry. But… wait, before my mum didn’t see you. How many people can actually… ehm, see you?”
“Just you”
“Me?” Tom exclaimed “why me? I… I mean, I’m just a normal kid I don’t have super power or anything similar”
“Tom, Death is more complicated than how you can imagine”
“How do you know my name?”
Harrison smirked “I know everything. I’m a ghost, remember? And before your mum called you. You are not very smart, are you?”
Tom rolled his eyes.
“As I was saying” the ghost continued “Death is complicated. You see, I’m stuck in the world because I have an unfinished business. It’s about a girl, Y/N” he paused again “The day I died, I wanted to apologize and tell her I love her. I can’t go to heaven until I confess her my feelings.”
“I still don’t get it”
Harrison snorted “Tom, you have to help me”
“And how can I do it?”
The ghost smirked “We need a plan”

First days of school are the worst thing ever. Tom was used to be the ‘new kid’ and he hated that label. A few girls looked at him and then giggled, but the majority of the students wasn’t paying attention to him. Tom was grateful about it, usually he just got bullies’ attentions.
Harrison was next to him but, of course, no one could see him. Sometimes he told him some information about the school, but Tom tried not to listen to him.
At some random point, Harrison stopped.
“Uhm, Haz?” Tom murmured “Why did you stop?”
“It’s her” he said looking in front of him.
Tom followed his gaze and he met a girl who was changing books at her locker. She was wearing black clothes. A black hoodie was hiding her short pink hair. She had the face of an angel but look like she had escaped from a punk band.
“Her? Dude, she is pretty but she looks like a candy in an ashtray”.
“You don’t know how she was before. She was the prettiest girl in the school, captain of cheerleader and Prom Queen.” his gazed moved from her to Tom “You have to become his friend. Gain her trust and then we will figure out how to tell her about me”.
The bell rand and Tom rolled his eyes “I’m too scared from her attitude to become his friend” he said aloud. He mentally thanked to be now alone with Harrison in the huge corridor.
“Tom, please” Harrison stopped him and looked into his eyes “I’m begging you to help me. You are the only one you can do it”
Tom sighed “Ok, I’ll do it”.

Tom survived history and science. Harrison gave him funny anecdotes about teachers and students that cheered him up.
“Next lesson… French” Tom read his time table.
“Y/N took French. That’s your chance to finally meet her.”
“Well, great” Tom said with a fake excited tone.
The class was almost filled with students who were taking seat next to their friends. Tom noticed that the place next to Harrison’s girl was empty.
“What are you waiting for, dude?” Harrison yelled at him “seat next to her”.
Tom obeyed him and walked towards the girl.
“Uhm… is this seat taken?” Tom asked politely.
She didn’t say anything, she just shrugged and kept drawing on her desk.
“Ok, thank you” he said “I’m Tom Holland, by the way. Nice to meet you”.
“Cool” she whispered.
“Keep going” Harrison insisted.
Tom wanted to punch Harrison in the face.
“What’s your name? You see, I’m new here. I thought that maybe we can become friends”
“Thank you but I’m not interested in making new friend” she said and, with that, she took her earphones out and put them in her ears to ignore him.
Tom rolled his eyes. Not a promising start.

Two months have gone by and Tom collected a series of flops with Y/N. He tried to seat next to her during lunch and French lessons, but she always found a new way to ignore him.
Tom was getting ready for Halloween party. He put foundation on his face to look paler and fake blood near his lips.
“How dead do I look?” He asked Harrison.
“Ah-ah. Very funny, Tommy”
“Are you sure that Y/N is coming?”
Harrison gave him a fast look and then returned to the magazine he was reading.
“I told you, Tom. I can read people’s mind. If I tell you she is coming, it means that you’ll see her at the party. She is dressing up like Magenta. The character from Rocky Horror Picture Show. I bet she’ll look beautiful”.
“Stop drooling, Casper” Tom joked fixing his tie “let’s go to the party”.

