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After “Sucker for Pain” got reported and forced to remove from Tapastic, and some questions related the first picture, I think I should share my point of view about Saeran. 

From the prologue and many bad endings where Saeran as Unknown in it, I think we can all agree that he doesnt see MC as a woman, more like a tool so he can get his revenge on RFA, or on Saeyoung to be precise. He can sound very convincing and charming, but it doesn’t hide the fact that his behavior is very close to that of a maniac. Surely, when you’re being brain-washed and tortured almost everyday with drug, you cant be sane anymore. There’s a root to why he acted like that, as a rapist and torturer (you can see it in 707 1st bad ending) but it’s still inexcusable. That’s what I can see about his character as Unknown, and I don’t intend to write him differently. I always try to write it that MC enjoyed every moment of it as being fucked by him, but I know to some it can be disturbing. I would advise you to blacklist the tag “mystic messenger unknown” or “Unknown” on my blog if you feel that it’s too much, because no I won’t change my mind. 

As the after ending show, Saeran got a little stable and his shyness side came back. But honestly I dont think something has been imprinted in one’s mind for so long can just being cleaned spotless overnight, so in No hope No fear I potray him as an emo-teen because I saw it is the closet personality he can develop after being stable enough. Honestly I found it quite strange that Saeyoung alone can handle Saeran by just dragging him home like it was nothing, without some medical help. I want to put something like Saeran went to many therapists until he found the right one in No hope no fear, because people was trained in psychological field for a reason, so that they can help patient with psychological problem. So that Saeran can be stable with great manners and understanding, like was shown in The choi family 2. But nah, I don’t think he’s that SHY.

I still like Saeran both as unknown and as after ending Saeran, just some thoughts I think I should share though. Thanks for reading.

I know us members of the Tony Stark Defense Squad are still pretty pissed at Captain Air Bud (I definitely am, Steve’s only really been tagged on my blog as ‘Fuk u Steven’ since 2016) but honestly he’s still learning about the new time he was thrown into (I finally have moved through the harsher stages of grief a year+ later.) I think the thing that’ll be most interesting about Infinity War is how Civil War affected Steve. Clearly from the trailer and promo pics he’s having a rough time because of his choices, and I think it was the rough shove he needed to acclimate more. I mean, Steve’s from a time where the bad guys he fought were like The Bad Guys, Nazis are the most straightforward enemy like, ever (side note: Steve’s first enemy was motherfucking Red Skull, Tony’s was his pseudo father, you can see how this might lead them in different directions.) I think the big issue in civil war was that he has such trust issues and is so stubborn that he won’t really accept that he’s not always right because he doesn’t have agendas that aren’t good, since the time he came from was so black and white for the most part. Like Rhodey said, it was 117 countries, the fact that he kind of ignored the wishes of them is pretty crazy, even if the docs themselves were flawed, they were the best option available. Steve clearly didn’t have a backup plan after they saved Bucky, like they were still criminals, if Tony had joined them they would’ve had their assets frozen and then how do they save the world? But in Infinity War I’m really looking forward to seeing Steve face the consequences of his actions (although in no way am I happy he’s undoubtably suffering) and for the first time really seeing Tony’s side. Because when you get right down to it, their biggest issue is this; Steve is entirely the 40s All American boy, and Tony is the 21st century personified. He’s played for both teams, he knows how this world works, and how to play it for the best outcome, even if it’s not the ideal, because the ideal is unrealistic. Even Peggy’s quote said, “compromise where you can” and Steve absolutely could have, if he’d just been willing to see Tony’s side. But Steve is honest, and isn’t at all willing to sacrifice principals even for the greater good, and doesn’t really know how to “play the game” so to speak (see: Ned Stark) I think in Infinity War we’ll see Steve finally understand what Tony meant by a “colder world” and agree that some concessions have to be made for the greater good, and maybe finally figure out what being good really means in this new time, since he’s expressed confusion over it years ago, and maybe this push will show him what it means. I love Steve, but he still has/had some learning to do, and if there is a god Tony and Steve will finally see that they need each other to balance each other to make the best world they can, and we’ll finally get the Epic Friendship™ we’ve all seen in 616.

imagine shizuo fighting all your insecurities and worries


Holy shit its been almost…what…two months since i updated Swingstuck? 
Well, here: have some RoseMary! 

