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Do you propose a new label for homosexual females to use since bisexual females and heterosexual males don't want to use sapphic or wlw and steal lesbian away from us? I don't know if you're aware, but you can't cure same sex attraction. We're born this way. You'll never get rid of us even if you colonize our community and appropriate our language. Lesbians will still be lesbians even if we don't have a label for our sexual attraction.

GOD ……the levels to this. shut up lmao

so because @bechnaesun​ practically coerced me into exchanging future evak headcanons with her, we present to you everything we screamed about for over two hours. 

even and isak get married. and their life goes a little like this:

  • isak and even adopt twins because they would feel like they should adopt siblings so they never, ever felt alone, even when they inevitably start feeling like maybe if they’re not related by blood they’re not the same, but they’d have each other, always.
  • isak would read so many parenting guides!! and google searches!! one times he just goes on a three hour wild ride of reading parenting blogs online, and afterwards, when even comes to bed, isak is sniffly and whispers, “what if we fuck up their lives forever? what if they end up hating us, and never calling–”
  • and even just presses a kiss to the top of isak’s head and says, “they would never, because they’d have you as a parent, and your love is one of the most powerful things in the world.”
  • isak isn’t totally calm after that, but it helps, a bit, but he also thinks that even may be a little biased. a tiny impressionable toddler is a lot different from your husband, because even’s already seen him at his worst, and has promised to stick with him through the good times and the bad. and besides, he never saw even in his angsty teenage phase, and just think about it they’re going to have to put up with all of that! how are we going to deal with puberty! what if they start dating!
  • even: then we just tell them about how we fell in love.
  • isak: baby, you asked me to smoke weed with you
  • even: it’s okay i figure we have at least a couple of years to develop a clean version of that story
  • so the point is, even with all of even’s attempts to placate isak’s worries, he still insists even follows the parenting guides to a tee, just in case they really fuck up at one point
  • even agrees, but mostly because if they do fuck up, then he’d have something to blame it on

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a queer & trans Jewish perspective on names (notes for a zine)

hello friends! i’m starting to put together sources & thoughts for an upcoming comic zine i’m doing called “True Names” that brings together my perspectives on (self-)naming as a queer, trans, witchy Jew - i just finished the excellent Magic of the Ordinary by Gershon Winkler & thought i’d share some relevant quotes & thoughts with you all:

“…no name can hold within it that which is infinite. God, Judaism teaches, is un-name-able, un-peg-able, un-define-able, because not only is God infinite but also dynamic, eluding all attempts to attain a snapshot of a moment or essence of what is God. Therefore, when Moses asked the Creator to divulge the God Name, the Creator’s response was אֶהְיֶה אֲשֶׁר אֶהְיֶה (ehyeh asher ehyeh), which translates simultaneously: ‘I was what I was, I am what I am, and I will be what I will be’:

You wish to know my name? According to my actions I am called. At times I am called el shadai, or tz'vaot, or elo-heem. When I judge the creations, I am called elo-heem; when I battle wrongness, I am called tz'vaot; when I suspend the sins of humanity, I am called el shadai; and when I exercise compassion upon my worlds, I am called yhvh. In other words, I was what I was, I am what I am, and I will be what I will be—according to the nature of my actions I am called. (p.35)

this strikes some major chords with me re: labeling and queerness - existing in flux or outside of conventional definitions/structures, struggling to find words for that or to make existing words fit - and also the idea of a name as describing an action really resonates with me. Winkler expands on that idea when paraphrasing Rabbi Chayyim of Volozhin:

…that which is comprehended somewhat by us, and we decorate this grasping with various God-Names and Divine Attributes and the like—as we find in our Scriptures and in the various forms of our prayers—reflect only God’s relationship with the universes…even [in invoking] the essential, singular Name itself we are not connecting with the Selfhood-Essence of God but with that aspect of the Blessing Source that is in relationship with the universes… (p. 36)

in this view, a name describes not who you are essentially (what could possibly describe that?) but rather who you are to the world, especially who you are to the world in this moment:

This explains the baffling response which the Hebrew ancestor Ya’akov receives from the spirit being with whom he wrestles, after asking it to divulge its name to him: “Why do you ask me for my name?”about which the second-century Rabbi Abba Arecha comments in the name of Rabbi Yosei bar Dowstai: “The angels have many names, according to their calling [in the moment]…[Said the angel to Ya’akov] ‘I am puzzled [that you ask me my name] for I do not know what my name is changing into in this very moment!” (p. 36, emphasis mine)

i imagine you can see where i’m going with this in relationship to changing names as a trans person - if a name is connected to an action or calling, choosing a new name for yourself is the process of describing what (& how) you do in the world right now, which may be different from what you did in the past or what others expected you to do. there are of course trans folks who don’t change their names (for many reasons), but for those of us who do, we’re responding to the sense that our birth names don’t (or never did) describe us accurately. the concept of a “deadname” becomes that which is no longer active - a thing we just aren’t doing anymore, and for a lot of people, being addressed by that name sounds like a request to perform that action again when at best we’ve moved on, and at worst, that action hurt us! we’re doing something else now, something more true to our present understanding of ourselves. we’re in a new relationship with the world and our birth names are an old relationship that has ended.

the essential me, including my gender, can’t be contained in any of my names, and none of those names (in my opinion) are more cosmically real or necessarily permanent than any other - the idea of a magical “true name” is something i want to push back against, and historical Jewish magic backs me up on that with the incantation bowl phrase “and every name [a person] has” 

but my chosen name is powerful because i’m describing me right now, which is really the most important thing since we exist in the present! for me it’s not even a new name - in my case, i’ve been holding onto my chosen name in the back of my mind since i was a child, but have only been able to claim it openly as an adult in the past few years. something about it has clicked with me for that long & it’s a relief to finally be able to use it. other folks are still looking for names that fit, some folks feel good about their birth names! only you get to define the relationship/calling of your name, given or chosen. 

if multiple names/labels and an outright refusal to be defined by others is good enough for the divine, it’s good enough for us - b’tzelem elohim!

