still don't want to talk about the rest of the game pls

Pidge and Lance Headcanons
  • Pidge using Lance as a back rest
  • Lance uses her as an arm rest in turn
  • Pidge constantly piggy backs on him
    • Lance has a niece and nephew it doesn’t phase him at all
    • He doesn’t even notice when she does it
    • She’ll sometimes just sit on his shoulders and hang upside down by her legs along.
    • If she wants to not walk on a mission she’ll use Lance. (Hunk is also a great option but she switches it up sometimes)
  • Lance seeing anyone eye Pidge wrong: I think the fuck not you trick ass bitch
  • Pidge sees him as an older brother fight me on this
    • Matt: *does something cringey*
    • Pidge: This is why Lance is my favorite brother
    • Lance: *does something cringey*
    • Pidge: This is why I’m an only child
  • They both play co-op video games but they both talk so much shit they just end up laughing for five hours straight still stuck on the same level.
  • Lance will listen to her info dump and puts in his thoughts and questions so he can understand better.
    • Pidge doesn’t mind since she loves the thing!!!!! And has someone to listen to her talk about the thing!!!!
  • Take each other’s shit under the guise of borrowing
    • Lance: Pidge do you have my jacket again
    • *The sound of a zipper slowly being pulled closed and sounding loud af since it’s quiet*
    • Pidge: …no

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Don't know if someone already asked but here we go. Maybe Sombra, Lena, or Widowmaker run into S/O and find them very cute. S/O is kinda oblivious and doesn't think much of it (because these girls are REALLY HOT and s/o is kinda shy) anyway. S/O talks to other people and in which case sombra,Lena,or widow get jealous >:D. Idk I just kinda like this idea (you don't have to do these girls I just really like them :]). Thank you for reading my idea chèrie 😘

This request has me weAk. Also the requester is such a lovely person so yes! I sprinkled a bit of hella references in this one. The reference in Sombra’s is pretty obvious since I mention a character name and the company behind where he’s from, but the one in Tracer’s is a little more subtle. Hope you enjoy it and have a fantastic day! ~ Mod Lottie


“Hm, what do we have here? A cute little bunny for me to play with?”

“O-oh, if you want to play something with me let’s make sure it’s not an online multiplayer game. I’m level 147 on GTA and I don’t want to get banned after all that hard work if you hack with it”

Sombra stands there, confused. She had been so obviously hitting on you and yet, there you were brushing her off, or at least that’s what she thought.

“I… You do realize that’s not the type of hacking I do, right?” She questions. You open your mouth to respond but she cuts you off, “Nevermind that, for someone who’s usually so quiet and shy, you sure know how to shut a girl down quickly. I can respect that.”

“I’m sorry?” You ask, legitimately confused to what she was talking about. She scoffs in response.

“I’ll leave you alone. I can take a hint cariño.” She leaves you to your own endeavours and wonders how she could read the atmosphere so wrong. You always blush and stammer around her which led her to believe you were into her just like she was into you.

It took her a while to over analyze the situation as she tends to do sometimes. Maybe it wasn’t attraction but fear? No it can’t be, you seemed to actually want to spend time with her when you thought she was asking to pl- Oh. OH!

She rushed around the base searching for you. You weren’t brushing her off, you were just oblivious to her advances. It all makes sense now. Maybe there’s still hope!

After a few minutes she finally found you, but with D.Va. You two sat in the common room, you with a controller in hand concentrating on a puzzle that Hana was trying to explain the solution to.

“Look, the note has the Sagittarius sign THEN the Scorpio sign. When you look at the walls you can see they are linked to the numbers 10 and 2 so you obviously add them together, so find the rock that has 12 on it.” Hana explains.

“No no wait, but what if it’s just the numbers by themselves? Maybe that old pirate guy put stuff behind two rocks.” You argue your logic. Hana gently takes the controller away from you, leaving you pouting as you watch her walk the character over to the rock with the Roman numeral of twelve on it. She pressed the button prompt and it triggered a cutscene.

“See? I told you! Nathan told you! Naughty Dog told you!” Hana gloats, causing you to huff in response. Suddenly the screen starts to glitch out and Sombra’s signature skull appeared.

