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Not Jealous

Fandom: Gotham

Pairing: Jerome Valeska x Reader

Forever Tag:  @angelicshinigami @tothetardissterek (if you’d like to be added to this list, please notify me)

Prompt: “Hi!! If you’re still doing requests, do you think you could make one where the reader is apart of the maniax but recently a new member is recruited and she’s in love with Jerome and he finds it amusing how jealous the reader is! ♥️♥️” - Anon

Summary: It’s all in the prompt.

Word Count: 737

Warnings: Jealous reader, smug ass Jerome, also Jerome talking about hot girls in front of you.

A/N: Yessss. Btw, this is before Jerome dies, because the Maniax still exist. See if you can find the reference to another fic of mine. ;)

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you’re still my werepuppy (isaac lahey one-shot)

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Summary: It’s mortifying when the boy you like suddenly can’t stand to be near you.

Pairing: Isaac x OC

Rating: cute (◕ᴗ◕✿) 

This second part was requested by kalajmic.​ You can read the first part here.

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Fanning the Flames
  • Words: 2k
  • Genre: Angst; Fluff
  • Ship: Yoongi x Reader

Can you please do 2 and 69 for yoongi please? Can you make super angsty but fluffy at the end? I’m sorry if I’m asking for to much 

So I wasn’t sure how to make it super angsty but I tried. Enjoy~

It was a minor misunderstanding, something you assumed Yoongi wouldn’t pay any mind. After all, celebrities are always being talked about, but why was now any different?

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Everything around sana seems to be sex/relationship centric,

First, she lusts over the hot guys. With the music in the background. “None of them work for me. None of the move anything.” They clearly did ;)
When she arrives, Isak and Even are full on kissing and being cute together.
Magnus throws her a romantic comment about Vilde.
She didn’t see, but we got a scene of Magnus and Evak competing over their relationships.
Then, we had Vilde grossly going non stop about sex. So much it makes Sana snap.
Of course Vilde throw her insecurities at Sana and say she’s sexually frustrated. To which Sana answer that she doesn’t spend every minute thing about boys, which is kinda what she was doing when the clip started.
Then Eva talks about Noora and William, and what happened to their relationship.

It’s seems she can’t escape from it. That she’s surrounded by something she chooses not to do, but still has a lot of urges for. Same with the meat in the pizza. She chooses not to eat it, but her friends probably don’t even bat an eyelash about what it implies. It must be so lonely. To choose things not even your friends understand. They respect it, but don’t remember it (they didn’t even ask for special pizza). It’s as if her religion doesn’t fit with the rest of the world. If she chooses her faith she won’t fit in. While religion is a part of her, it must weight on her what she’s giving up because of it.

Don’t Let Me Down (Yooran)

because I was listening to this and decided to hop on the yooran angst train

On AO3

No new messages.

Saeran tossed his phone onto his bed and pushed both hands into his bright hair. He stared up at the ceiling and took a deep breath trying to calm the jittery feeling that was growing in his chest. Glancing at the phone, he grabbed it up and checked his texts again. Maybe he’d forgotten to hit send.

No such luck. The message had been sent but hadn’t been read yet.

He threw the phone back onto the bed (with a little more force than before). That was fine. It was fine. Not a big deal, right? Yoosung was still a student, after all. He had classes and tests and needed to study. Even outside of the RFA, he was busy. Saeran couldn’t reasonably expect him to respond to every text, right?


He glanced over to his phone again but squeezed his eyes shut to keep himself from reaching over and snatching it up.

‘This is ridiculous,’ Saeran thought. Sure, they’d had a fight, but Yoosung wouldn’t leave him over one stupid fight, right? Only…it hadn’t been a fight. Not really. 

He had too much energy. Everything under his skin was vibrating. It was going to come out. He was going to explode.

‘Just breathe,’ he reminded himself. Saeran sucked in breath after breath like it was the only thing keeping him from falling apart. 

Everything was still too close. Why did his clothes have to rub against his skin like that? It just made the vibrating worse.

“Saeran,” Yoosung spoke to him, voice calm and even. “Everything’s okay. You’re okay. You can handle this.”

“I know,” Saeran snapped. How often did this happen? Of course he knew that everything was okay, but that still didn’t make it better. It was only more frustrating! Why did this happen when everything was fine? Why did he have to be like this?

“Try to focus on your breathing,” Yoosung tried talking to him again, but it only set Saeran further on edge.

“I know!” He snapped again. Rounding on Yoosung, he shouted, “Why are you always like this? How are you so calm all the damn time? You have no idea what I’m going through! What the hell do you think you can do to help?”

Yoosung was quiet for a few seconds before he said, “You’re right, I don’t know how you feel right now. Maybe if you told me I could help?”

His breaths were coming faster now, each one burning in his chest. Saeran wasn’t even thinking about his words and continued to shout, “What is wrong with you? Why are you so nice? Are you stupid? Do you like it? Why do you stay?” 

Turning away, he didn’t even look at Yoosung’s reaction. Everything was falling apart. He was falling apart. Lifting his hands, Saeran gripped his head. He had to hold himself together any way he could. Frustrated tears burned his eyes. He didn’t want Yoosung to see this. Not this ugly side of him. Why wouldn’t he just leave?

“Saeran,” Yoosung’s voice was gentle and it pulled at the tight knot in Saeran’s chest. But when a hand touched his arm, everything he was trying to keep together unraveled.

Lashing out, physically shoving Yoosung away from him, Saeran screamed, “Go away!”

Breathing still harsh, eyes wide and frantic, Saeran caught Yoosung’s reaction this time. That moment was what brought him back to his senses, focus narrowing down to only the hurt look on Yoosung’s face. All the excess energy suddenly flooded out of him, leaving him cold and exhausted.

The shock on Yoosung’s face only lasted for a second before he was smiling again, forced as it was for his sake, and saying, “Sorry, I guess you just need some time to yourself. I’ll head home for today. Feel better, Saeran! Take care of yourself, okay?”

Saeran wanted to say something, wanted to stop him from leaving, but he could barely stand, barely breathe. When Yoosung was gone, the door shut behind him, Saeran finally collapsed in on himself to cry and scream until he was spent and hoarse lying on the floor.

Saeran thought back to that awful moment after he pushed Yoosung away. The look that had been on his face had haunted his memory for three quiet, lonely days. But what hurt the worst was remembering how quickly Yoosung had tried to smile and brush it off. That tight smile, the redness that took over his cheeks and nose while he tried not to cry at Saeran’s rejection, how tight his laugh was when he said he’d go home for the day.

Saeran pressed a hand over his heart. His chest hurt. It was tight and suffocating and made his eyes burn. He grit his teeth, refusing to cry, refusing to give into this feeling. It was just in his head. It wasn’t real.

Yoosung had always been there for him. From all the way back when Saeyoung had first brought him home, Yoosung had slowly tried to be his friend. He didn’t talk to him like he was fragile or damaged. He always came back, even when Saeran pushed him away. He told him he would be there for him if he ever needed someone to talk to.

But maybe he had pushed too hard this time. It hadn’t just been harsh words or looks, it had been physical.

There was a voice in his head, ‘He’s never coming back.’

“Stop it,” Saeran said to no one. He knew what this was. Sitting on the edge of his bed, he put his head in his hands and took a deep breath. “He’s just busy. He needs time. He’ll come back. I said I’m sorry.”

‘Did you really though? It was a text. Pretty pathetic.’

