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Friendly reminder that Emperor Ublaz (a.k.a. Mad Eyes) painted his claws, wore color-coordinated outfits that varied by the day, and curled and perfumed his whiskers.

Have a screencap of Yami actually looking like a teenager, also there’s a bitchin dragon!


If the Shoe Fits… (M!Corrin x Oboro)

Sometimes Oboro could not understand her husband.

A little eccentricity was fine, she had worked for the royal family (and alongside their other retainers) for a long time. She became quite familiar with some of the more colorful personalities in Hoshido. Oboro herself was guilty of having a few quirks. When she first laid eyes on Corrin, the blue-haired woman had some suspicions that he was a little odd. When Oboro had her first extended conversation with Corrin, those suspicions were validated.

Corrin tended to be a bit blunt, he would ask a very personal question before realizing it. Perhaps because of this, another of Corrin’s quirks was that he would apologize at the drop of a hat. She and Hinata once had a drinking game over how many times Corrin could say ‘I’m so sorry’ in one day. Perhaps the cause of this would be his other quirk: the fact that Corrin was optimistic to a fault. While by no means a fool, he was usually the last person to think a bad thought about anybody. A little eccentricity didn’t bother Oboro, and she found something strangely endearing about just how odd Corrin could be. But when it came to Corrin’s fashion sense…

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Taron Egerton is the kid’s name and what a break out performance. This kid is awesome, there are shades of Leonardo DiCaprio, thats right I said it, there are some points in this movie where you go, wow he reminds me of young Leo…. I think this guy could eventually win a Oscar