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170610 - 171008

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So I kinda want Jons first date to be with someone who ISNT Damian. Like he has the biggest crush on Damian in the world, but he thinks its not reciprocated (cause you know damian and feelings). So this cute boy from his high school asks Jon out and Jon agrees. Jon tells Damian and Damian is just SO JEALOUS. Just grinding his teeth to dust jealous. But he can’t complain, or do anything about it. Some other guy just had the guts to tell Jon, “Hey, you’re cute. Wanna get dinner and watch a movie with me?” While Damian can barely manage a nice thing to say to Jon. (even though the thought of Jon laughing or smiling at a dumb joke keeps him up all night). So what does he do? He tells Jon to enjoy his date and that he’ll see him on patrol the night after his date; calling himself a coward the whole time he writes out the message and sends it.

The next day is just a moping Damian. After training and a shower, its just moping all around the manor. Eating breakfast? Full of sighs. In the library? Titus is sitting in his lap and hes curled around his dog, looking out of the window. Listening to music? Sad songs. 

“Damian?” Dick asked, carefully removing one of Damians earbuds. Damian grunted. “Everything okay, bud?”

“Peachy, why do you ask?”

“You seem…off.” Dick said careful of his words. 

“’M fine.” Damian grumbled, taking his earbud back. 

Tim comes strolling in with some tea for Damian, and ruffles his hair. “Jon’s going on a date because poor Damian here can’t sort out his feelings like the rest of us.“ 

“How do you know?” Dick asked

“Kon told me.” Tim answered, typing something on his phone. “I told him that i’m gonna sabotage his little brothers date.”

Dick perked up and was about to open his mouth until he heard a gun getting loaded. “WE’RE NOT GONNA KILL HIM, JASON.”


Stephanie comes skipping in with some pictures, “his name is Clay. What an unattractive name, CLAY. Like Ew. Put a face after that and you have a villain name.
ANYWAYS. Cute kid. Gray eyes, blonde hair. He’s on the basketball team. So if Mad Dog Jason gets out, make sure he doesnt break his wrist.” Stephanie relays all of this information while stroking Damians hair. Damian would normally hiss and growl and promise her demise, but today he just lets his head rest on her hip. (Damian ofc cant hear anything. He just thinks his siblings + steph are just keeping him company)

“Fuck you, Steph.”

“Don’t you wish, honey.”

So it’s friday night. Jon and Clay are at a diner. (Damian is patrolling with batman. B notices that Robin is a little more aggressive tonight than normal) 

Jay steals Clays wallet making Jon pay for everything.Jon doesnt mind. Hes just a little annoyed cause Clay said it was his treat.  

Since Jay still has Clays wallet, Jon also has to pay for the movie tickets. 

Anytime the other boy wants to touch Jon, hand over shoulder holding his hand Dick shocks him. 

Jon is miserable. This was a shit date. Why did he even come? Even during dinner he realized they had nothing in common besides sports, and the fact they’re in AP Calculus. And they’re not even on the same sports team! (Jons in baseball) Every conversation he had with him was an absolute bore, He seemed so charming in school! Jon sighed as they finally pulled into the driveway to his house in metropolis. 

“Sorry about tonight! I guess, I just wasn’t on my game.” Clay laughs. Jon tried not to cringe at yet another sports reference. 

“We all have our off days.” Jon smiles, ready to put this dumb date behind him. 

Clay holds his hand, and Jon finds himself desperately wishing that it was someone else holding his hand. Someone hes trying to get over. Someone whos too tied down to crime fighting. Someone whos passionate about animals and art and literature and his city. 

“Thanks for being so understanding.” Clay says leaning forward. Jon found himself leaning forward too. The hell with it, maybe at least the kissing will make up for this lousy excuse of a date. 

Tim hacks the boys car before his and Jons lips touched, making the car alarm go off in the dead of night. The batboys tried not to snicker, that would tip off a certain someones super hearing. 

Jon grits his teeth and get out of the car. “Thanks for the ride.” He calls over his shoulder and retreats into his house. 

Jon sees his mom waiting up for him in the living room. “Hey, honey.” Jon super speed runs to her and plops himself on her lap. 

“Im taking your date went bad?”

“Oh you have no idea.” he mumbled into her lap, holding her closer.

“Think of it this way, this just sets the bar for all of your other dates!” Lois said, carding her fingers through her sons thick black hair. 

“Mom, anything lower than this would be my date not showing up. And honestly, that’s still probably better than tonight.“ 

Lois had to laugh at that. 

"I dated the captain of the basketball team when I was your age too.”

“Howd it go?”

“God awful. He ran off with god knows who in the middle of our date. I had to walk home myself.”

“What happened after that?”

“I started dating your father.”

“Think he asked batman to scare the other guy off?”

Lois laughed at that. “Somehow, I dont doubt it." 

Lois pressed a kiss to Jons cheek and went off to bed. He could hear his Dads thunderous snores as she opened the door to their bedroom. 

Jon pulled out his phone and sent a quick text to Damian. 

Worst date ever, and it was my first one. Tell you about it on patrol tomorrow. Night!

Damian opened the message as he waited for the GCPD to pick up the would be bank robbers he just busted. A big smile spread across his cheeks. Looks like Damian will get his second chance soon.

BONUS: when Batman and robin strolled into the cave, Tim, Jason, and Dick were all napping in random spots with their suits on. 

"They didn’t tell me they went on patrol.” Batman frowned. The pieces clicked into place for Damian rather quickly. He had to hide a smile from his father. He also made a mental note of finding out ways to thank his brothers. 

@desolationofzara OMG I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! And i legit laughed out loud, thank you so much darling!

