still dunno how i feel about this tbh

What if Vilde bringing up William’s violent tendencies is foreshadowing the fact William finds out about Yousef and Noora kissing. I mean we know that he’s supposed to have had a girl back in London but that doesn’t stop a dude from feeling like he still has a claim on an ex. Especially someone he still loves and wants to be with. Also we remember how William told Chris he’d have killed him if he’d gotten with his girl when Jonas and Chris fought. 

I dunno, it’s probably not likely tbh. I’m not sure Julie would mess up No*rhelm again. But still, it would make sense. 

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hey so I'm a shallura shipper and tbh I'm feeling so conflicted like even if allura is 19 (which I want her to be so bad) the creators confirmed shiro as 25 at comic con (someone recorded them to 'confirm' the ages because of shaladins) and I just dunno how to feel honestly why would they do this knowing so many people ship it??? Why would they hint at it if the age difference is that big??? Why does allura act the way she does if she's still a 'teen' honestly I'm heartbroken

l i s t e n

the voltron writers don’t know shit about how fandoms react to stuff like this, especially one that can be as hostile and volatile as the voltron fandom. ESPECIALLY ABOUT THE AGES. i always pictured allura as 23 (but her va kimberly brooks says she’s like 20, aka 19 youngest) and if allura is only 23 than like, i thought shiro was 25 but clearly he’s a couple years younger than that. i’m so Tired, i’m just not gonna care about the ages. i’m here for the dynamics and i love shallura.

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I would swoon so damn hard if you dyed your hair electric bloo. It's one of my fave hair colors, but not on myself for some reason. Other than that, I would suggest purple but I dunno how you feel about purple. Most people I meet/talk to actually hate it :c it's my fave color next to mint green (and I'm kinda disappointed I didn't still force myself to plan a trip to AX. I would've like to try to meet you)

I might go w the electric blue tbh just cause it’s a bright color I haven’t done yet and I like the way it looks too also you should go to ax next year! By then I’ll probably be setting up in artist alley at cons so it’ll be easier to find me too

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I've been trying to come to terms with the fact that I'm autistic, trying to organise to meet specialists and get an official diagnosis, but it's painfully obvious that I have autism. I just don't know how to feel about it tbh, after living 17 years thinking something must be wrong with me and that's why I don't fit in, it's a little scary finding out I'm just autistic and it's not wrong. I dunno I think it's ableism? I feel like I'm villainising autism cause it's still a foreign concept to me

It’s perfectly ok to feel like this. There’s a lot of negative messaging about autism and obviously it does make some things a lot more difficult - it’s a disability after all!

The thing to remember is that if you get the diagnosis there will be help available, and if you don’t then it’ll be something else, which you can also get support for

hope this helps


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Do you think that they will film the malec kiss/ love scenes from the shoulders up like they did with the wedding kiss so matt and harry dont have to touch each other I wonder if freeform has separate rules for the straight couples and the same sex couples well see when luke and jocelyn have a kiss/ love scene

I have actually no idea how they are gonna film these scenes i.e how “explicit” it might get. Tbh, I haven’t really thought about it because it still feels so …. wild? Like… we will actually see Malec making out??? Very soon? In the near future? (I am still trying to not lose my mind when Matt talked about “hard and fast”….I mean….what the hell???) I dunno…my brain just can’t comprehend this somehow.

Sure, we won’t see an explicit sex scene like on f.e. Spartacus; this is Freeform we are talking about and not HBO. And I haven’t watched “Pretty Little Liars” yet so I dunno how “far” they are going when showing a love making/sex scene/heavy make out scene, no matter if it is an lgbt couple or a straight one.

But from what I have seen so far, especially watching all these interviews and how much both Matt and Harry love Malec and how important it is to them to portray them in a real and honest way, I think we don’t have to worry about them being “weird” about touching each other or whatever. First, they are actors, second they knew what they were getting themselves into when accepting the roles and third they are friends and comfortable around each other.

That being said, I personally don’t even need an explicit sex scene to begin with. (I would totally lose my mind when there would be some heavy making out against a wall…uhm…yes.) I would be already happy with them simply lying in bed, probably both being shirtless, smiling stupidly at each other while their fingers are entwined. No words needed. Just silence and the constant beating of their hearts while looking each other in the eyes. Maybe some kisses from time to time. But mostly, just them, enjoying the presence of feeling of each other.