Also! If you like Swingstuck you should check out this really cool blog “Prohibitionstuck” - Its a Homestuck-askblog based on the 20’s with really cool and awesome people. ( Audition is still open ;) So check out the cast list

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favorite blogs to recommend? (naruto)

oOooO boy, will this be a doozy. Settle down this will be a LIST (in no specific order) (I shouldnt be making lists actually since i like a LOOOOOOT of people and not all of them are mentioned here) (I’ll probably keep updating this every 2 seconds watch out)

- @laetia a pro team 7 sasuke stan, enough said. (I think they have my favourite sasuke tag and thats saying something because im very very very picky) (id be hard pressed to do this but possibly, possibly my favourite on this list)

- @asiantwinkies she is so sweet, one of the 2 people ive ever initiated a conversation with on here purely because shes a good bean. cute art but check her ships so you dont get hurt.

- @madara-fate he is all ship positive and his posts are great and always backed up by many facts. I dont exactly agree with every little thing he says, but I hold his opinions in high regard

- @borutopng also all ship positive so an all round positive feed, great mutual too

- @aymaabdullahmalik shes great too..i like her opinions (usually all ship positive) and she posts good art

- @saradacchi she is a good friend of mine and i love her buT most importantly she is the person behind the the icon i always get asked about, her art is adorable check her out

- @sasusakuonly speaking of art, here is a good ss only art blog. @ss-is-beautiful is also great SS blog. For Sakura goodness and sasusaku stuff @dreaming-of-tokyo is great

- annalovesfiction (i think thats her blog name) this person has me blocked for whatever reason but her blog has really good edits and she is all ship positive if you are looking for a positive feed

- @prism17 great blog for reblogs

- @unstable-viper great blog for reblogs

- @sharinghoe positive feed thats good to reblog from, funny as heck!!! i always stalk their tags and am like wow i should talk to this person then i forget then i stalk them again and am like wow i should really-hmu pal u have a great sasuke tag im

- @suna-yodo great to reblog from

- @medicalninja and  @kunoichisakurah  @kakashiskunoichi @gabzilla-z are goodie blogs

- @daily-dattebayo and @dailynaruto @incorrectnarutoquotess good for what their blog titles suggest

- @shiroiraiha great 4 reblogs

- @sanguwin @sanjism @reimz @seiihun ( i think thats their name would be awkward if it isnt) great great blogs wow i cannot emphasize how great

- @illuminatipug and @julccian both great for reblogs, both pretty positive feeds, both great to have as mutuals

- @ichisasu @kyoandyuya @pain-somnia great to reblog from, great to have as mutuals

- @sage-ninja-of-the-hidden-leaf he is probably one of my fav members of the naruto fandom, great fully positive feed, the nicest opinions, great pal of mine..all kunoichi positive, all ship and character positive– just an all round great guy and the first person ive ever initiated a conversation with because i was that impressed

- @shannaro-kamo @cornelia1992 @hope2findthelight @percabeth5599 good folk with good blogs and good opinions

- @fuckyeahuchiha ik im biased since im a mod on it but u kno

- @gangbangedbyteam7 my problematic fav, she is a real good friend of mine( the worst influence ive had only after that girl who talked me into stealing a watch in the 3rd grade) pro team 7 naruto uzumaki stan..she has very vocal opinions so make sure you know them before you follow her lol (she is super open minded tho so she doesnt bite as much as you think she does) also follow @lalody if she is your cup of tea but she is not as naruto intensive anymore since she moved on to bigger things (sormik lmao)

- @jeruk-lemon a lot of harry potter, a lot of, good stuff

- @its-naruto-universe  @veenia great blogs love them lots

- @chienakamura is my actual senpai i loVEd her blog 4 the longest time and now we are mutuals and friends if that isnt goals idk what is

- @amitds he will snatch ur wig dont try him,,best pro sakura blog imo

- @thelittlechook shes iconic

- @uchihaharunoss @cakebake @misssarahdoll  @nataliebgdh @xinpaii @theseventhpain  great folk

- @raikis (inactive but GREAT) @chidori-senbon @prosasuke @seiikas @lonelywolf1754 @the-sasuke-sama @moonsuke (good sasuke opinions but fair warning they only ship IS and SNS while being critical of both) @sasukeuchiha-eternalmangekyou  (very very positive sasuke blog i love their blog a lot) @unfamiliarworld @uchihasasukes @uchihasasukerules @narutorememberance @team7fangirl (very positive feed!!) @lawlu (one of my favs tbh) blogs 4thewin!! i have a lot more but that requires a fully different list. @tobiasjc great gifs and amazing Manga caps

also like um i have a great sasuke tag so stalk my ‘sinnamon roll’ tag 4 good wank

