still don't understand why it mattered

And the sad, tragic truth is that people never change, no matter how much you want them to.
—  D.P
Kingdom Hearts {Sentence Starters}
  • "You want it? Well then, come on over here and get it!"
  • "One who knows nothing can understand nothing."
  • "Just sitting here won't change a thing. It's the same old stuff. So let's go."
  • "I've been having these weird thoughts lately."
  • "That's why they'll keep coming after you no matter what."
  • "Giving up already? C'mon, I thought you were stronger than that."
  • "There is so very much to learn. You understand so little."
  • "You lazy bum. I knew I'd find you snoozing down here."
  • "So, suppose you get to another world. What would you do there?"
  • "Are you quite sure? Did I imagine it?"
  • "Must you be so loud? You woke me up."
  • "You rookies still don't understand what it takes to be a true hero."
  • "Your concern is touching, but hardly necessary."
  • "If there are any other worlds out there, why did we end up on this one?"
  • "So, you have come this far and still you understand nothing."
  • "It's my lucky charm, be sure to bring it back to me!"
  • "He's perfect. Perfect. Perfectly infuriating! He makes me crazy!"
  • "Don't ever forget: wherever you go, I'm always with you."
  • "I've done absolutely nothing wrong!"
  • "I'll hunt down every last one of them! I'll track them down somehow."

“How can you not love Cal Freezy, just look at that face” “yeah but his video’s are so funny” “yeah but he’s so hot like omg daddy af”

Yeah, yeah don’t worry about it, all of the above DEFINITELY out shadow his misogyny.
Don’t worry about the fact he has absolutely NO respect for females or his friends for that matter because hey at least he’s funny!
Don’t worry about the fact he’s betrayed his friends trust!! At least he has a pretty face!!!!
Don’t worry about the fact he’s admitted he won’t wait till someone’s comfortable enough to have sex with him! As long as you enjoy looking at his face.

Absolutely SICK of the naivety of some people. OPEN YOUR EYES!! He’s disgusting, he’s disrespectful and he’s so far up his own arse he can see out his own throat.
But don’t worry about none of that! Cause he’s “good looking” (open to your personal perspective of course) and funny, nothing else matters, not the lack of respect he showed for all females, his friend and his ex girlfriend, not the poor example he’s shown his young impressionable fans (clearly evident in some of you) or the bad example he’s set for males.
Lets not worry about none of that cause he’s FUNNY 🙃🙃🙃🙃

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I know your blog is about body positivity and that it's more important than how other people look at you or even how you look at yourself but... you still look really good anyway and how do you do it...? No matter how much I say to myself that I like my body but I can't shop for clothes without feeling bad? I really like cute things I see on here or pinterest but even if I find something that does actually fit well and is affordable I still won't buy it? I don't understand why I'm like this?

hi sweet pea i just want u to know that i absolutely do relate to this and a lot of times i have to really force myself to get dolled up as a form of self care. like some days i really do feel bad like youre describing too!! try not to beat yourself up for experiencing a very human symptom of toxic beauty standards.  

aside from that, what i do to make myself feel like i look good is to go through the actions even if my mind isn’t in the right place.

for example, if i happen to be shopping (not often bc of money but whatevs), i just grab a bunch of stuff, put it all on, and focus on whether the article 1) fits my aesthetic 2) is comfy 3) will either add variety or serve as a staple piece in my wardrobe 4) seems worth the price. i try not to think about whether i personally think it makes me look cute if that makes sense? when its almost objective and im just going  through a checklist like that i find its easier to manage and less likely to backfire and winds up boosting my confidence more in the long run!! 

another example: there are periods of time when i cant really leave the house for lots of reasons, and that lends to hanging out w/ no makeup, real frumpy pajamas, unkept hair, as well as less personal hygiene. while i think its also important to unplug from thinking about personal beauty all the time and it can be very freeing and uplifting to just exist like that, after a long period of time it does really starts to warp my perception of my attractiveness. so again, even if im not going anywhere and no ones going to see me, even if im not feeling cute, i go through the motions. one of the easiest and most effective gesture to feel a bit better is to just wear my cuter pajamas or lounge clothes instead of my more dingy pajamas. or a cute pair of socks. sometimes i will also just do one or more of these things: skincare routine, bubble bath, hair treatment, nail painting, quick makeup, good smelling products, hair styling, shaving, plucking eyebrows, face mask, etc!

