still editing photos as you can tell


My absolute favorite photos I’ve found from scrounging around Google images (I’ve hit the bottom of the barrel for R&M fanart folks)

EDIT: I don’t know all of the original artists so if you know who created these wonderful pieces of work please don’t hesitate to tell me so I can credit them! 😊

Poorly edited photo compilation inspired by @miss-loonylove and I’s conversation yesterday regarding the attractiveness of Johnny Depp’s Willy Wonka. I decided to look back and see if I still had my assortment of screencaps and pictures in my files and lo and behold - there they all were! As you can tell, my attempt at being “artsy” fell pretty short, but I think the verdict still remains: Depp’s Wonka also produces a fair amount of eye candy in that factory of his.


hiiiiooo here are my depth of field and ambient oclsusisoson settings for reshade that some people were wondering about. as you can tell they are very similar to alverdines like i said since i used her settings and tweaked from there. they aren’t as exciting as i would like but i still wanted to show them in case they will be helpful. the photos on the left are before and taken with in-game camera and the ones on the right are using reshade and fraps. i also ran them through my ps action (i didn’t have non edited versions sorry about that) so that’s why they are extra orangey but everything else is just reshade <3

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Ok so obv i hate stalkers but i also think it's rude to just assume everyone that meet him is a stalker....i would like to have my chance to meet him without the whole fandom thinking i stalked him and hate me....

I’m not assuming everybody is a stalker but this NYC set are literally bitching about him beforehand and then pleading with him for a photo to put on social media and making him miss his flight. What you do with your own photo is up to you but these people can’t go crying about it when people realise that they’ve not been all that kind to Harry to his face or on the internet. Most people aren’t stalkers and are genuine fans, and you can tell those from the ones that aren’t - that’s what I mean x

Edit: Ok, maybe they meant ‘light’ but still, stop making him miss shit

[CHANBAEK] This Is Heaven ❤

Chanbaek moments in everywhere!!!  🎉 🎊 

Call me crazy. Call me delusional. All I can say is this era definitely a heaven for Chanbaek shipper *yay* ❤

👍  Let’s check it out!! *wink* 

Call Me Baby’s (couple?) tshirt

Can you see the letter in their tshirt. Letter B (Baekhyun?) for Chanyeol. Letter C (Chanyeol?) for Baekhyun. That’s look like couple tshirt, isn’t?? Moreover they’re standing next to each other ❤ | the pict|

Baskin Robbins CF

So this is from EXO - Baskin Robbins CF Making Film. Still can’t take my eyes from Chanbaek. Enjoying the the movie date, running together, and have a selfcam time together!! ❤

EXO Next Door Mini Drama

Aww, the way Baekhyunie taking care Chanyeolie  💕 💕

I don’t know about you guys, but I really need another version from EXO Next Door with Chanbaek as main character!!! ❤ |cr. in the pict & xx |

Chanyeol Instagram Update

Yeah, that’s from Chanyeol Instagram. Haha, can I put title for that? How about “Story of My Life”?? And Chanyeol’s story be like :
[pict.1] Chanyeol as sexy, free, and single person.
[pict.2] Chanyeol with Baekhyun (as couple??)
[pict.3] Chanyeol’s little family (and happily ever after)

This post actually for Baekhyun birthday. This post gave me diabetes because Chanyeol’s message just really sweet 🎂 He also said ‘I love You’ in the end of his post ❤ And you can see that they took this pict when they’re still wearing those couple tshirt *wink wink wink*

Best pict ever 🏆 Chanyeol and Baekhyun took a selca with baby Seojun when filming ‘The Return of Superman’. YES this is REAL!!! This isn’t just a photo edit for Chanbaek fanfiction. Kekekekeke,

I need to calm down. Slap me, pinch my cheeks, tell me this isn’t just my random dream after I read a lot Chanbaek fanfictions. Chanbaek … parenting … twins … omg my feels *ugly sobbing* [Just hurry up, get married and have babies!!!]  ❤❤ Can’t wait for next week!!! Watch the preview here