(For SS art and naruto art in general i like a lot of blogs so thats also a different list if youd like it)

For my other team 7 ships i usually dont follow blogs (just stalk the tags and reblog) since they tend to be very negative but i like @uzumakura (ns and ks and ms) @fineillsignup (multi shipping translates good doujinshis) @narusakufactory @mister-kh who like blocked me for some reason but i still like their blog lmao they are a ks shipper @narutolesbians @darth-sakura. All these folk hate or are critical of sasuke/ ss btw and are pretty vocal about it so know what you are signing up for. @it-started-over-sasunaru , @snskings @snscomix @asksasunaru are alll great sns blogs that are more sns positive than other ships negative which is really refreshing and great (i could also make an entire different list of really good team 7 ship blogs to follow if you’d like since there is a lot more where that came from)

- @sakura-uchiha-uzumaki great taste tbh..great taste

I like a hella lot more blogs but I think this a good selection since if you follow these people you’ll have the rest of the folk that are worth a follow on your dash you kno,, also 4 good memes that are unrelated to naruto follow my good irl friend @snipurrr -this is just me promoing her since her blog will make you laugh so hard you’ll almost forget the inconsistencies in the plot of naruto 

Have fun!!! Blog safely. 

goretober day 10: spit+blood

finally finished it lmao + im posting it @ midnight between the 11th and 12th whoops

also still dont know how i wanna draw 2017 penny

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For the drabble thing: your first Christmas with Castiel

“What’s that smell?” Dean scrunched his nose at the foul odor permeating the air of the bunker.

“Y/N’s Christmas gift,” Cas answered, eyes fixed on the ancient text spread across his lap.

Dean’s mouth twisted comically with distaste, “Trust me Cas, whatever that is, she doesn’t want it.”

Cas peered up from the book, affect set placidly in the absolute certainty of Dean’s wrongness in the matter, “She said quite specifically that she wanted a hippopotamus for Christmas.”


“A hippopotamus,” Cas repeated.

“I heard what you said, but what the hell buddy? Why?” Dean grimaced.

“It’s a song,” Sam muttered as he entered from the hall with a bowl of cereal balanced in one hand and his laptop in the other.

“A song?” Cas closed the tome and raised a perplexed brow as Sam seated himself at the table.

“Nevermind the song. Where are you keeping it?” Dean planted a hand on the table to steady himself in preparation of the words he expected the angel would utter in response.

“The garage,” Cas stated nonchalantly, ignoring Dean’s edict to stare in disbelief at Sam. “A song? There was no music playing when the wish crossed her mind.”

“In the garage?” Dean staggered forward, glancing at the hall leading to the garage egress, voice scratching hoarsely in his throat. “With baby?”

“It’s a Christmas carol,” Sam explained. “She probably just had the song stuck in her head.”

“I see,” Cas rose, carefully setting the book down, glancing abashedly around the library. He settled a repentant blue gaze on Dean. “I don’t recommend going in there, Dean. I’ve explained the situation to the beast, but it’s still quite understandably upset.”

“Upset, who?” you wandered into the room, stealing a bit of cereal from Sam’s bowl and ruffling his hair to playfully annoy him further. “And what is that God-awful smell?” You rounded the table to stand on your tip-toes to peck a tender kiss to the angel’s stubbly cheek.

“I swear, if that thing so much as breathed on baby…” Dean raised a threatening finger at the angel, body vibrating with a barely contained rage.

“She’s not a thing, Dean,” Cas calmingly held up his palm.

“What are you talking about?” your focus bounced between the contrite angel and the incensed Winchester.

Sam smirked, humming the tune, “Cas thought you wanted a hippopotamus for Christmas. That only a hippopotamus would do…”

“You didn’t!” you gasped, clutching Cas’ trench coat sleeve and dissolving into a fit of giggles.

The angel’s brow knotted with sincerity, eyes softening earnestly as he searched your countenance, “I wanted our first Christmas together to be everything you dreamed of.”

“Oh it will be,” you beamed, still laughing. “And more.”

