still dunno whether or not to name him hibine or habiki


really shit sketch because i wanted to doodle my OC in his room ^___^;;

made him (ya him) based off a really freaking vivid dream I had LOL basically he looked pretty much like this in my dream esp the hairstyle and basic teal color and he’s a modern day mermaid. he goes to school in a wheelchair and covers his tail and kind of keeps being a mermaid a secret for whatever reason  l o l… but a guy at his school constantly eggs him on and pretty much knows what he is since he saw him at his lake during a hiking trip. he’s really serious and average but he likes things like the ocean and mermaids…

uhhh home’s a small lake with a waterfall in the middle of the woods and he has a generator for electricity and everything in his “house” is behind the waterfall and made out of plastic and waterproof junk. he usually wears raincoats and just keeps whatever wardrobe he needs to keep dry outside away from the water

besides that as an actual character he’s easily anxious and stressed, though really excitable and curious. anatomy wise he doesn’t have a penis because his lower half is aquatic ^_^;;;;; but male organs and junk yeah

basically i had a freakishly gay anime mermaid dream and i wanted to keep it alive