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Happy Chanbaek Day!

since today is chanbaek day i decided to share some of my favorite chanbaek moments..


skinship… chanbaek is known for not having much skinship… but once they have it.. it renders us all speechless …

see what i’m talking about?

another thing that i love about chanbaek is how they share their love on instagram.. baek’s update for yeol’s b-day and yeol’s updates for baek’s b-day say it all…

A kiss! Yes byun baekhyun is so fucking obvious that  he posted a pic of his lips kissing!

Chanyeol, however, tried to be less obvious taking a photo with a thirdwheel and saying that he wants bbh to celebrate his bday with him as well 

But.. that was after posting a vid of him wishing bbh’s standee -that he took from that nature republic event or whatever- a happy b-day.. if this ain’t love idk what is

Something else i love about chanyeol is how he seems to be baek’s knight in a shining armor.. always taking care of him 

Here you can see that he stopped clapping just to make sure baekhyun lands safely even tho kai -im not sure if he was kai plz correct me if i was wrong- was clapping ..

And since i love caring!yeol so much here is another one

So it was chanyeol’s off-day and and instead of resting or having fun he drove baek to his schedule place like the perfect bf he is .. this is really cute T^T

Enough talking about chanyeol now..lets talk about baekhyu…and how he wants to be with his cute bf all the time

Chanyeol was in the show roommate and i guess baekhyun missed him a lot thst he went to see him.. they look so awkward i feel like cy wanted to do more than hold bbh hand but then he realized that they are not alone and people will be seeing this so..

also cy being the caring bf he is asked baek how did he come and baek said by bus and tgfklgjfgf

And since we are talking about baek.. dont you find it a little bit  weird how he goes and bites someone’s ass.. unzips someone’s pants.. being touchy touchy with all members and all… but when it comes to cy he becomes so awkward and flushes and stuff?

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And the list goes on..~~

Another caring!yeol cuz why not

Massaging baek’s leg so tenderly i can’t really T.T

And i must say that i love jealous!baek just as much as i love caring!yeol

Soo cute T.T

You know whats cute too? Cb in v app

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But the cutest  thing ever is cb datttees

chanbaek feeding each other is cute too

and finally,, chanbaek just being chanbaek,

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soooo that’s basically it.. totally unorganized and stuff -cuz i’ve been using tumblr for 2 years and i still can’t figure out how does it really work- and yeah… happy cb day…

non of the pics/gifs are mine cuz i’m a stupid ass of shit that can’t make gifs

Writing Love without Experience

Anonymous asked: “I started a story about love, but the problem is that I have no romantic experience whatsoever. Because of that, it has come to my attention that the romantic scenes are stiff and seem out of place. Any advice?”

I don’t think you need experience to write about something, especially if it’s romance or something so incredibly prevalent across the board in art, media, and storytelling. We have grown up on love stories to the point where it is almost obnoxious. I personally love them, but if I didn’t, I imagine it would be pretty relentless. Anyway, with so many examples out there, personal experience is overrated. 

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Aro Spec Awareness Week Personal Prompts

Day 1 (February 19, 2017): [x]

Sunday, February 19: Write about what your aromantic / aro spec identity means to you. This can include your experience finding the identity that feels the most right to you, and can absolutely involve disclosing what your identity is (though, of course, that is not required).

Day 2 (February 20, 2017): [x]

Monday, February 20, 2017: Write about some of the complications you’ve come across as identifiying or existing on the aromantic spectrum. You can include ways you’ve worked out problems that occur, or things you might still be struggling- it’s all up to you. Feel free to give advice to other people participating if you have any, as long as it’s okay with that tumblr user!

Day 3 (February 21, 2017): [x]

Tuesday, February 21: Write about the things you love about your identity. If you’re struggling to love your identity, what are the things about the aromantic spectrum that resonate with you? How has finding the community helped figure out who you are? Feel free to post as many positive aromantic self-love posts as you see fit.

