still don't understand how such a pretty face has a body like that

How the Winter Soldier shot Nick Fury

I’ve been wanting to make a post about this for a while, even though I might be the only person invested in this, but anyway, here we go.

I’ve seen mentioned several times, in posts about the movie and in fics that the Winter Soldier shot Nick Fury through the window of Steve’s apartment, and every time it makes me groan in frustration because no.

The Winter Soldier didn’t shoot Fury through a window, he shot him through a wall, and I don’t know about you, but it seems like a pretty big difference to me.

(bullet hole in the wall!!)

When I saw the scene the first time, I remember thinking holy shit??? that’s crazy, and for me that’s when the Winter Soldier really became a real, terrifyingly good assassin, that’s when his image as a serious threat solidified.

Read about the blogger getting carried away under the read more.

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anabellerosenai  asked:

Hello, could you write this for a Drarry drabble? Soulmate AU where you experience unfathomable, collapse, sob and heave, pain when your soulmate is about to die. Draco Malfoy has experienced this pain at least 3 times and keeps a journal for it. He has felt this pain the day after the dark lord was vanquished, (maybe near-death from abusive/neglectant relatives?), when Quirrel burnt to death, basilisk biting Harry, etc. Bonus if Draco loves his soulmate and worries every pain may be The Death.

((the infamous carrot prompt was easier than this…oh my god… here take it.  I give up. I’m so sorry if this isn’t what you were hoping.))

Entry 1- 1988
I don’t remember the first time so I can’t write it down. Mother and Father told me I was a baby and I got hurt and they didn’t know why. They took me to St. Mungo’s and a healer said I was fine.  My soulmate died. That is why I hurt so bad.  I thought I was going to die yesterday.  I am alive still. The healer said maybe my soulmate got recreated and bad luck made my soulmate die again so soon.  The healers want me to write it down.  Maybe if it ever happens again I can write that too.  They don’t think it will happen. I hope I can see them if they get recreated again.

Entry 2- 1992
Mother had the healer come see me at Hogwarts so I didn’t have to leave school.  She called it an “episode.” I had another “episode” she said.  It doesn’t sound as bad as it was.  I don’t remember it hurting so bad last time.  Last time I didn’t cry.  I think I cried because I was sad.  Not just because my chest hurt.  I couldn’t breathe for a minute.  I’m supposed to write down what it felt like.  It felt like when you smash your finger in a door but not just on your finger. On your whole body.  

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the lifeboat

Hunter’s Moon seems to be particularly crowded on this evening - most of the tables further in are taken, werewolves, seelies, vampires and warlocks coexisting peacefully in a half-drunken atmosphere filled with the clinking of glass and toned down chatter. Groups of colorful folk mingle by the door and by the bar as well, Magnus has to subtly shoulder his way through, the gold detailing on his jacket catching the dimmed light as he moves.

It’s his first free evening off in a bit and he wants to celebrate, have a strong drink to the sound of good music, maybe meet someone along the way. As he passes through the throng of bodies, people greet him with polite nods, some faces more recognizable than others; he also catches shreds of conversations, background white noise, equally easy to tune out and listen into.

“Well, if it isn’t my favorite customer,” Maia chimes as Magnus sits down on one of the stools by the bar. She looks as radiant as always, her smile wide as she swings a cloth onto her shoulder, then leans on the counter in front of him.

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anonymous asked:

thanks for being realistic. the fact u think of the % of how many real ships we might have within 7 guys got me. honestly, i ship km really hard, but sometimes the reality hits me harder. like i know many shippers are actually overhyped a specific km youtuber, but for me, half of her stuffs might be a little reach. don't you think jm is a little hard to read. i totally down for jk, but sometimes jm makes me think he's doing fanservice, or maybe not, bcz he's such a tease and unpredictable.

hi anon~, welcome back (I guess you’re the one who asked about that particular ask) ^-^~
I’m sorry for my late reply again, I’m so wrecked today too and I needed time to think about it.

Okay~, I dunno if it helps, but here is what I tell myself a lot (as much as I love them, ship them, basically root for them, want them to be happy together if possible of course): “My ship ain’t real until they confirm/say it themselves that they’re real”. And even until then, there’s still sth to consider, called “marketing strategy”, since this is the Kpop world we’re talking about (there have been idols dating simply for promoting their groups). However, with all my honesty, and my (biased) belief, BTS and Big Hit will never go that far. The members treasure the members themselves, and the members also treasure us fans.

This is getting so heavy somehow so lemme insert a gif to make things a little bit brighter 

Originally posted by rapmonsexpensivegirl

Okay I’m good to go. So does that mean they don’t do fanservice at all? Of course not. But they’ve toned it down throughout the years. I don’t follow other members as much as Jimin (it’s the truth, I’m a Jimin stan afterall), so I can’t really tell you about it. But for Jimin, I agree with some other people, that the Jimin now we see is more like the real Jimin, not less than the Jimin back in 2013-2014. That, by no means, implies that he was fake either. He could’ve been himself, but at the same time, he had to push himself outside his own norms too. It’s nothing unusual, since they just debuted, plus he was young, they needed attention, they needed to be entertaining, as rookies, they needed to do a lot of stuff. 

Back to our babies Jimin and Jungkook, to be honest and realistic again, of course 100% things they do to each other can’t solely be on their own accords, without being driven by what we call fanservice. However, honestly again, has Jikook/Kookmin always been a popular ship? No, not until recently. Imo, the more popular ship has the tendency to do fanservice more. I think Sajeon-nim also talked about this somewhere in her asks. And one more important thing, Jikook/Kookmin is mostly known for being subtle (but probably not until recently, thanks to our Jeon Jungkook-ssi being so whipped and seems to have no intention of hiding it or toning it down. Well, not that I don’t encourage you, keep up the good work, baby bunny ♥). Like you really have to pay attention to it to actually know it, but once you notice it, you notice it all the time, it’s like a pattern, a series that never ends.

All the “I got my (heart) eyes on you” here, here, here and there:

Originally posted by jikookdetails

Most of the time, there’s basically no reason for them to do fanservice at all, because it happens too fast (for a few secs, or not even 1 sec), and basically no one is really watching, they’re not in the center of attention etc. …

All the time Jungkook made fun of himself simply just to make Jimin laugh, and he even checked if Jimin actually laughed…

The time they got caught walking together in the back in Bon Voyage, ate with the same spoon (I’m sure they have plenty of spoons in airbnb houses) even tho Jungkook tried not to drink directly from the same bottle with others (no offense to any ship really, I just can’t find more examples in my rusty mind)

Originally posted by theseoks

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i feel like today was a ; "too rough & i need some fluff"day. So could you maybe do a prompt?? The one where Stiles is colour blind and can't see Derek's Red Alpha eyes. But Derek doesn't know that so that causes sooo many misunderstandings. - just felt like i needed this today

I wrote this as fast as I could for you, nonnie (so I hope it doesn’t entirely suck). But I hope you are still up and awake to read it and that it makes you feel a little better anyway <3 *all the Sterek snuggles* 

“What do you mean I just asked him to marry me?” Stiles hisses, turning away from the seriously pissed looking werewolf.

“Dude, he flashed his eyes at you and you still approached him,” Scott says, eyes wide. “What did you think was going to happen during a pack recruitment ceremony?”

“I thought the point was to make friends!” Stiles yells, unable to help looking back at- Darren? Danny? Because in any other circumstances Stiles would be trying to convince- Darryl?- that letting Stiles climb him like a tree would be the best decision they would both ever make. Ever. “Wait, what do you mean he flashed his eyes? That doesn’t mean anything!”

“It does if he’s an Alpha.”


“But Alphas have red eyes…”


“But D- uh?”

“Derek,” says the- wow, Stiles really didn’t think it was possible for someone to look that pissed and blush at the same time. It’s kind of adorable, really.

Which. You know. Not helping.

“Right, Derek. Uh, thanks,” he says awkwardly, turning back to Scott. “Derek’s eyes aren’t red!”

“I’m right here you know.”

“Dude,” Scott says again, face serious as he takes hold of Stiles’ arm, turning him completely away from his apparent groom-to-be. Which is probably for the best because even though Stiles is aware he is freaking the fuck out right now, he can’t help but think Derek is kind of perfect. In a Carly Rae Jepsen crazy sort of way, maybe, but still perfect. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if they-

“Look at me and tell me what colour my eyes are,” Scott says.

“What difference is that going to-” Scott’s eyes glow bright, cutting him off, and Stiles gulps.

Oh no.

“They’re a weird…beige colour?”

Scott sighs. “I knew taking that book from Deaton was a bad idea.”

Stiles frowns, realisation dawning on him a second later. Shit. The colour spell from this morning. “It was supposed to enhance my vision, not change it!” he cries. He had taken precautions, goddammit. Sure, it hadn’t been the easiest spell to start with and the book did kind of did state not to perform it alone, but Stiles had been so sure.

Well, fuck.

“Wait, does this mean you really didn’t mean to propose to me?” Derek asks then, his voice suddenly small, nervous.

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For thine is the kingdom

The first time Damian wears the Nightwing uniform he’s eighteen, the same age Dick was when he decided that Robin was his past and not his future anymore.

