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Figure skating photos are perfectly demonstrating my day to day emotions and i don’t know why I’ve never used them til now



‘… why you do this?’:

‘What the FUQ u looking at me for, mate!?’



When a hot stranger walks by:

When they ask ‘who was the weak link in the group project’:

When you find that REAL GOOD FIC:


When your boss tells you to do something,
so you do it,
but then realise you don’t know what the fuck you’re doing:

When you keep doing the job but still dont know what you’re doing and how has no one noticed yet!!???

fuck it i’m done

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Why dont you draw dark skinned characters with afro textured hair?

aw dang. i honestly always try to indicate the texture of the hair by drawing curly lines in it or nearby (or drawing it w/ a softer or more textured brush), but.. seeing this ask in my inbox, i guess that is not a good way of doing it. 

i know that ‘i tried’ is not an excuse tho, and i apologise for my lack of skills. also, now i am very very determined to learn how to properly draw it. if you or anyone else reading this is willing to help/offer some tips or criticism/link tutorials, please do!!!

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You webcomic link is golden I nearly cried bc I was laughing so hard

Ahaha really?! I’m glad you liked it! Since most people still dont know how dark the whole story is I wanted to start off the comic with a really light-hearted funny opening chapter lmao. I’m glad it actually came off as funny.

TO THOSE WHO MISSED IT I finally decided to make a webcomic about my ocs Luca and Papaya!! I can’t promise I’ll have a steady upload schedule but I’ll do my best lol 


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you dont agree with fans at airports but why do you reblog airport previews? no hate though just asking

im glad someone ask me this!

firstable i just wanna say that honestly, i want the fansite culture to FUCKING DIE someday. but i got into kpop with it already established and some companies even support it so what can i do

second. fansites take a big part in helping idols pay the bills, karen. they bulk buy albums, stream the shit out of songs, queue for music shows (ive been to KBS once and the queue biTCH i will lose my legs doing that). they also build their lives and job around idols and im not saying its right or theyre entitled but when we’re trying to stop people from going to airport, lets start with yall whose lives wont be affected as much and just doing it for the sake of social medias yeah?

third. ive been having doubts abt airport previews for the longest time and i think after this picture of jaehyun surfaces i will now completely stop reblogging it😊 i wont judge yall who still rb and think its ok because i understand how established the culture is!!! but pls check this list of problematic fansites (thanks to @ mysunshinechild for the link!) and dont support them


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I dont see how Classic being mute effects the quality of interactions he can have with other characters. Link from Zelda has always been mute but his ability to interact using facial expressions and sounds is actually pretty impressive. I suppose Sonic Team could do it poorly but there is still potential there for some very interesting interactions

Because IMO, the best way to interact, the best way for a character to express themselves is through speech.

Lets take SatBK!Sonic for example - If he was mute, how could we know his specific reasons for opposing Merlina as well as his own views concerning eternity, fate and life in general? It’d be immensely difficult if not impossible for his ideals to be expressed in any way other than speech.

To me, Sonic is a character who is an extrovert, who is very outspoken with a vocal personality and intriguing stances on things as well as interesting relationships with other characters such as Blaze, Knuckles and Shadow. Take his voice away and those things, their expression have a large hole blown in them simply because it’s so hard for them to be expressed without speech.

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So do you think you could do a thing on how to draw eyes please? Or if you've already done one of those, could you please direct me to the post please?

hello! yes ive already did something small about eyes but I dont know if I like it anymore since it is super simple and done a long time ago (ill still link it anyways: here) the way i draw eyes are stylized, meaning its in my drawing style (obviously) and i cant control that so i will be showing how to draw eyes the way i do. if you dont like the way i draw eyes then im sorry!!

okay so EYES. I love drawing eyes! and they arent that hard once you go get the hang of it. there are sooo many different ways of drawing eyes, its great. 

i think it is important to draw the eyelids first AND BOTH OF THEM so that way you can have your eyes look more identical rather then drawing one eye and then the other. You also have to understand that EVERYONE HAS DIFFERENT EYES. that means that every eye you draw needs to be different from each other. if you draw every person with the same eyes, the face will lack ‘diversity’ (i cant think of another word). Look how different all of these eyes are!