this wound up being really long but i hope you get my point! im wishing you well on your journey <3  

Conversation about why LGBTQ+ needs Rep.
  • Him: Why are films adding so many gay characters this year?
  • Me: They are trying to be inclusive and represent us.
  • Him: they're trying to shove downs gayness down people's throat!
  • Me: no they're not. They wanna show we're here! We have feelings and we need accurate representation.
  • Him: my thing is, it's either a learned condition or a generic condition. You're defective.
  • Me: I'm not defective because I'm gay! It's not a learned condition because my life is full of heteros and I'm still hella gay.
  • Me: if heteros get to be represented, why can't LGBTQ+ be as well?
  • Him: why do you want to be represented?
  • Me: So that they know we are all human and we matter. No one is going to jump a straight couple holding hands on the streets. No one is going to call them names just for loving who they love! We go through life being judged and hurt by other simply because they don't understand. That's why we need representation.

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I am an African American female (since having to state my race matters when making an argument) I despise black history month. Skin color does not matter. If anything it should just be civil rights history month. I'm tired of being all glorified and put on a gold pedestal cause being black is cool. I don't see why the hell my skin color matters. I just so happened to be born black. It does not matter.

Well, I can absolutely understand that point of view. I think most people would prefer to judged as individuals. I don’t know why we focus so much on people’s immutable traits still.

  • Season 5 Lucifer: I'm fighting because I don't understand why the people I loved most abandoned me over a matter I feel so strongly about and I desperately need to prove why I still believe I'm right because I feel like it will validate my more questionable actions and maybe make my brother and Dad love me again because literally everything I do is about proving that I'm not the monster unworthy of their love that they made me out to be. I consider myself morally-superior and to represent justice on a level that everyone else is too brainwashed to realise is right. I truly believe I'm the good guy. I treasure my one true vessel as someone who was promised to me eons ago and promised to be the one being who would finally understand the way I think and why I do things because we're one in the same. We're two halves made whole whether either of us like it or not so as I've been alone for centuries Sam has been the only ray of hope I have clung to, not just for my own sake, but with pity knowing he is destined to suffer the same I have, so when we are finally together we can console and take comfort from each other with an understanding no one else in the universe will ever share.
  • Season 11 Lucifer: I do bad stuffs because I'm the big scary bad guy.
  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: why are there people who don't consider tiana a disney princess?? i understand the debate over whether or not pocahontas and mulan are princesses since they're in the lineup but not technically royalty, but at the end of the movie she marries a prince and they say out loud at least three times that she's a princess. belle was never seen actually marrying the beast but she's still considered a princess. is racism a factor? is it just that some people only consider the princesses from snow white to mulan as real disney princesses? those movies were all new at some point too; why does it matter when they came out? you could say it's because the movie didn't do as well at the box office as tangled or frozen, but it was still considerably successful. also why do people say tangled started the disney revival when patf was the one that rekindled the public's interest in disney like the little mermaid did in 1989? tiana deserves so much better than this.
Diabolik Lovers {Sentence Starters}
  • "Why, you look excited. That's so sweet."
  • "I won't let you get away from me next time."
  • "I have no bonds, commitments, or interests."
  • "Relax, I'll keep you safe."
  • "Do you know how it feels to love someone so much that you hate them?"
  • "I will never submit to you. Never!"
  • "Oh no, why are you shivering? You're not scared, are you?"
  • "The more you hate me, the more lovable you become."
  • "Understand this, you belong to me forever."
  • "But if you still insist on meddling with me, put your life on line."
  • "Pleased to meet you, little bitch."
  • "To me, mortals are just prey to feed on."
  • "If you want to learn more about me, then try understanding me better."
  • "Don't look at anyone else. You belong to me."
  • "You'll definitely die if you stay here."
  • "No matter how painful life becomes, I will still believe."
  • "That's what you want, isn't it? I will grant your wish."
  • "Don't order me around, you lousy mortal."
  • "I only know how to destroy, and I don't want to learn anything else."
  • "Take your activities to your private room."
  • "I am nobody's prey."
  • "Just hearing that name makes my ears feel unclean."
  • "I wish you would stop creating work for me."
  • "If you have a complaint, you are welcome to leave at any time."
  • "I thought you were different."
  • "Unlike some people, I have no time to enjoy myself."
damn I wish I recorded that last phone conversation with my dad.
  • me: I told umma (mom) about how gay people can marry in the US, and she asked why I didn't want to marry a girl, and asked if I should see a doctor.
  • dad: I don't think she meant to hurt you.
  • me: No, but it still hurts. Do you know what happened in the 1960s? People like me were put in mental hospitals like prisoners. I would've been trapped among mentally ill people, fed drugs, given shots, and electric shock therapy.
  • dad: Why? To fix being gay?
  • me: Yes.
  • dad: Oh no.
  • me: Do you know it can't be fixed?
  • dad: I know.
  • me: Can you tell umma that?
  • dad (angry protective dad voice) : Okay. You know Dustin, I don't care if you're gay or straight, I love you and support you no matter what and want you to live however makes you happy. Your mom doesn't understand it but she loves you too-- ...are you crying?
  • *When Lucifer is no longer possesses Castiel's vessel*
  • Dean: Cas? Is that you?
  • Cas: Dean? What is happening?
  • Dean: *hugs Cas tightly* Thank Chuck you are alive!
  • Cas: Why are you..who is-
  • Dean: Doesn't matter now, explain later *keeps on hugging Cas* Chuck, I missed you so much!
  • Cas: I'm still Castiel, Dean I don't understand..
  • Dean: Chuck damn it! Cas I said I'll explain later