“Shut up,” Saeran said through clenched teeth. “He promised. He knows. He knows how I am sometimes. I don’t mean it. I don’t. He promised he’d stay, that he’d be here.”

‘Yeah, but you never hit him before.’

“I didn’t–!” Taking another deep breath, Saeran clenched his hands in his hair. “I didn’t hit him. I didn’t.” Even as he said it, guilt twisted his gut and made the tears he’d been fighting back spill down his cheeks.

‘You might as well have,’ the little voice in his head told him. ‘Who would want to stay around someone like that? Who knows what you might do next time you get upset with him?’

Sniffling, Saeran croaked, “But he promised…”

Well, this was it. He’d tried so hard not to have one of his episodes in front of Yoosung. He didn’t want him to know about that part of him, the scary part that he lost control of every so often. But it was bound to happen eventually, right?

Lying on his bed, trying to get some of his energy back, Saeran kept his eyes closed. He waited, listening for the front door to open and shut, signalling Yoosung’s departure from the house and from him. But instead the door to his room opened.

Saeran opened his eyes and watched Yoosung walk towards the bed to sit on the edge and place a cool cloth across his forehead. “How are you feeling now?” He asked. “Better than earlier?”

“Why’d you stay?” Saeran asked in return. He was genuinely confused. He couldn’t understand why Yoosung would still be here after seeing what he’s like during one of his meltdowns.

Yoosung didn’t answer right away, taking a moment to think about it. “Well,” he started, “I care about you. That looked like it was hard on you and I want to make sure you’re okay.”

“Why?” Saeran still didn’t understand.

“I need a reason?” Yoosung laughed. He reached towards him, pulled his hand back for a second, but eventually decided to reach out and pet Saeran’s hair in a calming gesture. “I just…do,” he shrugged, cheeks a little pinker than before.

Saeran debated with himself before finally admitting, “This probably won’t be the last time it happens.” Yoosung continued to gently stroke his hair as he continued, “Things build up and all come out at once sometimes.”

“That’s okay,” Yoosung reassured him with an understanding smile. “You’ve…well, you’ve been through a lot, right? It’s okay if things get to be too much sometimes. I’ll be here to help however you need.”

Saeran had a hard time believing it, that someone would stay with him through moments like that not because they had to but because they wanted to. He wanted to ask ‘why?’ again but settled on “Really?”

Yoosung nodded. “I promise. It might be easier to share it with someone that deal with it on your own. I have other things I have to do, like school and my volunteer work, but you can always text me. I’ll come over as soon as I can.”

He was tired and could feel himself starting to doze off. “Yeah,” he agreed as his eyes slipped shut. “Okay.”

“Please,” Saeran begged, still sitting on the bed and staring down at his feet. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it.”

‘Too little too late,’ his inner voice prodded. ‘Can you really blame him?’

“No,” Saeran whispered, throat clenching around the word. Honestly, he would’ve left himself a long time ago. It was crazy to expect someone else to put up with something he even hated about himself. “But I…” He was starting to crack under the weight of his guilt and anxiety. “I need him.”

He felt horrible for saying it, for admitting that if Yoosung would come back, he’d be willing to selfishly accept his help and attention again. But it was the truth. He hadn’t realized how much he’d come to rely on Yoosung as a grounding presence in his life until this incident. 

Turning to reach behind him, he grabbed his phone again before turning back to rest his elbows on his knees and stare down at the screen. Still no new notifications.

“Please,” he begged again, willing the phone to buzz in his hands. “Please come back so I can apologize properly. You promised. I need you and you promised. I’m so sorry.”

He was crying again, grip tight on his phone, when it answered his prayers and buzzed in a few short bursts. It was so unexpected that it startled him into almost dropping the phone. When he recovered, he rubbed his sleeve across his eyes to help clear them and looked down at the screen.

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Dating Woozi (SVT) Would Include:

These are quick and easy to do and apparently I’m alright at reading people so hopefully you find them accurate ^^ Next up is Hoshi bc the anon that requested Hoshi sounds like they need it XDD

S.Coups // Hoshi // Wonwoo // Mingyu

  • He wouldn’t really care about looks but honestly realistically speaking a taller girl would probably intimidate him or make him insecure or feel less manly or whatever
  • BUT love is love so if he fell for a taller girl he’d make it work
  • At first he’d admire you from afar (but not in a creepy way…)
  • He’d fall you because of your passion for a certain subject or smth like that at least 
  • He has literally no experience with women so he’s too shy to talk to you
  • So he ends up getting wingman Seungcheol to introduce you both or smth
  • “Hi this is Jihoon and he’s into music and stuff” *leaves*
  • Great work Seungcheol great right hand man ay
  • You both kinda look at each other for a bit, not quite knowing what to say, but then he finds out you like the group and his music and it’s smooth (or at least better) sailing from there lmao
  • It takes less time than you expected to get him to open up to you
  • Skinship is practically non existent for the first few weeks
  • First kiss comes after a month or so and how slow he’s taking things makes you wonder if he actually likes you at all
  • And he does, he cares a lot, but he’s not the best with that stuff and wanted the right time
  • And so your first kiss is hella awkward but it’s sweet and heartfelt and kinda seals the deal for you like he’s yours now XD
  • Then he’s suddenly huge on skinship behind closed doors I mean in public he’ll go no further than holding hands or maybe arm around your waist but alone he loves cuddles and also kinda just laying strewn over each other ^^
  • Secretly enjoys being a little spoon tbh
  • You bringing food and a LOT of coffee round to him when he holes himself up in the studio for hours upon hours
  • Which leads o him feeling guilty and becoming slightly unfocused bc you worry so much and fall asleep on the studio couch more often than not
  • You wake up with empty coffee cups everywhere, a blanket over you and Jihoon sleeping in the worst looking position in his chair
  • Him writing songs about you to put on the album and they manage to make you cry most of the time bc he isn’t the best with words but the songs say all the things he wants to say
  • The first few times he gets all red like “no they’re not about you”
  • “Of course they’re about you have you listened to the lyrics??” - Mingyu
  • Loves giving you forehead kisses bc they’re slight and little gestures of affection that still show a lot
  • When he gets mad he speaks in satoori and you learn to just listen to his rants instead of trying to talk and help
  • When he’s mad at you and shouts in satoori it gets a lil scary ngl mad Jihoon is not someone to reckon with
  • After he’s got the frustrated angry shouting out of the way he kinda just storms out of the house/apartment/dorm and you’re like ‘where tf is he going’
  • He always goes to the studio or dpractice room and either makes music or dances to calm himself down
  • Doesn’t seem like the type to apologize (first) unless it was like 100% his fault
  • You apologizing quickly bc mad Jihoon is just no you don’t want to add on to the stress he already feels constantly
  • When he doe get really stressed you massage him or let him lay on your lap/snuggle up to you whilst you pay with his hair
  • Repays the favor by singing to you or, if you’re super stressed or upset, brings out a lil aegyo
  • Then swears you to secrecy bc it was all to make you feel better! NO ONE BUT YOU CAN K N O W
  • When he goes on tour he still works very hard and barely sleeps but STILL finds time to speak to you because you miss each other so much
  • You having one of his sweaters to wear/cuddle up to on a night so you don’t miss him as much
  • But despite him being shy and awkward his cuddles are the best and can’t be beat ;;
  • When you’re alone together makeouts are so common like when you’re alone together you’ll try to steal a little kiss but a few minutes later your hands are in his hair and his tongue is dominating your mouth (Jihoon is such a dom damn)
  • Lazy sex wow
  • Half of the time you stay on the couch bc why move to the bed the couch is good enough and once you get Jihoon worked up he wants you there immediately
  • Blowjobs are commonplace tbh
  • Sometimes in the studio whilst you try to make him relax and he’s being stubborn
  • Long talks about random shit late at night
  • Inside movie dates or ordering takeout or whatever - he prefers more casual inside things.
  • You like to call him overly cute nicknames bc his cringing reactions are hilarious
  • Or calling him fairy and getting his protests of “I AM A MAN”
  • Overall, bc of a lack of experience, he’s awkward and shy but he’s crazy passionate about you as he is his work. Whilst he may seem a little shut off due to his hard work or too busy he cares a lot. It takes a lot to get him to love you but once he does you can trust him to love you more than anything and try to prioritize your happiness. 