“Hacking a single player game? That’s an entirely new low.” Hana whines. You turn to face Sombra, her face looked like she was half amused half pissed.

“I believe it’s my turn to play. After all, (Y/n) here did ask me to play with them first~” She says smugly as she sashayed over to sit next to you. She plucks the controller out of Hana’s hands and waves her hand over the screen to wipe away her hack to show the game once again.

“Ah… the um, the controls are um…” You stutter out. You felt the need to interact with her as much as you could since you felt you might’ve unintentionally offended her earlier which was still a mystery to you.

“Don’t worry your cute little head cupcake, I got this.” She smirked, patting your head while her eyes never left the screen. She got through the rest of the level without a hitch, there were no delays in her timing which made everything go smoothly and look like a movie instead of a game. Both you and Hana were in awe.

“Hmph, show off.” Hana grumbles.

“Oh? Is the gaming princess grumpy?” Sombra laughs at Hana’s reaction, “Look Hana, no hacks!”

“Did you just reword a meme at me?” She asks only to be ignored as Sombra picked you up bridal style.

“If you’ll excuse me, I have a date to go on.” Sombra sends a smile over her shoulder as she walks out of the room.

“A date? With who?” You asked, blushing because of the close proximity. Sombra laughed as she rolled her eyes.

“You’re more dense than I thought. I’m taking you out my cute little bunny.” She said. Your eyes widened as you finally connected the dots.

“Let’s play another game~”


Lena Oxton. Your first friend at Overwatch. The girl that you aren’t sure if she just wants to be friends or if there could be something more, and god knows how much you wanted something more of it. These types of uncertainties always felt like treading on thin ice and you always chose the safe way around it. You didn’t mind just being friends because at the end of the day, just being able to hang out with her and seeing her happy was contentment enough for you. The fear of ruining that prevented you from seeing anything as more than platonic.

Let’s take tonight as an example.

Lena asked you to watch a movie with her. Just you, her, a horror movie, and all your favourite snacks. The movie was actually scary, not just a sequence of cheap jump scares but actually a thrilling horror movie that lives up to its genre. Let’s just say you won’t be looking at turkey basters the same way anytime soon.

During the movie, she hesitated but Lena ended up putting her head on your shoulder. Your heart raced so much, Lucio and Tracer both would have competition with how fast your heart was beating. Lena obviously knew that her actions were nowhere near platonic but you were having trouble with the idea. You thought it was because you wanted it to be romantic that you were thinking it might be so you brushed it off as if she was just being a gal pal. A brit being a mate.

“Say (Y/n), do you maybe wanna go out with me?” Lena worked up the courage to say. Yet again, your oblivious self courted it off as your mind playing tricks on you.

“Of course! You’re my best friend! Where do you want to go?” You asked. Lena’s face dropped when you referred to her as your friend and she took it as a sign to just back off with the advances. She managed to throw a random place for a suggestion despite her disappointment and for the rest of the night, everything felt off.

The next morning, Lena gave herself a pep talk to not be so down in the dumps about what happened. She decided to get you a nice breakfast from a café you like. Food in hand, she blinked to your room.

“Heya lo- I mean (Y/n), are you awake yet?” Tracer called from the other side of your door but got no answer.

“Can I come in?” She continued, still no answer, “Alright, I’m comin’ in.” She opened the door and saw you weren’t in your room. She wandered around the base in search of you. She looked everywhere only to find you in the med bay. You and Mercy were sitting down, facing each other. She saw her getting very close to you, raising her hand to your flushed face. She couldn’t take much more of it.

“Oi! What’s goin’ on here?” She asked immediately as she blinked into place. Angela retracted her hand away from you as she looked up at Tracer with a confused expression.

“Lena, what’s wrong? Just tell me and I’ll tend to you right after I’m done with (Y/n) here.” She explains.

“No, I’m here to… What’s wrong with them doc?” Lena asks.

“I think I might have food poisoning.” You say sadly.

“Might? You do have food poisoning! Be more considerate next time.” Angela lectures, causing you to pout.