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I still don't understand how you got so many followers and shit. Why is your blog so popular? How? It's YOU. I know you irl and it's weird because I'm going through your blog and you have like a thousand notes or something but then irl you won't even make Hamilton references unless I do first

To your first question, it’s bc Hamilton fans are fabulous and Know quality posts(or I just have good luck but they’re fabulous no matter what)
And to your second question I gotta save my hamilton juices for creative things, otherwise I’ll get burnt out

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Are you a Gold Star lesbian? (Just in case you don't know what it means, a Gold Star lesbian is a lesbian that has never had sex with a guy and would never have any intentions of ever doing so)

i know what a gold star lesbian is. and that’s a really gross, transmisogynistic, TERF kind-of-thing to ask. but hold up, because i don’t think you asked this from a bad place and i really need you to understand why it’s still not a great question to ask people.

what does it matter if someone has had sex with a man (and by this is know you mean having penetrative vaginal sex with a cis man’s penis) before? don’t you think that’s kind of prioritizing women, giving them a “gold star,” for not having had sex with a man before? that sounds a whole lot like you’re placing value on a woman based on her sexual experience and “”“purity.””” you know. like a misogynist would. 

how fucked up of an idea is it that there are lesbians who won’t have sex with other women because “they don’t want to be where a penis has been”??? that’s not only biphobic but also straight up sexually shaming a woman and telling her she is dirty in some way another person doesn’t want to touch for having had sex. 

not to mention that heteronormativity exists and there are lesbians who had heterosexuality conditioned into them as the only option for years, and maybe they tried to be with men as a result of that before they figured out they were queer. are they somehow worse lesbians for that? do you want to shame them for a really painful experience that they had no control over? and what if a lesbian is raped by a man? does that mean she’s not a gold star lesbian anymore? because she was tainted by any contact with a penis??? this whole thing smacks of misogyny and a general lack of compassion.

this concept is also a really heteronormative and cis-centric way of viewing the world, and sex. because we all know that what you mean by sex with a man is having vaginally penetrative sex with a penis. not only is that not the only way to have sex, there are also plenty of penises in the world that aren’t attached to men. trans women can have penises. non-binary people can have penises. intersex people of any gender can have penises. i’m in a committed relationship that involves sex with a non-binary intersex person who has a penis. does that mean i would be a gold star lesbian if they were the only person i’d been with because they’re not a man? i have a pretty strong suspicion that your answer would be no simply because my partner has a penis. and that’s transmisogyny, and pretty fuckin TERF-y if you ask me. and so is the idea of being a gold-star lesbian.