Day 4 (February 22, 2017): [x]

Wednesday, February 22: Write about the relationships in your life before you learned about the aromantic spectrum or before you began identifying on the spectrum. Have you noticed a big change in how you view the people you care about? About how you used to interact with people? Write about your experiences before you discovered the aromantic spectrum.

Day 5 (February 23, 2017): [x]

Thursday, February 23: Write about the relationships in your life after you learned about the aromantic spectrum and began identifying on the spectrum. What kinds of relationships do you appreciate more now, if any? What’s different for you identifying as aromantic? What’s different in viewing the people around you?

Day 6 (February 24, 2017): [x]

Write about your experience with the amanormativity we’re all subjected to. Amanormativity, for those who don’t know, is a societal expectation that forming an exclusive, central, amorous relationship is a universal goal. Did it affect you a lot growing up, is it something you’ve just begun to experience or notice a lot, or does it affect your life in any way at all? What are some of the things that really bother you about this? How does this manifest in the expectations the people in your life have on you? Feel free to use this prompt as a means of venting.

Day 7 (February 25, 2017): [x]

Reflect on your week, your experience as identifying as aromantic or arospec. What would you like for next year’s week? What are some final things you want to express about being a part of the aromantic/aromantic spectrum community or other things you’d like people to know?

Usually you would send these in as asks, but I still haven’t fully figured out how Tumblr works myself and I’ve been chilling on this platform for years! I also take what I can get, cause someone was actually nice enough to give me a request and I’m happy to please! I also kinda hella loved the idea :D
so here you go, I hope you like it @animeawakens



♬ after you officially got together it took weeks until he let the two of you share a bed

♬ it’s not that he doesn’t trust you – although you do like to get hot and heavy – but that he mostly doesn’t trust himself

♬ sometimes he even went as far as to send you home in the middle of a make out session because it got too much for him to handle

♬ whenever you did sleep over – because he just couldn’t let you go – you slept in the bed and he slept on the couch

♬ meaning; you never got a good look at him sleeping

♬ after about two months he finally lets you stay over and you two share a bed

♬ sleeping with Zen is extremely comfortable

♬ he’s a great big spoon but doesn’t mind being the small one either

♬ his hair can get a little tricky when he opens it up, but if that means you get to cuddle him, you can endure a little hair tickling your nose

♬ what you can’t endure is Zen’s beauty

♬ one day you’re awake before him and you decide to actually get up instead of trying to sleep again

♬ you roll out of bed and turn around to get one last glance at sleeping Zen, since you’ve never really seen that

♬ it’s almost like a punch in the guts

♬ he is drop dead gorgeous!

♬ if you didn’t know better you’d think he was posing for some sort of photoshoot right then and there

♬ one of his arms is resting on his chest while the other is effortlessly resting above his head

♬ his white hair runs down his chest like silk as he lays on his back

♬ on top of that his face is relaxed, peaceful, untouched

♬ just watching him breathe in and out like this is mesmerizing

♬ one part of you is almost angry at how effortlessly beautiful he is

♬ the other appreciates it enough to get out your phone and snap a quick pick

♬ “Jaehee will so appreciate this…”


★ you and Yoosung moved in together much later than both of you would have liked to

★ he had to finish school and starting a vet clinic by yourself was near impossible at his age

★ after a while though, you couldn’t stand being apart and while money was short, you moved in together

★ luckily Jumin invested as a wedding gift and so the clinic came to be

★ money was no longer an issue and so you moved into a bigger, nice apartment together

★ at first everything was great, even sharing a bed, which neither of you had ever done before

★ looking back on it you realized it was due to stress that your sleeping arrangements worked out

★ the second his head hit the pillow Yoosung fell asleep like the dead

★ however, once he’d gotten used to being a vet and the stress reduced, his annoying sleeping habits kicked in