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Little Things (Part Eight)

Wordcount: 3.489

Genre: Fluff / Slice of Life

JinKi x Reader
Description: JinKi comes back for Kibum’s imminent wedding, and you realize that time has changed everyone except for you. What about JinKi? Little flashfics of different times of a kind of love story that stopped two years ago.


Y/N: Don’t hate me, I swear everything is going as it has to be.

Thanks so much to all the people who liked or reblogged this scenario, as much as those ones who’d left me a message. You can’t even image how motivating you’d been. For someone who writes even one word means always a lot so if you want to share a minute with me your opinion is more than welcome (negative and positive of course!), I’m always open when it comes to talk ^^

Hope you enjoy it.

Part Seven



“What’s wrong?” Taemin stops playing with the spoon in his chocolate “Is it because of Jinki hyung?” 

You ignore Nari and Joon fighting over the last biscuit on the dish, even if it’s hard when they look up at you with those enormous Jonghyun’s puppy eyes and Hye’s pout and before they could burst out crying, you pass them yours “No. Why?”

He shrugs his shoulders “Don’t know. You’ve got the same expression you had when he told you he had to go to LA” it’s unnerving how brutal Taemin is most of the times but still you shake your head, toying with the napkin you just used to clean Joon’s mouth “Yesterday you went away together so I thought, you know–” he flaps his hands and you can’t help but tenderly smile at his attempt to try to have a deep conversation with you.

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anonymous asked:

Could you do companions react to Sole only speaking broken English?

As a language major I couldn’t pass this one up. -Moss 

CAIT- Cait’s impatient, but as she becomes closer with Sole, she’s more and more willing to invest time in them. She would be frustrated at first, since language barriers aren’t common in the Commonwealth, but she knows what it’s like to not be understood or taken seriously because of the way she speaks. She would be the last person to try to politely correct Sole- if she corrects them at all, it would be in a characteristically hard-headed fashion, and only if Sole asks to be corrected. It always annoyed her when people would tell her she pronounced certain words wrong and she doesn’t want to do the same thing to Sole unless she knows it’s okay.

CODSWORTH- Most likely he would be programmed to speak whatever language Sole speaks. But if not- maybe Sole wanted to blend in fast or had bad associations with their native language- Codsworth would always be offering to download their language data pack, since it’s in his nature to be helpful and compromising. When they inevitably say no, or after the war when it’s not an option, he asks if they want him to offer regular English lessons and corrects them politely if/when they make a mistake. He’s not terribly good at playing dictionary, though. “What does ‘confound’ mean, you ask? Well, I’m afraid the answer may confound you, mum!” (Why RobCo programmed all Mr. Handys to love puns, no one knows.)

CURIE- As a Nurse Handy, Curie might not understand the emotional component of learning a new language and with it a new culture, but because of her logical and inquisitive nature she would quickly find the best way to assist Sole in their efforts to become fluent in English. A Gen 3 Curie wouldn’t be much different, except she would have a new understanding of how language affects social interactions and would be more sensitive to how Sole might be feeling. She’s still the type to set up coursework like worksheets and required reading lists to try to help Sole improve their English, though.

DANSE- At first, he would be concerned that it presents a potential threat to Sole’s ability to follow orders, so he takes extra care to make sure Sole understands what certain words mean, and ensures that Sole knows there’s no shame in asking for clarification or messing up certain words. He’s not great at monitoring his vocabulary around Sole at first and probably uses uncommon words like monitoring and ensures, but when he notices that it’s slowing Sole’s understanding, he makes sure to choose his words more carefully, especially during missions. He encourages them to take full advantage of the technology and literature the Brotherhood has acquired over the years to further their study of English. Of all the companions he’s probably one of the most likely to continually correct Sole on grammar and vocabulary.

DEACON- Deacon’s a reader and can probably at least say hello in a couple of different languages (he canonically says something in Spanish at least once), so he’d be curious about Sole’s native language and would ask to learn a couple of simple phrases that he’s use when greeting them (if Sole was comfortable with it). He’d also be the best at correcting them on the sly without embarrassing them. He’d definitely half-jokingly suggest that they come up with their own sign language, like a secret handshake 2.0, which would make it easier to use stealth during missions.

DOGMEAT- He doesn’t seem to respond to any commands other than his name, so Sole speaking a different language wouldn’t be an issue for this little guy.

HANCOCK- Hancock’s got a slow, simple way of talking to begin with, so he’s probably easier for a non-native speaker to understand. He’s always there for Sole when they need something explained or don’t fully understand what someone is saying, but most of the time he’s content to live and let live. He doesn’t want Sole to be self conscious because of the way they speak. Other companions (*cough Danse cough*) would be loathe to see his speech patterns rubbing off on Sole, but anyone who tried to shame Sole for the way they spoke would end up on the wrong side of Hancock’s knife.

MACCREADY- MacCready’s frustrated at first. How’s he supposed to make a fortune in caps when Sole probably doesn’t even know what fortune means? But the things he likes in a Sole Survivor are still there, and he soon realises he’s being an assho- uh, jerk. He’s not the teacher type, but he does have the benefit of a Little Lamplight education, so every once in a while when things are quiet he’ll teach Sole new useful words. Of course, MacCready’s idea of useful can sometimes be a little skewed. Sole returns to their home base talking like a bank financer.

NICK- As a Boston Detective, Old Nick had his fair share of interactions with people speaking broken English, so he knows how important it is to make someone feel understood. In their initial interview, he encourages Sole to take their time and not worry about what they’re saying, just to say it. Sole feeling comfortable is more important to him than Sole speaking “properly”.

PIPER- Piper’s a fast and emotive speaker and sometimes forgets that Sole needs her to speak a little slower. She’s the best at explaining words to Sole since she has such a gestural way of talking- nothing comes without a little visual interpretation. Like Deacon, she’s curious about Sole’s native language, but she’d rather Sole teach other people than turn it into a secret code.

PRESTON- It doesn’t bother Preston- as far as he’s concerned, Sole could speak in a series of beeps and whines, as long as they got the job done. He’s a little uncomfortable when Sole messes up since he’s unsure whether or not he should correct them, so he asks, and dutifully sticks to whatever instructions Sole gives him. He makes himself available to help Sole however he can, whether it’s monitoring the radio for any news or handling any internal communications. He asks Sole about their native language and is most curious about the culture behind it- he doesn’t know a lot about what other countries were like pre-war, and he’d love to find out.