Or, his children are growing up, and Dick’s having a hard time accepting it. 

The basic idea for this AU is pretty much the original Morrison run with the addition of Dick and Kory being married and already having Mar’i when Damian came along in the picture. So when Bruce “died” and Dick replaced him as Batman, he and Kory just officially adopted Damian and raised him as their own, thank you very much. 

Two big inspirations I have to credit: Kingdom Come (…duh, I know, but I’ve recently reread it and god, I love it) and dar-draws amazing Dickkory+Damian&Mar’i fanarts

Written for Batfam Week, Day 5: Legacy

Read on AO3

The first time Damian wears the Nightwing uniform he’s eighteen, the same age Dick was when he decided that Robin was his past and not his future anymore. Dick tries not to make dangerous equations about the two of them and just pushes the thought aside. Damian’s not going through an identity crisis, he’s just filling in for a night per Dick’s own request.

Tonight he’s supposed to meet with one of his lead regarding a big case GCPD’s been working on for a year now, but a long and less than thrilling chase through the sewers has left him with a sprained ankle, and his source will not talk to anyone else but Nightwing. Damian found it funny and accepted right away to replace him, if only to spend the night teasing him about how old and slow Dick’s getting (and Dick swats him around the head and laughs with him at every joke, but deep down he does wonder. Five years ago, this wouldn’t have happened at all, and even if it had happen, it wouldn’t have prevented him from doing his job anyway.)

Now he sits on the couch in the sweatpants he uses as pyjamas, fidgeting with his crutch and waiting for Damian to step out his bedroom. He has already a joke on the tip of his tongue about Damian’s ass not being up to the part, but before the kid finishes changing, the front door opens with a bang and Mar’i comes running in the living room with a grin spreading all over her face.

“Is he still here?”, she asks Dick, then she makes her way into Damian’s room without waiting for the answer. “Damian! I want to see!”

“What- Get out!”, Damian shouts back. “Dick!”

“Oh c’mon, don’t be a prude!”, Mar’i teases him, and Dick can’t see them, but he hears the beginning of a scuffle and sighs.

“Mar’i, let him change in peace!”, Dick calls out after his daughter, but he’s kind of smiling at Damian’s outraged protests and Mar’i delighted laughs. Also, he has no intention of getting up for now, so they better sort it out on their own.

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I'LL FUCKJN FIGHT THE UNIVERSE MYSELF TO GET IT TO START LETTING GOOD THINGS HAPPEN TO THESE BOYS (20 fic continuation with 45 or 71 with "the best case scenario")

-Okay so I too am always a slut for angst, but I’m also a major softie so I’d die without happy endings. Pretty please do a part II of the #20 prompt??? Bonus points for Neil being a little shit about catching Andrew getting all mother-hen over him.

-Will you do a sequel to the Neil coma fic?

-I feel like reading your angst is like me asking you to step on my heart with stilettos on (but like in a good way?? somehow??) It’s like these boys suffered so much in canon that I feel bad wanting them to suffer more but like… the angst tho… But then again I’m always a sucker for a happy ending… So could you continue your prompt 20 post using prompt 59??

lmaoooo okay okay xD here’s the original post. I could only fit 45 and 71 in, but hopefully this is alright for everyone

#45 “What are you looking at?”
#71 “You don’t get to pick and choose. You’re stuck with me.”

Neil regains consciousness in increments, and it’s nothing like waking up. He feels like he’s floating, and then he feels heavy, and he’s aware that he’s in a bed but he’s not sure of anything else. He’s sure he’s forgetting about something, like there’s a scrap of information at the back of his mind but it’s hidden behind heavy boxes that won’t budge. He would need Andrew to move all of that baggage.


Neil becomes aware of someone talking to him, but it’s not Andrew. He knows that; it’s the only thing he’s certain of. 

He opens his eyes because he needs to know if Andrew is nearby. The first person he sees is a middle-aged woman smiling at him. Beside her stands a twenty-something man in polkadot scrubs. Neil frowns and turns his head the other way. Andrew’s eyes lock with his, and Neil feels less like there’s a stack of cinderblocks on his chest. HIs breath falls heavy from his parted lips, and for a moment he allows his eyes to close, knowing that Andrew is there to keep him safe.

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anonymous asked:

I feel like Peter overcompensates by exercising in his room at like 2 am after patrols and anytime he's alone to try to get more muscular but he's overworking his body??? But what do you think would happen after

peter parker would tbh. he’s painfully aware that his sudden masculine physique has mostly come from the spider bite, it likely amplified the effects of his testosterone as he didn’t have a build this masculine before. he always envied the trans men who could have a build like he now has, and he’s afraid that one day he’ll wake up and he’ll be back to how he used to be and that he’ll get misgendered more often.

so he pushes himself, he works out. but it’s more than that, because he has more stamina than he used to, and he can lift much more than he’s ever been able to – 75 fucking tons as tony offhandedly tells him one day. so when he pushes himself, he really Pushes Himself. he knows this logic is flawed, but the dysphoria in his head rationalizes it.

tony finds him one day by an abandoned warehouse on the edge of the city, literally bench pressing steel girders. not just one, but 11 stacked on top of each other. his arm are shaking like jello underneath them, but he’s still lifting them up and down consistently.

“what the hell, kid,” tony says in a rush, walking over and pulling the beams off of peter with the help of the iron man armor. peter groans and tosses the remaining girders away from him, where they land with an ear piercing clank

“i still had 100 more to do, mr. stark,” peter says tiredly, his face is coated in a thick wall of sweat, he looks really shaken

“listen, i’m sure this is all part of your edgy teenage phase, but why are you on the outskirts of town benchpressing girders and beams?”

“i can lift up to 75 tons, i have to take advantage of my strength while i still have it,” peter says tiredly, wiping his brow

tony groans. “just because you can lift that much doesn’t mean it’s natural or healthy!! you should only be exerting your body that much when it’s necessary, you still have limits, peter!!”

“i was hardly benchpressing 2 tons just now, i can handle it!” peter yells back, looking like he could cry from anger and exhaustion

“did you not hear what i just said! there is a time and a place to push yourself like that, and that’s when people are in danger and you’re adrenaline is high and you have to do it!! not when you’re trying to work out – ”

“these powers could go away at any moment, i have to – ”

“they won’t!! this is who you are now, i’ve run every test there is, that spider bite altered your dna, this is you for life!! that doesn’t just go away! and even if it did, nobody should lift that much peter!! nobody should! it’s dangerous – ”

“not for me,” peter mutters, running a hand through his drenched hair

“oh yeah?” tony laughs, but he isn’t amused. “hate to break it to you, but your arms were shaking pretty hard. which is understandable considering my tracker says you’ve been here for hours. lifting 2 tons up and down for HOURS. it doesn’t matter how super you are, pete, benchpressing even 2 tons nonstop for hours will wear you out. and you could have accidentally dropped those beams on your face, and that’s something you couldn’t have come back from. and for what? to be strong, when you’re already one of the strongest people on the planet?”

peter sighs. he knows tony’s right. it doesn’t matter how much he can lift, he’s being reckless and he has to pace himself.

“what’s really bothering you, pete?” tony says, walking out of his armor, and sitting down on the floor across from peter.

peter rolls his eyes and closes them, and when he talks his voice wobbles. “it’s just scary. you’re a certain way your whole life and it sucks, and then this accident happens and makes you look like how you always wanted, and you can feel it too. and it feels great. it’s scary to think it could go away, especially now that i know what i’ve been missing. it’s scary, mr. stark.”

tony hums. “even if these powers somehow went away, you are still peter parker. you’re still spider-man.”

peter scoffs. “no. spider-man is strong.”

tony sighs. “you are too, peter.”

they sit in silence for a bit, until peter’s exhausted pants turn into even breathing. the cool air in the warehouse breezes over him and helps him stop sweating.

“your aunt know you’re out here?” tony asks softly.

“nah. i should probably head home, may says she’s gonna try and cook tonight”

peter and tony both wrinkle their noses at that

“pepper and i are having pizza, happy is joining us. you and may should come over, have dinner.”

“i dunno, mr. stark – ”

“fine. eat your aunt’s meatloaf, i’m sure you both will love it – ”

“we’ll be over at 8 pm, okay?” peter cuts in

tony smiles and walks back into his armor, and then flys off. he looks down and see’s peter waving at him.