“Oh I see. Well, I guess I’ll be on my way then.” She turns around only to be stopped by someone holding her by her forearm.

“Now now Miss Oxton, no one bursts into my office just to say hi.” Angela tuts. Lena started to look around for a way to get out. “Lena, what did you really come for?” Angela motions her to sit in an extra chair next to the door, meant for people who were there for moral support or because they were the cause for an injury and needed to be scolded. That being said, the chair is usually meant for Reinhardt since he loves to swing some of the smaller agents around like a Dad would with his toddler.

“I just, was worried about (Y/n) yeah?” Lena said as she sat.

“Then why did you look so angry?” Angela retorted. Lena started shifting uncomfortably in her seat, laughing nervously. Angela could only sigh.

“I know exactly what’s going on here. (Y/n) was explaining how much they like you and kept thinking you were just being friendly when you were obviously, at least in my perspective, making romantic advances.” She explains. A ‘huh?’ and a ‘what?’ came out of you and Lena as you made eye contact with each other.

Angela went into therapist mode as she made both you and Lena talk about your thoughts and feelings and, finally, come to a solution.

“I really like you (Y/n). I don’t know how you hadn’t figured it out!” Lena says.

“I really like you too Lena. I just, kept thinking that it’d be too good to be true if you like me back you know?” You admit. She shakes her head and hugs you, muttering about how silly you were.

“Ahem” Angela breaks up the moment, “Now that that’s out of the way, my patient here needs to get their bedrest.” Angela says.

Once she was finished saying what she had to say, she found that both her visitors had vanished in the blink of an eye. The doctor can only sigh in defeat.


Being a new recruit meant you had to go through training for all possible fighting styles in order to evaluate what you’d be best at. Today was your day to evaluate how you’d do as a sniper. Unfortunately, no one told you that the person helping you out in this department would be a sexy French woman with a piercing gaze that could mesmerize you into a trance for days. No one told you that you would be her prey.

To be fair though, no one told her that you would be so clueless to her advances.

Here you were, shaking and anxious, holding up the rifle and looking through the scope at your target. You could hear her sultry voice chuckle behind you.

“Go on chèrie, shoot.” Her voice smooth as silk whispered behind you, causing a tingle to shoot up your neck. You positioned yourself to make sure you’d get the shot, held your breath to steady the reticle, and pulled the trigger and…

Nothing came out.

“Um? It’s supposed to shoot… right?” You lowered your weapon as you looked over your shoulder to look at the woman known as Widowmaker.

Her expression changed from amusement to curiosity. She walked over and plucked the rifle out of your hands to inspect it. She hums as she figures out what the problem is.

“This one is jammed. I’ll find a better one for you, my dear. You deserve only the best I have to offer.” She lightly brushes her finger under your under your chin and struts away.

You hold a hand to your chest and sigh. “Be still my beating heart.” You joked to yourself to slightly ease some of your tension.

Amelie, walking back with a smirk, was met with the image of Hanzo teaching you archery. Needless to say, her smirk faded away. She briskly walked over to you two and glared at Hanzo.

“You are intruding Lacroix.” Hanzo says simply, but Amelie refused to be brushed off so easily.

“Non, you are the one who is intruding.” She says sharply.

“I am showing them true skill, something you lack.”

“Archery is a primitive excuse for a weapon. Heh, primitive weapon for a primitive man.”

All you could do was stand and watch, trying not to do anything that might bring attention to yourself.

“I’m not seeing a lot of guidance going on here.” Ana enters the room to break up the argument.

“Merde…” Widowmaker rolls her eyes and Hanzo turns his attention to Ana stoically. “If none of you will teach them then I will.”

Amelie does something no one expected. She grabs you by the arm and runs away with you. It wasn’t as graceful and seductive as she wanted but it got them away from those two and she couldn’t be happier.

“What’s going on?” You asked cautiously.

“I want to have you to myself.” Amelie brushes her hand over your cheek

“Oh, um, thanks?” You didn’t really know how to respond and you were trying not to hyperventilate. She scoffs and pulls you into a kiss. Gentle, with a slight nibble from her. She pulls away and smiles at your flustered state.