STRONG- Strong cares even less than Dogmeat. Why do these puny humans care about the way Sole speaks? As hard as Rex tried, he couldn’t imprint a respect for “proper English” on Strong. It’s all just words to him. What he does care about is how other people treat Sole because of their English. It makes him angry that humans care about something so trivial and disrespect Sole because of it.

X6-88- X6 trusts Father’s word that Sole is a valuable asset and operates on a level similar to others in the Institute, even if he’s skeptical at first. But he soon realises that Sole is just as intelligent as any other Institute member, and he lets them know it. Besides, Sole has the greatest intellectual institution in the Commonwealth at their back now. Learning English is a non-issue.

Okay but nonbinary Gavin is everything to me, especially nonbinary fahc Gavin.

So like imagine nonbinary Gavin who takes a long ass time to figure out that he’s nonbinary.

He’s a teenager when he first starts questioning, and at first he thinks it’s a sexuality thing. He’s not entirely wrong, because he figures out then that he doesn’t really care about gender when it comes to who he’s attracted to. So he labels himself as bisexual and thinks that’s that.

But then he still feels not quite right, and hanging around in the LGBT+ community, he’s heard the term transgender and he knows what it means, so then he thinks maybe it’s a gender thing. He thinks about it for a while, but he realizes pretty quickly that he’s definetly not a girl, so obviously he has to be a boy, right? He still doesn’t feel right or satisfied, but he doesn’t know what else to do, so he just stops thinkning about it and tries to ignore it.

And for a long time, ignoring it works. Doing odd jobs in the criminal world and constantly being on edge and having to watch his own back is enough to keep him distracted and keep him from ever really thinking about it. Then he joins up with Geoff and Jack and things are so much better for him, life is better. He doesn’t have much to worry about anymore, but the thrill of pulling jobs as a team and having people to spend time with is enough to still keep him distracted.

Then Michael and Ray come along, and later Ryan, and then Jeremy. With so many people in their little family and crew, it’s not often that a job requires all seven of them at once, so Gavin has a lot more free time than he ever did before. That free time leads to him actually having time to think and comtemplate things, which, for him, leads to questioning and feeling out of place all over again. He still doesn’t know what to do about it, doesn’t know how to describe what he’s feeling. He figures experimenting is his best bet at figuring this out, because at this point he doesn’t know what else he could do. He goes out and buys himself some make-up and some dresses and skirts. He’s kind of hoping that if he dresses like a girl, he’ll start feeling like a girl and his problem will be solved. He waits till he’s home alone, and he does his make-up as best he can and dresses up in a nice dress and heels. He loves the make-up, and the dress and heels are pretty nice too, but he still doesn’t feel like a girl. He still feels wrong, and he’s so frustrated. He just wants to sort this out and be done with it, but he just can’t.

Then he thinks about Jack. She’s transgender, and she’s had herself figured out for years, so maybe she can help. It’s a quiet night in the penthouse, and Gavin knocks on her bedroom door and asks her if they can talk, just the two of them. Jack, of course, welcomes him in without question. He tries to explain things to her, tries to explain that he doesn’t feel right being a boy, but that he’s definetly not a girl. He ends up crying, mostly out of frustration, because he just doesn’t know how to put it into words. Jack hugs him, and he cries even harder. For a while she just holds him while he lets it all out. When he calms down, Jack just pulls out her phone, looks up the definition of nonbinary, and hands it to Gavin. He reads the definition over and over again, just trying to process this incredibly important word he’s just learned. Jack puts an arm around him and explains it in her own words, and she looks up a list of genders to show him, and Gavin starts crying again.

This changes everything for him. He doesn’t have to be a boy or a girl, doesn’t have to pick one. He could be a different gender entirely. He ends up staying the night in Jacks room with her. They spend hours talking about gender stuff and fall asleep ridiculously late. The next morning, Gavin still isn’t 100% sure about anything relating to his gender, but he feels infinitly better. After that he spends hours reading about nonbinary genders, pronouns, and gender presentation. A few days later he settles for just labeling himself as nonbinary. He can’t really be bothered to figure out a more specific label for himself because just not having to be called a boy or girl is good enough for him. He comes out to the crew that same day, and they’re all respectful about it and happy for him.

He starts wearing make-up a lot more after that. He wears skirts, dresses, and heels sometimes too, but he mostly saves those for when he dresses up nice. He has the crew try using different pronouns for him to figure out if he likes any of them more or less than he/him, and it doesn’t take him long to figure out that he really just doesn’t care what pronouns are used for him. Of course, the rest of the crew then start constantly switching what pronouns they use for Gavin, especially when talking to people outside of their loop. They love causing confusion, and Gavin get’s a good laugh out of it too when new people get flustered in their scramble to figure out what to call him.

I don’t know where else to go with this but YES NONBINARY GAVIN.

Holly was learning all sorts of new things today.

For one, she had never noticed how fascinating Andrew’s voice was. It was the single most compelling, interesting, utterly engaging thing she’d ever experienced. It was weird - just yesterday she’d found it somewhat grating how he would drone on and on about nerdy stuff. Now, she felt like she could sit quietly and listen to him talk until the end of time.

He was talking now, having a discussion with Ethan, his friend. Holly never liked Ethan much. Every time he came over, he ogled and stared at her in a much too obvious way. Holly knew she was cuter than most girls Ethan ever managed to talk to, so she didn’t blame him, exactly. He just made no effort to hide his glances and gazes, and that’s what creeped her out. His utter lack of awareness, of social graces.

He was staring at her now. Andrew was talking, and Ethan would respond from time to time, but mostly he was just staring at her. Holly stared back. And that was something else she learned today - she loved the way Ethan looked at her. She loved being stared at. She loved being on display. Why she never realized before, she had no idea. 

Andrew hit the table with his fist, making Ethan jump. Holly just blinked. Andrew’s tone had been getting progressively more frustrated, his voice louder and more forceful. It didn’t make it any less pleasurable to listen to, of course. Ethan said some things in return. Holly found that the words spoken weren’t really important - just the sound of Andrew’s voice was what fascinated her.

The two of them seemed to calm down a bit, though Andrew still sounded irritated. He gestured, shook his head. He turned to look at Holly, too. It felt nice, both he and Ethan looking at her, enjoying her, her appearance being-

“Holly?” Andrew snapped his fingers in front of her face.

Oh! He was talking to her! She hadn’t even realized. “Huh?” she said, eyes gradually focusing on Andrew’s face.

“Holly, here’s what we’re going to do. Ethan here is being a little pain in the ass,” Andrew seethed, glancing at Ethan sidelong, “so you’re going to fuck him first. Then, you’re going to fuck me. Then you’re going to swallow two more pills and sit there quietly while we settle on a schedule for you going forward. Got it?”

Holly had a hard time focusing, honestly. His voice was so incredible, it made it hard to focus on actual words. It was like every sound out of his mouth was a sensory firework, glittering and beautiful. But she did her best, even though a lot of it didn’t make sense. Pills? Had she taken pills? And… did she really want to fuck Ethan? Or Andrew, for that matter?

But those thoughts were rushed away, carried off on the tide of their words and stares. She smiled. 

“Oh, okay,” she said. Everything sounded just fine to her. 