Lush on a Budget: Tips from an employee

Hello! If you’re reading this I’m guessing you like Lush products. I do too, so much that I went and got myself a job selling them xD Recently an issue we’ve had is a post going around about how to steal from Lush, which has increased the amount of shoplifting/shoplifting attempts in our store and lots of others. Now I know that Lush products are on the pricier side so it can be easy to go “the company must make lots of money, they can afford to lose some” but please remember that the company losing money affects the company’s employees, the majority of whom are working retail for minimum wage. When our store loses money our hours get cut, and we lose money too. So A) please don’t shoplift the products and B) if you find that the products are too expensive here are some tips that I hope can make shopping at Lush more affordable :)

Face and Body Products:

-when using the lotions/facial moisturizers, a little goes a long way. Using less will make it last much longer (my small pot of Charity Pot lotion lasts me months) and also reduces the chance you’ll overuse it and that awful greasy feeling on your skin

-when using a facial moisturizer and toner, moisturize over wet skin! The toner bonds with the moisturizer and pulls it deeper into your skin meaning you don’t have to use as much. Also spray the toner right on your face, spraying it on a cotton pad will mean you lose some of the product

-do you love face masks? So do I! Our fresh face masks are the most popular but our Cup O’coffee and Mask of Magnaminty face/body masks are more cost effective. They don’t need to be refrigerated and have a much longer shelf life, plus a small container ranges from cheaper than to only a little more expensive than a container of a fresh face mask but is substantially bigger

-not only is the soap priced by weight (so you can choose how much you want to spend) but it lasts a really long time. A small piece will last much longer than you’d think, I still have pieces of soap left from before Christmas. Just remember that a piece under 100g isn’t very advisable because it’s more likely to crumble and/or dissolve. The same is true of the bar facial cleansers (Coal Face and Fresh Farmacy)

-toners are one of the products that we can’t give samples of, but if you still aren’t sure if one of the toners is for you after getting an in store demo, try a toner tab! They’re about $2 and you drop them into hot water to use as a facial steam, but you can keep the water once it cools and use that as your toner to see if you like it! Much cheaper than buying a whole bottle if you’re not sure you’ll like it

Hair Care:

-the shampoo bars (solid shampoo) work better if you have short hair, but if they work for you they’re more cost effective than the liquid because you can get 80-100 washes out of a single bar

-unless you’re actually travelling the travel sizes of shampoo (and shower gel) which are 100ml are actually the least cost effective even though they’re the cheapest. They get used up really quickly and the next size up is 250ml so you get double the amount for less than double the price

-if get a sample of a shampoo or conditioner, try it out on a section of your hair not your whole head. There sadly isn’t enough in a sample for you to get the effect actually using the product would have on your whole head 

Bath Products:

-bath bombs are the most popular product by far, but a lot of people very understandably find them too pricey. Some people like to smash them and then use some of the powder to better control how much they’re using at a time

-some bath bombs can easily be broken in half at the seam, but those with cores of a different colour cannot. If you’re not sure which have cores, just ask in the store if whatever bath bomb you’re interested in has a different colour inside. The bath bombs that are not round cannot be broken neatly, for those ones smashing is the only real option if you want to divide them.

-all the solid products have a really long shelf life, including the bath bombs and bubble bars. So if you want you can do what I do, buy several at once when it’s affordable for you (I do it when I get a gift card or something like that) and then spread out your use of them over time. As an added bonus when you’re not using them they can be used as air fresheners or put in a clothing drawer or cupboard to make it smell nice :)

-bubble bars are super easy to cut into smaller piece, and you can get at least 3 uses out of the biggest one (Brightside, Comforter, Blue Skies). Reusable bubble bars are also really cost effective compared to other ones! You get at least 5 uses from them but often more


-Lush has a lot of really great perfumes, but the bottles are often quite expensive. The solid perfumes are not only much cheaper they’re very convenient too, they’re very small and easy to pop into your bag when you’re going somewhere

-the only real time Lush has a sale is boxing day. We don’t know what the sale will be until they tell us the day before or the day of. Things sell out quickly (especially the bathbombs). It is usually only the seasonal items that are on sale. The sale is usually pretty good though (it was buy 1 get 1 free last year on seasonal products) so that’s the time you’re going to be able to save a lot of money

-there is no discount when you buy multiple products at once. The closest thing to that is that (especially when we have our winter seasonal gifts) when you buy a gift set of all bath bombs it’s often cheaper than if you were to buy them all individually

-the return policy is quite generous but if you do not have the original receipt you will have to do an exchange not a return

-the 5 black pot policy! If you bring back 5 empty (and clean please) black pots from the store you will get a free fresh face mask

-there are no commissions at Lush so you can feel confident that if an employee recommends something to you they actually think it will help, because they don’t get any money from you buying it

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Hi! I'm not sure if you're taking requests at the moment, but how would the paladins + Allura and Coran act when smoking marijuana? I completely understand if you don't feel comfortable writing this.

Oh anon, don’t you worry, I have plenty of experience with the marriage-iquana, the mary jane, the good kush…

That being said, it is a drug (albeit a good one) and I am absolutely not saying that you all should go out and get high. Okay? Like, be responsible. 

Obvs drug warning below the cut! (And heavily inspired by my own/friends shenanigans. so, appreciate this highlight into my life)

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anonymous asked:

hi there! i was the one who requested prince!wonwoo on your other blog but you redirected me here. so can i request a prince!wonwoo au where the reader is a girl? you can play with the plot. i don't mind anything thank you so much! - princess anon

hi there too princess anon~~ i’m glad you got here lol anywayyy here it is~ enjoy! hope to not disappoint so much. i didn’t check for errors tho