The party was… awful. Everywhere, Tom could see couples making out or drunk boys moshing on the dance floor.
“Harrison, this party sucks” he said drinking his Coke. His friend didn’t reply.
Harrison was in a state of trance.
“Haz!” Tom said a loud and he finally obtained a reaction from his friend.
“I can’t see Y/N” he said.
“I can see what people do and I can read their mind. But… now I can’t find her” he explained.
“Uh, one of your super-ghost-powers” Tom mocked him “Is it a bad thing?”
Haz nodded “When I don’t see her it’s because she might be in a dangerous situation”
Thomas become serious “Where did you see her for the last time?”
The ghost closed his eyes and focused on the girl “She was at the parking with… Niall Horan
“The basketball captain?”
“Yeah. He always had a crush on Y/N. We hated each other. He… he is a jerk, Tom. Especially with girls.”
Tom nodded “Let’s go to the parking, then.”
The two boys run as fast as they could. Harrison was still trying to see her, but his powers weren’t working. Tom was just as scared as Harrison.
“I can see her” Tom exclaimed.
Y/N was talking to Niall. They could not hear them, they just noticed that, without any doubt, Niall was drunk.
“Come on, Y/N. I can drive you home” Niall said and caressed her arm with his index “and then we can go to your room”.
Y/N removed his hand from his body “Niall, you are drunk. I’m not going anywhere with you” she protested.
“Hey, Y/N” Tom yelled behind her.
Y/N and Niall turned to see him. Niall gave him a killing look while Y/N seemed relieved to find him there.
“I can give you a lift home if you want”.
She just nodded and left Niall who tried to talk-back.
Y/N didn’t say much on the way home. Harrison was seating behind and looked at her with hearts in his eyes. He was so closed to her, but he couldn’t do anything. He wanted to touch her, but she could just fell a soft cold wind hitting her skin.
Harrison missed her like crazy. He missed holding her in his arms, kissing her pretty face and making love every time their parents weren’t at home. He felt like crying but he knew he couldn’t. He was a ghost now, and ghost don’t cry.
Tom could see Harrison’s sad expression from the rear-view mirror. In that moment he understood that he really wanted to help him. Tom gave her a quick look. He had observed her for several weeks and he couldn’t deny she was one of the most beautiful girls he had ever met.
“Thank you, Tom. For… for saving me from Niall” she said with a shy smile.
“Oh, that’s ok. I was walking and then I saw you. I thought that maybe you needed my help”
“I… I had a really bad experience. I have lost someone very special because a drunk man was driving. All this situation reminded me of what I have been through” she explained.
“Do you want to talk about it? I’m good at listening to people. I… I can help you”
Y/N gave him a sweet smile, her eyes were full of tears “Thank you, Tom. You are really kind, but I don’t like talking about this subject” she said “Now you have to turn left. I live at the end of the road”.
Tom didn’t go further with the topic and just drove her.
“Thank you again, Tom. You didn’t have to” Y/N said.
“That’s nothing. Seriously” he reassured her “And Y/N. You are very beautiful when you smile. You should do it kore often.”
Y/N smiled one last time before getting out of the car.
“Goodnight Tom” she waved at him.
Tom stared at her reaching the front door. He was happy that he made her smile.
“Bro” Harrison woke him up from his thoughts.
“What was that?” Harrison asked.
“What was what?” Tom was confused.
“The way you looked at her, the compliments… you like her!”
“What? No! No, no, no, no, no. I don’t like Y/N. She still is the candy in the ashtray. Remember?”
Harrison wasn’t sure about it “As you like. I’m not going home with you… I-I need some fresh air”.
And with that, Harrison disappeared.

