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OK so keith and lances relationship in this AU ..this is gonna be long so get ready but it starts off when theyre younger:

and wow!!they are friends!!theyre best friends in fact they love hanging out with each other and playing together just being silly kids but then we hit the teens

this is where things get bumpy for them. Theyre still friends and still close(romantic feelings start to bloom),and they have big dreams of being the best dragon hunting duo the worlds ever seen!So they’re finally old enough to start serious dragon training

but it doesnt go all too well for lance……..

hearing that his best friend (and crush) doesnt think he can do the one thing hes been dreaming about since childhood?breaks his heart. And pisses him off

after this they get into a huge fight and lance just…doesnt talk to keith anymore. lance is angry at keith for lying to him, keith is angry at lance for just randomly dropping him without even giving him the chance to explain. 

in the end tho!after lance finds blue and keith finds out they’re able to finally talk and work it out and become friends again :,,) and eventually….eye emoji ..start dating 

more dragon au right here! & here

If somebody with BPD suggests that you were hanging with another person, or that you’d rather be with somebody else than them, don’t get mad! We lack emotional permanence which means we forget that we are loved. We’re just trying to figure out if you still want us around. Try responding like this:

“Yeah, I was/wasn’t with xxx but I’m so glad you’re here now!”

And then change the subject, suggest an activity, or (even better) compliment us or talk about something you did that reminded you of us! This is an easy way that let’s us know we are still wanted and loved. We know our behaviors can be frustrating, and we’re working to curb them. Thank you for supporting us!


[byakuya voice] that KUROSAKI AUDACITY

deathberry vs the siblings (part three) | (part one) | (part two)

Newbie heroes having trouble keeping a lid on it; or alternatively another idea that came from a conversation with my sister
  • Marinette: hey Alya, still having trouble getting an interview with Volpina
  • Alya: actually could I talk to you about that, I may need you to film that for me
  • Marrinette: ok but why
  • Alya: *checks to make sure nobody's listening* because I can't film myself
  • Marinette: *deadpanned stare* ... really?
  • ---------
  • QueenBee: oh my god this is so exciting, I'm getting to hang out with my BFF Ladybug
  • Ladybug: um, we just met
  • QueenBee: no, you guys save me all the time. you come by my hotel and we take selfies
  • ------
  • Ladybug having a sit down talk with QB and Volpina: did your kwamis even mention keeping your identities secret or do me and Chat just get that rule?

If you should be the last autumn leaf hanging from the tree

I’ll still be here, waiting on the breeze, to bring you down to me.

And if it takes forever, forever it’ll be.

And if it takes forever, forever it’ll be.

i wanna make this post for trans and nonbinary people who still call themselves “girls” or “boys” on accident sometimes.

it’s ok. you’ve internalized that for your entire life. you’ve been classified as a “he” or a “she” for your entire life. if you are not out, you probably hang out with people who call you a girl or a boy, and who laugh and and joke and have no idea. 

and so it’s ok if you slip up. it’s ok.

it’s a process, even learning to get your own gender right.

some gay yoi headcanons

ok but my favorite thing is how yeah yeah Victor and Yuuri have their own whole student-teacher-coach-pupil-friends to lovers A-story plot going on and it’s magnificent and well-developed and canon and everything but

I like to imagine all the other skaters having their own little interconnected subplots as well

I have this headcanon that they all still kind of hang out together outside of competition season both one-on-one and in their little squads and things get Gay

like just imagine

Yuuri and Phichit spend a week together over the summer in Tokyo visiting tourist shops and waste money on a ton of souvenirs just because they can

Leo and Guang Hong go sightseeing around Spain when they’re there to visit Leo’s grandmother

Yuri and Minami go on vacation together to Australia and the picture Minami posts of Yuri holding a koala goes viral in less than a day

Seung-gil and Jean Jacques visit the Catacombs in Paris and send pictures of themselves holding skulls to each of their families with no explanation

Phichit, Yuuri and Minami go bowling at the local bowling alley when Phichit comes to visit

Yuri and Jean-Jacques pick up a box of every flavor of TimBits from Tim Horton’s while they’re in Canada for training and taste-test them together on SnapChat

Seung-gil and Leo are both in London at the same time as a concert that they want to catch, so they buy a pair of really cheap tickets and scream their lungs out from the back row

just things like that

and they all follow each other on all their social media and they tweet each other all the time and have little joking Twitter feuds and they always leave nice comments on each other’s Instagrams and their Snapchats are always just filled with pictures and videos of each other and they have a group chat named “gays on ice” or something like that where they all just send memes of each other except for Yuri who only ever sends really zoomed-in blurry creepy-ass sniped pictures of Victor at like three in the morning (Victor is not in the group chat because his age is not on the military clock and he is too old to hang out with these Hip Young Sk8r Bois™) and when they meet up at competitions they all make plans to hang out together and get dinner or go see a movie together and at least some of them always end up having a sleepover in someone’s hotel room (usually Phichit’s) and the next day on the flight home the group chat is just spammed with pictures of Leo drawing a mustache on Yuri while he sleeps


all the young skaters being bros

SHINee Reaction || They Don’t Pay Attention To Their Girlfriend So She Clings To Them


“How can I play hard to get with you being my little koala bear?”