★ for one, he’s a horrible blanket hogger and you woke up more than once during the night because you were shivering without your blanket

★ at the same time you also found yourself waking up from being smothered and that was the biggest problem

★ it was easy to buy a separate blanket set, but getting rid of squid Yoosung was a near impossible feat

★ once he’d wrapped his arms, sometimes legs, around you, there was no getting rid of him

★ only only did you feel smothered, but you began growing hot rather soon as well

★ that boy felt like a hundred degrees wrapped around you

★ when you told him about it he felt extremely ashamed

★ you attempted to sleep in separate beds for a while, since you had work too and being completely drained of energy due to lack of sleep wasn’t an option

★ it didn’t work out

★ suddenly you felt cold and empty without your little octopus wrapped around you

★ after about a week you craved and climbed into back during night

★ about an hour later Yoosung had moved in his sleep and slung his first arm around you

★ half an hour later he was once more completely wrapped around you

★ you just sighed contently

★ “Much better…”


♨When you and Jaehee first moved in together it was as ‘best friends’

♨ you each had your room and did it for 'practical reasons’

♨ it was just 'easier to split the rent and chores’

♨ for anyone who didn’t notice, those were all keywords for you weren’t quite ready to admit to yourself and each other just how gay you were for one another

♨ eventually you got drunk and made out though and the cat was kind of out of the bag

♨ so you decided to confess and move into the same room

♨ the spare room remained a bedroom, but mostly for guests or just in case things got too much

♨ Jaehee is practical that way

♨ anyway, now that you were finally sleeping in the same room, arrangements had to be made

♨ the closet space had to be shared and a bigger bed had to be bought

♨ you went shopping together and Jaehee had so much fun you fell in love with her smile even more

♨ the first couple of nights you didn’t really focus on how Jaehee slept, to be honest

♨ most of it was either spent cuddling or making out or…well you know what new couples do

♨ a lot of exploration, to put it that way

♨ the fun kind

♨ after all the excitement of a new relationship died down you finally settled and calmed a little

♨ really, that is where your relationship began

♨ it was also then that you first stayed awake for a while to just look at her

♨ Jaehee was always trim and tight, even now that she wasn’t working for Jumin anymore

♨ she was organized and focus

♨ but when she slept, all of it went away and her face evened out, relaxing into something so pure

♨ she slept on her stomach, face buried into the pillow

♨ it looked utterly adorable

♨ she also drooled a little and you couldn’t help but chuckle at how cute and innocent it made her look

♨ almost childlike, really

♨ she was very embarrassed when you brought it up, but you assured her you didn’t mind

♨ after that night you put a box of tissues on her nightstand so she could wipe any remains off

♨ “You should always be as relaxed as when you sleep. I’ll make that happen one day.”


♛ while Jumin was allowed to watch you sleep early on in the relationship, the sentiment wasn’t returned

♛ you weren’t allowed to share a bed for the longest time until he finally craved

♛ morals were overrated anyway, right?

♛ when you first shared a bed you couldn’t really believe your eyes

♛ the second he laid down, it took him a maximum of five minutes to fall asleep

♛ frankly, you found that incredible

♛ sure, he worked until very late and was probably exhausted, but it wasn’t just the speed that surprised you, but also the position he slept in

♛ it was a picture book sleeping position

♛ he lay on his back, blanket pulled up high with both his hands clasped and resting right below his chest

♛ through the entire night, he didn’t move an inch

♛ Not. An. Inch

♛ you knew that some people called him heartless and cold, but you hadn’t expected him to actually sleep like a goddamn vampire!