  • everyone has a letter on their upper arm that disappears when they hug their soulmate for the first time
  • the letter is the first letter of your soulmate’s last name
  • the one on your arm happens to be a big, fat, “C”
  • you’ve met lots of people with C last names and hugged some of them too, 
  • yet the letter’s still there.
  • one day, your friend, seungkwan, invites you to meet some of his friends
  • which isn’t a new thing since seungkwan knows literally everyone and he feels like you also deserve to know everyone too
  • and seungkwan does what seungkwan wants
  • so……
  • you head over to the park to find seungkwan waving at you from next to a group of guys, some of whom you recognize and some of whom you don’t
  • you see your friends mingyu and seokmin 
  • you see two guys you’ve never met before - one wearing a yellow hoodie that reminds you of hollywood actors and a squishy looking dude who reminds you of a hamster
  • and 
  • you see a guy in a cap that says thug life (in comic sans gosh darn it) that you kind of know through lowkey overlapping social circles 
  • tbh, you’ve always thought the thug life guy was cute
  • but you still don’t know anything about him bc you’ve only seen him around
  • you’d like to know more though 
  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • movinggggggg onnnnnnn
  • seugkwan drags you over and introduces you 
  • “this is Y/N, say hi”
  • *awkward waving from everyone*
  • “WASSUP HOMIE” from mingyu (bc he would)
  • seungkwan forces everyone to introduce themselves and you learn that hamster boy is kwon soonyoung
  • hollywood boy is called choi hansol but goes by vernon
  • and you finally get a name to put on thug life boy’s face.
  • choi seungcheol.
  • choi seungcheol.
  • Choi seungcheol.
  • his last name starts with a freaking C
  • la;sjdflsjdflajsdflasjdlfajsdlfkjasdlkfjas;dlfkjasdlkfjasdfl
  • al;skjf;lasjfl;askdjflaskdjfl;askdfj;lasdjf;alsjfa;lskdfjals;l
  • you try not to flip out bc he’s actual pretty darn close to your ideal type?
  • plus, he has extremely pretty eyes framed with the most gorgeous eyelashes ever 
  • me want
  • but you don’t get to fantasize for long because Seungkwan bursts your bubbles and you’re off to play games with all of them
  • you laugh more in those few hours than you have for a while
  • watching Seungkwan with the hansol kid is the actual funniest and cutest thing ever 
  • seungkwan treats the poor boy like a puppy who rejects his affection
  • he does look like a cute puppy
  • after that day, you find yourself hanging out with seungcheol, vernon and soonyoung more and more bc you discover they’re roommates 
  • and they happen to live literally only a block away from where you live
  • the group of you often hang out at the park and you quickly learn more about the boys
  • you hit it off with soonyoung (who you nickname hoshi or hosh for short) right away
  • his bubbly nature just clicked with you and the two of you are constantly fooling around together
  • with seungcheol, the two of you get close easily as well and conversation is always light and comfortable with him
  • besides that, you also keep finding more reasons why you want seungcheol to be your soulmate
  • he’s really kind?
  • and caring?
  • and he’s into music?
  • AND he even writes lyrics?
  • PLUS there’s freaking depth to him?
  • goddang. this boy is perfect.
  • can he please be your soulmate?
  • hansol is probably the one boy you don’t feel the instant friendship click with
  • maybe it’s bc he’s more introverted or 4D than the other boys
  • maybe its bc he doesn’t really approach you right away
  • maybe its because you’re too occupied with the other boys
  • you really dont know, but you and hansol dont grow uber close and something’s just not there
  • at this point he’s just the really good looking one with the spongebob laugh who seems to be off in his own little world
  • (none of that is bad)
  • anywhoo, yall are still a squad™
  • during your time with the boys you quickly learn that they’re all performers
  • the two chois rap and hosh dances along with a few of your mutual friends and some peeps you don’t know
  • one day, when you and a bunch of the guys are hanging out together, seungcheol invite you out to one of their performances
  • “hansol, mingyu, wonwoo, idk if you know him, and i rap. soonyoung dances with this 99 liner and some exchange students. seungkwan mcs the whole thing. you should come”
  • “sounds fun. i’ll finally get to see rap god mingyu in person. he always tells me he’s really good - we’ll have to see.”
  • mingyu looks hurt but that’s not your problem
  • when you agree, hoshi (being hoshi as well as overly excited) pretty much attacks you in a hug
  • the boys watch and laugh as you try not to choke and die a death by squishy hug
  • but then mingyu comes in and joins
  • then seungkwan
  • then everyone
  • and eventually seungcheol comes and hugs you too
  • and nothing happens 
  • :( 
  • you dont feel the buzzing on your arm that occurs as your letter disappears 
  • you can’t say you’re not disappointed
  • but you can’t dwell on it too long because hoshi decides to call an “official” group hug
  • the boys peel themselves off you, throw hansol and jihoon into the middle with you bc they were the only ones that hadn’t joined the hug yet
  • and then,
  • rehug
  • its all a mess and you kinda just squirm a bit in the pile of overexcited puppies boys 
  • you feel it
  • a buzzing on your upper arm right as you’re forced into a hug with choi hansol and lee jihoon while surrounded by the other boys
  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • and in the midst of all the excitement started by an overexcited squish (hosh)
  • you and hansol are staring at each other like wtf?
  • neither of you know what to do
  • bc you both felt it and you both know how to match initials with names
  • he’s a Choi
  • why didnt you figure it out before?
  • or at least consider it
  • but anywaysssss
  • weren’t soulmates supposed to click right away or something?
  • you’ve known each other for over a month and you’re still p awk?
  • don’t really talk or anything?
  • due to the hype of the moment (even though there isn’t much that needs to be hype about it tbh),
  • the two of you dont get to talk about it and nothing happens to your relationship other than some more awkwardness 
  • which isnt out of the ordinary for awk vernon and the two of you not being bffs isnt new to anyone
  • you still hang out with them and he still joins in too
  • nothing new
  • bc neither of you really know what to do
  • you do think about it a lot
  • and then you like ???? 
  • bc you dont get it
  • and what do you do?
  • you two weren’t that close to begin with
  • and he’s not the biggest extrovert ever so he’s not going to  approach you first
  • its all just
  • the day that you agreed to see the performance comes around and you make your way to the venue which is a stage in a park
  • you stand towards the front off to the left side a bit as you wait for the show to start
  • it opens with soonyoung and some of his friends dancing 
  • thats followed by vernon rapping and ngl, you’re pleasantly surprised at his skill
  • wow he could be on smtm
  • his lyrics lowkey make you want to cry
  • goddang this boy has been through a lot
  • and the girl featuring - eunwoo? - bless her voice
  • much respect to vernon for performing that song
  • there was always something about music and lyrics that resonated with you
  • seungcheol (who was introduced as scoups for god knows what ridiculous reason) was up after him 
  • after finding that seungcheol wasn’t your soulmate, you’d slowly gotten over your crush, 
  • but you maintained an admiration for him 
  • and when he got into the music like he was doing now
  • goddang
  • you’re appreciating the music, really feeling it, when you hear the voice of a dude standing behind you
  • “i don’t get why this is such a big deal. he’s literally just talking to a beat.”
  • oh no he didn’t 
  • he did not just go there
  • you whip around, about to give the man a piece of your mind bc
  • who is he to go around judging other people like this?
  • and does he really think it’s that easy?
  • people are pouring their freaking soul into their craft
  • rap isnt just talking to a beat
  • its got emotions 
  • its got skill and technique
  • its got stories
  • you’re about to blow up at this dude, esp since its your friends and an art form you love and respect that he’s dissing
  • “It’s not just talking to a beat”
  • you hear another voice that’s not yours say that as the same time as you
  • looking up, you notice that it’s vernon who was walking over after his stage
  • “it’s so much more”
  • “there’s so much that goes into it and so much that comes out”
  • “you can’t disregard it like that”
  • and as the two of you are sticking up for rap together, something clicks
  • you two have a connection
  • something in common
  • and that’s the first step in realizing that 
  • oh. 
  • this person really is my soulmate.
  • the change is not instantaneous 
  • but you two find that you have a lot to talk about, starting with music, that you’d never discovered due to the constant presence of others combined with your personalities
  • soon you two are talking all the time about literally everything
  • (seungkwan is often jealous, but you can’t really tell if its you or vernon he’s jealous of)
  • the more you talk with vernon,
  • the more you realize he’s been your ideal type all along
  • he has all the qualities you used to declare coups your ideal type, simply manifest in different ways, and much more
  • he’s not only caring, deep, and a musician
  • but hes also an older brother, the owner of the cutest laugh ever, someone who’d experienced the cruelty of the world and therefore wanted to help others even more, too pure for the world, an amazing confidant, the list goes on
  • and you find that while your soulmate isn’t the person you’d thought he’d be or the person you wanted him to be,
  • he’s even more perfect for you - more than you’d thought he’d be and more than you could’ve hoped for
  • and you’re so glad that he’s your soulmate