*As if you weren’t there he jumps away to the kitchen still making you frustrated even while you’re literally HANGING ON HIM*


“Ok, you are worthy of my attention”
*He pets your head and laughs softly*


“Yes, because what is personal space”
*He’s joking around, pretending like this doesn’t make him happy*


“Oh, you’re here, honey! I totally did not see you trying to get my attention for the past two hours!”
*He laughs and kisses you gently*
“You clingy one~ (literally)”


ok but the very end of TLD when johns happy again and after theyve hugged and are gonna be getting to a good place and sherlocks solving cases again and looks good again and johns been coming around every day (they had scheduled 4 more hours the very next day) and like they…….they were probably hanging out like old times one more time……slightly more emotionally open…..still a ways to go but……wow

♡ Angry Luke Smut w/ Visuals (Request) ♡

A/N: ITS HERE!!! iya this was an anon request for an angry luke smut w/ visuals, so yea, wasn’t sure how to go about this but i hope y’all like it (sigh, i feel like everybody needs angry luke sex tbh)

warnings: ofc smut, nsfw images so if ur not into that then keep scrollin’, lots of dirty talk n rough sex here ok ok 

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heyyy so I’ve decided to make a network for aspiring writers, fanfic writers, people who can write well?? Idk guys. But i’m getting back into the hang of writing and it’d be pretty cool to talk to other writers and maybe idk make friends from this? I’m still editing the actual network page so bare with me on that.

If you’re a writer you’re pretty much gunna get accepted (only if you’re a nice person) I have no limitation to how many can join

Ok so if you wanna join:


  • follow me and idk maybe my twitter (if you have it) cause i’m honestly always on there
  • reblog this (makes this easier to know who wants to join) likes are for bookmarks only
  • no form bc I suck as human being & i’m lazy
  • message me telling me:

- your name + pronouns (don’t wanna offend anyone)

- why you wanna join

- age

- also a link to anything you’ve written 💕


  • writers obviously (any form of writing)
  • people willing to help others with their writing
  • able to join the fb network page


  • a follow from me
  • help with your writing!!!!
  • meeting new people + making friends
  • a spot on the network page
  • group chats ??? Idk it might happen
  • people to chat too and like ur selfies (wow i’m trash)
  • ur work promoted by each other and the page
  • ur blog promoted as well (I have 52k followers for u to be promoted to)


  • challenges
  • collabs
  • weekly video update about ur life/writing/whatever you want, on the fb or tumblr page (what ever you’re more comfortable with)
  • help each other write/be each other’s beta
  • be a safe place for anyone
  • fav writers of the week (voted by all of us)

if this flops imma crawl into a dark hole and pretended I never posted this


•B has been to the hospital and is still loopy from anasthetic•
A: I’m going out. Don’t do anything stupid.
B: ok promise
*A gets back*
B: ;)
There are tables upturned. The paintings are upside down. Clothes. Everywhere. The kettle is… somewhere? The tv remotes are in the fridge. B is half hanging off the front of the sofa, hair soaked and face flushed
A: what THE F-

I'm Terrified

   I’m not the greatest with words and I don’t know how to exactly say this, so bare with me right now. It gets hard to talk to you, but it’s not a bad thing. I am constantly worried about messing up in front of you, even when FD, Dottie, Pyro, Icy, and hell, even Water Mom said it would be ok. I thought the opposite and after waiting for so long, I still do. I just want to stress that you shouldn’t feel pressured to agree to this, if you like, you can block or stop hanging out with me if you’re uncomfortable around me.

    Do what’s best for you, that’s all I’m asking because my happiness will never matter as much as yours does. I care about you, maybe even a little too much. It’s almost like I’m a totally creep or just a weirdo and it’s something I’ve been trying my best to hold back. I mean, I think Du är absolut vackra. Du är för ljuv, älskling. Jesus Christ, it’s kind crazy to think I actually got the bravery to message you. I guess what I’m trying to say is:

          Jag älskar dig och jag vill inte att du skadar, Noro Dear

  I can’t say I would be the best companion when it comes to this type of thing. In fact, I’m probably the opposite, especially when it comes to you. You deserve way better than me, even if you don’t see that. I honestly don’t understand how you can’t see how wonderful you are, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder I guess, right?