It’s Time to Talk Sam Manson

If it’s not already obvious from the fact that I run the @sam-manson-defense-squad, I love Sam. Sadly, she seems to have gotten a nasty reputation among fans, which is a right shame because there’s a lot that can be done with her character. I do understand that her execution in the show was flawed, but if people can overlook bad writing for other characters, I think we should be able to do the same for Sam. Since the first two episodes do a pretty good job establishing what she’s like, she seemed like a great character to start off with.

As a general rule, these character-specific posts will be focusing on the positives (meaning what I think makes them a good character and how they work as part of the show). I’m trying to enjoy something I love, and I don’t wanna spread negativity.

Anywho, let’s get started. (warning: will likely be image-heavy)

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I’m trying to come to terms with the fact that SYCO is the same label, the same team who has been responsible for the underpromotion of JHO, for Louis not having a proper solo debut - not even a website, no updates on his messy social media channels, no photo shoot, no solo interview and profiling, and most of all, FOR ALL THE BAD PRESS and stunting that Louis has been enduring for the past 2 years, and even during promotion that was supposed to be focused on his music (but all his press was about Douis and babygate!) 

Remember how he was absolutely destroyed in the press over the LAX arrest and not a single person did damage control? What kind of label and team doesn’t lift a finger to protect and defend one of their talents? One of their assets?

This is the same team who prioritized James Arthur while Louis was out busting his ass promoting JHO. This is the same team who can’t even create a positive press round for Louis!

And now they launch a website 5 months AFTER Louis’ solo debut and STILL using a photo from an event, not even from an actual solo photo shoot? When they could be introducing this new imagery when they get people to sign up for the first time, and actually push a re-brand? A new look for Louis?

AND on top of that,  we get a new website with ZERO Solo Louis press announcement?? No fanfare? No heralding of Solo Louis, finally? 

How much more are they going to fuck this up? They’ve already done enough damage!

They’ve treated Louis so poorly. As a team they were completely subpar in how they handled Louis’ business. They failed in protecting and promoting Louis both as an artist and as a person.

SYCO can go to hell. I’m just so sorry that Louis is signed with them still. They don’t deserve Louis.

I mean I know I can’t speak for the experience of every trans person and how they view this narrative. I’m sure this bothers some and not others.

But I’m personally really uncomfortable with the “I lost a daughter/son and gained a son/daughter” narrative like I know its supposed to be progressive and sweet but. 

You didnt lose anything! 

There was no loss!

I’m still here! I didnt go anywhere! Nothing inside me fundamentally changed when I came out that makes me a different person, except I’m happier now! 

You don’t need to “Mourn” your childs old label. They’re the same goddamn person. 

Something really rubs me the wrong way about this idea that parents need to GRIEVE their child’s old label like something significant was lost. Nothing was lost. 

The old me was not Lost when I came out as trans. I was always that old me. That old me is still me today. I am the same fucking person with a new label. I’m like a painted house. I’m a new color, but the inside is the same. You don’t mourn the color your house used to be, you get excited bc of how beautiful it is now. Nothing about me was lost when I came out to people, except terrible feelings that don’t need to be grieved. 

I didn’t die.  I just grew. 


I wrote this as if he and the missus aren’t too serious yet, still in the talking stage but have established feelings and such, so they aren’t spending the holiday collectively with each family.

Previously posted to my old page.

Harry. Missus.

I think we need to spend next Christmas together.

Gem’s making fun of me, but you see, mum has a fire going and it’s begging for a cuddle.

What makes you think there is going to be a next Christmas, huh? x

Hey, I don’t know about you, but I’d like to keep you around.

I don’t just like you for your baking skills, you know?

That’s it? It’s just my baking skills? Not even my sparkling personality and love for your behind? A behind that I also miss very dearly. Damn, you had me fooled, Styles.

Is that all you even miss from me? My behind? I can think of something off the top of my head that I know you miss more.

And even when I am trying to bake something, you always pop in and try to be my little helper because I’m “not doing it right, love. You need to do it this way.”

AND you always tell me you’re too good for sugar but I see your sly little fingers late at night ;)

Oi, that’s enough out of you.

The only sugar I am good enough for is yours.

And I don’t just mean your baking skills. ;)

What do you mean exactly? Because it could be a few things. Like from blowies in the shower to a handjob under the blanket during a movie. You need to be more specific, Styles.

Don’t get mad but Gem just saw that text.

She hit me in the head with a pillow and screamed, “Don’t defile her you knob!”

Oh God… No…

I won’t ever be able to look her in the eyes again…

I told her that in the text it’s clearly stated that you’re the one defiling me, and she hit me again.

Oh no, Harry. I’ve somehow randomly out of the blue, in the three minutes since Gem was being sneaky, I’ve fallen ill and can’t come see you for New Year’s… This is so random, I can’t believe it. I’ve been told I have to stay in bed till January 2nd at the earliest.

Doctor’s orders.

That’s hilarious, love. You’re coming.

I can’t if you aren’t here.

Cheeky thing you are tonight…

Facetime later? I miss you.

But you’re talking to me right now you knob :P

I miss your face, I would like to see it before I go to sleep you loaf :p

I think I can make that work :)

My mom asked about you so I showed her the video of you falling and breaking your ass during a show and eggnog came out her nose.

Oh Christ, love.

Making sure I live up to my great first impression, hm?

She said you’re cute, and the long hair reminds her of Tarzan.

So Harry, she thinks you’re a Disney prince.

How much eggnog has she had?

Enough because she just asked me when we are giving her grandkids.

One step at a time, love!

What does the long hair remind you of?

It reminds me of all the fun I’m missing out on because your hair is growing slower than a sloth moves.

It’s growing as fast as it can, love. Give it time. Besides, it’s enough for you to tug on, isn’t it? ;)

Oh and I’m the cheeky one?

For a special friend, you seem to be insinuating a lot of the cheekiness tonight.

“Special friend”? Really, pet?

You literally sound like the meme of that kid going around right now.

Well, what are you then? I know there’s no label right now, that’s okay. That can come later in time. But you’re my friend, who, in my book, I get to do special things with.

I’m a guy, who really, really likes this girl, who I love showing off to my friends, who my family loves, despite a certain somebody’s assumption that we probably don’t ever leave a bedroom… Still sorry about that.

