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The weirdest thing i can think of happening to me is when the furry girl at my school was going up the stairs really slow while I was behind her and she just turned her head and said “you can go around me you know.” And i was like, “um, or I could go up the stairs like a normal person?” I wasn’t even too close to her or anything, I was taking my time too, but she said “or you could have a nice attitude like a normal person.” To which I said, “you were the one with the attitude first” like a fucking baby

And I walked around her until I got to the top of the stairs. As I turned to open the door to the hall, she had completely stopped and was staring at me. And i was like?? Ok?

And then..she barked. She barked at me.

I was so taken aback that I just kept walking with my friend and we joked about it on our way to class.

Later on I was telling my other friends about it, one of them was like “dude she cursed you”

And I was like “what?”

And she kept saying the furry girl cursed me, which I found funny and told another friend about. He looked me dead in the eyes and said “no, dude, she cursed you. She barks at people to curse them. She literally told me she liked to kill animals to consume their form. You’re fucked.”

And I was like oh shit wow ok. But we all forgot about it later on until a couple days ago when the furry girl was on the same set of stairs taking her time and I was in front of her. She walked around me and for a split second we made eye contact and she just..smiled at me in an all-knowing way. I dunno how to feel about it but every time i see her she looks at me no matter what for a good ten seconds before leaving.

@tyranny-mutt here ya go boiiiiiii. the original one i did i still haven’t finished because fuck i still don’t know how to draw motorbikes or anything really so here’s something i threw together after you called me out today LMAO 


t’is a season for fluster and cute~

Ocu got a holiday mistletoe kisskiss with @grimplier ~ <3

featuring Very Oppinionated Tres *kicks him off the scene*

Inktober Day 11 - The Orpheus Family

Complete with Simba.