Written by Admin Sea

dragonthorku  asked:

Hey there Jax-sensei I gotta question. Me and my Girl got into an Arguement recently and she thinks I don't care about her as much as I do. Honestly I love her, she's perfect. Funny, kind, smart beautiful and not gonna lie has a great rack. I love her so much, anyways we made up but I still have this feeling she's a bit cross at me. What can I do to show her I really care about her?

I dont know why people always ask me relationship questions lol but I’ll give it the old Jax try. 

Okay look dude what you wrote me is honestly really sweet and the fact you’re trying to rekindle things shows you’re a genuine guy. You told me you love her but how about her. You should tell her that everyday without being overbearing.

Why dont you Tell her just knowing she’s out there thinking about you, caring about you, makes you feel so at peace.
All your fears, all your yesterdays, wash away. And only hope remains in the promise of her embrace.

TELL HER “you make me THANK God for every mistake I ever made, because each one led me down the path that brought me to you. And when we finally come together, I want to hold you. Hold you all night.” 

Stroke her hair. Tell her she’s a woman, and show her your a man.
Until there is only now. You, and I, and now.

Or something like that. SOMETHIN PASSIONATE she’s the LOVE of YOUR LIFE so Treat like that. She’s a Dime, someone you’d fight ANY MONSTER FOR or any monster with because you dont care what physical pain anyone can bring you, losing her would be the worst form of suffering you could possibly endure.

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The best lovers are best friends so tell that and show her that.  and thats a relationship that cannot be matched.

SHOW her how much you care about her.
Don’t have unfinished business and if all your words are true and your love is pure best of luck to you!

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any show recommendations for unsolved fans?

*rubs hands together gleefully* OH BOY DO I

My biggest passion is television, like my dream is to be a Well Known TV Producer one day. I take it pretty seriously, and I also have a degree in film/media arts so I kind of know what I’m talking about a little bit. And I loooove recommending shows. So, here we go!

TV Shows You Might Like If You Watch Buzzfeed Unsolved:



Synopsis: A group of misfits attend a community college.

Notes: My All Time Favourite Show Ever. Witty, quick humour with loads of pop culture references and meta; the Big Bang Th*ory fuck that show is meant to be funny for geeks but Community actually is funny for geeks (without pandering); season 4 drops way down in quality due to production drama but picks up again for seasons 5/6′ ‘I figure it’s time I show growth, it’s been 3 seasons’

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Synopsis: Set in the fictional 99th Precinct of the NYC Police Department in Brooklyn, Brooklyn Nine-Nine follows a team of detectives headed by newly appointed Captain Ray Holt.

Notes: Made by the same guys who did Parks and Rec; not offensive at all (well for the most part); just really cute shenangians; perfect??; ‘cool motive, still murder’

30 Rock

Synopsis: The plot of 30 Rock revolves around the cast and crew of a fictional comedy series, which is filmed at 30 Rockefeller Plaza.

Notes: Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin anybody???; satire; honestly just one of the funniest shows to grace the silver screen; starts kind of slow; simultaneously the dumbest and smartest humour imaginable; ‘’lover’ bums me out unless it’s between ‘meat’ and ‘pizza’’


Black Mirror

Synopsis: A dramatic satire that centres around technology and the darker side of humankind.

Notes: Each episode is entirely independent from one another; a little bit genius; it’s like ‘this is what technology can do’ w/o being patronising; leaves you Considering Your Life Choices; really dark; scary in the sense that it’s not far removed from reality; but fucking amazing; if you watch Community and Black Mirror then please watch ‘App Development and Condiments’ and then ‘Nosedive’ it’s the Greatest Thing 

The Leftovers

Synopsis: In a global cataclysm, 140 million people disappear without a trace. Three years later, residents of Mapleton, N.Y. try to maintain equilibrium when the notion of “normal” no longer applies.

Notes: Made by Damon Lindelof (Lost); it seems like a sci-fi show but it’s not because it focuses more on the characters/drama and not like ‘how did everyone disappear tho’; the MOST fucked up show you will ever watch in your entire life; seriously what the fuck; the most well made show like ever?? sorry I don’t make the rules; another show that makes you Think and Question your life, religious themes; lots of suicide and death so watch out; because it’s fucked up; there’s an orgy on a boat with a lion???; season 1 is pretty slow but still good; season 2 is fantastic; season 3 is fucking phenomenal; also wtf; ‘nobody is coming to a parade for ‘we dont know what the fuck happened’ day’

The X-Files

Synopsis: The series revolves around FBI special agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully  who investigate X-Files: marginalized, unsolved cases involving paranormal phenomena. Mulder believes in the existence of aliens and the paranormal while Scully is a skeptic (sound familiar?).

Notes: I mean this is obvious because it’s funny and has lots of mystery and sci-fi; and that ‘will they won’t they’ vibe (rip); a Classic; BFU if it was like real and serious lmao, ‘the truth is out there’


After “Sucker for Pain” got reported and forced to remove from Tapastic, and some questions related the first picture, I think I should share my point of view about Saeran. 