Float Away - (Pennywise x Reader) Part 6

WARNING: Sexual Content 

A/N: This one’s short and please forgive me for how crap the scene was. I don’t know how it works. Anyways, here you go fellow thirsty clown fuckers. Tell me if you want to be tagged in the next part. Enjoy <333 Clown family mentioned was Gpenny (@ghost-oakes ), Peeny (@teensiest ), Noodle (@coulsart) , and Tiny (@rockdownu)

Based on @my-gunpowder ‘s AU

Tags: @honk-honk-bitches , @its-me-yo-boii@red-balloons-and-popcorn , @cute-murderer

The gentle breeze swept the grass, the bushes rustling gently. (Y/N) and Pennywise was under the shade of a tree, both looking at the distance while sitting on the picnic blanket she had brought. They had already eaten and now they sat in silence with a full stomach. There was a lot of leftovers and they both decided to give it to Pennywise’s clown family back at the circus.

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Logan Is Nonbinary Headcanon

Logan is nonbinary, if they were to get into specific labels then they would say agender is closely related to what they indeed feel. Gender is a confusing concept to Logic and they struggle with seeing it as anything but a social construct so even “nonbinary” seems off at times. Logan is open to any pronouns used with them (except dehumanizing ones such as “it”) but they prefer Ze/Zir or They/Them. Even with this belief they are still careful and respectful of others pronouns and when being introduced to new people they will make a flashcard to remind themselves of their name (nicknames if important), physical description, and preferred pronouns as to prevent themselves from making mistakes when meeting again. Might add on to this later!

Okay so I spoke with @awesomelissawho (@lamp-calm-sanders​) about this and she suggested that I share it with you guys! I am not in fact non-binary, I am transmale, so sorry if some details seem off (please feel free to correct me)!


On this day in music history: December 10, 1985 - “Fine Young Cannibals”, the debut album by Fine Young Cannibals is released. Produced by Robin Millar, it is recorded at The Power Plant Studios in Willesden, North London and Sound Suite Studios in Camden, London, UK from May - August 1985. Following the break up of The (English) Beat in 1983, co-founding members David Steele and Andy Cox set about forming a new band. Going through more than five hundred demo tapes and spending eight months looking for a lead singer to front their band, Steele and Cox find singer Roland Gift, originally a member of the Hull based ska band The Akrylykz. Blessed with a uniquely soulful and distinctive voice, natural charisma and stage presence, Gift proves to be the perfect front man. The trio name themselves Fine Young Cannibals after the 1960 film “All The Fine Young Cannibals” starring Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner. Writing more than enough material to a record a full album, FYC go in search of a record deal. Surprisingly, in spite of Steele and Cox’s past track record of success with The Beat, they have great difficulty in getting a record company interested in signing the new unproven band. While still unsigned, Fine Young Cannibals make an appearance on the long running music show “The Tube” in late 1984, performing three original songs. Almost immediately, offers from the very record labels that had previously rejected FYC come pouring in, following the positive response to their debut television performance. Signing with London Records in the UK and IRS Records in the US, the band enter the studio with producer Robin Millar, fresh off of having produced Sade’s hugely successful debut album “Diamond Life”. Featuring nearly all original material, Fine Young Cannibals’ unique blend of ska, new wave, pop and R&B does take long to find favor with the public. Their debut single “Johnny Come Home” (#8 UK Pop, #76 US Pop, #8 US Club Play), quickly becomes a hit in the UK and gains the band a foothold in the US. It spins off three singles including a cover of Elvis Presley’s classic “Suspicious Minds” (#8 UK Pop), featuring Jimmy Somerville (Bronski Beat, The Communards) on backing vocals. The album is reissued on CD in 1999, and then remastered and reissued again in 2013 as two CD deluxe edition. The first disc features the original ten track album with three additional bonus tracks. The second disc contains the 12" dance mixes of “Johnny” and “Suspicious”. “Fine Young Cannibals” peaks number eleven on the UK album chart and number forty nine on the Billboard Top 200.


back in april I did a storyboard test for Steven Universe and shared a couple panels on twitter.  I just found out people were sharing it around on tumblr labeled as official, please don’t spread it around like that because it’s not!  someday I’ll share the whole test though!  here’s some of my favourite panels and warmups I did though for now!