  • known as “the cold prince”
  • just because of his appearance tho lets be real he’s a soft mallow inside
  • and also because he’s so quiet
  • always has a book with him
  • his room always has a small pile of books on the floor beside his bed
  • and he loves reading in the palace library and in his bedroom with his glasses on but when he reads outside even on the garden he doesn’t wear them idk why
  • his cousin mingyu says wonwoo’s trying to look cool cause him in glasses is so cute he doesn’t like a cute image
  • but tbh he’s just trying to protect everyone cause their hearts will be snatched if they saw him in glasses just kidding
  • the queen thought he was undergoing emo phase when he was in early teens but she now understands that it’s just the way he is
  • the king believes wonwoo is gonna be a great king cause he’s so smart from reading lots of books
  • and he beats the king everytime they play chess so he knows how to make a good strategy and plans
  • he excels in archery and horse riding
  • he’s also good with a sword but mingyu’s better lol wonwoo beat him twice tho
  • …out of ten matches
  • he’s also learning dance and music
  • he’s just perfect
  • but he sucks in learning foreign languages
  • every girl in the kingdom swoons at his visual slayage but they’re afraid of him really
  • he just looks scary when he’s serious but they saw him smile once or twice and everyone just aaAHhh what a handsome prince we have he looks so soft awww
  • he cares a lot about his people and everyone knows that he’s such a lovable prince
  • there are so many girls wanting to be with such perfection but he always reserves himself for the one arranged to be his wife
  • you
  • he never met you he never saw you even your name is a mystery and that was also your situation towards him
  • he just knows he’s promised to this certain princess in this certain kingdom
  • his parents met you a good amount of times tho
  • the queen is so selective on people and doesn’t like people instantly or so much but she likes you really really well
  • so wonwoo thinks you’re such an angel if she talks about you to him a lot
  • the queen always tell wonwoo that you’re really pretty and that you are really nice and smart
  • and wonwoo is like oh a typical description of a princess
  • but no you are far from typical
  • you are great in stitching as much as you are great in sword fighting you’re even better than wonwoo lmao
  • you love books but not addicted to them like him
  • but you love painting whether it’s oil or watercolour or whatever medium you love arts
  • you are also great in taming wild animals and have a vast knowledge about poisons 😂 it just fascinated you
  • you also have a stepmother she’s not a witch or anything of the sort but your older stepsister might be
  • she just hates you to the guts
  • she’s so easily annoyed and irritated she has this permanent frown on her face
  • and wonwoo thought you were her when your family went to his kingdom to plan the wedding
  • his mind is like how can my mom like this girl so much such a brat she orders everyone around like they’re just slaves and with that frown not pretty at all
  • is my mom blind or what
  • lol
  • you arrived one day late cause you were kinda sick when they left and you promised to follow in about five days maximum you just need to rest
  • but it only took a day of recovery such a strong body
  • and when you got there they told you you’ll meet your future husband at dinner so you sneaked out of your room to roam the palace freely cause its still ten in the morning
  • but while trying to look around, you saw a figure walk out from what your stepmom told you is the prince’s room when she help you get to your room earlier
  • it was mingyu tho but you thought it was the prince you’ll marry and you’re like oh that’s him seems decent he’s okay really handsome too so lucky of me lol
  • and then you got to the stables and on the way there you tripped so your clothes are dirty and tattered thankfully your skin is still flawless
  • you were trying to be friendly with the horses but then someone approached you
  • you looked at the guy with dirtied clothes as well with a horse with him it was wonwoo (with seokmin you get it? lol just kidding)
  • and you think wow so handsome is everyone in this kingdom good looking?
  • then he spoke to you “who are you?”
  • his voice is so deep wow this guy is so hot but so disrespectful doesn’t he know i’m a princess?
  • but you realize you look far from a princess right now and you just arrived in this kingdom
  • wait he can’t know i’m a princess if i looked like this and i shouldn’t flaunt myself i might be in danger or whatever trust no stranger
  • “i’m a daughter of a kitchen staff in the palace, forgive me for alarming you, i just wanted to see the horses”
  • he was kind of taken aback “you ride horses?”
  • “yes, it’s what i do in my past time back home outside the palace, like a hobby”
  • his mind is like wow a girl who likes horses and she’s really pretty too “how come i only saw you today?”
  • “oh, i came today to replace my mother since she’s sick… forgive me for asking but… who are you?” you’re such a smooth liar it’s part of your princess training
  • he thought you were really suspicious and how come you don’t know him? you might be a spy or something he should be careful “i’m a stable boy”
  • “really? oh wow, these horses, do they have names?”
  • and so you bonded over horses lol 😂
  • then mingyu came and was like “his highness the king is looking for you-”
  • “okay” wonwoo cut him off before saying his respect
  • recognizing mingyu, you tried to hide from him
  • you turned to wonwoo “oh you need to go”
  • “yeah”
  • “i guess i’ll see you around?”
  • “yeah, see you around… goodbye”
  • “goodbye”
  • and while walking away mingyu is all smiley with this little glint in his eyes “who was that pretty girl? you having a secret affair while your bride is here?”
  • “no, mingyu, i just met her”
  • “you two were talking~”
  • “exactly we were just talking”
  • “you and i both know you don’t talk a lot with anyone except me”
  • “shut up”
  • and that ‘see you around’ you two said came so soon at 5 in the palace
  • his mother sent him to give a dress to his bride so he was about to knock on your door when it opened and there you are trying to go out again after showering and changing into clean princess clothes
  • and you were surprised to see him too all clean and formal like you
  • you two were both surprised and frozen until you broke the silence smirking at him
  • “oh what are you doing here? i thought stable boys are supposed to be in the stables not inside the palace… and certainly not wearing these kind of clothes”
  • and he was like “i thought kitchen staffs are supposed to be in the kitchen too not from the important guest room… and certainly not wearing these kind of clothes”
  • you looked at each other with narrow eyes… and laughed “fine~ i’m not a kitchen staff”
  • he smiled “and i’m not a stable boy”
  • you swoon by his adorable smile with his nose scrunched up and teeth so white this boy is so perfect
  • you two just have a nice feeling around each other even though you just met
  • “you are?”
  • “i’m wonwoo, right hand of the prince”
  • “i’m y/n, handmaid to the princess”
  • “oh” he says but his mind is like i just wish you’re my bride you’re far better than that stuck up princess- what in hell did i just think of?
  • “why did you lie tho?”
  • and he blushes and sheepishly smiling, was like “…you were suspicious… and may i ask why did you lie also?”
  • you laugh and he thinks its the prettiest laugh he saw and it made him smile more “cause i knew i was suspicious” and you were like “oh why are you here?”
  • he motions to the big box he was carrying “i need to give this to the princess”
  • your eyes widen “oh i’ll take it from here, i’ll give it to the princess”
  • you take the box from him and he gave you a little smile and says “tell the princess to wear it for dinner”
  • “okay… goodbye”
  • “goodbye see you around?”
  • “see you around”
  • and at the 7 o'clock dinner the ‘see you around’ happened again
  • you two were both surpised again to see each other and more surpised when they introduced the two of you
  • “this is the crown prince wonwoo, he’s the one you’ll be marrying”
  • “and wonwoo, this the crown princess y/n”
  • aside from surprised you two were confused
  • “you?!”
  • “you two knew each other?”
  • “we met each other earlier your highness”
  • “oh that’s good then”
  • “y/n, this is mingyu, wonwoo’s cousin and his right hand”
  • and you remembered mistaking him for the prince so you blushed a bit and wonwoo notices this
  • did you like mingyu?
  • and you notice him looking at your sister too
  • so when dinner is over, the two of you were forced to “spend time together” at the garden
  • you both turned to each other “do you like my cousin?”/“do you like my stepsister?”
  • “no!”/“no!”
  • “but you were looking at him!”/“but you were looking at her!”
  • you stare for a while until you feel your cheeks warm up so you look away “…i just thought he was the crown prince so i kinda feel embarrassed”
  • he rubs his nape in awkwardness, “i thought she was my bride too”
  • you blush at the word ‘bride’ cause YOU are his bride
  • you suddenly remembered your earlier encounter “wait– you lied to me again earlier”
  • he eyed you “don’t blame me you did too”
  • “it was because i don’t want you to be suddenly formal and stiff towards me”
  • “well… same”
  • “oh” you suddenly grew quiet
  • but he gave you a small smile, “you look good in the dress tho, it suits you, you’re so beautiful”
  • how can he just say these things so casually like he didn’t just make you blush
  • but with just moonlight you notice his ears getting red and it took you so much control you learned from various princess lessons you took to not just squeal in his cuteness or faint from feeling like you’re floating with the clouds
  • and it took you so much confidence to say something back “you look good too… really handsome- i mean, yeah, you look so great- good, you look good”
  • and the two of you are just a blushing mess smiling at each other thinking “well, they aren’t so bad”
100 Reasons to Love Woozi

okay, so miss @cheollies pushed me to do it so i guess i’m doing it. normally, i don’t have the patience to put so much energy on an idol, but i have nothing to do, so why not.

Originally posted by gotmefeelingwoozi

  • let’s start on his talent, since he is an idol.
  1. his soft toned voice. it kind of the sounds like clouds. or like when you pit your head down onto a puffy pillow~ in the bridge on habit, his voice sounded so pillowy and pretty. then he projected and it just has this lovely honey-like rasp to hit, but god it still runs smooth.i went all silent and i couldn’t bring myself to speak for another whole 20 seconds because i was just so mesmerised by his voice?
  2. his dancing and how smooth and agile his movements are? he’s really light on his feet it’s really nice to watch his dance style.
  3. ok it fascinates me how graceful and wow his hips move in a way that adds some femininity to his dancing, but like in a nice way.
  4. With Me.. just that whole performance was great. i’m getting flashbacks of the thing he did with his arm and my pure soul is being tainted
  6. he’s the cold artist. there ain’t no other one, he’s thE cOlD aRtIsT – it’s Iconic™
  7. his music producing and lyrics wow. he knows how to make a bop~

Originally posted by hanwooz

  • of course, talent has less affect without showmanship
  1. following from his voice, the passion which he sings with in ballads
  2. the way he uses the mic stand/staff. he grips it in different ways and in different places to show portray the mood and his passion. it changes a lot in each song
  3. the way his face scronches (like one side of his face squishes with chARISMA),
  4. the way his jaw would clench,
  5. the way his hand would sway,
  6. the way his head would lower and
  7. the way he looks at the audience when he gets into a song or feels the beat of the music.
  8. his stage presence is subtle in a group, but PANG! he OWNS the stage when he’s up there on his own

Originally posted by tswoondere

  • miscellaneous cute shit
  2. his natural aegyo
  3. the way he denies his natural aegyo
  4. his cringeworthy, disgustingly endearing, saccharine aegyo. (cue: oppaya)
  6. how he deadass points at other members and laughs at their misery
  7. when karma hits him for laughing, his soul physically leaves his body and you can see that shit
  8. that thing he did when he buffed his chest out at the ISACs bc jungkook did it
  9. the thing he does where he slips his hands to the back of thighs when he bow
  10. how obnoxiously he laughs. this bitch HAS to hit something whether it’s the table, clapping or other members
  11. “i don’t like skinship”
  12. *flops onto jeonghan’s back and koalas him* bc he contradicts himself too often for me to let him get away with
  13. how he goes into Soft Mode™ whenever jeonghan’s involved. HE BOUGHT HIM CUTE SOCKS. that’s the only kind of pampering i need in my life
  14. his friendship dynamic w seungcheol.  he would get all pouty and does the whole innocent thing like when seungcheol was like “he never buys me lunch” and girl,, u can HEAR his innocent voice and i  D I E D
  15. the way he’s technically seungcheol’s fiance bc mister coups d'etat decided to announce that they’re gonna be married
  16. his handshakes.. the one w joshua is sO COMPLEX. is this what boys do? spend 15+ whole monutes coming up with complicated friendship handshakes??
  17. ok i just love his friendship dynamics,, gOd we gEt it mOVE ON @ ME
  18. his habit of playing w other members’ hair. jeonghan, joshua and hansol have been victims of this an it’s soft as heck
  19. he jumps when he’s excited
  20. DENIES HIS CUTE REACTIONS,, in one fine day Japan ((SPOILERS)) he got lost and found the group and he got so excited hE JUMPED W HIS LITTLE SWEATER PAWS FLAILING AND HIS STUPUD GRIN I- W O W
  22. his love for puppies (probably why he’s friends w seungcheol)
  23. WILL OTHER MEMBERS JUST LET HIM LIVE IN HIS PART OF HEALING? they always doing some shit at concerts
  25. not to be scatterbrained, but jihoon said he doesn’t need words to describe how close he and cheol are. i love friendship?????
  26. his dying red panda screech in the karaoke vlive when they sang flying duck (not to be off topic, but somehow, seungkwan still sounded perfect and i didn’t know that wonwoo’s voice . was capable of making those noISES)
  27. when he puts on a baby voice like he did in the weird boyfriend video call thing on channel+ singing lean on me
  28. how forced that boyfriend video call on channel+ was actually kinda cute
  29. the way he hecking swIMS IN HIS COATS, JACKETS AND SWEATERS
  30. especially that one black and orange coat he wore to airports a few times. you could deflATE HIM BY HOLDING HIM TIGHT IN YOUR ARMS AND THAT IS CUTE
  31. srsly imagine huggin him and hearing a *POOFfFf*
  33. how much he is into fashion these days AND the way his fashion choices have recently transcended fashionable into questionable
  34. softest eater. he crafted the art of monchingss~
  35. the way he physically loses control of his body sometimes when he laughs
  36. the fact that seungcheol has to kill mosquitoes for him. what a pampered bitch
  37. both his tiny, reserved bopping in that karaoke live just before his birthday AND the less tiny and reserved bopping at that korean restaurant in LA
  38. his lovely eye smiles
  39. the way he PPPFPFTFFFT then laughs sometimes
  40. he said he associates himself w a red panda in a japan magazine
  41. the weird “nnaaaghhh” sounds he makes or his creaking “ahhhhhhhhhhhh”
  42. his confused face is the cutest confused face to exist. like when the one he pulled in caratland whisper challenge
  43. ok the way looking like shiro from shin chan is his thing is the cutest thing.
  44. HIS LITTLE DRAWINGS. i’ve seen a smol rose drawing, a cat drawing, WHICH SOMEONE MADE INTO A REAL PLUSHIE and i, a lee bongbong stan, just love it.
  46. when he judges someone. his face of sheer disgust is amazing. priceless. 
  47. his friendship with ailee (i watch too many jihoon and ailee interaction compilations)
  48. him singing other members’ parts or random songs at the background of videos like Lay Me Down by Sam Smith in one of their mv making videos for their Seasons Greetings, i think it is (in his ultimate manspread, but we don’t talk about that here. this is reasons to LOVE him) and other stuffs like in the chirstmas super junior Show Me Your Love cover~~

