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Round 1 complete! Round 2 should be done either next week or the following one :) 

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#17- Masquerade (aka the time Roy wore a mask that Riza actually liked)

#10-Fantasy Tolkien AU (Me? First Age trash? Naahh)

#11-Disney Couple (101 Shibas,anyone?)

#12-Broadway Couple (Von Trapp Family..Alchemists?)

#5- Prom/Formal  (I never went to prom but I’m sure if they did they would totally win)

Normally, we see technology and progress in science-fiction movies, but the Ravagers are guys who love muscle cars. The sensation of touch is important to them. So even though there are ways to make a spaceship that doesn’t tremble, they want to feel the trembling. They want the tactile sensation of feeling their hands on the buttons, to feel everything they’re interacting with.
—  James Gunn
(7) Ignis’ pick-up lines.

[Back in Insomnia]

Gladio: Thanks for inviting me for dinner tonight, Iggy. The food was wonderful. You’re the best cook I’ve ever met.
Ignis: …
Ignis: And I cook best in the morning, you know.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Gladio: Cool! I’ll drop by tomorrow early to taste test.
Ignis: You’re not getting the point, Gladio.

TMNT 2012 ends tonight!

The finale of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012 airs tonight at 9 on Nicktoons.

This show has been such a huge part of my life for the last five years. Being an aspie, I get super obsessed with like one thing for a long time, and TMNT 2012 has been that thing.

Unlike past aspie obsessions though, I’ve actually been able to make friends rather than drive them away through this.

Tori @adrenalinerush247 became my college roommate in Fall 2015 (we’d met during my first semester, Spring 2015, in Acting I) and one night she saw me wearing a TMNT 2012 t-shirt to bed and she was like, “I’ve actually heard good things about that show. Should I watch it?” I was surprised anyone would want to watch what I watch, but I was like, “If you want. I mean I like it.”

Not only did she volunteer to watch it; she watched all three seasons in eleven days! And then to tide her over until season 4 premiered, I offered her my fanfic, which she also loved! Such a good feeling. :3

TMNT was the thing we bonded over as roommates, friends, and near sisters, and it was so amazing getting to live with someone as obsessed with TMNT as I am.

I’ve met a lot of awesome people here on Tumblr, too! 

Shelle and Pie, I love you both so much! We should do a Skype video call soon! Like maybe when you two meet up in Scotland! @mamashelle80 @pie-thinkings

Brit, I don’t know if you’ll see this, but I’m so proud of you and you’re such an inspiration. 

Poetique, Reddy, Millin, Kallie, Kleptotello, Faithy, Myrling, it’s been lovely making your acquaintance and even getting to know some of you.
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Leo, Raph, Donnie, Mikey, and April, as well as everyone else that’s part of your blog system, you all do a great job with your blogs and you’re so patient and brave doing what you do!
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I love this community, and it wouldn’t be possible without Brandon Auman and Ciro Nieli. 

Their version of TMNT has been the cleverest, funniest, feelsiest, most action packed and ship-tastic version ever. Even Kevin Eastman praised it as the finest version of TMNT. And dude, the plot twists in this show! Making Karai Splinter’s daughter??? It’s been four years and I still can’t get over it. Absolutely brilliant. 

Whatever happens tonight, I won’t be going anywhere. I still have a lot of blogging to do. I haven’t even gotten to the monster arc and crossover arc yet! (I mean I’ve seen them, but I haven’t blogged about them much.)

Plus I really wanna try that timeline thing. Let’s see if any sense can be made of this weirdness. I’m sure I’ll notice a lot of fun things going through the show again and I’ll want to share those, too.

I’ll be around for a while and I hope you all will be, too. This will always be a TMNT 2012 blog. If I get obsessed with something else, like the new Ducktales or something, I’ll start a different blog for that.

As for the finale tonight, let’s hope for the best and prepare for the worst (because let’s face it, the finales in this show… they hurt). 

The show may be ending…

…but the fangirling won’t stop here!


(Which can totally happen guys, since Loki is genderfluid and actually gives birth multiples times.)

If we all collectively don’t watch tonight’s episode then Cal doesn’t die and we all (well I can) pretend that he’s off training to be a surgeon because Sam got him a training position in America. Okay? deal? everyone agree?