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Forgive me if i seem slow, but i still don't understand the kudos/hits thing. I know having lots of kudos is a good thing, but isn't it more important that a lot of people actually read the fic? Like, for example, if a story has 15,000 hits, that means a lot of ppl read it. What's it matter if they leave kudos if you can clearly see the story has a strong readership and lots of comments? I guess i'm asking why kudos matter so much when a story's viewer count and comments are so high?

Hi, and it’s okay. Happy to explain, to the best of my understanding.

Hits don’t really tell a writer anything. All those hits could very well be people who clicked through to read, decided not to, and closed the window. Just because a lot of people click through doesn’t mean any of them actually read it all the way through, or even enjoyed it.

I’ve done this. Seen a link to a story that looked interesting only to then see one of the tags is a major Nope Issue for me and closed the window without reading a single word. Some Super Popular fics are like that. I mean, I’m probably responsible for at least 2 or 3 clicks through to T&S, but I never got past the first chapter as far as reading goes. Not my thing. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Also, as I said in that other post you’re probably referring to here, multiple hits can come from one single reader. I mean, I’m one of those awful people who opens fics up in tabs to read later (I have nine currently open please save me from myself :P). Any time I close Chrome and it reloads, it generates another hit. On fics I haven’t even READ yet.

The proof of this is if you check your “History.” It says in a little grey bar below the fic when it was last viewed, if there have been updates to the fic since you viewed it before, and how many times you’ve viewed it (i.e. generated a hit on it). For example, this is a fic I read about 20 minutes ago, Stay, by @randomdestielfangirl. (go read it, it’s a lovely little 12.02 coda!)

But here’s the info on a fic I’ve had open in a tab for about a week:

I’ve only “opened” it once, but I had to close Chrome for various reasons (computer updates, whatever) and every time it’s reloaded, it generated another hit.

And here’s the one on The One With The Fanfic Competition, which is WIP by @tenoko1.

SEVENTEEN HITS? JUST FROM ME? Because not only have I read each of the 7 chapters (so far) when they were published, I’ve also opened it a few other times to comment, reply to comments back from the author, to get the link to give to other people, etc. All of those actions generated hits. So a hit count is a WILDLY inaccurate measurement of whether or not people are even reading or enjoying your work.

As far as comments go, most people who read do not leave comments. Some people are just shy and nervous about saying anything. Some people just don’t know what to say and are worried the author won’t appreciate yet another “I LOVE THIS STORY THANKS!” Kind of comment (hint: we love those kinds of comments). Some people don’t have time, or read it on a mobile device or a kindle and just… never get around to coming back and leaving a comment later (which, again would generate another hit that doesn’t really mean anything anyway).

And that’s OKAY! I mean, I get that! I don’t even leave comments on everything I read. Sometimes I just can’t for whatever reason. BUT AO3 IS AWESOME BECAUSE THERE IS A ZERO EFFORT OPTION HERE!

Like the thing? Read it all the way through? CLICK THE BUTTON TO SAY THANK YOU.

It’s ridiculously easy. It requires no interaction with the author. But every day AO3 generates an email with a list of all our stories that received kudos in the previous 24 hours. THAT IS LIKE MY DAILY CUP OF COFFEE AS A WRITER.

Hits are meaningless. Knowing someone actually read all the way to the end of the story, didn’t bail out, and hopefully enjoyed it? *CLICK*


The kudos button is the tip jar that doesn’t cost you anything. It’s the THANK YOU FOR WRITING THIS button. It’s the HAVE AN INTERNET COOKIE button. It’s the I APPRECIATE THE TIME AND EFFORT IT TOOK YOU TO CREATE THIS FOR MY ENJOYMENT button. Heck, it could just be the I ABSORBED ALL THE WORDS ON THIS PAGE WITH MY EYEBALLS button. We don’t really care how you think of it, but to the writer who spent hours/days/weeks/months writing that story you just read and enjoyed 100% free of charge, it’s kind of a dick move not to spend half a calorie worth of energy to click the lil heart button.