i hate how some kpop editors still whitewash after they know they whitewash

I don’t like calling specific people out but to give an example tumblr user dazzlingkai would be one 
if some of you haven’t seen her edits i will show you  

here is an edit dazzlingkai made of taemin, i mean look at this idk what i am looking at??? am i looking at a jar of mayonnaise?? am i looking at a ghost???
some people might say,“ oh me so dum me cant tell the difference in his actual skin tone and this pic, gimme sum evidence that this is whitewashed” so i can tell you that he definitely did not look like this during his performance. to support my claim i have a picture of him on the same day

wowow look at that, i can actually see his face in this picture!! So yes, she did whitewash taemin in that edit cause he sure as heck does not look the same in these two pictures does he???
as some people might say,“ wow me sum dum i cunt beleib that its whitewashed gimme more evidence" 
and here i have another picture showing how dazzlingkai whitewashes her edits or more of whitewashing taemin

what am i looking at??? where are my sunglasses??? taemin might as well blend in the white screen on a new tab!! his shirt is as white as his face in this whitewashed edit

wow look at that blends right in

anyways heres a picture of him on the same day at the same radio show

look at that major difference, wowow i can see your face taemin!! 

again there might be people saying,"oh meh gawd im still so dum i cunt see that this is whitewashing give me more proof so it can suck in this brain i apparently dont have" 

look at this, this isnt even a natural skin tone. how are you going to make taemin look like this????? when he actually looks like this??

wow look thats him on the same day, cant believe at how white she made him? me neither!

and i do know that taemin whitens his face himself as well so editing probably makes his face whiter. But there is an extent to how white his face can get. Examples of really whitened are the pictures above. Some ideal editing when taemin whitens his face are 

and even this

in conclusion you can see that many people still like to whitewash even though it looks really horrible????? i cant see any of idols faces in whitewashed pictures just like i cant see those people’s editing futures??? well unless they change their method

woah woah dont think i forgot about excuses for white washing, you thought i forgot didn’t you??
"oh me goash whitened picz look so much bettur on pastel themed blogs leik you don’t know" 

um you can still edit a picture for pastel themed blogs? for example look at this picture 

(credits to sugatrash for making this edit)

Wow look at that!! you can still make a pastel edit without whitewashing people!! 
just a tutorial on how to do that because i know some of you whitewashers are too lazy to change your method, i have a link for you! Just click this

Basically, calling out whitewashing isn’t just "butthurt” people wanting to call out or hate other people’s edits. Whitewashing is actual serious business, guys! You may not notice when you reblog these pictures but changing the color of someone’s skin tone can hurt some people’s feelings. Colorism is prejudice or discrimination against individuals with a dark skin tone, typically among people of the same ethnic or racial group. Whitewashing is discriminating against people with darker skin colors. How, you ask? I mean come on, you are changing someone’s skin color just so the look of the person appeals to your standards of beauty. I’m pretty sure that is colorism, if that is not colorism I don’t know what is.

Even in asia they discriminate against people with dark skin. They have always favored lighter skin because back in the day if you had light skin it meant you didnt work and you were wealthy while the darker people worked and weren’t as wealthy and rather poor. But we, as fans, should appreciate the idols with darker skin tones and respect them by not lightening their skin in our edits. Also whitewashing only adds to the problem, and if you don’t see that then it’s because you haven’t experienced colorism the way so many people have. Whitewashing is really serious so i hope you take it serious too.

thank you for taking your time for reading this i hope you whitewashers change your ways and go on the right path. ill do some dua/prayer for you guys

10 Song Tag:

Before you ask, yes I’ve done this before, but I’m bored and wanna do it again. So here ya go. (Also, still dont know how to do that link thing because I’m a literal old woman so y'all will just have to look them up manually, lmao. I know, what is this, 2012?)

1. Holiday In Cambodia- Dead Kennedys

2. Frankly, Mr. Shankly- The Smiths

3. Straight To Hell-The Clash

4. Let’s Lynch The Landlord- Dead Kennedys

5. Bulletproof- La Roux

6. A Day Without Me- U2

7. There Is A Light That Never Goes Out- The Smiths

8. Stranger In A Strange Land- U2

9. Halloween- Siouxsie and the Banshees

10. Domo23- Tyler, The Creator

Aight I tag @childoftimeandmagic @justanotherbookortwo @linguist25 @decayingliberty @anightfan @darkeyes14 @analogowe and anyone else who wants to do it

Introduction to Super Junior members


This is lovely leader lettuce! I mean Leeteuk. Real name Park Jungsoo.