Wrinkles of his forehead relaxing, the angel permitted a small grin to grace his pouting mouth.

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Hi! I'm new to the Sims and I just had a few questions. Firstly, what tumblrs would you recommend following? Secondly, how do you edit the photos of your sims to have the coloured backgrounds etc?

Hey! Welcome to simblr! In order to keep this ask short, I’ll recommend some simblrs here, and I’ll make a separate post with the tutorial :)

These are just a mix of some of my favorite blogs, so if you’re looking for a more specific kind of blog, for example storytelling, just let me know!

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The Truth is Beautiful

Characters: CastielXReader

Word Count: 797

A/N: Drabble request by anonymous – “So I know you wrote one a lot like this, but im really insecure and usually dont accept compliments of people telling me im beautiful, and so in the imagine where Cas tells the reader they’re beautiful, could you do one where the reader kinda insists he’s wrong?” Descriptions of reader insecurity regarding their looks and Cas being the fluffiest damn angel in the garrison.

You sensed Castiel’s eyes on you for the umpteenth time that evening. Glancing up from the faded dusty dog-eared tome perched on your lap to peer across the table, you managed to catch his sapphire gaze before he could furtively look away. The angel’s habit of staring wasn’t anything new; in fact, you considered it an integral component of his personality. But you already felt especially self-conscious that day and Cas’ innocent ogling was getting under your skin. “What the hell are you staring at?” you snapped – the words came out harsher than intended and you cringed internally.

“I apologize,” his throat stiffly bobbed as he swallowed hard, “I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable.”

“Yeah, well bang up job!” you huffed, unable to stifle the frustration you were feeling with yourself and redirecting it squarely at the well-meaning angel.

Cas’ regard dropped to his lap, his brow knotted and jaw tensed in an agonized expression.

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thank you so much to all of my followers who have stuck with me up until this point!!!!! (especially to those of you who have been around long enough to know why people call me rockets.. or the people who have been here since before my blog got deleted…. like, wow) i kept saying that i would do this if I hit 1k, so…

(if youre on mobile im sorry also get a fucking computer)

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Bbbiiiiittttccchhhh!! Kmusicandblackwomen was kicked off insta and we were celebrating but somehow she got back on. Go on insta. There is a tag trending currently. She needs to be gone. (Sorry if you were dont with the drama and didnt want to hear this. I didnt know)

I was ready to celebrate… Then I read the second part. 😒
Anyway, I made the mistake of scrolling through her blog and…boy, I wish I didn’t…
This ask in particular saddened me the most:

This is just….

Originally posted by lupitalover

KMBW is out there making young black girls thinking that confidence & self love comes from the “validation” by asian men.
And there are still people that have the audacity to question whether she is toxic and a problem for the black-kpop fans community smh.

Back to the original point, when will her fetishist, pedophiliac, objectifying blog die????  She’s like a fucking roach, you can’t get rid of her.

i saw that post goin around saying that minors on the internet should have parental supervision to ensure the dont see nsfw art of the characters. first of all some of the shows are kids shows, specifically made for minors. so why should we have to sift through a tag, meant to be safe for us, filled with untagged p0rn. especially if its adult x minor p0rn. even if it is tagged but their blog isnt, a lot of us are on mobile where blocking tags isnt really a thing. also, half of yall dont even mark your blog as nsfw. not only is what ur drawing against the guidlines, but not marking ur clearly 18+ blog nsfw is too. guys i should know. i have safe block restrictions on my phone. as done by my parents and yet i can still see ur gross p0rn.

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Fluffy Cas/Reader Drabble: Castiel gives the reader one of his feathers

As a general rule, Castiel found the human tradition of celebrating meaningful calendar dates a rather pointless endeavor. He viewed the compulsive marking of the passage of time as a demonstration of mankind’s adorably quaint need to control everything, even time itself. Which, as the more astute members of the human race appreciated, was an entirely theoretical concept anyway; in essence, the largest mass delusion ever perpetrated by society as a whole and worthy of a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. Birthdays seemed especially morbid. Why a soul inhabiting a mortal body would desire to celebrate each additional year of physical decay by eating edible artificially dyed sugary artwork alight with waxen flame, engage in the imbibing of enough booze to lead to drunken insentience, or receive an odd assortment of generally useless colorfully wrapped gifts and hollow helium inflated latex balls, or some combination of all of the above, was beyond his angelic comprehension.

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