“I hope you got the message chèrie.” She whispers in your ear.

“Y-yeah, loud and clear.” You manage to say. Suddenly, everything seemed to be even more interesting than they already were.

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I reaally like your blog 💓💓💓 could i ask for a oikawa scenario where he confesses to his s/o while they are pretending to be sleepping? Thanks😊😊

AN: Aw, thanks~! It means a lot to me that you like it! Here’s a confession from a co-founder of The Pretty Setter Squad™. I hope you like it!

Oikawa Tooru meant nothing to you. The name was simply just a name, another face, another student at Aoba Johsai. Not the hot third year, not the captain of the Volleyball team, not the Grand King. Just a name. You paid no mind to how many times you heard it in class, the hallway, or in your extracurriculars. You’ve seen his face a few times when you passed the halls, but he was just another passerby. In all your three years at Aoba Johsai, you’ve never even been formally introduced to him, and you planned to keep it that way until you graduated.

There was absolutely no way you would ever meet him, anyways. He was always focused on volleyball, and you were always focused on science club, whose meetings happened to overlap during the season. So naturally, you wouldn’t want to sacrifice precious time in the laboratory to meet some boy.

Midterms were approaching, and it was very important to you as a third year to pass with flying colors. So one day, you stayed back after science club to recess in your favorite corner in the library; a desk surrounded by nothing but books. No windows to distract you, no classmates whispering, just plain old boring books that you knew wouldn’t even interest you in the slightest.

You sat in that same spot for about an hour or so, completely in the zone as you scribbled away pages of notes on Calculus. Your attention was drawn back to reality when you finally noticed someone sitting across from you.

“Good afternoon, _____-chan~!” Oikawa sang.

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“I don’t know what to get him for his birthday. Help!”

Kent slammed his laptop shut and flopped backwards on his bed in agonized defeat. Kit, as expected, ignored his suffering and took the opportunity to climb on his chest.

“I don’t know if I’m cut out for this boyfriend stuff,” Kent sighed. Kit meowed, but he wasn’t sure if she was in agreement with him or not. He absentmindedly scratched behind her ears while he contemplated what to get Swoops for his upcoming birthday.

He wanted something meaningful since they were dating, but they’d also agreed to keep their relationship quiet for a while. So, whatever Kent did for Swoops’ birthday would have to be low key. The real problem was that Kent didn’t have the faintest clue and Kit was the worst brainstorming buddy.

He’d already not-so-subtly asked Swoops what he’d wanted a month ago, but Swoops had brushed it off and told Kent not to worry about it.

Well, Kent was worrying about it.

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Neil "I'm fine" josten gets in a car accident and that poor kid insists on being fine

this gd kid will be the death of all of us i stg

  • everyone knows that neil Murder Magnet josten seems to find a way to get into trouble
  • and so even after finals, they don’t like to leave him alone for too long bc he’ll find the only quicksand pit in america and fall in it probably
  • luckily he’s usually with andrew or on the court so it’s not too hard to keep track of him
  • so of course, he had to make it difficult and get hit by a car the one time of day he’s alone
  • andrew would never ever run voluntarily so as much as he loves hates neil he won’t run with him, but he takes the same path everyday and he keeps his phone on him incase anything happens
  • but it was winter and there was a little bit of ice on the roads
  • and neil was crossing the street when a car skidded out of no where and couldn’t stop

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Okay I feel really stupid for asking this - but I just can't get it right. Can you tell a part all of the EXO members? I am a BTS fan and I am trying to get more into EXO & other k-pop too, but there are so many members and I get confused between them a lot. :/ And honestly I don't want to bug you so don't worry about answering this if it is too time consuming to explain. I was just curious if you had a fancy way of keeping them all straight. haha. Thanks!


AIGHT THIS IS SUHO, PRONOUNCED -credit card swipe cash register sound- oR alternatively $UHOE because he’s made of cash money and is the mama bear?? naega oOLF? of -sehun voice- E. X. O. he has been lovingly dubbed mama junmyeon by the fandom bc he has to deal with the rest of the kids and papa kris (who tapped out early and i will talk about that at the end or else mama junmyeon here will scREAM) isn’t here to help anymore. for now all you need to know is that suho is The Motherboard and also The Wallet. 