From the prologue and many bad endings where Saeran as Unknown in it, I think we can all agree that he doesnt see MC as a woman, more like a tool so he can get his revenge on RFA, or on Saeyoung to be precise. He can sound very convincing and charming, but it doesn’t hide the fact that his behavior is very close to that of a maniac. Surely, when you’re being brain-washed and tortured almost everyday with drug, you cant be sane anymore. There’s a root to why he acted like that, as a rapist and torturer (you can see it in 707 1st bad ending) but it’s still inexcusable. That’s what I can see about his character as Unknown, and I don’t intend to write him differently. I always try to write it that MC enjoyed every moment of it as being fucked by him, but I know to some it can be disturbing. I would advise you to blacklist the tag “mystic messenger unknown” or “Unknown” on my blog if you feel that it’s too much, because no I won’t change my mind. 

As the after ending show, Saeran got a little stable and his shyness side came back. But honestly I dont think something has been imprinted in one’s mind for so long can just being cleaned spotless overnight, so in No hope No fear I potray him as an emo-teen because I saw it is the closet personality he can develop after being stable enough. Honestly I found it quite strange that Saeyoung alone can handle Saeran by just dragging him home like it was nothing, without some medical help. I want to put something like Saeran went to many therapists until he found the right one in No hope no fear, because people was trained in psychological field for a reason, so that they can help patient with psychological problem. So that Saeran can be stable with great manners and understanding, like was shown in The choi family 2. But nah, I don’t think he’s that SHY.

I still like Saeran both as unknown and as after ending Saeran, just some thoughts I think I should share though. Thanks for reading.

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Your favorite character is the crying dictator who keeps up a human zoo and wanted to shatter ruby?.... please elaborate

i dont like your attitude. but u gave me an option to talk about my fav, so don’t say u didn’t ask for it.

i’m not gonna defend anything she did, cause i think bd suffers a great deal of ignorance. and i dont mean it as ‘she doesnt know what she’s doing’ kind of ignorance. it’s more of a ‘doesn’t really care’ kind of ignorance. here’s what bd cares about (deeply): Pink diamond and her legacy, yellow diamond and herself. she’s still a villain.

what makes her interesting as a villain is why i like her:

1. her emotions are genuine- she doesnt fake being emotional as a part of conning the hero or anything, which is what you usually see with villains in children’s media- especially when showing ‘sympathetic’ emotions such as sadness and mercy.

2. that still doesnt make her a very noble person. some parts of tumblr, the part that sees black and white, might choose to ignore it, but at no point BD does anything that shows she actually cares for anyone other than Pink diamond (and yellow diamond). 

3. she’s not the type of character that usually is given the title villain. and yet she is. and it’s interesting to me.

4. the sharp contrast between her actual personality and the face she’s putting in front of her subjects is amusing to me. 

5. she made me go back full force into the show, and the fandom, after slowly losing interest in it since the ‘In Too Deep’ event.

6. aesthetically speaking- her design, her voice, and everything surrounding her scenes are pleasing to me.

7. she inspires me to make fanart and is the reason im back to uploading art almost consistently now. 

8. i love the dynamic she and YD share.

9. This face: 

10. even if i didnt have all these reasons, im allowed to like whatever character i want.

BTS as Kingsman (Jungkook)

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-Umm so we already know this guy is good at everything

-So passing the tests to be a kingsman is like a piece of cake

-He could do it in his sleep

-Escape a room full of water? Done.

-Jump out of a plane with possibly no parachute? Done.

-Punch a guy in the throat? his fave activity.

-Like this kid is superhuman?????

-Codename: Lancelot

-The newest recruit and very eager to please the other kingsman

-Okay so since he became a kingsman he has never failed a mission and he prides himself on that

-Like whenever the guys are teasing each other he just kinda brings it up

-Actually he ALWAYS brings it up

-‘Hey lancelot remember that time you almost landed in the water when you were riding the motorcycle off the dock and onto the boat but you thought the boat was moving slower than it really was and wow that was funny’

-‘Hey gawain remember the time you successfully completed every mission assigned to you? Oh wait- that never happened.’

-‘Besides, i still got on the boat didnt i?’

-‘Yeah but you also lost a $50,000 motorcycle in the ocean’

-‘Maybe if SOMEONE *cough* tristan *cough* hadnt accidentally tipped off  a security guard we wouldn’t have been in that situation’



-The floor wrestling ensues

-Lets get into it!!!!

-Jungkook never declines a mission so when arthur came up to him and was like’ i need you to take out this beloved celebrity because shes really a criminal mastermind’ hes kinda like ‘ yeah sure.’

-So his kingsman friends hook him up with an invitation to one of the most prestigious events of the year which is a ‘charity’ gala hosted by evil drug cartel leader criminal mastermind Lee Somin.

-He rolls up to the event  in style and steps out of the vehicle with his secretly badass umbrella in hand (weapon of choice: umbrella gun) and people are like taking pictures of him and they dont know why because nobody has ever seen this man but he looks handsome so he must be important.

-Hes like posing and stopping for pictures and as soon as hes clear of the crowd he just kinda reaches to his ear and pushes down on the little in-ear piece hes got in and ‘Galahad. Make sure those pictures are erased before the end of the night’

-‘Got it, lancelot’

-The glasses on his handsome face are working overtime as they scan everyones face and jungkook reads through their basic information just to see if he can rid the world of any scum. Two birds with one stone you know

-‘Alright lancelot. You should be able to see a picture of somin on the glasses. She’s going to have a lot of security around her so you might want to try to get her alone’

-Jungkook is a lil stunned because shes beautiful and she looks so flawless

-How can an innocent baby like her possibly be behind such evil

-How is jungkook going to get through this

-‘How am i even supposed to kill her?’

-‘The small case i handed you earlier contains a syringe with a fatal dose of phenytoin. It should do its job’

-‘Alright. Ill report back to you when its done.’

-The night goes on and jungkook has 0 luck even getting near somin like its frustrating for him to not be able to get in and out for a mission.

-Actually he hasnt even seen somin

-He! Needs! To! Succeed!

-So jungkook decides to take a lil break and he goes to the bathroom and splashes some cold water on his face and admires himself in the mirror because hes handsome and whatnot.