I apologize for the lack of content lately, still getting used to balancing my new job as an animator and my personal life.  I really want to get back into drawing personal work soon!

I mean I know I can’t speak for the experience of every trans person and how they view this narrative. I’m sure this bothers some and not others.

But I’m personally really uncomfortable with the “I lost a daughter/son and gained a son/daughter” narrative like I know its supposed to be progressive and sweet but. 

You didnt lose anything! 

There was no loss!

I’m still here! I didnt go anywhere! Nothing inside me fundamentally changed when I came out that makes me a different person, except I’m happier now! 

You don’t need to “Mourn” your childs old label. They’re the same goddamn person. 

Something really rubs me the wrong way about this idea that parents need to GRIEVE their child’s old label like something significant was lost. Nothing was lost. 

The old me was not Lost when I came out as trans. I was always that old me. That old me is still me today. I am the same fucking person with a new label. I’m like a painted house. I’m a new color, but the inside is the same. You don’t mourn the color your house used to be, you get excited bc of how beautiful it is now. Nothing about me was lost when I came out to people, except terrible feelings that don’t need to be grieved. 

I didn’t die.  I just grew. 

“We don’t own them.
I am so tired of reading things that make me feel like fans think they have some sort of ownership over hanson. Like it’s a personal attack to us if they decide to tour or let out an EP instead of let out an album - I get that major albums are better but does it not occur to anyone that when they do EP’s (which have limited reach) and not albums they’re literally saying, “the ones who have been there are more important than getting new fans”? And even if you don’t see it that way, isn’t it their music? Their label (that they worked really hard for) and their career? They spend so much time on members only events - they give meet and greets instead of selling them for $500 a pop like other bands. They do EVERYTHING for us and all some of you do is whine, while stalking photos of their wives and their children and invading their personal space. Be a FAN, love them for them, be thankful that they’re still here after 20 years and for the memories and relationships they’ve given us. They taught us passion - use it.“

anonymous asked:

My girlfriend just told me that if I end up trans ( which I don't know maybe I am? It's something I'm exploring) that she wouldn't be with me because she's not interested i trans guys at all , we've been together nearly 2 years so I'm really confused as to what to do... help please

Devon says:

I suggest taking the time to talk it over with her. Find out why she wouldn’t want to date a trans man. Communication is always the best thing in relationships.

If your girlfriend is attracted to men but says she’s not interested in trans men, then that is really transphobic. You could talk to her about her sexual/romantic orientation, and ask why she isn’t attracted to trans men. She might be able to do some introspection and acknowledge/work on her own transphobia. She might just be uneducated as to what it means to be transgender.

If your girlfriend is only attracted to women, then there’s nothing you can do to change that. But, some people have more fluid sexualities, and sexuality in general is really complicated. It’s possible that she will still love you if/when you come out as trans, and she will stay with you and like change the label that she uses for her sexual/romantic orientation.

Another reason that she might not want to date a trans man is that she might be afraid of the changes that would come with your transition. You could explain to her what your transition will be like, and that she has nothing to be afraid of. Transition is generally really gradual. Choosing a new name and pronouns, changing your presentation, starting HRT, getting surgery, or whatever other things you might do to transition are not things that happen overnight. (And you don’t have to do any/all of those things to be valid as a trans person, of course.)

You should not stay closeted or hold back on transitioning in order to stay in a relationship with her. You will most likely end up resenting her for your dysphoria (if you experience gender dysphoria), and also be generally unhappy. No matter how much you love her, your mental health is more important than the relationship.

It is also possible that your girlfriend is manipulating you by telling you she’ll leave you if you come out as trans. Here is a resource about unhealthy/abusive relationships. There is also a link within that page specific to LGBT+ relationships that you might find helpful.