Sleep Well

Phil has left for a week and Dan is unable to sleep without him. ~1300 words

A/N: Sorry, I suck at titles. Had a huge writing block so I hope you like this one :]

Dan sat quietly on the couch, sipping his now-cold tea. He stared at the black screen of the tv. Phil being gone for a day or two wasn’t new to him, but this time his best friend had left to go to a family reunion, leaving the younger one alone in London for a week. It was way past midnight by now and even though the boys slept apart a lot lately (the result of Phil complaining about his best friend stealing his blanket as well as keeping him up until 4 am), Dans brain just didn’t feel like settling down without the safety of knowing that his boyfriend was sleeping just down the hallway. Leaving out a frustrated sigh he got up only to reluctantly make his way to his room and plop down on the bed. But no matter how hard he tried to get comfortable, sleep just didn’t settle in and Dan ended up tossing and turning for what felt like hours. Defeated he rolled over and grabbed his phone, dialing his boyfriends number.


"Hey babe.” Phil sounded irritated, after all they had just got off the phone a little while ago.

“Hey.” Dan smiled weakly, just hearing his best friends voice made him feel better almost instantly.

“You okay?” The genuine concern in the other boys voice almost made him feel bad, he didn’t want him to worry unnecessarily but right now the sheer desperation to finally get to sleep did overweigh that thought.

“Yeah… Well actually no, not really.”

“What’s wrong?”

“Can’t sleep, I miss you.” Dan was audibly embarrassed, burying his face in his pillows he made it hard for his boyfriend to understand his muffled voice. The other end of the line was quiet for a second before the boy could hear a small giggle.

“Stop laughing, it’s not funny, I’m tired!” Phil could almost hear Dan pout over the phone.

“I’m really sorry, you just sounded so cute.” The elder was still chuckling, to him there wasn’t anything more adorable than his sleepy flatmate. His teasing was answered by a mumbled “shut up” and a long sigh.

“Okay, listen Dan, here’s what we’re going to do: First things first, you go to my room and get yourself some pyjamas and, just this once, my adventure time sweater.”

“Really? You never even let me touch that thing, it’s like holy to you or something.”

“It’s for a good cause, isn’t it?”

“And that would be?”

“Making sure my amazing boyfriend get’s a good night’s rest of course.”

“You’re the amazing one here.” Dan grinned before adding: “Literally.”

“Did you really just … ? God Dan, you’re such a meme.”

“I’m so sorry, I had to.” He could almost hear Phil rolling his eyes on the other end of the line.

“Anyway, are you planning on going to sleep soon or would you rather make a few more horrible puns?”

“Aww come on, that’s like the only thing I’m good at, let me make my puns.”

“Okay, first: that’s not true, you’re probably the most talented person I know, and second: just shut up and get changed you dork.” Dan could hear Phil struggle to maintain his serious voice while surpressing a laugh.

“Fine, just give me a second.”

The line was almost silent for a while, only the quiet rustling of clothes could be heard before Dan spoke up again.

“Okay, I’ve changed.”

“You ready? Okay, then lie down in my bed and get comfy, yeah?”

“As you say beautiful boyfriend o’ mine.” The younger one snickered, frankly said, he quite enjoyed teasing his flatmate. He knew though, how far he could go with that and even though he wasn’t good with people, he’d never intentionally crossed that line before.

“God Dan, I swear I’ll turn my phone off the next time I go somewhere alone.”

“Then I’ll just have to make sure that doesn’t happen again.”

“Be quiet.” Phil chuckled before quietly adding: “Adorable idiot.”

“Uh-oh, caught you cussing there Mister ‘I-never-swear’.”

“Just get to bed Dan.” Phil could almost see his flatmate grin and he had a hard time surpressing his giggle as well. He was used to Dan getting like this when he was sleepy and even though it was really cute, it was also somewhat exhausting for the older one to handle when he wasn’t in London, especially as he was used to going to bed quite some time before his boyfriend. It didn’t matter though, they loved each other so much that they had gotten accustomed to adapting to each others habits and quirks to a point that neither of them even noticed that they actually did any longer.

“Already am, didn’t you hear me almost falling up the stairs?” Phils trail of thoughts was interrupted by Dans voice.

“I didn’t, no. I really hope the stairs are doing alright though.” The elder laughed, his boyfriend wasn’t the only one who enjoyed occasional teasing.

“Meanie.” Both boys were laughing by now. Dan spoke up again once they had calmed down.

“Your bed smells like you, y'know.”

“I’ll just file that under 'things Dan said that were meant to sound nice but actually creeped me out’.” Phil chuckled.

“I like the sound of your laugh.”

“Okay Dan, you’re going from horrible puns to teasing and saying cute things that you’d never say while being fully awake when you’re tired and that’s the ultimate sign for you really needing sleep.”

“You’re probs right, I don’t wanna hang up though, just thinking about it makes me miss you again.” Phil could tell his boyfriend was truly frustrated, hearing his quiet sigh echo through the speaker.

“How about I’ll tell you about my day and stuff until you fall asleep? Maybe that’d help.”

“You’d actually do that?”

“Of course.” Phil smiled softly. “Now chin up beautiful and put your phone so you can still hear me but stay cosy.”


“Alright, so you know how I went hiking with my brother today? I thought we were just taking a walk or something but he was planning to actually like climb a mountain. Anyway we were halfway there and … ” Phil spent some time talking about all the things that had happened in the last few days and even though Dan knew most of the stories he still managed to be almost as attentive of a listener that Phil usually was, asking questions and making small comments, yawning from time to time. When the silence on the other end got more frequent, the elder knew it was time to end the call.

“Hey Dan? I love you, you know that, right?”

“Yeah. And I love you too, more than anything else.” Dan knew he had the best boy- and more importantly best friend possible and that meant the world to him. He was incredibly grateful for Phil and in contrast to when they first started dating, he had no problem telling him so.

“You don’t have any clue how happy that makes me. Two more days, okay? I’ll be back before you can say 'more people should respect Kanye as an artist’.” He could hear the younger one giggle quietly on the other side of the line.

“Phil?” Dan was almost sleeping by now, his voice barely a whisper.


“Thank you. A lot.”

“You’re welcome.” Phil smiled, he expected some kind of response, but instead of getting an actual answer, only Dans steady breathing could be heard through the speaker.

“Sleep well beautiful.” And with that he ended the call, returning to the silence of the night.

Phil fell asleep only minutes later, his best friend on his mind and a huge smile on his face.

Closer (Peter Parker x Reader)

(I do not own gif!) 

A/N : Hey guys! So I have had this idea for a super long time. I’m making this a mini series, I am not sure how many parts this will be, but I think it might be more than 3! Hope you guys like it!! 

Summary: You and Peter have been friends for quite a while, you both having secret crushes on one another.

Warnings: Parties, Underage Drinking (which I am not supporting, it’s just for the story!), Fluff, Spoilers? (Ned, and Flash), Cursing, Mention Of Gun. 

Word Count: 2,600

Part 2  Part 3  Part 4 

You held tightly onto the poll that was supporting you, you were never really fond of train rides, but your best friend insisted it would be much quicker to get to the destination. Which you weren’t exactly sure where that was, putting a piece of hair behind your ear, you looked up at your best friend, looking at her outfit, starting to think you were underdressed. She had on this adorable long sleeve pale pink romper, and nude heels, her hair tied up into a tight bun, little pieces sticking out to shape her face, her makeup looked flawless, and you literally just wanted to scream at her for being so beautiful.

“It’s not fair,” you whined stomping your foot a little, her turning to look at you, “Huh?”

“You are so freaking beautiful, and I hate you so much.”

