still don't really get the difference between those two

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I had a dream last night that you were giving a lecture in this giant classroom, and your topic was how gay Trini and Kim are for one another. You had slideshows and a laser pointer and this really cool 3D model. It was incredible.

my blog is a classroom, my posts are my slideshow, IT WASN’T A DREAM AND I WANT A 2k WORDS ESSAY ABOUT HOW GAY THOSE TWO ARE ON MY DESK AT THE END OF THE WEEK also surprise quiz test right now everyone grab a pencil chop chop

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I don't understand the difference between Oliver being around Thea and him being around Felicity. He could easily get distracted spending time with Thea like he did with his date with Felicity. It's not like he doesn't care if Thea gets hurt. Technically he was part of the reason Nyssa took Thea because he confirmed Malcolm had a daughter and that it was Thea. Yet he is still trying to get close to her, and not Felicity. I would really like to hear your opinion on this.

Sure! Well…there’s one big difference. Thea is Oliver’s sister and Felicity is the woman he loves. Those are two VASTLY different relationships and vastly different kinds of love. Of course Oliver cares if Thea gets hurt. However, Thea doesn’t know Oliver is The Arrow.  He was able to keep her removed from that part of his life until Slade, but Thea doesn’t realize Moira’s death is connected to Oliver’s life as The Arrow.  Oliver Queen lives his life as compartmentalized as he can. Which means, he keeps everything and everyone in very specific compartments. Thea is very much about life as Oliver Queen. To Oliver, she’s got NOTHING to do with life as The Arrow. The lines are clear with Thea. Simple. Easy.

The essential problem with Felicity is Oliver cannot compartmentalize with her. She knows him as Oliver Queen, she knows him as The Arrow and she’s intricately involved in both of his lives. He’s deeply in love with her as Oliver Queen. He’s deeply in love with her as The Arrow. The lines are completely blurred with Felicity. He cannot compartmentalize with her, which poses a specific kind of threat. As The Arrow Oliver MUST put the city first, but that contradicts directly for his love with Felicity. He always wants to put her first. That’s a pretty big problem and it pulls his focus, especially is she’s ever in danger. In The Foundry she’s reasonably safe. As The Arrow Oliver has to accept a certain level of danger for Felicity because he needs her to do his job. However, it’s when the danger crosses the acceptable threshold that he has difficulty.

The date proved to Oliver that there is no facet of his life that’s safe for Felicity. There’s no piece of him that can be hers and only hers. The closer she is to him, the closer she is to danger. He’d rather live without her and be certain of her safety, than be with her and risk it.  He believes she was hurt because he wasn’t focused. Instead of being focused on The Arrow and keeping her safe, he was focused on being with her and the life they could have together. He blames himself for what happened. Is it rational? No, not completely but Oliver is a damaged man who has lost more than any one person should ever have to. His fear is understandable. More than anything Oliver is afraid of losing Felicity because he’s lost everyone he’s ever loved. He loves her but he believes he can’t have her.

Does he love Thea? Of course…but a sibling love is a familial love. She’s not the love of his life.  The love Oliver feels for Felicity is all of him…she’s literally the air he breathes. He can’t focus because all he can think of is her. All he wants is her.  That’s not the way he feels about Thea. It doesn’t mean he loves her less, he loves her differently and how he loves these two women impacts Oliver differently.