External image

Leader right here, he is such a great role model =D 

External image

That ponytail just adds to his leaderness (I dont know how but it does)

External image

He is still young okay!!!!! So cute I swear

External image

Next is Sassy Diva Heenim. Real name Kim Heechul
Btw this first GIF is from the Suju movie Attack on the pin-up boys

I swear this would be Heechul on Hello Baby

External image

Heechul ft Hyukjae

Heenims laugh is so precious!

Next is Yesung, real name Kim Jongwoon. 
From MV No Other


he can also be quite odd (thats why I love him)

 He’s got this magical voice that melts your heart, His stage name Yesung means artistic voice

He’s in the army right now =( Come back home turtle we miss you philtrum lover!

External image

Next is Kanginnie! Strong racoon, I heard he was a tough guy until he came back from military and  revealed that he’s just a big ol’ softie. Real name Park Youngwoon.

He can be quite dorky

External image

And a big giggly guy

Also a cute french looking guy, this gif just screams out french to me IDK, anyways Kangin looking photogenic as usual. 

And a yellow sun

Shindong is next! Real name Shin Donghee but they already had a Donghae (the names sound similar) so he made this stage name for him self. Its clever and I like it.

Also from No Other MV

He can be an awesome actor

Don’t make hearts at me *swoon over cuteness*

External image


Next is aegyo king Sungminnie. Real name is Lee sungmin. So cute, I swear he must of been a bunny in his past life. I’m so happy he is getting married!

Don’t puff your cheeks at me, I won’t fall for it!… no… stop!…. *sighs* fine I’ll buy you a pony! He cheers, “I’m gonna go broke” I mutter

External image

Yeah ponies!

External image

We need more pink in this world Mr. President!

How can you not fall for his cuteness!

External image

Anchovy here! Eunhyuk, real name is Lee Hykjae

Screams in terror

Aww poor hyukkie!

He’s really shy areound girls apparently and he and Yunho are the kings of dancing

External image

Why people say he’s ugly IDK but he’s awesome and not ugly. 

External image

Next is Korean Jesus… Shishus aka Siwon. Real name Choi Siwon

Everyone is like Siwon Oppa so handsome but I see this

External image

And this

He is funny and an awesome actor

External image

Thanks I’m starving

Donghae! Real name Lee Donghae. This is a fishy in real life!

He is really handome and looks like a really nice person

This is his….. FISHY DANCE!!

External image

Now his smile

And this is a like a thousand gifs of him

External image

Next is Kiki the giraffe! Just kiding its lovable Ryeowook. Real name Kim Ryeowook

He also got this amazing voice, they all do but like damn Ryewook!

Some time he reminds me of JYJ/TVXQ Kim Jaejoong

He has this cute little sing-songy voice!

He is awesome and adorable

Finally the evil maknae….. Kyuhyun, real name is  Cho Kyuhyun

Devil kyu

He is also super cute and has an awesome voice

MV Blue tomorrow by SJM, Kyu looks so sad =(

Compilation gifs of Kyu baby

External image

External image

Hangengie!! Sadly he left Super Junior due to company issues, but in many Elfs hearts and the Super Junior mebers hearts he is still part of Super Junior. Real name Han Geng. He was the first Chinese member in a k-pop band, so he is awesome.

Drinking juice

External image

His smile =D

External image

Black hair really suits him

Hangeng in Super Juniors MV It’s You

External image

Next Kibum, real name Kim Kibum. I call him Kibumie. He is currently inactive with Super Junior’s promotion. He is acting

Aww! Isnt he adorable?

External image

He looks nice in glasses, they suit his face

Kibm ft Hangeng

External image

Smily Kibummie

External image

Next is Zhoumi! Like Henry they both are part of SJM, the reason is complicated, and I would rather you message me privately or find out on your own. Zhoumi is a fashion diva and a ball of sunshine. Chinese like Hangeng his real name is Zhou Mi. He had a solo debut recently with Rewind

This is from SJM MV Perfection

External image

Zhoumi has also been an MC for different radio shows like Shukira (hosted by Shindong) and is just hilarious.

He is also hyper =D

If I am not mistaken he probably acted in some Chinese dramas

External image

Next is Henry. He has solo songs Trap, 1-4-3, and Fanstastic and more in his solo albums. Real name Henry Lau, cute adorable with chipmunk cheeks. 

