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[climbs thru ur window] hello friend!! i was wondering if u could possibly do a rfa + v and unknown in college hc?? 😄 (or just yoosung if ur not feelin it) hope u have a great day !! [tuck and rolls while dabbing out the door]

& anotha one:  Hi! I love your blog, such great headcanons! If I may request if you haven’t done this already- university au headcanons of RFA + V? Like their majors and how they hang out? Thanks you lovely!

oh hello welcome welcome pls come in and make urself at home. do u want coffee or tea?? we live in the apartment complex of mysme hell. i couldn’t stop thinking about this…….. get fucking READY,,,, i’d respond with a dab too but the last time i dabbed i hit someone in the face so let’s..,,, not… annieways i’m probably basing this college off something like a small college city of thing, i’m touring colleges rn so this is especially fun!!

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the type of guy to probably end up in marketing or business for a major, and absolutely lives and dies for that shit. find him at the library quietly studying or spending time on his dad’s yacht on the weekends. probably diligently prepares for every single exam and aces his classes; this isn’t surprising since he acts as if he’s sold his soul to his major. probably the kind of guy that raises his hand to answer every question. not to be a dick or anything but just because he really does know and has already gone over the material thrice. doesn’t bike to his classes, even though almost everybody on campus does and he has a chauffeur. he’s always super fancy looking and has probably been wearing a three piece when he came out the fucking womb. it’s really awkward seeing him at school events because he is so severely overdressed until v finally pulls him aside and is like, “hey… jumin you can’t wear a three piece to every event.“ “why not” “this is literally a trip to the beach jumin.” you’ll onest to god never catch jumin slipping but one day he wears sweatpants to class and everyone also stares at him this is worse but jumin also has never gave a shit so v is just l i v i n g through this and takin so many photos.


oh god, he’s so cute. he’s the cute guy that everyone fawns over when they have a class with him and yoosung is actually fucking oblivious because he’s so caught up in LOLOL. of course he’s studying to be a vet too, and of course women are swooning over his baby cute looks. perfect skin, blonde hair with cute clips, probably rides a bike and owns like 2 messenger bags that look exactly the same, never has he ever heard of a binder and stuffs all his work into a notebook. he drifts club to club a lot and he’s very sweet like he was in high school, just more distracted and it’s hard to get ahold of him outside of his classes because he’s so attached to playing LOLOL. probably sits in the grass quad with seven and buys the fundraising cupcakes the sell there too at the club booths. also frequents the cafe too and always has his laptop by his side, it has a couple of dent marks from dropping it while rushing to class. probably works at the starbucks on campus and gets hit on a lot but he’s so dense about it that he just assumes nobody wants him. sees jaehee a lot and they’re on a first name basis!!! he draws sparkles on her cup when she orders stuff!!! always plays with people’s pets when he sees them, has a pet goldfish. lowkey failing his classes tbh. tried weed like once with seven and now smokes sometimes on the down low because he gets better at LOLOL and it soothes him a little.


don’t play these fucking games with me because you know damn well he’s an arts major, specifically theater arts. sings on his way to classes. every single girl knows who he is, he has his own fan club. photography majors always want him for a muse so he has a waiting list. is in every single fucking production, usually as one of the leads and at the least a side character with a solo. everyone loves him so he could be playing a fucking tree and they’d still give the tree a meaningful background and a solo. once somebody dm’d him saying they’d pay a hundred dollars for a strand of his hair. always hosting parties and always cool with the frats, but doesn’t really join one because sharing a bathroom is a no bueno for the man. passes his classes with not much of a program, he has pretty average grades and skateboards on his way to classes, eventually switches out to a bike because skateboarding is more dangerous and he could fall and hurt that precious face of his. legend has it if you catch him riding his bike at sundown his hair actually glitters and his eyes turn into a beautiful sunset too. everyone kinda gets annoyed at him because he’s so douchey and cocky but he’s never snobby or rude to other people so they’re just mad that he has like a thousand second long snapchat stories of just his face. got really trashed at a party and has a tattoo on his butt now. he hangs around v a lot but hanging with v means jumin is a package deal sometimes and zen honestly wants to throw fucking hands at jumin something just bOTHERS him

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oh hey it me back with more blURBS:3

#2 Kinks

cam: oh haha Cameron is one of thoSe guys, i feel, who likes to spank and shit. i think i’d make him feel more dominant in bed and stuff though just imagine his hands on you though and after each spank he’d knead your ass cheek with his hand trying to soothe it but then he’d just spank you again in the same spot so it wouldn’t really do anythING at all but yeah, i’d still be hot beyond belief like just imagine you’re at the club and cliche i know you’re grinding on another guy just for fun or something and i’m guessing tbh that he’s more of a jealous type so he’d get all mad or whatever and take you home right away and make you do a strip tease for him until you were in just a thong and then he’d bend you over his knee and spank you multiple times before fucking your brains out byE yes i got a bit carried away with this one