I enjoy the time we spend together, label or not, and I like to keep spending that time together, and see where it takes us.

Oh my God, I’m somehow miraculously healed and can come see you for New Years. x

That’s what I thought, pet. x

And if not, I’d be dragging my ass onto a plane to make sure I get my kiss.

Oh wow, you’re just using me for a kiss, I should have known!

Oh shut it, and Facetime me. x

Why does no one know what abrosexuality is?

There is one thing that shocked me when I first learned the word “abrosexual” - that I’d never heard it before. It was such a simple concept. When a post I’d made about being abrosexual got put on the front page on the LGBT+ Amino (go check that out btw, it’s great), half the comments were people saying that FINALLY…they had found a word to describe their sexual orientation. It’s just like genderfluid but with sexuality. Yet, we’re still unheard of. And people have a harder time believing it’s real. Why?

Maybe people are just better at understanding gender, for whatever reason. Maybe they got tired of “all these new identities.” Or something like that. Idk.

The most common response I get when I tell people my sexual orientation from non-abro people is… “oh, that’s just bi/pansexual. They can be fluid.” Maybe people are just used to treating sexual orientation as a little fluid, so they don’t understand why we need a label for it. When I try to explain that I literally completely lose attraction to specific genders for months at a time, therefore don’t fit those definitions, eyes roll and I am simply pushed aside as a special snowflake that simply doesn’t want to identify as bi/pansexual. Sure, many do the same with genderfluid people, but often people get genderfluid but they don’t get abrosexual. I’m not sure why, actually.

Maybe transgender people are just more rare, therefore people are more likely to take whatever they say more seriously. Maybe the word abrosexual emerged later in the game, so no one takes us seriously. I’m hoping that with time we will become a better known group. I think we’re actually bigger than we know considering how many times I’ve had people freak out telling me there so glad they’ve finally found a word that fits, even people that have been searching for years.

I think what will really help is telling people in your real lives, like outside of tumblr. Even as the LGBTQ+ activist I am outside of tumblr, I don’t really talk about my sexual orientation because I don’t think I’ll be taken seriously. I need to stop that. We need to stop that. People will never know who we are if we don’t tell them. So fellow abros - be proud of your identity. Take no shit. If you’re ready, scream it to the world.

anonymous asked:

sorry for bothering you, but i wanted to ask about the lunerian/solarian/stellarian thing. is lunarian just another way to say afab, and solarian for amab, or am i understand this completely wrong?

Lunarian means ‘to have a complicated/indescribable connection with the feminine identity’, solarian means ‘to have a complicated/indescribable connection with the masculine identity,’ and stellarian means ‘to reject all ties and associations with the gender binary.’

The first two terms were coined initially to replace “feminine-aligned” and “masculine-aligned”, since cis people started using them to mean “nonbinary but basically male/female”. 

You can be a trans girl and lunarian. You can be a trans boy and lunarian. You can be a demigirl/demiboy and stellarian. You can even combine any of the three terms to create grey areas in-between. 

It sounds impossible, and it’s difficult to understand, but these labels are still new, and will take some getting used to. 

[ no okay but like
the musician au is a complete bastardization of system shock’s plot and characters but I genuinely really love it despite it being silly

so like @smokingscreens said, dan is ‘The Hacker’, a daft-punk-esque musician who used to specialize in aggrotech and things of a harder nature, and then slowly eased his way into more of a general synth/varied techno sort of vibe.

He has a specialized helmet that helps him with some effects for the music, and chord/music reading if it’s a new song and he’s still trying to get the hang of it. And yeah it’s modeled after a Cyborg Elite helmet.

He signed on with a label, TriOp (who helped him make his helmet, which was a condition the Hacker/Dan had when being signed on), and his manager is - wait for it - Edward fuckin’ Diego, who he hated from day one. It was tolerable for the first year or so, but their ‘relationship’ as a manager/artist got worse and worse over time.

TL;DR: the music sounds funny once Diego gets it through his ‘screening process’ (spoilers, he’s adding subliminal messages to the music!! to grow a cult for a Certain AI™! and then distributing the music. It works great because the Hacker’s really famous!) and Dan ha te s it

He eventually goes on hiatus because Diego kept trying to nudge him in directions he didn’t want to go to, and then he agreed (reluctantly) to sign on for a music festival, and that’s where he met Alex.
And he loved the passion onstage and the sound he had.
And so he told Diego that if he wanted the Hacker off hiatus, he would collab with Alex.

AND IT’S BEEN REALLY FUN???????? I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT ; w; ]

2015 Fall Semester Supplies - Minimal is my new friend…

Those of you who have followed this blog for a while know how much I love organizing and buying for new semesters and school years. You also know that it involves about a million different things. Well, I’m trying something new.

I have changed my system from previous years. It worked very well for me then, but I do not feel as though it will be as effective with Fall’s course load, so I’ve cut down a lot.

5 Subject Notebook: I’m a notebook snob. I love them, and I only buy really expensive ones. I love five star with so many fibers of my being. For this semester, I only bought one. Of my 7 classes, 5 are on campus and 2 should be online. This notebook is big enough and has enough sections for those 5 on campus classes: one notebook, everyday. I’m excited. Most of my classes are English classes, so I don’t take a ton of notes. Usually a page front and back. I know this will be big enough to hold everything! For my online classes, I will most likely use a one subject notebook I have at home and stick a tab in it to divide for the two classes. That way if I do have to take it to school, it won;t add much bulk.

Two Pocket Folder: This is the folder of importance, haha. I will put anything needed for the day in here. I usually don’t have many handouts or powerpoints, but if I do need one of those for the day, I’ll put it here. Also, any hard copies of assignments will go in here so that I know exactly where they are and they won’t get bent or messed up. At the end of the week, things are are no longer relevant to the topics in class will go in the gray portfolio.

Portfolio: This is a 7 Pocket portfolio that I just picked up. I will use it as my filing system. Handouts/Assignment Copies/Past Work will go in here once the class has moved on from the information in them. This way, I still have it all on hand, but I don’t have to search through a giant folder of old material to get to new material. The inside of it has tabs that are labelled for every class, as well as the color that coordinates with the class. I am a color coder. 