Much Aegyo!

Chopsicks! Yummy food!

Henry ft Kyuhyun

Henry is super talented, he can play like 20 different instruments and speak fifty different languages


anonymous asked:

hello! i was just wondering if you still do that trans and nb discord? ive been looking for one but i dont know how old the post i came across was

Oh, yes we are! But links are through DM/off-anon only. :)

natporm  asked:

Hi! I found your art through facebook (an undertale group I liked!) and wow! youre so silly and dorky and its great... (by the by i really really love the way you draw mtt n alphys! soooo cute!) so i want to know :c where do you pull inspiration from?? :Oc

(well im glad whatever group still linked back to me lmfao, im not gonna get into/worry abt that right now)

i dunno if you wanted more on how i draw Alphys n MTT interacting or how i draw em specifically lmfao so here i go w a long explanation

so like. i love alphys so much and i dont see a lot of love to her character, she gets really swept under the rug. and she’s made fun of more often than not so i fight for my lizard wife. She’s a really good, well rounded character and deserves not to be the punchline all the time.

also i never rly bought into Big Sexie MTT lmfao, theres plenty of those. i always loved stars that are more genuine, rather than some lofty inhuman being. i feel like, as much with all his flaws. he’s still a good person. he’s just trying to hard to impress, and i think that if he didnt worry about that as much, he’d be way more chill, yknow? i try to draw that side of him. i might’ve gotten a bit carried away w Snag i think, but he’s really precious to my heart, and i feel like he’s not like. completely non-canon lol,, i like to believe

As for general inspiration though – I take inspo from a lot of things! I consume a lotta media, thats defo the best way that i’ve found to improve both with writing and style.

Manga/Anime like, Fullmetal Alchemist, One Punch Man, My Hero Academia, Trigun, studio trigger’s style, all sorts of stuff have inspired me both in the way they handle heavier subject matter while still making it fun to watch, with plenty of humor and happiness alongside the deeper subject material.

I also take a lot from video games ahah, All the Zelda games i’ve played, things like fallout, undertale ofc, and other story driven games inspire me a lot with how they handle morality and inserting the player directly into the story yknow? A lotta times characters i make, especially for fan characters, are based off what i experienced playing, how maybe I would handle a specific situation.

you can find a lot of inspiration from yourself tbh?? seeing what you’d do in situations. or what you’d want to do. a lot of my chars are either full on self inserts lmfao, or at least partially based off myself. (looks at arwen)


littlest-lapin  asked:

In your own opinion, who do you think had it way more rough? OoT Link or SS Link?

(brace yourself holy shit i dont know how this got so lengthy)

oot link lived his life as an orphan in a forest, likely picked on by another kokiri child, and never received his fairy until he was summoned to go on his mission. as a child still he had to travel all over the land and overcome trials, battling monsters and collecting artifacts along the way. then of course he’s thrust into a 7 year long slumber and forced to grow into an adult, walks out of the temple to see a world in ruin and is again tasked with the duty of overcoming more trials and collecting more artifacts. after doing all that he’s faced with the final battle which is of course with ganondorf/ganon. a possible outcome for this battle is that he dies and in the other two timeline splits where he is successful, one has hyrule flooded and well, the other ill get into later.

so after the final battle zelda returns him to his own time period with the intent of restoring his childhood. i really see this as a futile endeavor on her part. link has been through so much shit at this point i really dont think he can just return to the way he once was. he was forced to grow up prematurely for the sake of being the hero. you cant just undo that. 

his innocence is tarnished at this point and if it wasnt by now it would be when the events of majoras mask rolled around. while searching for navi, who had apparently left him after oot, link found an alternate dimension, was instantly mugged and turned into a plant. he is not long after tasked with the responsibility of not only saving this new world from the moon about to kill everyone, but to help everyone within it. he has to repeat a 3 day cycle over and over again, witnessing all of the horrific events that happen within that timeframe multiple times. my favourite way to put it is that he has all of the time in the world, yet no time at all.

it is somewhat hard to determine what oot link is feeling throughout his journey, however. to put it bluntly he has the emotional range of a spoon, rarely makes any expression aside from shock or surprise, and never really gives any indication of what he thinks about all he’s gone through. he never smiles either though, so i can only assume he aint the happiest of fellows (and he has very little reason to be tbh) 

but of course it doesnt end there. twilight princess features a ghost of oot link’s spirit who apparently died with his regrets. he only finds solace in the fact that he can pass them on to his descendant (tp link.)