♛ you actually had nightmares about this

♛ dreaming about him sleeping in a coffin, suddenly waking up with red eyes and fangs bared at you

♛ in his defense, the dream did turn out quite nice

♛ another positive aspect, you totally used his chest as your pillow, arm thrown over his middle

♛ “Hmm, better than any silk pillow ~ ”


☼ sharing a bed with him is a plain mess

☼ you love him still, of course, but you spend many nights waking up at least once

☼ at first everything is fine, when the two of you go to sleep

☼ you spoon or cuddle up face to face, the typical couple sleeping positions

☼ then you actually fall asleep and things start to get messy

☼ when it first happened you didn’t think much of it

☼ you woke up the next morning and Seven had spread out over the entire bed, leaving you with close to no space

☼ it was alright though, you understood

☼ he’d been a single person and you were guilty of starfishing at home yourself

☼ you figured he’d eventually get used to sharing his bed with another person and adapt

☼ you figured wrong

☼ in fact, things became even worse from there on

☼ not only did he basically corner you on your own half of the bed, eventually you found yourself waking up to your face kissing the floor

☼ you tested out different things, from sleeping on the different side of the bed to giving him sleeping pills to knock him out

☼ it didn’t work, you always ended up either corner or on the floor

☼ eventually you bought a pull-out bed so now when you fall, you fall onto another mattress

☼ on the plus side; you’ve learned to fall asleep really quick after

☼ you also learned to see positive things even in negative situations

☼ “Sometimes I don’t even wake up anymore! How cool is that?”


☀ Sharing a bed with Saeran took ages

☀ he probably wouldn’t have minded, but you did

☀ the therapist had said to give him some space, let him heal

☀ physical contact in general was a tender topic, let alone sharing a bed

☀ it was a rather intimate thing, even without having sex

☀ you really didn’t want him to push you away or feel caged

☀ it was about half a year into your relationship that he asked you to sleep with him

☀ even in bed, you stayed on your side, not touching him at first

☀ especially when you first turned over too look at him sleep

☀ really, it broke your heart

☀ he slept in a fetus position, making himself so small it must have been uncomfortable

☀ he also didn’t look relaxed or calm like you would expect a sleeping person to look like

☀ even in sleep, he looked troubled

☀ maybe even more so than in real life, where he constantly wore a mask, you realized

☀ you actually found yourself crying at his fate

☀ he woke up one night, hearing you sob

☀ for a moment he just stared at you in confusion, but apparently he understood

☀ without a word he scooted closer and cuddled up to you

☀ it almost made you cry even more, the way he tried to hide himself in your embrace

☀ from then on you held him every night, his face buried in your chest and your fingers brushing through his hair

☀ you didn’t cry anymore, he didn’t look as pained

☀ “I like our new sleeping position much better, you know?”

Jihyun Kim/ V

📷 moving in with V was equally easy as it was hard

📷 even with Rika out of the picture it still felt like she was present

📷 there was a side of the closet unused, a free shelf in the bathroom and decoration too feminine to have been chosen by V himself

📷 even when your things started to fill these spaces it didn’t feel quite right

📷 it just felt so much like she was still there

📷 you hated that feeling, and it made you feel insecure

📷 especially when you first came home late and V was already sleeping

📷 you stepped in and it was obvious that he’d shared a bed before

📷 painfully obvious

📷 he neatly slept on his side of the bed, but his arm was stretched out, reaching for something

📷 you figured it was Rika

📷 you slept on the couch that night

📷 he asked you about it the next morning, but you dodged the topic

📷 when the same thing repeated itself again about two weeks later, he didn’t let you off the hook

📷 so you explained

📷 he was shocked and embarrassed with himself

📷 there was a bit of truth to it, it had been the position he’s slept in with Rika

📷 but he’d gotten over her thanks to you, and hated having hurt you like that

📷 without you asking him, he gets rid of everything that once belonged to her

📷 from there on he pulls you to his chest, holding you close through the night

📷 both of you finally have what you always needed

📷 “Thank you so much, V.”


little side note, I’m sorry this took so long. I went to sleep shortly before I got your request and while the first couple of peeps were easy to write I constantly struggle with V so it took a while. I still hope you guys like it :3

Why is it called 'Maladaptive'?