She starting laughing, shaking her head, “(Y/N), if you do not shut up, I am gonna come over there and punch you, hard.” you started laughing, and then a frown crept onto your face, making her furrow her eyebrows, “What’s wrong?” you shrugged slightly, and she gave you the look.

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My love for PPZ. Let me count the ways. Well a few ways I have fallin for this version of P&P. First off there is more Darcy! Thank you! That’s been a big thing for me when I watch any of the original P&P is Darcy is hardly in it. Thank god Darcy is about equal in this version to Elizabeth on screen time. Next the physical action the characters have. Not just always sitting around. They are fighting if not just zombies but each other case in point Darcy and Elizabeth first proposal scene. OMG! I can’t say enough about that scene. And I love seeing the sisters sparring with each other. Colonel Darcy with a sword and leather coat suits him so well. Riley played him perfectly. His character development through the film was fantastic. He is my favorite Darcy! And Lily my favorite Elizabeth, talk about kicking ass. This is a Elizabeth you don’t won’t to mess with. Love that she was able to get all that frustration out. And the kiss scenes between Darcy and Elizabeth which were 4 total yay! One was never enough. I was glad to see the fight scene between Darcy and Wickham. It was long overdue for them two to finally have it out. I want to say so much more this movie has ruined me! I hope someday we can see more of these characters. I don’t want it to end there and with that cliffhanger oh please. Of course the one thing I’m still trying to get my head around is why would you cut Darcy and Elizabeth’s dance?!?! I can talk about ppz 4ever ^_^

My Candy Love - Episode 25 Guide


-      Negative result for LOM

/       Neutral result for LOM

+      Positive result for LOM

LOM: Love’O’Meter; Low LOM is around 65 points or lower. High LOM is 65 and over. 

Action Points: 500-750 depending on how lucky you are on finding people within the episode.

Illustrations: 3 illustrations in total. Illustrations are determined by LOM and dialogue choice. Extra dialogue happens after illustration with a certain boy depending on which boy is your highest LOM. 

Compatibility Test:  Can be found HERE

Auntie: Green flask,auntie can be found in the basement during the objectives: Find out where you can get your outfit for science class; Go to the gym and buy the outfit for science class. Item can be found under accessories in your closet. 

Money: Outfit $125


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Headstrong - Liam Dunbar // Part 4

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3

Pairing: Liam x reader

Word count: 2947

Request:  Can you make a part 4 of your headstrong imagines? Btw i love your imagines 💕

A/N: FINAAAALLLLYYYYY im actually so proud of myself rn bc I can never finish stories, like imagines and oneshots are fine, but when something has more parts I always get stuck at one point, whether it’s the 3th part or the 30th, I can never finish anything. So yeah I did it, months later, but I did it. 

This was the first Teen Wolf story I wrote, and I remember how scared I was starting this blog, but it’s been sooooo good! Thank you guys for all the support, it means so much when someone says they enjoy my writings, and getting liked and stuff is so special, so thanks all of you ♥

“Thanks again for inviting me.” You smile at Melissa before the two of you hug.

“Of course, you’re always welcome here.” Melissa says. “Let’s get cooking.”

In the kitchen, you work on the batter while Melissa bakes the first batch of pancakes. Scott invited some of his friends over as well, so you decided pancakes would be easiest to do for a large group.

“How’s your head?” Melissa asks.

“Good,” You nod. It’s been three days since you smashed right into Liam, and the pain is gone, the only evidence left of that day are the coffee soaked jeans you keep forgetting to throw out. “I’m okay, thanks.”

“What about school? Made any friends?”

“Not yet, no.” You shake your head slightly. “My uncle made me stay at home Friday, just to be sure I was okay. Before that the only ones that bothered talking to me were Stiles and Scott.” You shrug.

“It will happen.” Melissa smiles. “Look at Stiles and Scott, they made a bunch of friends, even have girlfriends…” she trails off a little. “I heard you were doing quite well in that department, bet you left some guy waiting for you to return back home.” She smiles.

“Past sense, yeah. I’m pretty sure he’s glad I skipped town. Things didn’t end so well.”

Behind you, someone clears their throat. Both you and Melissa turn around, when you’re faced with Liam, you’re instantly annoyed again.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to interrupt.” He says.

“That’s okay, Scott is upstairs.” Melissa tells him.

“Thank you.” He nods. “How are you [Y/N]?”

“Fine.” You say briefly.

When he realizes he’s not going to get anything else out of you, he turns around and goes upstairs to find Scott.

“Where did all that tension come from?” Melissa frowns.

“I swear I’ve never met anyone as rude as him.” You sigh.

“Liam can be a handful, but he’s a good kid. I’m glad Scott was able to help him with his anger issues.” Melissa says.

“Anger issues?” You frown. “He told me Scott tutored him in Biology.”

“Right.” Melissa nods. “That, too.” She answers a little too quickly.

During dinner, you mostly keep quiet and observe everyone else. It’s still so strange to you that Stiles and Scott have changed so much. Their group of friends consist of all kinds of different people you wouldn’t throw together at first sight, but something connects them deeply, that’s obvious.

“Did you talk to Scott yet?” Unfortunately, Liam took care of setting the table and assigning the seats. God knows why he thought it was a good idea to put the two of you next to each other.

“No, and I’m not going to, not tonight.”

“I thought you were so curious.” Liam shrugs.

“I am. I’m not going to bother Scott while he’s with his friends. Everyone is having a good time and I’m not going to ruin that by asking him to share whatever secret you guys have.” You have to move your face close to his in order to keep everyone else out of the conversation. He actually smells really good and it’s so annoying. It’s easier trying to hate someone if they’re not attractive.

“Maybe I never even have to ask him. If Scott is making people lie for him, he should make sure the stories line up.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Liam frowns.

You shrug. “I learned that Biology equals anger issues. Very interesting.”

His eyes widen a little in shock. “You have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Would you guys like to be excused?” Lydia asks, smiling.

You instantly flush red. Everyone is staring. Before you even get the chance to answer, Liam gets up. When he’s at the door he turns back. “Well, are you coming?”

You only get up to prevent causing a scene. You tell yourself that’s the only reason. You follow Liam out the door and take a seat on the front steps.

Liam stands in front of you, shaking his head. “You really have no idea what you’re getting yourself into.”

“Then tell me.”

“You know I can’t.”

“Why? You don’t have to protect Scott from me, I’ve known him since we were like five. I would never do anything to hurt him.”

“He’s afraid of hurting you.”

“That’s ridiculous.” You roll your eyes.

“If you had any idea of what’s going on you wouldn’t say that.”

“You’re the most frustrating person in the world Liam.”

“You’re one to talk.”

“At least I am talking. I’m the only one completely honest here, everyone else is just hiding things away and I’m sick of it.”

“Then go back to where you came from.” Liam mutters.

“Excuse me?” You get up and take a step closer.

“You heard me.”

“Asshole.” You use both hands to push him. Of course it doesn’t really have an effect but he still takes a step back.

“I’m sure everyone would rather see you leave, why else would they be keeping secrets from you? Take a hint, no one wants you here.” His words make something snap inside of you and suddenly all you want is for him to get really angry. You want him to break the way he’s trying to break you. And if he snaps, you have the perfect reason to leave.

“You’re the one that’s not taking hints, Liam. I see the way Stiles looks at you, Scott too. They resent you. I see nothing but disgust in their eyes when you’re around.”

“I told you, you have no idea what you’re talking about.” Liam barks.