Again, communication is most important! Best of luck, and stay true to yourself.

anonymous asked:

I'm curious, you said in one of your tags that you hope Capitol continues to support Niall into 2018 like they're supporting Halsey and Sam Smith. I'm not even sure I understand what labels do exactly, but is there a reason you're concerned? Or maybe that was just a general hopeful kind of remark? It seems like Capitol is generally supportive of Niall, but tbh I don't really know what to look for in a label being supportive.

Oh, no reason for concern - just that I hope Capitol continues to put resources into promoting Niall’s music and building his profile in the US in 2018. There’s a risk that a label will pour all of their resources into launching an album, and have nothing left to keep momentum going after the initial push. But Capitol have a good track record of supporting their artists (at least recently). Halsey’s album came out in June, and six months later she’s wrapping up a successful arena tour, Bad at Love is one of the biggest songs in the US right now (supported by a Jeep brand deal), there’s buzz around her new collab with G-Eazy, and she’s about to be on SNL. Meanwhile Sam Smith also got an SNL spot, his album and lead single are charting really well, and one of his songs has been featured in a big Apple ad campaign. 

So, in terms of the label being supportive, I’d love it if in 3-6 months Niall is getting similar levels of exposure in the US and more people are still discovering his music. Basically my Niall wishlist for 2018 is for him to release one or two more singles from Flicker, get to do SNL, have his music featured in a big broadcast ad campaign, and perhaps later in the year for him to release new post-Flicker music to show what more he is capable of. That’s all I’m asking… is it #toomuchtoask? 😉

anonymous asked:

uhhh last ask why did you tag mtf as a tw/ trigger warning????

Kii says:

MTF and FTM (and other variations) is considered outdated/upsetting to some trans people and we have been asked to tag it.

Lee says:

It’s totally okay to use a self-identifier, but some people don’t like seeing it because they feel that they’ve always been the gender they are and mtf implies they used to be male before they came out so that’s why they requested we tag it. We tag for any triggers that our followers ask us to because it makes our blog more accessible to anyone since people who aren’t triggered by the thing can still see it, but people who have the tag blocked will get a warning so they can prepare themselves before they click to see the post.

We do tell the new mods to tag it only as “#mtf” without a tw or slash before or after so it’s treated as more of a content tag and people can search it on the blog and go though the mtf tag if they identify that way, like how we tag other self identifiers and gender labels just as the #label which it makes it feel less negative than a tw does. So we did ask them not to tag it as “#tw mtf”, but Pat is one of our new transfeminine mods and forgot that since the new mods are still learning.

anonymous asked:

2ps react to s/o who identifies as a pansexual, nonbinary person. Also is really proud of who they are and always likes to make small jokes about it.

Alright here you go! Though we do try to keep almost all s/o’s gender neutral on this page so everyone wins! -Admin Jay

2p America: “So two pans share a room…”
Allen would just look at his s/o and shrug. He hardly used pronouns anyways, they were always doll, sugar, and babe to him. Nothing would really change. Though he would make more pan jokes now, that they can’t stop. Allen would applaud them for being proud of it, but why wouldn’t he?
They were always pan-tastic to him!

2p Canada: “Okay, do you still want food?”
Matt would just look at his s/o and blink. It wouldn’t phase him too much, but he would just ask if he was offending them by calling them chickadee, if not he would continue, if he was he would just ask what they wanted him to call them. Matt really doesn’t judge too many things in life, and his s/o would be the last thing he would ever judge. He just wants them happy. 

2p France: “Okay?”
Francois would just shrug and carry on about his day. He didn’t care what they were or how they identified, he just cared about them. As hard as that was for him to admit, but he did. So he would just mentally check his pronouns but most of the time things would stay the same. Them being pan or non-binary doesn’t change what goes on in the bedroom.

2p England: “I haven’t offended, have I?”
Oliver would be so nervous that he offended them somehow. Though once they explained how they identified, he would make sure to use the right pronouns every time. He would even learn the colors for pansexual and non-binary and make them treats with those colors, especially when pride came around. He would make all kinds of treats in his bakery for pride just to everyone feels welcomed and loved. 