Maladaptive comes from the word ‘adaptive’ which comes from the word ‘adapt’ which means to adjust oneself to different conditions and environments.

However, the word ‘maladaptive’ is actually the opposite. The rough definition of maladaptive is when one is unable to adapt fully in a place or situation.

So, why is it called 'Maladaptive Daydreaming’?

The term 'maladaptive’ is used because people who struggle with MD can’t fully adapt in real life.

They will often find it very difficult to stop their daydreams and it will lead to a lot of problems, such as not being able to do simple tasks, finding it hard to be able to wake up or sleep at night, having a lot of bruises or scars because of pacing, finding reality completely sucks and not worth living, and many more.

So basically their daydreams are more than just daydreams. They are more than just imaginations - they can be something more and that leads to reality being effected by that.

But what if my daydreams aren’t maladaptive?

First, you might not actually have Maladaptive Daydreaming.

A lot of people are usually misinformed and think that Maladaptive Daydreaming is only about imagining things, which isn’t entirely true. Some people might also not understand the entire definition and the symptoms.

Second, you might not realize that it’s maladaptive

It’s possible for anyone to not realize that their daydreams are maladaptive due to some things. Some people might only recognize it as laziness or they are focused too much on the positive sides of Maladaptive Daydreaming, resulting an unawareness of the maladaptive part of their life.

Is it okay to not label myself as a maladaptive daydreamer even though my daydreams are, in fact, maladaptive?

Yes! I know some people who use it as a coping mechanism refuse to call it 'maladaptive’ because of some personal reasons, and that’s actually okay, as long as you’re not harming anyone.

Am I allowed to call myself a maladaptive daydreamer even though my daydreams aren’t maladaptive?

Nope. Stay in your lane.

How do I know if my daydreams are maladaptive or not?

Has it ever stopped you from doing basic tasks? Has it ever tried to make you isolate yourself from society so you can daydream more? Has it ever tried to interfere with your school or work? Has it ever tried to bother you at some loint in life? Etc.

There are actually a lot of examples but these are the most frequently asked ones. If you’re still figuring out whether your daydreams are maladaptive or not, come and ask anyone around Tumblr, including me. I’d be happy to help all of you.

anonymous asked:

I love your comic Yellow Hearts, and how every page looks like it could be its own poster! How do you choose your colors to make sure everything harmonizes? Do you pick a color palette or make things up as you go?

First of all, thank you!! I love color, so this is one of my favorite things to talk about :D

I do have a color palette, but for this comic it’s a bit looser than I usually go! I’ve actually refined the palette a lot in the last couple of months, so this will be specifically about how I’m choosing color nowadays rather than for earlier pages, but the general idea still holds:

Basically I put together an image board of photos, drawings, and color schemes that feel ‘right’ for the story, and then refer back to it whenever I’m not sure what direction to go with the color.

Sometimes it’s nice to use the color picker, just to check myself, but often it’s more the idea that I’m going for than the specific hex code–for Yellow Hearts, I like bright yellows and oranges and golds, + teal blues, + grayish blues, and then a fair amount of light pink and magenta thrown in for lighting and characters. I’ve recently thrown out the use of bright greens, dark purples, and yellowish-browns. They just don’t fit!

For me, picking a palette also means choosing how much I use any given color, too. So for the yellows and oranges and golds, I try to keep it to a splash of color, like an accent, rather than trying to paint the whole scene in an orange hue. (This is something I did do with earlier pages, and have decided to step away from because it too easily swerved into muddy lighting.)

I’ve recently been experimenting with painting characters/figures in complimentary colors to their surroundings, and I’m pretty happy with how that’s working out. Contrast is always good, especially with detailed bgs like I use–I want the figures to stand out, but I still want to put all kinds of world-building and interest in their surroundings.