Post Its: Everyone can use posits for some reason or another. I literally have hundreds, this is just the current pad I have. I use them to mark places, leave myself reminders, or add info to notes. 

Highlighters: These are my favorite highlighters in the world. I would pay double for them if I had to. They are so easy to work with and you get ten different colors. I will go back for another pack before school starts because I go through them rather quickly. I usually use them while annotating novels or while making study guides out of notes. Each class is assigned a highlighter color so that I can distinguish notes and handouts easily. Annotating has it’s own key, depending on the type of work. 

Pens/Pencils: I love Staedtler pens. I have 2 packs of the 4 count Black Pens. I will soon acquire the big pack with all of the colors. It will make my soul happy. I also have BIC atlatis pens, which are not pictured. They are cheaper and I always keep them on hand if I know I will have to write a lot. Usually, though, the Staedlters keep me going. They’re just pricey, so I try not use them on things I’m never going to look at again. That’s probably weird…

I also have BIC mechanical pencils, which are not pictured, that I keep on hand for tests. 

In addition to actual supplies, I have my Filofax which is my planner. I adore it. I also have things like paperclips, binder clips, etc. Those are basics that I always try to keep on hand no matter what.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask or email! I try to help all I can.

What your PM customer really wants!

As a new comer to Pm it can be overwhelming going the mazes of different closets, styles and selections. It is for the most part a journey filled with “oohs” and “aahs” and “I have to have that!” The reality is not all closets are living up to their potential and I, your potential buyer want to point out 3 key points that will get us shopping!
1) Styling:
There are closets but then there are CLOSETS! Those sellers who are on point in styling their products, from description and quality. You can see the professionalism. I cannot stress how important it is to take that extra effort to prepare your product for sale. Iron if necessary, write a detailed description and clear photos.
2) Product:
PM clearly states that your product should be either “gently” used, near new or brand new. I have personally seen sellers put out product that have lost their shine a long time ago. Even if it has a designer label, your customers can still see its old and faded. Putting product up for sale like that is wasting your time and potentially thwarting a buyer.
3) Customer Service:
As a seller, it’s a thrill when you get that “like” on your item and it’s instinctive to want to push a sale. Just be mindful of overstepping that boundary of being pushy. A simple “thank you” is sufficient. On the other side of the coin, sellers should acknowledge when their product has sold. Thank your customer and if you have certain shipping days, let them know. In this case silence is not always golden.
I’m looking forward to finding my treasures, getting to know the sellers and embrace the whole PM community!


A fellow Posher

No name left on this submission, but if you are out there please step forward to receive your Thanks.

On “LGBTA+ Agendas” in Shipping: Redux.

Let’s be honest, this one is going to be a touchy subject. Particularly because “agenda” is already a heavy word used by LGBTA+ detractors and because, quite frankly, LGBTA+ characters ARE actually not represented as well as straight characters in media. So this issue is something that flows from what I acknowledge is an actual problem and reason for anger. What I want to talk about however, is intent, particularly that of fanbases. Which recently flared up again when it was more or less confirmed that Genji and Mercy are canon in Overwatch. Or at least, Michael Chu shows a clear, obvious fondness for the pairing.

Frankly, it didn’t surprise me if they are. Their backstory and voicelines already teased that they might be and even if they aren’t, Blizzard has clearly taken to indulging Gency fans, at least. But apparently, Chu actually showing a preference (whether he was right, or smart, to make this public is a post in and of itself) this didn’t go over well with some fans, particularly those who already had their own yaoi/yuri ships involving one of these characters. I can understand their disappointment or even why they don’t like this pairing. No one said they had to. Still, any sympathy or understanding I have for these people goes right out the window when I hear them yell “LGBTA+ representation” as a reason to hate this pairing. And not as in “Another medium that acts like LGBTA+ characters don’t exist!”. Please, do be mad about more sophisticated companies not figuring out what Netherrealm Studios already did with Mortal Kombat X. No, I’m rather talking about it when people’s anger is “But I don’t like this pairing, I prefer another!” Especially coupled with vehement hate against one member of the pairing, flame wars and cries of “homophobe” to anyone who is not a fan. And I’m aware that flame wars over pairings are nothing new, but when the LGBTA+ card gets played, it sometimes gets particularly insidious. 

This is especially because nowadays, LGBTA+ matters is a really easy label to use as a shield. Simply because LGBTA+ rights is genuinely one of the most important social crusades there is and it deserves all the positive attention and reputation it can get and there are still too many people out there who look at this minority in a negative way. There is a reason why we get mad when a villain in media is LGBTA+ or nervous when a LGBTA+ person commits a crime in real life. We haven’t yet reached that point in society where it’s commonly accepted that LGBTA+ people are not deviants and can run the gambit from nicest people you’ll ever meet to assholes, like pretty much everyone else. We haven’t yet reached the point where we collectively stopped tying personality to sexuality and I fear that won’t change anytime soon. The situation is so precarious that any negative publicity can enforce all the stereotypes the LGBTA+ community is trying to undo. That is why whenever something that uses the label “LGBTA+” is criticized, people get touchy. This group of people gets enough shit as it is. Still, I don’t think anyone should get a pass on unsavory behavior, especially within a movement that ultimately intends to use its powers for good. As someone who’s been an active LGBTA+ ally for most of her adult life and an avid shipper of same-sex pairings, I therefore want to talk about when LGBTA+ matters are simply used as a front for personal gain and when “homophobe” becomes the easy, go-to defense when someone even implies this is happening, particularly when the person criticizing is straight and cannot readily disprove this due to preferring the opposite sex.

Now before you get mad, let me explain my point. There ARE too few LGBTA+ characters/pairings in media and I want to see this change. In, say, Overwatch I too would be overjoyed if they’d make Tracer/Widowmaker or Hanzo/McCree canon. I would have been fine if they came up with a great canon gay couple for Genji or Mercy too. Really, I just wanna see any two same-sex characters in a healthy, happy relationship, showing them as normal people whose stories are worth telling (Hell, I cheered when Korrasami became canon in Legend of Korra). But I sometimes get the feeling these kind of outrages about “LGBTA+ representation” are not always about representation of LGBTA+  characters. Sometimes, it’s used as a cover to demand legitimacy for a preferred ship. 