-Hes walking out but out of the corner of his eye he sees a woman running down the hal and she sounds distressed? ? ? She also looks a little bit like Somin??? Should he go or


-Okay so he follows her down the hall and she turns a few corners and theres a set of stairs that she  climbs and then a long empty hallway except for one room at the end of the call and that is her destination

-She seemed to know her way around so maybe she is his target

-Jungkook walks into this room quietly and shuts the door behind him making sure to lock it and he finds this girl sitting on the bed in an extremely extravagant dress and beautiful locks of hair cascading down her back but shes hyperventilating and maybe even crying

-Jungkook retreives the syringe from its case and sneaks over to the bed. He just puts her in a loose headlock


-Hes got the syringe to her neck and this girl just starts struggling because WHAT IS GOING ON HERE

-She’s holding onto the arm he has around her neck in order to get him to loosen his grip and when it doesnt work she thrashes a little because let her go dude

-‘Pl-please dont kill me…’ jungkooks heart breaks because she sounds so broken but he snaps out of it because of course she would play innocent she doesnt want to die

-‘Nice try. I know who you are. Lee Somin. I must say I’m a little surprised that such evil could be so active in someone that looks so angelic’

-‘I’m not. Please. I’m not Lee Somin. I swear! I’m her doppleganger. A body double whatever you want to call me but please dont kill me.’

-The desparation in this girls voice has jungkook easing up on the force hes using but hes not exactly convinced.

-‘Theres no way you can prove that so i just have to assume youre lying to me so that you can live’

-When jungkook begins pressing the needle into this girls neck hes hesitant but he has no choice

-‘NO NO NO. I’m L/N F/N. PLEASE BELIEVE ME. I can! I can prove it!’ Youre scratching at his arm in hopes he’ll let you go. This guy is literally holding your life in his hands right now

-‘Somin. She needed me to do this because of all the people trying to kill her. I’m expendable to her. She probably has the next look alike lined up already. I can prove im not Somin.’

-Jungkook was ready to inject the phenytoin but a nagging feeling in the back of his head stops him and he decides to give you a chance!!!

-‘Okay. Prove it.’

-‘Somin. She has a tattoo. It’s on her hip. On the left side. They’re flowers I don’t have one. I’m not Somin.’ jungkook is startled when you stop trying to pry his arm off your neck and instead begin bunching up your dress on the left side.

-The right side of the dress was fairly open with a slit going dangerously high up your leg. Somin made sure you were dressed in a way where nobody could see that you weren’t her and the lack of tattoo would be a dead giveaway.

-Its only now that jungkook is noticing how revealing this dress it. The black dress is mostly lace with small patches of black fabric under the lace in areas that should be covered

-Theres an extremely deep v neckline in the front and the dangerously high slit up the right side and the dress was also backless???

-How is this even staying on your body

-Stop staring jungkook stop staring

-Jungkook vaguely remembers seeing the tattoo in a picture in one of the drug cartel files.

-You could still be lying. Theyve got some decent makeup capable of covering tattoos nowadays

-Thats how he finds himself trailing his hand from the side of your body down to the side of your thigh.


–Jungkook embarassed because he just put his hands on this beautiful woman without thinking about it half becuase he wanted to make sure she wasnt lying to him and half because her body was so beautiful and tempting

-Youre blushing because his large hand feels so warm on your body and the sudden contact you werent expecting in such an intimate(?) area might have elicited the smallest of moans from you and oh god you hope he didnt hear.

-‘Could you please get the needle out of my neck…’

-Jungkook jumps a bit but quickly does as asked and begins apologizing profusely as he lets you go

-‘Im so sorry. I didnt know I swear. Do you know where Somin is?’

-You nod your head but the tears that begin forming in your eyes let him know how scared you are right now

-‘Please dont make me do this. I just want to get out of here. I’ll tell you anything you want just please get me away from all of this’

-Was this it. Was jungkook going to fail his first mission ever to spare you from any more of the horrors youve faced here or was he going to be selfish and make you give Somin up right now essentially making you a target and putting your life in more danger

-Jungkook is kind of conflicted right now but as not only a kingsman but also a gentleman he knows he cant do that to you so he decides itd be best to get you out of here now and worry about Somin later.

-‘Okay. I’ll get you out of he-’ jungkook is interrupted by loud banging on the door.

-‘Y/N! Are you in here? You’re supposed to be out there doing your damn job. You know the rules and if you dont follow them I have permission to kill you remember?’

-The look of fear on your face makes jungkook a lil mad

-Okay a lot mad

-You constantly feared for your life and the reason for that was standing right outside that door?

-Jungkook is interrupted by gunshots being fired through the door and you like literally scream in terror oh my gosh he must save you.

-He literally envelops your body with his own to make sure you dont get hurt.


-The guy outside the door is not having any of this so down goes the door and jungkook springs into action.

-Like this guy has no time to even process what just happened because before he can even aim his gun jungkook already has his umbrealla gun out and pointed at this guys chest.

-Youve got your ears covered but obviously since youre in close proximity you can still hear the gunshot and feel the blood splatter and oh my gosh who is this guy

-‘Come on weve got to get out of here before more people show up.’

-‘Wait. I dont even know youre name’

-He thinks for a second about whether he wants to give you his real name or not

-‘I’m jungkook and we have to go so we’ll save the proper introductions for later’

-Jungkook holds his hand out for you and even if youre a little scared of him you grab onto it and follwo his lead because hes your best chance at survival right now

-‘Galahad. I need an exit route. NOW’

-‘I’ve had one ready for you since you exited the car. If you walk back down the hall and take a right and then a left you can get to a room with a balcony. The balcony is right above the swimming pool. It’s deep so don’t worry about hitting the bottom. From there you can exit out the back gate. I can disable the security system and have someone there for you in 1 minute.’

-‘You’re a life saver’

-You have no idea whats going on because this guy is talking to himself and now he suddenly seems to know where hes going and youre having a hard time keeping up because youre not used to so much physical activity but you want to live lol

-When you reach an unfamiliar room and he begins leading you to the balcony you stop dead in your tracks when you realize what he wants to do

-‘No wait I can’t swim. I can’t do this. Its too high I..’

-‘Y/N. We have to go we dont have much time!’

-‘No I can’t. You go. I won’t tell Somin about you and you can just escape by yourself.’

-‘That’s not happening’

-Jungkook pulls you to the balcony and no matter how hard you try to pull away from him its no use. He picks you up off the ground effortlessly which catches you off guard but it is what it is

-‘Wrap your legs around my waist and your arms around my neck and don’t let go. Take a deep breath.’

-‘Oh god oh god  I can’t’ Two men barge through the same door the two of you came in from and the rest is a big blur to you.

-You hear jungkook count down from 3 and then youre falling and suddenly theres water all around you. Its cold and you panic a little and and begin screaming underwater only to be left with a lack of oxygen.

-Now youre really panicking because you dont know how to swim and your hands are flailing but what youre really doing is tiring yourself out which could lead to dro-.. Oh wait now youre above water

-Jungkook has managed to get both of you to the edge of the pool and he gently lifts you out as you cough up some water.

