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>>The Marks We Make<< Chapter 2 update!

Tag. Honestly Lance get your head in the game, if you’re not going to pay attention you’re out. 

​ has fought hard and written a pretty long chapter for you guys to read and have fun with while we go back to SUADWM for a while! 

Admittedly, this one gif is… rough to say the least. Doesn’t flow as smoothly as I wanted it to, but I’m still experimenting and learning, so it’s fiNE. 

AGES ago I started making this thing for the miraculous ladybug singing in the rain au, but I never finished it (and I have a feeling that I never will oops). It kind of feels like a waste of effort to not post it though! so here you guys have it! enjoy :)

IF you guys are interested in my art (non miraculous ladybug fanart), check out my art blog! @sannartsies

Comic Test

I’m still experimenting with comic and animation.  I’m looking for feedback, like can you read it at your own pace? Is it too fast, or too slow, or you can’t focus on a panel. Anything will help, I’m trying to see what format would be best and I’m working out any problems.

Edit: Thank you for your feedback!! I altered the comic and changed the speech bubbles so they are easier to read, and animate, and I also changed the pacing to certain panels.

Thank you, Feedback?


favourite shadowhunters episodes (1/?)

1x12: malec

o sh*t its nart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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the arms of the ocean are carrying me. 

ya lit meme: 5/10 series or books
↳ fire and hemlock by diana wynne jones

“Suppose they were once facts. Suppose I really am like the man in the story, and something happened to change my past.”

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IBM Watson for mixologists

Don’t you just love it when a bartender knows what you want before you do? That’s what’s in store for those at SXSW right now. On Friday, IBM unveiled a Cognitive Cocktail Bar where bartenders use Watson’s cognitive capabilities to create the perfect drink for guests. How? First, Watson learns about bar patrons from data stored in their wristbands – info such as conference activity, personal preferences, interests and social media accounts. Then Watson analyzes this data to recommend a bespoke cocktail concoction. With Watson’s help, maybe some day every bar will know your name.

Not at SXSW? You can still experience your own cognitive drink concoctions through the IBM Watson Twist app.