Anyone remember #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend? This hastag trended for quite a while. That one also flew under the flag of “LGBTA+ representation” and I don’t know, maybe that was how it sincerely started out. Still, it didn’t take long for it to morph into a blatant Stucky campaign by fans that demanded the Marvel movies erase pretty much all the story, character relationships and buildup they’d done in their movies just to make their favorite pairing happen. Its agenda was obvious and if there was ever a time where the trend simply wanted to make a point to Marvel about LGBTA+ inclusion, it quickly got lost. Even as a Stucky fan (one who isn’t a big fan of Steve/Sharon either), one who would pay to see an incarnation of Steve and Bucky getting together, I found it an embarrassment. I wanted to support this, if only to show Marvel we would watch movies about LGBTA+ characters, to show that there was interest and ticket sales to be found for that kind of product, because face it, that’s the language companies truly listen to. Instead, what we probably looked like were a bunch of rabid fangirls who thought guy-on-guy was hot. Also, not surprisingly, it ended up doing precisely nothing to help motivate Marvel to add in LGBTA+ characters in their movie productions, possibly because of these things. But then, I don’t think a studio that cowardly on the subject is going to get motivated anytime soon, yet that’s a story for another time that many tumblr users covered far better than I ever could.

Still, the above mentioned is my main problem with this kind of argument. Not that people enjoy shipping any random kind of couple or find it hot. I’m as guilty of yaoi and yuri as the rest of you. Or that I blame them for liking the idea of them being canon. I too have my preferred, even crack pairings, both straight and gay and if the creators offered to make them canon, I’d probably jump at that too. The problem is that people pushing their pairings, demanding they are recognized by the creator and others, claiming they do it for “LGBTA+ representation” often feels insincere and like playing a minority card, especially when it comes with a whole load of “Die for our Ship” and flame wars. The moment you stop demanding the simple existence of LGBTA+ people/couples and start making specific demands for a particular couple using that excuse, especially if it flies in the face of anything established up to that point, and the word “homophobe” is hurled to people who simply don’t like the same pairings as you for whatever reason (or question the truth of your convictions), you’re no longer pursuing a noble course. You’re essentially saying “I want my kinks legitimized, let’s use the situation of LGBTA+ people to cement my claim”. And really, is that your priority when it comes to LGBTA+ rights? Not so people can love whom they want, get married and simply have a dignified existence, but because you think same-sex couples do something for you sexually? If they do, good for you. Not going to judge where you get your kicks. Still, other people’s sexual identities do deserve a little more than being a prop or fanservice. If you also agree with that and are actively pursuing that, then lovely: the conversation has ended and I’m convinced of your sincerity. Still, also don’t immediately get hostile or fall back onto “homophobe” when you equate a favorite same-sex pairing with LGBTA+ rights and people, straight LGBTA+ or anyone in-between, honestly question your motives. Explain and we’re all going to be better, more informed people for it.

Also, why would you need your claim cemented? Ask yourself for a moment if you would consider yourself satisfied, in the LGBTA+ representation department at least, if your favorite piece of media WOULD add LGBTA+ characters/couples, even ones you might not consider shipping? Would you have been happy if Marvel finally actually had the guts to go with gay couples and would actually make a movie about America Chavez and Lisa Halloran, even if Steve Rogers remained straight? Would you be excited if, say, Junkrat and Roadhog were a canon couple, but there’d never be Tracer/Widowmaker? If not, then maybe you should wonder what your crusading is all about. Or at least be honest that it’s about a personal shipping preference and nothing else. Because that’s fine. You do you. Life is too short to bother with canon or people who dislike your pairing. 

Because the thing is, you CAN still enjoy your yaoi and yuri. Or any non-canon straight pairing, if that’s what you’re into. No, seriously, you can. Your Stucky won’t go away. Your Genji/Zenyatta won’t go away. Your Mercy/Pharah won’t go away. Hell, Zutara is still not going away, no matter how many times Bryke has passive-aggressively tried to kill and bury it. Fanfiction is forever, even if the creator of the original work is never going to validate your views and preferences. Now all we need to do is actually make sure LGBTA+ people get their positive representation in all media, until it is no longer a point of contention that they appear in media and are considered normal human beings, rather than deviants or a kink. And in the meantime, we can enjoy whatever smut we want to enjoy regardless of canon. And if it doesn’t exist yet, we can always write or draw it ourselves. Unlike what some people claim, there is not LGBTA+ agenda. But honestly, if LGBTA+ representation and enjoying preferred smut is part of any agenda, I’ll gladly make it part of mine.

anonymous asked:

Can you write an angsty Chen scenario with a happy ending?

All You Ever ~Chen~

This came out pretty long because it’s a song scenario. Also, I’m sorry for the sort of abrupt ending, I just didn’t know how else to continue :3 Nevertheless, enjoy! ~Admin S

⇢ Heavily inspired by the song “All You Ever“ by Hunter Hayes. I strongly suggest you listen to it to understand the scenario more. Click here to listen.


“You give me chances, and I let you down. You waited for words that I couldn’t get out.”


         Chen sighed and threw his coat to the side. He was about done with everything in his life at the moment, especially after having such a tough day at work. He was so caught up in his own thoughts that he didn’t even notice you sitting on the couch right before him, half asleep.

         When you heard his footsteps, you let out a yawn and stretched your arms. A smile was on your face; you were happy to see your boyfriend. “Hey oppa,” you said and got up, moving forwards for a hug.

         You were surprised to see Chen let out a short grunt and step back. He eyed you for just a moment before muttering “I’m tired” and heading for the stairs.

         You stood in place and frowned. You new very well that he most likely had a bad day at work, but all you wanted was a hug after not getting to see him all day.

         You turned around and called, “Chen?”

         “What?” he spat without even turning to look at you.

         You felt like somebody just stabbed your heart, and the words you were meaning to say didn’t seem to escape your mouth. You just stuttered quietly for a bit and shook your head. “N-Nevermind.”

         “Gosh,” Chen murmured and started going up the steps, making a big show of stepping on each step very loudly.