The last thing I’ll note is that actual color (the specific hex code I’m using) doesn’t necessarily match the perceived color–for example, I can make a number of objects look golden in comparison with their surroundings, when the actual hex code is more of a grayish, pinkish color. It’s the same principle as blue dress vs gold dress–it’s about how our brains decide what color something is based on the colors around it: 

Originally posted by lunaticyuno

Anyway, all this is just to say that choosing a color palette has a lot more to do with atmosphere than limiting the kinds of things you’re ‘allowed’ to draw. I threw out bright green (the hex code) but that doesn’t mean that I can’t draw green trees, it just means that I’m using tricks of the eye to imply that they’re green rather than choosing a truly lime green color, so that the overall impression may be a grayish blue scene, even while individual objects still have a perceived color (green). This is sort of complicated stuff to explain, and I’m not sure I even fully understand the science behind it, but you can also see it in action whenever the sun goes down or we turn a light on and off.

(I hope that doesn’t sound too patronizing–it’s so fun to figure this stuff out, and even when I know this is how it works, the reality is that I still sometimes go straight for that green hex code when I want to draw a green tree. It takes practice to train your brain to see color in a different way!)

Hope that helps! If you like this kind of stuff, definitely check out my Patreon! I talk about these kinds of things all the time, with better examples and such, and I’m happy to answer specific questions from patrons, even if I don’t usually have time to do involved responses on Tumblr. 

thefloralfox  asked:

Any tips for writer's block, or getting over self-doubt?

Hi :)

I struggle with this problem myself a lot. I find that writing certain parts of the story that I have already quite detailed in my head can work as a catalyst to keep on writing other parts. But sometimes the only thing that will help is to get away from your desk, or wherever you like to write, and do something completely different. At some times it helps my motivation and inspiration a lot to finish a dull task like washing the dishes or cleaning my appartement and afterwards I am newly focused.

To conquer the problem of self-doubt the only thing that really helps is to write a lot. With time you will get better and you will find your work improving. Maybe you could also ask a friend or family member (or people on tumblr) to read over what you have written so far and their feedback can push your self esteem.

I hope I could be of any help? I’m still trying to figure out how to put my doubts aside and just write.

- Jana

Appreciate you guys.

I did not know there was so many people following me 😳. I’m still trying to figure out how to work tumblr lol! This is amazing, love and appreciate the support ❤️🙏🏽✨

I have written this post millions of times trying to figure out the right words to say (and because Tumblr didn’t post the first attempt…rude).

There’s a thirty five pound difference between these two photos…

Not only do I look/feel physically different, I’m also mentally changed.

This journey has been a long & hard road filled with obstacles (mainly food, let’s be honest with each other) and as I approach my one year work-out-aversary (June 5th), I can’t help but reflect on how much my habits have changed.

I probably hadn’t worked out in at least a year to a year and a half. I was still vaguely active, but nowhere near enough to counteract my horrible food choices (which consisted of all of the pastas, carbs, and starches a girl could want & more). I didn’t realize it, but I felt horrible:

1. My back hurt because of a pinched nerve
2. My knees and ankles stayed swollen
3. I had migraines at least once a week
4. Crazy amounts of acne

Just to name a few.

Now… I work out 5-6 times a week and eating much, much better. I’m not saying that I no longer see pasta or carbs or starches, but I definitely view them in a different light – they’re fuel, not just stomach fillers. I try to stay away from simple carbs and eat the complex ones (it cuts the guilt in half haha). I now no longer have back pain (take that pinched nerve!), my ankles can fit into boots and strappy shoes without looking strangled, and I can’t tell you the last time I had a migraine. Not to mention my skin is completely clear (minus the occasional stress break out… thanks school).

It’s amazing what a little motivation and a lot of support can do for a person. I have great friends and great coworkers… they’ve kept up with me and showed crazy amounts of support when I was feeling down or defeated.

I started this journey nearly a year ago because my boyfriend at the time (we have since broken up) weighed less than me… That was a mindfuck that I was not prepared for… And it got me off my ass, so though we had a shitty end, I do have him to thank for that.

