still experimenting with textures


“…don’t ever change.”
“I don’t exist…in anyone’s heart.”
“…what would it take for me to be like you?”

Loved, but lonely on an island in the sea.

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This is Cucumber! he hopes to be the next Scourge one day.

Im sorry if i keep drawing your OCs @catfanq I love them ok ay

My newest Skyrim character, Dahrzi. (sometimes called Dahrzi Silver-Eyes)

She is a strange hermit lady that lives in the wilds of Skyrim. Her time spent alone in the wilderness has made her into an expert survivalist. Sometimes she is able to know things and see things others do not. She will tell you what she sees in you, if you ask.

p.s. can you tell i’m still experimenting with filters and textures??? oops

Okay, this is what depersonalization/derealization feels like. This is as much as I can try to describe it!

It’s like looking at a word for a long time and it loses meaning, instead you’re just looking at life and thinking about it and you don’t know if what you’re looking at is actually reality.

Things lose their depth. You’re looking up at the starry night and it looks so fake. You suddenly feel like something is hugging you, it’s uncomfortable.

You’re having a conversation with a loved one and you become hyper aware of that last thing you just did, thinking, “Did I really just say/do that?” At the same time, your head feels odd, you feel like you’re falling.

You’re looking at yourself in the mirror too long and you start to think if that’s really your self. Sometimes your face will look like it’s melting.

You think about time a lot. Sometimes, a few minutes feels like a year went by. You remember things from a couple of minutes ago, like getting a hug, and you can still feel the texture surrounding you. It’s a disturbing experience.

Trying to relax is a joke. You can’t stop being aware of everything. Your mind won’t stop thinking about the past, present, and future.

Sometimes your eyesight gets foggy. Everything has a gray tint. At the same time, you feel like you’re going to fall into a dream state. Your vivid imagination feels like it will take over. Anything seems possible at this time.

You’re in a bedroom, and suddenly the walls behind you feel like they’re not there anymore. The room feels 5 times bigger and you’re scared to turn around to check if anything has really changed.

Sometimes you’ll feel out of body. You have this gut feeling that you can predict what’s going to happen next and it will last for minutes at a time.

You will feel scared for no reason. The only thing you can do is close your eyes, if you can, and take deep breaths.

Sometimes you’ll feel confused about your loved ones. Look at photos of them and you will just forget what your connections with them are. A sibling doesn’t look the way you remembered them to be five minutes ago.

You meet a new friend and forget what they look like. It will take weeks for you to get your mental image of them correct.

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I believe you. After everything we’ve been through, I believe you.


here is a new collection of succulent plants. i have moved away from glass bowls and other vessels without drainage holes, and gone for the highly recommended terracotta. terracotta is good for succulents because the air can circulate round the roots, and it doesn’t hold water (which is better for succulent plants)

  Still experimenting,but very much loving the range of colours and textures and shapes of succulent plants, and that i haven’t seemed to have killed any yet!

Took some time to work on Petunia this weekend while I waited for primer to dry.  I’ve been wanting to make a monster BJD for a while.  I’m still experimenting with different kinds of textures and anatomy.  :/

As a kindergarten teacher, I feel I’ve learned from the fascination children have for objects or scenes adults would typically consider simple or boring.  A child who sees a grapefruit for the first time marvels at the color and skin, but as we continue to see the same things we lose a sense of their magic.  I want to try to capture some of that magic in the day to day.  I shoot with anything.

What interests me most about an image is form, context, lighting and color.  I am not interested in beauty for the sake of beauty, or humanity for the sake of humanity.  I like to experiment with still life, textures and color: setting up objects that have an interesting meaning or shape, photographing cracks in city concrete, or taking note of an interesting reflection of light.  Portraits often bore me; it’s my opinion that there are endlessly more interesting subjects outside of humanity itself, and beauty comes in surprising places.

Dead soul 1

Of the serie Triptych of dead souls

Bio: B. Sannorat (Balearic Islands, Spain). I am an amateur photographer. Very recently, just nine months, that I am in the world of photography, but I know that will be my passion  the rest of my life. Of course, I’m still learning and experimenting with lights, layers, textures, frames … I take photos with my Ipad and I them edit with Photoshop, but soon it will be time to take the big step with a SLR camera.

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Pansy (purple). You occupy my thoughts.

Honeysuckle. Bonds of love, rustic beauty and inconsistency.

Jean missing his bf in the wild, i wanted to experiment a little bit with textures ( i still need to practice more)…

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Pensamiento. Tu ocupas mis pensamientos.

Madreselva. Lazos de amor, belleza rústica e inconsistencia.