“It’s obvious. Everyone hates you. I barely even know you and I hate you.”

“Shut up, you don’t mean that.” He says.

“I honestly wish you would have left me unconscious in the hallway. I’m pretty sure nothing could happen in this town that’s as terrible as meeting you.”

He’s right, you don’t mean anything of what’s coming out of your mouth. He doesn’t seem so sure of that statement anymore, though. You can see it in his eyes, he’s snapping.

He doesn’t say another word, instead he pushes you and keeps walking up to you so that you take another step back until your back hits one of the pillars of the front steps. He’s got you trapped, your eyes locked on each other, neither one of you daring to break it. You won – is all you keep thinking.

Then his gaze moves down to your lips, and you allow your confusion to distract you. Before you know it, he has his mouth locked on yours. Your lips move in perfect sync as his hands roam down the sides of your body, his hands eventually settling a little below your hips.

Your mind is screaming at you –you hate him don’t let him do this, he’s making you weak, Liam is an asshole- but another part of your brain is screaming back that fighting with Liam is the most exciting thing that happened since you moved to Beacon Hills.

Monday morning you’re taking your time at your locker, hoping to run into Liam. He never shows, though. When someone taps on your shoulder, your heart skips a beat before you turn around. Your eyes land on dark brown hair instead of blonde, and you’re sure the disappointment is written all over your face.

“You’re Stiles’ cousin, right?” The guy asks, he’s now leaning against the locker beside yours. He’s quite muscular, with broad shoulders and huge arms. Definitely attractive.

“I am, yeah.” You nod. “Hi.”

“I’m Theo.” He says. “A friend of Stiles and Scott.”

The bell rings, indicating you have to be in your Chem class right at this moment. “Nice to meet you, but I really need to get to class.”

“I’ll walk you.” Theo’s lips twitch up in a way that cannot be described as a smile, nor a sneer.

Liam’s point of view.

“Have you seen [Y/N] today?” I ask as I walk up to Scott and Stiles.

“I live with her, what do you think?” Stiles answers.

“I mean since you left the house. Have you seen her around school?”

“We don’t have any of the same classes, why, wanna give her another concussion?” Stiles mocks.

“I’m serious, I haven’t seen her all day and I need to talk to her.”

“Don’t you guys have Chem together?” Scott asks, frowning slightly.

“Yeah, she didn’t show up.” If I’m completely honest, I was kind of relieved when she didn’t show up. We haven’t spoken since we had dinner at Scott’s place, and I’m a bit nervous now. It was strange; one moment we were yelling the next we were making out. Best stress relief there is, but ‘m not sure what it means.

“All right, let’s split up. Scott, library. Liam, hallways. I’ll check outside.” Stiles easily switches his mood from sarcastic to dead serious. It’s nice to see how much he cares about her.

We all go our separate ways, and after walking around for almost half an hour, I find  a bunch of books scattered across the floor. I pick one up, open it, and find [Y/N]’s name written inside. Great.

I grab my phone and dial Stiles’ number. “Did you find her?”

“I found her books.” I say as I look around the hallway. “And her backpack. Apparently.” I mumble as I walk over to the bag.

“Did she leave her phone in there? She’s not answering her phone.” Stiles says.

I hesitantly open the backpack. It’s quite strange to open this without permission, as it’s personal and private. There’s a couple of notebooks in there, a bunch of extra pens, and I find her phone in the smallest compartment of the bag. “Yes it’s in here.”

Stiles curses under his breath. “She never leaves without her phone.”

As my mind tries to wrap around what could possibly have happened, I think back to last week. While I was waiting in the hospital with [Y/N], Stiles, Scott and Mason went after Theo. “Stiles, get the Jeep, we have to find Theo.”

Your point of view.

Of all places Theo could take you to, he drags you out to a bridge. You’ve never been more confused. Theo told you he’s a friend of Stiles, he offered to walk you to class, then he pushed you up against the wall –and not in a good way- and tied your hands behind your back.

Under the bridge, he shoved you down to the ground. Of course he had to sit you in a puddle of rain and mud. Apparently, Beacon Hills has a way of getting you gross jeans.

“What are we doing here?” You ask Theo.

“Waiting until people realize you’re gone, which might take a while, they’re not used to having you around yet.”

“You’re an asshole.”

“I’m being nice to you.” He says. “Did you know I killed my sister?”


“Yeah and a bunch of other people, too.” Theo smiles.

“Okay so why aren’t you behind bars?”

“Now that’s a question for your lovely uncle.”

“What does my uncle have to do with this?”

Theo smiles. “They really haven’t told you anything, it’s so funny.”

“So what’s your plan here?” You ask after a while. It has been a while, and the water around you is making you shiver.

“Eventually Stiles will show up, Scott will probably be with him, possibly Kira or Lydia as well. Anyways, I’m going to make them tell you their secret.”

“Why?” You frown.

“Isn’t it obvious I like to tear families apart?” Theo smiles.

You’re unable to check your watch, but a lot of time passes –or at least that’s what it feels like- before Stiles shows up, Liam and Scott by his side.

You instantly blush at the sight of Liam, but push those feelings aside quickly. “Stiles, what is going on?”

“Took you long enough.” Theo smirks.

“Let her go, Theo.” Stiles snaps.

“Sure,” Theo shrugs. “If you tell her the truth.”

“What?” Stiles frowns.

“Should be easy, she’s your family. Everyone else knows.”

“Stiles seriously, I’m freezing here just tell me the damn secret.”

“Tell her the truth and I will let her go.” Theo shrugs. “Actually, show her.”

“I can’t exactly do that.” Stiles snaps.

“Not you, them.” He says, pointing to Scott and Liam. “Thank God you didn’t bring Lydia, I mean, she would blow poor [Y/N]’s eardrums out.” Theo laughs.

“They’re not going to show her.” Stiles states.

“Yes, they are.”

“That’s dangerous Theo and you know it.”

“So is hypothermia Stiles!” You exclaim.

“All right.” He mumbles.

“Oeh, what was that?” Theo smiles.

“I said all right!” Stiles yells. “But just the eyes.”

“No, no, no, no, no.” Theo smirks. “Full turn.”

“No way.” Stiles snaps.

“Do you want your cousin back or what?”

“JUST SHUT UP, ALL OF YOU!” Liam yells. Then it all happens so quickly. His eyes turn yellow, he grows a set of claws, his jaw expands a bit and his teeth turn into fangs. Then there’s hair. Everywhere.


“Is that enough for you?” Liam growls.

“Scott, too.” Theo smirks.

Stiles wants to stop him, but Scott is way faster. His eyes gleam red and just like Liam, he grows hair, claws and fangs.

Once the transformation is over, you feel like you have to say something, but no words come to you. You’re shocked, confused, and freezing.

“You got what you wanted, we’re out of here.” Liam says after a while. He walks over to you and you automatically flinch. He sighs, then uses his claws to cut through the tie wraps around your wrists and ankles.

“Thanks.” You whisper. He only nods in response.

Stiles helps you get up and as you walk to the car he takes off his flannel and wraps it around your shoulders. Once you’re in the Jeep, an uncomfortable silence settles in.

“Stiles?” You ask quietly after a while.

“I’m sorry.” He mumbles, looking down.

“Please explain.” You whimper.

“A couple of years ago, when we were in the woods, I was attacked by a werewolf.” Scott says. “After I turned, everyone else seemed to be somehow connected to the supernatural. You remember Jackson, right?”