-He lifts himself out and barely gives you any time to recover before hes dragging you out a gate and towards the same vehicle that brought him here.

-Just as the two of you get into the car many gunshots are fired but none of them hit the car as it drives off

-You look over at a soaking wet jungkook and he looks even more handsome than he did earlier if thats even possible. He wasnt super handsome when he had a needle in your neck and he was trying to kill you but   those are just minor things you know.

-Jungkook looks over at you too and suddenly youre embracing him tightly with your face in the crook of his neck

-‘Thank you so much. I owe you my life.’

-He clears his throat and wraps an arm around your body as well

-‘Maybe not your life. I’ll settle for…dinner?’

-LIKE 3 weeks later Jungkook is sitting in hq with the other guys and here they go again teasing each other

-‘Hey Lancelot remember when you failed that mission and ruined your perfect record?’

-‘Hey Gawain remember when you saved a smoking hot girl from a terrible life and made her your girlfriend? OH WAIT. THAT WAS ME’

-And again the floor wrestling begins.

A/N: This is one of my favorites. Yoongi is still #1 though because that’s my man. 

izzy’s storyline as a whole was so bad this season tho??? like besides the fact that it was offensive given the fact that she is being played by a latina, and the writers are white and that’s probably the only reason they chose to give her that storyline, it also destroyed her character and everything they built for her in the first season, her entire storyline was filler and there’s really no reason for it to exist, at the end she says goodbye to it and the only thing that said storyline produced was her connecting with raphael and her relationship with alec being affected, which ends up getting resolved after one or two episodes. she is the smartest person in the institute and a forensic pathologist but she didn’t know about a drug that could kill her, oh but her brother did. that was her entire storyline, her being a drug addict and it affecting her relationships. and don’t you dare tell me that it was, as emeraude said, to show her being vulnerable, because we never saw her like that, we only saw sexed up scenes of her and raphael getting high, and you could also say it was because they had no time, which is stupid because i can name every scene that happened for nothing, but still they could have written a completely different thing for her and still show her being vulnerable, like showing how much her mother’s actions affect her or how her being worried about jace and thinking she could have lost him affected her, i’m just pissed that there’s only two girls in the main cast and one of them gets to be the (white) savior while the other one gets to be a latina drug addict.

i get why lovelace and hera (and even maxwell to a lesser degree) are the most popular ladies of wolf 359 but i truly and deeply believe renee minkowski deserves more attention and love than she gets 

im doing my listen-through again and the thing that gets me, REALLY gets me, REALLY REALLY GETS ME, about minkowski is how much she loves and how much she wants a family. not to be embarrassing but one of the most powerful passages of literature i have ever read, one of the literary passages that has stuck with me for years, is that scene in the first warriors series where firestar is getting his nine lives from starclan, and one of the she-cats, i dont remember who, gives him a mother’s love, and he thinks hes going to get “~fluffy gentle feelings~” and instead he gets a BURST OF PROTECTIVE BLOODTHIRSTY RAAAAAAGE and i dont think anything has ever summed up my (admittedly limited) understanding of minkowski better than that 

renee minkowski loves so much. she is so strong in her love. she does her duty - she does her job - she throws herself into every hard part about it - she does the talent show, she wants eiffel and hilbert to be there, she wants christmas to be something good for them all. she loves and that doesnt just mean people, she loves doing what she’s expected, she loves doing a good job, before everything goes to hell she just loves to do that. which doesnt mean there are necessarily or frequently ~warm gooey feelings~ about what she does, she has the kind of love that throws you against every brick wall until you get through broken and bleeding. does she maybe do it all to make up for some perceived lacking on her own part? maybe, maybe cutter and hilbert were right, to puncture holes in her confidence. i dont know i havent listened to the show that much. do i still think that love - ferocious and ruthlessly unsentimental and primal and surely selfish - is at least one of her primary motivations, if not the primary? yes yes i do

(side note: minkowski’s a frickin slytherin BITE ME. minkowski loves eiffel so much. minkowski loves hera so much. i think minkowski still loves hilbert on some level. but minkowski doesnt love everyone. she doesnt love kepler, or maxwell, or jacobi. she loves her crew. sometimes that includes lovelace, sometimes it doesnt - it depends. but her core crew is eiffel and hera. she will do anything for them. she throws away her own morality, her own soul for them. she sacrifices herself again and again for them. she makes the tough calls for them. she wants, she needs, she has to protect them all. if “minkowski commanding” didn’t prove that i dont know what does - theres ambition in that, unstoppable and brutal, intransigently moral and savagely amoral at the same time, her love for doug eiffel and hera. what will renee minkowski not do for doug eiffel and hera?)

i hate that i feel guilty for “”reducing minkowski to a mother figure”” but if i have permission to speak freely then im going to freely tell those guilty feelings to shove it because renee minkowski is not reduced by her bone-deep protectiveness or her capacity for love; she is not dishonored or insulted by my seeing her in the unspeakably resilient role of female protector, mother, unceasingly self-sacrificial, going on and on and on just to keep her people, her family, alive

so to conclude renee minkowski is my space step-mom and i will stand up for her and her incredibleness until the undoubtedly bitter end thanks and good night


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Thank you

My friends, i have something to share with you.

Through out of the year 2016 i came here to tumblr, in not knowing what to expect, in this place of art, opinions, but most importanly people. It was like jumping into a sea without really knowing how to swim.

Over the months i spended here i was able to trully be myself and speak out, do things, and being allowed by many magnificent artist to learn from them, to study under theyre wing in order too improve myself as an artist. I have been gifted with many beautifull drawings and even more warm moments that i was able to share with you all.

And believe me, this feeling that you guys gaved me, this connection that i can always relate too and i always know off, is something i never dreamed of being possible.

Two days ago, i turned 25 and i can, after all of those years tell you, that this year was the first that i could honestly call a birthday i enjoyed. It maybe doesnt really make sense, and i am sorry if i dont explain properly.

My birthday was for most of my life a day of depression or nervous discomfort. I always had problems with joining my family during these times, for i never felt as if the people that surrounded me trully made me feel like i wished to spend my birthday with them. Always filled the house with many members of my family, only to spend around fifty minutes at the table, before hidding back in my room. Starting as a kid, and saldy continuing till adulthood, when all i have left at this moment is my dear mother, and my older, beloved sister, who sadly is always busy and away on travelling around the world.

What i am trying to say, is that you guys allowed me throughout the year to be happy with myself, and because of that you got me into a position where i can stand and honestly say that i loved the day of my birthday.

I never ask for gifts, for a hug is more then enough for me. I dont ask for money, for a message and a simple wish from someone i call friend is more precious then that.