ss link on the other hand is somewhat of a different case. from what we know, he had a relatively normal childhood aside from some bullying from groose and any other thing you can reasonably headcannon (the reason for his lack of parents perhaps?) he seems to be somewhat sheltered, a bit naive maybe, has a lazy streak, and lives with his head in the clouds. ss link strikes me as one who is much more innocent and carefree, there is no threat to his world until late adolescence. he lives in skyloft and skyloft from what we know is a utopia out of reach from the dangers of the world below (and zelda even notes that the people on skyloft may not even be aware that there is a world below.) 

he’s not without hardship of course. his best friend is knocked off of her bird and fell beneath the clouds and he is tasked with not only rescuing her but assuming the role of the hero and becoming the one to ultimately drive out the evil that threatens the land. in my opinion this would create a lot of confusion and utterly shatter all perceptions that he had about his life and the world around him, finding out he’s meant to be this hero. he’s visibly overwhelmed by it when fi and gaepora converse with him in the statue, his dialogue noting “it’s so much…" he faces many trials of his own, quite literally soul shattering ones at that, and as he progresses more aspects of his role become clear to him. he was chosen by hylia, who now lives as his best friend. all of this was predetermined and he had absolutely no control over it. i imagine that must have dealt a blow to his psyche for a while.

picture it like this, you grow up quite literally in heaven, carefree, perhaps a tad bit unmotivated, only to have it all threatened by conflict you never knew existed, and then to be thrust at the very epicenter of it. everything and everyone relies on link’s success. and he faces a very personal pressure as well because his best friend’s life and soul is at stake (this was also set up by hylia herself, treasure isnt she.) quite simply, life in skyloft was a dream and now he has to awaken and fulfill his purpose. and so he hardens up and defeats the demon king, a battle that decides the fate of the very world and sets up the curse. though this consequence isnt really felt by him (nah oot link took the brunt of that one.)

anyways, the difference between the hardship that oot and ss link individually face is that oot link’s journey is far longer and follows him to his very grave. ss link’s on the other hand is way more personal as he was manipulated and set up for a predetermined purpose, or so i believe. oot link did also have a purpose, but a lot of what he went through did have an element of chance to it. 

in terms of who had it worse? i would say oot link by far, but at the same time i believe both of them came out of it with post traumatic stress disorders. strong, courageous and unbreakable as they may be, they are only human as well. 

come on guys be honest with me, isnt the way Spiderman moves one of your BIGGEST reasons for him to be your favorite super hero??

Cus it’s sSURE AS HECK one of mines!!! just LOOK at him!!! the movements he does, the poses! It’s something so unique of him! and I simply loooove it, is hard to draw so I’m practicing, but I wanted to share my love for it!

(his webs are also some interesting challenge every time I need to draw him but man, I love those too)

Also and I´m sorry to bring this up guys, but…


what can I say? I love doing this blog and drawing but well.. I need to make a living, so I would veeeeeeeeeery much appreciate it if you guys comissioned somehting or if you gave a reblog to this or my comission page info…

(pretty please? my family is in a kind of a delicate situation, bluh giving this explanations… I´m sorry for those of you who read that, are you still reading? guys crossed text means skip this thing….. seriously stop….. oh is that how is it going to be? fine I´ll stop writing then!…………………………………………. HA! how do you like that? (shit))

Sooo.. here is the link if you are interested and want further information on the comissions!


Head Down Low (Seven)

Summary: Dan isn’t right. He’s not like most of the others, he’s not genetically pure. He has no destined path, he has nothing going for him in life. He’ll be lucky to get himself a job in a fast food kitchen, and everyone looks down on him like he’s a piece of dirt stuck at the bottom of their shoe. Except one person: Phil Lester.

Warnings: Non-con/dubcon, later consensual sex, mentions of depression and low self-esteem, references to ocd, references to ptsd

A/N: this update is a little late, but dont worry bc there’ll still be an update on saturday too! 

Last Chapter || Masterpost || AO3 link

Phil’s really not sure about this.

He never is, actually, thinking about it. There are very few things he’s done in his life that he thinks were good decisions, which has hampered his belief in his own decision making somewhat.