I guess what I’m saying is that regardless of your beginning motivations, it’s possible to keep going and it’s possible to see amazing results – inside and out – and it’s definitely possible to be your own damn motivation.

Which is why I’m my own woman crush this Wednesday 💪🏻

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if TD weren't idols and had tumblrs, what do you think they would be like (like, photography, art, bandom, etc)

  • bjoo: memes. just a shitton of memes screenshotted from twitter or tumblr. adds ‘XD’ to posts unnecessarily
  • hojoon: has like 12 followers, 4 of which are pornbots. posts long paragraphs about life. still hasn’t figured out how tumblr works. adds 100+ tags to every post
  • p-goon: a fitblr/workout blog. also reblogs memes from bjoo but deletes the caption every time. his most famous post is one of his torso selfies.
  • yano: one of those edgy egalitarians. “if you can’t handle the truth, do not follow”. 
  • nakta: a lot of music, posts his soundcloud music a lot, reblogs from other artists in the community. doesn’t know how messaging works though.
  • a-tom: is actually a youtuber and posts links and screenshots from his videos. has around 120 subscribers, most of which are 10 year old boys. posts prank videos
  • xero: aesthetic/beauty blogger. follows the latest trends. has a vague-ass quote as his title. cites authors he’s never read. his selfies get 1k+ notes
  • sangdo: positivity blog. posts art and his photography. has like 2 really popular posts and like 10 notes on all the rest.
  • hansol: guro blog with like… his art and thoughts. weird. his images get removed by tumblr often. keeps remaking.
  • (bonus) jenissi: quotes about jesus and a lot of rap music. occassional porn gif. follows back his pornbot followers.
Screw Your Courage to the Sticking Place part 2 (Lin x Reader)

Warnings: Explicit language & vague underage drinking

A/N: Wow! Thank you so much for the incredible response to part 1. You guys have no idea how much it means to me. I’m planning on posting twice a week and I’ll try to be as consistent as possible. Please let me know what you think! There’s two flashbacks in this one, just so you know. One last thing, I’m new to tumblr and still figuring out the basics so if I don’t reply to you I’m sorry, I’m working on it. 💜

Part 1

It’s two days later when you find yourself thinking about Lin. You’re sitting on your bed, looking up as your rainbow fan circles slowly. It’s hot, too hot, and you can’t find the motivation to leave your current spot. It’s the heat, you think, that brings back the memories of Lin. The way the sweat drips in rivulets down your neck, reminiscent of the scorching days more than ten years ago. Ever since your audition, every waking thought has been plagued reliving the past or fantasizing about the future. 

Keep reading

chrysalis-the-beauty-queen  asked:

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ, I found this place today (I'm still figuring out how tumblr works ╥﹏╥) so about your cuite little "Plant Sans" is possible for me to have an UF and SF Sans plant? (of course i would liketo include the gift and respective dolls set too) (^v^)Question: Does the Sanses can like, get out of the pots and move freely around the place? Thank you for your time. (つ◕౪◕)つ━☆゚.*・。゚

Awww welcome~~ヽ(✿゚▽゚)ノ Tumblr is a good place XD!!
And~~yeah, they can leave!! 

Here are your sans and dolls~~ ♥


|| M a x o n   &   A m e r i c a    ||  5  year  book  A N N I V E R S A R Y

~ My first try at gifs + “5 years of  m r t f l r”  tag ~

A bit late but HAPPY SERIES ANNIVERSARY to all of the fandom!! So @skylars-selection​ had the wonderful idea of starting a tag [here] to share our experiences with this book series (thank you for pointing out this day to all of us Sky!) and I was tagged by @illeaslockedbluebox​, @thedandelioninperspective​ & @the-selection-bitch​ [who made America fan art and shared her story here]. You all have such lovely things to say, so I guess it’s my turn…

When I joined: I read The Heir in November of 2015 (I know that’s not the first book, I’ll explain further on), but it wasn’t until around the time The Crown was coming out that I joined the Tumblr fandom. Actually, it was a few weeks before “The Heir with dolls” video was posted; those were my first interactions with the fandom–way back in April 14th of 2016–when I made my first mrtflr post on this blog!! Just realized it has been a year since that, le gasp. The fandom was fun and filled with wonderful people with incredible talent (and it still is)!  