My dcbb this year (shameless self-promotion time! If you like fun, go read it.) has close to 2000 hits. Which is pretty good, because yeah it’s a really long story, and I know not everyone has the time to read a Really Long Story, but so far it has 98 kudos. So out of 2000 times it’s been opened, apparently only 98 people were appreciative enough of the fact that I spent six months writing them a novel-length story (101k words) that I charged them nothing to read, ONLY 98 OF THEM THOUGHT MY EFFORT WAS WORTH A WIGGLE OF A FINGER TO PRESS A BUTTON. It’s… kinda disheartening as a writer, you know?

Yeah, it’s also got 113 comments (and I AM SO SORRY I AM TERRIBLE AT RESPONDING TO COMMENTS Y’ALL I SWEAR I’M GETTING AROUND TO IT SOONER OR LATER!), which is incredible, but I don’t expect every reader to comment on every chapter. A “Nice job!” is nice to get once in a while, but really that’s what the kudos button was invented for. It’s SO EASY. WHY WOULDN’T YOU CLICK IT?!

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about your tag in the 'hands pic' i think what it made me "don't understand why" was the fact that louis and harry were doing a coupley gesture when, since i've been in this fandom (6 months), everyone was telling me "they try to avoid being next to each other" (because they can't). i do understand they want to be together "in front of a famous landmark" what i don't understand is why now

It was obvious that Louis and Harry were operating under extraordinarily harsh restraints on the TMH stage, and they were constantly separated and monitored in interviews. It was externally imposed—you could see that in the little things that matter, like immediately seeking out eye contact with each other whenever anything surprising happens (a variation of this, Harry immediately checking in with Louis when he was late coming back to accept their Brit award), things were still okay with them. When we /did/ see them together, they did things like slip up about having dolls at their shared house, or Harry casually reaching into Louis’ crotch, or Louis sexually staring at Harry on their Kimmel appearance (note that they were separated there too). Ditto for the 1D Day appearance.

You could see how their closeting was a matter of the noose getting tighter and tighter around them. When Harry and Louis got especially rebellious in spring 2012, they suddenly started getting separated in interviews, and they suddenly started getting separated on stage—while Louis and Harry still tried to interact with each other around the other boys, and while at the same time the other boys started acting in an over-the-top homoerotic manner with each other, but awkwardly and stiffly (and Louis pushed off/gave looks of disdain to Zayn and Niall). Those same methods—H/L separation and amped up homoeroticism between the other boys—were instigated on the TMH stage, but from the beginning this time, and more thoroughly.

When they came off tour, they all had to do media appearances. Louis and Harry would have ‘gay moments’, there would be a closeting counter-move, Louis and Harry would have another ‘gay moment’, another closeting counter-move, rinse and repeat. What I called the ‘larry cycle’.

Up until Haylor. After Haylor… the media appearances largely went away, and now instead of interviews, we got lots and lots of pap shots of Harry playing golf, or Harry posing with fans in busy shopping districts (but apparently not shopping himself)—lots and lots of still photos of Harry to help get the band out in public consciousness via Harry’s face, but very few appearances of the band together, in video. Which certainly helped to hide Louis and Harry interactions from public view. I.e., no more ‘larry cycle’.

When the TMH tour started, we got a few Harry and Louis interactions in the first few shows, like Harry and Louis eyeing each other. Those went away.

When the TMH tour started, we saw a few examples of the boys doing things in their free time, like Louis parading with Eleanor in front of fans and then going behind a closed off rope to be with Harry away from fans. Or dancing together in a club, and Louis being filmed acting very upset at a girl trying to dance with Harry. Those interactions then went away from public view.

And the result of it all was, not only did Louis and Harry disappear from public view, but fans were convinced that the band was falling apart and Harry especially was just tolerating being in the band before he could go solo, and Louis and Harry acted very withdrawn, very tense, they were sick a lot, and we got lots of reports of Louis especially flipping off fans and generally acting highly depressed. The forced separation worked…. but at the cost of risking nervous breakdowns. I do not care to see what would have happened if they continued it.