Keep reading

TG:Re Chapter 31.5

You know, a lot of great things happened in this chapter, and after seeing a few spoilers I was readily expecting it to be cute, fun and fluffy -  which it was. But what I did NOT expect, was the information slap in the face we get in the last few pages.

I mean so much was revealed/happened in such a short amount of time:

We learn that Haise has been trying to investigate who he use to be - reinforcing that he has in fact evolved in his opinions towards his former self and is no longer afraid of his past. Plus, bless his cotton socks, he doesn’t remember how to spell his former name T-T suggesting that the close link he and Kaneki seemed to have in chapter 31 may no longer be present. Meaning that as well as not having his memories back, he wont have a little baby Kaneki whispering info in his ear.

Not only that but apparently as well as Nishiki still hanging out at Anteiku 2.0 :Re cafe with Touka and co, SO DOES UTA. And Yomo and the rest friggin know that he’s part of the clowns yet everything seemed to be so friendly and civil regardless. I dont know how to feel about this but maybe it has something to do with the fact that UTA ISNT EVEN THE LEADER OF THE CLOWNS LIKE WE’VE BEEN LED TO BELIEVE THIS WHOLE TIME. Does that make him some sort of double/triple agent? Does it mean Uta isn’t a backstabbing bastard after all? And if Uta isn’t the leader who is? Idk man, but I dont think there’s been enough of this so far to stop me feeling so betrayed. Though what he said to Touka about Kaneki still being to him a special customer as well as seeing the christmas present he sent to Haise was particularly curious..

But onto by favourite reveal of all: Hide, for the love of God stop this. Here I am worried absolutely sick about where you are and how you’ve ended up over these past three years. Not knowing but believing, almost willing for you to be alive and then to have this chapter suggest that you might be well enough and of course somehow - God knows why - INFORMED ENOUGH (you know it all little brat) to be sending belated birthday presents straight to Haise’s home!

I honestly think I might combust. If we get ONE more question surrounding this guy before we get any sort of explanation or inkling as to what he’s about, I’ll explode. It’s ridiculous. Everything about this boy is ridiculous. He’s meant to be the most normal character of all in what’s an insane story yet here we are with the intrigue surrounding him being complete and utterly ridiculous. 

Yet even if we dont know his birthday or heritage or reason behind his ridiculous level of intelligence/perceptiveness: the one thing we can confirm when it comes to Hide is that he truly cares for Kaneki. 

Anxiety's Door
Anxiety's Door

Viewer Discretion is Advised.

This is a very dark piece.

Headphones are highly recommended for the best immersion.

Our first non-Undertale Voice over.

Thank you to the lovely and extremely talented @madlyinlov3onda​ writer of the fanfiction Sans Day giving us permission to work on this poem of hers.

Read and Editied by:@hakomashi

Here is the poem link.

And the poem itself.

Anxiety’s Door

By Valerie Kramin

Knock, Knock
Who’s there?
Oh dont worry, its just me
Your old pal
your old buddy

How’s it hanging?
How have you been?
Its been so long-
-Now where? Do we? Begin?

I’ve been chatting with Despair-
(I’ve heard you visit her quite often)
But you might want to keep that from Depression
That one time-He still hasn’t forgotten

Now Despair told me that you’ve changed?
No, that couldn’t be
I know you wouldn’t do that Not for Fear, and not to Me

Now why don’t you be a dear
and fetch for me please
A nice cup of Stress
and a half spoon of Unease

Ah, thats a good friend for you
Come- lets sit and let us ENJOY-
But quietly now- there’s people here
You wouldn’t want to annoy!

Oh, would you look at that!
[Paranoia texted me!]
Looks like she’s bring Frustration over now
Since -you know- you’re “free”

Wait, first lets look at all your projects
Wow! There’s so many!
Thanks to Procrastination I assume-
It looks like over two-hundred and twenty!

That is im-press-ive
I’m afraid I have to admit;
You’ve been doing fine for so long…
Don’t worry, I’ll fix it. 

Now you might want to sit down Just for a little while
D i s o r i e n t a t i o n may occur
When I twist you to an old life style~

Knock, Knock!
There, much better!
There’s my perfect pet
Right down to the l.e.t.t.e.r! 

Here, have some fun
Go play in society!
Don’t worry, I’ll keep you on my short leash
Like your guardian