Today after i returned from the con, where i broke my record in playing DnD for two groups of people around 8 players for one group, for 32 hours straight, i tasted the cake my mother made for me. 

It was the first cake i really felt the taste off. Even if my mother said she didnt add any sugar, it was the best cake i ever ate. 

And you guys made such a cake as well. For you allowed me to enjoy the taste of my life, and true happiness.

Many of you sended me amazing gifts, and some of you even sended me a dear wish to my birthday. I thank you all.

And i thank especially @xxmileikaivanaxx for not only being the love of my life, not only being the person on whom i wont give up no matter what fate tries to throw in my way, but most importanly for being the person that touched my heart and healed me where i hurt the most. You are my beloved snuggle-bun, honey bun and many, many more wonderfull names that belong only to you ! 

Thank you.

@keru-the-green - Dude, i never thought i would get to know a badass buddy manga-comic-artist from Malaysia, but you are the best buddy a guy can wish in this land of madness and chaos :D

@azy-arty - Azy, you have been my friend for only a short time, but in that time i grew a deep respect for you as a person and a artist. You are a dear and lovely friend to me and i thank you for everything you did for me.

@neofox67 - Pepper lady, lovely friend, outstanding artist, outstanding nerd and a incredibly supporting monna-mi !. :) You are the greatest Neo :) Thank you as well for being in my life. Really hope i can meet ya one day, and get you that bottle of Dr.Pepper i promised :D

@ravnicawatchwolf - My bestest mate from Greece, Wolf has been with me from the beggining i showed my butt here on Tumblr, and he has always been an undefeated bookworm and theory-maker i ever met. Thank you as well dude :)

@chronictale - Ali i often dont know what to say, when i see your art, but i can proudly say that to me, you are a dear friend and i am filled with joy, whenever i think i can call you a close friend of mine. Thank you for being here :)

@kiacii - Havent really talked in a while Kiacii, but you are still my lovely chicken-baby and i will always call you that :D I think in 2016, back in september you were the person that really got me into art and tumblr as much as i did till this day. Thank you so much for also being part of my life.

@moonphyr + @firereddragon - Guys thank you both, incredibly for being my friends that have always had my back, when i had a hard time and i had to deal with a lot of my depressions and stuff, back in 2016. I quess you were the first really lovely and nice people i met here on tumblr, and i wont ever forget what you did for me :) Thanks a lot guys. Love ya both !

@psukho - Im always pretty shy to talk to you Psukho, but it doesnt change the fact, that you are absolutely lovely and an awesome person ! Thank you so much for hanging around and answering whenever i decide to send you another text-bomb.

Lastly…this is this kind of artist-to-i-look-up-to-you-no-matter-what-you-say-you-are-awesome-artist-sorry-for-tagging-you thinge.

@yoralim - Through out the few message bubbles i had the privilage to send to you and recieve from you, i learned trully very much not only about myself as artist, but also as a person. You have always been very generous with your time, even though i imagine you have quite a lot on your own mind as well. 

Thank you for your time and for your words of advice Yoralim. I wont ever forget.


@blinddetermination - Blind you and your art has been my goal since i ever came to the UT community and tumblr. Your tenacity and will  with which you deal with everything in your life has been more than a backlash and motivation to me. You are like this shining person right in front of my eyes, i always try to run behind, inspiring me to give everything my all, pushing myself to a point where i one day may trully look at my progress and say that it was worth it. 

I never really talked with you, for multiple reasons honestly, which is pretty bad, i know. But at this point, i can only promise i will try to change that, and thank you, for being who you are not only to me, but to all of your other fans and supporters out there. You are absolutely amazing, not because of your skill with art. But for “who” you are. Thank you.

And to all of you that have made it till here, thank you for reading and staying on this blog, reading my stuff and listening to my unending venting, complaining, sobbing, yelling and burping in your general direction.

You my dear reader are awesome as well, even if you might not believe it, and i thank you very much for being here.

And to those who wanted to draw something for me, but did decide to respect my wish for not drawing anything for me, i thank you guys as well.

With love and  a flaming high-five, while praising the sun and hailing the Emperor,


got a theory

i think that the white robed frank from filthy frank vs chinchin is still not the real frank.

first, notice how his little title card thing has quotations around “real”. oddly specific detail.

next, fake frank even seems to doubt he is real, when talking to wheelz he says that there is an unknown person who is imitating him. though take this with a grain of salt because fake frank was most likely lying to get wheelz on his side.

next, we have the actual man himself talking. he says “some might call me a peacelord, i dont know..”
that was interesting to me, because sure, you can say frank could have secretly been a peacelord this whole time, but the quotations around “real” and the outfit and godlike powers really tie this together. the papa i know is a scrub and i really dont think he’d ever be that cool.
it was also said before that the peacelords were hunting both franks, so why would the supposed real one be labled as a peacelord himself? it doesnt quite tie together for me.

and as ive observed, outfits are absolutely EVERYTHING in this show. sometimes even the slightest outfit change can mean a new whole character (aka kamikaze failure frank) so really the possiblity of white robe frank STILL not being the real frank is quite real. in fact, im not even sure that the frank wearing orange sunglasses is the same as the frank wearing blue sunglasses.

sorry to say, but i still think it will be a time until we see the true filth again. i personally think that the white robed figure was a peacelord with striking resemblance to frank (because apparently there’s a lot of entities who look like him) who was just fighting chinchin. i really dont think frank was ever powerful enough to fight chinchin let alone brave enough.
besides, was it not hinted that this was only the beginning? let me know what you guys think!!!

SUMMARY: white robed man is a peacelord and not really the real papa franku. i think he still has yet to show up.

Okay hear me out: the critical role cast has some issues when it comes to lgbt+ representation & interacting with fans.

I know it’s easy to look at fans being upset over Marisha’s comments about Keyleth’s sexuality & think fans are “demanding”, “asking too much”, “intruding on a private game”. These are all accusations I’ve seen in the last 24 hours. It’s important to remember that this has all come up because Marisha was joking about f/f attraction on the stream. She has Keyleth say she wanted to see Vex’s breasts and it spiraled from there. 

Fans are reacting to this because Keyleth being bi/questioning/etc will remove the sting of this conversation. 

Confirming a character as exploring something other than heterosexuality (however badly it’s done) is still better than using other sexualities as a punchline. 