A Beautiful Winter Night

This was originally written for MariChat May 12th: Sleepover. This got away from me a bit. haha. ha. 3k words. That’s not a drabble at all! So this is now a stand-alone one-shot. Go figure.


Summary: Chat’s great night is interrupted. Will his perfect night be ruined? Or will Marinette be able to salvage it? Maybe a sleepover will be just the thing Chat needs.

Warning: this summary is only technically true.

Tonight was a great night for Chat Noir; he was on solo patrol and loving every second of it.

He really enjoyed solo patrols. He loved spending time with his lady, but there was truly something special about letting loose by himself. At night time he could truly be free.

So as he darted from rooftop to rooftop he couldn’t help but grin and laugh. It really was a beautiful winter night. Pars was quite the sight and he couldn’t help but take it all in.

It was quite cold, what with it being nighttime during the winter, but it didn’t bother him much. The constant movement warmed him as he made his way around to the Eiffel tower. Soon he would have to return home, but first he ascended the tower. Slightly out of breath he still managed to cheer as he reached the top. He took his time as he admired the most wonderful view of Paris there was at night. The view from the top of the Eiffel.

After a couple more moments enjoying the sight he descended the tower and started heading towards home. He grinned when he saw Marinette’s balcony. It was too bad that it was so late or else he could have seen her tonight. Still, He would get to go right over her home to get back to his.

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The results!

(And the event has ended! Thank you all so much for participating! I certainly had fun! But um…I can’t say for sure that the littles did I’m afraid. So unfortunately, I cannot answer the rest of the asks for personal reasons, but they have been seen, judged, and the scores were determined! And here are the results:

Alfred: 4
Austria: 4
Britain: 9
Canada: 3
China: 3
France: 13 (RIP)
Germany: 3
Italy: 4
Japan: 5
Liechtenstein: 1~
Romano: 4 
Russia: 2
Spain: 2
Switzerland: 4

So the results have been tallied and little Lila is the winner!! Congratulations, she is the nurseries big girl! She did have a scary time, being trapped in a small space, and in an ask that I did not answer, but did not get a point, she was picked on by a bigger boy. But she did her very best and was such a brave brave girl! Good job! She defiantly gets some sweets for being such a brave little princess~

But unfortunately,after having a look at the results, little Francis has lost the game, and has been given the title of the nurseries littlest baby. His punishments (including those not answered, and those that did not get a point) include: A tarantula on the head, being shaved bald, messing up his shirt, a scary phone call, being screamed at, feeling hated and unloved, losing a fight, losing his comfort item, being made fun of, getting lost for awhile, being punished, having an accident and being embarrassed (You really had fun with him didn’t you?) So sorry Francis, better luck next time!

Again thank you all for participating. The inbox will open up again momentarily. I hope you are all having a wonderful October, and you all have a Happy Halloween!)

call out post for tumblr user @boughtloyalty for making me sadder than i already was about elena&knot interacting even though i’m 10% convinced i had a hand in starting it and simply refuse to accept blame and deem it easier to deal with if the blame is pushed onto someone else and i’m still sad

and i was told to SHUT UP on tuesday morning so ?? a double attack

((Offline! I should be able to finish my saniwa oc by tomorrow…assuming I don’t chicken out and decide not to go through with it after all.))

I met them. I met them and held their hands and i still can’t get over it. i’m still processing all that happened tonight. i’m sitting in the kitchen crying because i am now rembering everything. i saw kihyun and when i got to his at the hitouch i touched his hands and told him “i love you so much” and he smiled so big that my heart skipped a beat and then everything happened so fast until i reached jooheon (he was the last one) and i held his hand so tight and he smiles so sweetly at me :((( guys i’m crying so hard ! the concert was perfect. it was everything i could’ve ever asked for. my whole body hurts but here i am. 

why? why couldn’t ted have gone back to victoria. why did it have to be robin. why is it that this pisses me off so much. why is it that the show how i met your mother is not in fact about how ted met the mother and instead about the fact he was lustin on some other girl and even though she didn’t love him, eventually got her. why did the writers make her smile at the end. why am i outside of carter bay’s house holding a knife. why.