         Once he was out of sight, you glanced at the staircase and began to aimlessly play with the ends of the blanket that you had draped over your shoulders. “I love you, Chen,” you whispered as a moment of déjà vu kicked in.




“I have no excuses for the way that I am. I was clueless and I couldn’t understand…”


         Months after that heartbreaking night, Chen woke up in the early hours of the morning out of habit. He groaned and threw his hand to the side, muttering “Jagi” and hoping to grab you by the waist and pull you close like he always did.

         But you weren’t there.

         Chen raised his eyebrow. “Jagi?” He immediately sat up and looked all around him.

         But you weren’t there.

         “Jagiyah?!” Chen called out in a worried tone. He threw the blanket to the side and bolted to the door.

         But as soon as he reached the doorway, he stopped. “Jagiyah,” he said softly, finally remembering that you weren’t in the house at all, and it’s been that way for months now.

         Chen sighed and rubbed his eyes, getting rid of any sleepiness that was left within him. It was yet another morning without you, but Chen still wasn’t used to the feeling of waking up and not having you by his side. He probably never will get used to that feeling, ever.

         By the time Chen made it to the kitchen, he was already in no mood to try and prepare breakfast. Usually, when he’d wake up in the morning, he’d walk down the steps as he took a whiff of whatever was being prepared in the kitchen. He looked forward to a new dish all the time.

         But that didn’t happen anymore. Because you weren’t there.

         “What the heck is this?” Chen questioned as he eyed the labeling of something in the fridge. He was completely lost and didn’t even know how on Earth he could prepare himself a simple breakfast.

         Why did she have to leave me? a part of him asked.

         Because you’re an idiot, another part answered.

         “Oh, goodness.” Chen gave up on the idea of making food himself and decided to go without breakfast, just like he’d been doing for quite a while now.

         Chen plopped down on the kitchen chair and hung his head low as he ran his fingers through his hair. If he closed his eyes, he could faintly remember how you looked in the morning. You always seemed to fetch one of his shirts secretly and throw it on in the morning whenever he wasn’t aware.

         On the outside, he always made small remarks about you stealing his clothes, but on the inside, he loved it…



         You tasted the sweet breakfast dish you were preparing and yelled back a “Yeah?”

         “Have you seen my blue shirt? You know, the one with the design on it that I bought like two weeks ago with Baekhyun?”

         You glanced down at the blue shirt and sheepishly smiled. You were thankful that he was upstairs and you were in the kitchen, otherwise he would’ve immediately seen his shirt’s whereabouts.

         “No,” you replied.

         “Oh, is that so?”

         You jumped when you heard his voice so close to you. When you turned around, you saw him standing just a foot away from you with his arms crossed. “I think I found my shirt,” he said with a small smile.

         You picked up the plate of food that you prepared and handed it over to him, quickly changing the subject. “Breakfast is ready!”




“Now I’m without you, and it took distance to see that losing you means losing everything…


         Out of pure boredom, Chen found himself sprawled across his bed at 2:15am, looking through the contents of the all his social media. He hadn’t logged onto anything for a few months, afraid to see any sort of news about you from mutual friends. He knew that if he saw any pictures or updates about you, he’d break down completely.

         As he scrolled down through Instagram and found all of the usual things on his timeline.

         Self-promoting accounts, accounts promoting other accounts, random edits, and probably a million Baekhyun selfies.

         Chen chuckled at some of the weird stuff he saw on his timeline, but his laughter quickly subsided when a particular picture caught his eye.

         It was a picture that Luhan had posted only half an hour ago. He seemed to be lying down on the floor with a pillow under his chin, holding the camera in front of him so that he captured both himself and the other person in the photo, who was right beside him.

         “________?” Chen said in disbelief.

         The caption read: Crazy sleepover with the most amazing girl on the planet

            Chen felt like he was either going to throw up or cry. Or both.

         “No, no, no,” he said under his breath, refusing to believe what he saw.

         Since when were you so close with Luhan? What did that heart in the caption mean? Did you really already move on? What were you doing with Luhan? Why couldn’t it be Chen beside you?

         Unknowingly, a few tears already started to fall down Chen’s cheeks as he continued to look through some of the photos on Luhan’s page. He estimated that about 90% of the photos were in some way related to you, whether you were in them or Luhan mentioned you in the caption.

         “You’re supposed to be with me,” Chen muttered, taking in all your features from one of the pictures that Luhan uploaded of you just yesterday. He stroked the screen with his thumb and hazily remembered how it felt like to really stroke your cheek like that.

         “You’re supposed to be mine.” Chen wiped away his tears impatiently and threw his phone at the wall out of frustration, not caring if he would break it. That didn’t matter to him. What mattered to him was that after numerous months, the sad truth finally sunk in.

         You weren’t his anymore.

         You were far away from him now.

         Chen could finally identify that the cause for the emptiness and loneliness he’s been feeling lately was because of you.

         When he lost you… He lost everything… He lost everything because you were his everything.

         And he just now realized that.




“All that you wanted, and all that you needed was a side of me I never let you see. And I wish I could love you, and make you believe it…”


         Chen ended up getting absolutely no sleep that night, only reminiscing in the memory of the two of you. Because of this, he was late for work for what seemed like the hundredth time.

         And as soon as he got to the office with his tie hanging out and his droopy eyes, he didn’t even have to look straight into his boss’s eyes to know his fate.

         He knew that his work required true dedication, and his boss had warned him before that if he couldn’t meet those dedications… He didn’t even need to try.

         And so, now jobless and completely hopeless, Chen marched back to his home in sadness and ripped his tie off. “Stupid boss,” he said and threw the tie to the side. “Stupid job.” He kicked his shoes off and stomped towards the kitchen. “Stupid life, stupid depression, stupid loneliness, stupid everything!

         Chen let out a lout yell of frustration and hit the wall, hoping to relieve some of the pain he felt. “Dammit _______, why did you go?” he shouted. “Why, why did you leave me all alone?” By now he was breathing heavily, and anyone with eyes could tell that he was beyond anger. “WHY?!

         He rested his forehead against the wall and closed his eyes, searching for something, anything that could help him realize what he did wrong.