External image

this right hERE is Dumbo Chanyeol who is a tall awkward elf with large ears and really huge eyes and a voice so deep you can feel it echoing in the walls of your vag. he is a rapper, plays guitar and really likes hats. it brings out his ears. his other defining feature is his Literal Colgate Smile. Wear shades because it can cause temporary blindness the first time you see it. he’s also reaction king of exo because his eyes get real wide and his mouth gets real wide and he’s just a gangling mess of cute till he performs and then i suggest you have a stock of extra panties 

this lil babe is named Bacon Baekhyun pronounced bacon and his hands have a fandom of their own as does his black hair. please take detailed notes on the power of byun baekhyun’s hands because sometimes they are more important than all of exo but that’s just my personal opinion. beware when he sings because you will be physically pierced by the strength of his voice and spend your nights wonder how the fuCK such a large quantity of sound can come out of his tiny lil mouth that looks like it has trouble consuming basic every day foods. but it’s possible and i suggest you move glass objects across the room before attempting to listen to him sing. also he’s currently bangin snsd’s endgame queen taeyeon, causing one hell of a huge kkaebsong for all parties involved 

that is Squishy McGoober Kyungsoo aka D.O, but it’s pronounced -smooth r&b sounds- no srsly, fandom’s words, not mine because if you thought bacon had a good voice, grab your titties and panties and whatever other objects you hold dear to your being and try not to cum too hard when he sings. it’s been scientifically proven that kyungsoo’s voice can cure all ailments and has the ability to grant everlasting youth. how do you think kyungsoo fans are still alive? also, his eyebrow game is stronger than cara delevingne’s and he can cause pregnancies with a single look. but pls don’t ask him to do sexy on the spot bc he will just rub his tummy and say he’s hungry 

External image

this is magic mike’s missing stripper kai or jongin, but most girls just make aggressive grunting noises when trying to say his name. he is the rudest human you will ever have the misfortune to encounter and his dancing is the reason that the earth retains gravitational center. he loves his dogs more than he loves kyungsoo and he is buttmunching buddies with shinee’s taemin and they regularly fuck with each other on radio interviews. seriously don’t attempt to watch him dance unless it’s about 3AM and you are in a soundproof room with a large amount of sex toys. that’s the only way to do it 

and this is exo’s Yehet Ohorat Pinku Pinku Baby Sehun who is a color changing chameleon who has had every single color of the rainbow in his hair all at once. -whispers- taste the rainbow. he dances real well and his sass levels shoot straight through the stratosphere as well as your heart and soul and ovaries. he also raps sometimes and his lisp is so central to exo as a whole. he is also one of those boys who has height who is tall who is of the vertically gifted variety and tbh, his fans are the weirdest, thirstiest of them all and i love each and everyone of them. he owns a pink bunny rilakkuma named pinku pinku that he takes everywhere with him and that is probably the one and only time he acts like the maknae. 

and those six up there are exo k, which stands for killing me softly 

and up next, we have exo m, which stands of motherfuckers of mainland 

that fine piece of ass is named daddy umin miseok OPPAR!!!!!! or xiumin, but really he’s called Daddy Umin. or Umin Hyung. he used to be called adorable squishy Baozi, but recently he has become the trend and the transformation has caused everything from hurricanes to flash storms to earthquakes across the globe. he is the secret best at everything–can sing the highest, is the strongest, has the most delicious of delicious meaty thighs. his solo dance also has the power of impregnation so have your birth control ready. or just get your tubes tide you won’t need them after you get into exo. he’s the oldest but has only recently started looking the part 

External image

this is minseok’s overprotective jealous girlfriend Luhan who is nOT!!!!!  actually a girl and is very manly, oh yes, manly man yes luhan is ma n l y. his voice can also shatter hearts and souls and he has also been through that hair rainbow most notably his pink and lilac phases were particularly manly oh yes. however, beware of his magic girl transformation when he gets on stage and in the zone for dance because you clothes will come flying off. he was voted sexiest man in china in 2013 with 40+ million votes and just bc he’s my personal bias, i’m gonna add another pic for your viewing pleasure. he can aslo occasionally look like this 

manly like i said. 