2p China: “What can you make with two pans? Some fun!”
Zhao would just laugh and nod as he jokes with them about being pan before making sure he always uses non-binary pronouns. He would always make jokes about them, but in the end it wouldn’t change the way he sees them. He would still love them no matter what.

2p Russia: “Did I use the wrong pronouns?”
Viktor may not understand every sexuality or gender orientation, but if his s/o takes the time to teach him, he will gladly learn and do his best to keep using the proper pronouns. He would always be respectful of them and their choices even if he does not understand them. If they are his s/o, so if they have worked their way into his heart, he won’t stop them now.

2p Germany: *picks them up and puts them on the counter* “Can’t let the pan be on the floor. Ha! Get it?”
Lutz wouldn’t care either way, he would just change the pronouns if he was wrong and keep going. Though it would be open season for pan jokes. He would still do whatever he was doing before, though he would always go to pride with them to support them. 

2p Italy: “Sooo…you’re just my partner? Is that what it is?
Luciano would have a hard time trying to not use gendered pronouns, but with practice he would get it eventually. He would try to find new pet names for his s/o, but after a while he would just call them by their name. He wouldn’t have a problem with them being pansexual, he just would need reminders about the non-binary part. 

2p Japan: “Okay, I’m still calling you by name though.”
Kuro wouldn’t care too much how they labeled themselves. In his mind, they were still his and that was that. He would work to change what pronouns he used if he was using them incorrectly, but he wouldn’t dwell on it too much. 

Why does no one know what abrosexuality is?

There is one thing that shocked me when I first learned the word “abrosexual” - that I’d never heard it before. It was such a simple concept. When a post I’d made about being abrosexual got put on the front page on the LGBT+ Amino (go check that out btw, it’s great), half the comments were people saying that FINALLY…they had found a word to describe their sexual orientation. It’s just like genderfluid but with sexuality. Yet, we’re still unheard of. And people have a harder time believing it’s real. Why?

Maybe people are just better at understanding gender, for whatever reason. Maybe they got tired of “all these new identities.” Or something like that. Idk.

The most common response I get when I tell people my sexual orientation from non-abro people is… “oh, that’s just bi/pansexual. They can be fluid.” Maybe people are just used to treating sexual orientation as a little fluid, so they don’t understand why we need a label for it. When I try to explain that I literally completely lose attraction to specific genders for months at a time, therefore don’t fit those definitions, eyes roll and I am simply pushed aside as a special snowflake that simply doesn’t want to identify as bi/pansexual. Sure, many do the same with genderfluid people, but often people get genderfluid but they don’t get abrosexual. I’m not sure why, actually.

Maybe transgender people are just more rare, therefore people are more likely to take whatever they say more seriously. Maybe the word abrosexual emerged later in the game, so no one takes us seriously. I’m hoping that with time we will become a better known group. I think we’re actually bigger than we know considering how many times I’ve had people freak out telling me there so glad they’ve finally found a word that fits, even people that have been searching for years.

I think what will really help is telling people in your real lives, like outside of tumblr. Even as the LGBTQ+ activist I am outside of tumblr, I don’t really talk about my sexual orientation because I don’t think I’ll be taken seriously. I need to stop that. We need to stop that. People will never know who we are if we don’t tell them. So fellow abros - be proud of your identity. Take no shit. If you’re ready, scream it to the world.

anonymous asked:

I'm afab nb and I'm still sort of getting used to my new labels. This might not make sense but whenever someone says 'girl' or 'woman' I sort of think of myself? Which is really annoying because I don't like to think of myself as a girl at all. Do you think this whole thing is just me getting used to the label nb? Or am I just cis?

Lee says:

I can’t tell you what your gender is, but if you don’t think of yourself as a girl and you say you are non-binary then you are most likely not cis, and just getting used to not being included in feminine speech. If you’ve been used to responding to “girls” all your life, then it makes sense the association carries over even when you realize you aren’t one.