         Your departure had been haunting him from the moment you stepped out the door, but Chen could never pinpoint the reason why you left him like that.

         But after a few minutes of silence, he made yet another realization as he remembered a distance memory…


         “How long have we been going out now?”

         You cringed just a bit, sad to hear that Chen couldn’t even remember how long the two of you had been together now. “Three years,” you answered quietly.

         “Oh, yeah!” Chen nodded his head and chuckled. “Three years, wow that’s a lot.” Chen was still in his sweatpants and t-shirt, despite it already being ten o’clock at night. He had spent the whole day in his bedroom while you waited to see if he would make any attempt to celebrate your three-year anniversary.

         But when Chen noticed you fall silent, he awkwardly drew a breath and scratched his neck. “So… Are you expecting some sort of expensive present or something from me now?” he asked. “Or wait, don’t girls typically like the whole ‘romantic anniversary dinner’ thing?”

         “No,” you said rather strongly. You couldn’t believe his mind would resort to only the stereotypical and expensive forms of celebration. Didn’t he realize that if he only said those three little words, those would be more than enough for you?

         “Oh so you don’t want anything?” Chen shrugged. “Well, did you get me anything then?”

         You bit your lip and stared at the ground. “I-I wanted to tell you something…”

         “You wanted to tell me something? That’s not special. You can tell me something everyday. This is supposed to be a special occasion.”

         “I have to tell you something because of this special occasion.”

         Chen scoffed and spun around. “Then tell me tomorrow morning, I’m tired now.” And without another word, he trudged upstairs and made his way to the bedroom.

         Your eyes fell on the stared and you were shaken with the bitterness you just received from Chen.

         And yet despite his attitude, you couldn’t deny the truth… “I love you, Chen.”


I love you,” Chen said a few moments after the memory faded away. “I love you,” he said it again as if it were a remarkable discovery he made. “I love you, _______!”

         He didn’t notice the tears in his eyes at that very moment until his newfound discovery finally set in, but even so, he didn’t try to wipe them away. He only focused on one thing.

         And that was letting you know about his discovery.



“Well, is it too late? And are you too far? To turn around… and let me be…”


         It took quite a bit of convincing, but as Chen ran down the street for his dear life, he managed to get Luhan to tell him your new address.

         Chen knew you had moved a little while back, but he of course had no idea where you had moved to.

         When Luhan texted him the address, Chen noticed that you had moved all the way to the other side of town. At the moment, there were absolutely no buses or transportation of any sort for that matter to get Chen to his destination.

         So Chen relied on only his feet.

         And after what seemed like forever, Chen finally spotted the house at the end of the street that had Luhan had directed him to.

         He stopped right in front of the porch steps and leaned down to pant really quickly. All that running seemed like it sucked the life out of him in a sense, but he knew nothing could ever compare to the moment you left him.

         And so with a new sense of strength, Chen moved up the stairs and knocked on the door.

         He waited just a few seconds before you came and opened the door.

Chen was almost struck by how beautiful you looked. Of course, you were always beautiful in his eyes, but it felt like now Chen was observing you with a new pair of eyes after he made his realization earlier.

         “Chen?” You said in disbelief, never thinking that this moment would come. “Chen, what are you-“

         “I love you,” he cut you off.

         “What?” You were taken back.

         “I…” Chen looked down and grabbed your hands, feeling the warmth that occurred the moment you touched. “Love you, ______.”

         You blinked. “Chen…”

         “And I’m sorry,” he added. “I’m-I’m sorry for being so careless. I’m sorry for not treating you the way you deserved to be treated. I’m sorry for not realizing all this before. ________, ________, I’m sorry for not being all you ever wanted.” He voice cracked somewhere near the end when things started to sink in a little more as his eyes started to well up. “Please, please tell me it’s not too late, _______…”

         By now, you had tears in your eyes as well. You couldn’t believe that he said all that. You couldn’t believe it finally hit him.

         But still, you couldn’t find it in yourself to say anything. You were feeling a whirlwind of emotions at that point… Yet still, you couldn’t deny that your feelings for him ever truly went away the second you stepped out the door.

         But as you were silent, Chen started to lose hope. “______,” he said desperately. “_______, say something. Please.”

         You took a deep breath and looked up at those brown eyes that you missed. “I… I love you too.


“That’s all you ever wanted from me.”

Why Bighit is not a new addition to the 'top companies'

Disclaimer: This is my opinion, based off my own knowledge of the music industry. I know more about the western music industry through research and my own work, but I still want to voice my opinion here. Also, I am only referring to the music sides of these companies, not the other services they provide.

Okay, first things first, Bighit is definitely not a top company like SM, YG or JYP for this reason; their only hugely successful band is Bangtan.
Bangtan are very successful, a band known worldwide and one worthy of the praise and awards it receives. They make good music and have become widely popular because of that. This doesn’t make Bighit a top company however.

Take SM for example; they’ve had multiple bands with large amounts of success, (be aware that this is also relative to the popularity of kpop worldwide at the times of their promotions). Bands like DBSK/TVXQ, Super Junior, SNSD/Girls Generation, SHINee, and EXO. Even f(x), who have only just been able to officially name their fanclub, has had their own tour due to their success. Solo artists under the label have also been popular and recieved their own awards.
Similarly, YG and JYP have had multiple groups and solo artists who enjoyed success. To list three of each:
YG; Big Bang, 2NE1, PSY (in case it isn’t clear, even if just the one song blows up, it’s still a successful way to attain popularity)
JYP; 2pm, Got7, Sunmi.

Bangtan is popular, and we do owe that to Bighit, but that does not make Bighit a top company. You might argue that Bighit also has Homme, but that still only brings us to two groups (though Homme is a duo, not a group).
You might say ‘if Bighit produced a new group it’d get popular because they’re in Bangtan’s label’. My response: not necessarily.

An example I’ll use here is Jellyfish entertainment, home to VIXX (note; they have soloists, but I’m only referring to the groups presently). VIXX has been widely popular since their release of the controversial Voodoo Doll (as it was particularly gory for a kpop video, a lot of people watched it, and because of that, they became fans), and that popularity has been increasing with the members acting and appearing in shows (like N and Hyuk in Hitmaker, and Ken appearing in Duet Song Festival).
Despite this, when Jellyfish introduced their new group, Gugudan, earlier this year, the success wasn’t as big as (at least those waiting for the band to appear) expected, even with VIXX promoting their ‘younger sister’ group.

