still frustrated with the no talking thing of course

Clearing Things Up

Okay, so it’s been kind of a rough few days and there was a lot of misinformation going around, and things were said that shouldn’t have been, but we’ve all talked things over and it’s all cool now.

Yes, the CoLab is closing… kind of… Wait! Don’t run off!

We had some discussion about the future of the group, which got a little heated because of course, everybody’s pretty frustrated by little content we’ve been putting out lately, especially people in the group.

So a few senior members have left. Some of them will still continue in their roles, and may pop up now and again in future productions. Others are riding off into the sunset. Godspeed and best of luck with all their endeavours, and many thanks for their years of service, and no, we don’t have any bad feelings towards them. Do not hassle them about it.

Those who remain will be starting a new group. We’ll have a slightly different way of organising projects and things. We’re going to be less of a VO troupe and more of a team who organise projects with voice acting in them and find people to fill roles for them. We’ll be doing more outsourcing rather than always being confined to feeling like a project must have a majority of core members in the cast which was often limiting. We’ll tell you all about the new group when we’ve got it set up. We’re busy making ground rules, logos, website etc. We hope to make it great!

Speaking of the CoLab, the old channel isn’t going anywhere. It will stay up for posterity with all your episodes of Let’s Read Homestuck there and all the good memories.

New content will continue on the new channel. We’ll announce that when it’s ready, probably in January so we can set things up over Christmas. We’re planning for continuation of ongoing series, the shorter ones of which we might rehost on the new channel for continuity, as well as at least one new thing that’s been in demand. Let’s Read Homestuck, we plan to at least finish Openbound, then look at how we feel about continuation. We’ve decided to simplify the arduous lip sync to a simpler style to speed production on the rest of it because we just want to get it done at this point, and I’m sure you all do to.

I’d like to apologise formally for any distress caused by assumptions and miscommunication. It’s been a rough few days, tempers got frayed and we all had to take a good honest look at ourselves, which is never easy. Suffice it to say, things have calmed down, we’ve come to an agreement on friendly terms, and we’re going to continue on. Alex is leaving us and will be in charge of the old channel. Ryan and I are organising the new group. We’ll let you know any more when we have concrete facts to go on and things set up.

-Admin Kate, who is going somewhere, but hopefully somewhere good with all of you.

Share your experience!

There is an older lady that comes into the coffee shop I work at nearly every day. She has been doing so for about the last six months. In the beginning she sat by herself and worked on small projects or on her computer. As the months went on she opened up more and began sharing about her life. So, of course, I have developed a friendship with her. 

Last month she spoke about her challenges with weightloss over the past decade and that she was trying some supplements, herbs, and such. She was frustrated that she wasn’t losing any weight and was still tired. So. I shared my story. I shared how I was heavy for a number of years. How it took me over eight years to lose 100 pounds. I talked about the things I did the wrong way in the beginning of my weightloss journey. I shared with her the things I had learned to make those things right. 

Last week she came in to the shop and said, “ I don’t actually need a coffee today. I need you to help me. Teach me what you know.” I am definitely NOT a doctor, dietitian, nutritionist, or any of the sort. I only shared what worked for me and was very clear about that when we chatted. We calculated her BMR and set her up with a MyFitnessPal account so she could track her food intake. We also talked about how important water is. How to identify and remove certain things that cause her stress. We even discussed how important sleep and rest were. She seemed very encouraged when she left and I was definitely excited that I had gotten to share my journey with someone!

Today she came in to the shop for coffee wearing an enormous smile. SHE HAD LOST TWO POUNDS ALREADY. Both my, and her, day has been made.

Seriously, share your story with others. You may never know the impact it could have. Don’t keep that all locked up inside of you. Your journey and experiences could be just the nudge someone needs to begin their own journey.