Originally posted by wonnhao

  • miscellaneous attractive shit
  1. that look ^
  2. his ping pong skills and the amount of pride he has of it?
  3. he’s got good shoulders. like really good, broad shoulders
  4. he’s also got very defined features, even if it’s often not captured on camera and gOd the nooks and dips of his structure is Good Shit
  5. his good hands. his pretty pretty piano hands.. ; 3; his fingers are so nicely structured and boney but in a pleasant way
  6. his skin is so perfect. i swear, throughout his entire career as an idol, he has had one breakout and that was just a single pimple. LEAK YOUR SKINCARE ROUTINE, LEE JIHOON.
  7. that picture where it looked like he only shaved his thighs,,
  8. ok but the way he holds himself up is like,, very masculine. how do i even describe it? like, aura. composure? idk but it’s cool and i like it
  9. HE’S SO SMOOTH WITH CARATS LIKE “we shall meet tonight in your dreams”
  10. NOT TO MENTION  WHEN HE GAVE A CARAT HIS HOME ADDRESS AND HE WAS LIKE “why does it matter?” *insert fire emojis*
  11. the time he went off on a rude fan. he was explaining something to her and she had the audacity to slap him away and i was like b i t c h  e x c u s e  m e :)
  13. 78. his general hand skills? have you see the way he spins his mic and pens? that’s secksi
  15. his adlibs;
  16. his super high harmonies (like the one in Because of You where he did that subtle super high harmonies on top of seokmin’s strong one);
  17. the way he squeezes his eyes shut;
  18. his dimpols;
  19. the way he jerks his body
  20. and the way he bends down w his body turned one side when he belts.
  21. again,, the way he handles his mic staff. as lovely and passionate it is, it is also v secksi
  22. his fuCKING LEGS are superior to the ones of a model
  23. remember his tank top in crazy in love dance practise? me too.
  24. he look great w smokey eye make up
  25. ok when he got the whisper challenge right in caratland a few times after hearing seokmin’s wrong message was pretty hot
  26. his voice sounded really nice yelling
  27. the way he shaded a fansite after she was exposed for being mean to other fans
  28. he’s really smart and witty and observant and that’s hot
  29. ok he did this dance in one of the shining diamond concerts in australia where he danced to careless whisper and i was ready for the ground underneath me to just crack and quake open to welcome me to hell that was a good video eyes emoji eyes emoji -> (you’re welcome)

Originally posted by adoring-woozi

  • the couple in front of me just spilled their bottle of water and i’m trying so hard not to laugh why am i like this send help i need to get all sad and serious right nOW so let’s move on to deep shit
  1. his diligence and how he persevered through debut until now with the burden of writing seventeen’s songs. he cried on camera back then and to this day, it still breaks my heart and fills it with admiration until this day. plus, he’s often seen at the back of seventeen videos practising when they’re in their practise rooms. e.g. boom boom (santa ver.)
  2. the way he talks with his hands and stutters a lot really shows how carefully he chooses his words to articulate exactly what he means and wants to express
  3. how much he values honesty in his lyrics and the way he expresses his honesty through creative personas in songs. i heard that downpour (소나기) is an abbreviation for “memories” and don’t listen in secret ?? wow. smile flower? WOW
  4. how comfortable he is with the members warms my heart. he’s so awkward on external variety shows with a host he’s not too familiar with, but when he’s with the other members with the camera, he’s so much more playful and seemingly in his comfort zone and it just warms me how much he loves and cares for them. i mean, he recently started to open up more in variety shows and seeing him growing more comfortable in that aspect of his job also fills me with joy. what he creates in his job makes me so happy, so seeing him grow into his job is just nice to see, y’know? if you watch videos from star show 360 vs yang and nam show, you’ll feel happy for him too and that’s a good reason to love him, i feel.
  5. when he cried in caratland when they were all singing smile flower. idk it was just beautiful. the way he started crying in the second chorus then he sang his own line before the talking part and the he really really cried. it just got me thinking how much they must have been through especially through the treatment of them from the pledis staff. they weren’t very nice
  6. simple could go with lyrics, but i want to talk about it separately.
  7. the song was built around my “in this world, i’m not even worth dust” which he talked about in Orgel Live
    i was crying watching that
    i love the lyrics,,  he felt small looking at stars.  we’re all insignificant and nothing is real in a literal sense, but not depressing a depressing way.
    so trying to see things in a more simple light and holding ones and things close as priorities and that being the source of happiness unlike the whole meritocratic preached by adults and everyone around us. fortune and success is often based on luck. but our values aren’t , so the idea of focusing on those while having enough to stay alive is just so nice and that’s just one song.
    i don’t think i should talk about anymore lyrics apart from this one, or this list will never end
  8. the way he said that carats are his confidence instead of some fanservicey kinda thing in the Diamond VCR. it’s nice bc honestly, we, as fans, can’t solve their problems. well, maybe financial problems, but we can’t make stress go away, so i just kind of appreciated the honest answer and the idea of acting as this source of positivity about himself. yes, lee jihoon, you’re a great, talented dude who we all appreciate and i’m glad he feels appreciated and acknowledges and appreciates our appreciation and it’s just nice to have this realistic side of things.

anonymous asked:

Do you know any fics where clarke overhears bellamy talking about his feelings for her or maybe you can write one if you don't know any ??

It’s not right to overdrop.

I’m pretty sure this is not what you had in mind anon, but I think they idea is pretty cool :) S/o to @asavelveteen for beta’ing this one!

Also, I want to dedicate this fic to my lovely friend Jess (@keller007​) and wish her again Happy fucking birthday! Love you girl <3

She feels herself coming back, but it’s harder than she thought it would be. Her whole body is in pain and it’s far too heavy for her to be able to move. And the only thing that feels heavier than her own body are her eyelids, which she can’t seem to open. So, she stays in darkness and just breaths.

How is she?”

Someone is close to her. Someone is asking about her.

She’s getting better with every passing moment. You stopped the bleeding before it was too late. Now, we just have to wait for her to wake up on her own.”

So, that’s what happened. She had been bleeding out and someone saved her life. But she doesn’t remember that at all. At least that explains why she’s so tired.

Hey. She’s going to be alright.”

Yes- I- I know- I just… I can’t lose her, Abby.”

Abby. Her mother’s there. That means she must be in medical with her and someone else, whose voice she still can’t recognize, but whose voice is hoarse with fear of losing her. Why everything is a blur in her head, she can’t really understand. She really hopes it’s because of the blood loss and not anything serious, anything permanent. There are a few moments in silence and then…

The blood- god, there was so much blood and it wouldn’t stop coming and I was so scared- I thought- she was still and I- fuck. This is all my fault. If I was-”

You saved her life, Bellamy.”

So the voice she couldn’t recognize was Bellamy’s and now it’s crystal clear because she’s heard the ‘this is my fault’ line one too many times from him. And every other time, she was there to take that thought and guilt away from him, to make him realize he can’t save everyone. Every time except now.

Now, she’s stuck in this situation, half-conscious, and all she can do is listen.

If I had saved her, she wouldn’t still be lying on that bed. It’s been a week now.”

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

I saw you wrote that thingy about Trans!Will on his period and I was maybe wondering if I could request something like that? Like maybe... Will coming out to Nico or something like that? (I've never done this question thing before and its anonymous and my anxiety is urging me to press the cancel button and I don't know why 👀).

never be scared to send in an ask, on or off anon!! i love getting asks tbh… and i love writing trans will stuff!! i have another trans will coming out fic on my ao3 (willsolaceyall) so hit me up there if you wannu to!