this lil cutie pie is called S L A  Y  Lay, or Zhang YiXing and he must be protected at. all costs. all of them. every. single one. because he is the most precious human being to grace the face of this planet since hummingbirds and baby sloths and there’s an ongoing joke that he’s stoned all the time but really, he’s just happy to be here. really. but beware, cause he’s main dancer of exo m and his dance is on par with kai’s up there so have that soundproof room and sex toys ready before you delve into yixing’s dance 

External image

that is mr. bubble pop teddy bear Chen, or Jongdae and while he might seem cuddly and furry and sweet as caramel (and he is quite literally all of those things), he is also Sir Master of Neck Porn and has vocals that Jesus high fived God for when he heard it. your windows are not safe nor are your uterus and eardrums. no one and nothing is safe from Jongdae’s voice. no one. he also occasionally likes to wear sleeveless shirts that cause mass hysteria but most of the time hes just a cuddly ball of fluff

this is regina george miss barbie excuse me what are those shoes with that scarf????? Tao, or Huang ZiTao. his resting bitch face rivals that of vixx’s N and his voice is that of a tween girl who has inhaled too many helium balloons. he is forever and always judging you, no matter who or where you are, and knows a bit of wushu, which he never fails to embarrass himself with on tv shows. he and sehun are Ken and Barbie but really, he’s just a baby and wants to be loved. his meipai/weibo updates are the stuff of the california gold rush and his fans are fucking hilarious. 

this is the -dun dun dun- -bats fluttering- -creaking old house noises- one who said bye bitch right before the shit hit the fan and only Kris, aka Wu Yi Fuck Me Fan, or Kevin Lee or -insert three million more names here- or sir Galaxy Fan Fan. he dipped out of SM because sm were being shitty to him as a human being and is now trapesing around Prague with some hot director and her husband, donating money to charity for starving children, and doing pretty well by himself. the whole shebang was messy as fuck but just know that he used to be the resident Papa Exo, and the Eng Subs because he speaks about 250 languages fluently along with Klingon and Hieroglyphics. he is 187 cm which. is. tall. and used to be the rapper bc his voice is deep as the bottom of the ocean and trust me when i say, it’ll get in you so deep, too deep to the point of discomfort and you will wake up naked floating on the ocean wondering what the fuck happened to you only to remember that Wu Yi Fan’s voice happened. but don’t worry, where ever you are in the world, i’m pretty sure his hands are large enough to reach you and pull you right back they are the size of small islands and i speculate that the reason he went back to china is really because his hands were the size of korea and it was causing some traffic/living problems for the people there 

and really, that’s exo. in a nutshell. there’s lots more to learn, but for now, i hope that has aided you on your journey to getting to know exo. my advice: bring some drama-repellent and a good sense of humor because shit goes down about once every three days in there. good luck and till next time 