‘I Am Korean’ MV Filming

Baekhyun gave his shirt to Chanyeol because he noticed that chanyeol shirt was too short. But some people also said that that shirt belong to Chanyeol, and Chanyeol gave it to Baekhyun because Baekhyun felt cold. I don’t know the real story behind that sweet moment. The most important thing from both story is they’re care about each other!!! *hug Chanbaek*
[cr. in the pict]

More more more … I’m expecting more Chanbaek moments in the future  ❤❤❤


Fat and hot are not mutually exclusive :)

You can have a big tummy, small boobs, stretch marks, and no makeup, and still be fine as hell. Don’t let your body hold you back, and don’t let anyone tell you that you have to dedicate your life to losing weight before you can be beautiful and successful. Your body is just a vessel for the amazing person inside. 

In these photos I’m not wearing any makeup, not sucking in, not covering up, and not editing or filtering anything. And I love the way I look. I hope one day people will stop implying that thin is the way you’re “supposed” to look, and that losing weight should be the primary goal of anyone overweight. 

The path to self esteem is rough for anyone, and I hope that all of you find it someday, no matter what you look like.



Here’s a few photos of myself from Saturday morning at AN with mikhxii and oculeux in their fabulous cosplays. Haise still not letting you in though. 

I had stuffed a bunch of candy in my pocket as Haise so I could give some to all the Suzuyas I met. I’m not sure who this Suzuya was, but if you know please tell me so I can tag them!


Just found out that the suzuya was rememberingtheurge

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niall selfie proves once again that his eyes are magical. they are fucking proof that heaven exists. they're giving me hope for this world. they are true wonder. they are divine. niall is divine. i love niall. please post his selfie in answer to this ask. everyone deserves to see him. this eyes.... i'm dead.



Look at him. LOOK AT HIS FACE. LOOK AT HIS EYESSSSSS. He doesn’t even need a fucking filter, the God that he is.

Look at his edit of literal angel!Niall:

Speaking of filters though, I may have saved a bunch of photos and fiddled around with different filters because I wanted to see the beauty of him and his eyes in all of them AND LOOK:

ALSO, I have this thing with B&W photos of him, because you can still tell exactly how beautiful his eyes are and I love it, so:



Day 2: Current journal

The color and feel of this journal are both perfect. I’ve filled more than half of it since I started it in January! You can’t tell that washi tape is my favorite can you

I love writing lyrics down so I added a photo of a couple of pages that are still works in progress because I’m constantly finding a new song I can’t stop listening to :)

I’m just gonna talk for a little bit, you don’t have to read it but I just wanted to touch on some things. It all ties together eventually like all my extended rants so….

I’ve mentioned before that the only other band “fandom” I’ve been super active in was for Avenged Sevenfold. And honestly, it was because of tumblr that I stopped being active…
There’s always been issues in the A7X fandom, I know it’s totally different now, there’s a million more people…But back in the day, like 2005-2009 it was easily the most competitive and nasty fandom to be part of. Yes, I met a bunch of cool people through it, because I had 2 of the more well known fansites on myspace dedicated to them…I also encountered so many vicious people.

Like, I don’t know if anyone remembers that confession box you could add to your profile where people could anonymously leave you messages…kinda like on here but if you really wanted to respond to someone you’d have to take the time to screenshot and upload the photo, code it and make a bulletin post…you’d really have to want to respond if you had to. Anyways, I was just telling @grucified about the time I kept receiving death threats via the confession box because Zacky V used one of the VU layouts I made and he posted a shout out to me thanking me for it…And I’d get random anon messages calling me a groupie slut, and just continuous things like that…and I was maybe 17 at the oldest at this point. So i just deleted the app, I got nice messages too of course, but when people send you that kind of hate daily, there’s no need to keep it.

So, dealing with things like that was….ya know….i have no real words for it…especially since i had a private profile, whoever sent those messages was a “friend” of mine.

