still finding notes he hid in my room

anonymous asked:

Do you consider yourself a romantic person?

Not in the traditional sense (or Hollywood romance sense). Definitely not verbally affectionate/romantic. I cannot say what I feel…I tend to come off sarcastic when I try, so I just don’t. I’m fine with writing them down, though.

I suppose if you consider little things and meaningful/sentimental things romantic, then I guess I am. With the ENTJ, I once hid little notes in his room (nothing cheesy or sweet, though; one of the notes said “I’m still hiding here. Find me.” with a tiiiiiny “just kidding” but he said he actually tried to look for me for a while trollolol). For his last birthday, I bought a blank notebook and filled it with my drawings, quotes that ENTJs would like, puns, jokes, things about him and me, etc. And I bring his favorite dessert or coffee when I drop by his office (he does the same). And I help him with his work, which I actually enjoy the most (he also helps with mine).

Ahhhhh…it’s all out in the open now haha…


ps. I wrote about my thoughts on romantic dates a while back.