gossip girl 

there is no title for this. i cried

His corner of the house was more of a subdivision of rooms with a “common room” of sorts that connected them all together, but to get to that room, we first had to go through two others.
Dark navy walls, two plush chairs and a coffee table separating them occupied the first. Some old toys in boxes seemed pushed up against the walls, hoping to go unnoticed and awaiting an exit. I thought it resembled a waiting room.
The air in this room was warmer and homier than the other. A day bed lay against the back wall and posters lined the walls. In one corner stood three guitars- an electric, acoustic and a steel guitar (which I assumed had never been played due to the boys’ lack of affinity for country music).
We padded through the two rooms, the four boys and I, until we finally reached the common room that held normal everyday things to keep a teenage boy occupied- television, video game consoles, sound system, comfy chairs, a futon (?), and a boy stench that was all too familiar. I had spotted a can of Febreeze on a dresser in the previous room, so I reached around the doorway and swung the bottle at eye-level with the rest of the boys who froze in their steps toward the console. With a look of determination, I laughed manically and sprayed half of the bottle in the air around us, causing them to exaggerate coughs and yell at me like I was the bane of their existence, which unfortunately happened pretty frequently these days.
There was one room left, and it didn’t seem as though the guys were going to take me to see it. I let them get settled with the game on the console and tiptoed behind their chairs to the last door in the strange layout.
Its door sat slightly ajar, so I wiggled through it without any backfire from the boys, specifically Luke, considering this was his room.
The next room was something I would never wish on anybody- a hospital bed, vitals monitor and shock white cabinets filled the room with such a grief that I was almost to the point of breaking. Several larger cardboard boxes sat untouched in the middle of the room. I sauntered over to the nearest wall and found a young blonde boy, around 12, lying in a hospital bed with an IV and oxygen tubes in a black frame. He was giving the camera a thumbs up and trying his best to smile.
Another had the same weak face assisted by a wheelchair and his mother in outdated attire, pushing him down a road. His mother was radiant, though a tint of weariness sat upon the corners of her eyes.
His father adorned the next, holding the boy on his shoulders while they both sported Manchester United jerseys, assumingly on their way to a game. Luke was slightly younger in this one and had a little bit more health to him.
They were all like this, frame after frame that adorned every wall of the makeshift hospital room.
My hand slipped shakily over my mouth, stifling a sob. I made my way to the dusty boxes in the middle and pulled back a flap to reveal thousands of medical supplies- medicines, needles, gloves- all packed into the untouched boxes.
The hospital bed was still neatly made, complete with starch white sheets and a terrible pillow. The vitals machine was freezing. Somehow, I found myself sitting on the wretched bed, feet dangling over the dusty floor. Why had he not told me about this? What was he sick with? Surely he could’ve died, that’s why all this equipment was here.
I heard a shout from the other area- somebody had lost the game.
I quietly pulled open the drawer in the table next to the bed. Inside laid a stack of papers- a will signed off by his parents due to his age. I attempted quieting another sob but I was too late and I threw the will back into the drawer and slammed it closed, covering my face with my hands.
“Hey,” I peeked through fingers to witness a blonde, beanie-covered head poke through the crack in the door. His expression turned from carelessness to panic as he saw the tears streaming down my face.
“Hey, hey, hey now,” Luke said, rushing over to the bed, carefully taking my hands and engulfing them in his. He scooted onto the bed and looked at me- puppy dog eyes and a pouted lip.
“W-what is-“ was all I could get out before he wrapped his arms around me and I tucked my head into his broad chest.
He sighed and hugged me tighter, shuddering as he looked around the room. “I had what the doctors thought was terminal cancer from the time I was nine to when I was fifteen. I went into remission before I started high school, and it was gone for good by the Christmas of that year. Best Christmas ever…besides when I started dating you-“ at that, he pressed a kiss into the top of my head and continued. “I never thought about telling you because I didn’t think I’d have to…and I didn’t want to, to be completely honest. It hurts a little still talking about it.”
I pulled back from his chest and wiped the tearstains from my cheeks. “Did they think you’d make it?”
“But you did…?”
“I did. And it blew the minds of all the doctors I’ve ever seen.”
“That’s incredible,” I said, half-heartedly smiling. He ripped the beanie off his head and ran his fingers through the blonde paintbrush hair on his head.
“I’ve got a scar to prove it,” He said with a smirk.
“Ooh, show me!” I said, giving him a false new vibrato.
He chuckled and reached for my hand. “You’ve gotta find it, first…”
I blinked twice and then understood where he was heading.
Luke lightly pushed my shoulders down into the sheets, likely where he’d spent days, weeks of his younger years. “Here, Luke?” I asked, eyeing the bed.
“It’s been bleached so many times that we’re probably getting whiter just sitting on it.”
I chuckled and relaxed. His t-shirt hung underneath him and laid on me, his arms resting on both sides of my head, fingers toying with my hair. Sparkling blue eyes pierced mine and he smiled the biggest grin I’ve ever seen in my entire life.
“What?” I giggled.
“I’m alive…you’re alive…what a time to be alive.” He whispered as he closed the gap between our lips. His hands roamed my body until one of them found one of mine and slowly brought it to the hem of his shirt. Releasing his mouth from mine, he attached it to my jaw while sliding my hand up his stomach. The scar began at the base of his ribcage and stopped at his collarbone. I gasped upon its touch. It was like I could feel the tendons underneath the skin, but more importantly I could feel the rapidly beating heart beneath it that was very much alive.
“Baby…” I sighed into his ear. His lips detached from my skin and he stared me dead into my soul. He rubbed his nose on mine and I giggled quietly, studying his face- the silent freckles, subtle stubble, girlish nose, upturned eyes- everything.
“Yes, dear,” He replied, bringing a thumb up to caress my cheek.
“I’m glad it’s you.” I whispered, silently giggling and laying one of my hands on his.
“And I’m glad it’s you,” he said, grinning onto my lips.