Basically, in Tumblr Fandom terms, do you, if you want to, make Zealroalia canon…? <:D ~ Zeal

(Sorry for the broke Swedish)


Holy,,,, I’m at a loss for words,,,, I’ve been staring at this for god knows how longs because I’m stunned

I’m not uncomfortable or anything like that, because..

Jag älskar dig också. I don’t understand how I deserve someone like you. You’re a wonderful being Zeal, you should know that.

I don’t know what to say if I’m completely honest, but yes. Let’s make it canon.

mrscarocat  asked:

Hello ^^ I have a request. Could you draw Kazuma Asougi and/or Sherlock Holmes? I haven't played Dai Gyakuten Saiban yet but I still fell in love with these characters hehe. Thank you in advance.I just recently found your blog and your art is amazing

Hellooo !! Sorry I took so long ! Been really busy and I keeeeeep trying to get hang of Sherlock but I can’t OTL ! Anyway, this is my first time drawing him so I hope it’s ok !! Sorry for messy doodles ehehe !! 

I haven’t played DGS either but their OST is so gooood!! I am glad you like the characters : DD !! Thank you so much too !! It meant a lot ♥ 

This is the very last text from my ex bestie. We were friends for about 3 or 4 years. She and her other friend always teased me and manipulated me. I could never trust them, I told them all of my secrets (most of them were my crushes) and they would promise that they wouldn’t tell anyone, but the next day I see them telling my crush I love them, and it made me almost cry, since i was shy and embarrassed. Whenever I pointed out that they were being horrible , they would get aggressive and gang up on me and they would always call me a crybaby. One day they were running away from me and I was chasing after them, when the friend of my bestie said “ugh go away”, and suddenly I realized that they were horrible people, so I stopped hanging out with them. When my bestie asked if I still wanna be friends I said no, and she just said “ok!” and ran off, but after that I felt free but alone, I was friendless after that for about 8 months, and I hated it. I would read outside at recess, and occasionally look up from my book and see everyone being happy with their friends. All I wanted was a friend that wouldn’t hurt me, I was too scared and broken to reach out to anyone. One day I got the courage to ask a girl to be my friend, but it didn’t last long. Our friendship was just boring. So I reached out to my old bestie that I broke up with, and she was surprisingly nice and was very sorry for being crappy. We are now besties again and I love it, but her two other friends are horrible, they hurt her emotionally and then act like they did nothing wrong. One of the girls is the girl that told me to “ ugh go away” I’m sorry this is long but I’m happy I could share it

guess   who   ?   it’s   me   !   i   win   !   you   lose   !

Accidents happen | New recruits
  • Nick is just approaching his apartment after a hard day at work
  • Nick: Finally
  • Nick reaches into his pocket but can't find his keys. He frantically pats himself down trying to find them
  • Nick: Shit
  • Nick gets out his phone and calls clawhauser
  • Clawhauser: hello?
  • Nick: hey Ben any chance the office is still open?
  • Clawhauser: nope just locked it, why?
  • Nick: I've left my keys
  • Clawhauser: Not much I can do, anyway gotta go *hangs up*
  • Nick calls Judy
  • Judy: Nick?
  • Nick: Hey Carrots any chance I could come round?
  • Judy: Nick it's 11pm
  • Nick: yeah?
  • Judy: Explain
  • Nick: I left my keys in the office
  • Judy: you want to sleep here don't you?
  • Nick pauses
  • Nick: yeah
  • Judy: fine but don't tell anyone you were here
  • Nick: ok
  • Nick end the call and makes his way to Judy's
  • Nick: hey
  • Judy: hello
  • Nick: where am I sleeping?
  • Judy points to the bed
  • Nick: where are you sleeping?
  • Judy points to the bed
  • Nick: *smiles* umm ok
  • Judy smiles back at him, Nick gets comfortable and climbs into the bed with Judy
  • Nick: Night Carrots
  • Judy: Night you dumb fox *laughs a little*

ok but

harry and draco being in a relationship for years. at some point they even move in together. but ron and draco still don’t really get along. one day, the four of them are all hanging out and draco and ron start bickering over something stupid again, and draco finally snaps and say something like “fine! merlin forbid i try to be civil with my boyfriend’s best friend.” 

and then ron freezes and is just like “WHAT??”

and the other three are confused until draco is like “OMG, you didn’t realize harry and i are together???”

and ron’s just like “I THOUGHT YOU WERE ROOMMATES”

and draco just has the most incredulous look on face and harry and hermione are just laughing hysterically in the background