Will didn’t hide any part of his identity - that wasn’t his style. He was a Loud and Proud kind of guy. Will Solace was the kind of guy to yell “I’m gay!” at the top of his lungs in response to any personal question. On top of that, he often wore the trans flag emblazoned on different jackets and shirts and even socks. On many an occasion, Will walked around camp with a giant pride flag draped across his shoulders as he zoomed around like a superhero and called himself ‘The Terf Destroyer’. 

So, he never thought he’d have to come out to Nico. But, apparently, he was wrong.

Nico’s eyebrows were furrowed in confusion, pretty dark eyes locked on Will’s blue ones. “Wait, wait,” he interrupted again. “You’re talking like you have that too?”

Will’s face scrunched up like he’d taken a bite of something both very sour and terribly alarming. “What, a period? That’s because I do. You know that, darlin’, don’t you?”

Bushy red hair came into Nico’s view and suddenly he was looking at Rachel with the same perplexed expression. “Are you alright, Nico?” she asks and suddenly Nico isn’t so sure.

“You’re a man..” his whisper came, quiet yet so loud to Will’s ears. No amount of sparring in the distance could drown out his voice. Not even the volleyball game that was taking place nearby. “How do you have .. that?”

Will blinked. He rubbed his eyes, stuck his pinkies in his ears and twisted to clear them. “I’m sorry.” He wasn’t sorry and was obvious. “I’m sorry, I… I don’t think I’m understanding you. Do you have amnesia or something?”

Nico shook his head. “I would remember this, believe me.”

“Nico… I’m not exactly quiet about being trans. You know I’m trans, right?”

Rachel took this time to excuse herself. Apparently a mural was carving it’s way through her mind and if she didn’t skip off to paint it right this minute, they’d all face the wrath of Phoebus Apollo himself. (”It’s always nice to see my dad.” Will snarked. Rachel left laughing.)

When Rachel was finally gone far enough away, Will nervously shifted towards his boyfriend, clearing his throat. “You do know I’m trans, right? Like, this is okay?”

Nico shrugged. “I don’t know what trans means.”

“You…” Will’s blond curls fall over his forehead messily and that he didn’t automatically bring his hand up to toy with them or move them out of his face said something very loudly to Nico. And then Will sighed, brought his hand up in one motion, and tugged all of his own light hair backwards, pulling it. His eyes were wide. “How has no one told you yet…”

And Nico just shrugged again. He said, “Will you?” and smiled a bit when Will agreed because, of course Nico, why wouldn’t I?

“Well, there’s a lot of ways to explain this,” Will murmured. “But, I guess that the easiest way for someone who was born in your time period is… I was born a girl.” He paused at the look of surprise on Nico’s face. “Well, not really. But everyone though I was a girl because of body stuff. You know how doctors are. Bunch of quacks.” It’s here that Nico laughed, bringing hope to Will’s heart like he always did. “It wasn’t until later in my life, when I figured out I could be a boy that I realized that I always had been, secretly, inside. So.. I’ve got all the funny birthing components, like a uterus, or whatever you need, but I’m still a dude. There’s intersex trans dudes who might have different stuff,” Here, Nico’s face grew more perplexed, which cue’d Will’s turn to laugh. “Okay, okay, we’ll save that for a different discussion. But, basically, I’m transgender, which means ‘identifying as a different gender than the one assigned at birth’. They said I was a pretty little lady,” he shrugged with good humor. “I say I’m a pretty little man.”

Nico scratched his chin. “Is that what those colors are for? The flag?”

“Blue, pink, white, pink, blue,” said Will with pride. “If that’s what you’re referring to, then yes. That’s the trans flag.”

“And.. the other word. The one you-”



Will smiled at his boyfriend happily. “You’re very open-minded for a guy in your 80′s.”

Nico rolled his eyes, but Will could see him smiling. “Just shut up and tell me what it means.”


aaaa hope you enjoy!! idk why it was so hard for me to keep tense through out this, i kept wanting to switch to present tense?? haha anyways, hopefully it’s alright! i’ll see if i can save it, edit and revise a bit, and then post on ao3 in its Final Form … thank you for sending the request!!! - mod will

anonymous asked:

Haru, Makoto, Rei and Nagisa with s/o who is like Gou in sense that they admire their muscles BUT they don't openly admit and admire. They actually feel embarrassed and try to avoid seeing their body. How does the boys react when they find out why?

This is cute omg Gou is a goddess 

-Admin Robin


  • after a while he wonders what your deal is because like ??? why is your face always red when you come to support him when he swims? why do you not like to see him shirtless you have been dating for a couple weeks now and Gou said that girls like that shit
  • He is kinda lost but that’s ok
  • He respects you not wanting to see him kinda naked because he thinks you think that you have to be naked too and he doesn’t wanna like freak you out or anything
  • but like, when he DOES confront you about it because he has some mild concerns, you’re all “oh nah boy I love shirtless dudes it’s just that I love them too much and idk I mean you look pretty hot”
  • He totally gets a self-confidence boost like whew
  • He makes sure that from then on when he strips down to his jammers, he takes every article of clothing off sensually and slowly, sometimes even bold enough to make eye contact
  • Haruka Nanase is a  giant fuckin tease reblog if you agree
  • He’ll even smile at you and pat your head affectionately when he sees you blushing really hard
  • but oHOHOO OHO the tables turn when you gather the courage to run your hands along his tight shoulder muscles because then he’ll be surprised and caught off-guard
  • You might  even get him to blush


  • Ok this giant teddy bear is so fucking confused YOU ARE A TEENAGE GIRL WHY DONT YOU WANN A SEE HIM HAL F NAKED
  • but the other part of his mind is just “she’s just being considerate and not staring because it’s the polite thing to do, you would do the same thing if you were in her position
  • but then again ahaha when he finds out, he LAUGHS and is like “oh, that’s  okay!” but lowkey in his mind he’s all “aw yiss you CANT resist me
  • I feel like he would feel kinda shy knowing that you’re burning every protrusion of his muscles into your brain i mean come on
  • appreciates your admiration for his body!  he has worked hard for it!
  • when y’all are eating lunch somewhere like at a cafe or restaurant, just lean forward and feel the muscles on his forearm and trace them, it’ll make him turn so red  haha
  • I feel like all the boys in their own way will be all “ok well, if you get to touch me and admire my body I get to do the same to you
  • affectionate butt smacks 


  • “you quite possibly have to be the strangest female i have ever met, my dear. I don’t understand, do you not appreciate the beauty of bare skin?”
  • Takes note of the fact that you avert your eyes whenever you see him walking around shirtless or in his FUCKING SPEEDO good night
  • he goes to Gou and is like “hey is my s/o okay does she ever say anything about me like is she grossed out by naked men”
  • but catches on when you explain that you do like him half naked, and more than you should
  • he makes sure he stretches just in front of you because he hella dishes out fan service
  • he thinks it’s totally  cute, and he finds it strangely calming when you run your hands over his back muscles
  • actually it boosts his confidence when you are all “great job out there babe! your ass looked fantastic when you dove in good lord” right in front of his teammates


  • Is 1000000% concerned at first and actually goes to his friends for help
  • “I think (Name) is one of those people who are weird with naked bodies?”
  •  thinks to himself “Well, this sucks, because I’m dating them and I am always naked”
  • you know what I mean
  • when he asks you if you’re still okay with  the relationship and you explain to him that it’s more than great, and you hate to admit it because it’s so embarrassing,  but you actually really love seeing him shirtless!
  • he is so relieved and will send you pictures of himself trying on new jammers
  • he always makes sure you approve before he actually buys it
  • shutters when you trail your hands down his back
  • touch him sommore he loves it 

The worst part, Gai laments to Kakashi three weeks after the war ends, isn’t the loss of mobility. It’s the loss of vision.

Kakashi, naturally, doesn’t ask Gai to elaborate on that. Gai, naturally, does so anyway.

“As a shinobi, you spend so much of your time on rooftops, in trees, on the backs of Summons,” Konoha’s ex-Green Beast reflects mournfully from his hospital bed, staring off into the distance like some old sage. “You get used to seeing the world spread out for you, seeing every aspect. Like this, however—” Gai looks morosely down at his hands, curled tight in his lap, “you see only a Speck.”

Kakashi heaves a long sigh, and with great effort, drags his eyes up from his book, which he’s been looking forward to finishing for weeks now.

“Gai, I’m here so you don’t drive the nurses crazy with your regretful monologuing, not so you can annoy me with it.”

Gai turns to him with impossibly big, liquid eyes. “You understand, of course, Kakashi,” he says, lips trembling. “How small the world seems, now that you no longer have the Sharingan?”

Ah, shit, Kakashi thinks. He’s never going to finish his book at this rate.

With many regrets, the least of which involving his decision to spend the night babysitting a stir-crazy manchild, Kakashi sets the book down on the table beside Gai’s hospital bed and stands, holding out his arms impatiently.

Gai’s eyebrows furrow. “My Eternal Rival?”