Since their break started, we’ve seen many new behaviors, such as Zayn suddenly being open about his religion and ethnicity again, and the boys (especially Louis) doing things they should not do if they want to kill off gay rumors, like following the ‘always in my heart’ twitter account, or wearing the Oops jumper in public, or the rainbow shirt on stage. And we’ve seen Louis and Harry doing power walks on stage and the audience absolutely exploding, and Louis acting openly disdainful of the tabloid hack hunting for a girlfriend answer from him in the press conference.

I don’t know why now. I don’t know what shifted in the power dynamics. But clearly changes are happening. I’m just observing.

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Hi, i was wondering if you could answer my question : I don't understand why the Doctor and River travel in opposite directions ? She has a vortex manipulator, why couldn't she keep up with the doctors adventures, instead of going the opposite way?

I don’t think it would matter much. Imagine that River and the Doctor are facing opposite directions: she can transport herself to be totally parallel to him, aligned at the same event in time, even experiencing it side by side, but she’s still facing one way and he’s still facing the other. I think the manipulator can only really change where you are in time, not which direction it flows for you.

Also, I’d imagine that constantly using the manipulator to keep up with someone’s events like that might have lasting consequences, either for the wearer or the section of the universe itself. (Think back to The Angels Take Manhattan, with the Doctor being unable to return to 1930s New York City because the fabric of space had been already so messed up from the angels and the TARDIS.)

I’ve never heard a definitive answer about this though, so if anyone else has any input or other theories, I’d love to hear it!

No offense but

If you don’t know the difference between constructive and respectful criticism - respectful towards a show’s fandom - and awful criticism - where you go ahead and says a cartoon is terrible and all its fans are idiots - then you’re not a clever reviewer. You are an asshole.

Liking or disliking a cartoon is an opinion thing. Even people like Doug Walker (who openly talks shit of movies and shows he doesn’t like) agree that what movie/show you like is a matter of opinion and sometimes, you can’t even explain why you don’t like or why you like this thing. Sometimes that’s even a matter of “guilty pleasure”, when you know or feel like the cartoon isn’t that good, but you still love it for reasons you don’t understand. And that’s okay!

What is not okay is to make videos talking shit of cartoons for no reason; going to the show’s tag to harrass fans; this kind of stuff. Don’t be an asshole.

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So. Something I don't understand, is how, though little they may be, there are still people who legit don't think sarada is sasuke and sakura's? I mean it literally says it in gaiden. I own a professionally translated copy of it, and it says it right there in the last chapter from karin uzumaki herself. That sarada IS sasuke and sakura's kid. Karin delivered her herself. I don't really get why karin kept the umbilical cord. I assume it's just for convenience to cause conflict.

The extremists cling onto that whole theme of “feelings are what truly matter” to show that Karin might still be Sarada’s mother, because they just can’t seem to comprehend the simple tactic of red herrings. They think Kishi wouldn’t have given such importance to that theme if it didn’t truly mean something, but it did; it was part of Sarada’s character development when she came to terms with that in chapter 700+8. But the thing is, Kishi also constantly reiterated that theme to make the readers doubt that Sakura may be Sarada’s true mother, it was the same thing for the fake DNA test results; they were used to create doubt, because the majority of readers still (correctly) thought Sakura was the biological mom, so Kishi wanted to create a sense of uncertainty until the big reveal at the end. But apparently, the concept of red herrings seems to be a notion beyond their understanding, as they still refer to that theme constantly, and use that as evidence for Karin potentially being the mother, while completely disregarding everything the characters and the author himself says. I guess SS’s canonisation just bothers them that much. The fact that they’d actually think “the clone theory” is in any way plausible is proof enough of that.

In any case, Karin’s retention of the umbilical cord was the manifestation of Gaiden’s message, that bonds come in all sorts of shapes. She was entrusted with the cord to show that she’s bonded with their family too (due to her role in Sarada’s delivery, and her friendship with Sakura).