anonymous asked:

Hey there! I'm just your typical (hardcore diehard) knb fan and I'm relatively new to the idea of communicating with fellow fans so I was wondering if you have any advice on how to contribute to the fandom? I don't think I'm an artist, but I write fanfic but I'm too paranoid someone'll steal my work, and it's like this forever struggle -_- I might be limiting myself so is there anything else I can do to contribute? Sorry for the strange ask it's just you're so outgoing and kind so- Good job btw!

okay so first of all, welcome to the party!  I’m so glad that you’re here, feel free to grab a drink from the fridge and pull up a chair!

so you want to contribute the fandom?  that’s great!  there are so many different things that people do to show their love for this show that aren’t fanart or fic writing!

  • there are the translators, who keep us all alive by helping those of us who don’t speak japanese keep up on the news!
  • there are the graphic makers, who might not draw much of their own stuff, but they make gifs and photosets and spend a lot of time and effort creating lovely things for us to look at!
  • there are all kinds of headcanon blogs out there where people make and discuss headcanons for the characters!  this isn’t exactly fic writing and it can be a really fun way to engage with other members of the community in discussions about your faves!
  • of course you don’t need to go to a headcanon blog or to make your own headcanon blog to have fun with headcanons, you can share them from your own page or send them to other fans of the show as you see fit!
  • similar to headcanons are discussions about AUs!  the previous two points can apply to AUs as well!
  • there are silly blogs like this one, or like the requisite texts from last night blog that every fandom seems to have!
  • some people choose to make fanmixes and playlists, which I think are really under appreciated and super cool!
  • there are people who make fanvideos that can be hilarious or inspirational or heartbreaking!
  • some people make fancasts and discuss those!
  • some people even run events like shipping weeks or secret santa exchanges or big bang challenges!
  • of course there are people who don’t contribute much by themselves but support all the others by commenting and liking and reblogging their stuff for the rest of us to see!

if you want to contribute your own stuff, the trick is really to find something you like or that you’re good at doing and then apply that to the show!  do you like making playlists?  wow, you can put together some mean pre-game mixes for any character you choose!  do you have a secret passion for sharks?  you could probably make a really cool marine biology AU!  another really good way to have fun with your fandom is to make a friend who’s also involved in it!  if you can find even one person that you can discuss things with on a more personal level, things get way more fun than they were before!  talking to lots of people is also great, but having a core group of people that you can share your ideas and trade sad/silly headcanons with is always fantastic.

now you said that you do write fic.  that’s pretty awesome, but I can sympathize with your fear that someone might take your ideas.  if you don’t feel comfortable posting your work, then don’t do it!  it’s all up to you to decide what to share and what not to!  I do have some more specific pointers for you though.

  • if you don’t already have one, consider getting an AO3 or account.  both websites are free and even if you never post anything of your own you can still use your account to keep track of fic and writers you really like, and to comment and interact more with them! 
  • if you ever decide that you do want to share your fics, it’s much easier to monitor and update them on those websites than it is to post in chunks here, where things might get shuffled through reblogs and tagging errors and theme changes.
  • of course, if sharing your own writing isn’t really your thing but you feel that you’re good at grammar and checking for plot holes, you might consider offering to become a beta reader for someone!

I hope this helps you out!  it’s great to have you here!!!