“If being on rooftops again is what it takes to shut you up, then being on rooftops is what we’re gonna have to do,” Kakashi tells him.

To be honest, by this point he should probably be used to the feeling of holding Gai in his arms, and vice versa. The lives they’ve lived have the inevitable side effect of gross injury, of the tight grip of fear around your heart, of holding your dying friend’s hand in yours and whispering ’no, no, no,’ as the blood spreads and spreads under your palms like it’ll never stop. And it’s not like the feeling of Gai next to his chest is unfamiliar; not like his body being limp and deadweight is anything new.

Except Gai’s eyes are open, and he still can’t move.

Kakashi carries Gai up to the hospital roof, and leaps on top of the tallest water tower with the hunkering ex-ninja clinging to his arms. It’s a good thing the hospital food tastes like dead things, because Kakashi’s lost some muscle mass from his own extended hospital “visit” and Gai isn’t exactly a ballerina. He sets Gai down on the expansive lid and drops down next to him, swinging his legs to dangle over the edge.

“So?” he asks after a minute. “Any better?”

Gai is quiet. The silence stretches between them, a black and growing thing. “It’s dark,” he murmurs at last. “I can’t see.”

“Gai, it’s ten at night, what did you expect?”

“People,” Gai breathes, and suddenly his head jerks down and his eyes squeeze shut tight, and a flash of memory runs warm under Kakashi’s ribs.

The words that burst past Kakashi’s lips without volition are echoes of an answer long past: “Gai, I challenge you.”

Gai’s head whips up in utter shock. “You what?

Kakashi’s mouth quirks. “You heard me. I’m challenging you. I’m one ahead, right? This is your chance for sweet revenge.”

Gai is at a loss for words for a few seconds. “Why?“ he manages finally.

Kakashi shrugs. "Because you would do the same for me,” he says, and the way Gai startles lets him know his friend is remembering, too; remembering dead teammates and worried comrades and senseis too afraid to even touch for fear of breaking. Remembers a loud, booming voice, fearless in its intensity, the sound shattering and healing all at once. Remembers the first challenge, and the last challenge, and how Gai somehow always manages hold Kakashi together, even in the midst of ripping apart every mask Kakashi has ever owned.

“It's—it’s your turn to pick,” Gai stammers, choosing, apparently, to roll with it. Kakashi’s eyes arch in a grin.

“Well, racing’s out,” he pretends to muse. “Taijutsu, too. Eating contest would throw off your medications. I guess there’s always Jan-ken—”

No,” Gai cuts in quickly. Kakashi has to swallow a laugh.

“Fine. I choose the only thing that’s left, then: arm-wrestling.”

Secretly, Kakashi has kept a pretty good count on their running rivalry. Out of 172 challenges, arm-wrestling has been featured in twenty-one of them. He can see Gai waver a little; then, reluctantly come to the conclusion that, like so many other aspects of his life, their challenges will also be severely limited from now on. He nods, and holds out his hand.

Kakashi grips it solidly. “Ready?”

Gai hesitates. “Kakashi, please don't…” but his voice trails off and he doesn’t finish the sentence. Kakashi doesn’t press. He tightens his grip on Gai’s hand. “Ready,” rumbles the deep voice, composed once more.

“Alright,” Kakashi says. “On the count of three: one, two… three!”

Bam! Gai slams Kakashi’s hand to the concrete with blistering force. The pain thuds through Kakashi’s skin, and the thin membranes on his knuckles begin to bruise almost instantly. Kakashi lets out a shaky little laugh.

“Haa, that was fast! Looks like you win, Gai. Good work. I guess we’re tied again.”

Gai is silent for a long moment. Kakashi narrows his eyes, concerned.


“Kakashi…” There’s a thin prickle of rage seeping out from the creases in Gai’s face, and underneath that, a raw, wounded hurt. “I thought you had more respect for me! To let me win, as though I’m a child to be—” He attempts to rip his hand from Kakashi’s grasp; freezes when it abruptly becomes clear that he can’t.

Kakashi looks up at the sky, their fingers still neatly intertwined. “Maa, the stars sure look nice tonight,” he says wistfully. A look of muted horror comes into Gai’s eyes as the realization slowly dawns.


“No moon, though. But I think that makes the stars seem brighter, don’t you? Ever wonder how many there are out there?”

Gai tries futilely, desperately to remove his hand from Kakashi’s. “My Rival! No!”

“I wonder if we could count them. Maybe that should be our next challenge, now that we’re tied. Hey, look, a shooting star! Beautiful, isn’t it, Gai?”


Kakashi grins beneath the mask, and holds Gai’s hand a little tighter.

Above their heads, the stars grow endless.


Mending Fists | ao3 |

anonymous asked:

Idk though... I was prepared to give Flocke a chance, but now he is openly criticising his superiors in a way that might threaten their position when all they really want to do is... I don't know? Save humanity and prevent more lives from being lost! Flocke simply doesn't understand what he is arguing... He does not even know Armin, so how on earth can he weigh his life over Erwin's? Anyway feel free to argue my points, he's entitled to feelings but his actions now are of no help to humanity.

Hi, thank you for telling me your thoughts. I’d still like to argue on Flocke’s side, though.

First I want to point out that the danger of threatening the position of superior officers had already passed…In comparison to EM, Flocke is being pretty level-headed here. I like that Flocke did all he could do for his views without resorting to insubordination.

It’s true that Flocke doesn’t know Armin. He doesn’t really know who Erwin is, either. This applies to all lives because no one knows better than the person’s close friends the value of the person. From a military perspective, however, it makes more sense to bring the experienced commander back rather than a new recruit.

Flocke has a clear view of his arguments and does so much to follow through with them—bringing Erwin’s 90kg body back, trying to talk sense into people, attempting to stop an angry Mikasa with her blades out, etc. His motto is to speak the truth. Flocke doesn’t hide that he initially wanted to kill Erwin. Sometimes honest single-perspectives speak out stronger than cold objective views (this would be just the military strategy). Flocke was revealing himself because he wanted EM to know that they weren’t the only ones feeling the pain, and that he too had to swallow up his emotions for what he thought was for the good of humanity. Although his speech in the end influenced Levi’s choice to let Erwin go, Flocke had chosen the logical path. If Levi wasn’t so devoted to Erwin, he would have looked at the facts and brought the commander back. Flocke had expected the captain to be reasonable. How could he have guessed the love Levi had for Erwin?

His assessments are definitely necessary to humanity in that he is trying to prevent the survey corps from becoming blind people who think they’re right all the time. EM obviously have eyes only for Armin and want to make it a fact that Armin is better than the Commander. Jean and Connie think that they are out of way of fire when Flocke points out that they had quietly let the insubordination happen. Flocke’s criticism on Levi is also just, and it’s what Levi had admitted himself—that he had chosen personal feelings over the good of humanity.

It’s true Flocke is also acting out of feelings—feelings of frustration that everyone is glossing over certain truths for their own comfort. Flocke’s view certainly isn’t the only truth, and he admits that. Other than when he speaks about the popular opinion of the people who read the report, Flocke labels what he says as a judgement of a single soldier. He is simply bringing in a different perspective on the characters. This is not just for the readers—Flocke is throwing (it felt more like sucker-punching haha) the comments at the faces of the characters themselves. With all the emotional clashes from the last expedition, I believe this is a required process for the characters to admit their mistakes and hopefully recover their sense of judgement.

anonymous asked:

Best ABO fics? I don't mind who is alpha or omega! Thanks :)

Hello! Here’s some of my fav:

Love is like this; not a heartbeat, but a moan by angelichl:

Summary: “He hates this, more than anything in the world he hates this. His title, his rank, his DNA. Unchangeable. Fated.

And then there’s Harry, born to be unobjectively superior to Louis and all other O’s. Unlike other A’s, Harry doesn’t wear his alpha-ness very well. He’s clumsy with it, like walking around in a pair of shoes a size too big. His life is defined by uncertainty and tentativeness, and those are definitely not qualities alphas should have.Sometimes, when Louis ponders it for too long, he thinks that maybe Harry resents being an A just as much as Louis resents being an O.

“In which Harry loves Louis, but Louis has been cold to him ever since he presented as an omega at age fifteen.

Eight years later, Louis approaches Harry with a request, and who is Harry to deny him?

Word count: 13,150

Swim In The Smoke by whoknows:

Summary: “What about this, Captain?” Liam asks, nudging the boy kneeling between their feet with the toe of his boot. The boy hisses and swipes at him, slurring out something unintelligible around the makeshift gag Niall had to stuff in his mouth. He misses by a mile and tries again, just as ineffectively.

Harry looks down at him, at the way the sun streams over his face and shoulders, at the way the gag stretches his mouth, lips pink and chapped. He’s lithe and pretty, smudged all over with dirt. They had found him tied up below deck, mostly unconscious, next to a barrel full of gold. He’s clearly a prisoner, but there’s something familiar about him, something that niggles at Harry’s brain. Something he can’t quite put his finger on.

“Put him in my cabin,” Harry decides, turning back to deal with the rest of the loot. The boys screams out jumbled curse words at Harry’s back, muffled by the gag, and Harry can’t understand any of it.