“Of course.” You nod.

“He turned into a kanima, we found out Lydia is a banshee, and last year I turned Liam.”

“That’s where the anger issues come from?” You turn to face Liam.

“I have I.E.D.” Liam says.

“That explains a lot.” You mutter. “What about you, Stiles?”

“I- uhm. I was possessed for a little while.” You share a look through the rear-view mirror. “But I’m okay now.”

“And your dad knows?”

Stiles nods. “Melissa, too.”

“Jesus.” You mutter, then stay quiet for a while. “Can you just take me home?”

Later that evening, after you’ve taken a hot bath and are cuddled up in a bunch of blankets, there’s a knock on your bedroom door.

“Come in.” You mutter.

Liam enters your room, a cautious look in his eyes. “Hey.” He says.


“I brought you your books, and your backpack.” He says, he’s awkwardly standing in the doorway. “Are you okay?”

You nod. “You can come closer, I’m not afraid of you.”

“You flinched, earlier.” Liam points out, but he properly enters your room and moves a chair from your desk to your bed where he takes a seat.

“I don’t believe you’re dangerous. If you were, you would have hurt me already.”

“I did hurt you.” He says. “I wanted to hurt you worse.”

“Yeah well I wanted to hurt you too.” You mumble. “It doesn’t matter.”

“It does matter.”

“Does not.”

“Yes, [Y/N], it does. Because the first time we met I literally wanted to rip your head off.”

“But you didn’t.”

“Just stop pretending you’re not afraid of me, I can hear your heartbeat and –“

“You can hear my heartbeat?”

He nods. “It’s always calm until I’m around.”

“Because you annoyed me.”

“And because you’re scared.”

“I already told you I’m not.”

“You flinched.”

“Because you make me nervous, Liam!” You exclaim, annoyed once again.


“Because we’re always fighting and I never know whether I’m going to hate or like you for it.”

“You like me.” He states.

“Never said that.”

“Come on, we finally found something we can agree on, let’s not find another reason to bicker.”

“I’m not bickering, just pointing out that I never said I like you.” You defend.

“Then why did you kiss me?” He smirks.

“You kissed me.”

“You kissed back.”

“Because I was trapped.”

“You’re a liar.” Liam chuckles.

“Says the guy that turned into a werewolf just hours ago.”

“You know we only lied to protect you, right?”

“Yeah, I know.” You nod. “Theo kinda bit you in the ass with that one, though.”

“Because he’s a psychopath.” Liam states.

“There, we do have something to agree on.” You smile.

“We can agree on some other stuff too, if you’re willing to let your guard down just the slightest bit and admit that you like me in the same way that I like you.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” You shrug, then smile.

“Of course not.”

“I really don’t, maybe you should enlighten me.” You barely get to finish your sentence because Liam moves closer and before you know it his lips are on yours already. Moving in perfect sync, his hands cupping your face. You only break apart because you can’t stop smiling. And that’s when you’re absolutely sure; Liam is annoying, he’s headstrong, he’s moody, and you’ve never liked anyone as much as you like him.

Set post the Scheherazade Job, to better/more properly articulate my frustration with the Nate/Sophie as manipulators thing I was talking about earlier. (Weirdly, I talked mostly about Sophie earlier, but Nate is also a major part in this and this piece, being set when it is, is focused on him).

Somehow, even given everything, Nate is still surprised to see his condo occupied. Eliot sits in front of the monitors, and, when he turns to face Nate, he looks pissed as hell.

Nate’s thrown, for a second. Eliot was with the reporter, and he hadn’t heard…but of course. Hardison, Parker, and Eliot. Always the three of them. When they have a problem, they go to each other. They would have called Eliot, and Eliot would have ditched even a pretty, smart reporter for this.

“Heard what you did to Hardison,” Eliot says lowly.

Nate shrugs, and throws his jacket over a chair. “Got the job done.”

“Not good enough, Nate,” he growls. “You don’t con your crew.”

“You do anything you can, to get the job done,” Nate corrects, finding his own seat. “I told Hardison already, just because he doesn’t have the stomach for it…”

“So, he told you he wanted to leave someday an’ you punish him for it?” Eliot asks.

“This wasn’t punishment, Eliot. You’re all free to go. Just say the word.”

“You thought you’d teach him a lesson, knock him down to size,” Eliot growls.

“I thought I’d do our damn job,” Nate snaps. “If you don’t like it, you can leave, but you won’t stop me from doing my job.”

“It’s my job to protect ‘em, and if you think I’ll let you stand in the way of that…” Eliot levels off. He takes a deep breath. “It was one thing, her screwing ‘round with me, an’ you lettin’ her. To…what? Test a theory? For fun? I ain’t a fan of her makin’ me into her monkey, but at least it was just tea. It was just a suggestion, even if I didn’t know what she was doin’ to me.”

"Hypnosis is really…” Nate begins. Hypnosis is really just suggestions, similar to neurolinguistic programming, only accessing the unconscious on a different level. Just a suggestion Hardison was already willing and able to follow.

“I don’t care!” Eliot snaps. “You think they care? You think they wanna sit through your bullshit explanations, you tryin’ to justify yourself? You think they wanna hear one thing you an’ Sophie gotta say?” He takes a deep breath. “We’re people, Nate, even if you forget that. Even if you two think you can treat us like marks. No, worse. Tools. Like Hardison’s computer or Parker’s line. Use us, manipulate us, put us away.”

“That’s not…” Nate begins, but Eliot isn’t in the mood to let him speak.

“They don’t trust you,” Eliot says ruthlessly. “Hardison’s twitchin’ like a rabbit an’ it’s gonna take a while for him to sort himself out. Parker’s already asked twice how she can know what’s real in her head an’ what you put there.”

“I haven’t…”

“How’s she supposed to believe that?” Eliot asks. “How’re either of them supposed to trust you to lead this team, hell, even just be ‘round you, anymore? You used ‘em. You and Sophie conned the crew again. They can’t trust you.”

“And you?” Nate asks, looking at the hitter.

Eliot shrugs. “We joined this team ‘cause we trusted an honest man,” he says. “Think we all know how far you are from that.”

Nate doesn’t flinch, not in front of Eliot. 

“You find a piece of that man, you find somethin’,” Eliot says heavily, “or I will take them an’ run. It’s my job to protect ‘em, and I won’t let this crew—you—be the thing that hurts ‘em. We’ll be in the wind, an’ you can deal with your little Italian problem on your own,” he says, and then he stands, heading for the door.

Nate is almost positive Eliot is bluffing. Pretty sure, at least, that he’s not to the point of breaking up the crew and running yet, not when they expended so much effort to get him out of prison and reunite the crew. He’s pretty sure Eliot won’t do it, that it’s nothing more than empty bluster.

But he can’t call Eliot on it, can’t try to feel him out, can’t try to talk him down, even, because Eliot is already gone, leaving Nate alone in his still-dark condo.

I feel i need to clarify. I’m not angry at the way Kyo Ani portrayed the makoharu fight this episode. In fact, it was exactly what I wanted. I wanted Makoto to have enough, his frustration with Haru has been festering for weeks now and it finally exploded.

Haru needed this conversation. He needed to see that even Makoto is worried about him. That even Makoto can tell he cant go on like this.

Of course, it hurt to watch. It still hurts. Because it was real, and it was necessary.

The only thing that would make me angry about it would be if its not revisited. If Haru and Makoto dont have another talk.

We can only wait now.