When myspace died, really the only other place for fandom sites was tumblr. At least with myspace you can pick and choose which fansites you add and what you see, kinda like facebook. But here, if you search a tag you see a lot of everything. There were of course oddball fansites for band members wives/girlfriends on myspace, but again, you could easily avoid those.

But I’d come on here seach for “syn gates”, for example, and photos of his wife, his house, his family…anything and everything would come up basically. And then you get sucked into reading things that just infuriate you…it just turned into “what fuck are these fans”…kinda thing.

People just infuriated me so much I don’t even have words for it…so i unfollowed any blog dedicated to Avenged because I…can…not.

Moving on though, I was (and still, regardless I will always be an elite Avenged fan. FALLEN 4LIFE) basically chased away from the fandom because of the way other fans were. It was constant competition, constant bickering and people just constantly starting shit just for the sake of it.

And for a while, the Ghost fandom seemed like a breath of fresh air in comparison. For me personally, I haven’t really ever received any malicious anonymous messages that others have, like the ones that were going around today for no good reason. But I’ve obviously dealt with plenty of people that just, I swear, purposely annoy me for the ha-ha’s of doing so.

I mostly get asks that I’m like “why are you asking me this?” and then it sometimes turns into a domino effect of chaos. And here’s my only real issue, I’ve made several posts that if I don’t give the proper credit to things I post, just let me now so I can source accordingly…I have no reason what so ever to not give credit where credit is due as long as I know the actual source. JUST TELL ME. I WILL CREDIT. I WILL EDIT WHATEVER AS NEEDED. But I have had 2 people, that I know of at least, make comments that a certain photo was theirs, I apologize and I edit the post. But they still went on to make their own blog posts, one of them made repeated posts, dragging me down. And I just sit here like, oh okay, fuck me then….

Do you know how many of my photos I’ve seen on other sites? How many times I’ve seen edits or gifs I’ve made reposted? A lot, dudes, A lot. It’s annoying, and most of the time now I just let it happen because I don’t care. But before it was so frequent if I saw a photo I took reposted by someone else I would just comment and say i took it, BAM I’m set.

I’m kind of all over the place here…but I wanted the main point to be here: stop being jerks.
Stop being anonymous jerks, especially.

If you don’t like something, you don’t like someone…scroll past them. It’s that easy. Nobody is hurting anybody here, it’s almost mind boggling where some people get off being so plain and simple mean sometimes. Don’t try to chase people away from something they love because you like to stir the pot.

I’ve met a lot of people on here, only a small amount actually in person and one that I know well…but there are still people I talk to on here and other social media sites that I do like and consider online friends. But I still just know them from what I see what they post, just like people only know me by my posts…and I know I come off a certain way probably, but you don’t know everything about me or what goes on in my daily life other than what I share. Because you don’t really know or understand someone, is all the more reason you shouldn’t go anonymously attacking them just for the sake of doing it.

Excuse me for sounding like a mom, but that is flat out bullying. How many people have you seen say Ghost has changed their lives and given them a purpose and something to love and look forward to? Me being one of them, I know that because I’m so preoccupied with Ghost that personal issues with relationships and friendships that have blown up in my face this past year seem so minimal. So I understand other people who are so “obsessive”, because it’s an escape. And whatever makes you happy, please do so. As long as you aren’t hurting yourself or others, why does it matter?

Don’t let other people’s negativity take you away from your happy place. Fuck that.

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can i say, i love all of your photos!! they all seem so surreal and dreamlike, like you've managed to take scenic pictures while roaming around in dreamland where the colors are brighter and the sun is shinier and the plants are... plantier. i love it!!

You most definitely can say that! Haha! Your comment pretty much made my year! I’ve been learning how to edit my photographs to reflect what I feel while I’m in “my forest.” Surreal and dreamlike are two perfect descriptions! I still have a lot to learn, but your comment tells me I may be on the right track. Thank you so much! ~Angie ♡♡