Word count: 101,778 

With love comes strange currencies by mediaville:

Summary: One day One Direction will be over and Louis won’t be around Harry every waking moment. He’ll be able to finally get some space, let their bond dissipate as it’s bound to do, if they don’t mess up again. He can move to Costa Rica and forget that Harry Styles popped his first knot inside him. Until then, he’s going to have to deal with this.

or, They’re Accidentally Mated and Dealing With It Rather Badly.

Word count: 16,508

Who Would’ve Thought by whoknows:

Summary: The idea doesn’t come to Louis until they’ve been at the bungalow for a couple of days. Harry has no idea that he’s going to pop a knot. He’s been living his life with the expectation that he’s going to be a beta, and Louis isn’t going to tell him otherwise.

Louis is an omega, though, and most omegas want to be filled up with a knot, fucked the way their bodies are made to be fucked, and Louis is no different. In ten years he wants to have an alpha waiting for him at home who will hold him down and fuck him exactly the way Louis wants to be fucked without worrying that they’re going to expect him to stay at home, open a joint bank account, raise a litter of babies, cook and clean and, most importantly, be submissive. For that to happen Louis needs an entirely different kind of alpha.

And so the plan is born.

Word count: 44,275

King and Lionheart by stylinsoncity:

Summary: Louis can’t remember a time when he didn’t hate being an omega. But maybe he just needed Harry to come along and make him his.

Word count: 46,130

i don’t wanna be your friend, i wanna kiss your neck by crybaby:

Summary: Harry has been in love with Louis Tomlinson for four years, five months, and thirteen days.

Harry had fallen in love with Louis Tomlinson like how he’d seen in movies, and how he’d read in all the books he’d stolen from Gemma, headfirst and shameless.

The only problem was, that in films and books, love was always either returned instantly, or else it took time for unrequited love to lose the first two letters, and since the first option was obviously not true, Harry decided he would wait for the second to become reality.

And so Harry waited, three years, eight months, and four days, before his heart had been broken by a gentle rejection and a misplaced blowjob, before Louis and Gemma had packed up and gone to Manchester for university.

(Harry is a hopelessly romantic omega and Louis is his sister’s best friend)

Word count: 19,832

There’s No Way That I Could Share You by paladincoolcats:

Summary: Harry had always been possessive of Louis, even before they soulbonded. This is pretty much just a bunch of incidents where Harry, as Louis’s alpha, gets jealous when other people get too involved with his omega. And then there’s part two, dealing with Harry and Louis’ experiences during Louis’ pregnancy.

Word count: 37,954

But Please, Don’t Bite by shyserious:

Summary: "Melodic little jingle sounded from a bell hanging over the doorframe and warm indoor air curled heavily around his shivering body for the first time in months. Harry suddenly felt a sting in the corners of his eyes and had to force down a broken sob. Fuck, he was a mess. Such a mess. He had to focus.”

Word count: 122,320 

Cameras Flashing by juliusschmidt:

Summary: With his breakout single platinum three times over and his second album still selling out in stores around the world, Louis Tomlinson has made it to the top. However, his position as Pop Heartthrob of the Decade is threatened by the edgier, more artistic Zayn, who happens to be releasing an album a week after Louis’ upcoming third. Louis needs something groundbreaking- scandalous, even- to push past him in the charts. Much to Louis’ dismay, his PR team calls in The Sexpert.

Consulting with PR firm Shady, Lane and Associates pays the bills so that Harry Styles can spend his down time doing what he really loves: poring over data. On weekends and late into the evenings, he researches gender, presentation, and sexual orientation, analysing the longitudinal study that is his father’s life’s work. That is, until his newest client, the popstar with the fascinating secret, drags him off his couch and frighteningly close to the spotlight.

As the album’s release date approaches, will Tomlinson and Styles be able to pull off the most risky PR scheme of the millennium and beat Zayn in sales or will the heat of their feelings for each other compromise everything?

Word count: 81,773

as deep as the sky by swallowsmateforlife:

Summary: A passed-out omega on the bathroom floor isn’t exactly what Harry had in mind when he thought about taking a cute boy home. The idea of leaving Louis there, vulnerable and unresponsive, weighs guiltily at Harry’s conscience. Turns out it’s the best decision he’ll ever make.

Word count: 12,265

I Don’t See What You See

A/N: An anon request for some Morcia. There aren’t enough Morcia pics out there. Thought they’re a BROTP for me, I totally get how people could see it as an OTP. This is one where Penelope struggles with body dysmorphia and Derek knows. He wants to confess how he’s felt about her, but he doesn’t want her to think that it’s solely to cheer her up. Little angsty, with fluffy ending. Enjoy! @coveofmemories


“Dammit,” she said softly, looking into the compact mirror and picking at her chin. Quickly, Penelope grabbed her coverup and went to contour the fuck out of her face. She had 18 double chins this morning and nothing seemed to want to help. It would help if I lost weight, she thought to herself. But here I am eating a breakfast sandwich yet again. Tears started to sting at the corners of her eyes as she thought about going home. Today was a really bad day and she didn’t want to be seen by anyone. Not even Morgan. Especially Morgan. 

He was everything she wasn’t, and every day she fought the idea that he could never actually love someone like her, not when he has women that looked like models practically worshipping the ground he walked on. 

“Hey, babygirl,” he said from the doorway, loving the way her blue hairpiece was playing off of her striking eyes. Yet again, she had her face in the mirror. He didn’t understand. She was his beautiful babygirl. Why did she always doubt herself?

Garcia spun around, snapping at him without wanting to. This is why I should just go home today. Here was the gorgeous, statuesque God of a man who actually wanted to be near her for some reason and all she could do was snap at him because every morning she looked in the mirror she hated herself. Correction, she hated what she saw. The rest of her was awesome, but even the greatest of everything else couldn’t overcome what she saw in the mirror. “Sorry,” she said, spinning back around for fear that he’d see her face half contoured. “I’ll be in the round table room in a few.” 

Derek sighed and left the room, once again leaving his words unspoken. For so long, he’d wanted to tell Garcia how much he loved her, was in love with her. He knew what she saw when she looked in the mirror. One night, when she’d had a few too many drinks, she’d confided in him how she felt, but he just couldn’t see it. Since then, every time he tried to go and tell her how he felt, he held back, fearing that she would see it as a way to make her feel better and not an actual confession. 

After Penelope came in to do the briefing, which she did with her usual pep and perkiness, her face immediately dropped back into the slump it was in before. “Babygirl,” he said, grabbing her hand and leading her to her lair. Enough was enough. He had to say something. He was about to burst inside, and whether or not she felt the same, he needed her to know that he didn’t see what he saw. “I’ve got some shit to say.”

Garcia really wasn’t in the mood right now. The team was going on the jet in a couple of hours. When they did, she’d take her laptop and work from home. That way she didn’t have to be seen by anybody. “What is it, Morgan? I’m so tired.” That was a lie; she just desperately didn’t want him looking at her right now. 

“I need you to know some things about me,” he said, grabbing her hands in both of his. “Things that I’ve felt for a long time. I love you-”

She knew that. She didn’t understand, but she knew that he loved her as one of his best friends in the entire world. “I know, Morgan,” she said before being cut off with a finger to her lip. 

“No, you think I love you as a friend, and I do, but I love you as so much more than that. I love you as the woman who always puts her friends before herself. The one who keeps us smiling even on our worst days. I love that despite how you see yourself, you still wear your heart on your sleeve,” he said. He was rambling - starting to sound like Pretty Boy. “I am in love with you, Penelope Garcia. I need you to know that. I have no idea if you feel the same way or not, but I needed to say it.”

“Why? And how do you know how I feel?” she asked softly. How could her best friend be in love with her when he could have his pick of any woman on the planet? Why her?

Derek’s eyes widened in surprise. Even with a confession, she still didn’t get it. “You told me when you were drunk,” she laughed softly. God, seriously? How could I be so stupid? “And I’m in love with you because you’re you. I love everything about you, Penelope. The brain, the heart, the body - all of it. I don’t see you how you see yourself.”

The tears she’d cut back before boiled to the surface again. “Really?”

He nodded, bending forward slightly to kiss her forehead. “I am in love with all of you, Penelope Garcia.”

She didn’t get it. She wasn’t sure she ever would. “I love you, too, Morgan,” she said softly. “I can’t guarantee that I’ll ever be able to see what you see though.”

“Can we work on it? Together?” he asked, hearing Hotch down the hallway looking for him. “When we get back?”

She gave him a small nod and a gentle squeeze of the hand before he left. Turning back to her chair, she sat down and picked up the compact again to finish her contouring. This didn’t just stop because someone expressed an interest. She still didn’t understand how Derek could love her, but maybe, just maybe, she would stay in the office instead of going home. 

“I swear to god, he texts me one more time, and I’m going to curse him through his phone.” 

Evie looked at her friend in sympathy; god knows she’s been in that situation before. As Mal inwardly screams when her phone pings! once again, Evie shuts her book with a loud clap. 

“Tell me again why you broke up with him?” Evie says, “Because I think you’re crazy. Giving up a prince, imagine.” 

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