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I gave my Calumet 4x5 a go today, and it worked! Except….

I’ve read that the Ilford paper I decided to use was 6 ISO, but it’s definitely 3 ISO, or my developing time is too long. But when you’re developing for 60 seconds, it’s a bit hard to gauge. On the next run, I’m going to meter for 3 ISO and shoot that, and see what it gives me. So far though, I REALLY like the results. The sharpness looks pretty nice on RC paper, and once I get the exposure times figured out, I think it’ll look even better. I’m still working on how to clean up the prints, as the Dektol developer I’m using tends to leave little bits on the prints (as it comes powdered). I’m thinking I may switch to a liquid developer. We’ll see as time goes on, for now the experimentation will keep going.

Rough character lineup for my next comic project! I haven’t drawn these guys very much yet, so I’m still working on getting them to look exactly how I want them to consistently, but this gives a general idea of the characters! ;x

The comic is titled Theurgy, and is a BL comic about a lazy demon (Des) and the idiot who accidentally summons him (Gabe). They gon’ smooch a lot. The other characters shown here are Gabe’s friends. I have a blank tumblr slowly getting set up for it over here. My co-creator on this project is @tulomnedraws and this comic will be longer (and happier) than Rainflowers (I promise)! We’re figuring out the first batch of pages now and hope to start posting it within a couple weeks!

spn-ficfanatic  asked:

Based on a previous Ask, "A Supernatural Love Story" sounds super interesting and I feel really dumb because I can't find it when looking through your Masterlist. I'm still figuring out how to use Tumblr, I'm sure I'm just missing the obvious, but where can I find this story?

Don’t feel dumb! That one’s actually not on Tumblr, which is why you can’t find it. I haven’t reblogged the ao3 link in a while. But you can read it at the link! XOXO

A God’s pupil Loki x teen reader

This one was actually a request that I was given on wattpad PLUS a prompt that I came across on “Imagine Loki”’s tumblr page, I may post this request on their pg idk I still need to figure out how do you submit other work onto other tumblrs and review their guidelines. Anyways I’m glad people are starting to like the stories I’m putting up :)

“Imagine Loki coming across a group of children picking on another child who is younger, smaller, and obviously defenseless. He comes to his/her’s aid, remembering how it felt when other Asgardian children picked on him growing up. After comforting the child, he offers to show them some magic, whereupon he accidentally discovers this child has a talent for sorcery. He decides to take the child under his wing and make him/her his student, watching them grow up over the years. He teaches them magic, how to fight, and how to outsmart their opponents. The two become very close, and consider each other family. One day, years later, Loki’s protégé is confronted by the same bullies who tormented him/her years earlier. Thanks to Loki’s training, his/her tormentors are defeated, and they call a truce. Loki watches from afar, secretly, with a proud grin on his face.“


I can’t believe that witless oaf Thor has forced me to stay down here in Midgard as punishment for my crimes. I would rather be locked for eternity in the dungeons or even death would be a more pleasant punishment than staying down here, living with his ‘Avenger’ friends. I would give anything to be anywhere else in all the nine realms but here where hardly anyone is of use to me, the Midgardians always fighting amongst each other for the most stupidest of reasons, they needed to be ruled, which I would’ve easily done had it not been for those meddling Avengers.

Luckily I managed to sneak out of the Tower and disguise myself to hide among the crowd so those oafs wouldn’t find me.  One can only take so much from being in that tower.

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