The point I’m trying to make here is that while Bangtan has given Bighit a boost in popularity, that is because of Bangtan’s success, and not because of the company itself; remember that Bangtan used to really struggle until around Danger and Boy In Luv.
Bighit must produce a group that achieves popularity simply because they’re a ‘Bighit’ group before we can go saying they’re a ‘top company’; otherwise, we’re not truly respecting their work, are we? One good group can’t suddenly put them at the top of the foodchain, they still have heaps of work to do before then, so don’t invalidate that work by prematurely deciding they’re done already.

Reac to: their shy and insecure girlfriend feeling a bit more confident when she wears a new bra/underwear

Teen Top react to: their shy and insecure girlfriend feeling a bit more confident when she wears a new bra/underwear.


[Y/N]: I feeling good today  ٩(◕‿◕)۶

Niel: Are you wearing a new underwear again?


[Y/N]: This hairstyle looks good on me, doesn’t it?

Chunji: Yes… Something happens? It’s the six time today that you compliment yourself. That’s weird…

[Y/N]: I got a new underwear.

Chunji: Did she really said underwear in front of me? Can you show me?

Ricky: Jagi what’s happening with you, today you are much more confident than others days. Do you get new bra or something?

[Y/N]: How the hell he knows about that?

Ricky: Not that I see you change clothes or anything… And saw a bra that I never see you with… Not that I saw you change clothes plenty of times before… Because I’m not… Angel Ricky here!

Changjo: [Y/N], all that confident because of the new bra? You still have the label on. 

L.Joe: Why are you so much confident today? That’s a good thing Jagi, I like it!

[Y/N]: I don’t know, everytime I’m wearing a new bra, I get like this. I’m speaking to much? I’m getting to much confortable to talk about everything. That’s a good thing right? Because I hope it’s a good thing.

L.Joe: Yes, that’s a good thing.


[Y/N]: I just bought a new underwear and I’m using now, it’s so comfortable, I never thought that store sell such clothes as such good high quality. I mean it’s not like…

C.A.P: Did you just said new underwear? Are you asking for something indirectly? Because I can’t tell, you’re speaking to fast. But if the answer is yes, let’s go!

Feel free to ask anything, my ask box is always open ^_^ /// Gifs doesn’t belong to me (:

Combeferre & Courfeyrac & Dinosaurs.

the-chesapeake-ripper decided to randomly send me headcanons and they’re too cute not to publish so here you go. (I added a few of my own in bold)

courfeyrac was that kid that was obsessed with dinosaurs (you know the kind) and that’s how he met combeferre because courf would bring his lil plastic dinosaurs to school every day to play with at break time and other kids used to come up to him and be like ‘nice pterodactyl!’ and he’d just continue playing and say ‘it’s a pteranodon, actually’ and the other kid would just wander off after that

then, one day, combeferre comes over and is like ‘nice pteranodon!’ and courf goes ‘it’s a-’ before he realises combeferre got it right and they just look at each other before courf goes ‘thanks…wanna play?’ and it’s the start of an unbreakable, dinosaur based friendship

courf’s family bringing combeferre along with them to the new dinosaur exhibit that the museum opens (I like to think that ferre is an orphan that gets basically adopted by courf’s huge family)

sleepy grown up courf in a dinosaur themed onesie heLP ME

(The onesie was - of course - a present from Combeferre)

Little Courfeyrac and Combeferre used to correct people who got the name of certain dinosaurs wrong in perfect unison.

Now grown up, they still go to every dinosaur exhibits they can and play a game of “who can name the most skeletons without looking at the labels”. They could probably beat the actual museum staff.

Also, they share an apartment and there are little plastic dinosaurs near their bathtub that nobody has ever dared to ask about.

Combeferre throwing Courf a surprise Birthday party and it’s dinosaur themed and some of the Amis are like ‘what the actual fuck’ but Courf is like shaking with excitement so they’re like ‘whatever, the boy is happy’ and it’s like the best Birthday party ever.

Whenever Courf and Ferre need to have a dmc (deep, meaningful conversation) they always go to the dinosaur exhibit of the museum, and that’s generally where they find the other if one of them is down/stropped off

Courf’s Mama and Papa treating Ferre like one of their own, always getting him Birthday presents and Christmas gifts, and fussing over whether he’s getting enough food at the orphanage (which he is, Ferre eats EVERYTHING and never puts on any weight) and taking him on day trips with the rest of the family and they get another bed installed in Courf’s room just for Ferre because he’s around practically all the time anyway

Courf’s family New Year greeting cards feature all of them + Combeferre in front of a pteranodon skeleton.

Reclaiming Pinay

Hey y’all!

I just wanted to give you a heads up on what I’ve been working on.

I know how hard it is to openly share and discuss issues within our community, especially when it comes to more personal experiences.

In all honesty, I don’t get any submissions on this page even though it has 600+ followers so it’s a bit difficult to keep up with content.

I also understand how a lot of us have been conditioned to minimize our experiences because of this bs “model minority” label people slap onto us for their convenience.

Anyhow, I still wanted to help illustrate the diversity of Pinays (and I’ve also decided to include Pinoys/Pinxys from time to time) to help combat the 2D image the world applies to us.

On top of sharing more of my own personal experiences, I was inspired by HONY (Humans of New York) and I’ve been reaching out to some Pinays in Chicago in between work and school.

I’ve met only a handful of Pinays so far, but I’ve been so amazed with what they had to share and I do not doubt that our talks have been mutually cathartic. I want to give y’all something to relate to and also inspire you to share more, so along with the overall blog I am calling this project “Reclaiming Pinay”

This post is welcoming you to join in on this project and share your stories, and help paint a broader, more beautiful, vivacious picture of who we are.

Even if it’s just a selfie, go ahead and submit to the page or tag it as “reclaiming pinay” and I’ll reblog (:

Thank you for sharing this journey with me at ingat!