Nash: my homeboy nash would be into playing music in the background if that makes any sense… he’d be all passionate and play modern rnb and go like all slow and stuff but still be all passionate as hell and shit like he’d rock his hips back and forth to the beat of the song and stare down at you with his crystal blue eyes and look into your eyes and make it so passionate and hot at the same time like oh and did i mention that his arms are all strong and stuff so he’d perfectly hold up his own weight with one of his arms while he holds your hand with his free arm and pins it down next to your head while he’s fucking you oH…

Jack G: Jack would be that type of nigga to be super idk i guess sneaky? is sneaky even a kink? now it is hes that kind of guy that would fuck hard and rough but around other people in public ja feel? like oH OHOHOHOH Ho he’s one of those guys that would fuck you hard in your bedroom and have to cover your mouth with his hand while he peppers kisses all over your neck bc your parent(s) are/is downstairs and yeah, or he’d fuck you backstage at magcon but keep the door unlocked bc he likes the fact that anyone could walk in and see him hammering you at any second and stuff and oooOOoh and he would like to pull hair a lOT especially if you two were doing doggy style this hurts tbh

Taylor:  dis caniff kid would be into rough sex. just rough. nothing else to add like tbh yeah there would be passionate sex on like anniversaries or even da wedding night but man holy s h i t he’d always be rough like oh god he’d be into everything kink and fast i don’t think he’d be much into foreplay unless you’d be giving him blowjobs but idk i think he’d just want to be insiDE of you ya know idk man he’d be into all the spanking and the different creative positions and bondage and the toys and the fucking you everywhere at anytime of the day and shit like ooOOooH he’d really like to fuck you up against the wall with your legs wrapped around his waist and shit dAmn his head would fall onto your shoulder and he’d just be grUNTING nOOOO

Matt: as i said before matt would be into dirty talk like a mother fucker like oh man he’d say a lot of shit like flattering compliments about your features and stuff but at the same time he’d make them vulgar with the word choices he makes i also think that if you were to dirty talk back to him he’d be extremely turned on by that and stuff and you can totally disagree with me for this or nah but to be comPLETELY honest i think matTHEW LEE ESPINOSA HAs a daddy kink only in bed though i dont think he would want you to call him daddy all the time and like in public but i think he has one and sometimes he’d want you to call him “daddy" in bed.

Jack J: baby this guy has got a kink for eveRYTHING like legit but i think that he’d really enjoy foreplay. i think he’d like going down on you, his tongue pleasing your body, even adding a finger or two while he sucks or your clit or something shit tho man could you imagine going 69 with jack J THAT WOULD BE SO HOT IM CRYINg bc omfg you’d be going to town sucking on dat d and tbh i feel like he’d be weak with blowjobs and stuff so he’d be a moaning mess and he’d be like moaning into you while eating you out and he’d grip really tight on your hips and iM ASO DINW HES GOT ME FEELIN SOME TYPE A WAY

Aaron:  oh god  Aaron would definitley have a kink for foreplay, similar to Jack J but i think he’d more want to pleasure you rather than you pleasuring him bc i think he’d want to be in control so if you did end up blowing him he’d get all flustered and grip tight onto your hair to the point where it might hurt and he’d force you down more so you were taking more into your mouth and oh when he cums let me tell you his thighs would tremble slightly and he’d let out this loud throaty moan and throw his head back and his grip on your hair would grow even tighter and as he’s forcing you down on him he’s thrusting up into your mouth and oH

Carter: i feel like carter would have a hardcore bondage fetish… like i think when he’s alone and masturbating while he’s away at magcon he’d be masturbating at the though of you tied to the bed begging to be touched and it’d get him off almost instantly and in person he’d be extremely teasing about the whole situation oH hes one of those guys who would, if you don’t do as your told as you’re tied to the bed, leave you there for like an extra hour and like come back and spank you and like yell at you and you’d be horny af and then he’d let you go so you can ride him to make up for the ‘bad girl’ you were being.. hA

Shawn: shawn mendez is an ass guy so tbh i think he’d be similar to cam with the spanking but oh instead of being v v dominant like cam is he’d be a tiny bit more conservative and gentle, but still rough and i also think he’d really like the doggy style bc  i mean then he can grab ur ass while he fucks you and i mean we know how he loves da booty so yAY oh and did i mention that he probably has a die hard eat-out kink and he just lovES to eatcha out ja feel? oh ja definitely feel. but i mean his tongue is sO heavenly tbh like pls i want it inside me dont you but yeah i crY 

Whomp there it is& srry for any typos i dont feel like reading back through it all rn bc pile of hw to do still oh