And the critical role cast does this. It does this a lot. Here are a few from the top of my head:

  • the purposeful misgendering of raishan (mainly by sam)
  • grog’s ‘boyfriend’  Kerrek
  •  scanlan’s many, many jokes about sex with men*
  • laura’s whole ‘haha maybe vex will get a gf ;) jk she’s been in love with percy this whole time’
  •  hell, vax’s romance with gilmore started off as liam trying to flirt the price of goods down. to his credit he committed to it for a while, but then he followed the bisexual trope of finding the ‘right’ person of a different sex and choosing them instead.

*sam had been joking about scanlan and men for months before finally discussing the topic seriously on twitter. even then he just said “not 100% heterosexual”. it’s progress, but there’s still a way to go

“but emma, they have good intentions! you have to be patient and respectful of the cast!” my dudes i dont have to respect someone who treats the representation of my community like a novelty shirt they can wear for a day and take off later. i know they’re trying, i know they’re learning, but they still need to apologize when they make a mistake. no one is asking for blood, folks. 

This could have been avoided (or certainly at least reduced) if Marisha hadn’t initially been so evasive on twitter. the unwillingness to confirm anything read as Marisha wanting to continue the trend of joking about lgbt+ representation. it was a dismissal. 

i love Marisha, god knows i defend her until i’m red in the face, but no one gets a universal pass. she’s an adult and she knew she upset people. it wouldn’t have cost her anything to tweet something like “hey i didn’t think about keyleth’s speech last night and i’m sorry that it came across as a cheap joke. i’d like to explore keyleth’s sexuality more & this will take time bc she’s inexperienced. please bear with me as both she and i figure this out”

that’s literally all she needed to do.

the cast struggles when it comes to apologizing to the lgbt+ community. we just need to look at how they handled the situation with j’mon’s misgendering. matt actually used the “dont get mad at your allies” speech, something i know a lot of us (myself included) have heard before. again, mistakes are going to happen. people slip up, we know this, but you still apologize for mistakes. you dont get to say “hm i dont think what i did caused you any harm”. you have to step back and say “oh i upset you? that wasnt my intention and i’m very sorry for that. this is new to me and i hope i will do better in the future”

final thoughts:

-this isn’t a private game anymore. this is a show that many of us pay money to access. that doesn’t give us the right to make demands, but it does give us the right to ask that our sexuality and gender aren’t treated as a joke. it gives us the right to ask a cast member if they were serious when they flirted with the idea of their character not being straight. 

-the problem isn’t that keyleth is questioning. the problem is that the cast has a tendency to joke about these things and then never return to it, as if lgbt+ representation is a tap you can turn on or off. (sam is the only exception i can think of, but again that wasn’t confirmed on screen.) minority groups shouldn’t be treated like this.

-it’s not entitlement to ask that your sexuality isn’t a punchline. it’s not demanding to ask for clarification. it’s not asking too much for an apology. 

if straight actors dont want to seriously consider non-heterosexual orientations, then they dont get to make jokes about sexuality. 

Newt: Tina, want to see something fun?

Tina: sure, I guess.

Newt: *does lame behind coin behind the ear magic trick*

Tina: Newt, you know we can do real-

Newt: wait, I’m not finish. *makes coin disappear and points to her locket* open it.

Tina: *finds a ring inside*

Newt: You came into my life in a way that made no sense, but you showed me real magic in a form of love, and I hope *takes ring and gets on one knee* you can stay in my life forever, as my wife.

honestly guys dont get your hopes up thinking jonah and cyrus are gonna date its actually super unlikely and the most we can hope for is cyrus having a short storyline about being gay and ya know what thats still pretty darn cool and progressive and super exciting just dont expect too much and end up being disappointed or upset with season 2 because it wasnt exactly what you were looking forward to, but its probably going to be great anyways so just take it for what it is and enjoy it!! it is a disney channel show after all

For people who say “Fuck that wall of text I aint reading that shit someone give me tl;dr”
  • Elsword DID restore the El, but instead of restoring the El to the original system involving periodical Lady of El sacrifices, or using up all of the Diceon energy of Elysion which can lead to Elysion’s destruction to follow Solace’s plan, Elsword ended up using all of his energy to restore the El.
    • He was consumed by the El in the process
    • In the brief moment, Solace was able to inject the El with some of Diceon energy to prevent Elsword from being absorbed into the El entirely, but only for so long.
  • Harnier lives, no one is ded yet
  • Ellianod/Elianod is actually Elianord according to KoG file naming skillz so from this day forth Ima just call it Elianord cuz Elianordstrom sounds like a great name
  • Elianord was conveniently sealed away after the destruction of the giant El, which the Masters sealed themselves after restoring the scattered fragments with their energy.
    • Read more on what the hell they do for a living and what exactly they did here: (link)
  • And Elianord was conveniently unsealed when the new El was restored
  • The restored El somehow shows up in Elrios instead of Elysion even though Elsword restored it in Elysion
  • Solace wants to find out who sabotaged his plan and blew up the fucking El
    • He still preciously guards Harnier
    • He also knows he’s not worthy enough to be a master anymore
      • quite frankly I dont think he gives a shit because the only reason he became a master in the first place was to protect Harnier
  • Denif is a fucking dragon
    • His dragon clan have watched over the El for generations, and the current Denif is the oldest Masters out of all the Masters
    • Most likely all of the Masters survived for this long
    • We dunno what happened to the others yet

It’s not El Corridor or Halls of El or Corridors of El
It’s Cloister of the El

  • 회랑 is a cloister, which can often be translated as Halls or Corridors, but according to Korean Wikipedia:  회랑(回廊)은 사원, 교회, 수도원, 궁전 등에서 건물과 정원 등을 둘러싸도록 만들어진 복도이다. = 회랑 is a corridor/hall built to surround buildings and gardens in places such as temples, churches, monasteries and palaces.
    • A cloister (from Latin claustrum, “enclosure”) is a covered walk, open gallery, or open arcade running along the walls of buildings and forming a quadrangle or garth. The attachment of a cloister to a cathedral or church, commonly against a warm southern flank,[1] usually indicates that it is (or once was) part of a monastic foundation, “forming a continuous and solid architectural barrier… that effectively separates the world of the monks from that of the serfs and workmen, whose lives and works went on outside and around the cloister.”
    • So yeah it’s a cloister, don’t call it a corridor or halls.
    • Yes I actually spent 5 min researching this
  • Rena’s last name is Erindel. Rena is Rena Erindel.
  • At the end, Rena realizes someone is missing
    • Apparently Ain x Rena is a thing now because of this
  • Within the Cloister of the El, the Will of the El is actively trying to keep the El Search Party members out, telling them that their mission is over so go home, stop trying to save Elsword and guilt trips them but our characters give no shit
  • Cloister of the El is a solo dungeon, available to only Lv.99 characters.